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Full text of "An unabridged Japanese-English dictionary, with copious illustrations"

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The original of tliis book is in 
tlie Cornell University Library. 

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Capt. F RRINKLEY, R, A„ 

A',/i/0/ "oj till' Jafim Mai:, 

F. NANJO, M. A., BnngakithakHsIii, 
Y. IWASAKl, iXogakiishi, 


Prof. K. MITSUKURI in Zoological terms, 
Prof. J. MATSUMURA in Botanical terms. 






Tt marihitiifau. 










/IfoHid nr ho. 










Milsu no tosfii. 

The age nf 

yeava oUl. 
Junl no ishizne. 'IwelvR fuuiiilatton-stones. 
Futagokoro. Double-miiiJeil. 

Shijushlohi-shi. Fortyaeven samurai. 

Ordinal Numbers. 

The Japanese language has no Rpecial tlUtlnc- 
tloti in form between cardinal and ordinal nmii- 
bera. Very frequently, liowevpr, the word dai is 
placoU before the number when n.^ed In the latter 


Saiigivatsujuoo nichi. The fifleeuth day of the 

third month. 
Dai issho. Tlie flrat chapter. 

Sometimes tiie suffixea me and ban are used to 
Jenote ordinal numbers. 
Sfiichd-me, san-banchl. The fourth Gtreet, tlie 
tlilrd number. 


It is rather rare in Japanese to place numerals 
directly before the nouns that they limit. As a 
rule, the numerals witli some auxiliary qualifiers 
Hfter them, follow the noun. Tlicre are two l^inds 
of such auxiliary words, as tliere are two kinds of 
ihe numerals, one of Japanese origin, and the 
ottjer, of Cliinese. 

Here follow examples of auxilinry numbers of 
the first liind:— 

Tachl hltofurt. 
Vumi fvta-harl. 
Tori mitsuffai. 
Obi yosiiji. 
Kimono itsu-kasane. 
Tansu mU'Sao. 

One .sword. 

Two bows. 

Tliree pairs of fowls. 

Four belts. 

Fire sultn of garnieiita. 

Six loads of bureauti. 




Ji, Mil. 






















Kuya nann Comae. 

Seven ptoro-hoii'fefl 

fr<ita ya-na(jarp. 


It Rtresimera. 

Kl kokono-mol.o. 

Nine trec=i. 

Kami to-hashlra. 



Here follow oxainplefl ofauxdiary numbers oi 
the second liind:— 

Uo fchi'U. 
Nelco ni-hiki. 
Ic Shi-ken. 
SItosekl oo-kwan. 
Mlzu rop-pai. 
Ono shichi-cho. 
Ba.sha hachl-ryo. 
Tsu ku'kyaku. 
Makl jUni-wa. 
Via jasan- situ. 
Kami jashl-mai. 
TaU jugo-soku. 

One fish. 

Two cats. 

Three horse*. 

Four houses. 

Five volnmea of book^. 

Six glasses of water. 

Seven axes. 

Ei.c:ht coaches. 

Nine chairs. 

Ten boats. 

Eleven letters. 

Twelve bundles of wood. 

Tlurteen poems. 

Fovirtcen sheets of paper. 

Fifteen pairs of stockings. 

From these examples, it is apparent at a glance 

that there can be no definite rule covering all 

cnses of the use of auxiliary numerals. They must 

be learned by practice. 


The Japanese verb being different in its nnture 
from the verb of European iangunges, it seems 
Inadvi'^ablo to draw too strict a comparison be- 
tween tlie two. Tho Japanese verl) lm=5 no perstm 
or number. Tlie differoiit forms of tense and tuood 
3re expre3=!ed by changes of final vowels and by 
auxiliary sulllxos. The cunjugaHons are ol pri- 
mary Impfirtnnce, an.l some apace will, therefore, 
be devoted hare to their exposition. 


Regular conji-gations. 

The roots of verbs constitute the bases for in- 
flections indicating differences of mood and tense, 
Every verbal root ends in a vowel, wliich some- 
tiraes changes and sometimes remains unchanged, 
in t!ie process of Indection. In (he table of the 
Goju-on. or Filty Sounds, the vowels are arranged 
in the order a, i.u,c, and n. J,ipan6se grammari- 
ans refer Uie conjugations of the verbs to thnt 
order. That is to say, they take the negative, in- 
definite, conclusive, wttributive, and conditional 
bases, and comparing their vowel endings (i. e the 
changes that tlie root vowel has undergone} witli 
the vowel series of the Goju-on, classify the con- 
Jngatlons by means of the comparison. Verbs in 
which these bases sliow the vowel endings a, /,w, find 
e—o never occurs— are called " godan no haiarali- 
ftr)£o&a," or " verbs of the four-grade conjugation." 
An example is t]ie verb 7/wfcwCtogo). Its negative 
base is 7/u/rer ; its indefinite ferm, yuki; its conclu- 
sive form, yukit; its attributive I'orm, yuku, and its 
conditional base, yiiAc Hence the clianges of tlie 
final vowels follow the order a, i, u, e, and the verb 
is of the four-grade conjugation. Verbs in wliich 
tJie vowel ending of the five forms is /, remaining 
unclianged througliout, are classed as "A'af»i- 
tc'tida'i 710 hataraki-kotoba,''^ or "verbs of the 

upper one grade conjugfition.*' An examfilo is the 
verb Jiirit {to boil). Its five forins are J)i, nf.iiUru), 
jilirv) and uKre); tlie vowel i remaining unchanged. 
( be noted that tlie sndixes ru find 
re do not affect the classification, which is deter- 
mined by the vowel ending of tlie verb itself). 
Again-, verbs in whicli tlie vowel ending of tlie five 
forms is e, remaining unclianged tlirougliout, are 
classed as '• shivw-fcUidaiino hataTakl-kotoVa," or 
"verbs of Ihe lower one grade conjugation." An 
example is the verb keru(to Kick). Us five forms 
are fce, ke, ke{ru), ke'^.r^^) and ke{re). (iV.iJ.— The dis- 
tinction "upper one-grade" and "lower one-grade" 
refers simply to the fact that / stands above e in the 
Fifty Sounds). Vprbs in wliicli the vowel endings 
are i and if, receive the name "kaminidan no 
Iiaiaraki-koloha,'^ or " verlisof tlie upper two grade 
cfiujugatinn ' An example is kuyuru (to repent), 
of whicli the five forms are kiiyi (or kui), kui, 
kt(ijuiru), kuytiO'u) and kuyuO'c). Finally, verbs in 
which the vowel endings fake Ihe ordpr eand u, are 
classed as " shimo-niOan no hataraki-kotoba," nr 
"Lower two-grade conjugation" An example is 
the verb itkuru (to receive), of whicli the forms are 
uke. vke, iiku(ru) vkuiru) ^nd nkva'e). 

Tlie following paradijjm will help to elucidate 
the above distinctions, which are given here be- 
cause they represent the pure Japanese gram- 
matical analysis.— 

The lour-grrule 

conjugation of 

the verb yuku 

(to go). 

The upper one- 
grade conjuga- 
tii^n of tlie verb 
?!frn(to boil) 

The lower one- 
grade conjuga- 

1 ion of the verb 
keru (to kick). 

The upper two- 

grside ponjnga- 

lion ol the verb 


(to repent). 

The lower two- 
grade conjuga- 
tion of the verb 
(to receive). 



y n k / 



n/ (ru) 




ke (re) 

kuyu (ru) 
kuyti (re) 


uku (pu) 
ukit (re) 

The first horizontal division represents the 
verbal bases for conditional, future and negative 
Inflection; thus: 

Viika-ha. If (I) go. 

Nizu. (I) do not cook. 

Ke-nv. (I) do not kick. 

Kul-n. (T) will repent. 

Uke-de. (T) not receiving, 

The second division represents tlie verbal forms 
as usea for compounding with other word?. The 
Forund members Willi which tliey combine may be 
nouns, adjectives, or verbs. Thus: 

ViiXi kl. Going and coming. 

Nl nikuki. Dithcult to boil. 

Ke-taosu. To kick down. 

Jiui-aralamwu. To repent and regenerate. 

i-'ke-tori. A' receipt. 

The same forms may also be used as substan- 
tives; thus, 

JTlkari ihikara, kikaru, hikare), Light. 

Kasuml ikasuma, kasmuti, kasiutie). lla7.o. 
Kvi ikou). Love. 

llaUihatsu). The end. 

They are also called indefinite forma, because they 



niny denote any tense or mood according to the 
form nf tlio lastverb of the sentence in which tliey 
occur, proviiled thfit, they are Branimatically con- 
nected with that verb and stand in the same rela- 
tion to it. 

Kazeyami,tennare. Tlie wind ceases, the Kit y 

clears up. T^ing. 

nana waraf, tori utau. Flowers smile, and birds 

Kami wo vyamai, kivil Revere tlio Kami, serve 

ni tsiikae, kunt ivo at- tlie Monarcli, ;ind love 

subeslU. the country. 

The third division represents the verljs in their 
conclusive forms; tlius: 

mio ga yuTcii. The man goes. 

Onna ga kome wo nlru. Tlie maid boils rice. 

Uma oa koilomo wo kcj-u. The iiorse kicks a 

Ware toa ivaoa tsvmi loo ktiyu. I repent of my sins. 
Ware wa megumi wo xiku. I receive favour. 

The fourth division represents tlie verbs in their 
attributive forms; tlius: 

Yiihu ham. 

Onna oa niru Jcome. 

The fii>ring that is pass- 

ing nway. 
The rice that Ui> maid 
Keru uma. The horse tliat kicks. 

Waga kvyiini tsumi. The sins that I repent of. 
Waoa ukuru viegumi. The favour that I receive. 
Tliese forms become substantives, also, the nouns 
qualilied being understood ; thus: 

T<''kyo ni yukn(,koto)ioa Going to Tokyo is not 

konomasliikarazu. desirable. 

Kovie wo nlru {koto) ni' 'J'liere is a metliod for 

loa ho arl. boiling rice. 

Uma no keru (tokl) (T) stood until tlie liorse 

mnrle ladazumerl. kicked (me). 

Waya kvyuru (moyio) What I repent is my 

wa waga tsumi nari. sin. 

Kane wo ukuruiiame) For receiving money, a 

nl tegata wo yTsu. cheque is leciuireil. 

Practically, the same lorms may be considered in 
some casee; as conjunctive lovms; thus: 

Tnki/o nl yuku ytie ni. Since (1) go to Tokyo. 
Kane wo ukuru toki ni. When (I) receive money. 

The filth divi'^ion represents the verbiU bases 
for condiliunal, conjunctive aud concessive forms. 

rukf.-ao. Though (T) nco. 

Kome wo Jiire-dnmn Thongh (Ij boil rice. 

Uma wa kerrdomo. Tlmugli the horse kicks. 

T'ivmi wohiiyure-ba. As(lj riiiient of (my) sins. 

31 mo ivo ukwe ba. When 1 rwcfuve anylhiris; 

Anotlier conditional form is obtained by suffixing 
ba to the negative base ending in a; asyukiba. It 
is to bo noted, liowever, that this second form has 
a different signification fi-om tlie first. The follow- 
ing examples will explain the distinction:— 

Yama wo kose ba mura If one cross tlie monnt- 

ari. ail), there ta a village. 

Yama wokosa-bamura Tf one crosses the mount- 
aran. ain, there will be a vil- 

The former simply states the fact, wliile the latter 
is hypothetical. In the same way, the particles do 
and domo added to the verbal forms in this fifth 
division impart the signiBcance of adefinite concea- 
sive, wliila the particle tomo added to the con- 
clusive forms gives the force of a hypothetical 
concessive; thus: 

Sono oshie ivo ukure- Though (T) receive his 

do, sonohito wo shin- instructions, (1) do not 

zezu. believe in him. 

Sono oshle wo uku- Though (]) receive his 

tomn, sono hilo wo instructions, {\)sha'.l 

shlnzezaran. not believe in him. 

The majority of Japmese verbs belong to the 
four-grade conjugation. Next in number, are the 
verbs of the lower two-grade, and then those of the 
upper two-grade. Of of the upper and lower 
one grades tliere are only a few. In tlie colloquial, 
the forms In the third, fourth and fifth divisions in 
the upper two-grade, and those of the same divi- 
sions in the lower two-grade, nreclianged from u, 
uru and ure, into iru, iru and ire, and eru, erwand 
Pre, respectively. Thus, to take the verb kuyuru of 
the upper two-grade conjugation, 

the third form kuyu is changed into kul Cru), 

the fourtli fnrmfc«yit(ru) ,, ,, „ kul (ru), 

the fifth form fci(i/u {rej „ „ „ tiii (re) ; 

and to take the verb ukuru of the lower two-grade, 

the third furm uku Is changed into Uke (ru), 

the fourtli lorm uVwCru) „ „ ,, «A«(rn), 

the filth form wfcw (re) „ ,, „ uke {re). 


There are six irregular conjugations in Japan- 
ese verbs. They aie calletl, fii^t, the 

Ka 'jyo, Sa'Cnj~> and Nag\f> hcnkaku; or the 
K column, S colum)i and N column of irregular con- 


Tho K 

''olunin ronpi£;a- 

Tho S rnlnmii conjiisf'- 

The X column rnr]] 


litm, Of 

tlie fntijuLiatinii 

tiun, 01" tho conjiigati(>n 

lion, or the cnnjiiL;.i 


i.r :h6 

verb kiru (to 

ol iho verb sunt (to ilo). 

ol* tho verb imi ((i> 


















liiLUr e) 

TlifitlifTerPnt I'orm'' in tho five horizontftl iVivl- 
■iinns corrt'Spnn'l wiUi Iho-ieol'lhe re;;iilni- conjntrft. 
tion«, nntl no exphi nations are iiei'Oeil here. 

When tuhstantive wurda act aw verbs, it Is a 
rule tn Riill-ix tlio verb suru to them, iintl then 
thoy become verhii of the S column conjugation; 

Nami (nauKht)+RwrM (lo makeH=Maj)ii"5uj-u (to 

/TarofcT (lisht) (to mnkc^karokiisvrii, or 
kmonzmv (tn make li;;ht of). 

Tliesfi verbs are coujngateil thus: 
N'Trtii.'^f, namisfii, namisii, namlsiirii, namisure. 
Karonze, Karonzl, karonzu, karmizuru, fcaronzure. 

f'hinese \vord.a, -wtien itieyact as verbs behaye 
in Hie flume manner. 

Kan (feeUng)+s«]'w(Lo '}^})=ki.xnzurn (^■n feel). 
li'in (arRnnient)^-^!*!^* (to iloj^j'onswj'M (to 

Tliepe verba are conjugated Mm.'!: 

Kanzc_, kan:i, kanzu, kamuru, kamnre. 
Rome, ronzi, ronzu, rnnriiru. rondure 

Secondly, we have the 

Ra-gyo lienkaku, or the R column irregular cnn- 
jugatiuns: — 

Of these (here are three kinds; tho first i^ 
primary, and ttie second and the third are deriva- 
tives. Tho first is the conjugation ot the verb ara 
(tio be), while the second and tlio third are tbose of 
compound words, one formed of the i>rincipal verb 
and tlie verbal .suHix, ant; the other, formed of 
an adjective and the fame verbal snffix. 

The ronjngation n 

I' the 

The conjugation of the 

Tlio cnnjusation of tlie 

verb aru (to be). 

verb akeru* (to bo weari- 

verb yokarii*(To be good). 



a tort 

















yoh arf 

ThR dilferences between the regular four-grade 
iinjn^jalion anil the irregular R column conjuga- 
tions are: first, that the conclusive form ends in i 

in=tead of m; second, that the particles belonging 
to this form are only the conjunctive to and the 
conces.sive (onto, all olliers properly belonging to it 
being transferred tn the attributive form. In other 
re' pects lliere is no altevntioo. 

Tt must be remrrked hero that, in the Hecoml 
ronJii','ation, the Hist fornt, akrrn, tho Fei'und form, 
aA-p7',anil the nith form, aken\ havo generally be- 
come olT'nlete. and that in the third conjugation, 
the (iftli form (conditional and concepsive) are has 

changed into ere, as yokare into ynkere. But for eic- 
preasing desiro or command, are is atill used. 

Teib Mood and the Texsk. 
Bearing in mind that tlie moods and tenses of 
Japanese verbs do not exactly correspond with 
those of the verbs in European language*^, and that 
the terms n^ed to designate them are sometlmeB 
arl'iiraiy rather than natural or scientific, we 
proceed to arrange the tenset and moods in such 
a manner that their relations will be easily appre- 
ciated, f 

'. t'+'M )' iinhai u^ynl, n + arii. 

;6 may be made to .Mr, Chamberlain's Q ^C/S'^ ^, and Colloquial Ja})an€ie. 



K. R. H. 

P (ro) ;5 
-^ba) ifX 
^^•(pa) 1^' 

*'(bo) 15; 

'S(pe) -; 
1- (to) )f 
K(do) t: 

^ (nu) 4ia 
/t-(ru) ^ 

^(o) 2: 

* (ka) ;i;i 

3 (yo) i 

^(ta) fl 

KA. KA. M. M. 


^ t4 a ^ 

'^ i -K ^ 

H i- m ix 


^ ^.wn 








fc' ? # « 


% S" * Jt 

T jfejfjm 

& t *ii5 

B ^mm. 


? ^^ftH 

^ o %\ ite 

^i-" 5' fs M 

t 5 ^« 

<^ 4^11] 

K. R. IT. 

i!f'(da) :^c 
i/(re) n 
y(so) ^ 

y'(zo) ^' 

^' (ne) 4a 

-r (na) :3: 

^(ra) t, 
^ (mu)tr 
>>(") 5 

X (no) ^ 
*(o) iz 
^ (ku) < 
^•^gii) <- 
•t (ya) -f' 
^ (ke) ^^ 
^'(ge) t^- 
7(fu) ^ 
7\bu) i;' 
7-(pu) J^ 
^ (ko) 21 
^(go) Z: 

KA. K v. M. M. 

^' li P-E K 

T ^ h\ # 
t* if 115 W 

W It' Hi 11 

6- ^^ 'Ti ^S 

ip- Jt ;?$ ^ 
^ ^ iL ^S^ 

^: K 4 /i! 

4' 5* DIM 

^' •¥ ^ € 
^1 -^ T^' ^ 


?i 7?" ^ S 

K. R H. 

^(ye) f^ 
r(te) t 
r ide) -C- 
r (a) ^ 
if(sa) 5 
-f iza) ?- 
H(ki) § 
¥(gi) I' 

■^(yu) lib 

^ (me) )^ 
=■ (mi) ^ 
-y(shi) ( 

^(JO t 
:t (}'C) ^^ 
fc.(hi) u- 
t\bi) a 
h-(pi) tA" 
^ (mo) ^i 
^ (se) -tJ- 
-t'(ze) -e^' 
^ (su) t 

^'(zu) r 

I* ^ 


M. M. 











PilJ *. 











; The K columns reprosent tlie Kata-kana letters witli (heir sonmlp expressed hy the Roman charrtctem 
in the R culunins; the 11 column reiTO'enis the IIira-i,'nnn letters; the KA., the Kae-gana, or alternative 
forinn ; rd(1 the M. M. culumni show the iManyog^ana letters (see the Dictionary). 




While it is still a matter of conjecture whether 
the Japanese langiinRe is allied toCliinese, Korean, 
Mongol or Manchoo, or to any one of the Malayan 
family, it is certain that in the structure of its 
Titrils it is still in wliat is called the offfftwtfnatfue 
siii'je. Although some of their roots appear very 
obscure, words cau, in most cases, be easily separat- 
ed into thetr component parts. Close observation 
will show that new words are formed mostly by 
mere changes of suffix. For example: 

Aku (verb) to opea 

^fceffa(c(Cnonn) .... the dawn. 

Akiraka-ni (adverb). . . . clearly. 

^fcafct (adjective). . . . red. 

^fca7'M(verb) to become bright. 

Aka7'i (noun) the light. 

Usuruiverh) to vanish. 

Cstnrt(( (verb) to lose. 

Usuki (adjective) thin. 

l7'£0(noun) empty talk, lie. 

In tlie colloquiallnnguage of the present day, 
many words nre nlready in the in/tecttonal or amal- 
gamtttlng stage, so tha.t it requires an experienced 
eye to distinguish the roots from prefixes and suf- 
fixes. Tlius, the dignified form goza-art-ynasu or 
gozarihiasu (it is) changes in common speech into 
the following forms: 

gnzaimasu. gnzartmasu. 

gnzansu. goansu. 

gozassit. gansu. 

gnassu. gonsu. 

goasu. gosu, 

gasu. gesu. 

ciii%i<:sic cbi.%Ri%i;ti<:ic5. 

Old words (i?j s) "f more than one thousand 
years ago have been )iroRer\ed through the aid 
of written characters. They ehow general 

agreement in tlielr structure with wordn of the 
present language, the changes produced since then 
being comparatively unimportant. But the begin- 
ning of the use of the written charac^er-imust liave 
created nn epoch in the history of the language. 
Some believe that the Japanese had tlieir ow n alpha- 
bet, invented in a remote antiquity, which, when 
closely examined, shows a marked reaetublance to 
tlie Korean alphabet. But aiithnri ties agree tliat no 
sucli alphabet did ever exist, and tliat the alphabet 
mentioned was of uncertain origin, probably bor- 
rowed from Korea, Htiwever tliat may be, it is 
unquestionable that, at first, the Japanese depended 
exclusively upon Chinese characters lor conveying 
their ideas by written sign.i. 

History records that the introduction of Chl> 
nese characters took place iu the year 286, 
A.D., though tlie date was probably earlier 
that. They are said to have been brought t« 
Japan by a Korean embassy. Tiie pronunciation 
then used is called the Go-on, or Wu pronuncia- 
tion, from the name of the kingdom of Go (ift) or 
Wu, which comprised most of the eastern pro- 
vinces south of the Yangtsekiang. There, in- 
cluding Wu, six dynasties flourished one sifter 
another in the period ranging from the third 
to the sixth century, and iheir capitals becam* 
centres of learning and seats of refinement. Thero 
might have been direct communication going on 
between tliat region and Japan, for In attempting 
to account for the general prevnleace ol the Go- 
on in the latter about that time, Korea seems too far 
north to serve as a connecting link. The strong 
probability, however, is that the bo called earlier 
60 on used in old Japanese writings came (rom 
Northern China. There are evidences that tlie pro- 
nunciation prevailing in Loyang nnd Cliangan, tlie 
two northern capitals, before the fourtli century, 
was nearly the same as that of Wu. 

During the seventh and ninth centuries, difTer- 
ent embassies were sent to n orthern China, to the 
courts of the Siii (K) and the Tang (|f) dynasties 



Thus the prnniinciation prevailing in that port (»f 
China in thoie times was Intioduced to Japan. 
It w«B cfigfrly learned In llie court, nnj, as a 
matter of conrpe, the Go-nn ijpgan to be (Jea- 
pise J as a Rimple country dialect of southern 
China. EnthusiaBni went even so f»r that pro- 
clamations were issued by the government to 
forbid the use o) tlie Goon. Naturally tliese in- 
terdicts did not succeed. Tlie new pronunciation 
Beema to have been different from the fio-called 
Kan-on or Han* (iJf) proBunciation now widely 

Go on. 
EyoH or hyaitki (i^i%, illness). 
(Tioammo or gwammou (5g ^, desire). 
Konnic/ii or Komiuchi (^B . today). 
Kubu or Giihui,^?^, nltendance). 
M u ltd or muhouiU Hi, lawlesaj. 
Husui^^, absencpi. 
Sh'ijiki or shavjikiiJE [fl, honest). 
Tokyo or Toukyan 'TJf ^, Tongltyane), 

Kon on. 
BTicho or Jiauchnv t0 flS, swelling). 
Enrjoku nr wenrjoku C>^ 0, distant cot 
flfilh} or heihaii (Jt i4, military tactit 
Kaiidan (IK ig. t-old and hot). 
Kw'ika or Kivauka(tS i^, Hoang Ho). 
Jfeilia (Vijf. NingpOl. 
Sriito or Sc III O'li'^lfS). 
liusho or Bi.shau tft 5) 

A» interconrse m iHi China jncrea^cd, h creat 
runiber of new word", mainly Chinese expressK"i<=, 
T^pi 6 added lo the Japanese vocabulary, and as the 
€0'0n Fpread, accompanying the progress ol'Bvidd- 
hi'm, BO the Kan on spread, following the progress 
fif Confucianism. Tiinnyrli tlie otficial and literary 
flassoE employ Kan-on in preforenceto Go on, usage 
lias become so arbitrary in the modern language, 
that in some places tlie Kan-on, in otliers the ff o oil, 
and in still other places both combined or both 
indi<:criiiiinately, are used without any special 

Another thing to be mentioned here is that 
ft ft er the introduction of the Go-on, a method of 
writing tlie language by using Chinese chnraclers 
for phonetic symbols became desirable. S«, in the 
study of the Clilnese cliaraeters, the first tiling 
rerjuiKite was to know llieir nn (g^) or pronun- 
riation; and the iip^t ihing was to unJerf-tRnd tlieir 
kuniM), 01' eguivalents in Jupanese, written \^ith 
different Chinese characters aa phonetic symbols, 

used in Japan; but it is an undoubted fact tliai 
the latter was the natural outgrowth of this new 

It must be remarked here that what are now 
called the Goon nnd Kan-on are the Japnnese 
sounds of the Chinese pronunciations. Tliey are 
now so different from the original Chinese that one 
miglit hardly suspect the existence of any relation 
belween the two. But that the former are modifl- 
cationB of the latter is not difficult to trace. Th« 
following aro examples: — 

OriQ. ;rfnn. 




Mull op 




Orig. Pron. 

ntry) Wenkwok. 

s). renrjfap. 





which tliemRelTPK had nn iiieaniug, therefore, when 
thu= empidjed. Tlie charn'.'ter.' so used are called 
the Manyo Gana (Jf ^^ fl3J 2). 

Comparing the Chinese character.? in current 
use, it i'i interestini,' lo see how they sometimes 
convey difTerent meanings according as they are 
reid -iviih kun or Goon or Kan on. Forexample; 

^ffc: henrje.{G'\ on) means an avparilion; hen- 
kwa{K:\u on),~chunge. 

^£3; seirei (Kan-on) means a soul; sliOryS 
(Go ou),^lhf. siibit of tlie decease; if,i ryo {Kun and 
Go on combined I, — the spirit of a licntg person, 

WP1: 001)10)1 {.Kan ua),-~a gate; inikado ikan),- 
an emperor. 

=X-^' Kainbiilsu (Kan-on),— (ti'fed vegetaUes, hi 
ino)io ( kun).— cin erf yis/t. 

*tf ^i): >s''ioniotsi((Uo-oD),— a hook; kakimonoi^Mw) 
—any thing wril en. 

+:S^: inomen (<"Jo on), — cntton clo(h\ AimaM 
(l\nn), — tree cotton. 

Intel couifie with riiiria at a later perioil led In 

* I'lie llan dyiia.itto.s reigned fioin 20i B.C. 
i> noiiymou.sly with (,'liina. 

to ~*H A.D. In J.ipan, the ninne Man is soinetiinea us«d 


tlie introduction nf tlie T5 on (g f^), orr'aDs pio- 
nouncialjon, which so me what repembles tlie 
modern Chinese. The vocabulary belonging to this 

pronuncifition is compJii-Htively smnll. 
th ee examples will be enough. 

1=f ©, a lamp, Is read andon (T5-on) instead of Itotd (Kan-un). 

?f ^. biiitcling fushln(, „ ) „ ,, fusei ( ,, ). 

5 PC) lime cement, „ ,, shIJckuti ,, ) „ „ sekJcwati ,, ). 
fiSiSli- "nfieitain, „ „ uron ( „ ) ,, „ korani ,, ). 

An the plionetlc representxtionB of words and 
nrllalile!* becaine more impnrtant nnd necessary, tlie 
niiinese characteifi were found to he too cumber- 
flome and inconvenienL. To meet this difficulty, 
Bfpine time in the eighth or ninth century, the 
katakana, or Si de-syllable'^, were invented by talking 

certain ntrokes from tlie Oliinese charactera. By 
some this invention is ascribed to Kibi, « high 
oflicial in the court ol the Kinpernr Kwonin; by 
others, to Kukai, a noted BuddliUt priest Vor- 
haps foltowing the Indian alphabet, the syllable-* 
were an-anged Jtceording to what Is cfilled gnju-on, 
or "the fifty sounds," five of which are the vowels. 
This method Is atill In general use. 


T a 

^i ka 

ij- sa 

& ta 

-J- va 

-•> Jia 

-7 Via 

\ yd 

=? ra 

V wa 

'f i 

-t ;./ 

3/ m 

^ C/ll 

= I'i 

IS Jli 

~ ml. 

-f I 

V rl 

# i 

V u 

^ fc« 

7. SU 

■y tsu 

X nil 

•7 fn 


3. yit 

ti' ru 

•0 V 

:il e 

^ \^' 

t se 

9 te 

^ ne 

-^ he 

j( me 

X. e 

u re 

■X. e. 

a c 

3 fco 

y m 

b (0 

^ no 

* ho 

^ mo 

3 yo 

D ro 


To tills list, the following Aalcu-on (impure sounds), or sonants, and haailakuoii, or half sonants 
formed from the letter ]', which are really surds, are to be added. 

ir (in 

If za 

it (Id 

A ba 

A pa 


&■ zl 


K bl 

K pl 

!f nu 

^ lU 

»y* zii 

■f bu 

•f DM 

y ae 

■fe? za 

f at 

-<: be 

^ jje 

zf go 

•f zo 

K (fo 

« 60 

« Jio 

While there mny have been distinciions between i. 
and yiy e nnd ye, in former times, it admits of no 
question thatwi, loe, and ivo changed into /, e and o 
fit a later period. Also, tliat there were formerly 
clear distinctions between zl and jf, zu and dsu, is a 
matter not to be doubled. Besides these, it may be 
possible that ta, rhl, tsu, te, fowere ori^'inally ta, ti, 
t«, (e, to; {la, jt, zii,de, Oo were da, (li. An, de, do; 
and ha, hi,fu, he, ho, v:evefa,Jl,fu,fe,fo. 

The use of katakana was somewhat inconveni- 
entin writing, and, Iherel ore, for .service in writing 
the running hand, the hh'akana, or smooth letters, 
wore invented, which feat also is ascribed to Kflltai. 
He used forty-seven letters,— two letters for i, e, 

and u each being unnecessnry, —the whole making 
a poem in the follnwir)g order: 

V^ (i) fi (ro) Q (ha) v? («0 it (h.n) ^ [hp) t 
iXo), % {Chi) vj O-i) & Oni) S {ru) 5r (wo) ^ (wa) 
*» {k.a\ i. (yo) fe (ta) K (re) ^ (so) -o itsu) n 
(uf) n (Jia), 6 (va) ti (mv) 5 (u) ^ (wt) © Oio] 
ie {o) < (fcM), ^ (ya) 3 Ona) w- {ke) i (fu) c 
(fco) (7 (ye) t ite), •$, (a) 3. (sa) & (fc/) Vi, (yu) 16 
(me) Tt- (mi) L (shi), g. (loe) v (hi) l (mo) ^ (se) 
ir (su). 

It niu'^t be remembered liere, as before, that 
afierwiirds ye changed into r, and iw, wi and ivo, 
into c, ( and n. There ai'e some other ways of writ- 
ing the hirakana, but the above is Che .siini)le>t. 



Tlie system adupt.od by the Rdmaji Kwai, or Ro- 
mania itinn Society, refiuires twenty-two of tlie 
letlars used in Knglish, I and u having no corres- 
ponding sounds in Japanese, and q and x being 
digregarded. C is never used in its hard sound, or 
p in its soft sound. The vowels a, e, i, o, u, have 
only one sound each, uiiless they are marked with 
the sign of long quantity. 

a has the sound of a in/at/ie?', but is shorter. 
« .- M •> I, e ,, 'men. 
* .. .. ., „ i ,, 'machine.. 
f I, ,, „ ,, <j ,, so, but is shorter. 
" I. .1 >. ..I* ,) rule „ „ „ 
When a liorizontnl line !b placed over them, 
has the sound of o in hone, and 
u ,, the ,, ..oo'inmoon 

a, § and i are seldom u=ed, except in interjec- 
tions. When such sounds occur, they are usuaily 
reprefiented by doubling the letter^;, as aa and ii. 
When two vowels come together, ;is ai, mi, iv, and 
ow, they should be pronounced sepnrately. In soma 
cases, afl in the endings of verbs, the two vowels 
are written for the saUo of symmetry, even though 
they ure sounded together; as au in vtau (to sintO 
pronounced uto, ou in ymi (to be drunk) prononncod 
yo, and nu in 5Wfcii« (to save) pronounced .tjffc//. 

Til© vowel i is usually short, and ofl-en lu=;qB 
its sound. Foreigners seem to have crt-at diltt- 
cuUy in pronouncing such words a'; /lifo (man), 
and sfiita (tongue), which very nearly have the 
sound of hHo and sfiHa. Nnt only i itself is loHt 
when it enters the syllables nl some words, but in 
inriDy cases Ihe consonants before it are dropped 
toguther with it. Thus ; 

((S^S. t-be name of a place) changes into AkasIH. 


Male (^^ ,. I, ,, person) „ ,, Date. 

Ashidachi (^ it >• >. •. •> ) >. t> A(iachi. 

amishtro (JB^fl; a fish-basket) ,, „ ajiro. 

hachisu (ig, the lotu«) „ „ hasu. 

toklgire (flf ffl, momentary silence) ,, ,, toglre. 

TJie vowel u is also very short, and is sometimes inaudible; thus 

mokiiroku (g ^, a list) is pronounced almost as mokrok 

futari (3g A, two persons) is „ „ „ f'larL 

kasu (i^, dregs) „ ,, „ ,, kas. 

onmitsu (|g ®, a detective) „ „ „ ,, ommits. 

Qonerally speaking, u before Ttia, we and mo, should be pronounced like the consonant m ; thwM 

uma (H, the horse) should be pronounced mma. 

ume ij§, the plum-tree) ,, „ , mme. 

umoregi (g?!;. fossil-wood) ,, „ „ mmoregi. 

Like i, u IB dropped in the syllables of some words ; thus: 

Kawauchl (M ft, the name of a province) changes into Kawachi. ' 

Naruumi ("fi vS. » *. >• i. •> ) .> ,, Narumt. 

Toyoura Oiffi, ., „ ., ., >> ) ., ., Toyora. 

It must, however, be remarked that similar 
tendencies sometimes exist in the case of the 
vowels a, e and o, which have more distinct sounds. 

The consonants are pronounced nearly like 
those uf English. 

F IS uoL a labiodental, as in English ; the 
Biiund 1^ made by letting the breath e-eape softly 
through the lips. This letter is never used except 
before u. It is highly probable that the old sounds 
ot ha, hi, he and ho were aHo fa, Jl, ft, and/o. 

sake (ffl:, salmon) 

saviisen (S[y:-.fS, a musical instrument) 

sakurl VMf^, hiccough) 

ktLSami (M sneeze) 

5 before a, e, o and u, as sa, se, so and au. Is pro- 
nounced as in English ; but before i, sh is ailoptfd 
instead of ,t, though tliis sound (j/) varie= from shi 
to si according to locnlitie«. ,5'e and ilss<iun(l ze iire 
pronounced she and je in many provinces of l<:_\ usli j, 
aud in some provinces along the western coast ol 
the Main Island. Even sa is changed into s/ia in 
some cases, as, 

IS changed into shake. 
,, ,, ,, shaviiscn. 

,, ,, ,, shakm'i. 

, „ „ kushami. 


Thk tisk of compiling a dictionary is attended with special obstacles 
ill Jap n, where, owing to the rapid introduction of new ideas from the 
Cccident, and the development of institutions hitherto unknown in the 
country, such numbers of words are yearly added to the language that a 
vccabulaiy fairly comprehensive to-day is found defective to-morrow. 
Doubtless owing to that consideration, many able men, thoroughly 
competent to undertake the work, hesitate to attempt it, until the language 
shall have assumed a more finite character. But the authors of this 
dictionary, being sensible that if the present transition stage continue to 
deter lexicogiaphers, the difficulties of the language for unaided students 
must grow constantly more embarrassing, resolved to aim at even partial 
success rather than to leave a general want unsatisfied. They fully 
appreciate the achievements of others in the same field, and the great 
value of such compilations as Dr. Hepburn's pioneer dictioriary, the 
Vocabulary of Sir Ernest Satow and Mr. Ishibashi, and Mr. ]_ II. 
Gubbins' diclio ary of Chinese-Japanese words. But the first of these 
has fallen far behind the time ; the second was never intended to be 
comprehensive, and the third, excellent as it is, has only a limited scope. 
The present work will, it is hoped, meet an evident need and j rove as 
fiee from defects and deficiencies as can reasonably bs expected under the 
circumstances. The authors would fain have added an English- Japanese 
section, but it became apparent that to wait until that were possible must 
involve very inconvenient delay. They trust, however, that they will 
soon be in a position to place before the public an English-Japanese 
dictionary on the lines of the work that they have now completed after 
long and conscientious labour. 

Tu/iyo, Ocloher 2nd, i8q6. 

^ ^ 



■^ J 






^ A 



m "ji 


i: ^ # 



§ If 





-. ij] :/7 

^ # # 

Is % ^ 

'^7 7 

m m u 

- Jf * 

^"^ tf X 

:J: it 

IW [in 



^ i 

fe ^ 

m nl 

tf -i 

# -i: 

a: y 
-ft it 

^ 7. 








curacieH, there nre some s^od reasons Cor tlie old 
methoil of chissillcation. NovertlielORS, ia this tlic- 
tionnry, wa have foUoMcd, In company with modern 
gi-ommariaus, the English method of dividing the 
parts oi' speech. 


The noun does not undorgo syllabic chacge for 
the sake of distinguifihing either case, gentler or 

Case is generally indicated by a te-nl-wowa. 
The Nonilnftlive case is indicated by the particle wa 
or pa. For instance: 

Hi wa kagayaku. The sun shlnea. 

2brf ga saczuru. The bird sings. 

The Possessive Case is Indicated by the particle 
no or ga. 

Hito no Icokm-o. Man's mind. 
Sliizu ga ya. A peasant's houRe. 

The Objective Case In Its accusative form Is 
Indicated by the particle two; otherwise, by a post- 

HKo wo korosu. To kill a mau. 
Uma ni noru. To lide on a horse. 

Mlnaio yctsuku. To arrive at a port. 
Kodomo to asoDU. To play with childrfn. 
Tdkyo made yuku. To go to TOUy(>._ 
Osaka yori kaeru. To return from Osaka. 
Gender is, in most cases, to be judged from the 
tontext. In some cases, however, it is distinguished 
by prefixes or suftlxes, which are really independ- 
ent words. 
Oto-ko. A young €to-me. A young wo 

man. man. 

m-ko. A prince. Bi-me. A princess. 

Iratsu'ko. A young gen- Iratsu-me. A young lady. 

ifttsu-ko. A son. Musu-me. A girl. 

Osu. A male. STesv, A female. 

OsJiibe. The stamen. Ste-shlbe. The pistil, 
Oiishi. Allon. Me-jlslii. A lioness. 

Ondorf. Acock. 3len-dorL A hen. 

Dan-Shi. » A man or a Jo-shl. i A woman or a 
Nan-Shi. i boy. Nyo-shi. S girl. 

Sometimes, different words are used distinguish 

Oloko. A man. Onna. A woman. 

Chichi. Father. Baha. Mother. 

Ojl. Uncle. 06a. Aunt. 

Ani. Elder brother. Ane. Elder slater. 

Oloto. Younger brother. Iinolo. Younger sister. 
Number. Hke gender, has to be determined from 
the context. In some cases, however, the plural is 

Many persons. 

indicated by suflixingdiirerent word.'*, such a3(/a(a, 
tachi domo, ra, sliu and hat. 

Tonogata. Genilemen. 

Musuku-iachl. Sons. 

Keraidomo. Servants. 

Musume-ra. Girls. 

Onna-shu. Ma id- servants. 

Hyakiisfic-domo. Farmeis. 
Sometimes the plural Is Indicated by nn adjpc- 
tlve expressing quantity, or by a nunu'rnl pifflxed, 
but these cases scarcely need illustration. 
Musu no hoshi. Innumerable stars. 

ObitadashikI kembutsnnin. Very numerous ob.'erv- 
Nihiki no inu. Two dogs. Lwrs. 

Oku no akuji. Many evils. 

Such adjectives or numerals often become com- 
ponent prefixes. 

Futa- tose. T wo years. 
Yorozu-yo. Ten-thousand generations. 
Sho-nin. \ 
Shu Sin. J 

Sometimes, the plural ia expressed by doubling 
the noun 

Yamayama. All, or various inountnlns. 
Knwa gawa. „ ,, „ rivers. 

Tokoro-dokoro. ., ,, ., places. 
Ilitobito. ,, „ „ persons. 

A large number of nouns consist of comjjownrt 

1. Such a comround is formed by the combina- 
tion of a noun witli a noun. 

Ten-chi or ametsiichi. Heaven and earth. 
Jitsugetsu. Snn find moon. 

So-inokn or kVRa-ki. Grasses and trees. 

2. It is formed also by a combination of nn fd- 
jeclive, or a noun u'*ed adjectively, with a noun. 

Ko-ishi. A small stone. 

T.)-mi{:hi. A long way. 

Haya gane. An alarm-bell. 

Tal-teki. A great enemy, 

Bljin. A beautiful woman. 

Te-bukuro. Ghives. 

Hama kaze. The wind of tl)esea-sliore. 

Yama-gawa. A mountain torrent. 

Kaizoku. A pirnte. 
3 It is formed also by combining a noun with 
n noun derived from an adjective or n verb. 

Kvchl waru, A slanderous person. 

Me-kura. A blind mau. 

Yo-ake. The dawn. 

Hara-Vami, Rtomncli-nrhe. 

Ido-hort. A well-digffer. 


4. It is funned uHu by coniblniuja' ti verb with 
& noun. 

Fuml dm. A '^lool, 

T.>hi-ishi. A ^teptiin^ stone, 

Ki-mnno. Clotiiing. 

Iri kiichi. Entrance. 

Kare-Ki. A withered tree. 

The Pkrsonal Pronoun. 

Strirtly speaking, the personal pronouns of the 
fir^t perpon i^re a, are, wa, ware and v}aro, ol which 
wne \< most ciuiiniiinly a-^ftd; aj'd ot the second 
person, na, naif, minat-hi and {mashl,ot which 
nanji, a word undonhtedlv derived Irom na, ih 
most comnionlv used. A'l others are nouns used 
pronon:inally. Ol' llies", lor she first person, onore, 
wntakuslil, teniae, vii.mizukai'a, 7jatsugnre, sorega- 
sfii, wariiwa. Ac. ;ire ol* Japanese ori^nn, and sesslia, 
}ibuii,jtsriin,liohu,&hdsei,&c are of Ohiiiepe origin ; 
and lor the second per.son, ojnini, omne, otemae, 
sonata, rmatn, okvto, kimi. kisama, Ac- are ol 
Japanese oriniii, unJ gozen, hiko, kiilen, kikvn, kU.a, 
soLka, kei . h'^kK'i Ar are ol Climese oriyin. The 
plurals hir th'' and the second per-nns are 
fiirnifd like nouns. Ol the (ormer, wartra, vjaie- 
ware. niidomo, wntakvs/iira, luatalci'ShiAumn, b'^\u- 
ra.jibunra, and wagalini, >\ni} ol the latter, Diiutc 
toclii, anatagain, klinira, livUgala, ke<rn and 
s/iokun, fire most common, 'i'he personiil pronunnR 
ot'the third person laost commonly used,— a, are 
und ano, ka, kare iui-i kano, ko, kure and fcono; :inij 
io, sojx nnd soMO, u itli tlieir plurals arera, karcra, 
korei-aund sorera, — are in their nature demonstra- 
tive pionouns, Various C'liinese expressions, too 
nuniei'ous to be mentioned here, are used in lieu 
if the above. 

In butli the spoken and tlie written languages, 
it is thoui^ht elegant to use as lew pronouns as 
practicalde, and lor that reasoD, in places where 
llie meaninfi is clear witliout employing thoni, 
tliej nre usually omitted. 

Thk DKM'iNsrr \tivk PkouOUN. 

Ko, kore, krinoiiiiti hoLo, so, sore, sono and soko, 
a, are, u no ami astiko, k a, I are, kano and kashiko, 
i; ith 'he plurals, Korera, kokora, sorera, sokora, are- 
ra, (linATjjtt, karei'a and ka^hikora, constiiuie de- 
unlu^tratlve piimouns. The distinctions of ko, so 
i.nd a or ta are shown in the tollowing examples: 

Kono baslio or koko. This place. 

Sono basho or soko. That place (with re- 

jfrem-e tn a place in the v icinity of the 
peMon spoken f o) 
Kano baslio or kashiUn. Yonder plnce (with 
reference to a place remote from th& 
speaker and the person spoiten to). 

The DrsTRiBUTivK Pko.voin. 

Di stribut lot pronouns are ono ono, met mei, o-ta- 
gal and sore-sore. 

The Japanese language has no relative pro- 

The Tnterp.ogativk PRO.\orN. 
Intprrnrjatire pronouns are ta, tare or dare, 
nanl, (lore, ctoclura, izvre and izuko. 
Alio filtowa tare nam ka. "Wlio i^ be ? 

Sonaiawananl wookurisidh-x. Wliat dtd you 

Izure ga ivan: no nam ka. Wliich is mine F " 

Dochira ga yoki ka. Wiiich is better f 

When the particle mo or rtifmo i.i added, these 
pronouns are often taken in an indeflnite or distri- 
butive sense. 
Darf. Wirt shiranu. No one knows. 

Jjni '^ mo sore nl ateliamaranu. None fits it. 
J)iirr<, Any one. 

fJoclnrademo ijuV'Slii. Either will answer. 


There are two kinils ol adieel Ives which change 
their endings to show their re hit it. ns to other 
words One is formed by addin;.; t?, fr« and ."/if to 
its root or stem, as (aia /.i, laha-ku and (aka sfii ; 
tiie other, Ity lidding s///^*, slitku and ski, a.s hage- 
shiki, hagt sluku and haiie-shi. 

Takakl yama. A higli mountain. 

Takaku subiyu. (Tt) stirnds up loltily, 

Yama wa takas!ii. The mountain is high. 

Ifagesfiiki lalakai. A furious battle. 

I/ageshiku tatnknu. C'hey) fight furiously. 

Tatakal wa hageshi. The battle is lurious. 

Some think that the second kind of adjective is 

only a mo'lified form of the first, tlipir argument 

being that tlie double use of slii is avoided for 

euphonj 's .sake when the root oi- stem ends in siu. 

Adjectives that end in ki or sJiikL are always 
placed before the nouns that they limit or qualily ; 
in othei' wordti, tiiey are u=oil attril>utively. 

Tliope that end m ku or shikn are placed before 
the verbs of whose subjects they are predicated, or 
whose action they (inalily; that is, tlioy are Li>ed 
predicatively or adverbially. 

Sore tea yoku aranu. It is not good. 

Kodomo wo ashiku alsukau. Ha treats children 


They nre uiso placed before adjectives like Eng- 
lish fldvorltp: 

KiOlsfiiku saiintKI, Severely cold. 

Tlie |iit>(l\ Ku avsliikn la very ulteii used to per- 

fonn Hie ffllce ol' a corijunctLui], when tlie foi-in of 

the hist aitril'Utivo wurd in a sentence ends in ski. 

Kareioalsuv'iku. viiine lie is stitjn^, handsome 

y K'li, (ale tukaxfti. and tall. 

h'azcaraku, na^ni taka- Tlie wind i'^ violent, and 

Shl. the Wuve'^ are high. 

This form is .sometimes called the indelinite lorm 
of the adjective. 

Ailjectives with tlie suffix nhi are used at tlie 
clc'se ofa sentence, and are placed directly after the 
nouns that Ihoy limit or quality. Unlilie the En- 
flliPh u.sase, tlie verb to &e is never intprposed be- 
tween the noun and the adjective in this form. 
Thup, in the sentence "Varna wa (the mountain) 
(afcaa/tf (is high)," " (atrts/i( " is equivalent to the 
two words " is hi^^li " in Englisli. 'i'he literal col- 
loquial trnnslatioD of " t!ie monntaln is high" into 
Japanese would be " Varna wa takakuarn,'^ and in 
sncli a method of construction the predicative form 
few mu^t be used. ''Varna iva (afcas/tf," or in the 
coUoqiiiiil, '■ Tama tya (afcai," i^, howevei, a more 
common expresFion. 

In the colloquial, fc is often dropped in A:f and 
fcM, and also in shlki nn,d sliikit, as iioliyokl), and 
yov or yn (ynku), and vmrui {warukt), and waruu or 
warn (luarukv); and sh is often dropped in s hi as 
yoi (yoshl) and ivaru! {warus/il). 

When the verb am (to he) is adiied to adjectival 
forms in kti or shikv, the adjective partakes of the 
nature of tlie verb, and its new suffix changes in 
accordi-nce with its "Jpecial rule of inflaction ; as 
takakuaranpv takakaraii, takaku-ai-l or takakart, 
takaku- am ov taknkaru, and takakuare or takakare. 
When tho partit-les ba, do and dom" are added to 
thi.^ compound lorm, are changes into ere, us 
takakereha, takakereOo and takal ereclomn. But such 
const ructions as takakareba, takakaredo nnd taka- 
karedomo, thousli in fortn, are seldom u=ed. 

Nouns sometimes perlorm tlie office of adjec- 
tives wlien they are followed by the particle 710. 
Kin no to Lei. A gold watch 

Mugaku no hito. An illiterate person. 

Nouns, or the steni woids of adjectives, some- 
times perform tlie office of adverbs, when they are 
followed by the particle }U. 

Mukoto ni. Truly. 

Alh-aka ni. Clearly. 

When the verb aru (I o be) is added to these, the re- 

BuUlng words behave lilio a verb, the new suffix 

ary being Its attributive loru). 

ma\otonaru kanashl. 
Aklraka-ni am, 
akliakanarii kutuyara. 

I A true story. 

A (ilfl'tr matter. 

In the colloquial, naru contracts into na. 

NiHinf, when followed hy tho parlicK' t^ and il;d 
verl) aru, and verhn. when followed by lI.u p.iiticle 
(c and tlie vci'h aru, act like at'jectivep, lakln;; the 
attributive form of the latter verb. 

Olokotn am, j 
otokotaru mono. ' 
Bikuto-aru, ■ 

bakvtaru romlai. ■ 
Koe.te ant, 1 
koelara buta. ' 
Kare team, j 
karelaru eda. ' 

One who is a man. 

An obscure stateuient 

A fat piff. 

A withered branch. 

When the auxiliary suffixes, bekl, takt, naki 
and rasJilkt, are added to nouns or verbs, the 
resulting words become regular adjectives. 

franubeki lilto. A praiseworthy person. 

Togetakl nozomi. A fondly entertained hope. 

Efakana'ti inochl. An evanescent life. 

Otokorashiki oknnal. Manly conduct. 

Adjrclives have no tnjlecied forms of comparison. 
The comparative and superlature ideas are usually 
expressed by the aid of some postpositions and 
adverbs, as yort, nao and mollomo. Jn many cases, 
tlie mood must be judged from the context, 

When tlie three foims of the adjective are 
followed by different particles, tliey express differ- 
ent moods. 
Aki tva kanasiil. Autumn is gloomy. 

Ano hon waol ni omoshlro- That book was veiy 

karikl. IntereFting. 

JCare iv i nemutakaran. He will be sleepy. 
Ni'jakidomo Kono kusiiri Drmk the medicine, 

wn nome. though bitter. 

Viikitakiibayuke. Go, if you please. 

The attributive form, kl or s/iiA:/, becomes the 
substantive form wlien the noun following it is 
understood. Then, like tlie noun, it allows the 
particle, wa, wo, nl, yori or ynade to follow. When 
it is followed by kana or nan, iL becomes a Ct.nclu- 
^ive form. 
//t(o iva kwushlki ivo ko- Man does not like pain. 

Stikunaki wa nakl yorl Few is better than 

yosltl. nothing. 

Samukl ni ojizu. SI am) not afraid o( 

Takaid yoi-i h'kukl made. From high to low. 



When the prodicntive or adverbial fonu hu or 
sJilku Is lolhnveJ by ba, it becomes a conJiUoiial 
lorm. When it is iolloneJ by tomo, it becomes a 
concessive I'orm. AVhen it is fullowed by te, it jier- 
Corms a participle. 

'W'lieti the conclusive form shi ta followed by (q, 
it becomes a concessive or a conjunctive form. 

Sometimes, the particle no follows tlie root or 
Bteni, aaO is used in the same sense as ki. 

yokuhuka no yakko. An avaricious fellow. 
Osoroshi no yiimei. Wonderful bo\Y-diawii)g 
Sometimes the root or stem is followed by the 
Bulfix mi; then it becomes eitlier a noun of quality, 
or a participle. 

Akaini. A tinge of red, 

Varna takaml. The mountain being higli. 

Sometimes tlie root or stem lias the suffix sa; 
tlien it becomes either a noun of quality, or an 
adjectival form \vitli an interjectional siguilicauce. 
Samusa. Coldness. 

Aji no yiis<i. Goodness of taste. 

illru ya Icjnashtsa. Sad to see. 

When leki, or heslil is added to the conclusive 
form of the verb, llie leMullins word ma3- ba nsed ks 
an adjective, exiire-sing command or possibility. 
Tha snine istrue of Cin:clu.-ive yeibal forms to wliicli 
i wadded tn'Tjihi or via jl, ihe siirnific-ance imparted in 
tlii.s case being one ol future ne^jatlon. 'I'lius Z>efci, 
^es'it, viajiki nnd mnji m;iy be cnlled auviliary 
i'ljactival sutli\e^. Aiiotlier adjectival .'■ullix is 
mshlkl, rashi, whicli conveys the sense of like, as 
ii.e.s also the auxiliai'y adjective gotokl or gotoshi. 

ISiitJ. w I kvbcshl. I'ork i-^ eatable. 

iFarTjbekl kutofjara. Laughable niiUt' r. 

lianarumozlki knnhei. Inseiiarablo rolutioii. 

Tsvwmnonv lua adusui n 'J'nc valiaut is uudauiit- 

mazl. iil'le. 

l'-uniyas!nl i hiyori. T\\a weather llint seenn 
to niin. 

nana chirurashi. Tlie flower aeeras to 


Many adjkotivks ark Compounded of 


1. Such a compound luay fonueii by the combi- 
nation of a noun with an adjeciive. 

Kokoro-yasukl. Easy-hearted or friendly. 

IJara giiroki. Black-Iiearted or malignant. 

Slihnbo zuyokt. Strong in [>atience. 

2 It nl.^y also be formed by tlie combiiiatlou 
of a verb with an adjective. 

Al-gatahi. Uiliicnlt to meet. 

Kiki-Qiirushlkl. fii.siLgreeable to hear. 

Mitaa-hoshihi. De'^irous of iecing. 
'A. It may also bo liTnied by the combination of 
an adjectival root with an adjective. 

Usu-guroki, Light bla-ik. 

Naga bmokl. Long and narrow. 

Ptika mn\mi nam. Deep-green. 


Oftliese, tlieie are two sets, one of Japanesft, 
;ind t he utiier of Cliinese, oi igin. The Japanese set 
from one to nine are formed by suffiNing t&u to the 
stem-word of each, Sp 'cLil |yrnn for numbers 
above ten are now obsolete, and are used only in 
jioclryor in classical uiitings. 'I'he particle no is 
ci)minonly placed between numerals iind tlie nuuos 
tliatthey linnt. Strictly considered, the niiinerals 
aie to be regarded as nuuiis, and not as adj^ciives. 
Soinetiiiies their stem-words, combining witli 
tioiuiy, form compound \^ord,s. Tlie iJldnese set 
are also in gener;il use. 'J'liej usually form cuni- 
poLiDd words, combining willi tire nouns that they 







To or so, 

called In i-'iiumeratioQ 

















U 'ku. 







told 1. 

■ ko^w 








Indicative l^'esent.—'VU& third base, or the con- 
clusive (i)rra itself, and also nari adJed to it, repre- 
Bent the pre'^ent tense inclimile; as yuku, niru, 
ukuru and stinarl. Zu or mi nddod to the first 
base produces the negative <yrni, x\& yiikazu, nizu, 
v.k€tu, and sezv, •'^- 

Inaicalive. i'asc— Of thj pflst there are four 
foims. The fli'St is lornicU by adding fct to the 
second base, as yukikU nild, tikelci and shiki. In 
the place of ki, kerl is often used. The second is 
formed by adding nu or tsu to the second base, as 
yuktnv, ninu, ttketsu and shitsu. As a past, this 
form has a lighter signiHcance than the former, and 
somewhat resembles the English perfect tense. 
The eliird is formed by adding te and art or tarl to 
the second base; as yukitari, nitari, uketarl and 
sfiitarl. The colloquial form oi tarl Is ta. These 
first and third forms of the past are now used indis- 
criminately. The fourth is formed by adding tari 
and ki, or tartki, to the second base, as yukitariki, 
nitarikt, nketarlki and shitarlki. This corresponds 
to the English pluperfect. 

Indicative J^egative Past.— Formed by adding zu 
and ariki or zarilci to the first base; as yakazariki, 
nizarikl, ukezariki and sezm'iki. In some places, 
the forms yukananda, nlnanda, ukenanda and sfi- 
nanila are used in tlio coUoquiiil. 

Imlicative Future.— VovmeU by adding n or ma- 
shi to the first base, nan to the second base, ran to 
the third base, and ni and aran or naran to the 
fourth base; as yukan, aramaslii, ninan, ukuran 
tn<l suritnaraii. in the colloquial, in tlie place of 
varan, ciar3 is used. When tnerl or ras}ii is added 
to the third base, the hypothetical future is express- 

Indicative Future Perfect— Formed by adding 
ken, kei'ashi, taran, tsuran or nuran to the second 
base; as yukiken, arikerashl, nitaran, uketsui-an 
and shlnuran. 

Indicative Ifegative Future.— Fi^rme^ by adding 
zu and aran or zaran to the first base; as yukaza- 
ran, nizaran, ukezaran and sezaran. 

Conjunctive, or Conditional 2^-esent.— Formed by 
adding ba to the fifth base, as yukeba. nireba, uku- 
reba and sureba. Its negative is formed by fidding 
tareba and neba to the first b'^^e ■ as yukazareha, ni- 
zareba, tikeneba and seneba 

Conjunctive, or Conditional ^'ast.— Formed by 
adding shikaba, kereba or tareba to the second base; 
as yukisJdkaba, nishikaba, ukekereba ands/i/^areba. 
Its negative is formed by adding zarishikaba or 
zarikereha to the first base; as yukazarishikaba, 
ni zarishikaba, ukezarikereba and sezarikereha. 

Conditional Hypothetical 7'rcsen(.— Formed by 
adding ha to tlie first base, naba to the second base; 
and naraha to the fourth base; as ynkaba, niba, 
ukenaba aud surunaraba. Its negative is formed , 
by adding 2:N6a to the first base; as yukaziiba, nigu- 
ba, nkezuba and sezuba. 

Conditional Hypoihet' cal T'ast.—Pormea ijy add- 
ing iaraba and shlnaraba to the second base; as 
VuKitaraba, nitaraba, tikesliinaraba and seshlna7-a- 
ba,* Us negative is formed by adding zariseba or 
zarishlnaraba to the first base; as yukazariseba, 
nizarlseba, nkezari slLlnaraba a-rn\ sezarlshinaraba. 

Concessive Present. — Formed by adding do or 
domo to the filth base; as yukedo, nireUo, ukvredo 
and suredo. Its negative is formed by adding zare 
do or nedo (very often mo after che latier) ; to tha- 
first base; as yukazaredo, nizaredo, ukeuedo and 

Concessive i'asl.— Formed by adding shlkado 
keredOQv Shi naredo {.very olteu mo aitei- the lastl, to 
the second ba e , as yukishikado, vlkeredo, uketaredo 
and seshinaredo. Its neKnlive is ft)rmed by add 
ing zarishlkado, zar'ikei-edo or zarishinaredo, or mo 
after each, to the first base; as yukazarishikado, ni 
zarlshlkadomo, ukezarlkeredo and sezarishinai-edo. 
Concessive Hypothetical Pjci^nt.— Formed by 
adding mo or tomo to tlie third base; as yukum^, 
niruvio, ukwutomo and suriitoino. Its negative is 
formed by adding zumo, ziitomo. zariimo or zaru- 
tomo to the first base; an yukazumo, nlzutMno, uke- 
zarumo and sezarutomo. 

Concessive f/yiiothetlcal Past.— Funned by add- 
ing temo or taritovio or shltomo to the second base; 
as yukltemo, nltemo, vketaritomo and seskitomo. 
Its negative is foimed by adding zarishltomo to 
the first base; as yukazarlshltomo, ■nizarishitomo, 
ukezarishltomo and sezarishltomo. 

Imperatic€.—1n the four-grade and R column 
conjugations, the fifih base itself is the imperative 
form. Sometimes 3/a is added to it; pir ynke or yukeya 
and are or areya. In the N column conjugations 
the new base e is used for this form, and yo i-. 
added to it; as ineyo aud sliineyo. In the others, 
yo is added to the first base; as niyo, keyo, kulyo, 
ukeyo, koyo and seyo. The Ketiatin'. Imperative in 
formed by adding zare to the first base of each con- 
jugation; as yukazare, nizare, kezare, kuizare. 
ukezare, kozare, sezare, inazare and arazare. 

For expressing desire, nan or baya is added to 
the first base; as yukanan, niiian, ukehava and se- 

Wlien to the second base (e Is added, che, form 
signifies a relation eitlier of causation or of se- 

» The second base of the S column conjugation 
after it, it alway»<{hanges into se. 

is Shi, but wlien the paitlcle shL comes immediately 


quence. This lorni some call a geruml, and otiierp, 

'ori ivn mi-tsittsii i.ta (T) Unton sinKins while 

ft pjiilicipU'. Thus: 

1CI0 fr/fcit seeing diiiic-iiis- 

Yitkl te iniyo. Goiny see, or see by 

Naijekllsttsu liito yo (1) jvi^'^t-'l one Dif^ht 


wu ah-.i^cri. t,''''«ving. 

Hai u siiQi-ie, nutsii Kitaru. S|>riiiy liavii's gone. 

siiniiner coine-t. 


Wlieii til 11)6 (Ir'^t: liasG, th; zudc or zuxhile i.^ 

PiJ<leil, iL beroTues tlie tie^- 1 1 ve 1"( niwjl the Jibuve ; 

Tbo snnie iDriiT* nl vei bs r;ire)y expi-e-^p ilalerent 

«M yiikuilf, yiikuzu^ii; or yiikazusliite. 

nicariiiii;-* ;vt tlie ^ciine Inne. Tlieie nif, liowever_ 

Wbfri lo iho second b;iso, rsi-/5u is nJJed. tlie 

vanouM'elaLiuns existing; belween dillereriL lornn 

foini siyiiHles an iiction tnkins plncc coriliuuously 

uf veibs ol the same orSsin, as will be seeo Iruiu 

witb iinother. 

the iullowms examples. 

Four grade. 

Lower two- 

Jjower two- 

Upper two- 

Upper I wo 



Lower two- 


Taisu (to stand). 

Susiimu (to advance]. 

Nofcu (to withdraw). 

ULabii (tt) float). 

KuOakuruito be broken to pieces). 

(Fakuru (to burn). 
A'i7*wru (to be .severed). 
Sftiruru {tii be Itiiown). 

Koyuru (to be fertile). 

f/atsuru (to eoG.) 

Tubu (to fly) 

Karvru (to wither). 

Oisiiru (to Tall). 

Ozuru (to be f fraiil), 

Orurti (lo go dow n). 

IJoroburu (to be ruioed). 
( Mnjurii {io a] pear). 
( Niyiiru{\.Q boil). 
/ Okonu (to liae). 
I Katrii (to return). 
\ Nanru (to be healed). 
V rfokoruito remain). 

Kaknruruiio be hid). 

A"e(/aru7*u (to be polluted). 

Najaruru{io flow). 

JIUUruru{X,o be disturbed). 

Frciin ibe.'^e last ease?, it will be evident that 
ne ."?u(rix ru is the contracted form of the vei'b am 
to be), and the suflix Sit is that ol the verb .swri((to 
io or make). 

Sometimes aru or oru added to iransilives 
changes tliem into intransitives ; thus: 

Transit! ves. Iiitransitives. 

Sadamuru {.to settle). .S niamaru (to be settled). 
Katamuru (to harden). Knlanuru (to become 

HlTOQUru (to extend) i/irngaru (to extend 

Lower two 




Talsurii (to tree'). 

Sjtstimuru (to advance). 
1 JVotwrit(to witlidraw). 
( Ukabjiru (to mai.e float). 

fCuiJaktiito break to jnece^ 

i'aku (to burn). 

KIru (lo cut). 

Shlruito know). 

^ Koyaau (to fertilize). 

ffatasu(iQ put an end to). 
Four-grade. ( „ , ,i , . ^ , 
] Tobasii {to let fly), 

( A'aroiJt (to make wither). 

f Otosii (to let fnll). 
I 0(/osu i_to make alraid). 
Four-graJo., o,„,„ ,to let go do,vn). 
V Jfor-jhosu (to ruin). 
J Miru (to see). 
' fl'iru (to boil). 
/ Okosu (to raise). 

Kaesii (to send back). 

Naosu (to heal). 
'i/hosu (to leave). 

/i:aA;usu(to bide). 

Kefjasu{\.o pollute). 

Narjasuito let flow). 

Midasti (to disturb). 

Upper one- 



^ m 

Transitivcp. Intra n.-itlVes. 

^ouj-w(to add). Sowaru (lo be annexed). 

Komnru (to sbut up). Komoru (to be shut up). 
Tsumuru (tu fill). T^umoriiito accumulate). 

CausatUe vevbs are formed by adding to the first 
b'i.=;o of tlie four-grade, of the N cohimn and of the 
K column, conjugations, sum or shhnuiu, and to 
the same base ol the other conjugations, sasurii or 
s/umiU'U. Sometimes in the one- L,'raile conjugation, 
sesasu or seshimiiru is added. Thu-.: 

riiKu. yvka snrii or yuka shiiniiru. 
Niru. Ni-sasuru or ni-shhnuru. 


Kn-n. Ke-s •Fvrti or Jrf-sJifmvru. 

Kuh'u. Kiil-sasuru orkvi-Hfihmru. 

Ukuyu. Vkesasuru nr uke.-shimiir u. 

Kuru. Ko-sasimt or Ko siiimitru. 

Svra Se-sasurii or se,-s!ilmuru. 

Tnnru. Ina-suru ov Ina-shlmurv. 

Aru. Ara-svru or ara-shimuru. 

Uiru. 3ll-scisnru or mi sesU m\ ru. 

Causative Vftrbs are fm ineil from both inlnuisi 
tlve ami traiisitivo verbs ; tlin-: 

Instra-:. Intranp. Oiin". Trans. Trana. Cans. 

Kaeru. fcaerasu. Kaesv. Kaesaxu. 

Nagariiru. Ifaonresasu. Nagasii, NoQasasn. 

T.ttsii. Tatasti. Tat&urv. Talesasii. 

Noku. Nokasu, JVokuru. Nokesasn. 

Causativfl.s are always verbs of the lower Iwo 
grnde conjugntion. 

A close oltserver will naturally see that deriv^- 
t ve tranfiitive verbs ending in su, Hre already 
of a causative nature. Piobably tliey were onre 
Intransiiive caus.itive vtrbs, wliicli, hnviii;; suirered 
lunctlonal chanse", pHS-^ed fi'nni t'.eir causaiive 
Import to ilieir present transitive. 

Passive, Potentfal and [IonokifTo Vkkhs. 

Passive verbs are formed by aildlng riirii to the 
flr-t base of tlie four-grade verb, and 7-arii to the 
first base of tiie one grade, two-tjrade and S column 
verbs; thus: 

Kakuitii write), Kaka-ruru. 

if/)-u (to see). M roriiru. 

Kern {to Itick). Ke rariiru. 

Jlukuhii (to reward). 31-nkul rarurii. 

Ukinii (to ri'CL-ive). Uke-rarnru. 

Sitru (to do). S&raruru. 

Unlilie the English u^age, passive verba are olten 
formed Irom intransitive verbs. In tliat case, apart 
from the verbs of the dilferent conjugations men- 
tioned al)c)ve, J'lrru is to be added to the first bape 
of tlie N column and U column verbs, and ram tn 
th« flr=t base of the K column verbs, they being all 
iDtrausil\ve verl)s. 

/ftM{io tco away), fna-rum. 

Ai'H (to be). Ani-ruru. 

Kuril (to come), h'oraruru. 

To illu:-trate tlie various relaliona of these verbs, 
let us take tliH verb semvrii. It is a transitive verb, 
and means (0 sform. 'I'he intranPitive verb semarii 
is derived fr'iHi the same root, and means to press 
Upon. Each ol these two veiba lias its pussive ioi m. 
J^ki ^a shiro wo semii. The enemy storm the 

TfM. (la slitro nl seina Thoenomy press upon the 

riL casih'. 

Shim ga tnkt nl sein",- 'liie ni.stle is atoimed by 

7ajj(, or intre com- tlie oiii'iny, or, 

Shiro %vo tekt ni seme- fluvo had the castle 

7-aru. stormed by the enemy 

Ttkl 111 fhlro nl Si'iiia- 'i'o h w i.r-eM casth) at- 

rarit. tn. kt'd (lit. pres; ed 

upon)by the enemy. 

These rolatinnR ra'inifestly show that the Engli-ih 
'erms transitive and Intransitive, nctive and pnn- 
tive, cannot be applied to Japanese verbs In th'-ir 
trict sen^e. I'nssive verba all belong to the low or 
two grade conjugation. 

Potential verbs liave the same foi-ms as passive. 
In the collcquial, however, potenilals and passives 
often take dilFerent forma; thus: 
JT/.iyaj-ej'u (is eaten). Kvtru (ran eat or can 

be eaten). 
Kawartru (is bought). Kaeru (cnn buy or can 

be bought). 
Utareru (Is stricken). Utarei-v (can strikf). 

ffonorijlc verbs have the forms tif ihe causative 
and passive verbs. The reason assigned for this la 
that persons of high rank do not them.ielves do 
tilings, but liavo Ibem done lor tlieni by others. 

As lor the theory nl the t'irmation of causative, 
passive and potential veibs, space forbids us to 
discuss it here. 


Japanese postpositions correspond to English 
prepositions. Nouns undergo no infiectional case 
changes under any circumstnnces. 

T. TTa is comnionly used to indicate the n<mii- 
native case. Hlore ccrrectly, it is simply an isolat- 
ing particle, and since a negative verb logicnlly ex- 
cludes its subject, the latter is usually followed by 

Yama wa takashi. The mountain is high. 

ASii wa hayaku oktyo. To-morrow, ri-e ea rly. 

A'.u wanasii nakare. ?>ilfl, do not do. 

II. No and ga are used nearly in tlie same 
place. They have five ditlerent uses. 

1. They have tlie meaning of ''belonging to" 
and then thty are possessive, or geoiiive, particles. 

Teki no j In- el. The enemy'.s camp, 

Klmi ga yo. The Emperor's reign. 



2. Theyhfive the meaniDf? oi' " being of or id." 
Kin no megane. Spectacles (of) gold, or gold 

JIakoto no hanasJU. A story of truth, or a true 

Sore ga hitohito. These men. 

3. They liave the meaning of" existing iff." 
Sumga no Fuji. Fuji in Suruga. 

Ezo ga shima. The islands of Ezo. 

These two last (2) and (3), have, in Japanese, the 
flense of" nite aru " and " niaru" which olten con- 
tract into naru, an adjectival particle. JVo and ga 
jn ?uch uses, are, therefore, adjectival particles. 

4. They are used as appoaitinnal particles. 
Sangwatsti no tsuki. Tlie month, March, 
Klkaiga shima. The isle, liiltai. 

Here also no and ga Imve the same sense as 
naru, and may be classed as adjectival particles. 

Nonnti ga in all these different senses may be 
rendered "ot" In translating them into Englisii, 
without much violation ofeense. 

5. They simply express the relation of one iier- 
Bon or thing to another in time ov place 

le nomae. The front of a house. 

Amegashlta. The under-domain ofhenven; 
or tlie domain uoder the 


No and ga sometimes designate the nominative 

Inu no hoyuru. A dog howls. 

In this example, hoywu talces the attributive 
form, and it may be considered that a noun, as 
"koto," is understood after it. Tlie sentence may 
be thus changed: 

Inu no hoy urv {koto yo). Thehowlingof adog ! 

Here, no has a genitive sense. In the same way, 
the nominative particle ga may be considered as 
the genitive, wliich has cha.nged its n^e. 

Bitogayuku. A man goes. 

mtoga yuku (koto yo). Tlie going of a man I 

In old classical writings, tsu was used in tlie 
place of no. 

Ama tsu kaml, Tlie gods of lieaven. 

HI. Wo is generally used as the accusative 

iTdfu ga hatake wo suku. The farmer ploughs the 
IV. Te and ni.~ 

Ye is a. daiive particle, equivalent to "to," 
"towards," or " at." 

Ni is also a dative particle, having the same 
sense n3"in," "to" or "on." 

Kila ye, yuku. To go to, or toward.i, the 

Vaao ni tnmaru. To lodge in a liotel. 

Tokyo ye(nt)tsvku. To iirrive at (in) Tokyfl. 

In some places, we must tnkft special precaution to 
find out tlie true signification oln/. ni kalsu. To conquer the enemy. 

Here the English lorm is accusative, and nf takes 
the place of wo. Katsu is not, however, a transitive 
verb, as many grammari-ina think. Ni may ba 
considered as equivalent to " to." 

Teki ni makuru. To be defeated by the enemy. 
Here tlie English verb takes the passive iorm, and 
tlien, nl sliould correspond to 6y. The Japanese 
verb, howevt-r, is intransitive, and as before, ni 
may be considered equivalent to " to." 

Nl lias various other uses. 

1 It h'S the sense of" by " when it is used be- 
ft're the passive verb. 

Inu nl kam.aruru. To be bitten by a dog. 

2. It is also used in the sense of " for." 

San yen ni aru. To sell for three dollars 

Ryoko ni yosuru knne. M^ney required for tra 

ffanami ni V itku. To go for seeing (to 

see) flowers. 

3. When nl comes iifter the conclusive form o/ 
the verb, it has the same force as the English in- 

In ni yasukl. Easy to say. 

Okonau ni katakl. Ditiioult to do. 

4 Wlieu it comes after the attributive form ot 
the verb, it is used in the sense of " while." 

IJi zva <>ru ni, waga ko Wliile the sun sets, my 

wa iinaila kaerazu. son does not return. 

5 It is used for enumeriiting things. 

Tsuki ni.yuki uiliana. The moon, snow and 

6. It is used between repetition of the same 
word for emphasis. 

Ili ni hi ni, D.iily. 

Furl nifuru. Kaining and raining. 

7. Many adverbs are formed by adding ni to 
substantive words. 

Makoto-ni. Truly. 

Akiral-a-nt. Clearly. 

V. Yorf and kara are ablative particles, and 
are equivalent tu "Irom." 


ntto yori ukuru. To receive from a person. 
Ten kara kuilaru. To come dow n from lieaveo. 

Fort is also used in the sense of the coojunciloti 

Sore yori ynki. Better than that. 

Kara is also used in tlie sense of " because," and In 
thrtt case, always follows the attributive form of 
the verb. 

VuknkaraTnate. Wait, becanae (1) go (i.e. 
" wait ; T am going.") 

VI. Made lias tlie same uses as the preposition 
to," and the conjunction " till." 

Osaka mati« yuku. To go to Osaka. 

ffa)*w no kuru made mate. Wait till spring comes. 

VII. To is used in various senses, 

1. It is used in the sense of " aa." 

Vuki wo haua to miru. To see snow as flowers. 

2. It is used in the sense of" lilte." 

Ame arare to tobu. To fly iilie rain and hail. 

3. It is used in the sense of " with." 
Fujie to sJitzumu. To sink with the boat. 

4. It is used in the sense of " and." 
Cliichi to haha. Father and mother. 

6. It is placed between repetitions of the same 
/ord for emphasis. 

Art to araywu. All that there is. 

6. It is used in the sense of *' if." 

ffito wo anado}-u to. If (you) despise others, 
hito nl anadoraruru. (you) will be despised 
by others. 

7. Some adverbs are formed by adding to to 
labstantive words. 

Shika-to. Certainly. 

VIII. Nite or de has the following uses. 
1. It is a predicative particle. 

Kane wa waga na ntte Kane is my name, 
(de) owasu. 

2 It is equivalent to " in." 
Sono sara wo shina That dish (T) bought in 
nite (de) kaeri. China. 

Sometimes the subject is understood. In such a 
case de must not be mistaken for a nominative 
Amei'tka de atai wo (Some one) pays the price 
harau, in America. 

3. It has the meaning of " with." 
TeppZ ae utsu. To shoot with agun. 

IX. Zo is a more isolating particle than wa. 
Tsiikl zoyoki. Tlie moon is fair. 

X. Nan has nearly the same use with zo. 
Kaku nan arikeru. Thus it was. 

XI. Koso is the strongest Isolating particle. 
Hito koso sfiirane. Alan dtes not knuw. 

XII. Shi is used as a sort of auxiliary particia 
for emphasis or euphony. 

Jbfci Shi nakereba. As there is not time. 

In the colloquial, It is sometimes used in the sense 
of " moreover," or " seeing that, " 
Harumo kttashl. Seeing that spring has 


XIII. J/o is an adverbial particle, correspond- 
ing to "also," "too" and "even." 

Kare mo eljin naH. He also is an Englishman. 
Sore mo yoshi. It is good, too. 

Tffri mo kayowanu The sea of Genkai, ovei 
genkalnaka. which even birds do not 

It is also used in the sense of •' both .... and," 
Otoko mo onna mo. Both men and women. 

XIV 2>fflrtf,sae and sura are adverbial particles 
corresponding to "even." 

Tort dani on wo shim Wliile even birds is know 
m, navjl waikan. gratitude, how it ia 

with you? 
Ame no furu ni kaxe While the rain is falling, 
saefuku, even the wind is blow- 

Kusaki sura tokt wo Even grasses and trees 
Shtru. know the time. 

XV. Nmni is an 'adverbial particle correspond- 
ing to "only." 

Toki wo nomi eramu. (I) select only that which 
is good. 

XVI. Bakarl is an adverbinl particle corres 
ponding to "only" or "about.." 

SukosJit bakarl. Only a little. 

Sen yen bakarl. About a thousand dol- 

1m ra. 

XVII. Nagara is an adverbial particle, corres- 
ponding to "while," *' at tlie same time," " to- 
gether with," "however" and" though !■ is.'* 

Hanashi nagara naku. To weep wliile talking. 
Fiitarl nagara. Both together. 

Sarinagara or shikashi- Thought it is so, or while 

nagara. it is so, or however. 

Onna nagara sono tsu- Though a woman, how 

yosa. strong she li. 



XVIIT. Oatera lias nearly Lhe same raeauinsas 
nagara, aiiJ corrospouilB to " while." 

ruk.'-gatera. While going, 

xrx. Si-gara is an atlverbial particle, cor- 
reFpimUing lo "whitQ" and "during." It comes 
fruiu tlie verb sitfju^-u (to i>:is.^). 

Vo mnsvgara. 
AJic/ii siigara. 

During tha mglit. 
While on the way. 

XX. <Jite-nl is ail adverbial [,nnicle, piKinlym^ 
Boinedil-hculry. Itioiuesfroni the adjective fcatuA^i 

ruiifjate-ni oniou. To tijink it dillioulC to -to. 

XXt. Goio-nl ia an adverbial parLicie, having a 

distributive sense. 

HUo goto-ni. Every person. rconiep). 

Kxiru goto-ni. Every time I come, or (lie 

XXII. Maiil-manl or mama is an adverbial 

/article, used in the sen^e of" according as." 

Kami no maai-mani. According as God wills. 
XX MI. Zutsuisa. [larticle used in enumer.iLion. 
Ultvtsu zuUu. One by one 

XXIV. Dike or take coming fri'm the word 
taka (quanlity) is u. parliclo used lor expressing 

Dore ciake. How much i 

Naru take. As much as, possible. 

This word may be clasaifted as a noun, together 
with hodo, kural, toki, koro, tokoro, Ac. 

XXV. Naito, fyaud ra are the particles used for 
expressing plurality. The former two are often 
used in the f ease of " so and so." 

t'i.jiii naAo no shiru It is a matter tlmt women 

lokuro ni nraza. cuniiot undeistuiid. 

Kin, Qin, to. Gold, silver, etc. 

Musukora. Sous. 

XXVI. Ki, tsiirv, nuru, ran, rasfil, nieri, to, 
toiHo, ba, dn, domo, de, zn, nv, &c. as particles be- 
longing to adjectives and verb-, have been already 

XXVII. Na and nakare, particles used for 
negative command, correspond to " not." 

I^TisKimi nakare. Do not steal. 

Okotaruna. Be not idle. 

Wlien no, occurs in the middle of a sentence, the 
l.uier is closed with tlie particle so. 

ffito na km'osfLi so. Do not Itill a man. 

XXVIII. Ka and ya are used for asking ques- 
tions. Ka should follow the attributive forms of 
adjectives and verbs, and ya, their cimclusive 

Attributive lorms. 

Conclusive lorms. 

ALijective. | 

takaki ka 

takaslU ya 

fni>i>f,/>ikl ka 

hageslii ya 

Four-grade verbs. 

yuku ka 

yuku ya 

Upper one-grade verb?. 

niru ka 

niru ya 

Lower one-grade verbs. 

Kerii ha 

kenc ya 

Upper two-grade verbs.. 

kityuru ka 

kvyu ya 

Lower two-t;iade verb.s. 

uku7'u A a 

uku ya 

1 K column verbs 

kuru ka 

ku ya 

1 S column verbs. 

sum ka 

su ya 

N cohmin verbs. 

hinrii ka 

inu ya 

R column verbs. 

am ka 

ari. ya 

When ka and ya occur before verbs, there are 
certain definite relations exi-ting between tlwjse 
parti'-les and the closing forms of the verbf, 
Such relations will be presently slio\\ n. 

There are also uses of ka and ya where con- 
trary answers are tc be expected. 

Tsukl ya aranu. Ts there not a moon ? 
Nanil.a uramin. What should (I) complain nl ? 
Kawa and yaioa are also used in such cases. 

After interrogative pronouns and adjectives, xo 
is olten used as a closing particle. 

Kare wa nan piin zo. Who is he ? 

Ikahodono alaizo. How muih is the price. 

lat&'jtctional Particles.— >[, ana, ara, are, awa- 
le, appare, ide, iza, haya, yayo, ya, Ac. aie used 
independently of other words, or dlreftly belme 
them. Ta, yo, ka, kano, kainn, Ac. rv: ii.ned alter 
snbs-lantive words. Tliey may be C(tnt,idered ae the 


Tocatlre particles oi nouns, j\'a, wa, wo, kaslit, 
tana, oamo, 4c. are also used In the similar places. 
The Kclatloiis ietwcen the Panicles following Vie 

Subject of a Sentence ana ihe Closing forms of the 

Piirticles zo, nan. 

Ordinary forms 

ka, ya. 

Piirticle koso. 

Adjectives j 







F.jui-grade verb. 




Upper oDe-giado verb 




Lower ,, ,, ,, 



Upper two- „ ,, 




Lotver ,, „ ,, 




Kciiiumn verb. 








N „ 




It .. 




Auxiliary sullix (pft=5t). 








It 1. (fuliirfi). 




,. Cr. past). 




,, (luture). 




M (neB:itive). 




„ (Pasl). 




,, {future). 




The auxiliary verljfil and adjectival sulFixes 
that can he declineil like verbs and atljectives 
pruperare not mentioned in the above paradiijm. 

TiaiD AI»%'FICI{. 

MoBt Japanese adverbs are derived worda. 
Thope that we may cia'^^ily as true adverbs are 
as follow: tatla, viina, katsu, hata, mata, nao, 
ani, hobo, yaya, svkoburu, kanarazii, oyoso, itn, 
mottnmo, majwiarn, hnnaliada isasaka, aclakamo, 
shibashi, sliibaraku. tachimachi, yoyakii, kaku, &c. 
Some adveros are (ortnod by reduplication, 
as, mama, koto-gotoku, tsura-tsura, tsukuzuku, 
somo-somo, hoto-hodo or hotomlo, naka-no.ka, kaesu- 
gaesu, komagoma, tori-dori, hisa-bisa, haru-baru, 
hi-bi, tsuki-zuki, niohi-nlchl, nen-nen, pachi-i}aciti, 
fiotsu-potsu, Ac, 

Nouns are sometimes used adverbially, as i7Ka, 
mukashi, kyo, kino, hit oCabi, futatabi,taitei,talgal, 
hlkkyo, tO'tei, Ac. 

Pronouns fv*'** sometimes used adverbially, as 
ioj'fi and kore. 

Adverbs are ofteE formed by the aid of particles, 
as has been already said. 

1, By addms «i to nouns or substantive words, 
as makolo ni, toki-ni, sara-ni, akiraka-nl, Ac. 

2. By adding to to substantive words, as sitika- 
to, toku to, koma-Qovia-to, hiro-biro-io, Ac. 

3. By adding te to verbs, as sadaviete, hajime- 
te,kaeri't€ ov kaettr, ae-te, Ac. 

The adverbial forms of adjectives and postposi- 
tions have been already mentioned, and hence need 
i DO recapitulation liere. 


Conjunctions are also derived mostly from 
nouns and verbs. Some words used as adverbs are 
used as conjunctions also. Such words Are mata, 
hata, katsu and nao. Besides these, a few words 
sucli as mosht, kedashi, tarlashi and sunawacht 
belong to conjunctions proper, 

Toki, hodo, tokoi'o, laama, uchi, etc. are nouns 
used as conjunctions. 

Diflerent conjunctions are formed by adding 
various particles to forms of verbs, as sara-ba, sare- 
ba, sare. do, saru-ni, shikara-ba, shikareba, shi- 
karedo, shikai-it-ni, shikasMte or sushite, sari-le 
or sale, Kaeri-te or kaelte, yori-te or yutte, shlta- 
gal-te or slutagatte, jnashi te, Ac. 

Sore.yitfHi.karuoayueni, shlkanhlnagara, ikan- 
tonareba, shikari toUdomn, Ac. are the phmses 
used as coujuuctious. 







A at ml. 









Ch is. 










Eiit ovi. 









Ilvri . 

inter J. 




, aO.ii'Ctire. 

. AKriculhire. 

. Aritiimetic. 



. Biology. 

Bunk keepiuK. 
Bo Unn-. 


Tai peniry. 










Coiitracteii, or 

Cornipted, or 




Epistolary, or 

. Exclnmation. 

. fi;,'nre, or 






. lionorific. 

, inler jection. 

.'a iianese. 
. Liternlure. 
. literal or hteiaUy. 

Manvj. stanJsfor . . jMannfactura. 


„ . Matlieniaticfl, 


,, . . Mechanics. 


,, . . jMedirine. 


„ . Metallurgy. 


„ . Meteorology. 


. Military. 


,, . Mining. 


„ , Mineralogy. 


,, . Music. 


„ >[ytlioIogy 

N. S. 

\fw style 

Amv „ 

„ . Nap,. 

AywE, ,, 

,, . Njiutical. 

nom. ,, 

„ . nominative. 

0. s. 

. OldPljle. 

Obs. „ 

,, . Obdoiete. 


„ . OptU-R. 




,, Painting. 


,, . plural. 


,, past parliciplo 


„ , PceLry. 

r(K,l,,.,Sit. ,, 

,, . Pofitpo.sition. 


,, i'otential. 


„ JTeterit. 

p. Vara. 

. Past Participle. 

>->^h->l. „ 

,, . Printing. 

i-'vn. „ 

1, pronoun, or 



,, . pioverb. 

provinc. „ 

,) . provinciHl, or 


Rhet. ,, 

„ . Rhetoric. 

Sa7}sh. ,, 


Sculp. ,, 

t. Sculpture. 

Sing. ,. 

,, . . Singular. 


,, . Suhjunction, at 


Surg. „ 

,, . Surgery. 

Theut. H 

„ 'Iheolosy. 



V. t. ,, 

„ vurb tian.-^itive. 

'' *'■ i> 

,1 verb intranMtiva 


,. . vulgar, or 








^^ ^ :^ 



\ 'Sf. The first letter of the Japanese syllabic 
alpliabet {Go-ju-in) , the thirty-sixth of the 
Japanese common alphabet {I-ro-ha) consisting 
of forty-seven sounds; also, the first of the five 
vowels. It has the sound of a, as in art ov father. 
A, 3^, inierj. Exclamation of astonishment or sur- 

A asoko ni aru, r t v ^ =^ 7 n-, Oli, there 
it is I 
*• ^.1^1 interj. Exclam. of pain or sorrow: alas I 
A» 5i, i#, adv. Same as A, used in answering to a 
question: Aioatakiishi wa scj-e wo itasJii mashl- 
ta, Oh, yes, I have done it. 
A, :^, 2J, 71, [Omtth.] The crow^; raven. 
*• 3^r 91^. "• IZooL] A frog. ["Bounds, mute. 

A» ^, "fi, «. {CJiin.] Unable to utter articulate 
A, 3t), M, n. IChtn.] Flattery; adulation. 
■*• 2f), gg, w. [C7tin.] Next; second. 
A, 5»;5, P,B [^, JJfifi. in(e?-j. Exclamation ol grief, 
admii'ation, gladness, or desire: ah; oh; alas; O! 
A yoi kana, iiQPf-Si^, Ah, how good it is I 1 
toaga chichi yo, J^ (E? ^ SC 3. O, t^Y father ! 

Syn. Ana, Ara, Are. fuianner; so. 

A» %'%, pi'on.a.rx^adv. That; in that way; in that 
A deivaanatachigaiinasu, T7'7'-*'»S"gjSt-7;:;^, 
[coin there you are goin^' wrong; A iutewa, tt 
'U~7T->-*, [coll.^ if he (or she) sreaks in that way. 
A.iliu, lo'S, <, ^M, a- [Cliin.] Beautiful; elegant; 
fair; lovely It la mostly used to express the 
style of dress or the charac- 
ter of women. 

Syn. Utsukusuiki. 
Aba. % \£, mi^. n. ' The 
weight used as a guy at the 
end of fishing nets. 
Aba, loiJ, iintet-j. Good- 

Aba yo,Totf i., ^ bye; bye-by« 
(used in saying farewell to 
children). (^ t|g] 

AhaUaropii, lolJi'HZ, ^. if, v.f. [pass, of aba 
kn.] To be an<;overed or broken open; to be 
divulfjed, or made public (as a secret). 
A babu, Totf < , 9, ff. w.(. To break off or open ; to 
divulge, disclose; to make public (as a secret). 

Tsit^ wo abaku, t^^!S:r, to break open a grave 
or burial-mound ; Inji ivo abaku, H ip ^ ft ^J', to 
Syn. HiRAKU. LtSivulge a sect-et. 

Abara, 15^6, |ft, n. The side of the chest. 
Abara, lotfS, n. [coK.] Contraction of below. 
Abara-boiie. loBf ttS*!, M ^, n. The ribs. 

Syn. Kataiiara-bone, 
Abara ni, Totf &l/z, JJ^, ado. [obs.] In a ruined 

or devastated condition. 
Abaraya, tUS ^^, flfe^, n. A house in a ruined 
state; a dilapidated house. 
Syn. Areya, Kowareta. 
AbareliO, i^i^HI, j n. An unruly or naughty 
Abnrokko, l^BfR^C, ' child. 

Syn. Dadakko, Itazurakko. 
Abaro-moiio, 15iiH%0, 5i#;#, n. A riotous o» 
disorderly person; one who disturbs peace. 

Syn. K5ZEKI-M0N0, RAUB(>-M0S0. 

Abarerii, TokfittS, ^V},v.i. To act in a wild and 
furious manner; to be unruly. 

Syn. AREMAWARU, Rasjbo surd. 
Abaro-uma, f5i±K53, '«• A spirited or mettle- 
some horse. 
Abnri, iStflJ.ffitf, n. A needle (made of 
bamboo or whalebone) used in maUing" 

Abata, TSHfte, j^S, n. Pock-marks. 


Abata-zura, 151*^::^ 5 ■ tS M. «- A pittei 

or pock-marked face. Cg? SfJ 

Syn. Imogao, Jankozura. 
Abau, TSlii, E. i"-*' To protect from danger oi 
injury; to guard; to defend; to secure- 
Syn. Kabap. 



Abokobe n1, "i^^S^^^jz, ^ ^, adv. In a contrary 
or reverBed manner; inside out; topsy-turvy; in 
a wrong way. 

Abelcobe ni motsu, R £^ =* ^ '•>', to hold upside 
down or in a wrong way. 

Syn. AOBiKOcei NI, Sakasama ni. 

Abeinah:!, lo'^^^, n. IBot.] Qyercn^ variabilis. 

Abl, 'SyXK, iPliSg, ''. [Cftfw.] Charming; enchanting; 

Syn. Kamameku, Niyaketaku. LcoQueittish. 

ftbljisokii, ia C-^^r & < , pBT fS. Jib ^, n. [BwtJd,] The 

lowest of the eight hells, in the Buddhist Tnler- 


Ablkl, fotA'^, Jt^^l, ,t. [cont. of Ami and HikL] 

Drawing the net or seine to shore. 
Ablko, io 0' f^, S ffS ?. '"~ i^wl.] A species of 

Ablrii, 150^3,^, V t. To bathe; to pour over; to 
wash the body; to sprinkle over. 

Mizu wo a^iru, >J< 9" '^>^, to pour water on the 
body; to bathe in cold water; Yu wo ahiru, j^ ^ 
K?/i-, to wash the body with hot water; to take a 
hot bath; Tsumiwo abiru, p^iSJ^, to be res- 
ponsible for a sin committed by another. 


AbJseru, loV^'^Z, iS, Icaus. of Abiru.l O To bathe 
or wash an.>ttioi-, to pour over. ©To impute 
one's own .sin to anotJier. ©To give a down- 
ward blow (with a swonl). 

JJito ni mizu loo abiseru, A — :^ ^ iS -b 'u, to 
pour water over a person. 

Abo, S,tg;, psj^, n. [Chin.] Mamma, motlier. 

Syn. Haiia, HAnA-l'F, Ofikuko, Okkasan. 
Abu, lo^-, tt. f" [Entani.] A species of fly; aliorse- 


Ahu-hachi torazu. It $5 lU 

9 7^, \Prov.s to fall Lo the 

ground between two stools, 
Abiikii. 1^5 J* i, JlStK, n. [cont. 

of Aiua and Fuku.\ Bubble; 

foam; froth. 
Mizu abuku, xi<^, a (water) 

bubble; Abuku wo fiiku, ?@^^1IX^, to foam, 

Syn. AwA. rstirriip. 

Jthumift^J^?}; ^,n. [cont. of AsJU and Fumi.]A 


fj''tt&, Its. rt- The 

large ornamental tile 

on the gable-end of a 

roof, Bhaped like a 

flower, a demon's 

head, or a crest. 

Syn. Okigawaba, 
Afeiiml-giiwn, i,ji.-;^<-H, 3SSI*. "■ [^ffHc.JA kind 

of hoe, shaped like a Japanese stirrup. 

ras a ci ab. 

Abiitnl-kabiu'a. ?,>;^*>^ 6, A 5S;3 ^. «■ [^OL] 

Abujnl-Blil, ■\hif7t-L, S2fiiE> n. A stirrup-maker. 

Abuml-KUro, l5J«;^t3*H, iS^lJj, n. The mark 
produced on the flanks of a horse Dy the iriction 
of the stirrups. 

Abiinagarii, l^ii'^S'X, X'.i. To be apprehensive 
of danger ; to be afraid . to think dangerous. 
Syn. Okkanagabu. 

Abiinasc l^^^V?-, ^1©, n. Appearance of dan- 
ger; liability to peril; wanting in safety. 

Abuii:Li, lo^tfV-, ^, ".. Same as .4&unrt.s/i{. 

Abunai hito, T -f ^ A K, an untrustworthy 
person; Abunai Jianashi, ^ -f ^, a doubtful 
story; Abunai kyogen, )§: -< H"a. r^n adventur- 
ous affair. 

Abuual, io-J*tJ:\A, )&, interj. Take care I look out 1 
be mindful (imp.). rAbunashi. 

Abiinakkashl,-lf-kl, ^o M ^vi}* L, a. Same as 

Abunakkashlku, ^.ftE'yi* L< , adv. See Abu- 

Abunakii, i^i«^^, jg, culv. ©In a hazardous or 
perilous manner; dangerously; with hazard. @ 
[coii.] Almost; nearly. 

Syn. Ayatjku, Kiwadokd. 

Abiinasa, l^ittS, ^ ^, n. Danger; peril; ex- 
posure to injury, loss, pain or other evil. 

Abunaahl.-kl, i^^tn L, iS, "■ Dangerous; peril- 
ous;; risky. 

Abunaki koto, or abunai me, ^ ^ HI, a danger- 
ous affair or perilous circumstance; a hazar- 
dous occasion. 


Okkanai. rnashi. 

Abiiiio, loJ''^^, a. [emit, oi' Abtinashi.] See Abu- 

Abuno gozarimasv, T 7" ■?- 7 ffii ^ V ^ ^. [coll.] 
it is dangerous; there is some danger. 
Abunoiiie, lii'(D^, u. [Bot.] Doimttium junccwn. 
Abura, 1^>&, ftb, n. Oil; fat; grease; an unctu- 
ous substance obtained from animal and vege 
table substances. 

Abura de a/in-^i, ^tWi "-. to Iry in oil; Abura 
deoiratsukti; ?[ti r 4-' v -y ^, to be iridescent in 
colour owing to tJie pi-e^tnce of oil; Abura de 
iru, or itanurn, -^ =f M ;i-, to cook in oil; Abura 
%oo &asu, ?[^ ^ ^ 7., to oil (as machinery); Abura 
wo shimeru, fdi^J^ft-, to press out oil; Abura 
wo tsugu, ftli ^ ii ^, to pour oil (as Into a lamp), 
Abura wo torn, ?[b ^ ^ «-, [vul.] to expose a per- 
son's faults (as before others); to mortify; to 
chagrin, Abura wo uru, ?ill ^ If Ji-, [coll.] to be 
lazy or idle, to lose time. 
Abura, l^J*&, flg^, )K, f-, n. O Fat, or an oUy 
substance deposited in various parts of animal 
bodies. ©Sweat; perspiration. 

Abura ga noru, or deru, Hi H? ^ 3R /^, to become 

t] tff , n. A cask contain- 

Sweaty or gfreasy 


ftitty or greasy; AJiura, aa tsuyoi, fS ^ 3S 'f i very 

fatty or greasy; Aburade nicjiatsuku, HKt'W^ 

^, to be clammy on account of sweat or grease ; 

Tami no Obwa wo shiboru, K ^ * A ■?■ 3KA'. [UL] 

to press out the sweat of the people; [Jlg-I to lay 

a heavy tax on the people. 
Atiura-age^ lo^ftJ^I*'. fift Wi> »- Prying in oil or 

grease. fwork. 

Al»ura-a«e, io^ 6 3&-*, fF SK, n. Sweat from hard 

Abura-ase wo fcateu, if JjK ^ :*; ^, [Jiff.] to work 

or labour hard fgreasy feet. 

Abnra-aslil, %3fi & % L, HKI^. '^ Sweaty feet; 
Abura-bl, %Xft:,v', ^\'K, n. An oil light. 
Abura-chan. 3&i^&%J^^, w- [Bot.'\ Lindera prae- 

cox. rnamoniem. 

Abura-damo, to > 6 it- 4, 3^^S, w. [^ot.] CT«- 
Aburn-dano, '^J^i:>75i:x, J^M, ft- The seed from 

which oil ia extracted. 
Abura-dani, "StSf^TdZ 

ing oil; an oil -tub. 
Syn. Abura-oke. 
Abura-d(^, "S^^^S, iIBR¥-» "■ 
Abnratte, 3^ j* ^-vT, ' hands. 
Aburaderl, io.fc &"? '5, i5 S". **- Very hot weather. 
Aburao, Tiiiit^j^, itfllK, «■ An oil-painting. 
Abiirae-Jutau, ■[«> 6 fe&W)"?, ?[liaBW. "■ The art 

of painting in oil colours; oil painting. 
Abiirae-sbn io>& ^ L, ilh Iffi gif, «■ An oil-painter, 

one who paints with oil colour, 


Abiira-sainl, 10^*6**^. ift-^i «■ Oil-paper; 

water- proof paper. 

Syn. TflYUGAMi. CWichurai. 

Abura-saya. IS i* & ij' ■^, M-M, n. [Bot.1 Scirpus 
Abura«e. tSit "^ W^. iWl ^. «■ Bean-curd fried in 

oil. fadoiihylloides. 

Abnra-gl, 3?, i» & §^, n. [Bot.] Acanthoiyanax sci- 
Abtira-fflkii, l5.&&^<. ^'M, n. [Bot.] Feverfew. 

Chrysanthemum Imlicum. 
Abiira-sirl, t^^^^u), m^ 

fl^, n. \ Bot.] Eleurttes cor , 

AburaiKlrii. ■\n^i=>'^Z, E, 

v.t. To be oily or gi-easy. 
Abura-^usiirl, loi' & <'-i^ "O, 

ffgg, Jt. [J/ed.] An oint- 
ment; *i. medical plaster; 

a salve. 

Syn. KoYAKU. 
Abura-Jlinl, 1^ J« & C^, ^ 

ft, 71. A grease-Stain ; an 

Abiira-JIi»li'"* li? -I< & {? j^ 2 . 

stained with oil or grease. 
Abura*ka1, lo-S" & A> U-. $3, n 



j^lJj, u.i. To get 
, IGoTich.] Gytherea 


Abura-kasii, 15.5* ^*>'^. Jltlffl. "• Oil-cake (tha 
refuse after the oil has been extracted). 

Abura-basu-kiidakl, 15J« &*>-?• < ;t*@, ftil fS fit S. 
71. [Jlfacft.] An oil-cake bi-eaker. 

Abura-kavra, ^^i^^•b>\£, i 
that encloses the fat. 

Aburake, Joi^W", Jl&M. «- 
or fatty; oiliness. 

Abiirakkaml^ %it ^■yj)>4^, : 

Abiirakko, :&>6vW, ?[iiE, 

n. The memDrana 

Quality of being oily 


I HE, n. [coll.'i Same a* 

1. Same as AburaJce^ 

AburalcJce ga nai, ittiS,tf#-f, [coll.] no fat; 

not greasy. 
Aburako, TSJtftt.. fi!;. "• t^cfttft.] .ycbosfessp. 
AburakoaIil,-J,-kl, T5Jt & t L, # BS. ?Ifi Ml. "■ Very 

oily or fatty ; containing mueli oil or fat. 
Syn. Shitsckkoshi. 
Abui-ainl, loJ^g;^, flg^, n. The fat; the fatty 

part, a,s of flesh 
Abura-inouo, to ji & % CD, jAittt. n. Afry; any- 
thing fried. 

Syn. Abora-age, Agemono, Tempura. 
AburainiiBhl, loi'ttrL,"- O[^"i0'^-J KSft, The 

cockroach. ©618. The plant-louse. ffl[coU.J 

A bore; a troublesome person. fnensis. 

Abura-na, 15^6^, |g ^, n. [But.~\ Brassica chi- 
Abnra-nukl, t^J' 6&&, itlia:, '^^ An oil or greasa 

extractor; oil or grease-extracting. 
Abiira-niiDO, lo>^{£i®, Wi 

;flf, 7i. An oily or oiled 

cloth for polishing wood, 

Abura-sashl, ■JSJf^St, ft& 

^ -iP-, 71. An oil-can (for 

filling a lamp). 
Abiira-aashlr "khif ^? U fSb 

R, -11. An oil measure; a 

measure by which the 

quantity of oil is determined. 
Abura-sblme, Toi*^ Lfc. ftftffi. "• Oil pressing; 

an oil press; an oil presser. 
Abiira-shlnio-sl, -t^.S!& L»^, flftmH. n. [Mach.. 

An oil-press; the machine by which oil is ax- 

tracted from rape-seed. 
Abiira-shlba, 3^ Jj 6 LtdT, 

■rt. [Bot.]Carex nikoen- g^ 

Aliura-sbiba. TnJte Lfcf. 

5^^S, 71. [Boe.]Same 

as Aburadamo. 
Abura-sblrl, i^Mmv), 

flg, 71. The coccix of a 

bird; "Pope's nose." 
AInii-a-Biigf* To* 6^2?", #^, 

Abura-suBukl, hJ^^'f ^^t »■ 


n. [SoK.] Crypto- 


[jBoc.] jSFpo£itci»von 


Abura-tsiibo, 3t,Jr5-7tI, Ml ^, n. An oil jar; an 

oil reservoir. fsashi. 

Ahnrit-tSHgl, S)> t<?Sf', fty H, n. Sam© as ^?>Mra- 

Abiira-iiri, ^ 1-- c, 5 U), jtii W ^. "■ An oil-seller; 
especially one who goes about nsUing oil. 

Aburaja. 5>^.^, ?|l|g, n. ©An oil-sellor; an 
oil -house; an ail-shop. © An oil maker. 

Abiira-zara, ^j--e,3'i^, ^M, ■n~ A lamp-cup; an 
oil dish ; a dish lor holding oil 

Aburazuno, 3r)if (^^'(/i, ^^., n. QThe end of an 
axle-tree, to which oil is applied. @ A pot hung 
on the hub to grease the wheels. 

Abura-KUtsii, %2f 6:p'-7, ftlitSf. "■ -A- tube in which 
oil is liept; an oil-pipe (often made of bamboo), 

Aburo-mono, % Jt i-i. 4 (0,- H$^, •!■. A ruffian; a 
bad fellow ; a disorderly person ; a rascal, scoun- 
drel, ragamuffin, villain; an unsettled fellow. 

Syn. Abube-mono, Akuto, Qokotsuki, Na- 
RAZn-MONO, Rambo-mono, Waru-muno. 

\^3u.rfir\\, "S, i'it'ih, '^, v.i. [corrupt, oi Afureru.^ Q 
See Afureru. @ [coll.^ To fail to get a customer 
(especially said of jinrikislia men); not able to 
enter a theatre (on account of it being filled of a 
large audience). 

Aburldnslil, ^^ ^t&L, ^^, n. A piece of paper 
on which figures or characters are painted with 
alum-water, brought out by exposing it to heat. 

Aburl-dasii. ■^JfV}^-^, ^^, v.t. To bring to 
Bight the characters or figures (as those drawn 
on paper with alum-water), by exposing it to 

Aburl-bae<i. -S, if V} i}> ^, 'Bfi, n. A basket for 
Syn. FusEGO. Ldrying clothes. 

Aburl-Kawaltnsu. l^i-iDl'fcii*-^, ft^^, v.t. To 

dry at a fire , to hold or place near a fire in order 

Syn. Hosu. Lto dry anything. 

Aburlho, %>v)£., 0|g, n. A gridiron; a grated 
utensil for broiling meat or flsh. 

Syn. Sakaka-taki, Tekkyu, Uo-taki. 

Aburl-kosaeii, 5,i.-«J tft'-^, *- ^. v.t. To char; 
to scorch; to blacken by exposing to a fire. 

Aburl-koroBii. i^^ifl Ci^-^, ¥^1§., v.t. To kill by 
exposing to afire; to roast to death; to burn at 
the stake; to burn a criminal to death (formerly 
used as one of the capital punishments). 
Syn. IIIABDBI NI StIiL', Yaktkobosu. 

Abiirl-inono, %J««)6®, 0^ #, "- A roast; roast 
flsh or meat. 

\b\ir\'iM\\io. -hif^yj.^, ijfS^aa, n- Abak- 

Abiii'mu-mibc, %j;f'^'L-fl-^, Ung pan; a dish for 

Syn Yakinahe. Lroasting fish or meat. 

Abitri-iiwo, lo.i''!)??^, ^ ft. '"■ Roast flsh. 

Abiirii, i^i-2, m, 1'-^- Toesposetofire; to scorch; 

to dry with; to roast; to toast; to warm 

wltb flr«, to grill i to broU. 


Te ivo aburu, ^'t Mfl^, to warm the hands at a 

Syn. HOSU, KAWAKASn, Yaku, Atatambru 
AchI, i^i^, fSJ^ff, (^^v. [Inc.] There, that place, yon- 

AcJil ye yuke, 'iSiPA -^^ i^, get out of the way; 
hence, away! go away! 

Syn. ACniR\, ASCKO, Kanata, KAsniKO. 
Af-lil-kochi. 'h%'C%, ^ itfc, aAv. Q Here and 
there; hither and thither; all about. ©Waver- 
ing between two things. © Far and near. 

Achi-kochi luosagafiv, f&iit ^ 8K^'. to search all 
over; to seek every where; Achikochi ni am. fS 
llfc ^ ^ ?u, found everywhere, both far and near. 


Aclil-koclil, ■S)r,'!i%, R?i aov. [co?f.| Upside 
down; in a contrary manner, in the wrong way 
See Abekobi'. 

Afhira, 15'^ b, ^ Jlfe, adv. Same as .4cft/. 

Ada, io72, Jfi, ^, a. O^'^ai^i empty, useless; fruit- 
less; trifling; inefTectual; frivolous; I'rail; un- 
worthy; unsuccessful; fickle. ©Vainglorious; 
bombastic; ostentatious, 

Jssen vio ada na zeni wo tsukawanu, — ^ -^ ffi 

■M3 ^ jg-'N jT, he does not spend (waste) even one 

cent uselessly; AtJana noznmi, ^^, a quite fruit 

less purpose; a hope that cannot be attained. 

Syn. Itazdrana, Modana, Mttnashiki. 

-Afia, i;;;^., ^^, a. fj [C't'^-] Clinrmirig; lovely; co- 
quettish ; beautiful. @ Flattering ; courting an- 
other's love. 
Ada na svgata, ^ jflf -?• ^, a charming figure. 
Syn. Namamekashi, Shinayaka, Taotaka, 

Ada, '}h^, ^, ®, n. O An enemy; an adversary, a 
foe; a hostile match or party; an opponent. @ 
Harm; injury. ©A competitor; a rival. 

Acla-uclil, £g iS, vendetta; taking vengeance 
by killing one' s enemy ; Fvgu talten no ada, ^ ^ 
Wt^'^^, a deadly enemy; an adversary, with 
whom one does not wish to live under the same 
heavens; Adawosuru, {ft ^ 7. ;i-, to prevent; to 
oppose ; to do harm ; to be hostile ; Ada wo kaesu, 
or mukuyu, {/(, -7 ^ 7., to revenge ; to punish an 
enemy; to Avenge (the same as Ada wo zitsu)- 
Syn. Adagataki, Kataki, Kyuteki, Shu- 


Ada-adashl,-l,-kl, 'S,7e'hf(^L,i^f&, «. O Frivol- 
ous; trifling; fickle. @ Bombastic, capricious; 
ostentatious; vainglorious; pretending to be 

Syn. Ka wabiyascki, Utsdritasuki. 

Ada-adasbiKii, foi^-'J^:^- L < , ^W, adv. Change 
ably; in a fickle manner; capriciously. 

Ada-bana, VtT&kXtL, ^^, n, A blossom that 

At)A 1 

does not bear fruit, a flower not producing a 
ftuit; an abortive flower. 

Adatiara, iSft-liS, ffl". /*■ [Jf&?.] Pain in the Rtom- 
Syn. SENKi. Lach; lumbago. 

Adablto, lofC'tVir, {ftiffit, n. Same as Adai^). 

Adabiialil. liTG i> L, V^B, "■ A light sleep; a 
short nap; a doze. 

Syn. Karine, kasui, Utatank. 

Ada-damn, ii;t-;£E, ^ih, n. A missing ball; a 
ball or shot which lias missed its object; a stray 

Adamdnna, ithT^J^-^U, a. Capricious; whimsi- 
cal; fickle; nonsensical. 

Adaeataki, lotdfit^ , ^Lm, n. Same &s AdaWi). 

Adaguelii, lo /&<'%, ^u, n. Nonsensical talk; 

useless or empty conversation; ajoke; trifling 

Syn. Bakagucui, Mcdakuchi. Ltalk. 

Adakauio, T5it*'4, f&, adi\ As if; just the same 
as; almost like, just so, just as; Just like, as it 
were; in a manner. 

Tsukt no hikari addkamo hiru no gotoshi, ^ ^ 
^t&^fivips/, the moonlight is as bright as 
the day; Adakmm yo^lii, t^^iff^, just right; 
just as the time. 

Syn. Ghodo, Samo, Sanagara. 

Adakeku, lo^tW- <, |K!, artu. Transiently; tem- 
porarily; frailly, feebly. 

Adakcrii, io?&W"2, "^-i- To make a noise, tumult, 
or disturbance, (especially said of a boy). 

AdakeshJ,-kj, lo?£t^L, Se, a Transient, tempo- 
rary ; frail ; weak. 


Adakoto, lo^Cif, f¥W. "■ Silly talk ; meaning- 
less conversation; worthless words. 
Syn. ADAGtJCHi. 

Adakuvabe t:^:'!! C 6^, gggS, "■• Competition for 
a trifling matter; rivalry m doing a worthless 

Adainakura, lo^C'^ < &> fe:flfc, ii- Illicit inter- 
course; an unjust love; immoral courtship. 

Adamekasii, I5;^fc4>-^, u-t- \Cau&e. oi Adamx&(.u.\ 
See AAmtieku. 

Adaineku, lo?&*C, vA. To look charming; to 
appear fickle, changeable, or frivolous; to show 
off one's own beauty 

Adanil, ^'h?l7i^, ^fi, n. O^'^orthless fruit; fruit 
that drops prematurely. © Useless result. 

Adainono. lo ;^ 6 ©, ^MnS. "f- ^ frivolous 
woman; a coquette 

Adan, ■Jofe^, S ^. '"■ [Bnt.] Snme as JRokwai . 

Adana, t^^^Tl, ^^, n. [coV. foiTn of Azana.^ A 
nickname ; a name given in consequence of some 
bodily or mental peculiarity. ~ fnotoriety. 

AdanUr lo'^'^, ffi^, N- A bfid or infamous name, 

Adanaml, yht^fiTt; ^2t', "■ O Light waves. @A 
fickle mind ; a truant heart 

Adane, T^?!;*!, IS)g, n. Same as ^damafcwra. 

Ada nl, ii;'5VJ, Ji5. 'T-Av. Unauccessl'ully; in vain. 

Syn, Karisome ni, Itazuea ni, iU'DA ni. 

AUapiHJski,-!, lo-t-ylifL, »• [coll.\ Coquetti.'ih; 

showy; like a flirt; pert. TAdapiioshi. 

Ailiippokii, 1o ^Ci" t? < , ctdw. [coll.} Adverb o( 

Adaslil, 15/5 L, fik.. <^- O Anotlier; foreign, otlier. 

©Fickle; whimsical. 

Adashi anna luo shitav, fife ^ ^ © 7, courting 
another woman, 

Syn. Betsuno, Hokano, Tano. 
A(laslii9jlto, To^'e Lt^'if , flfi,A, n. Another person; 

a paramour. 
Adashl-clileii-l, loi^. f^fO. ^&ig, ■«. An illicit 

contract of marriage. 
Adaski-gokoro, lo fe LC t ^. ■ftfe <&, 'i- A fickla 
heart; the mind of another person; giving up a 
former habit; throwing away those things which 
one has once prized. Tfalse worda. 

AdasliJ-goto, lo'^i L2:if, ?? "si "■ Useless talk; 

Syn. mudagoto, Soeagoto. 
Adaskl-ino, Mfz t, !*, ^ !Gi^, n. An adnlierous 

woman; an iiUulleres'i. 
Adaslil-no, 15?G£©. ftj S5. "■ A cremation ground ; 
a place wliera corpses nre burnt; a crt'matory. 
Adashi-no no tsuyu, i-fc ^ > R, liunian life\ 
transient exai-t«iice. 

Syn. DARTSiro, Yakiba. fadulterer. 

Adashl-o, loAr LSr. iS ^, 7t. A paramour; an 
Ada-iiolil, loJ'C-^t, ^ot. ""■• Slaying an enemy in 
vengeance; revenge. ffor vengeance. 

Ada-uchi wo '^vra, ^si'^^^i to slay another 
Ada-ya, 1^;^^, &^, n. A glancing arrow; an 
arrow failing to hit its mark. 
Syn. MUDAYA, Soreta- 
Adajaka, tovt"^**. iPiM, <*• Same as Adapposhl. 
Atla-zakiira, 1o ?£ 3" < &, Efil, n. Cherry bios 
soms showy at first taut quickly fading, hence, 
often used in poetry for human life, as perish- 
able as these flowers. 
Adokenakii, To >? fr?" tc < , ^Bf, adv. Adverb of 

Adokciin«hl,-],-ki, i^^^W^ L, i}}^ a- O Sim- 
ple; naive; innocent (as a child), childish, 9 
Inexperienced, artless, pure (as a child's heart); 
without plan or premeditation; indifTerent to 
criticism (as a child); having no judgment as to 
the result of one' s actions. 

Syn. iTOKENAsni, Osanabhi. 
Adnn:(.i, lo)&'^'\^, a. S'i\m6 tin Adoksnashi. fAyiu 
Ae, lo.'t, §fii., ?'■ [IcJitli.] [coll. form of Ayu.} See 
Aegl, l^A.^, IM, n. Panting; a quick breatliing; a 
Ushi no aegi, 4= -^ PS, panting of a cow. 
Aeffii, T^A.<*, Pft, v.i- To pant; to £::vsp; to breathe 
Syn. IKIGIRERU, IKISSKU suuu. Lhard 


Aemono, loA-^i©, ?P ^, «• A salad ; a mixed dish. 

Acn, ^S;t^, SIS'. "• [Min.]Z[nc. 

Syn. TOTAN. rAenokU. 

Aenakii, 1^ ^ ^ < , gc ?S. adi\ Adverbial form of 

Aenjishl»-ki, iS^ttC L, SS: ffi, «-■ Sad; pitiful; frail; 

feeble. fa sad end. 

Aenakisaigo, Ift -^SS * fti*. a pitiful death; 

Aonk^va, ■feA.^ < fc, S ^ ^, n. [Mw.] Hydrozin- 
cite; flower of zinc. 

Aeni, ToA-2, fP, u.t. to mix; to mix with dressing. 
Gomadeaeru, S9i^r'^;i-, to dress (vegetables) 
with gmna. 

Aete, 1oA.f , gj:, adv. Making bold; daringly; pre- 
sumingly; positively; at a venture; anyhow. 

Aete ill, JBc T g 7, I dare say; Aete yuj-usanu, 
at r g^ ■*■ 5r, I dare not allow. 

Ae«u, lii^^,,:;ff^, v.L [neg. of Aeru.] Not to 

Acnn, lo^tfci, ' dare; not to venture. It is suffixed 
to the root verbs. Aezu is sometimes used as 
an adverbial suffix. 

Tumi mo hiki-aezu, ^■^51 ^^-^-yZ, not dar- 
ing even to draw a bow; immediately; at once; 
Tori-aezu gohochi moshi masu, T^ M JBc ifll ffi tfl i^ 
"vy-i T inform you immediately, not waiting to 
hear anything further. fQuesqualis Indica. 

Afuclil, T^i'5, ;^, 71. [BoL] The Pride of India, 

Afiimkasii, lo-t c**»-^, i5, v.t. [cavs. of Afurery.] 
O To cause to flow over; to spread over (as 
water) or to inundate. @ To cause to over- 
whelm or to cover (as with numbers). 

Afuro, fo-S-*!,, iRiE, n. An overflow of water; a 
flood; an inundation. 

Afurcmouo, i^iK 6 ©, S#, «. A mischievous 
fellow; a villain; a rascal; a scoundrel. 


Afarerii, i^^izz, S, im'- O To run over; to swell 
and run over the brim or banks. @ To be abun- 
dant; to abound. g3 [coll.] To fail; to disappoint. 
Katva ga afureta, 'i^if '^i^ ^, the river has 
overflowed; OkyaTcu ga afureta, [coll.] ffll^ptf 
ig u- ^, I failed to get the customer. 
4riirl-ika, io-J-'i) V*>, 3^ S. n. [ZoeL] A kind of 

cuttle -flsh. 
Afiiyo, lo-i-i5,FpI?S^, n. t^ot.]Opium. 

Syn. Ahen. 
Agn, "SfW, pron. [o65.] My; our. fwile. 

Aga kn, ^^, my son; Aga tsuma, Sff, my 
Syn. Wag A. 
Agakl, "lofj'&.^ffii '"• Pawing; galloping; move- 
ment, fmove. 
Af/aki ga tsukanu, JEJffitf '*>':» ^, 1 cannot 
\K:iku, ioi)*< , St, v.i. To kick about with the feet, 
as one in pain; to paw with the butt; hence, 
to struggle; to strive; to writhe with pain. 
Kurushinde aaaku, S S>' v 5'Mffi^. he writhes 
Syn. MooAKD. L-^^itb pain. 

6 AGA 

AKnmem^ T5Jj'fe2, ^, v.t. To regard with honour; 

to revere; to exalt; to glorify; to elevate; to 

adore ; to esteem ; to venerate. 
mto wo agameru, A ^ ^ > tt-, to regard a 

man with honour; Kami to agameru, ^ ^^jt it', 

to revere as a deity; to deify. 

Syn. SONKEI SURU, Takameru, Tattobu, 

Utamau. Tward ofTeviL 

A^amono, 1oS*4©iffl^. 'i- [ohs.] An offering to 
Aganal, loft'^U', ^, n. Ransom; atonement; re- 
paration; reward; compensation; satisfaction for 

a wrong or injury; buying back; redemption, 
Syn. T3UKUN0I. 
Agaii:ii-klii, Tof ^l^&^. 10^. 'i- Ransom; the 

money paid for redemption. 
Aganai-nlD, f^ft'tfO-VZA, B@ A, n. Onewhoran- 

.soms or redeems. 
Aganaii, i^^fj^tti, ^, v.t. To atonefor; to expiate, 

to redeem; to ransom; to make satisfaction 

for; to make reparation for; to compensate. 
Tsumi wo aganau, f| ^ fK "7, to expiate a 


Syn. BAisno auRU, MUKUYtT, TSUKUNAtJ. 
A^anaii, lcfi'^-5-. ffiSi "" ^- To buy; to purchase; to 

buy back. 
Son wo aganau, :$: ^ R| -7, to buy a book. 
Agni-l, Toil*'!), ±, §^, ^, fM, n. Q Ascent; promo- 
tion; rise. @ Conclusion. 
Agarl, iSfi'*), IX ^. "■ Same as Agari-daka. 
Agai-1-ba, f^i' V] tf , ti?- ^, n. A wharf; a landing 
Syn. AGEBA, Hatoba. Lplace. 

AgarJ-daka, 15 ft* if) ?& *>, Ut X ia. n. Income; re 

Agurl-dan, Toii* i!) ?£ ^, ± S, n. Steps; door-steps. 
Agarl-liana, "iojj^V iStt, # JS. "■ The entrance; a 

portico; a veranda. 

Syn. embana, Ensaki. fa portico. 

Agari-kiickl, loft* 9 < %,^^a, u. The entrance; 
Agai'l-iiiono, loft*'i) "i®, JiicBf ^, n. Q The crop; 

the produce of a field, @ Rent ; income. 
Agarl-iiiono, "toft^ifl 4 ©, W^, n. See Sonae-mono. 
Agari-mouo, i^ft"/) 4®,&4&. w. [polite.} Food. 
Syn. KuiMONO, Shoktjmotsu, Tabemono. 
Agarl-^agari. loft* <!) ^ ii* V) . ^ ^S, W g. '"■- Ascent 

and descent; rise and fall; high and low. 
Agarl-Haka, loft"J)'5*', Sifi. «• An ascent; ac 

Agai'i-ya, •Joft^'O-^, ^fS", n. A prison; adungeon. 

AgH.rii. toft*?, -b.^. ^. ""■'■ O To rise, to go up; 

to ascend. @ To make progress; to advance; 

to impi-ove; to be promoted. © To turn out 

well or badly, as in colour. O To be fired or set 

off (as aflre-work). 
Fusen ga agaru, R gfi W If ff-, the balloon rises. 


Sanabi aa agaru, f^'Xff Siti-, fireworks are 
setoff; Ikuradeaoaru, B.^ t' ±.n', [coll.] what 
would cover the expenses; Iroga yoku agatta, 
ft f/ Iff ^ ± 7 Jt, [coll.] the colour has turned out 
well; Tef/d agaru, ^-if, to improve in one's 
hand writing; X'c/ifct ga agaru, ^ ^?/ ± ;^, the 
weather has cleared up. 

itgatn. lijU^litW.' '>'■■ A. prefecture; a district; a 
division of the country. 
Syn. KEN. 

Agnta-ineelif. Tot^teftL, BKB, n. [6bs.'\ Appoint- 
ment of provincial officials; annual summons 
sent to prefects to asserahle in the capital, on 
the nth of the first month (o. S.)- 

Agata-mlko, loft*?2^t., li ^ ■?, n. [obs.\ A sorce- 
ress; a soothsayer; a kind of magiciau. 
Syn. TciiiKO. 

Asata- nil sill. l5*'*feSaL, KSi, n. [ohs.\ A prefect. 

{Iffateii, loii*-7, ^, I'-t- [obs.] To divide, apportion. 
Syn. KUBAKD, Wakatsu. 

A^au* Toi'-i-i EH. ■"■*■ Sfune as AgaTiau. 

As«. lcW=-. S> «- A tuck (in a garment); a fold. 

Syn. Nui-AGK. rtongue. 

%SO-nBlii, tetj-'^ L, ±S. "• [coll.] A slip of the 

Age-ashi wo torn, ± i-'jlg?- IS ;^, to take up 

another on a slip of tlie tongue. 

Ageba, loVJitf,3$0S, "■ A landing place; awharf; 

a jetty; a pier. 


Agoba-scn, ^oW^a^*^. i^SSl. "^ Harbour duty, 


Syn. Hatobazei. 
\ Ye-boi'l, •JomX'O. itel^. «■ Relief (in carving); 

bassrelief; prominence in sculpture. 
/cebuta, ■iW'^'k, ^S. '"■■ Movable boards in a 

floor which open to a storing place beneath, 
ijgechl, ith'i^^, ih?L n. Weaning. 
Ageclatanii, M^'TUfz^t-, E I^. "■ A mat thicker 

than the rest; a mat elevated a little above the 

Ageilo, 7oW=-i^, iS^i '"■ ^ door that slides up and 

%gegakl, loW^ft«^,J$^S. «■ Writing the name 

of a very honourable person (especially of the 

Emperor) in a new line, and higher than the 

other writing on the page. 
tgogvslij, TolrJ^S L. ISSE. «■ -A. sedan-chair; a kind 

of palanquin now used as a hearse in the Shinto 

Agcgotatsu, W/>2:fe-7, 3£Ej1, ■«. A movable 

brazier, with a I'lame-work, over which a quilt is 


Syn. OkiGotatsu. 
Agegoto, toWi&lf, ^B n. An offering to the 



AgolianochS, loWttOT 

-t, KISSS. "■ [Entom.]0 

Papilio xuthus. @ A 

family crest consisting 

of a butterfly with out- 
spread wings, as that 

of the Taira family. 
Ageharl, lo^EtWJ.Jg, ■/*. 

A curtain; a kind of 

tent; n. curtain which l^ K5 J 

can be raised up or let down. 

Syn. Agemaku, Iakd, Tobari. 
Ageliii, toVt'^ . -t ■'"/. 'I- [coll.] The end; result; 

Ageku no hate ni, J: ^ ^ ^- =, as the final 

issue or result; at length; in the end. 
Ageku 111. 1oW'< t/e, ± ^. a**"- At last; finally. 

Syn. Owaei ni, Tot5, Tsui ni. 
Ageina, ToVJ-2, ^ M, ""■■ A sacred horse ; ahorse 

dedicated to the service of some diety (usually a 

white horse). 

Syn. SuiMUB. 
Ageinahi, loWv^&.SI^, «. O 

A circular tuft of hair done 

upon each side of a little 

boy's head, the rest being 

shaved off. @ A tasselled 

knot attached to a suit of 

armour. ®[JlQ.] A young 

Agemalci nokorOy iS^-'lS, 

in one's boyhood. 

Syn. Fl'samusubi, Tsu- 


Agemaki. ^h^'^^, S, «■ [ConcKI A bivalve 
shell, Siliquaria constricta. 

Agcjiiakl. litt-a^, iSi^, n. [Concn.]A kmd of 
pecten. (AgemaU. 

Agemaki-imLSubi, loVt^UStH-t,"-', Sgfi*£, n. See 

Agcinaku. %V>'i<, *B, n. A curtain. 

Ageinaeari, foW^ia ^ '5 , ifS ffi. «■ Looking prettier 
for having the hair done up in a becoming man- 

Age-niorhliVH. i^Hf' <ii %V- Z, ^ ffl, v.t. To ap- 
point to office; to give a position in the govern- 
ment; to make one enter government service. 

Agemono. loW^40, ^M.^, n. Anything fried or 
broiled ; a fry. See Abura-mono. 

Agenabe, % »-^^,M aS, »■ A pan used for fry 
ing; a frying-pan. 

Age-okosu. ioW-*e t-^, iftS. v.t. To make any 
thing stand; to rnise up; to erect; to stand. 

Age-otorl, ioVt?2l?'fl. S*'. «■ Looking less pret- 
ty for having the hair done up. 

Affcru. ■ii»:&, ±.Wt, v.t. OToelevate; toliftup; 





to raise; to hoist; to set off; to fly; to draw up; 
to weigh. @ To offer. © To enumeriite. Q To 
land. © To finish; to read to the end. 

Age tari sage tar I, jg ^, ^ji %. see Agesage; Ami 
woagcru, JH^^'i'i to draw up a net, Ilaunhi 
xoo ageru, iS ^f ^ J: n-, to set offflre-works; Hata 
wo ageru, t^^ ^ H-, to hoist a flag; Ikari wo 
ageru, ^ "f ±. ji' , to weigh anchor; Kami wo arje- 
ru, y£ f- ± /1-, to do up one's hair; Shigoto wo 
ageru, tt3f^J:ft-. to finish the work or husi- 
ness; Toko wo agerxt, /iR ^ ±. ft-, to fly a kite. 

Agres'ii, ih^'^, !^, v.t. OTo bring forth; to call 
out. ©To raise. 

ilei too ageru, ^^^b-, to raise an army; 
hence, to stir up a war; Ko wo ageru, ^ ^ ?i >* 
/»-, to bring forth a child; Ichi-ichi na wo ageru, 
— At ^ -7" gs ft-, to call out the names one by one; 
to call the roll. 

AgC'ru, 15J>2, ^, v.t. To fry; to broil. 

Ae-c-ssLgo. iolt-'5V'>. Wi 'Sf. ^- O Raising and lower- 
ing. @ A kind of door sliding up and down. © 
Praising and reproaching, 

Agcta, loW^fe, 1;^ n, n. An upland rice-field; a 
rice-field on a hill or mountain. 

Agetazunii, loW'fe::?*ij, IfiT-JR. n. A kind of 
bridle. fheap, 

Agctsiirlii, "io'/t''^'^, :^-I:, 7i- A mound; an earth 

Agctsiirnu. li^W'-^&i, 1^, v.t. [o&s-] To argue; to 
discuss; to debate. 


Ag©wak«-rtogu,i^V:fip<^*5<', t^g^.n \Agrlc.'\ 

A reeling machine. 
Ageja^ lioiiPA?, jggg, n. A brothel; an assignation 

house; a house of ill-fame; a whore-house. 
Agezuinc, Tolr^^'14. J: ^S. "■ Monopoly of a harlot 

or a singer. 
A<jezinnc ni sum, ±^— 7. fl-, to monopolize 

a hai^ot or a singer for days together. 
Agl, IS^', BSJ?. "■ l^A'd.] Asfetida. 
Aginuehlf lof ^ U 7i. [£ot.] Arrow-head. 
Agito, -kh^^, m, «- The gills offish. 

Syn. EEA. 
Ago, 35, &, J18, n. fJThe lower Jaw; the chin. @ 

The jaws. © The jaw bone. 

Uwa-ago, Ji^, the upper jaw, the palate; 

Shita-ago, T ^, the lower jaw; the chin. 
Ago, 1^&, JHT-, n. One who fishes with a net; a 



Agoli.iltl-bana, i^&i^^Vf^, ^ItnT, n. [Bot.] 
Violet. rhejus 

Agounslit, i^atEL, n. [Iclith.] Folynemvs pie- 

Ag<!8Siitu, ti^aLfe, ^T. '^^ The lower pao-t of the 

Agu, 1o<', J:. *'-f- Same as ^fferu. 

AgDiuii. 1« <ri!, Kf». I'-*- To be weary; to bo 

tired; to be fatigued; to be exhausted; to bo sick 
of; to be troubled , to become unbreakable. 

Agumi-hatei'v, ^ ^ %n-, to be quite tired 
out; Sem.e-agumii, Ji. fg i*, to be tired of attack- 
ing or assaulting. 

Syn. AKiRU, Ita ni naru, Taikutsu scrc, 

Aginiiii, 1^ <- tT, SJP 3^, V.t. [o6s.] To sit cross-legged. 

See Agura-kaku. 
Agiiucru, lo<'*as, tfjl^, r.i. [CO?;.] To be satiated, 

glutted, surfeited. 
Agura, ^hi'^. IXMM^., «■ Sitting cross-legged. 
Agura. io<' ia, fflEK, n. See Agura-shogi. 
Agura-Kaliii, lo <- & A- < , mSc, S^^, "■*. To sit 

cross-legged; to sit tailor-fashion. 
Syn. Agura KUMu. 
Agura-sliogi, i^C t, L-^JiT, iSfl f^, «. A stool. 
.S^U. KOSniKAKE, SllHGl. 

Agiirii. 1S<'3, ^, j>.(. Same as ^peTnt. 
Alion, ^;;'-.^, ^>^, tt. Opium. 

Syn. Afuto. 
Alien-chinlil. lo- ^ ^ ^ &, f^fr TiS, y*. [Jlftd.) 

Tincture of opium. 

Alieu-eii, iS-> ^Jt^, F5j)^@, n. Opium; Opium 
Syn. Ahek-tabako. i_snioklng. 

Altcu-tabalco. %-^L1z\fZ-, «■ Same as above. 

Aliiru,i^i>3, ^f|;3, n. tOi-jvaft,.] The domestic duck 

Alio, 1,^«:5, FBJ:^, n. 
A fool; a stupid 
fellow; a simple- 
ton; a dunce. 

Syn. Baka, 
GUBUTsu, Manu- 
re, Oroka-mono, 

.IBiodorl, 3^ ta 5 * y, 

albatrns=!, Diomedia. 
Alio na, l^riStr, R:^, 

silly; nonsensical. 
^7io na koto, FpJt^-J-III, a foolish affair; b 

meaningless thing. 
Ahorash1,-i.-ki. ir/'i 5 ^ t, ^^, «*■ [coll.] Fool 

ish; silly, stupid, meaningless; worthless. 
Ahoraslnl koto, H^Si 7 5/ -^ SI. fco^.l a foo]i=V 

affair; ameaningless thirg. 
Ahora^lkii. loilf 5 & L< , f^:^, 

aAv. Adverb of Ahora&hi. 
Ai, li ?.i, ^, 'rt, O [-^oE.] Po^y- 

gonum tincto-riuin. @ Blue ; 

Ai df someru, S£ f-' iJi ft- . to 

dye with indigo. 
AI, loV^, nffi, adr. Yps; aye 

(iT^ed familiarly especially 

by a little girl). 



CS5 E) 
(o^a. '•■ [OnUtft] Tin 

tt. [CO?;.] Stupid, loolish; 




Al, T5vv, Sft, ft. r/cfttft.l See Ayu. 

Al, iSVn, ^, n. [ChinJ] Qrlef, sorrow; sadness; la- 

Al, T5\r, #, It. [Cfttn.] Affection; love; attach- 
ment; tender sentiments. 

Al, IhV; ^, adv. Mutually; each other; one an- 
other; one against another. 

Ai-arasou, ^^y, to vie with one another; At- 
fukwrnu, *0-g-2., to be jealous; not to forget 
former enmity; Ai'<mwu, ^^,~7, to love each 
other; not to forget each other; Ai-sa/rii, tfi 0ft-, 
to be apart; At-teTci sum, ^QSft i^n-, to be hostile 
one with the other. 

(This word is often used as a meaningless 
prefix to verba, especially in epistolary writings; 
for instance, "Aiukagai, Aimotome^* etc.). 
Syn. TAfiAT-Ni, ToMO Ni. fspace. 

Al, 1Sl^, Rfl. ■'(■- Time; leisure; interval of time or 
Syn. Atda, Atma, Hima, Ma, Suki. 

Al, ^h U-, Rfl, Ij'ost-^osi.i.] Between; among; during. 

Alai, ^oV^^5\/^, If *r, a, [Chin.] Clouded; obscure; 
not clear or bright; dusky; dim, *»bscure(I by the 

Alaslii, io\rlo L. 11. [BoLI Ischaemnm lati folium. 

Albnn, fhv-]^/^,^^, n. [coll.] a board or plank 
connecting a boat to the shore; a gang plank. 
Syn. AiBl, Kakehashi. 

Albnn, lotMdfA, tM#. 'i- -^ fellow guard; acom- 
panion watchman; watching together. 

Aibana, lo&lifjr, n. [Bot.] Commelyna communis. 

Alhana, loJtti^. ^?ti 'i- Indigo floating in 
liquor; the indigo-flower. 

Albaslio, 'ihV'iiti.,^ i^fifi, n. The place where a 
meeting is held; a meeting place. 

Syn. Deaiba, Kwaisho, Maohiai. 

Albaso, ^5l^ti'5■5■ ft. [Bot.] EHopJwrum. 

Albctsiit loV'^-?, a ^i), n. [£7A(n.] Sorrow or griel 
at parting; lamentation at parting. 

Albeya, loy--^-^, |nl ¥, n. Living together in the 
Syn. DnSHiTSU. Lsame room. 

Albl, ^il^t^^ ^t 'X, n. Slaking use of the same fire. 
Syn. MOTAi-Bi. 

Albiau, "(Si^cno-J-, ■^•^i v.t. [coll.] To compromise, 
to yield mutually in settling a transaction. 
Syn. Hakobtau, Ynzr-RiAU. 

AiblKl, lotstA'?, ?SiH, n. Mutual retreat; with- 
drawal of both sides or parties from the battle- 

Afblii siirii, i^v^ t^'^-^ 2,:^iBB, v.i. To lament, 
grieve for, pity; to sympathize with. fvelvot. 

Ai-bji'odo* loatA'&S^?-, S^^:^fe!t, ri. Deep blue 

Aibo, 1o U tf 5 , [ii] ?t?, n. [coll.] .A. companion palan- 
quin-bearer or coolie; a fellow coolie, 

Alborp, tot.'-Kh., tfljgS, n. Mutual love. 

Albo suru, TSV-K^3,tH0, v.t. [Chin.] To love; 
to desire to sea ; to long after. 


Albo euriMSV^BT-^z, ^J0, v.t. [C?iin.] To lament 
or be reluctant to part with or lose. 

Albu siirii, Ti\r>>^2,'SflS. I'f- [CMn.J To caresa; 
to fondle; to treat with kindness or tenderness. 

Alchakii, "toV^-^C , ^^-j «■ [Chin.] Love; attach- 
ment; affection. sum, v.i. To be attached 

to; to love; to be pleased with. 

Alcho suru, -io^-C^irZ, ^ % v.t. To lament. 

Alda, %u7fi, ^, n. Interval of space nr time ; inter 
mediate part or time; time; space. 

Inshaku no aiAa, — R -^ BB, the space of a foot; 
Ittoki no aida, — BJ^ 3fl, the interval of an hour; 
a moment. 

Syn. Ai, Ma, Naka, TJcih. 

AMa, iriVTa,^, post-posit, and conj. Between; 
during; while; amidst; since; because. 

Kimi to boJcu no aiOa, ^ I* M -^ Sfl, between 
you and me; Gozasoro aida, ^ffift^ffl, since 
such and such is the oa<;e (epist.); Kono aida, 
or Konaida, jtfc Rfl, a few days ago. 

Aldagarn, ^^v'7lifl*^,^^, ^- Relations; connec- 
tions; relative terms. peach other, 
Yoi aidagara, ftf >{ Rfl #5. on good terms with 
Syn. KWANKBI, SniNBPi, Tsuzukiai. 

Alda-^ul, t5t>?£<'U-, Bfl ^, n. Taking food between 
meals, as cake, fruit, etc, 

Aldanin, 1oSi^2,ES5-, n. Indigo-ball. 

Aldama, io£?fea, 5?S^U, n. Name of a kind of 
earth. rtween meals. 

Aidainono, l^U>7eiS©, Rfll^, «. Pood taken be- 

Aldohl snrii, l5V>-r'^-^S, -f^^, v.i [Chin.] To be 
addicted to love ; to be giveu 'ip to love. 

AldeshI, ToU-'C t,, [^ fS, ■"■ Fellow student; fellow 

Aido, loV"^?, ?i'tfi, ■«. [Chin.] Lamentation; sor- 
row; grief; mourning; sadness; woe; a sigh. 

Burn, v.t. To lament, mourn over, grieve 

or sigh for. 

Syn. Kanashuiu, Nagekct, Tansoku suru. 

Aieii-Kfen, loV^ ^?f ^ /., § ^ ^ ^, n, [coll.] Love 
and hatred; like and dislike {a proverbial saying 
which means " Men have different tastes, so that 
what one loves, another hates")- 

A dye vat; ajar hold- 
Ling indigo dye 
[Ornith.] A domestic 
Together under one 

Byn. AlTSUBO. 
Aigumo, t^^y-ftn, RflTfi, 

Syn. Ahibu. 
Aigasa, loU-ft'^, -^ 0. 

umbrella or parasol. 
Alsiliw. ToV^^< , :{Spia, "■ O The interchange oT 

letters or poems between friends; intercour'sc 

between persons by means of letters. @ a love 

Algo, 1^lp&, ^^.. n. [Chin.] Special countenance 

or support; patronage; protection; assistance 




earn, V t. To patronize; to countenance; to 

defoDd or protect (as a patron); to favour. 

AlgiiTnl, i^v-C'^, mil, n. {c6lT.\ Companion; asso- 
ciate; mate; fellow; comrade; partner; ally. 
Syn. AiTE, HoBAl, Nakama. 

Afsiinil-diilsri^:iKii, loV^ <- ;^;'&v^ -^ 5 ft* < , -fi-^lt 
Bt$, n. [.i/"nf/i.] AssociatiTe algebra. 

Algusiirl, Ic y- <' "3" "J) , •d' ^, "• -A- specific; a medi 
cine efficacious to a particular disease. 

AJga siiru, 15V^<'5-^3, ^iffi, v.t. [Chin.\ To caress 
fondle; to treat kindly; to receive with affection 
or I'nendship; to favour; to regard with kind- 

Aiswaii, ■^oV^<'47^, "ft^, n. [(7/U«.] Act ol'loving 
or enjoying a thing; such as, old pottery, paint- 
ing, Gti.-. 
AUjioanhutsu, ® ^ I!©, a thing loved. 

siiru^ v.t. To love and fondle; to prize mucli; 

to en.ioy. 

Alswan, loV^ <'*?^, S Si, ^i- [Chin.^ A petition, 
complaint; entreaty; supplication. 

Syn. AlSO. fratio. 

i%l-llaI^pl,;^L^t£^t^^ tS RJt, w. {Math.} Keciprocal 

Allian, ^^\r•\^XL, •&$!], ^S, n. QA counter seal 
or stamp. ©The joint or common ownersliip 
of a copyright. 

Al-hstn Slim, 1^ u- tt ^-^^, Jg K. '"-E- To contra- 
dict; to oppose; to counterpose; to disagree 
with; to contravene. 

Albaii->eii, Ti^ U- H ^ i£ ^, t^ K El, n. [Math.\ 
Circle of reciprocity, 

Allhu siiru, loV/^V^<-^3, ^^. f f- [CT«n.] To 
bring up; to rear up kindly; to educate with 

Al-Iro, lo&V^^, S^ffi. "^ A deep blue colour. 

Aljiriishl, 1i\r&S L. -^ EP, n. A correspundiny 
badge, signal or banner. 

Aljd, Xh'^^^^, #1^, ■«- [ChinJ] Affection; love; 
attachment. rmourning. 

AiJ«, •ihV' S:^ 5. ^ffi. «■ [Chin.'] Sorrow; grief; 

AIJo, ToV^tri, ^^. w- Beloved daughter. 

A1J6-I, ■\hV-%-'^5V', K^y^:, 11: \Chin.'] A mourning 
Syn. .\ruprKi'. Ldre.^''. 

AU5m(iii, i;:, i> :£.' 1 5 4 A, fflSE*. '*■ a bond of 
agreement in forming partner.ship, 

Aljiitsu sui-Bi, T^ It 2.- '.* -^ 1 3 , ^■tfi. ''-E- To pity; 
to sympatiiize with; to commiserate. 

Alkngl. 1ol> :/!■&', -o-^. ". A fellow key to the 
same lock. 

Alknta, lot>Alz, t@:^, "• A companion; amate; 
ft partner; a liired harlot; a bedmate (often used 
in an immoral sense). 

Ailcata v)0 sadameru, 1^-^ =f % -^ ii- , to choose 
a partner, In select a bedmate. 

Alkata, i^t>4'fe 

Algata. lotMitte, 


A counlftrpart. 

A]gnta-no-geta» To i> ft*fe ® If^-fe, RfirjTS. "- 
Clogs worn by boys from fourteen to fifteen 
rears of at^o 

.^iJii-i. loV^W-\r, 'S'E. " [(7ft(n.] Mercy, pity, 
compassion. fattachment, 

AiK(*f, loV^ttV^, ^®. w. r^/'^'i.l Love and rcpect; 

Aiko, f5i>t, ffl^, ''. [cof/.] ICven hand; eauality; 
a match; being neither victorious nor deleated. 

A1koliirli:i, l5i)£.6V%-7, f££g:j|t, a. Bluisti sea- 

Aikokii. i;;vt ( , k93. "■ [C/wn.] Lamentation; 
mourninsi; sorrow. 

AlKokii, ^^\r'C < , ^ S, n. [Chin.] Patriotism, the 
love of countr}-. 

Ailaikv noj~> kinji-gaiasTii, ^S-^'IS^S^'JS 3/. 
r cannot re.stratn my ardent patriotism. 

Alkokii-^Iia, l5V^t < L ■^, ^ 19 #, «. [Chin.'\ A 

Aiknkii-s]iln. loV^ C < L A., ^ S..C., n. ['^Mji.] 

Patriotism. fcome patriotic. 

Aikoku-shin wn rkosv, ^^iC -^-S:^, to be- 

Alkni!. iSV'tA, sis. z^- [C/)i«.] Keen remorse; 
bitter regret; keen spite. 

Alkotobsi. loU-Jl^tf, [Tg^, Ti. A watch-word. 

Ai?;iirhJ, i^t> ^ t;., fc ^, 77, A dagger; a dirk. 
Syn, HrsHr, KfsuNROBU, TantO. 

Alkuclii. fS l^ < %, '^a, n. [cnll.] A good com- 
panion; having the same likes and dislike'* 
(often used in speaking of a drinking compa- 

Aikiiffi, iSu-<?r, -n-fr, "■ A nail fixed between 
two boards to join them; a nail pointed at botir 

.\ll^iifeislil,-j.-kj. I^U- < Z L. ^® "■• [coll.] 
Lovely; charming; pretty. 

.-likiisa, loi.<^. 0:^:, n. Indigo pl:int. fjoy. 

.likwau, ^o^;^<49^, "g ©t, n. [r/(i>?.l Crief and 
AiJcvian 'kamngomo itaru, Rfit'^S. sorrow 
and joy come together. 

Aik.i «, loV^W*i, '^®, n. Amiability; lovely or 
cliarming appearance. 

AlTvyo qa arv., ^'^if T ti-. to be lovely; Alkyn 
wn vru, ^t&^^Ji-, to aUr.ict love, to '-onrt 

Aikyo-fir, kVj-',^J,W^., -^laqs, u. Lnvo-lnrk; the 
lork of hair whii-b luings n|u.n ibe brow or 

.'^iiiKil, loVi^^V-, ni'^ "• [P/c'n. I Vague; ob-^cure; 
ambiguous, dim. 

Aimai-ya, Bf B:Sg, [co^/.l unliopr.-^cd pro'^titnte 
house; Aimai na Jiito, V'^.^Jf.-y A, [cnll.] a niiin 
having no resolution; a canny, feline, or per- 
fidious person. 

/%iinin, lo V> 7* ^, ■?■ f?. n. [dnrt.] I,ove for the 
people; compassion for the people; synipatbiz- 
Ing with the people. 




[Chin.} Pity; compas- 

Alniln, loV^ ^ A-, ^ 
slon; sympathy. 

Alinii'iiolin, Toft?>-3'^^. SiSS. «■ Lead-blue, 
dark steel blue. 

Almitagnl, i^y-;^fe*«v, ffl^S, n. Mutual sym- 
pathy; helping each other; assisting one an- 

Btishi wa aimitagai , St ± -^ ffl fl. S., (a saying 
in the feudal aetes) knights should help each 

Almoclil-katou, T5 V "& "t *>.!', -S- $:, " A joint 

Almube, •KU-tT'^. ffl 'ff > n. An ancient festival 
celebrated in Nov. when the sake made from 
the first fruit of tlie rice harvest was offered 
to the gods. 

A linukal nh IS !> tP *' U- 1^. tS I"]. <^^- 0° oppo- 
site sides ; face to face; sitting opposite; tete-a-- 
Syn. Sashimukaide. Ltete. 

Alitmvo, i^y-trt. ®.fflffi. «■ A sister's husband; 

Alnndanomi. loV^fJi:^®;^, "■ [corrupt, of Ainata- 
Syn. SORADANOMi. inonii.] A vain hope. 

Alnal» roib^->. n. [Bot.] Mitrasacme polym/irplia. 

AInaha. lo U- "^f *', B^i '"■■ Familiar relations; 
Intimacy; having a mutual, good understand- 
ing; famil; 

Alnamo, %\o 
ttft, n. 
CMrtis hema- 
grammus. firi V^ '^C ft] 

Alnaine, 50.-&16, i ffl 'S^ ^, «- 

AlnameonutBurl, ^Vtrftii-^'O. ' Same as Ai- 

Alnai'ii, ^5t^■^^:S, tSBR, v.i. To become; to result, 
to be caused (the emphatic, form of " nari^^ 
" ai " having no special meaning. This form is 
invariably used in epistolary writings or on the 
stage; but not in conversation^. 

Al-iieKiiinJ.-i;D2>ti^;^. ^S> «- Bluish gray colour. 

Alnikii, To\r^<, .^^, a^y- Unfortunately; 

Ayanlkii^ to-^l/^<, S unluckily; by amischance. 

Alno, 7^ ^, n. The aborigines of Japan, excluded 
from the main island ; the natives of Hokkaido. 

Ainoko, iot>t^t,^SS, w- An offspring of mixed 
races or breeds; a Eurasian. 

AInorl, tSy-WiJ.tS^, 1^^, '"- O Riding together; 
riding in the same carriage @ [coll.] A jlnrihi- 
Sha in whicli two persons can ride together 
(cont. of Airwri-guruma). 

Al-iio-sliiikii* lo t> © L W) < . M 5?. "- A lodging 
place; a post station; a village or hamlet where 
travellers may obtain w relay of horses and 
take refreshments. 

Alol, ToU'^V', IS^. "■ Becoming old In company 

Alol, ^hV■'^\r,li{\^, 11. Tavo growing together; he 
coming old in company. 

Alol-uo-iiiaisii. 15U'?e\r0 5: ":?,|@^^, 7i. The 
companion pine trees, used at weddings as em- 
blems of the couple growing old together. 

Alrs)slil,-l,-kl, loV^ & L, f'ifc, hT^, ". Pretty; 
charming; amiable. 

Syn. AlKYOARU, Kawairashi. 

Alraslilkii, -k^Xr-h L<,^8k, am. Prettily; pleas- 
ingly; beautifully. 

Alrcii, ^oV^K^, g^, n. [C/i(n.] Pity; compassion. 

sui'ii, v.t. To pity; to sympathize with; to 

feel sorrow lor; to have compassion for; to com- 

Afrlu sum, l5\rl!) ^■tS. § S, -G.i. To be avarici- 
ous; to be stingy; to grudge. 

Airo, lofi 5 5, SSifi, n. Indigo; a deep blue colour 
used for painting. 

Alro, liVr^.S: £, «, \conl. ai Aya and iro.\ Figures 
and colours. 

Yoru IcuraUu shite mono no airo mo mieivaka- 
zv, ?Sfi|^ 5-' 7=4^-^ ^tfi^^x^'^J ?:. it is too 
dark a night to discern the figures and colours o/ 
things, or to discern anything. 

Alsa, foV^:?, , ^ IS, n. [Ornith.] A kind of wlld- 

Aklsa, f^l^?, i duck, Merritis 

Alsamc, 1565», ^fig, n. [/c/iC/i.] A kind of shark, 
the blue shark. 

Alsatsii, toV ^ -^.i^^, n. O Salutation; greet- 
ing. @ Acknowledgement of a favour, ffl An 
answer; a reply, Q Intercession with a view 
to compromise; mediation. 

Go aisatsu ni towalcu shimasu, ffli^gi=;©i9 
S/-7 7., [coll.] I don't know what to an'swer; Nan- 
toka aisatsii no shiyo mo aro ni, -f?]' ;• ]* ti i^^^ 
it^=e 7 7 V ^, [coll.] of all the answers in. the 
world; Shotaimeti no aisatsu, %^^iS^^^, 
salutation on first meeting. 

siirii. v.t. O To salute; to greet; to 

welcome. @ To answer. © To make peace. 

ToTcu to Icanrjaete aisatsu shimasho, % V^ -^^ 
^^£^v^9, [coll.] I will answer you after 
weighing the matter. 

AlNatsu-nln, ^oV^^r?l(Z:^,^^ A, ■«. An umpire, 
ago-between In making a compromise; a peacw- 
maker; a mediator. 

Syn. Atsukai-nin, Omu-nin, Ohusai-nin. 

Alsa^va nl, Tote's Utc, ffl!S> odu. Tumultuously; 
noisily; in great conlusion. 
Syn. AlPAWAiDE. 

Alsokl siirii, -ihV-^^^Z, @'^, v.t. To regret; to 
rue (especially another's death); to grudge. 

Aislil, -^hV- l,^=T', n. [Chin.] A dear chila; a be- 
loved child; a darling child. 

Alslifku sui-u, Tii^ L< -^3, ft^, v.t. To be and 




about; to grieve for; to lament; to pity; to com- 
AJsbJn, liv t,^. ^ it', «• Love; affection; a loving 

heart; fondness; liking. 
AlsliiraJ, loW- L f>V-,^i^, n. Treatment; recep- 
tion; welcome. See Ashlrai. [ran. 
Alshlrau, i^v^ L^-i-.^iS, v.U Leo"-] Same as ^s/ii- 
AIeliiru, io2» L3, ^^, n. The juice of indigo 
leaves. ft^iess or concubine. 
Alslio, ioV^^.i., ^ ^, 11. [Chin.] A beloved mis- 
AlBlio, loV^ L-^5, ^^, n. [(7/iin.] Lamentation; 
commiseration; sorrow; grief; mourning; sad- 
Alalio, liot> L-^5, iffi'S', 7t. O Destiny concerning 
two persons' becoming man and wife, @ Con- 
geniality of temper or disposition. 

Aisho wo miru, ^^ 13; ^ ^ lu, to judge by the 
horoscope, whether two persons should marry 
or not. 
Also, l^V'-t, a IS. '"i- [Law.] A petition; a remon- 
strance; a complaint; a supplication; a hum- 
ble &.uit. suru, v.t. [Cftfji.] To petition lor; 

to complain about; to appeal to the government. 


Also, lcV-5 5, 'SfH. n. [Cfiin.] Hospitality; polite- 
ness, courtoousness; sociableness. 

Aiso ga tsvkiru, @fi?/* i£ fl-, to become out of 
sympathy with; to be alienated from; to grow 
less friendly; Also no yoi, ^ffi-^^W, very 
hospitable; sociable; Also no nai, ^^^^%■^, 
uncivil; Impolite; rude; Aiso wo iu, "^^^"M 
y, to speak pleasingly, politely; to talk charm- 
ingly; Also wo sum, 'Sl-B? ^' )^, to treat po- 
litely; to give a feast; JVan no go-also mo gozarl- 
masenu, ^^J -^ iS ^ IH ^ 231 ^ V v % ^ , [coll.] we 
have nothing to amuse you. 

AlBonaKO jii, i/iV-^-^s^^^.M^^'M.! °-^'^- Coolly; 
coldly; indifferently; in an unsuciable manner; 

Als6Fftsiii,-i,-l*i, ^o\;^^5 c. L, ^ ^t^ Eic, "i- Kind, 
polite; warm; courteous, sociable; civil; pleas- 
ing; hospitable. 

Alsornslilkii, loV^"?? ^ L< . ^^iK. ad"- Kindly, 
pleasingly; fourteun.-ly. 

AlsoxukasliJ, loV^^^*i-L, '^^^, i<- [coil.] lie- 
coming lesa friendly; cooling in towards 
another; ruder treatment than usual. 
Syn. Nakatagai. 

Alsu. ^hhir, SPSiSTH. "■ [-Bof.] Thorn apple. 

Alan, loj-^-^, "g, v.t. To love; to like, to be fond of. 

Alta, ^h-0■1t, (i, iJ- Vpasto^Aku.] See .lA:*;. 

Alta, MV-1i, FpJ0, inter), [cont. of.) anff/m.] Ex- 
clamation of pain in hurts; it pains I how pain- 

Aitaclil-naliu,-t5y.'tet^<, #|f fS^, adv. Rudely; 

impolitely; uncivilly. 

Aitac]il-uas]il,-j.-Kl, 1o i> fe *t ^ L, U^^, a. 
Rude; impolite; discourteous; uncivil; rough, 

Aitngai ill, 1o i> fe i^ V* K, :ffi S, ado. Mutually; 
each other; one another; together. 

Aitaqai ni tasiXkeau, ffl S = B(J -S' ■?■ to help 
or assist one another. 

AUal, l^y-fev^, f@^, Ji. Between two parties. 

Aitaiznk'u, ;fa ii iS. deciding between two 
parties; without the intervention of a third. 

Altai, ■\h\-'lL\--. ^ Sa. «■ and aAv, [Chin.] Spreading 
in layers or strata; streaked with many lines (afc 
clouds or the sunset heaven). 

Kasumi aitai to shite, g^3^ \-~/t. the baza 
spreading in layers. 
Syn. Tasabiku. 

Aitai, ^■5l^fev^, jgfg, v.t. To wish to meet; wish- 
ing to see; longing to see; pining for. 

Aitai-gal, 15 O- ?i V^ ii^V-, :ffi fi m. n. Trading be- 
tween two parties, without the intervention o\ 
a third. ping to meet. 

Altakii, l^W'feC.^g, adv. Wishing to see; long- 
Aitai mono da, i^S^^ ^^, I should like to 
meet; Oh, that I could see! .ZeW aitai, ^4^'^^, 
I must see him. 

Aite, -ii>V-X, SS, adv. Same as ^Wte. 

Aite, I5if-T, ft)^, i^^-, n. OA partner; a compani 
on. @ An adversary ; an antagonist. © A party 
(as in a contract or law-suit); a match. 

Aite hoshiya, V^^^z/\, wishing to have a 
companion (to talk or play witli), Aitenitara- 
«", fl3^ = S9 ^, too weak to be an antago- 
nist; Aitewoerabazu,^:^^^^^.-:^, to have no 
preference for strong or weak; whosoever it 
may be; any one; Aite wo sunt, ^-^^ 7, jt-, to 
act as a companion or an antagonist; Hanashi 
aite, ^^-ffij^, a companion in talking; Saken* 
aite wn suru, jS .^ ftJ :^ ? y. ii-, to drink 'sake' 
toge t her. 

Aitedvrii. ioi>T^.3, ffl:?'-]^, v.t. [coll.] To accuse; 
to bring a law-suit (action) against another; to 
tiike one as an opponent or antagonist; to be 

Alteisyo, to 1^ t V^ »r 1, S IS fA, ft. [Jchth.] Same 
as SJiita-birame. 

Aite-kata, 1^l>T4>t2, ffi^^, «. See AiteiZ). 

Alto, S,V/r$, rW-, n. Lf7(;».] Grief; regret; sor- 
row; himentation . remor-e for .= omuthing lost 

siii-H, r.i. Tu regret; to rue; to lament; to 

grieve I'or, to bemoan; to mourn the losa of. 

AI-toiin> Hi, foO-^ tlf^i, tBW. art". Togetherwith; 
in company with; along w ith. 

Aitsii, ',iV-^, &W, H. [coU.]Uq, she, that fellow. 
Syn. Ktatsu. Akatsu. 



Altsiibo. t^(t':?l3;, SES, Tt. A vessel lor holding 
mdigo-juice (used by dyors); an indigo vat. 

Syn. AlGAMH. 

Altsu«'lil, ^5^^•:?'^, I9:B£, n. Smne &S Aizuchi. 

AltsutauJI, ioSi-7-:?t, lliStffl. »i- [Bot.]A npecies 
of azalia wliich blooms in Autumn. 

Alyado, ioV-->i?)&, MW, ft- Lodging together; 
lodging in the same room with strangers. 

Alyiiko, abW-^l*. n. Wife's or husband's father. 

AJyaku, l^y--^^, [^^,, 11. An officer of the same 
rank or situation; a fellow-officer; a colleague. 

Aiyoku, ■JoV^K.'Stt. n. [C/ttTi.] Affection ; love ; 
liking; a loving heart. 

Alyomo, loi>i;J6,tHif, iSKWj n- The wives of two 
brothers; daughtera-in-law of the same family. 

Ajyn. 1oV-V5,^:$:, 'fr. [Chin.] A dear friend; an 
intimate friend. Ting; pleasant. 

Alzen. i;;v^^ ^, Ul ^, a. [CAin.] Cheerful; charm- 
Kaki-alzen, 5fl]^||I^,- cheerful and harmoni- 
ous; well affected. flike and Ji^like. 

AlzC, 15\a5'5,^{B. «. iClUn.] Love and hatred; 

Al-zonie, loS?'*, iffiSfe. w. O Dyeing in blue. 
@ Blue-dyed; that which is dyed in indigo 

AlKOjne-iiiono.T^ib^-fttO,®^?®, «• Anything 
dyed in blue colour. 

Alzouioya, "ih^ ^'}6^, ^<lh^, n. A dyer. 

Alxu, 1.'>U>r3', ^^, n. A signal; a token. 

Aizu no Icane, aruiwx rappa, -^ ^ -^ ©, |S ■•■^ 
^Jii\, a signal bell or trumpet; Aizu wo sum, '^ 
Mf- 7. )U, to give a signal or make a sign. 

Alzuclil, ■j5t>'='"^, tgge, ■«. O Hammering toge- 
ther; hammering alternately. @[coIL] Assist- 
ing a person by throwing in seemingly chance 
remarks calculated to make his words more 
plausible or convincing in the eye of another. 

Aizuc7ii wo utsu, mUf-^^y, [coll.] to help 
another by cunningly chiuiing in with his opi- 

Alciijiij, loS^i^j ^^. n. Indigo made in the 
form ot'sumi or Indian ink cake. 

Alxu-no-liata, l5t>:?'C9afe, ^IM, "• -A- signal 
flag or banner. Tin blue. 

Alzuri, i5S)$i!), (SI !H. «■ Being printed, or dyed 

Ajarl, 7 ^-V V . r*!! If ly, ■"■ [Samk.] [cm-rupt- of 
Ajariya.] A Buddliist priest who sees to the 
instruction of minor priests under him. 

Aji, 'i^%', ^, /c l/c/if A.] mackerel, Frachii- 
rus trachurus. 


ES, n. 









ga ka- 

vjaru, l^i/SB*-, to become stale; Aji womiru 


^ ^ K '^, to try the flavour; Aji wo tsukeru, B|i 
^ Wt ■*" '^, to season ; to give a relish to. 

AjJau, -ioVa^, {^, v.t. Corruption of jyiwat*. 

Imiwoajiau, l^.^'y- VM7, to muse over and 
enjoy the meaning; to appreciate the sense 

AJl^anio, l5"&t»<S, EKIiS, ". [Omttft.] The spec- 
tacled teal, Anas formona frying earth, 

Ajlka, loCi^ Jff. '* A Itind of basket usedincar- 


AJika, 7oCii>, Hb^, n. [Zool.'}SfPlfKr* s Fea-Won. 

<, m '^, 

adv. Witli- 
out inter- 
est; un- 
ly; irk- m m 

Ajlklnasa, lotr&'tt^, ^l'^, n. Unpleasantnesa ; 

unhappinesa; wearisoraeness. fniyUfel 

Mi no ajtkinasa, i3'-^^fr5. ^o'^ wearisome is 
Ajik]uaiihl,-l,-ki, 1^ t & tc L, U IS, a. Un- 
pleasant; wearisome; uninteresting; disagree- 

Ajikinaki yo, M'll^it) the wearisome world; 

Ajikinakiyowowataru, ^'I^-Bt 9" iE'^i to live a 

wearisome life. 

Ajfku, 15 tC, L2 T, n. [/c/U/i.j The young of the 

Syn, Ko-AJi. LAJi. 

AJI-inam©, To%3:*, JSM. «■ [Bot.'jDollchos Lablab 
AJiiiiasa, l^'^a^, n. [£ot.] The betel-nut. Same 

as Binrojl. 
Ajina, lo t tE, SflS, ^- [coU.] Strange; curious; 

odd; wonderful; striking. 

Syn. Atashii, Fushigina, Henna, Hbn- 


Ajlnai. T5"«rtiiV*, #^, "■• O Tasteless; without 
relish; insipid. @ Wanting spirit, life, or anima- 
tion; destitute of the power of exciting emo- 

AJIro, loti^, ^1t, w. A peculiar mode of weaving 
thinly split bamboo or rattan 1 1 i ot i i 1 -» of 
such work, used to catch 
flsh with. ^^^ ^ J 

Ajli'o, lof:^, 1tl^. w- A bam- 
boo or rattan mat made of 
aj'h'o work. 


Ajiro-biita, 15 tr ^ -S* fe. ffl f^ 

|£, n. A lid made ol aj'tro 

AJii-o-Ki, To C ^ir, ftiS*. «■ 

The poles attached to the 

fishing basket make of ajiro work. 







or drinlvintj a little. 

Ajlro-euvumn, 15E:5<-5:S, S§1^^, /*. Akinaof 

wafjon, made o\' ajiro work. 
AJlro-ko8!il,i;^L-^2. L, ) ^ft§?, «■ A kind ol 
Ajii-o-goslij, loEr^C: L, ' bamboo seJan-cliair, or 

palanquin of ajirn work. 

Syn. Take no AMI-GOSni 
AJIvo-niJ. ihi:^^, ^iK^, n. A kind oC sJiallnw 

basket make of ajiro work, 
AJtroinori, 15 E; ^S 6 i£) , 8§ ■ft "S^, n- One who guards 

the fishing-basket. 
AJiB;>i, lo%-^&, B^IIIIE. ^RS?E. n. \JJid.\Them- 

AJisaslil, lo tr 3> L, it' \0r- 

ntth.] Stn'na longipeiiiiis, 

D.iurian Tern. 
.iJltsiiltc-iioi-Gr lo'^-^t'^O 

'O.mnS'^.^' SeasoneL'' 

Ajlui-1, l^tr 5 y, mjf<. n. 

[BoL] The mu>k melon. 
AJlwui, lo'^-iau-, Sf, n 

Taste; flavour; rdi^h. 
AjiATuii, 15%-tt.i-, tM, I'.i. a 

To taste, to try by e.ilm, 

@ To relish intellectually. 
Al*a, i5i-, ^(/fl, ■)' l.Saji.9t.3 Water; inBucldhiam; 

the waLci- placed in I'ront o! the idols, and 

in the slialluw cavitie^ cut in tomb-stones. 
Akn, 15*>, iS, 15. "■ The water poUiing into a 

ship or boat; bilge-water. 
A\a kvmu, ,f^ 'M i*, to dip or draw uji 

bilge-water Irom a ship or boat. 
Akii, lo "-!)>. ^. "■ Filth, dirt; I'oul matter; the 

filthy or greasy excretion of the body; the dirt 

or slime of any fluid, 
Alca darake, iH^if y ■^, full of dirt; Aka cm 

(suk!', ig://R|^, ti> become dirty or filthy , Aka 

wo nagasu, t^ f \% y-, to wash offfilth. 
AKa, 15A>, S^, n. A nd colour; a eiimRon colour; 

redness; a blorid cnkmr. T^lete. 

Alta. %i}>, ^, II. \cnll.] Bare; nnked; perfect; com- 

Al.n nntnii'rn, ^\ y % K, a perfect stranger. 
Aha-akaTia. l^*.3r,4>3-. ^ .iT. ^, n. [BalA Lnmb'R 

Quarter.'!. Tcopper. 

Alia-araeano. i;; VA c. ft''*!, S^, n. [Min.] Crude 
Aha-arJ, '\7,±--ih'^ .i*\.^'i n. \Kntoiri.] A red nnt. 
tkH-nshi-sliigl. 15*>*X LIST, «• [Orn££/i.] Spotted 

Akn-nya, iii>?,j^, ^i:,«. Red figure-^ ni ^iripe'^. 
Akabachlra, lo*>(f "^S. tf ^- ^ [lint.] Spanish 

Akabann., i^t'tf-^, n. [Tchth.] A kind of flsh 
Aknliiina. loi'tftc, flU 1^ ^. «■ l^ot.] Ej)Uobliim 

Honkerl. facuta. 

Ababa-sbljlinl, i^4>tr;g.;£'^, ■«- [Entom.] Curetis 

Altabn-nBht, TSi'U? L, 
nut coloured cow. 

f 4i, 7(. [Zool.) A cheat- 

Akahiso, 1^4>i>'?5, 

fM, 3fS. «. [Bot.] Ama- 

Aka-bi^ti, ^54>t^•l*, J ranth. 
Akabo, l^*'ffi,!(j:^., n. [Bot. 

having a reddish ear. 
Akaliosbi, loi-lX L, S^M. ^ S 

star, Venus. 
Aka.boslil, ToiHKL, 
Akattiira, loi>>fe, 

A species of rice 
71. The morning 

irchtlt.] MzixteJus manazo. 
[BoL\ La<jp-r^tr(Emia sub- 

Akacbalro, lo *> 1^-^ V^ ^. SC i® £, «- A reddish- 

light-hTown colour. rjaponica. 

Akaclioji. l^A'*^-^? t.^w-, n. [Bot.] Dlervilla 

Akaobubl-daka, ^ J> '5. 5 U' ?& 4>. "- [Omith.] 

lla frier. 
Aka<lal, I^Ji^dU-,^. g ^., m. [7cft t/i.] Por/i^us major. 
Akjt-ilaikcii, ?.4.7C-V^2lA., Ei!?S5I. «■ [-Ot^f-l Red 

Garden Radish. r^irtlfsia^apoTiica. 

Akadaiiia-no-kl, i5*':t-3:®&. f^^^. "■ L-i*&t-J 

Syn. YadukuJi. rsliip or vessel 

Akadaiiio. ^^i}^TzV), Jiifijt, it. [Naut.] A tank in a 

Akadana, thb^7(^U,PJi ilS\^, n. [Budd.] The shelf 

or altar in a house where holy water and Budd- 

Syn. BUTSi'DAN. ^hist idols are placed. 

Akao, l^A'l^.-J-.B, "■ Red 

figures or patterns on 

Akaoi, 1o*' A.U-, SS^gi,, n. 

\fchth.\ Trygon iia.'>linaca. 
Akacniba,io:t'> i&AtJ, S^^ 

Tu [Entom.'] Same as Aka- 

Akasarbl, lo*'ft''^, fi ^. n. 

[Bot.] Strawberry Tomato. 
Akagaoru. ia*'i)*-'3. tn®, 

n. {ZooL] A. frog, Kana 

Akagal. 1o *- ft* U-. 'i'i flfS. «• CJS ffi 1®3 

[(7o)ic/i.] A kind ol' bivalve shel), Area lnjlata. 
Wnganii. l^i-ft^A. ?/;S^, '*■ Red paper. 
\UaKaiio, Ihi'nh^. M '"■■ [.Wfn.] Copper. 

Syn. Aka, Do. 
Akagane-claral. ioi>j)f4a?t'&U-,^^, 

lias in. 
AkaKaiio-iro. To ±> ft' *^ V^ ^, ^ g, 

Syn. Do siiokt'. 
Akngaiio-kiizii, lo *> fj* *a ( t?%fp]f?, n. Copper 
Akagano-nalio, 15i>fi'*ii ?£-<:, fp] M, n. A copper 

pan or kettle. fstamp or seal. 

Akusanp-iio-ln. ^o■tJ>ft■f*aC5^/^^. ^ Ep, n. A copper 
Akaeane-n<i-so, 15i-ft''*acD3^-5, ^"J (S, n. A cop- 
per statue or idol; an image cast in copper. 
Akaerno. lo*'ft*i4> #fa, 't. A red face; a flushed 


A coppei 
fscraps. ' 




Syn. Akaki-kao, Akaragao. 
Alcagappa* TS4>ft''yff, S^-o'??, n- A red raiD-coat 

made of oiled paper. 
Aka-garaslil, iS4>t«& L, SfTF. n. [Sot.] Sinapis. 
Akngai'l. fo*'ti'*'0 . flfi. w. See ^fcagtrc 
AbaBHshl, i5*>litL,t;f8, jfitlflf, It, [BolA QnercvM 
Syn. Obagashi. . lacuta, 

Akagaelilra, loifJ)' L &, a. n. [Omftft.] Widgeon. 
Abago, loi))^, #^, n. Ked hair. 

Akagcra, lo *■ W"- ^, ^*;^. »*- [Omrtft.] Great 

spotted wood-pecker , J^Lcus major, 
Akngi,, n. [Bo(.] Bfscftqtfia JSigworfce. 
Akagli'o, l£i>*fK, ll&, (S, ii- Chaps or cracks on the 

body, made by external cold. 
Akagire ga kireta, W^if ^i^ it, the hands (or 

feet) have been cracked by cold. 
Aka-glslii-slslii. lo*»¥ L?r L, gfSI. '*■ [Bot.-^ 

Sheep soiTel. rMrundinacens. 

Akagisu, %jj>'^it,^MS^., n. {TchthACmtropristis 

Akago, lo^>a, 3^^, n. A baby; a babe; an infant' 

Syn. AKAMBO, Chinomigo, Midortgo, Se- 

KiSHi, Yaya, r^cJicncls albescens. 

Aka-gubauEame, 15 *> 7c tt ^ y fc, n. [Ichth.] 
dkagoclil. iSi-a"^, n. [TcIitJi.] Bembras japonicus. 
Akaguko, ■l£ir>a(f}',^^, n. [Bot.] Red moss. 
Akagoiiisr. lo*>a'2, SSfi, " L^oe.]Flas. 
Akagome, lS*>aJ6, tS?l€. » A Iclnd of red rice. 
Akagiizii, 75*. <'-^, n. [Tc/ith ] JTaUevtara stellaia. 
Akali:i4laka, T54>tt7£*», #^, n. Being eniirely 

naked; being stark naked; nakedness; boing 

Akahadaka ni naru, gfH^^-^n-, to become 

entirely naked, to take off all the clothes; Aka- 

haclaka ni swm, ^^S^^-'^i ^coll.] to deprive a 

person of all his clothes and possessions (said of 

a h^ghwayman^ It i? also used when an animal 

Is skinned, 

Syn. *Habaka, Map?adaka, Maruhadaka, 


Akakae* (5 *> tt ;t. WIS. w. ^TclUh.]A kind of 

Akaltaji, iSi'H'?'', S^IR-, "■ [coll.] Open disgrace; 
being publicly disgraced or dishonoured; great 
Syn. OiiAJi. Linfanfiy or shame. 

Aka-ltajikainJ. 15 4> tt t *> ^, 4 S, n. [Bot.] A 
kind of ginger. fduck. 

Ak:tl3ajli'o, ISA^Idte's, n. [OrnitJi.] White-eyed 
Akaknul, I5*>ttl/c, ^ ffi, n. See Akatsitchl, 
Akaliurn, 15*'!* ^, 5f> Iflil. w. [31e(l,] Dysentery. 

Akaliatn. \hi'mz,^\% ti. A red flag. 
Akakigo, i54>i>vj-, # iB, «. Red beard; a red 

benrded person; hence, a contemptuous term for 

all Europeans and Americans. 
Syn. KKToJiN. 

Akahlgo, T'5*>0-W=', «. [Orra«7t.] Corean Robin. 
Akaliliiin, ■\h1}>'0-V-tr;Myi, '«■ [Bot.] Euzolm vlri- 

Als. rtoad. 

Aknhlkl, T5*>t^&, ^pff, ii. [fiiKtwi,] A kind of 
Akahlyu, T54'0-W>,^l?, /*. [Bot.] Same as Aka- 

Akal, ■(5*>i&,Mf4I#, n. IBnad.] The font or well 

from which aka (holy-water) is dipped lip. 
Aka-lino. toi.v-a, ^.^, n. [Bot.] Sweet Spanish 


Syn. Satsuma-imo, Rbukyd-imo. 
Aka-luii, l5i>\A&i, 0iit, n. [^boXl A reddish- 
brown dog. ffon colour. 
Akairo, I5*>\r'^, #g, n- A red colour; a crim- 
Aka-lwashl, ■f5*>\i^ to L, #S3, n. %%[Ichth.] The 

dried sardine. ^{M-] A rusty sword. 
AkaJI, T54>B, gE;(^, n. L-Boe.] Sheep sorrel. 
Akajiiiil, I5:»'tft-, ig i?S, ft- State of being dirty 

or soiled. 
Akajimltn, 75 *> t;^fe, :|gi35, a. Soiled by the 

grease of the body; filthy; dirty;foul. 
Akajimita kimono, ^^s H^^, dirty clothes. 
Akajlinii, I54>ttr, ^'0, v.t. To become dirty « 

soiled from the perspiration of the body. 
Aka-kabura, ■t5*>*>.S'&. ^S^- «■ [Sot.] B7-as5fca. 
AkakagachJ, •f54>i'i]''^, ^Sl, "■ [-Boi.] Same aa 

Akakaiii. Tini3>ii^V^, 
Akagaiil, ^^•b>ffiV^, 


Akakctto, i5A>W--y>f, 

Akageto. f5*>^t-y>r, 

AkakI, 15A» g^, ^, a. [cont. ot AkarusM.] Light; 
bright; clear. 

Akakfl»[, ^^i3>^x^', g, n. [Bot] A kin.t ofredmil- 
Syn. MOCHIKIBT. Llet. 

Aka-kAJi, 154*>5L', ^tS- "■ [Bot.] Citrus fusca. 

AkaliomorJ, 15 *• C: 5 4 Ijl, 3;|i;t"^ fig, -«. fZoet.) A 
species of bat. 

.Akakii, %i}><, ^, aflu. Red; like olood. 

Akaku naru, g!^ ^ :J- ;^, to turn red; to blush; 
to ripen. 

Akakiirlgo, 15 *> <■ 9 Itf-, #-31^, n. [Zml] A red 
or chestnut coloured horse. 

Akakiiga, ^>;,^J><'5■, ^^„ n. [Bot.] Bv^Ii/jrbia hu 
mifusa. frinm. 

Akama-giisa, T5A>^<*^, M-M> '"■ [Bot] Eupato- 
Syn Sawaararagi, Shiro-ne. 

Akamanio, lo*' a ft. # S, «■ [Bot.] A reddish- 
brown bean. ftrout. 

Akaiiiasu, 15 ^•%-^, #^i '-■ [IcJith.]A kind of 

Akaiiiatsii, 15*'^":?, grlS. n, [Bot.]PlnuS(lensi- 

Akainltel, 15*'^'=V>. "■ [corrupt, of AkarM.] 
[vuL]A vulgar expression of refusal or unwill- 
ingness by pulUing down the lower eyelid of 

7b. [Zoel.] A red crub. 

( # S ^, «. A red blanket 




one of the eyes; equivalent to "putting the 
thumb to one's nose," 
Syn. BEKKAKKi5. 
AUftiiibo, ^^4>^tf5, })i-^^ ■"■■ [coll.] See Alcago. 

Kaivaii akambo, ov Ahachan, ^ ■^ ^. ^, alove- 
ly baby. 
Akaino, T5*>!*, ^E!. "■ Bloodshot eyes. 

ATcame wo suru, # ^ 3; )u, to cock snooks. 

[P.-hth ]SL>e Tai(Mi- 

n. [Ichth.\ Frlacanthus 


Abainc, l^*»i6, #^. n. 
Akainoilal, i^:ti>i6 ^sV" 


wa, -ioi'teft* 

n. [Bol.\ilal- 
lotu& japont- 
Ahanieglrl, t^ 

*'*&-'!), ^t|^, 
7i. [Bot,] Cleroclendron squaniatwm. 
Syn. HiGlRl, ToGiBi. 
Akaiuei'ii, 1o*'fc2, #. ^-^^ To redden. 
Akaml, io4>v^> #. #^, ^- O -^ retldish tinge; red- 
ness. @ The red part of wood; the lean part of 

Akainl haalnrv, gj; = ^ J^, [c ill.] lo become 
bloodshot (said of the eyes); Vshino ahaml, 4^> 
gf: ft), the lean of beef. 
Akamidatsu, io4>;^7:'-^, #51, i' 
become red (as leaves). 

A'i no ha ga akamidatsu, :^ > 
the leaves are turning red. 

Syn. KoVn SURU. 

Akami^vatiit'u, Mi}>?t-t)tt 5, ^ 
tinged with red all over. 

Sora ga akamiwatarn, ^ -V # = E «-, the sky 

has become red all over (as at sunsetj. 
Akanio. lo*>&. 'ri. [£o(.] Bog cranberry, Vaccini- 

vm iixy(occus. 
Akaitiu^asa, io*> 4 ft' 3>, ^?SJB, ■«■ p/ec?.] The 

measles. CtJu-ix. 

Akainuuo, io*> 4 ©, n. [But.] GaulUmia aaeiio- 
Akanioziu 'hi>'%^,^\^ ^. "■ [OnUt/i.] Japanese 

Red tailed shrike. fripen. 

Akaiini. loi^tr, ^, T>i- (I To become red. @ lo 

Ume ga akamii, Hii/'^.l,, the plum ripen-;. 
Ahaniiitati. i^ *> tf -?, 'i. [Icht/t..] Eteiis berycoi- 

AkituuiHii. lo*'^^, # ^, :^ ^ ^, n. [£ot.] Tomato. 
Syn. AKANASUBI. rMunjeet. 

Akaiio. 1^4'iH, M ^?:, ". [Bot.]Br\-iq:r\] Mtiddm, or 
Akaue, lo*'*l. SIS. "• Reddish mist. 
Aba-nebiirl, -ihii'il^ "5. ^^, 'i- [-EnlomJ A kind 

of mosquito. 
Akano-kazura, To***!**:^ 6, W V^, ". [iJo(.] 


To turn or 


, v.i To be 

Akaue-kaKiira, 15 *» *a *> =** 6 , gPJiUf^^. t*. 

[Bot.] Tripterigyum. 
Akuiie-momon, ^5A■*a?li6^, S^iES, rt. Cotton 

cloth dyed red with inunjeet. ftatartca, 

Aknite-initgiii'a, loii^*a*i'<* 6» n. [Bot.] iJw&td. 
AkanesaHii. liii'Hc- -^, ^H a. A pillow-word 

for ' Bi ' (sun or day). 
Akane-Kuiseu, ^o*'il^i&-t^, n. [Bot.] Trit^mia. 
AkaueziimJ, loA'tl :3';^, gpEfi, a. A reddish 

gray. \-miis sp. 

AkaDCzuppo, 15i>*a:=>'7t^, w. [/cftr/t.] Galliony- 
AkauJslii, i^A-v^U aillS, a- rConcft.l fi w^ajm. 
Aka-uo-liariganc, io 

«. Copper wire. 
Akii-uo-maiiiuia, % 

[con.] A kind of food 

made of rice imd red (jg; JUJ 

pea beans (chiefly said of a child). 

Syn. Aka no jieshi, Azukimeshi. 
Aka-no-uobcUa, %±^(D<D^ \^1t, ^ iS K, n. A 

hammered pl.ite of copper. 
Akanosiirl, lo*>©-^W), n. [Omitft.] Buzzard. 
Akauii, -Joi'tib, 'ZsX^, v.i. [neg. oi Akiu'li^ot to be 

opened; to be shut up. 
To fja akaiiii, ^^Ug j', the door can not be 

opened, Rachi ga akanu, iSj:;/ IJ^ :?, tedious) 

not speedy; Me ga alcanii, @ -,V [JH 3i, lo.) to be 

blind to a thing; (6) to be still sleeping. 
Akaiiii, lo*>ift, 7.BS. v.i. Not to be tired or 


Akanu naka, T^BRpf", an inseparable or de- 
lightful rel.ition. 
Aka-niikoi'ii, io*>itiW-5, IfjJS, v.i. Q To be neat 

and stylish. @ To be polished. 
AkaoBir-, l-^i.^rW-. M Cfl ^i, '"'• [Buda.] A receptacle 

for Imly water; ;i font. fovata. 

AkH-okeru, ^5A*5.';^^> *51:, ". [Bol^.'] Atractylls 
Aka-oto:^ll^ loA'3i?^ I, ffiTg, v(. A piece of rough 

cloth u^ed in rubbing dirt off the body. Same 

a^ AJcasuri fese nnzel 

AkMppat-a. l^^-j]/^^, n. [OrnUA.] Brown Japan- 
Akai-.iffao, i,^ *> & ft?(i, ^^, k. A red face; a 

c] im'^on vi'sage; a flushed countenance. 
Al^arngashi, l54»6i!j^L, HiL Cll. n^ l-Hol.iQuercus 

-\^U:iyii^Un, 'ioi'C.*', #, a. Red; crimson; scarlet. 
Akai-aiiie, li *> & fc, ^1. a, u. Looking away; 

looking aside; a sidelong glance, a cast of the 

Syn. \Vak):mi:, Yosome. L^ye. 

Akai-anicni, 15A> i^fc,-:,, ^, v.t. To make red, to 

redden; to cause to flush or blush. 
Akaraiiiii, i^*. ^ {f, gp, v.i. To become red; to 

redden; to flush; to flare up. 
Akarasama nJ, loi'feS^tt, ^ iik. adv. Openly; 


plainly; publicly; without disguise or conceal- 

AJcarasama nt hanasu, ^itll — tS>^, to spenk 
the plain truth; to tell all. Takete. 


Akavl, %-)]>Vi, ffl, n. Alight. 

AJcarl wo Jcesu, IS ^ iff >^, to put out a light; 
Mi no alcarl ga tatsu, # > ^ V ^ jt '*>'. niy in- 
nocence ia proved. 

Akarl-ninilo. tht*^'^^, ^IS, n. A skylight; a 

hole in the wall or roof to let light in ; a dorraer- 

Syn. Akahitori. Lwindow. 

Ahnrlsnhl, T5*>'!I5&, H^ M, Cidv. In one's llglit. 
Akari-sakl ni tatsu, ^ V iirf ^ = it ">*. to stand 
in one's light. 

Akarl-Bhdjl, ft*> "O ;fe ^5 C ^ 1^^. ?*■ A paper 
shutter tor letting in light. Cmofio. 

Akarl-torl, 15*' 'O 5f '5, B^^. "- Same as Akari- 

Abarii, ioi>2. ^, v.i. To become light; to lighten, 
brighten, light up; to illuminate; to become 

Akaru, T5*>S, BBi ^■'- To be opened, as a cover. 

Akarukii, "ihij^Z < , ^i a. and adv. Q Light; clear- 
ly; brightly. @ Easily seen or understood; per- 
ceptibly; without doubb or vagueness. 

Akarukunarv, ^ ^ -^ S-, (a) the day breaks; 
(6) it becomes clear, bright, well known, public; 
Mi no ve wo akamJcu sum, ^^Jb^N^B-'^ y-fi-, 
to clear one's self from suspicion; Ranipu wo 
aTcaruku sum, ^SE^ N^ n- i7 7. ;t, to turn up 
the wick of a lamp. 


Akariiml. 1oA>Z;^, ^. n. QAlight place. ©The 

Akarumt ni dasu, ^^^HJ^., to bring to 
light; to place before the public. 

Akarusa, lo*>3:5, ^, n. Light; briglitnoss; 
clearness; degree of light. 

Akariishl,-i,-kJ, Ini' Z I, n. QLight; clear; 
bright; full of light. ©Clearly visible or per- 
ceptible. ©Clever; skillful; fully aware of: well 
acquainted with. 

Michi ni akarushi, ^=^^ n- s/, to be well ac- 
quainted with the way. 

Akasagldal, i5i>s^;t-V^, j n. [Jc!ith.] Antheas 

Akasn^l* lot'?^, ' ScHJeae.HL 

Aka-saanKC, lc*>55V>, S:^S. «• IBoL] A kind 
ol red bean. 

Aka-soinl, ^oi}■'■^^, #Ji, «■ [Entmn.} A species 
of reddish cicada. 

AkashU-l,-kl, 1o*> L, #. »• ORed; crimson; uf 
a blood colour. © Sincere ; loyal. 
AkaHkokoro, j^,.t^ afaithfullieart. 
^yn. Hi, Kurenai. 

AkasbL, 7;)d*l, JQf. »• a light; a lamp. 



5 * ^, to speak the 

Akashi wo tsukeru, i^ 9 flf-\ -y Ji-, to light 4 

Syn. Akart, ToMOsniBi. Llamp. 

Aknelil, io*>L, SE. "• Proof; witness; evidence; 

demonstration; conviction. 
Akas?ii wo tatem, fSE"^ aL^ ft', to prove or to 

procure a witness. 

Syn. SnOKO, Sh^mei. 
Ak3i«lil-l>lto, T54>LU>'5?, SEA. n. A witness. 
Akaslil-ckljlinl, io*> 1%%'?^-, m'^W, «■ A kind 

of corrugated cloth woven at Akashi. 
Akaslikle. 1oA';£t?, n IBot.] Carpinus japonica. 
Akasliiya, -ryj'y^, n. [fino.l [£oM The Acacia. 
Akasliomn, l5*>:fe i. 5 

^, n. [Bot.] Astible. 
Akaso, io4'^, StSE, -rt- 

[Bit.] BocJvmeria. 
Aknsu. 15*.-^, ^, v.t. 

OTo make clear; to 

lighten; to illuminate; 

to enlighten. ©To tell 

something hidden to 

others; to make public 

something concealed ; 

to reveal or confess. 

© To spend all night. 
Aritel ni akasv, ^ (^ = 

whole truth; Tane wo akasu, Mi^Sh ■^)'^ ^ ^', 

[coll.] to make the reason clear; Tsumiwoaka- 

su, W^'^lj 7., to confess a crime; To wo nakl 

akasv, ^"^ ?ii=^i^fj 7-, to weep all the night 


Syn. AKIRAKA HI srRU, Arawasu, Hakh 


Aka-siiiTl, Ihii^f^, ^- ^, n. [Bnt.'] Cryptomerla. 
Aka-8iiK»rt, 1i4>-^<*W), n. [/Jo(.] Red clover. 
Aka-si»Ji, ■\^i3>-}-%-, g!pSj5, n. Red lines; veins. 
Akasii III OHIO, ioi'-^4 !i, ^f!^% n. [fioi.] A kind 

of pi um. 
Akasiii-I, lo4>-^'5, \^^, ". Same as Aka-otoshi. 
Akatarhl-iio-ii^vo, 15*' ?i "^ © 5 5r, Sp??^, n. 

{Ichth.] Ce-pola Krusensterni. 
Akatade, loA'teT?, U.^-, n [Sot.] A kind of red 

Akataiial)ir.-i, io*>fetrt>*S, ESI, n. [IchtJi.] Ca- 

poeta limhata. Vlirfus. 

Akatateka, io4>tetEJ, «. [Ento^i.'] Vanessa cal- 
Akata-iii-l, foA>fe5 y. Ifi iK, ft- [fiof.] Pompion or 

Pumpkin Gourd. 

Akatckakota, io*'-y V^W-fe, a. [coli.] Reddish. 

Akatoki, lo^'lf^, ^, n. Same as ^fcafsitfci. 

Akatumbo, ^oi>i?^l5!, S:^. '"-• lEntom.] A kind 
of red dragon-fly. 

Akatiti-1, 75A>5f ID, MM, n. A bailing ladle; a ves- 
sel used to dip out bilge-water. 
Syn. Aka^di^I 



Akatsiirhl. l^ii>l>%, #±, rt. Ked earth. 
Akii-tsiigc, -m'-^n-; ^IS, ■"■ [liiit.] Diervilla ja- 

AkatHiihl, ^^i'■1?^> ^, n. The dawn of day; the 

earlymorning; day-break. 

Kehiiri akatsii?ci wo hozu, IS fill ^ ■?■ ^ 7t, the 

cock proclaims the dawn. 

Syn. Akeboko, Akegata, Asagata, Rei- 

MEi. Shtnonome, Yoake. \"iT\% bell. 

AlfatRiiKI-giii^a. lo*>-7? <'^, n. [Bol.^ The morn- 
Akia-tsiiinr-gUHa., 15 i> -t? fe <• ^, n. {Bot.] Red 

clover. Uapinnata. 

Aka-ukikiisn. lo*>5?<"5. gSJTfiT, "• l^ot.] ^roi- 
Akn-iiiiia, l^i>5^, B, i^- [-?oo/.] A red chestnut 

coloured horse ; a sorrel hori^e. 
Aha-iishi. To-i'? L, *^^, n- [^ooL] A red or chest- 

^It, n. [fiof.]Saino as 

. a OHiiTned red. @ 


U^ ^ 'XM. red-hot 

□ lit colourd cow. 
Aka-iitsiigl, 15 *> 5 <7 ?f, 

Akaynke, l^i^-^fr?", Sljg 

Red colourd. 

Akayal-e no hibashi, 

Aknyauagi. lo*>-^ti:^. #tS. ". [Bo(.] 4!n«a mart- 

Syn. Han no ki. Itima. 

AkDKn, lo4>^. 0- «■ [-Bot.] White Goosefoot or 

Akaza-iio-tHiiyo, loA' 

^"©■:?jE, S?:f^, «. A 

stnfT made ol' akaza 

(much prized by old 

Akazoiiio. 15 *> ^* J^, jU 

13^, )i. Dyeing red. 
Akaziikii, 15*':3* < , 4 i^. 

t'.f. To become dirty 

or greasy. 
Akaziiiiil, loA'^^, S'-£S. 

7i, A Ktick of red ink. 
Syn. Shuzuhi. 
AkaRiina, 154>$'^, ,J:p>, n. Red sand. 
Akaziim, 1o*>:^'&, "- [.Bof.] PoiypOTlifm. /jcj'afc/ise. 
Ako, 150", ^, n. Red cfilonr; vermilion. 
Ako-l»nii, ^5W•^f^, JJfl Sf, 71. The day or the morn- 
ing after one has served liis turn as night-watch- 
Akobl, in^xy, Iffi:^, n. [Bot^AkeUa. Lman. 

Akel>niio, i5W-;2r©, 15 b^, «- See .ifraCsHfcf. 
Akcboiioso, •15:-)'tS©55, ^f^Ea"^, ■«• [2*ot.] O^iftc- 

Hct. fin rain-bow hues. 

Akel>onn-xoi»o, i5ltS0 5'to, Iffi^fe, «- Dyeing 
Akognta, I5«'f;tft, li^ :;^, ■'(. Same aq ^fcats«frt. 
AUogiir*^, i5W-<'n. ^fi?, «■ OMorning twilight; 

the dim light before day-break. @ Evening twi- 
Ake-kanarm'u, l5tJ-K^H3, m SSt, I'-i. To break; 
Syn. AkeEU. Lto dawn. 

Ake-liuuashl, iSW-HtcX., BHSc, «■ O Leaving 

open. @ State of being open 


Akehana&M muyo, BHKtMffl. don't leave the 
door openl 

Ake-liaiinsii, l5W'tt'^^, flgSfe, ^'.f- To leave open; 
to let a thing remain unclosed or unbarred. 

Tansu wo akchanasu, ^^^BgSc^., to leave 
the drawers of a bureau open. 

Syn. AKEHAiVATSU, akeppanasp. 
Akc-karaii, l5W-aG.i-, ^M, v.t. To open through- 
out or wide; to leave ajar. fdoorswide. 
Towo akr-iiarav, p f- Rfl ^j^ 7, to open all tlie 
Akc-liaraii, ini&lii^^, tflJJI;, v.t. To empty out; 

to mrtke completely void. 
Akel, i5wv^, M5i, ■''- [CM??.] One's elder brother. 
Syn. Ani-L'YE, Axisama, Anisan, aniki, 

Ake-knro, 15 W" ( H, MS. " Morning and even 
ing; day and niglit; incess-.ntly; without inter- 

Ak^knre ^o),a wo fianarezii, B.® ^ ?" M I-'tC, to 
be at one's side day and night. 


Akpiiiiiitsu, 15 W-??-^, N3 ^, n. Six o'clock in the 
morning (in the old mode of reckoning tht 

Alicjii. i5W-tt, B^^, n. A bamboo-woven basket 
with a movable lid, used in travelling, etc. 
Syn. TAKEGuRI, TsuzUUA. 

Ako-iii-soiiiii, i5itK.ttr, Vk^. vt. To dye rod. 

r.i. To be smeared with blood. 

Ahr-ni -somite .'•hinthn-u, i^—'^^ ■r?EV7-*fl', 

tu lie dead, weltennq in one's blood. 
.'tkc-iio-naklta. l5H-©?.ife, H^ ^, n. To-morrow 

morning; tlie next morning; the following 

morning. rVOKl'OHO. 

Syn. Ake-no-asa, Akuru-asa, MtoOhA, 

Ako-MO-lii, 15 W" © y-, l5H.''t. To-morrow; the 

next or following ibiy. fJiTSU. 

Syn. AKURunr, Ashita, ."HyC-^icitt, Yoku- 

Akc-iio-kaiie, l5W"'^ii>ia, t^tlS, n. The sun-rise 

boll (struck in temples). 
Akc-iiokoru, 15W©?!?;, tfl?^, r.(. To be half- 
dawning; to be still a little dark; not to dawn 

Ako-nn-iiiyojo, l5 W" © /^ -^ 5 S.* -^ 5. Bg ^^ g, n. 

[Astron.] The morning star; Venus. 
Syn. AKAHnstir. 
Ako-iio-sora, 15H-c^^ ^, ^5^, ■«. The sky at 

dawn; the morning sky. 
Ake-no-toahi, i5H-i^l^:£, [j^ip, „. The next or 

following year, the ensuing year. 

Syn. Myonen, Rainen, YokuxNen. 
Ake-iio-teuki, I5t7-c7)'9&, HB ^, ,i. The next or 

Bucceeding month; the following month; the 

month after. 




Syn. RAiGETau, Tsugi no tsuki, Yokd- 


Aheru, lcW"Z, ^.BB, v.t. and i. O To open; to 
disclose; to unlock; to unbar. @ To make 
void; to empty; to make vacant; to vacate. 
© To dawn; to begin; to be over. 

Ana wo akeru, /t^ffi^"-. to make a hole; 
ft wo akerv, $K ^ S *■ «-, to vacate a house 
or to be awny from home; Kame no mizu wo 
aherv, tffi ^ >}< ^ ^ ■*■ fl-, to empty the water out 
of ajar; Meivo dkerv, HB^BS'*''^. to open the 
eyes; McJii wo akei'U, S ^ flfl ■*■ n-, to clear the 
way, or to open a new road; Nenkl ga aka-u, 
^-SlVffl^ff-, the term of apprenticeship is 
over ; Te wo akeru, ^^S■*■^•(5^.■*^^f■8| ■*-fl'), 
to open the hand; Lflff.] to have no work on 
hand ; Tsuyu ga akeru, iU M ^^ BB *■ B-, the rainy 
season is over; Yo ga akei-u, &tf ^ ^a-, the 
day dawns. fMU. 

Syn. ITiRAKU, Kara nt suru, Owabu, Su- 
Akorii» loW-Z,^, ^'■*- To be tired or wearied of; 
to be surfeited; to be satiated; to be fully satis- 
fied; to have enough ; to want no more. fflsh. 
Sakana nt akeru, ^—f^^n-, to be tired of 
A.Ke-earu, igH-i? 2, tifl ^, v.i. To leave a place va- 
cant; to quit a plnce; to go away; to dawn. 
Ake~tate, T6Wfe-r, Rg ^, n. Opening and shutting. 

Syn. KAIUKI, TOJITATE, ShimetatE. 
%tae-t^uge-dorMoH-5'Wi'^V),^^5&, n. [OrnWt.] 

A cock. 
Ake-watarn, i^l&i7ltZ, ^ SE. «•<• To dawn all 
over; to dawn completely. 

Yo wa hoiiobono tc akewataru, S ■»^ ^ <f !• ^ 
jg[ lU, the darkness of night is gradually dis- 
Ake-yuKii, 15H'W>< . W =ff, ■u.*. To be gradually 
dawning; to be gradually passing away (as the 
Ahl, ln^, K. »*■ [cont. of AH7tal.^ Trade business. 
Aki, 7ft&,fc, n. O Autumn; fall. ©Harvest. 
A.kl, lo^, S, n. O Emptiness; vacancy. @ Empty 
ppace; vacuity; gap. © A place or post unfilled. 
Akl, lo&.S. »■ ©Empty; vacant; void. ©Unoc- 
cupied; unsupplied. 

Akl'basho, S^Sf, an empty or unoccupied 
place or position. 
Al*i, 1o?jW. **• Satiety; weariness; fatigue. 

Aki ga kuru, ^^5K'^■ to become tired out 
with a thing or an action. 
Akl, "[n^, R^, n. A vacant space; the intermediate 
space between two things. 


AkIaJI, ih^'S)'^, n. [Jc/ith,^ Salmon. 
Aklbako, To^lft.S®. f" An empty box. 
Aklbln, T6& t^'^, S U, n. An empty bottle. 
AklblA-Ta, To? XJ^'A/^, S tj ^, /*- O A shop where 

empty bottles are bought and sold. & One who 

buys empty or broken bottles. 

Aklblto, lo^CKiC. |£ Ai n. A merchant; a trader; 

a tradesman. ThOka, Sh5nin. 

Syn. Akindo, AkySdo, ShObainin, Sh5- 

Aklbokor], Iq^ISTZlIj). ^1^, n. {Bot.'\ Slegesbekla 

orlentalis. fground. 

Aki-elij, 1^^ %, flg Jib, rt. Empty or unoccupied 

Aklckojl, l.^5t-^5£:,#5§t5fi, n. [Bot.} Plectran- 

tJms longitubus. rshop. 

Akl-tlana* lo? 75% W 0, n. A vacant house or 

Akido. IS % >^, M, n. The lower Jaw. Same as 

Aklfflku. 15^ If < , e>c Si, n. IBoL] CJirysanthemvm. 
Akl-gii'l, lo^Sf'O, n. [Bot.] Salvia nipponica. 
Aklgo, lo^a, 6^^^, »- A child born during 
autumn. ruTiibellota, 

Aklfuini, % '& <r ?t; fX ^ ^, ""■■ [fiot.] McBognut 
Akl-kateru, l^&fefr3, SH^, v.i. To be surfeited; 
to be tired of; to becorae disgusted with. 

Ano hito ni wa aki-hateru, fS A— •'^KiR *-. 
I am quite disgusted with him. 
Syn. Akieu, Iya ni nard. 
AkI-le, io5V"^, >£5g, n. QAn unoccupied house; 
a vacant house. @ A house to let. 

Syn. Akcdana, Akiya, Karata, Kashi 

IE, KAsniTA. VtTvmmlnuSt 

Akl-karaiiiatsu, lo ? *• 6 a r?, n. [Bot.] Thalic- 

Akl-kase, to^i'^tfetR, n. Autumnal wind; the 

wind which blows during autumn. 

Akikaze ga tatsu, fiJt R ^ ^"-y, [ife.] autumnal 

wind blows; [flg.] decay, decline, or failure in 

power, strength, love, honour or position haa 


Akl-kaso-KUkl, io & *> ^ r>* 5, S^cR ^, "■ The 

eighth month; August. 
Aklkuaa-iio-liana. i^ @ i ? O (S tr, $, n. The 
flowers of autumnal plants. foccupied room, 
Akl-ina, l^l&U, ^ ]|?f, «• A vacant room; an un- 

Syu. Akibeya, Akisuitsu, Karabeta. 

Akimekiira, io§ii6 < ^,ii^,n. Q Amaurosis, or 

glaucoma. @ [Jig.] An ignoramus; one whose 

spiritual eyes cannot see anything; guttce serna. 

AkI-inono, -i^^ % C7>, ^ i^, n. [cont. of Akiriai- 

mono.] See Akinai-mono. 
AUlnal, ih^'^v-, ffi. "• O Trade; commerce; traf- 
fic; barter; dealing. @ Occupation; profession. 
Syn. ShObai, Torihiki, Urikai. 
Aklual-biine, 'i^^'ftxy^iX, ffifiS, n. Amerchant- 
Aklnal-rune, loS^O'-i-tl. J ship; a merchant 
man; a trade-ship. 
Syn. ShoseN. 
Aklnal-mono, tf, ^ ftv- t (D, ^ ^, n. Goods; 
wares for sale; merchandize; articles to be 
bought or sold. pMONO. 

Syn. Baihin, ShObai mono, Shohin, Uri- 




Alitnnslii, T^^^i, ITiKft. ""■■ [-Bol.] Arrow-head. 
AkluiLit, lo&^-i-, fS. '*'■*■ To drive commerce; to 

trade; to traffic; to carry on a traffic; to buy 

and sell. 


srnu, Urikai suru, Uru. 

Akliido, io3 ^l£■, SS A, »*. A merchant; a trader; 
a tradesman. 

Syn. Akinai-bito, Akyudo, ShAbainin. 

Aklndo-yado, 15 ^ ^ ^ -^ ^, E A 5S, «• A hotel 
for merchants; an inn for traders. 

Akluire, i^^vcti,^ K(, «• [Bot] Ulmus parvifolia. 

Akl-iiu-araslil, i^'&oa^ &;£., ^ st. '"• Autumnal 
gale or storm. 

Abl-uo-linliHkogriisa, T^?®!! * t^Si 'i- [Bot.] 
Gnaplialium hypoleueum. 

AKI-no-lianawnmbl, li^^CIltC*? sy, ^ ^ S 3R, 
n. [Bot.] Moonwort. 

Akl-no-katn, 1o&©*'fe, ^:5. «■ The open (for- 
tunate) direction of a year. 

Konnen no aki no kata wa mi ttma no a(da 
Oesu, 4"^-^^ -^:^-*''a^ ^Rfl t'^., the open 
direction of this year is between the serpent 
and the horse (betwfeu the south-east and the 
south, i.e. south-south-east direction is very 
lucky this year). 
Syn. Eh 5. 

Akl-no-keslil, tf)^(Di&X, \U^M, n. [Bot.] Lactuca 

Akl-iio-kli'liiso, lo & © ?c vj ^ ? 5, " eS ^ff 7E, n. 
[Bot.] Golden rod, Soliaagovirqa-aurea. 

Akl-no-uogcshl, '\h'^(D<Di(J>-£,, n. [Bot.] Lactuca 
brevirostris. fof cicada- 

Akl-no-scinl, lo?©^;^, ' Sfi. n. [Entom.]X 'kind 

Akl-uo-slilnio. io ^ © £ ft , fJ; J3, "■ 0[^'f.]The 
frost of aufumn, @ [flV-] A sword. 

Akl-no-!>iic, Ih ^ cr> it ^, ^ 1>", n. The end of 
autumn. fSalvia. 

Aki-uo-taniiirnsd, lo & ©fetr- ^ 5 5, n. [Bot.] 

Akli>poBlil,-l.-lii. lo & -v US * . ^ at, a. [coll.] O 
Easily tired of anything; uot enduring; soon 
wearied of. @ Ficlcle; truant; changeable (usual- 
ly i3aid of Individuals), 

Aklruka. 1^? &*>, ^, a. Q Clear; bright; brilli- 
ant; light. @ Perceptible, apprehensible; evi- 
dent. © Sagacious; apprehensive; prudent; 

Aklraka- naru akaH, Nfl -J- ft ;® it, a clear light; 
Akiraka narudori, afi -?- jl- jg S, an evident rea- 
son, Jkiraka naru into, b;] -J- ;p A. an intelli- 
SyB. Akaruki. Lsent man. 

Aklraka n1, 1^5 iii'K.U^, adv. Q dearly; bright- 
ly. © Intelligibly; manifestly; plainly; evident- 
Syn. hakkiri to, -MEIRYO m. Liy. 

AklrakeshJ,-kl, io& tl^S., ^, «■ ^^e Akiraka. 

Aklrame, lo3 &K>. fg;S:, n. Giving up a desire; 

resignation; relinquishment; acquiescence; re- 
lief of mind from doubt, perplexity, or anxiety. 
Aklrame no tame ni isha ni mite Tnorau, SBr if:-^ 
:^ = S^ = ^7'?f-7, [coll.] to get a physician to 
examine a patient merely for one's satisfaction; 
AkiraTne no warui hitn, Br ;§: ^ ^ -f A, a man 
who does not easily give up a desire (which 
ouglit to be abandoned). 

Syn. Dannen, Zetsunen, Zetsub5. 

Aklrameni. lo&tfc3,B, v.t. To make plain to 
oneself; to underbtand clearly; to investigate 
and find out; to clear, free, or relieve the mind 
of doubt. 

Syn. RlKAI SURU, RToKAI 8UR(.\ Satoru. 

Aklrameni, 1^^ &y)3, ,^f;, u.(. To resign; to 
submit to the will of God; to be satisfied with; 
to set the mind at rest; to be resigned or to 
acquiesce in. 

Sore wa rtSmo akira-merarenai, ^ -"n fpj * ^ Jg 
^.jiJt^-^-i, [coU.I that I can never reconcile 
myself to. 


Aklrainii, l^g ^tf, ffi ,^, |®, v.t. See Akirameru. 

Aklrcrii, l^^H^,:^, v.L [coU.i To be surprised, 
astonished, stupefied, or dumfounded; to be 
stricken dumb; to wonder. 

Syn. ElKKURI SURU, Odoroku. 

Akita-liiikl, 1i & fe i- &,6^fflCf, 71. [BoJ.] ThL 
Nardosmiajaponica, produced in Akita. 

Aki-Haiiic, lo^^yj.g'cM, n. Autumnal rain. 

AkJsliibe-no-]iaiia, -[^^ X-^ ©tttt, ^, n. [Bot.. 
Tlie Chrysunthemura. 

AkltarajEii, i^&fe ^€'. % ftS g, v.i. Not to be satiat- 
ed; not to be satisfied with; to desire much 

Akitarii, l^^tziS. iS 51. v.i. To be satisfied ; to be 
eated; to be contented; to have enough. 
Syn. .Manzoku suru. 

Akitsii, l^&CJ, fAfft, n. [Entom.] A dragon-fly. 

Syn. Akitsumusiii, Tombo. fdibaJis. 

AMtsubaino, l^^-^iifc, n. [Entom.] ffemaris ra- 

Akltsu-kaiiiJ, lo^-^A';^. ig#, ?i. An appellation 
of the Emperor, or " the visible god." 

Akltsu-nniNlii, i^&-7tf:£,!!@t^, a. [£n(om.j Same 
as Akitsii. 

AkKHti-^hlina, lo^-c^X-^., ^^K j* M, n. An an- 

Akitsiisu. ^?,'^■1?i^, Jcient name for Japan, 

derived from its resembling in shape a dragon- 
fly; or as some say, from its abundant harvests. 

Akiya. lo&-^, ^^, n. Same as ^fci-fe. 

Akkiin, io7 t> ^, S0, n. A rascal; a villain; a 
scoundrel; a knave; a bad fellow. 

Syn. Akuto, Akunin, Kusemono, Shirk 

MONO, \Vakumono, Yotambo. VkakiL 

I Abkaku, Tiovi^i, s$. -«. [Chin.\ Sams as Aku 



Akkenaliii. U-/W^<, adv. [col?.] Adverb of Ak- 

Ahkeii]iNlil.-l>-kl, li-y W-tt;£, ".- [coll.] Not 

enough; somewhat joyless, useless, foolish, 

Ammari hayaku sun^e akkenai, 6$ w V ^ ^ 

iW 7' T-y ^ ^ 'f > the interval being too short the 

pleasure derived ia insulUcient. 
AKko-nl-torai*erii, tS'vW'W^ 6#t3, ^?S. v-*- 

[coll.] To be surprised, astonished, dumfounded, 

stupefied, amazed, or thunder-struck. 
Akkcrakaii, l^-y W■&*>^, adv. [cofi.] In an empty 

or void manner; having nothing to do; caroless- 

Akkerakan to siiite hi wo kurasu, tv-*- 7 * v 

h ^' 7" B ■?■ ® ^"i [coll.] to spend the day in an 

idle manner. 
Akkl, Ic-y'^. Si., ■»■ Bad, poisonous air; veno- 
mous or infecting vapours; miasma, malaria. 
Akkl, i^-j-^, Syfe, «. [Buad.-\A demon; a devil; 

an evil spirit. 

Syn. Akuma, AktjetS. 
Akko. ih-v-C 5, S n, n. A bad speech; vile, re- 

proachfullanguage; abuse; reproach; sarcastic 

Akko vjotsulcu itataku, haku, iu), S B ^ ^ ^j 

(Pp ^^,Kt■!^,'M 7). to blackguard, abuse, revile, 

speak badly of. rWARUKUoiii, Zogon. 

Syn. Baki, Nikumareguchi, Nonoshiri, 

AkS, 1^4* 5, MM^ ■"'■ [Chin.-\A regent; one who 

governs a kingdom in the minority, absence, or 

disability of the sovereign. 
Syn. SES3HO. 
Ako, T=i, T 'X, ■'*" One whose business it is to 

burn a corpse; one who is employed in crema- 

Syn. OmbO. Ltion. 

Ako, lc*>5, ^*a> ■"• [Bot.]Fictis Wightiana. 

Ako, io;R.5. #)!, n. UchtJi.] Sebastes matsuharae, 

Ako, io** 5. 4S. «• andadu. Red; of a crimson 

colour (used in connection with the honorific or 

with gozaimasu, or with both; in other cases 

slightly provincial). 
Okao ga ako gozaimasu, 'MB'^^^^'i''^^^ ^ 

7., your face ia red; you look flushed; you have 

good colour on your face; Taiso ako somari 

masJiita, iKft^.VVk'-] "^ ^ S^- it has been dyed 

in an exceedingly red colour. 
Akoe, loC*-, K. w. The spur of a cock. 

Svn. Kezume. 
Akosni'e-ni'uku. lotii^HloS <. «■<■ [col I-J To 

walk about absent-minded; to saunter in an 

abstructed manner. 
Akosareru, lot.ii**t3, Sj?, @, v.l. To be utterly 

abstracted; to be absent minded; to be entirely 

bewitched; to be deeply interested in some ob- 


ject and unconscious of other things near, to 
long after; to desire earnestly. 

Akogl. ■\h'L'^, Rif, '(■ lco(M An absurdity. 

AkogI na, ^o t ^tE, MW, f*- [coil.] Kxtravagant; 
absurd; very foolish; unreasonable; wild. 

Akogt nMStl^lC, ppTfil, arte. Wildly; extrnva 
gantly; absurdly. 

Ako-iio-(io, ti C ® S- 5, pBj j^ fsj, K, A peculiarly 
shaped body of a drum (first mtide by the Ako 

Ako-iio-kl, i5t®@, n. [£o(.] Same a.^ Ako. 

Aliiijii. TScj?., 1 a S til:, n. [Conch.] 

AlM>> ugral, l5£.-^i)ft>, ' -Mother-ol-pearl, AvicuLa 
marteuRii. fmaile of Akuya. 

Akoyanabc, T^Cj^-^'^, ppI^gtS. n. A pan 

Aku, lo <, ^, B0. «•*■ O To be open; to be un- 
barred; to be unlocked; to be unoccupied, to be 
empty; to be uncocked; to form a hole, mouth, 
etc. ®[coll.] To begin; to commence. ©To 
dawn. See Jfcf. 
To ga aku, pifS^4^, the door opens. 

Akii, ■lo< , W, 1^-f- SeeAkeru. 

Aku, i^< , Hit, n. OLye- @ The liquor obtained 
by steeping certain vegetables, such as egg- 
plant, bamboo sprouts, etc. 

Aku, ihi, S, Ji- Evil; badness; wickedness; mis- 
chief; malignance; virulence. 

Akuntfukeru, ^^^ ^ n-, to become malig- 
nant more and more; Aku ni kuinisu, Jg = ^ 3 
:^, to participate in evil; to act evil together; 
to become a companion of a bad person. 

Akuba. lo<fci', S 1^, «■ A vicious or worthless 
horse. fa termagant; a virago. 

Akuba, To<lf< SS, n. A bad old woman; a hag; 
Syn. DoKUFU, Onibaba. 

Akubl, io < tr, X^, y*^- A yawn; a gape. 

siiru, v.i. To gape. 

Akukl, %<X}'', M^, ft- [Bot.]AkeUa. 

Akub^-o, lo < tA'-^ 5, S ^, ra. A malignant ot- 
contageous disease. 

Akuelil, ic < t, S iliL, ■«. A bad blood; impure 

blood. flips. 

Akuckl, %i, %, n. Pimples that break out on the 

AkudoHhl.-l.-kf, IS < ^ L, "■■ [coll.] Quickly 

satisfying; claying; palling; disgusting by 

excess; gross in taste. 

Syn. KUDOj, SniTSUKKOi. 
Akudoslil, 1o<^^,S^, n. [coll.] A bad year; a 
year of dearth; an unfruitful year; an unlucky 

Syn. Akunen, Ktkindositi, KyOxen. 
Akuen, ^o<^^, Sfjt, w. [Budd.] Bad relation; 
unfortunate connection or affinity. 

Ikanaru akuen no matoishi nlya, fe] fpj -^ »- a 
S -^ ■ t s/ = -y, how ualucky is my destiny I 



Ahufn, 15C i5, S Bill n. O Bad wind; noxious 
wind. @ [fig-] A bad custom; immoral manners. 

Ahiigareni, li<ftUL3,fS, v.i. ah Akogareru. 

Akugl, lo<V>S£2, n. A mischievous trick, a 
naughtj' act. 

Akuffo, lc<:&5, l^M, n. t^MdcLlO Evil deeds; 

Ahugyo, ic<W=--i-, la bad action. @ The reward 
for evil deeds done in pervious life. 

AKiigyakii, lo<'^-^<,S®, n. U Being outrage- 
ously wicked, atrociousness, or perfldiousness. 
@ Treason; rebellion; a treacherous act. 
Syn. EOGYAKU, Hangyaku, Muhon. 

Akugydl, io< ^^5&,^^^, n. [Law.] A crimi- 
nal action; an unlawful deed. 

Akiiliel, io<— \i^, S§??, ■". lChin.l Bad practices; 
evil habits or manners. 

Syn. Warukube. fwall. 

Akiihekl, iS<--?,gig, «. A whit© plastered 
Syn. Hani, Shirakabe. 

Akuhltsu, 1^ < V9, Sa, >.. [Chin.] Bad hand- 
writing, bad hand. 


Akul. lS<V',:s:@!, """ Ill-will; evil determination; 
malicious intention. fnews. 

Akulii, toCV^A.ffi=t. "• [CWn.] Evil tidings; bad 

Akui Huru, T^<V^-^^,tJg|tiP, v.i. [Chin.] To smile 
flatteringly; to smile in order to please; to 
laugh without any just cause or reason. 

Syn. Obeickawarai burf, Sorawarai 
SCRU. rtion ; an evil deed. 

AliuAl, ■ih< &,M^, n. A bad affair; a wicked ac- 
Akujistnri, 3£©TE, a bad action is known 
a thousand miles; disgrace has many tongues. 
Syn. AKUGYo. 

Akiijitsu, lo^Ar-^.Slf, 'I- l^fcd.] The seeds of 
burdock (used as a medicine). 

Akujo, ^h< "^-i, S ^, n- O A bad woman; a virago. 
@ An ugly woman. 

Akujo. i^<*'^5, Slf5, 71. [Chin.] Bad feeling; 
unpleasant sensation. 
Syn. Akukan. 

Akujn, lc<:fc5.3gi);. ^- A harmful animal. 

Akukakii, 15<*'<,S^, '"■ [Chin.] A contemptu- 
ous name for a teetotaler. 

Akukan, lo<4>A.,SBX. "■ [Chin.] Bad feeling; 
unpleasant sense. 

Akiiken, i^< W■^, i jl ^, n. [Chin.] The hand 

Akkcn, ^^7W■^, ' wit)- the fingers doubled into 
the palm ; the flst. 

Syn. Gknko, NiGiRiKonusni. 

AkiikoM,io< W"/^. S"X. ■''■• A bad dog; a mischiev- 
ous dog. 

AMikln siirii. 1S< & ^-^^, it ^, ^-t. [CTi?i.] To 
gripe tightly; to clutch fast; to seize firmly. 

Akiiin:i, ToO.S^. '^^ ^ demon; a devil; an evil 

u.i. See -ifcerw. 


Akuinadc, To< St*. ttJIi, ifif. To the end; to 

one's satisfaction; to the utmost. 
Akiimu, lo < €p, S If, ■"• A bad or unlucky dream: 

an ominous dream. 
Wtumso, ■\h< h^^,}^^, n. A had name; a dis- 
graceful name or reputation. fthoughts. 
Akunen, 15 < *a A ^ t:. «• Evil or wicked 
Akune-shdcka, i^ < *l ^ 5 "^ 5, H AtSi^Bt, «■ 

Distilled spirits made in a place called Akune. 
Akiinlclil, T5< ifC^, , K , n. An unlucky day; an 
Akiijltsu, 1i<X"^, ) evil day; a bad day. 
Aku-nln , >5 < K ^, E A, n. A bad or wicked man ; 

an impious or profligate fellow; a scamp, knave, 

villain, scoundrel, rogue. 

Syn. Akkan, Akuto, Buraikan. 
Akuon, ^5<J?^, S,e„ 71. [Chin.] Distinguished 

favour; great kindness or generosity. 
Akuru, i7>< Z, , 
Akeru, ^^r,l&Z, ) 
Akurn-asar "ihi Z%'^,M'^, w. The next or fol- 
lowing morning; to-morrow morning. 

Syn. ARE NO ASA, My5CHo, Y0KrcH5. 
Akiirii-hl, 1o< Sy-, S B> w. The day after; the 

day following; to-morrow. 

Akuru-koro, 1^ < 3 t%, W ^i «- The time dawn; 

day -break. fi'^OAEE. 

Syn. AKATBrKI, Akegata, Shtnonome, 

Akiirii-toshl, l5C3)fS.,S^, '<■ The next year; 

tlie year following; the suc"2eding year. 
Syn. METNEN, Rainen, Yokunen, 
AUuru-tBuUi, •\n< Z-^^,M ^, n. The next or 

following month; the month after this. 
Syn. Raigetsf, Yokugetsu. 
Akiiryo, •Jo< '!)->^5,SH. n. [Biidd.] An evil spirit 

of a dead person. 
Akuryo ni toritsukarii, S S =^ IS # » »-, to bo 

seized by an evil spirit. 
Akuryo, 15< i(l-^5,lSa!- "■ [Chin.] Acceptance. 
Akusal, 1i5<5\r.Si^, w. Evil talent, craft. 
Akusaku eurn, 15< "5 < ■^^^, jilfet v.i. [Chin.]To 

act in a busy, bustling manner; to labour sedu- 

Syn. Akuseku suru. Uously; to drudge. 

Akusclbyo. i;^ < * V^ CT-^ 5- IS 'i^:^, w. [Med.] A 

malignant or contageous disease. 
Akiiseku, lo < -* < , Sg iK. ci.dv. In a busy or bust- 
ling manner. fwith work. 
Akuseku to hataraku, fiSSS I' ffi( ^, to be driven 
Akusen. ^5<■U■^, SS!< n. Stolen money; money 

obtained in an illegal manner. 
Akusen mi ni tsukazu, SS^^Pft* z^, the 

ill-earned money soon slips away. 
Akiisha, 1o<;£-^, tS^, Tt. [Ch(n.] A tent 

Syn. Temmaku. 
Akushtba, io< ;£tf. n. \Bot.] Vaccinium- 


23 AMA 

AKusliln, I5<2t^, S -C, n. A bad heart; a mali- 
cious intention, an evil mind. 

AkushimdcJtd svrv, gg £'Jfl J5 31 fl-, te become 
more and more malevolent. 
Akusliltsii, lo < i "^i JS^^, ft. A malignant or 
virulent disease. 

Syn. AkubyO, Akuseibyo. 
Akiislio. 1^ < ;£ i, g ^, It. Bad hand writing, 

Syn. AKuniTSU. flity. 

Akiislto, lo<S.-^5, S'li; ■«• 111 nature; bad qua- 
Akusbogl, lo < ;£ -^ 5 Sr, * & IE, »- [Bot.] tewco- 

(ftoe ffrayana. 
AkuBliokii, ^h<i'Z,'i.<, S il', n. Coarse food ; bad 
food; non-nutritive food. 
Syn. SostiOKD 
Akusho-moiHt. 1.^< X.-^5 4©, S 'H: #. «■ An ill 
naturedman; a person ol bad disposition. 
AkiisUuiioii, li < -It 5 *1 ^, K ii' ^. n. A bad 

youth; a malicious boy. 
Akiisliu, lo<£5, S^, ■"■ iCliin.lA. bad or un 

pleasant smell; a stink; an unhenlthy odour. 
Akiisliii, i,n<-£,\.% ^i@, ii. Bad wine; poor safce. 
Ak-.iskii, l^<:£i*, ffilS, ■«. [Law.] Seizure. 
Akiisku, lo<X.i-, ^-M. ■"• [Cftin.] Bad practices; 
a bad custom or habit. 

Syn. Akufu, WARUcrsE. 
Akiishii. \h < % tO), ^®. n- [fiw(Ic7.1Transmigra- 
Syn. AkudO. Ltion to a worse st.Tte. 

Akiisliii, f5 < X i% li:?-, "■ Grasping the band; 
shaking the hand {as in saluting). 

ATcushu no rei wo svrv, ^ ^=- ^ f^ "^ y- )i- , to 
salute a ft-iend by shaking the hand. 
Akiieo, i;^< ^5, SSfH, '*■ A bad physiognomy; a 

face indicating bad temper or disposition. 
Akiisokti eiiru, % < ^ < it Z, ^M, t' i- To bind 
together; to make up into a bundle; to tie up. 


Akiitii. 1o<fei 5F. w- Dust; rubbish; filth; dirt, 

Syn. Ohiri, Gomj, Gomikuzu, 
Akiitnfii, 1o<'k^, «■ The place wliere rubbisli i-^ 
thrown ; a dirt-heap. 

Syn. Hakidame, Gomisuteba, Gomitame. 
Akutiii. ^^<•k\r, ^ Mc, n. O'Vile, foul, reviling 
language; scurrilous words, ©Abuse; calumny. 
Syn. AKKr), BAHi, WARrKUcni, Zambo. 
Akntai, i5<teV^, S §^, n. [coU.] Same as ^fcfco. 
Akutare-inono. fo < fz H 1 O, S S5. «■ [C?Un.} 

Same as Abaremonn. 
Abiitarerii, T^<feHS, S^lf, v.i. To behave like 
a villain; to act disorderly, 


Akuto. TS< )r, S % n. Same ,na Akvto. 
Abuto, ')o< ^, J3, n. Idee Kakato. 

Akuto, lo<te5, SI", »'• OA band of bad men. 
@ [coll.] A bad man ; a villain. 

Aitsu wa nakanaka akuto da, ffi KR >Mii Ar S K 
4f, he is quite a bad fellow. 
Akii-uchl, io< 5*^, HitiT, n. Bleaching. 
Akuyn, i5< \i*5, ^ If, n. Hurtlul weeds; noxious 

weed.s; tares. 
Akuxo, T6 < 3" 5, ^K, w. [CWw.] Malice, evil 

thought. su)-ii,r.j. To harbour evil thought. 

Akiizokii, loC ^'<, Igfff. n- LCWn.] Bad practices 
or manners; evil habit.^ or custom. 
Syn. Akufu, Aki'suu, 
Amn, loS, Jz, ft'- Heaven ; the sky (used chiefly in 
Syn. Ten, Sora. Lcompounds). 

Ainn^ lilt, k^, ti. Sea; the ocean. 
Auia, ■\^'%, fH. tf'- Rain (used only in compounds). 
Aiiia, i^a, /g n. A nun. 

Syn. BiKUNi. 
Aiiia, io"S> i^A, 5^, «. A fisherman. 
Syn. Ryosui, Sunadori bito. 
Aliia, lo^, ^U, n. [Bot.]Flax. 
Ama-agarl, lo'S?. ft- V), M ±i «• Clearing off of 
rain; stopping of rain. 

Syn, AMABARE, Amayami. 

n. The interval between 


>U,^{ilhn. iBot.] Bupleu- 

Hf Jji, 7t. The velocity of 


Ama-ashi ga ■ liayai, f^ &if ^ ^, it rains 

Aiiin-lrata, t^'^.^-tt, vfeig, "■ Same as Umibata. 

AmabatiL-ialii, T6*EU;'fe\r&, M'WIS, n. Finely 

grained stone found in Ainabata, KGshii, and 

used for ink stones. 

AiiiabikM, ^^'iV^'^, M, '*- [Entoni-] A millipede, 

Syn. YASCnE. 
Aina-ltoskl, %^[}£:S., ^ T, "■ Drying in the sun. 

Syn. HiBO.sni, Tempi-gosoi. 
Aina-1)08hj, l^^a*^, i$^, «- Dried persimmons. 

Aniacka, laS '^■^, ±'^|lJ, "■ \Bot.]ITyarangea 
TiLunberoii, ov Ama-tsja. 

Aniaclia, 15^ %'^, 'W^, "- ^ sweet liquid pre- 
pared from the leaves of the plant amacha, 
which is used to wash the image of Buddha op 
the eighth of April, his birtli day. 

Aniaclia-siirii, loE'5^^'2, St ^ ^. "• lBot.]Gv- 
nostemtiia pedata. 


T^. ^ 
^ ^., n. 

Aina-ni, ^^■%^hV', M tS 

showers o£ rain. 
Aiiiit-akaiia, ■ii'S.'^i 
Ain.-i-aslil, ■\c'S.'S>X, 






Amn-d.ire, T^^^sJi, , S, n. Rain drops falling 
Ama-d.'ii'i, ToE /;<!), i Irom the eaves. 

Syn. Amabhitatari. 
Aina-d:u><^-oc]il. T,h'^TC:h.'iff%, aiJ, 71. The place 

where raindrops fall Irom the eaves. 
Ania-tlnvc-iilce, 1r>'%?tlil^l&, ^.^, n, A tank for 

receiving rain-water from the roof. 
Ama-dcra, T^E'^i^.^'^. '*■ A nunnery; a cloist- 
er where nuns reside. 
Ania-do, 1^9,^, MF. »'■ R^in doors; wooden 

shutters on the outer side ot the house. 
A'ma-ditKoro, 1o^)&Z.^, ^^, n. [Bot.] Solomon's 

seal, Polyfjonatum, vulgare, 
Amaei'ii. I^'^^lZ, v.t. Q To act lovingly towards 

(as a rouch fondled child towards its parents); to 

presume upon, or take advantage of. 
Kodomo (la ova 7ii amaeru, ^\^if ^^7 -^ ^ 

n., the child acts lovingly towards its parents; 

Okotdba ni amaele, ^ 'g — t' "7 x r, embold- 
ened by your kind words. 
^:tetarcrti. l^^A.feiL3, v.i. To act somewhat 

like a spoilt or much indulged child (as a child 

towards its pai-ents); to be exceedingly loving. 
Ama-gaoni, lo K ij-i— 3, M ^. fit ®. "■ [Entom.] 

A tree frog, Byla arborea. fpersimmon. 

Ainagakl, T^^iji^, n. [BoL] A species of early 
Ama-guppa, Ih'^t^-AiC,'?^ ■^^, n. A rain-coat. 

Syn. Amagi, Amayoke-goromo. 
Ania-gasa, 1olS*'5,M.^. "" -^ rain-hat made of 

bamboo-sheath or the leaves ol the suge plant- 
Ainn-gasa, T52ft'5.M&, "■ An umbrella. 
Amagc, i^Et:)^. M^. n. Rainy appearance. 

Amage wo inoyo sliitc hita, EfiMr^fS^^/xS; 

H, rain seems to be brewing. 
Ama-geta, l^'2V*-:te, M^. '»• Rali^ clogs; pattens. 

Syn. AsniDA. 
Aniagi, Io^If', M ^. "• Clothes for rainy weather. 
Ama-glkii, 1^ a ^ < , It =i^, 

n. [BoL] C/irysanthemum 

Ama-gJnii.ToES'itl, fl!ic, "■ 

Same as Amagi. 
Ama-gol, Ic a 2: y-, M E- n. 

Prayer for rain in a 

Ama-gomori, V^feifl,^ 

H, n. The state of the 

atmosphere being filled 

■with moisture. CM l?J 

Ajna-goromo, lo ^ a ^ 1i,^^, n. Fisherman's 

Amngii, 15U <', M ^. «• A rain-coat; an umbrella; 

articles used to protect from rain; rain articles. 
Amaguclil, ■iot<'%, "H" n. n. Having much relish 

for sweet food; disliking pungent flavour. 

Ainn-giiiiio, 1^2^4,111^, n. See Atnakumio. 
Atiin-ginnori, To3 <* % "O.M St, w- Cloudy weatiipr 
Aiiia-liada, TSEU^-, S S, fi- A thin membrane 

covering the seeds of leguminous plants; the 

inner bark of a tree. 

Syn. Amakawa, Usokawa. Tofwood. 

Ainn-liako, i^'^H'c, w. A box made of a net-work 
Ama-ltlko, ^^Sl^t,^lS^, n- [ZoiJi.] A lizard 

Syn. TOKARK, 'inacranlha. 

Anialilrngl,i;^?,t>&^. K ^. n. [Bot.'] Scvtellaria 
Ama-hoshi, i;^5l4iL. ^iiGiP. «■ Same as ^ma 
Ainsti, 1531^, "H", rt. Siuue as Aniashi. L(/Sl- 

Aiua-iuio, loEV't ,llj3gft!i- " [Bot.]TuUjjaeauLis. 
Ainaimi, l^iav^&, ?S, "■ See Komainn. 
Ajna-Jio, l^aS.'Ki, feM. »■ Having not enough 

salt; being slightly brackish. 
Ania-Jltakii, lo^i'fe < , 31 i*. W- Equipping one's 

self with rain-articles (as a rain-coat, an um 

brella, etc.); preparing tor rain. 
Ama-Jltarl, T^a.S-fe'O.MiiS. "• Rain drops (as 

from the eaves). 
Amahatsuru, l^a***:? '^."H"^. n. [Bnt.] Sugar 
Syn. Kaksho, Satokibi. Lcane. 

Aina-linwa, loEi'tt, K B^, »»■ Same as Amahada. 
Aniakaxo, lo24>^, ffi ^, n. [Bot.] Movcnia dulcls 
Amake, ^r>'il&, "H"ife, n. Sweetness, degree ot 

Amake-Eiikii, loEW^*< , M ^'fl. v-'- To promise 

or threaten to rain ; to be preparing to rain. 
Ainakl, 1^2 &, n. [Bot.] Crataeva falcata. 
Amakl, M'S.^.'U^, '*- [jBot.] Spanish Liquorice. 
Aniakl-lziDiii, l^U 5 \r-:3'*9-, (E ^, '»■ A delicloui 

fountain; a sweet spring. 

Syn. REISEN, Sakemizu. 
Aniaki-DO-kaxura, lo 2 & © 4> r>' 6,illBfi|. "■ 

[Bot.] A kind of vine. 

Syn. Masaki no kazura. 
Amaklslilborl, loS&S.ti'lJ.-H-*^, n. A press 

used to squeeze out the juice of the liquotlce- 

Atnakii, iSli < , "H". o-'^^- Sweet; Indulgently. 

Biiru» V t. To make sweet. 
Ainakiiclil-ncxuinl, i^ a < "t ?! ? ;^, ^ n g, 7*. 

[Zoel.] A field mouse; die harvest mouse. 
Ama-kiidatrUf 153 < /&3,^f!|, v.i. To comedown 

from heftven; to descend to the earth (as gods). 
Aiiia-kiidasii, io2 < Tair, ^fjf, v.t. To make a 

descent from the heaven to the earth 
Ama-kiiino, l^ 5 < d.^S, n. White clondB 

hanging high up in the sky. 
Ama-kumo* iSE < ?i, MWi "• Rain-clouds; dark, 
Ama-guino, i^a <r ti,\ rainy clouds. 
Ama-kiiDl-no-hoken, ^o2<V^©tt5H'^, :?^ H IT 

0, n. The sword forged by Amakuni, a famoua 

tword-cutier, and worn by His Majesty. 




Ama-kiiHa, lo 2 < ?,#S. »■ [BoU] Same as 

Ainnkiisado, i;^^ < ^>c, 5^ jffsg, 7*. A whetstone 
or hone made at Amakusa. 

Amnknsa-zuru, To5< 5P*3, ^W. ^- [Bot] Pae- 
derta tomentosa. Tshowera of rain. 

Ama-nia. lo^^.UfBB. "- The interval between 
Syn. Ama-ai. Tbean. 

Amanio, f^'Jft, H h. "^ [Bot.] Windsor or Horse- 

Ainaiiiixu, loS^^:?', fl!'4<i "• Rain-water. 

Amain ixii-tainarl, lo^^^p'teU 1), 31 :*:M. n. A 
puddle of rain-water ; standing or stagnant rain- 

Amniiio, 1S)£*,^||^, w. [Bot.] Eel-grass, sea- 
wrack, grasR-wrack, grass-weed. 

Ama-morl, 1o2 4V),3fiB. ''- Leaking of rain 
through the roof. 

Ainn-inoyol, l52?ii.y', ^flK, n. Threatening to 
rain ; preparing to rain ; gathering oi" rain clouda. 
A')na7noyoi ga shite kita, M fB:V e/ t'JK *, it 
looks like rain. 

Ainaua, l^atr.gigl, »'■ [Bot.] Solomon's seal. 

Ainnnn, l^atE, Uj igife, n. [Bot.] TuUpa edulls. 

Syn. MUKiGuwAi. fple. 

Amanashi, lot^t, ■^^, n. [Bot.] The crab-ap- 

Amanau, '\}i'%^^,-^, v.t. Q To relish; to taste 
with pleasure. @ To accept or take with plea- 
sure; to do cheerfully, willingly ; to be content- 
ed with. 

Ama-naKuna, Tg^tt-^'tc, n. [Bot.] False-Flax. 
Auiauoku, l^ma < , ^, adv. All over; every- 
where; in all places; universally; generally; en- 


AinnneBliJ,-li], toEO L, {^, B3, a. All; entire; 
whole ; universal ; general ; pervading every- 



Amaneivasii, iSaWtt-^, S, v.t. To make univer- 
sal; to make pervading all over ; to circulate or 
diff\ifle in every place. 

Amanln, ihtVCJu, ,S{eEC, "■ [Bot.] The seeds of 

Amant, l^avc, (flax; linseed. 

Aniano, l^^tci, ^^, v.t. To make peace; to 
pacify; to appease; to calm. 

Ama-no-sawa, TS20*>tt, 5^S?- "■ The mUky 
Syn. GiNGA. L"way. 

Amn-no-lia«roroino, 153 © tt a ^ 5»3c33iK, «■ 
The garment worn by heavenly maidens iAmatsu 

Ama-no-hara. Ti^aCtd^.^M, n. The heavenly 
plain, the sky; the Armament; the heavens; the 
original abode of the gods. 

Syn. SoRA. 
Ainn-uo-isai-il»l, lh ^®V S ^W,^B 'X, "• Lob«.] 

Fishing flre; the fire burned in a fishing boat to 

attract fish. 
Ania-iio-iwato, Tol£©\^5il?, , ^ @ ^, 3^ ®, "• 
Ama-no-iwaya, T^^CD^/^d-^, \[Myth.] The rocky 

cave in heaven where the sun goddess (Amate- 

rasu Omikami) hid herself for a time making 

the world entirely dark. 
Aina-no-jako, loa©£-^2., >^5P J^, «• [C""-! ^ 
Ania-no-JakiMo^©;&^<, i devil; a demon; an 
Syn. AKUMA, Magakami. Levil spirit 

Amanoko, l5EOC,^^. «■ A harlot; a whore. 


Ama-no-misu, 15 U O ;^ -^, EE SS, «• The screen 
hung before a god; the dwRlling of a god, or of 
the Tenshi. ^Forphyra vulgaris. 

Amanorl, l55©ii),^^, n. [Bot.] Purple laver; 


Ama-no-nuhoko. 1o 2 © to It t, 5c 3. '»• The 
heavenly sword, worn by the gods. 
Syn. Yamanohoko. 

Ama-no-sayoliaslil. 1o^ © ^ 1 H L, n. [Myth.] 
The bridge across the milky way, by which 
Kengyil (^E 4^) the Herd-boy, and Shokujo (fiil^) 
the Weaver, go to meet each other, on the 
seventh of July. 

Ama-uo-iiklliaslil, loU O 5 5 tt U^l^ffi. 't- 
[Myth.] O The floating bridge by which Izanagi 
and Izanami descended from heaven to earth. 
@ The clouds. 

Amausui'u, ^o^^*^,■H■, v.i. Q To taste; to re- 
lish; to delight in. @ To accept or take with 
pleasure ; to find satisfaction in. 

jS/iofcw wo amanzuru, # ?■ "H" 3/ ::^ A-, to relish 
food; SlioTcu ni amanzuru, ^ = -H" v :< »-, to be 
contented with an office or position. 

Ama-obune, loS SrJ'il, iS /h *. »i- ^ small fish- 
Syn. ISABiBUNE, RtSsen. tiugboat. 

Ama-ochl. ■\h'^■is%rM%, n. The place into which 
raindrops fall from the eaves. 

Aiua-ol, lo5tot>, ffl S> "- A screen or covering to 
Syn. AMATOKE. Lprotect from rain. 

Ama-osae» 15 T£ 3fi ^ '-, M W. «• A temporary 
covering over a leak in the roof of a house. 

Aina-otome, 15 U J? IT fe, ^ 2 ^. it- -A- heavenly 
maiden; an angel. ffisherwoman. 

Amu-otonie» 15 2 3s If ft, ^ ii'*. ri. A young 

Amarl* 155 "O, S*, aAv. Very much, very; exceed- 
ingly; too; more than; unusually. 

Amari aZsui, (iJ V * -f ,!too hot; AToari chisal, 
^V/^■9■'f, too small or little; Amari hometa 
fcotortemonai, ^VS-^^Wt"*-?-^, it U not a 
very praise-worthy afl'air. 

Amari, 7529. 0. »• That which is left over; re 



mainder; excess; surplus; that which is beyond 

necessity or more than enough; superabund- 
ance of anything. 
Amarl-mono, 15 3 ijj <& ©, 5^4^, n. Leavings; 
things left; remnant; residue; rest; remains. 

Amari mono ni wa fuJcu ga aru, SS 1^ = -"» ^ 
TJi', \ltt.'[ there is happiness in the leavings; 
[^0.] he who takes after all others have taken, 
gets the greatest prize; he receives most who 
takes least. 

Amarj ua, T^^tii)^, 

, a. Too much ; ercessive ; 

Aniarl ii<», lo'a "il©, ) extraordinary; beyond what 
is common or reasonable; immoderate; inordin- 
ate; exorbitant; extravagant. 

Amarina koto ivo iu Into da, 5S V^^^^'^A 
if, he uses too severe language. 
Amarl nl, l^^ U)l/C, 6S, adv. See Amari na. 
Amaru, lo^as, ^, v.i. To be more than enough; 
to be superfluous; to be more than is wanted ; to 
be beyond or above; to be left over, to remain 
over; to be in excess; to be too much. 

Toshi wa gojTi niamarn, ^>> S.+ == 5$ ;^, he 
is more than fifty years old; Kaiw, ga amaru, 
&:VgSB', the money is more than is wanted; 
Goshinsetsu wa mi ni amari masii, Z^ 1^ ^i -'■^ Cf 
=i aS y "7 7., you are too kind toward'^ me. 

Syn. NOKOBU, SDGIEU. rbringing rain. 

Amaryo, ih '% ^ i. 5,)^^. n. [Zobl.] A dra-nn 
Ainasn, lo^'S.ti', n. The quality or degree ol 
being s^\eefc; sweetnesfl. Ted Heron. 

AmnsagS, 15^5^, -JT^K, "■ [Orn/t^i.] Buff baek- 
Auiiisakii, i^?: e < , ^ #, n. [Bot.jCe{osia argentae. 
Amasaraslil, loE^ & L, ^ M PE "■ Exposing U. 
Amazarashi, ■\h'^T^ L, S tlie rain; allowing n 
thing to be weather-beaten. 

Amazarashi ni suru, |I^p0=;7. »-, to expose 
to the rain. 

Syn. Ame ni sarasu. 
Aniaslil.'t,-ki, 152 L, "H", «. U Sweet; sngnry, 
saccharine. @ Slightly salted ; not salty enough. 
@ [coll.] Loose; not tight. g^ [co^.j Soft, as 
metal; stupid. © Indulgent, m.t strict. 

Chie go, amal hiio, ^^E^'H"# A, ^ stupid 
person; Katana no ha}(c ga amai. j] ^itii'^l 
^, the metal of a sword is not well tempered , 
Ktisahi ga amai, i^lif-U'^, the wedge is not 
tight; Mada sli'n na amai, jft ^S!^##, it i- 
not salty enough. 
Amnslilmori, -i^^^^fciO, MiiS, "■■ Being wet by 
rain; being damp, moist, or soaked with rain. 
Syn. Amanup.k, Amajitari. 
Ama-shltailai-o, 'ih^.XIzl'.H, ®. M ii, ■«■ Rain- 
drops falling from the eaves. 


Ama-sbOJl, loEi-^^ t.MiSI^. "■ A rain-proof 


door-sash pasted with oiled papnr; an outside 
door covered with pnper, usually oiled, 

Ainaso na, l^^'S 5*^, 'H'ffl. «■ O Seeming to be 
sweet, or pleasant to the taste. @ Appearing 
to be good-natured or fooU.''h. 

Amaso na ringo, "H" ffl ■^ t^ ?^. apples appear- 
ing to be sweet. 

Aniassae, l^Sv'S-^, .^], adi'. Besides; more 

Aiiiiitsiisar, l^'^-O'^^, ) than that; moreover; in 
addition; still more. 
Syn. SONOUE ni. 

Aniasii, I5i2"^.0, ft- To leave over; to let 
remain; to leave what is beyond necessity or 

liiiitC:), to^fe. Si ^. a. Nnnicrnu'^, mucli; many 

Amata no gunzcl, SS^^^iJ'^, n. numerous 

army; Amata no hitn, ^^Jr ^ K, many a man, 

a great many persons; Amata no kane, ^^ ^ 

^, much money. 

Syn. OuiTADASMi, Oku, T.vnto. 

Inintaviislii, lo'ar22 L, ^ "tf" Sk. "■ O Loose. 

Ain::tlaritslij, Xh'^.-)1zZ L, (@ Slow; dull. 

Aiiiatatatij, loSfefeV*, ffi IS, '^dw Many a time; 
many times; very fretjuently; repeal(:'i.l]y. 

AniatNii, lo^-^.^r^, o.' Oi lieavenC^ma, heaven; 
Uv. oO- 

A'lvatsn-lii, ^^ H, the sun; Amatsu-mizii, 

Jlf^. the rain; AmatsiMniko (Teushi), ^ i$ ■?, 

the son of lioaven, Amatsn-hire, 3^ ^ g, a 

cloud. rNeetile-iniled swil't. 

Amatsiibamo, th'^'PiHb, t&^, n. [Ornltfi.] 

Aiiiatsiibovo, ToS-^^tX^. lUBil^. "■ 1^0'] Tulipa 

edulis. fheaven. 

Iiii:;(s9i-kaini. 1o E -^A'^, ^ rp|ili. "■ Gods or 

%inalsii-Kazc, lo^"^*'^. ?c fli ^, ". The wind. 

%inatsu-sOi-a, lo 'S •:? ^ i^, ^ ill ^, „. The sky; 

.%inatsii-wai-.T«-!i, i;")^-?*:) & U, ^ g, n. The in- 
habitants nl tliu 'lOiivens; [/{£.] heavenly boys. 
^ma-tsuKukl, loa-C'p'S, ggfU. 'i- A long conti- 
Syn. RiN-r. Luued rain-fall. 

%i)Baiiko-1>aijn. loU 5 t^lf ^, 3^ flE; JjL, n. A nose 
with the nostril pointing upwards. 
Syn. SnisnipPANA. 
.linaiirl, loU 5 "i), t!^ -E, n. [i3ot.] Musk-melon. 

Syn. Karatjri, Makuwauri. 
Aniayaclorl, i^^j^^ tg , |f fj;, n. Sheltering from 

the rain for a time. 

Ainayakasii. I^S-'^*--^. iS §, v t. To please by 

indulgence; to pet; to humour; to love too 

fondly; to dandle. fdandle children. 

Kodomo TOO amnyakasu, ^^\=}- t "^ \ tt y- to 

Aiiia-yainl, inU-S-/^, S. «• The clearing off of the 

Aniajo, 15^i,Mffii "• A rainy night. Lraln. 


Ama-yoke, tS^ It?-, KJ ^, -n. A screen, board, etc., 
that shelters anything from the rain. 

Ania-yosol, l5^i^l>, Mi^. "• Wrapping up so 
as to be rain-proof. fcoax; to be flattered. 

Amayu, y^'%\t»tWM^, i'-^- To careas, fondle, 
Anata no sJiinsetsu ni amaete, g -g ^ S5I ^ = T 
VX7, being flattered by your kindnesR. 


Ama-yurl^ To^ifl'V), n. [Bot.] New-Zealand Flax. 
AniaBakaru-liina»i'o'E^:b>:2 t>U,^^V^, n. [ols.] 
A very remote district. 


Amamahe, loa^W-,(S, n. Sweet sake; a kind of 
drink made of fermented rice. 

Syn. HiTOYOZAKE, KozAKE. Vsarashi. 

Ama-xarashJ, lol^ys L, M !©> "■ Same as Ama- 

Amasa^varl, 1o S ? Q V) , ^^, n. Uindrance by 
the rain. fdressing a nun. 

AmaEe, "lo^^t fB fiJi w- An expression used in ad- 

Amba, T5Atf,^l^, n. [Chin.] A saddled lior^e. 

Amtoal, ■[5^^fV^,g|ftj, ^^Ij:, n. O The seasonini; or 
taste of food. @ The condition, mode, manner, 
Btate, way; position of affairs; state of health. 

Vol go ambai desu, iff ^ iKi§H§7'7'., the sea- 
soning is perfect (or this tastes very well); Go 
ambat wa ikaga Oesulca, ^SP|i^§■>^ ic f^ 5' ::^ », 
how do you feel, or how are you ? 

Syn. GUAi, IIODO, Kagen, Yodai. 

Ajnbu Biiru, ^o^-*'^S, $tS. ^'-f- To pacify; to 
calm; to tranquilize; to love and make content- 

Tami wo ambu sum, S ^ ^ M 7' »■ i to love tlie 
people and to have compassion for them. 

Ame, 1516,^, n. The heavens; sky. 
Syn. Ten. 

Ame, T<o^, M> '»- Kain. 

Ame ga furi soda, M ^^ f5i V y Xf if, it looks 
like rain; AmefutUji katamaru, %\^ rME'^B-, 
[Prou.] [lit.] after the rain, the ground hardens, 
yig.] after a quarrel, love (or Iriendsliip) be- 
comes deeper. 

Ame, ■J5*, fiiS, K- O A honey-like jelly made of 
flour of various grains; starch-sugar. & [coll.] 
Flattery; false kindness; deceit, adulation. 

A7ne wo fcuwosent, t MV- ^ -*'»-bn', [lit.] to let 
another taste ame\ [fig-] to feed one with honey, 
to cajole. frain-steps). 

Ameaslil, 1516I5 L, M W. ■'^- Rain-drops Giterally 

Ame-bakar j, fi^fetf *> >!) , j£ fH S, «• A rain-gauge. 

Amefurl, 1S»iiiJ,MfS. "• Ramy weather. 

Syn. Uten. Tweed. 

Amenm-bana, tSftAifl tf^, ^^, n. [Bot ] Bind- 

Ame-Bn-sblta, io*ti'*:£:te, ,^T. n. Under the 

Ame-no-slilta, 15*60:6.^. J heavens; the earth; 
th9 world bare below; all otu tlie world 



Ame-ga-shita wo shlroslii mesu, 3c T ^ ffll 5i, to 
govern the Empire; to rule tlie whole world. 
Syn. Chikyu, Sekai, Tenka. 

Amesiinl, i;^ fe <- k, PH^S, «. A surname of 
Syn. HiNOMOTO. LJap;i.n. 

Aine-lro, TofeV^JS, ffi'jfi, n. The colour of ame, 
which is of briglit chestnut colour. 

Ame-lslil, ^hib\r£., uii'G, n. A atone, the inside of 
which presents a beautiful ame colour. 

Amelwaalil. %)hV-inl„ f'- [Tchth,'] Olupea Bp. 

Amomnsu, T^i^U-^, MM.< «■ iIcMh.]Salmo leu- 
conomis. ferous insect. 

Aiiieiiibo. T5l?)A,ffi?, 7ii ^, n. [£?)(om.] A hemlpt- 
Syn. .^rizL'GiiMo. 

Aniouilio, •to*^(S?■ ^W> "■ [coll.] A stick of aine. 

Ainen, 7'— -rfv, gS ^- [neb.\ Amen; an expression 
used at the close ol' Christian prayers. 

Amondo, ■^h^^fQ^,^^^t, ■«. [Bot.] Almond. 

Ainc-uo-lwalo, icS6©\rai?. . ^ ^ p, n. Tlie 

AiMii-iio-i^vitto, lo3®\/^t3^> J rocky door or en- 
trance to the heavenly cave. fSame as above. 

Aiiio-iio-iwnyaiflo, ^;^^6®V^ tt-*?^-. ^cSSf^, 71. 

Aine-MO-kanil, ToitOA'A, M GilJ. '*■ The rain-god. 
Syn, Amefukasu kami, Ustii. 

Aiiic-ito-)iiiii';tki[i»n-uo-l.siiriie:l, i^^cOtr^ < % 
©■5 3 ?f , ^ fk '^f f^- "• One of the three Hacred 
valuables in tlio Imperial Household (a sword). 
See Saiis/ni-nojinyi. 

AiiiofiksL-iisulesliiko, l^!* V)*>^i?^t, n. [Bot.] 
Sweet William , Bunch Pink. TPiusley. 

Ainci-ilia-iiiiijln. I0 i6 «) 4> K ^ £- A, n. [Bot.] 

Anici-ik:t-si]kl, lo 16 1) *> -^ ?, ^^m Ap Wl. "■. 
[AgHc] A kind of spade or plongli. 

Ainerii, \7,^Zj^, a. Braided; knitted; woven. 

Aniotsiiclil, \h^'y%., ^ ilk, n. Tlie heaven and the 

Ametsuchi no Jcamigami, ^ itfe -^ ^[i jS, the gods 
and goddesses of the heaven and tlie earth. 
Syn. TENCHI, UCllU. 

Ame-iirl, loi65'0,Gfl^. "■ A vendor of am«. 

Ame-nsUl, -ih Vi 5 1.1^4", n. [^Too?.] A chestnut- 
coloured cow or ox. 

AniczaikUj toi6S'Vr< , finflai. '"■ Workmanship 
in ame; various fancj' object^;, made of ame, for 
children. froasting. 

Ami, f^S'i ^J5R, n. A wire-net for toasting or 
Syn. ABUKIAMI, Yakiami. 

Anil, "ih?^, SB. "■ A net for catching fishes, bird.s. 
or beasts; net-work of any kind. 

Ten no amt, Jz -^Mi [lit:] heavenly net, divine 

Ainl, fo^^, ^aS. n. [Entom.] 3fysis SY). 

Ami. -ih:^, m .6 M, n. [Bot.] Rush. 

Amiba, iS^^fcJf. JfHiS. t*- A place for drying or 
Bpreadiug neta. 






Amlda, 7-=^, ppj^ya, > ji, [BwU.] 

Amldabutau. 7 H **7'"J', PU 5S P5 1?f, ' The name of 

Buddha, the historical founder of Buddhism. 

It means Eternal Buddha, 

Amlda, T = #, n. [coll,] Subscribing different 

sums by lots for n common object. 
Amlditl, lo^^V^.SI^, ". A bamboo sedan-chair 
or palanquin. Tout; to Invent. 

Amldnsii, li^^Tz-}-, g^^lil, v.f, [coll.] To make 
Amldo, To^^, SB p, ". A door of "wire. 
AniJgaea^ 1o^ft*e, i^ I'c- "■ O A braided hat. @ 
A covering for the en- 
tire head,' the face and 
all, usually made of 

AmlffasaNemi. ih^iS^'S 
^?f; n. [Conch.] Bytho- 
capus sp, 

Ainli:aaae5, i^;^f]*^^5, 
n. [Bat.] Acalypha. 

Amlffasa-yiirl. 1^;^ ft* 3 

l*V), M &. "- [Sot.] FH til I aria. 

Amlffawara, "inT^ii^t) ^^ , ^%, n. A perforated 
earthen- ware-tile used in the manner of a cook- 
ing stove. 

Amlhiki, -{hTf-V-^^W^^A, n. Q Tlie act or labour 
of drawing net?. @ fiahermnn. for seine. 

Aniltshf, ^hTf-V^ IM^, n. Stones lor sinking a net 

Amljlb.-in, lo;^^-tf ^, fl?^Kt- ■«■ A shirt of net- 
work, worn in liot weather to avoid the sweat 
injuring the upper garment''. 

Aniline, i;i;^?>6,,f^ g, n. The meshes of a net. 

Amfiiie, 1^^y>,^g, n. The me^^hes of any braid- 
■"'ork. ['idioinosa. 

Aml-iio-niP. ^h7*■(DVi,^^'^^^, v. [Bnt.] Stellaria 

Amiiiorhnftno, 1^;^e>«) 4 t?? JH ^ 4^. "■ A sedan- 
chair for carrying criminals ol the higher ranks 
to distant places. Ta net. 

Aml-no-tsiinii, 1f>7)-(0-y^,$?l^, n. The cords of 

Aml-o, lo;^5r, ,^J^, «■ Braided rope or cord. 

Amlso, i;,;^^, Sg^, «. O The hemp for making 
net-ropes. @ The net-rope. 

AmIsiiUI, 1^;^^&,$B^, n. O The making of nets. 
@ One who makes a net. ['Abari. 

Amisukibarl. 1^;^-^ ? a y.MS^^. n. Same as 

Aml-urlin l^^^^.mifT.i^m.n. O Casting a net 
to catch flsh. @ One who casts a net; a fisher- 
man, rkind. 

Aml-z:tllai, 1^;^?-^ < , JHIffll, n. Net-work of any 

Aminn, ^^^a,S■-^, n. Sharf.-pooing; a shampooer. 

Amma kamishimo samhyakv mnn, JJ" ^ -t T H 

5^, niy services in full for 300 7non {3 sen) (cry 

of a shampooer in the streets of a city or town). 

siirii, v.L To shampoo; to rub. 

Amniat. ^o^'^^/^,^ efv. a. [Chin.] stupid, foolish; 
dark; Idiotic; extremely dull. 

I }f ^ Eip, 71. A shampooer. 

Syn. Anjaku, Kuraku, Oroka. 
Animarl, ^o^■a yi, 'itf; adv. [coll.] Same as Aviari. 
Sore wa ammari hiOoi koto Aesu, y ^-•^ y w )f 

^•^St't;, that is too cruel, you are very strict. 
Aniniashi, ^5^^ L, 
AniinatorJ, 'k^k.'^.'Z'^ 
Aniinin, -[^KTi-k, ^ K", "- [Chin.] Ignorant people. 
Amintn, ^c^;^^, ^flR, n. Quiet sleep. 

Ammin bogwai, 3f HR jl^ ¥, See under Bogai. 
Aminlii, ^^^;^^^,^^-, n. O Peaceable people. 9 

Act of governing the people in peace. 
Annuo, ^^^%,ffif, „. [coll.] A kind of food made 

by beating boiled glutinous rica in a mortar 

(chiefly said by children). 
Ammochl, i^ ^ ?. %,WiW, ?*■ Mochi stuffed or 

covered with boiled and crushed pea-beans 

mixed with sugar. fbeing tacit- 

Ammoltii, ^o^6 <,^S*;, n. state or quality of 

Ammoku no hosho, ffg S; -^ tV K, [Laio.] tacit 

guarantee. fcopy; wording. 

Aniniun. ^o^11^, ^X, n. A draft; composition; 

Syn. Shitagaki, SoKo. 
Aminon siii-n, l^A !& ^■?-^, B; FB. v.t. t%[Law.]To 

examine or try, as a criminal. @ To question , 

as a witness. Tmonia-water. 

Ainiiionla-siiJ, i^AtVC-^-^it, ^^J^^iii.n. Am- 
Anipaf 8«ru, T5 ^ af V^ f" 3 , ^ {Jf , v.t. Q To ar- 
range; to manage. @ To adjust. 
Anipakii, ^hk^lX<, n. [coU.] Same as Wampaku. 
Anipern, T5"!='.^¥, n. [.Bof.] tepironla. 
AnipJ, ^5^^^^ S'S. «■ The state of being healthy 

or not; health. 
Ainpontan, ■\hkl'^K1tk, ii. [vul.} A foolish fel 

low; a go od-I'or -nothing rogue. 
Anipiikii. ^5^J:<.^St, n. Kubbing the abdomen 

sum, v.t. To rub the abdomen. 

Amu. I5tf, ^, v.t. O To weave; to knit; to braid, 

© To compile ; to compose ; to write. 
Aviiivo ami>, Jg-> ^i,, to weave a net; Ku- 

tsvtabi wo amu, U^^"?- !(^i,, to knit stockings. 
AmiiKIjoi-o. iotf5^'i^5. vi. [Entom.] JVotonecta 

An, ^^^, ^, n. O A small house or cell occupied 

by a retired Buddhist priest. @ A small house; 

An, To^, K3. w. Boiled and crushed (sometimes 

filtered through cloth) pea-beans or beans, 

sweetened with sugar. 
An, ^S^, ^, n. [Chin.] O A bill; a scheme; a pro- 
posal ; a suggestion. @ Opinion ; thought ; idea. 

© A desk or table. 
CInka shmei an, J16 ^ fi^ IE 5g, a bill for rev iR- 

ing land-values; JTiyaku kaisei an, {^.^WlIE^, 

a scheme for treaty -revision; Kctsuoi an, ftJH 

Sf. a scheme proposed as the resolution of ao 



aBsembly ; An wo tataite kataru, ^ ^ i® ^ B »-, 
to Bpeak energetically (literally, to speak strik- 
ing on a table with one's flat). 
Au. T5^,3r. ct- a^d n. Peaceful; (lUlet; peaceable; 
peace; tranquillity. 

Syn. OOHITSUKI, Odataka, Yasukaka. 
An, To^,®. An adjective particle meaning dark. 

Idiotic, foolish, or weak. 
Ao, ^S^, fi^, v.t. To think, to expect; to call to 
mind; to plan, 

Anzuru ni sano gotoshi, ^:A/i' =^1& -^ flO?/, I 
think, it is as follows. 
Ana, lotcpsfffli. interj. Exclamation of joy, sor- 
row, fear, surprise, etc. Ah 1 1 How I 

Ana uresfii ya, FrIS^JS 5^ "V. Ahl happyl Ana 
kanasht ya, f^WM^ "Vj How sad am 1 1 
Ana, to^, yCi K- A hole ; pit ; cave ; grave ; mine. 
Ana wo Jioru, i^Cf-i^ff-, to dig a hole or pit; 
Ana ni iru, '/Z^Xn-, to enter the grave, to 
die; Ana wo fusagu, %'f-%^, to shut ap a pit. 
Anadorl, lo'^^'j}) %, ^- I>isdain; making iignt o/, 
looking down upon; scorn; insult, 
Syn. KEiBETau. 
Auadoru, lo"51«3,1&, v.t. To despise; to make 
light of; to have a low opinion of; to under- 
value ; to insult ; to Iook upon with contempt. 

Syn. iTASniMERU, Karonzuru, Kbibetsu 

Anagacbl, iQ^fb^'^, )^, adv. Necessarily; 

Anagaclil nl, to'^ii^'^V^, ' whether right or 
wrong; by compulsion; corapulsorily ; indis- 
pensably; unreasonably. 

Anagachi so sendemo yoi, 3^^^ S'^cVr'^a 
-f , you do not necessarily do so. 

Vuagro, fo "^ a, ^ ^. w. [Ichth.'i A species of 
marine eel, Gongrcrniuraena sp. 

Anaguina, ^^^^<r'Z, M, ^- [Zo'dU] A kind of 
badger, Meles anagwna. 

Anagura, TotE<*&, ®, n. A cellar. 

Anaguva-dalkii, loU <r ^ T!i\^ < , ± 0E> n. One 
who makes a cellar. 

Anahorl, l^UHiy), I^M,^^, "• OOne who 
digs a pit. @ A grave digger. 

Aualclii, loiSV^'^, iSl ^ ^. w. A game in which coins 
are pitched into a hole; pitch-penny; pitch- 

AnaJI, TS-^f^, ift^. "• [.aftfi.] Fistula in ano. 

Anajl, lotc tr, t; ^ R, w. A north-west wind. 

Ana-kashlko, fo^4>Lt, 1Z^, interj. Excla- 
mation of fear, devotion, admiration, respect, 
etc. Used in closing old-styled letters, Budd- 
hist prayers, lectures, and sermons. 

Anakiima, -iotf < S , , IS, "- [ZooL] Same as Ana- 

Anaguma, 'M'Zr.i:'^,' giima. 

Auame, t«'%i6, inttrj. Hard to atand or- 


Ananaeii, t^^^, IBll^i ^i- [-BoCJ Fine-appje. 
Auauiku, li'ftvci , ^ttj, adv. Same as .^yanijbu. 
Anareba, lotcHtf, [cont. of Art and JS^areba.1 

Since it is, it being, as it was. 
Anata, lo^aite, ffi>5. adv. and i^ron. O ^ou or 

thou. @ That place, gj They. O Other side, 

there, yonder. 
Anata no ho ga tadashil, ^"^ ^ "^ ifS. ^ -i , 

you are in the right ; AnaZa konata, ^"^ i^"^, 

here and there; to and fro. fSoOHi, 

Syn. ACHi, AoniRA, Kimi, Omae, Sonata, 

Anatagata, 15"^ fe Ji*fe, fiR:^^, pron. 0[coll.\ 

You in the plural. @ [coll.'] A beggar. 
Syn. Omaedaohi, Shokun. 
Anata-konata, T^'^teCtcfe, £^, adv. Here 

and there; right and left; to and fro. 
Auaii, istci, interj. Exclamation of sorrow, 

swearing, etc.. How sad I Ana and uki (sad), 

combined and contracted. 
Ancliaku guru, ^o^*&^<-^^, 3f^. v.t. To ar 

rive in safety. fAntimony. 

AncliliiionU T^f-^e:;, ^^^ /g, iu iEng.'\lMln.\ 
Anclil 8uru, lo ^ "^ -^ 3, 3rffi, v.t. To instal; to 

place an idol in a niche. 
Ancliokii, 'kh K% y.<, ^IS, w- [coil.] Cheapness; 

being low in price, moderate in price. 
Anchu, to ^ "^ (* 5. ^ ft*, w- and adv. Darkness; 

in the dark. 
Andara, ithLTz^, 71- U^o. coll.] Nonsense; things 

of no importance ; trifles. 
Aadou, lo ^^f ^. =fTRS, "• The Emperor's lodg- 
ing-house while travelling. 

Syn. ANZAiSHO, Karimita. 
Ando, i5^«5. jfiS, »• A kind of lamp with 
Aiidou. ^o^*^, ' paper shades very generally 

used in former times. 
Andon, ■^5^■!e^, Rg-^, n. Stupid foolish; silly; 

dull; wanting in understanding. 
Ando suru, ^o^*■5^"3, v.i. To feel easy; to be at 

peace ; to be free of care. 
Syn. OOHiTSUKir. 
Ano, 164a. ft?. ^- An elder sister. 
Aue-biin, lo41J*^, |^]&$, n. An adopted sister; 

sister in-law. 
Ancgo, 15*aa, j^ifll, n. A sister (respectfully used 

by low people or in old-styled compositions). 
Ane-lmoto, iSilV^ti?, Ji*^;, ". Sisters. 
Ane-niuko, tc^atr^, fl&IS. "■ The husband of aa 

elder sister; a brother-in-law. fdaughter. 

Ane-inusiime, Toilir-^!*. ^ ^> n. The eldest 
An^u9uru,T6^i5-^^,B&5a, v.i, [C/if n. ] To make 

an indirect reference; to hint in an indirect 

way ; to refer mediately. fperor. 

Ansa, ;oM*,SllS. **■ [C/tin.lThedeathof anEm- 

Syn. HoGYO. fa sign, 

AngO, lo/lj))?. i65S> n. A signal; a watchword; 




Angd, TS^S5, P^ ■d-, n. UuiDtentional, unpre- 
meditated, or accidental agreement of action, 
Baying or opinion. With proper suffixes, ango 
becomes a verb. 

Chodo Jcangae ga ango itashiviashita, T &^'}f 
©-a"Ss^ V ^ if, we have accidentnlly agreed. 

Ango, ^o^a, ITh ^, ■«. A watchword , a password. 

Angori, i5X&'(I,jn. [coll.] Hnving the mouth 

AngurJ, ^^^<'lO, i wide open, indicating indifTer- 
ence, astonisliment, idiocy, suriivi-;o, or desire 
for food; gaping. 

Aiigti, lo^<'. 0H ,©, CL. Foolish; idiotic; unintoUi- 
gpnt; silly; wanting in intellect. 

Aiigwal, ^5^<'t)\;^. ^H, "■ andnrlr. Out ol ex- 
pectation; unexpectedly; suddenly. 

Mattaku anfjwni deshita, ^ ^ '^ i'l- 7* ^' ir, it 
was quite contrary to my expect, )tinri. 

Syn. Zi'NcwAl. riie down in ease. 

Angtva sunt, V,^<■■:^)-J•^, ^ W^, r.i. [Clnn ]To 

Aiigyji, ISA^-^, ^Tflif, ". fBiuM-l Travelling about 

a country on foot calling at various religious 

establishments. Anrjya niny also be used as a 

Syn. Tosu, Unsui, Zcpa. Lverb. 

Angya-iio-.s6, ■^o^lr^-©t 5, ^fP fif, .». A travel- 
ling priest or monk; a pnlmer. 

Aiti, ^^K, j^, ndv. How, why. Followed by ya has 
the force of exclamation. 

Ani finre sliiknran ya, ili lit i^ frft 7 v -V, [Cliin.] 
how can it be so? 

Ani, lil(^, )£, n. An elder brother. 
Syn. HAn.\GARA, Sena. 

Au-1, ^c^V.^™, »t. Ease of mind, freedom from 
care or trouble. 

Ant-biin, ■(;o^/7.S<^, ^5&. w. One who Is looked 
upon as an elder brother; a very intimate friend; 
the higher persons in the estimation of one's 
professionnl fnrp^. ff pprentices, 

Aiii-dcslil, loVS-^ L, )S ?ft ■?, n. Older pupils or 

Aut-go, l^]tz^, 5i an, n. Brother. A vulgar hono- 
rary to a man or boy. 

Aiiibi, l^vr^, 51. «■ O Klder blother (hon.). @ 
[}nc. coll.] Friends or acriualntances (,hon.). 

AnI-oto, tnli^^lC, 

Ani-dtoto, i;jVZV:f 51f, 
Syn. KyuDai. 

An-ltnii, to^^^•7> ^-©c, "■ O T-iving in ease and 
with nothing to do. @ Pleasure, glee, mirth. 
May also be iT^ed as an adjective. 

AnI-yciinc, VjKiysil!, n. The «ifo of an elder 
brother; sister-in-law. 

Aiija, ^o^.£•■^. 1t#, n. A prie,=!t or monk who 
controls the worldly business of a temple or a 

Anjaberii, t>'&\ ■< '^. "■ [Prob. corrupt, of a 
Dutch word.] [Bot.] Clove pink. 

Au-jaEiii, ^S^[:■^<.HSS. a. \Chin.\ Wanting in 

{ J£ 5P., 'i. BrothE 

understanding; incapable; foolish; Idiotic; 

Kind anjaku nl shite Tcuni midaru, I^SSM —P' 
X S St ft-, with an incapable prince on the 
throne, a country is disordered. 


Anji, ^^^t, ^, It. Care; anxiety; the state oi 
being greatly concerned about something un- 

Aiiji-dasii, Ih ^&7G^,^^, v.t. To invent by 
study; to make out; to recollect; to think out. 
Tbtn aiiji dashimashita, \- P Y- "S* ^ a> tBs/vs/ 
i^, I have recollected it at last. 
Syn. Kangakdasu, Omoidasu. 

AnJMiurasii, ■^^A.Z•< &-^,5gg, v.i. To pass the 
time in incessant anxiety; to be in constant 
anxiety (as a mother about her child). 

Aiijlliii siii-u, ^5^i•< ^3, ffSy/i, v.i. To know a 
thing thoroughly; to become very proficient. 

Antt-uiegiiriiKii, 1^ ^:£,• !6 <- & -^, ^J@, i'.(- To 
cogitate; to reflect; to contemplate; to meditate; 
to revolve a subject in the mind. 

Aiijlrii, ^^^X■^, ,5^, v.t. To care; to feel anxi- 

Aiiziirii, iiA.^Z, Jous; to mind; to be concerned 

Amari avjlrii to hy^'ki ni nartmasu, §J V S 
i^ fl- \' M^— ^ V "=? ^. il one is too anxious, 
he will become ill. 

Syn. KuEO aunu, Sbiwpai sdru. 

Aujltsii. ^^^^"^, j^S, ■«■ A hut; a retired 

AiisliUsii, lo/t^X"^, J cottage of a priest; acottage. 

Aujl-'wabiru, ^^^:£.■*^uf^,^fe, v.t. To be anxi- 
ous about, in an apologetic sense; to be troubled 
about; to have an uneasy mind. 

Aiijl-waziirau, 1oA^**^:p*^_1., ^tS. 'v.t. Almost 
syn. with above, only a little stronger. To be 
extremely anxious about; to feel painful. 

Anjo, 15 ^ e i, S i(P, u.. [Chin.} Tranquil, quiet, 
serene; peaceful. 

Anju, ^;^^■^t%5, ^tt, n. Living in ease and con- 
tentment; fi'ee from care or trouble. With pro- 
per auxiliaries and particles a nju may be used 
as a verb. 

Auka, 1o^■i>> IS ft' fifi. «• A small box, containing 
an earthen- ware vessel in which kindled char- 
coal is kept, used to warm the feet and hands. 

Aukaii. ^^^A>^,?r T-^, /<. [Chin.] Leisuresome; 

idle'having nnthingto do; free from careorbusi- 

Syn. KiRAKU, Nodoka. ineas. 

AiiknsslKikii. Ifl ^ *» -y :£. i < , ^ jig g, 71. A dark 
brown colour. 

Anke], 1hA.^'^,^%\; n. An intrigue; a dark pur- 
pose; a secret plot. 

Ankcn, ■^5^l*^. ^ft. ■". A civil case; a law-suit; 
a matter- 


Anken siiru, 15 ^ H" ^ -J" 2 , }$ ft, v.t. [Ghtn.] To 
examine; to experiment; to test. 

Anben sum, io^W■^^S,^fS> v.L [CWrt.] To be 
■wearied; to be tired; to be exhausted; to be 

Aiikl, ^o^@, ^^. »• [Chin.] O Safety or danger; 
possibility or impossibility of existence. @ 

Aiikl, ^S^&,^®a ■". Freedom from care or trou- 
ble; tranquillity of mind; comfort. 

Aulil 8UVII, ^«^^-^^,H| jE. T-*- To commit to 
memory; to recite; to learn by lieart. 

AnkI sum, lo ^ ^ -^ 2, ® :fe. v.i- [Chin.] To rise 
late; to lie in bed till a late hour. 

Anko, ^«^*>5,$0. «. ICMn.] Health, strength, 
happiness, comfort; freedom from calamity. 

Aiiko, lo ^*> 5-^iffft.. ■»• t/c/it/t-l Angler, or 
goose- fish, Lophius setigefus. 

Aiikokii, 1oA(1<,0hIS, (*• Darlc; gloomy. 

Aukon, ^5^£.^,flB#, a. or«. [Chin.] Darkness; 
evening; dark; destitute of light; gloomy. 

Aukoi'O, ^o^t^, SftS. "■ -A- kind of dumplings 
covered with an Cgg). 

Aiikiiu, ^o^ < ^, HS^ g-, n. [Chin.] A foolish prince; 
an incfipable sovereign. 

Aukwal, lo^< 49V^, Bw W, n. and a. [Chin.] Dark- 
ness; oblivion; dark, unknown; oblivinus. 

Aiikyo siiiMi, lo ^ & 1 ^ 2, ^ S, v.i. [Chin.] To 
live in ease; to pass the days comfortably with 
nothing to do. 

Ankyil, 1oA&l*5, ) ^^, "■■ A palace where the 

Auga, T<9^C5, ) Emperor stays during a pro- 
gress; a temporary Impeiial residence. 

Annit, •^6^■^^, a. [cont. of Ano and Yona.] [coll.] 
That, such. 

Anna fa, Ti^-^^, that way; Anna hito, t 
■i/ -f- A. such a person. 

Annnl. ^o^"^V^, ^?i, n. O Guide. @ Guiding or 
showing the way. © Acquainting with ; know- 
ledge. Knocking at the door. ©Invitation. 
Annai, with proper suJIixes, is used as a verb 
in t)ie various senses above mentioned. 

/iToTw hen wa yoku go annai de oozaimasho, itt 
jS-*^ii^^0^ft5'=f-if'fv;/3i>, I believe, 
you are well acquainted with this part of the 

.-^uiial-ja, V>K^\r-t:^, )S^ft#. «• A guide; a 

Auiiu,i-sbn, 1oAtr\pS.-^) ' person who leads in a 
way; one who knows well tlie natural and arti- 
ficial objects of sight, in a country, city, etc. 

Aimaljo, ^5^t^l\^2,•■^5. '■^fi^, n. A letter of 

Annal-susu, %/i,^\f^it-^, If ?} ^, it. A call-bell. 

Aikuci, ^o^*lV*t ^^1 «* Peace; tranquillity; 

31 ANS 

KoJcka no annei wo tamotsu, S 35 > 3f Vi- ffi y, 
to preserve the peace of the state. 

Aii-no-sotokii, lo ^ ® 2: i? < , fe] 5g, adv. As ex- 
pected ; as we thought. 

Alio, fS©, ffi, «. That. 

Ano Tcoto wa do natta, jflt© >n K 9 ■?■? ix, what 
has become of that afliiir? 
Syn. Kano. 

An-on, ■^o^3i^^ ) 5 ffi, n. Peace; tranquillity; 

AunoM, ^c^O^, 'ease; comfort; freedom from 
any disturbance; concord. 

Kokka annon, S ^ ^ KB, the state is free from 
any sort of commotion, 
Syn. Annei, Bcji. 

Anoiicj, loC^ilV^, interj. An exclamatory exple- 
tive mucli used in TOkyO in familiar con veraa- 
tion, for calling attention. 

Anrakii, lo ^ & < , $ S!*, w. Comfort; ease; con 
tentment; happiness. 

Anrakwa, ^n^f><.t>, n. [Bot.] Cydonia, Qutnet. 

Aureu suru, 1^^*^^-^^, B&i^ v.t. To learn by 
lieart; to commit to memory. 

Ani'o, IoAJS, Oh B&, n. A secret path or passage. 

Auryo, 1^ ^.I!) i, 3?^, n. Freedom from care; 

ease of mind. suroi, v.i. To b© easy in 

mind; to be free from cares or troubles. 

Aur.> o,^o^^!]■^5, Hh S?' ^* [Ciiin.] A sewer; a cover 
Syn. Umeuizo. Lditch. 

Aiiryoku, To ^ 1) i < , ^ ftS. "■ [Chin.] A dark 
Syn, KOBIOHA. Lgi'een colour. 

Ansaii, ■Io^■3^, ) Hh 3^, W- [Math.] Mental arith- 

Aiicau, ^o^3'^, i metic. 

Aueatsu, T5 ^ 'S -c?, [la S, n. Assassination. 

siirii, v.t. To assassinate. 
Syn. Yamiuohi. 

Ansatsu, loA 5 •:?, I^W.^ '^- Examination; trial; 
subjecting to judgement, decision or sentence 

(to be used in connection with ofli'enders), 

siii'ii, v.t. To examine, try. 

Syn. GiMMi, Shieabertt, Tadasu. 

Ansatsuelil, li^ ^ ^ rp L, iSS?{^> "• The title of 
an ancient official who went around to examine 
the conduct of governors and report it to the 

AiiscE, i^/-^^'\j^, 3?!??, '"- Repose; ease; rest; fcran 
quillity; freedom from uneasiness. fiiation. 

Anslil, ^o^L, 0H$'J, fi. Attack by night; assassi- 

AnelifkJ siaru, ^o^S.^f'^, fftfS'. ^'-t- To commit 
to memory; to memorize; to learn by heart. 

Aushin, ^i5^L,^, ^ it', n. A tranquil mind; ease 
of mind; composure; contentment; freedom 
from anxiety or care; tranquillity; a mind 

calm, settled and composed. suru, v.i. To 

lirtve a tranquil mind; to be free from care or 
anxiety of any kind; to be composed. 




Anstil siiru, 7o^L■?"S, J?fffS, v.t. To inyostigate; 

to examine ; to see. 
AnsliJtsu, ^i^^-7, ^^7, n. See Anjitsu. 
Ansliltsu, 15AX-7, ^£, ■«. A gloomy dwellmg; 

darkened chamber or room ; dark or secret abode 

(as a prison or cave). 
Anslio, ^5^:£i, ^#, n. [Chin.] A draft; compo- 
sition; copy; manuscript. 
Syn, Shitagaki, SOan. 
Aneho, ^o^X-^5, f^U> "• A general or an ad- 

mirril wanting in understanding or capacity. 
Anslio, ^o^■fr5, t^B^, n. A. hi<lden rock; areef. 
Ansho ni noriageru, ^ RB = S ± /^. to run on 

a rock (said of" a vessel). 
Analid, ^o^;t i:5, ^S. "■ Recitation from me- 
mory; learning by heart. sum, v.t. To 

recite from memory ; to learn by heai't. 
Syn. Chudkyomu, Soranzubu. 
Anshu, ^o^S.^*, ^i. ''!■ A stupid sovereign; an 

incapable prince, master, or lord. 
Ansliii, ^^^^(,%, flg±, n. The keeper or occupant 

of a cell, cottage, or monastery. 
Ansukko, ^o^^■y*>5, ) ^ .§. #, «• 0[Bot.]Iien- 
Ansokiiko, 'Io^%< :b>?, ' zoin. @A kind of in- 

cence sticks, 
Aiieokii, ■^5^^<, 5 i@.. "• [Chin.] Q Rest; repose. 

©Taking no labour. ©Sabbath. T?.kea verb 


Syn. iKOi, Ktusokd, Yascmi. 
Ansoku-nlchl, ^o^^<I/^■^, i^'.EH, n. The sab - 
Ansoku-Jltsii, ^o^^<;&'7, 'bath day, a day of 

rest; the Sunday. 
AutiLl, loA'teV^. ^IS, ■«• [CftiTi.] Same as ^nfc'". 
dntcl, ^o^'^V^J 5S. "• Tr;inquillity, equilibrium, 

the state of being settled. fAssassination. 

Anto. ^o^^5. ISot, n. O Assault d; oight. @ 

Syn. ANGEKI, Yami-uchi. 
Antohii, 'lo^it<,^ffl, /!. A letter or Qote. 
Any a, 1o^•^, tS K. "• A dark night; a starless 

AlIyo,^^^^5.?^S- ri. O Recruiting one's health 

in tranquillity. @ Supporting (as parents). 
Anxni, ^o^3'U^. i^^> "- Examination ot offences 

or crimes. 
Anzaislio, ^^^^'V^X 1, ff ffi ^/r, ?*■ The Emperor's 

place of sojourn while away from the capital. 
AnsiiD. ^o^3'^, ^ M, ■n- Kasy or natural parturi- 
tion; delivery or labour. 
ADznuJii, ^o^^*^:£^W', ^ ^:§:. «• [-Bot.] The Rose 

of Jericho. 
Anxanshl, lo ^ r ^ t. ^ UJ ^, "•• A scarecrow, 

usually in the shape of an archer 
Syn. Kakashi, Toriodoshi. 
Anx» sum, ^^^3rt^.^Ei, v.i. O To sit easily. 

@ To sit without observing the strict rules of 



AnBon, 1o ^ ■e^ ^, ?f ^, n. O Safety; exemption 
from hurt, injury, or loss; quality of giving 
confidence or justifying trust. @ Close custody. 

Anseii, lo ^■^ ^.S^. d. and adv. Safe; quiet; 
peaceful; peacefully; reposedly; easily. 

Auxcii, ^o^*^^ la^. «. and adv. Dark; ignorant- 
ly; unknowingly; with no definite aim or pur- 

Anzen-kayatsukoBl* f5 ^^ ^tI■^^W■?r, ^ ^tS 
:K, ". Safety matches. 

An«eii-ki, 15 ^^ ^ ^, ??^gg, n. A cut-out or 
safety-joiDt (in an electric-light wire). 

4ii«u, ^o^^, ?>^, ■". IBot.] Apricot. 

Ao, 1o^,^, (i- Blue; green. 

Ao-a.bii. l.BiSr^*. if tt. ". [^n(o-m.] A gr»en gadfly. 

Ao-al, io5r%2)- 'I- [^ot.lConimeCy/ia communis. 

Ao-akaza, ToSr5.*'3*, 5^ fil. n. [BoL] Goose foot. 
Lamb's Quarters. 

Aoao, 1o$r^5r.^'?. a. Q Blue as the sky. & 
Green as tlie flea or a pasture. 

Aoara, lo5r%6, n. [rchtfi.] Serranus awo-ara. 

Aoa^^bl-Bliigi, Ih^'S} tX¥, n- [Ornith.] Green 

Ao-azukl. lS^*):?*5,^a. ■»■ [-BoM Green gram. 

Aoba, ;;^5:y:. ^ 5|. n. Green leaves. 

Aobachl. ^^^}d%,'^^, n. [EntmiA Sphegidce sp. 

Aobadai, i5$rttfc\r, "■ [Jchth.] Giavcosoma sp. 

Aobal, io$rlfV^, 'fy UB. ". L-EnEimi.] The blue bottle 
fly, CaUipJiora sp. 

Aobaiia, lo5rtftI,1t IB^. n. [BoE.] Day Flower. 

Aobana, lo5rfct^. ^S5. "■ Tliick running at the 
nose, of a greenish colour. 

Aobato, 1^ 5r tfi^, 1^*5. ■«■ [Or«i«/i.] Si6bold>a 
green pigeon. ffooted owl. 

Aubazukii, 155rtt'p'<. "• [Orniih.l Brown hairy- 

Aobcra, i^Sr-^t, Jt. l/c/if/i.l Ptatj/tfiossM* jwe- 
ci lopitrus. 

Aoblkarl, ■\h'^V>'^,'H %, "■■ Green light; phos- 
phoric light. flJts. 

Aobo-inomI, lo?rlI5 4&, "■ [-Sot.] Abies homole- 

Aobucbl, ^o^:i=%,MW, "■ ^ deep pool of a bluisk 
green colour. 

Aobukiiro, i^5rJ--< H, WflS, 't- Pale and sickly 
swelling, as seen In dropsy. 

Aocttn,-in^%^,^'^,n. A yellowish -green colour. 

Aoda, 1o5:i^-> "■ O A kind of basket used in car- 
rying earth. @ A sedan-chair for prisoners. 

Aodaisii6.ioV/:\r:£-^5,5J«t^., 71. {Zooi.]Eia- 
phis virgatus. 

Aodake. l^Sr^-W", 1^t!r- n- A. green bamboo. 

Aodako, I55r7&t. n. [Bot.] Fraxtmis. 

Aodama, i^5r?!l'S,iflFf, «• A groen stone. 

Aodosa, l^Sr^"?, I?" ± te. *i- A sort ol blue paper. 
See Kondosa. 

Aoe, lo5:J&, W?&. ■»■ A kind of earth containing 
oQbalt; gosiu 




Aogaerii, tt5rfc'*.2, ff g. n. [EntomA Green-Tvos- 

Itaria esciUenta. fwork. 

Aiif^iil. i;95:f)*if, ttffil, n. >rotiier-ot'-peai-l lacquer- 
Aosal-xalku, ^o5:JI*t^SV < . ff ^ SB I, n. Work- 
manship In mother-of-pearl lacquer. 
AoKRinI, To3rii*A, I^SEi n. Blue or green paper. 
Aofferu, li5:If^&. \^ W^i /*- [Ontit/t.] Japanese 

green woodpecker. 
^oglehi, to^^%, n. [Ichth.} Equula rtvulata. 
Aogl-nesa'^va.kubn. li i ^nft**5 < tf , W ^. adii. 

Praying most humbly und respectfully. ffoUa, 
Aofflri. ISST'T'!) . ^ is. «. [BoL] Sterculia platani- 
Aoffl-tatoru, lo-tS^-C3, ^ 31, v.t. O To fan. @ 

To excite, stir up, agitate. 
Aosoke, loSraW-.lft^Sc^. "* [i*o(.] Lichen. 
Aogu, %i,^,0i, v.t. O To fan. @ To winnow. 

© To stir up; to instigate. 
Aogii, TiO'i'fr,^, v.t, O To look upwards. @ To 

look up at. © To respect. Q To venerate. S 

To supplicate. (0 To rely or depend upon (as on 

the supply from abroad). 
AoKumo, th^^ 4 , ■?? ^, 71. O A blue cloud. @ A 

Blgn of the weather becoming fine. 
Aohada., TS5:tI?&, H, n. Same «s Aokawa. rtosa. 
Aohnkolio, tS^rttt'*, «■' [-Hot.] Stellaria tomen- 
Aohammyo, to 5- tt ^ » S.ffWJffi. "- [Env>^n.] 

Blister, Spanish fly, Cantharis, 
Aoha-mono, l^Srtti^CD, |&ffl#, "■ A samuraVs 

servant. ftoad. 

Aohlki, loSro-^.ffg, n. [Zo'dl,] A small green 
Aohltogusa, %'^V-'£^-5,ff \^> «■ O Mankind. 

@ The people at large; the populace. © The 

common people. fyoung. 

Aol, ■ftSrV^.ffa- Blue; green; Inexperienced; 
Aol, %^t>,'^% n. IBot.] Hollyhock. 
Auigal. ^n^V•■ti'*T>, n. 

[Conclt.] Argonaut, 

or Paper sailor. 
Aol-suko, T^J-O- ^ W, 

71. [hot.] Dichnndra 

Aoi-iiianie, •\r>J^t>'^i6, 


n, n. lBot.\ Viola 

Aojl, TSSr'fr. ftftfe. "■ 
Blue or green 
ground (as of cloth). 

AoJI, tSf :£'. Kffi. '*• [Or7i((ft.]TemmJnck'9 Japan- 

Aojl-no-nlsliikl, ii^tr®Vf;£?, ffJthffi. '»• Bro- 
cade of green or blue ground. 

AokainlkirJ. H^ij^/f-^V, ^ *. ". [Entvm.'j A 
kind of beetle. 

Ao-liushi, 1^5r*'L. ". lBot.]3tachl(us. 

Tese bunting. 

Aoka^TA, 15 S* 4' S, 15, ". The green bark of a 

Aokasurit, Ih^ji'O'c,, U%B, ". [Bot] Sabla. 
Aokaviira. T5 ST *» ■=' & . Wi 3. "■ Wot.] Ooccultis 
T/iunbergU. fYoung. 

Aokl, T55:&, ff, a. QGreen; blue, ©[.rtfl-.] to6-'*.l 
Aoki,i^$:&,;|5ifci|jin]]91, 71. [Bot.] -^ucttHaioponlcn 

Aokjba, lo^9tf> «- [flo(.]Same as ^nba. 

Ao-klnako, fSi-l&^t, ^ff^. "■ Bean-flour ot 
a greenish colour. 

Aoho, loSrC, 71. O Powdered aonor/. ©A green 
pigmenter used in colouring some foods. 

Aokn. 1^5: C, flf, 7t. The predicate adjective form 
of ant. fAollia japonica. 

Ao-biiniatakoran, \h^ < )£ ft b^ & ^> ^- [Bot.] 

Aoku-nuru. 1k^<V.Z, ^1f, v.t. To turn green 
or pale. 

Aokii8aslil,-i,-kl» 15 5r O L. ff E. »* O Tastini 
like unripen fruits or unco iked vegetables. Q 
Inexperienced: youngish; a ;ntinginakill; inex- 
pert; unskilled. 

Aoma, to^^, (^ ffi, n. IZoeL] A white horse. 

Aouiaino, th^'^th, S8a. ". [Bo(.] Green gram. 

Aoinn-Jlnin, 15 5rl*:£'3- Wfe^. »• Same as 

Aoiiie-oi'l, 155ri^5ri!), W^fii!. «■ Same as Ome- 

Aoiiie-ivnta. foSrfcJ^fe. ^fe:^. w. Same as Omc- 

.lonil. M)^7f; ft, n. %i\ Bhade of blue or green. 

©The blue or green part of a thing whicli is Of 

two or more colours. 
.loiiil-d:iti!iii. 155:;^^r?, T? i, v.l. OTo begin to 

appear green. ©To become green. ©To put 

forth buds. 
.liiiiildorl. i52:7>*wi, AS. '*• {BotA Spirogyra. 
Auiiil-lxii. i5 5r^V^^*. fff Hi. v.i. OTo put forth 

young leaves. ©To present a scene of verdure. 
Aoiiiiwatarii, l^^T^^JfeS, ffH. v.i. To turn 

green all around. 
A4>in4H'lil. 15^4*^, #W. ■"■ Green JTocht. 

Aoiitdjf. '[n'^li t, n. [BoE.] ilTidflj'a cUHodora. 

Auiiii>/Hs i^Srtro, W fS. "■ Greens; vegetables. 

Auniii, I55rtf, i?. i"-*- O To begin to present green 
ccilour. © To bud forth. © To turn pale (as the 

Auiiiuke, To-S:^t^. W^, n. [coU-l L^ing on the 
back, that is with the face upwards. 

AonmkJ, lh^is'%, W [Sj, it. Same as above. 

Aomukii, lo$:t?<> W rSj, v.t. To turn the face up- 
ward; to look upwards. rback. 
Aomutte nertt, ^i^ fSj r JK*-, to lie down on th« 

Aoinushl. toSTtPL, tSS^. n. [fintom.] Caterpillar. 

Aomy5bau, .5 Sr;^-^ 5 tf ^, #^ ». n. Same aj 
RiVia. Green vitriol, copperas, sulphate of iroa 




Aonn, "in^tr, ?f, n- \Bot.'\ Brassica chinensis, or 

Brassica compestrls. 
Aone-kaKiirn., To5r*l*o*c,, ^ Bg ft. "■ [Bot.} Po- 

lypodium nippontcum. 
Aonl, ■jJ^SrVC, ^i^, n. A green paint 
Aonohii, lo5r®<. Wi. ''■'■ [coll.] A corruption ol' 

Ao-no-kuinatnker»ii, T^5r®< Ufel^ 6 A-, t± K. 

[Bot.] Pollia japontca. 
Ao-norl, TiSrCDV), ff jS ^, k. fBor.l Enteromm-pha 

^nte^tinalls or IZira iinzcf. 
Ao-nyororl, TSJrVCi:;^ "(J, ^fl^, «. [Sot.J Same as 

Aori, lolff'fi, 71. The gunwale of a ship. 

Aorl, fo-i-*), PBt is. «- Tlie flaps or housing of a 

saddle; a Raddle -cloth; a horpe-cloth. 
Aorl, ^TjJr-V), ^, 71, OA forcible stream of air; a 

blast, @'riie beating of a flap or anything flap- 
Aorltlo, To-Sridlft, n. A trap-door. LUke. 

Ao-rlncop ^55rlp^a, tttt. n. [BoC] Apple. 
Aoru, to-i-2, IR, v.L To flap; to strike riolently 

and noisily; to slam; to blow. 
To ga aoru, piftj^ji', the door slams. 
Aorii, T5X3, JS, *'■'■ OTo beat with a flap or 

anything like a flap. ©To instigate; to stir up. 
Gummin wo aoru, B^ K ?■ ffl fl-, to stir up a 

Aoaa* To9:3, ff, 71. The quality or degree of being 

green or blue. Vola. 

Aoea, 155:'5, S W, "- [-Bot.] Green Laver, Prasi- 
Aosasi, T«5r^2r, #^, 

iOriiit)i.\ Common 

heron, Ardea cine- 

Aosagt, TSSr^S*, ^IK, 

■n. [Bot.] Melon. 
Aosa«rlsd, ih^-^"^-^ ? , 

n. [Bot.] Habenarla. 
AoNHtigrojii, 1o^^^a 

Green-coloured coral, 

AoaajibJ, ^oSrS L.ffjg, 

straw on which coins are strung. 

Aosen, ^o5r*^. i^^. n. Coins raade of bronze. 

Ao8hl,-i,-kl, io5rL.^, «■ O Blue. ©Green. © 
Young or inexperienced. 

Aoshlroslil.-l,-kl, -}^^:&:S L.^^.a. Pale; livid; 
sickly; wan; bloodless. 

Ao0O* liiSrt, fetSf, n. [Bot.] Sameas^osct. 

\ouora., th^^^, ,^^. n. The blue sky; the 

Aoxora, 1^^5' ^> \ az'""© heavens. 

AoBudare, l^5r-^?!sH, ?? ai¥, n. A green blind. 

AoBiise, iS^^rts-, «- [Bot.\Carfx hrevtciil'inls. 

Ananjl. lS5r-^C,1*f M. ^^ A blue vein, seen especi- 
ally on the forehead, when one is angry. 

O A string of hemp or 
A kind of 

.-VoNiiji-agolia, T^5r-^ t;%W=-tt, «. [Entom.] Papilla 
sp. rep. 

Aoeiijl-badil, 1h^iri:iS%, n. [Entom.] Crucim 

Ao-siiiiioino, lo5r"^l 4, T^ ^, n. [Bot.] Plum. 

Aotn, 3f.5rfe, 1?^ E8. n. O A green rice-field or pad- 
dy-fleld. @ Dead-heads. 
Byn. DEMB5. 

Aota, 1^5rfe. ?0S5, «. See^iwla. rs^cano. 

Aotade, lol'teTf, ^^, ". [Bot.] Polygonum per- 

Aoto, io3rl^. S'ig, n- A Green whetstone. 

Aotokuge, ■Jo5rlf*>l^,S BS ^. "■ [i^HfoTii.] Pumi- 
ces qulnquelineatus. rnica. 

AotNiibainc, lo5"^fcfl6, ti. [JETitOTii.] T)iecla japo- 

AottiiiKiira. 1^5:'^:3'&, R6 3. '^- [BoL] Same as .4o- 
Aazura. fCoeeuIitf. 

Aotaiijciirn-rnjl, lo^r-^ip'&i^-, ?^PJb"3- «■ 'B"f-] 

Aoiiina^, lo5r5^,Wi^. «• [^oiil.] Same as vioma. 

Aoiinia-iio-jlii, i^ 5; 5 a ® "^ A, ^ Ji », 'i- The 
waiting-place where the grooms of tlie twenty- 
one white horses (see below) assembled. 

Aoiima-no-seoliiye, T<,5r5'a©-ii:'^5., ^ H PK §■, ti. 
An ancient fete in the celebration of which the 
Emperor inspected twenty-one white horpe* 
from hia Right and Left Stables, held on the 
seventh day of the first month (o. s.) every year. 

Aoiinic-miikc, lo 5r fe:?^ W", "^Silf. "■ Pickled 

Aoiiiiil, "ih^^^.'sMW, w. The broad sea; the ocean. 

Ao-urJ, To 5r 5 y,^}5., SflJi, n. [Bot.] Same as 

Aojiigi, i^5r-^5', ^^, n. [Bot.] The green willow. 
Syn. Yanagi. 

Aoyaglso, i».5:^Sf^5, n. [Sot.] Verainnn. 

Aoyaka, lo5r-^*'. iS^, «■ Green. 

Ao>aiiia. 1^5r^ia, i^ |il, '/i. A green mountain or 
hill; a mountain coverfil with trees or gr:i-s. 

Ao«:iincrii, ii5:-3'y)2, ?^g|, r.i. To turn pale, 
livid, pallid, bloodle'!S. 

Aoxanic, l^^rS**. "><■ [I-chth.] Lamna glauca. 

Aozainiiral, 1^5:5" tP '^.V-, iSf f#, '<■ O [obs.] Green 
or young soldier-*; inexperienced soldier-'. Q 
Formerly, an order of retainers in the Imperial 

Aoaaskl, i^Sr^" L. ff ^, '"■ See AosasM. 

Aoxashi-xeiil, lo2:3'L^-tP, ^*S U. 7*- The coins 
strung on an amashi. 

Aose, tSSr^. *i. A north-west wind. fbeetle. 

AoBonmshi, io5r3*5'f^L, «■ [BTittwi,] A kind of 

AoKiike, io t ^* tt, W ffi. w. O Pre'^erving plums 
and other Iruits or vegetables in alcohol or salt. 
Eo as to keep the original green colour. ©The 
things so preserved. 

Aoziinii, l^ir^^, WS. "■ A cake of indigo used 
as a paint. 

Appare, l^yti'H, ':^ PS, a. [coll.] Adminble, praise- 
worthy, cliarming. 




Ara, >5 & . ft. "■ The guts of flsh or fowlB. 

Arn« 1o 6 , |Ff, a. New, newly made, not second-hand, 
Ara de hito kumi 30 yen nara dekimasv, jjf ^ — 
JfiS + ra-J-ytli^KT:?!, you can have a new 
suit made at 30 yen. 

Am, i<,t, fl|[^, interj. Exclamation of fear, Joy, 
sorrow, astonishment ; Ah 1 Oh I 

Ara, 1o?», fe, o- Rough; coarse; unpolished; 
crude; unwrought; uncut; ragged; shaggy. 

Ara» 1^ & , iS, a. Rude ; violent ; boisterous ; wild. 

Ara, 15 6, n. [Ichth.} Mphon spinosus. 

Ara-nra, i^ c, ^ &, 
i|fl t , adv. 

Roughly; sum- 
marily; coarse- 
ly; not particu- 
larly or minute- tlo 63 
ly; briefly; rudely; uncivilly. 

Ara-ara uketamawari masJiita, ^ Ar ^ -"^ 'J ''' 
S/it, we have heard of it, though not minutely. 
Syn. Hobo, Oyoso, somatsu, Zatto. 

Araai'3ir^li,-l,-kl, i^ ^ "S, ^ L, M 'f 1^, <^- Feroci- 
ous; violent; harsli; boisterous; uncivil; savage; 
Araarashtkt koe, S -V Kt^, harsh voice. 
Syn. FUTOKI, Haqeshiki, takeshiki. 

Araaraelilkii. 1o & <& 6* < , ^ '^ Sfe. a^u„ The ad- 
verbial lorm of Araarashi. 

Araba, 1S6UI- [«m6j. form of ^j-f.] If it be; ir there 
were; were he, etc. farabic. 

Arabiya-Boiiiii, t9 ft-^A.ffittfS If R, n. Gum 

tralHya-ffuiiiiijii, i^ S CA'-^ a tr&l*, ^^Bt, n. 
IBot.] The tree producing the gum arable, Acacia 
arabica, Acacia gummifera. 

Araburii, l^6J-*Z,^, v.i. To be rough, boiste- 
rous, uncivil, violent, or noisy. 

Arailaterii, iSt?!s"r3,^ a, i'.(. To excite; to 
irritate ; to exasperate ; to enlarge a trifle. 

Ara«1atsii. 1o & Ti'^ylrtAL, v.i. Q To be stormy, 
violent, noisy. @ To act roughly, uncivilly, 
vidlently; to be excited, enraged, irritated, ex- 


Arade, I^ft-tf, v. [7i«ff. form of .drt.J See ^r(. 

AraetifBu, 15 tA.U-'-il', #^i rt. Barbarians, sav- 
ages, fnietals; ore. 

Aragane, 15 & j!)f fa. flf i, «• [3/in.] Unwrought 

Aragaii, T5 6ij<i, 52; 4, v.t. [o&s.] To dispute, con- 
trovert, pppose; to contend with; to engage in 
debate; to resist. 


Aragaiva, 15 tij^tt, ^^,n. A raw liide; undress- 
ed skin; untanned leather. 
Arnge, 15 tit-, ^ ^, n. A bristle. 
Arasome, 15 & a*. I^M. «■ Uncleaned rice. 

Aragomo, 15&&1. I^Mi "■• A new mat of coarse 

Aragotu, 15 6 & if, S'ff. "• Playiog murderous 
or otherwise coarse parts (as in dramatic per- 
formances), ring aragoto. 

AragotosIUj l5 6aif L, ^^E*, n. Actors play- 

AragiiBlii, 15 & <' L, |a ffi, n. A coarse comb. 

AvagyS, lo&5^-^5, ^1t, n. Tortures of the body 
which tlie priests in former times had to under- 
go as part of their religious discipline. 

Aralia, 15 & tt, 1S\ %, '"■ Same as Aramt. 

Aval, 15 ^v-, a. [coll. cont. oV Araki.] See Araki. 

Aral, 15C.U-, n. A liind of sashiml made from a 
live flsh, (so called from the flesh being washed 
In cold water). 

Aral, lotu-, jSE, n. Washing. 

Aralgainl, 15 6 y-ftt;^, })t*, n. Having tlie hair 
of the head free from oil or pomade, (said esp. of 

Arj.igiisiirl, i5^t><'-^U), ^^, n. Jifcrf.] A lotion, 
or medicinal fluid applied to the skin by rubbing 
on or in. 

Aralliarl. 15 & W- tt V) , i^ 3fi. n. O Washing and 
fulling cloth. @ Washing and stretching old 
cloth on a board by pasting it with a thin boIut 
tion of starcli; washing and Ironing. 

Aralharl-ya, I56y-H'0-^, }5t5fiSR, n. A washer- 
man; a washer-woman; alaundress; afnller. 

Aralko, 15 t !> t, iSE ©, 7t. A washing powder 
made of pea-beans. 

Aral-iioi'i, loiiU-Cil, n. [BoL] Laver. 

Aral-utosii,i56y'5ffif-^, i!tS, v.t. To wash away; 
to wash out; to cleanse. fminerals. 

AralHhl, i5t\/^ t, ff^, n. [Mn.! Anore; unwrought 

Aralso, 156V^5:, ^)!l. "■ Rough coast. 

Araltaterii, i56i>fet:3, j^ i;, v.t. {coU.^lo make 
a ship's bottom clean byjpurning and washing. 

Aralto-odoshl. l5f.V^lf =Sr*Li ;!E jft ^, »• A man- 
ner of pointing armour. 

Aralyonc, 15 & U' i *!, i5E ?f£, n. Washed rice of- 
fered to gods. 

AvnjJ, 15 f, t, V. [neg. of Ai"u.\ Shall or will not be. 

Arakalio, 15^*"^, & iS, "■ The first coat of a 
plaster wall or partition. 

ArakaJInie. 15&*'^-16, W, (^dv. Beforehand'; a 
priwl't previously; in a general Way. 

Arakajime sJilrasei'u, J$ ^ ^ "^ ^ ju, to give 
notice beforehand. 


Arakan. T7:ftv, H^Sf, n. [Ziwrtrf.] An arhan. 
Arakascgl, 15 c, *» * 5", ^U, it- [c^^.] Robbery; 

freebooting; piracy. 
ArakaslH, l5t*'L, ffi3. «■ [BotA Quei'cus vlanca. . 
Ai'akata, 15 & *» fe, isH, «""• [coil.] Generally;. 

mostly; for the greatest- part; in the m!ii;ii 
Syn. Taigai, Tairtaku, taitei. Ldiiefly. 




Araknwa-odoshl, lo^A-U^^L. i^^U< "■ -^ 
way of pointing armour in which leather is u^etl 
Instead of thread. 
ArnkcuHsliJ,-l,-l<l, lo ?■ W" tc L, «■ Rough; un- 
civil, boisterous, churlish, unyielding, noisy. 
Syn. Hagkshiki, Takeki. 
Arakerii, lo^W"?, SJ, v.L Q To be dispersed or 
scattered. @ To take away; to remove; to dis- 
place, fto act noi'iily. 
Arakcrii, i^&i^5, v.i. To be violent, boisterous; 
Arakl. 15^&,(^, n. A timber newly cut from 

woods; unvarnished wood. 
Arnki. lo'=.?,|a, "■ Rough, coii>e. 
Araki, lot?.^, «• Violent, noisy, snvage, ciuar- 
relsome, boisterous, wild, harsh, sliarp; tem- 
pestuous, stormy, hard. 

Aratl hltobito, ^^ A Ar. rough, uncivil, in- 
decent, barbarous, or noisy people; ArakI mlzii, 
M'^Jt<, hard water. 

Syn. FUTOI, Hagesui, Takkki. 
Arakl, 1^^^,^^, n. Violent wind, storm. 
Arnkldn, ^o^%fi::,^t• [H. «- A kind of clay used 

tn plastering. 
Arako, l^i^t, ®||. fi- A coarse wicker basket. 
Arako, l^&2:,:^f^, «. Coar-^e flour to be made 

into cakes, mixed with sugar or ame. 
Arakii, lo^ < , S. flt'v- Violently, savagely, wild- 
ly, hardly, roxighly. 

Araku monogoto wo suru, ^ ^ ^^t ^ 7. ;u, tu 
do things roughly. pnwiio. 

Arakiire-nioiio, 1o ^ < it 6 O, 3^ A, n. See Abare- 
Arakiirerii, 1^ f, < H 5, ^, v.i. To be ruu;j:h, 
Bfcrong, or noisy; to brawl; to squabble, to roar; 
to use scurrilous language; to quarrel Indecent- 
Arakuro8hl.-J,-lci, 16& < ^ L. o.. Brawny, inde- 
cent, quarrelsome, scurrilous, boisterous, 
rough, squabbling, roaring, strong. 
Arakui'osliikii, tot < ^ L< . a.Av. The adverbial 

form oiarakuroshU See Arakuro^ihi . 
Arainakl, lofE&.^^i ^i- Straw matting for 
wrapping flsh or fowls intented for a present; 
Syn. TSUTO. L'lence a present. 

Araniastil, lo&^ L. ^t&. adv. For the greatest 
part; In the main; mostly; ior the most part; 
generally; roughly; summarily. 
Syn. ARAKATA, Taitei. 
kraino, lS6!6,ffl^. «■ lBotJ]Ecklon1a WCj/ciU. 
Aranil, lo&S-.SfTJ, "^ A new sword-blade. 
Araniitania,io6;^fe^,SE flu's."' O The enraged 
Kplrit of a god. @ The spirit of a person newly 
died, or a tablet representing do. 
Aramoiiil, i^ 1 1 ;^, m, "• Unhulled rice. 
Araniouo, 11^54©, Si^, f'- Things newly made; 

things not antiquated. 
Araiuono, t^^ <i(D. ffitt. ». n.t leral name for 

coarse-wares, such as clogs, sand^l^, hroonn, 
mats. etc. 

Aramono aklndo, ^I^^A, a dealer in ara- 
Arainouoyit, lr.& tO-^, ?S%g, n. Astorewhere 

aTamono are for sale; the keeper of such a store, 
AraiiioCo, lo^tif.ffl, n. Coarsely ground rice. 
Arnniiislia, lo ^ tr S. -^i S ffS) #j f^- O Ferocious 

warriors, fierce samvrai. @ Ferocity, violence; 

barbarity; cruelty. fbe; may be. 

Arnii, ^5t^. [fut. of cm.] Shall or will be; would 

ArnuniHl, ^i^1X?f',^^fS„ n. Boiling billows; a 

rough sea. Tof straw. 

Araiiatva, l^ii-ViXr^riMi «• A coarse rope made 
Arnnolta, -ioi^tlld- [neg. suhj. of Ari.} If there be 

not; were he not here. 
Kane ga koko ni araneba, ^if Hf^ — t ^T 

js, ifmoney were not here. 
Araiio, l^t©,^^, n. Same as ^?Tno. 

Arano ni takagari suru, ^M f9 - IZ ¥^ ^^ fi- . to 

h:iwk in a wilderness. fJS'al. 

Araiiii, lotfo, :T':^. v.i. [neg. of Art.] Syn. with 

Konoiien nl gakko wa aranu, jtt iS — § fe^ -•■» t 

yjf, there is no school hereabout. Ting. 

.'\raiiiii. 1^ listi'j-, ^, jg, n. Rough sewing or stitch- 
Ai-iiiiiika, i.5i^liti4>, i|a5K, n. The bran. 
Araiiiiri. lo^foiO.fe^, n. The first coat of plas- 
ter or paint. 
Aruiixiiraii, \h^K^^A., v.i. and auxil. v. Shall, 

will, would, may, or might be. 
Arao, l^& V, ^f„ n. A brave man; a strong fel- 
low. The more common forai is Arasftio. 
Arapi>ONlii.-j,-kf. m-v&lM. a- [vul.] Sam© 

as Araki. faro. 

A rara, i^ i^ t , interj. The contracted form of Ara- 
Arjira, i^ ^ c, a. Not near; wide apart. 
Ai*ai'iis<M'ii , 16 e. e. W^ 3 , ^, v.t. To make boisterous. 

quarrelsome, noisy; to enlarge. 
Ai-aragl, t^ i^ ^ ^\ |g :§;, „. [BoL] EuimtGHum. 
ArartiKl. 1,5 ^ 5 ^\ |5, n. A Buddhist tower. 
Araragi, lo^Gi', ??. [Bot.] Yew-tree, Taxus cos 

Ai-araka ni. 1S&G*'L^,S:, adv. Roughly; noisi- 
ly; violently, see Araku. 
Araro, lo 1^ >l, SI, "■ Ihnl. 

Amrcyafurii, ^g//'[t|/^. it halK 
Ararobaslilrt. 16 t It [f L «) , S3 Sfc. «. A featlyal 

celebrated on the 16th day of the 1st month{o.j.), 

in the Imperi;il Pnlnce. 
AraresHiiin, 16 f. nJj-g:, SE ^. '^- An iron pot on 

the out-Ride of whicii there are numerous small 

elevation'^ like hallstonea. 
4i-nre-gnrol, to 6 ttftMiV*. ». [IcJith.] Pleuro- asperrlmus. ^ytdomsis. 

.\rape-gil<ii. 16^Hy C,?);, n. 
Ararp-l«l»I, T.'tHvL-SH. ". 


Arnrc-koin«n, ■ft&llL£.l&^, ;r 



spots like hailstones 

Arare-KOinoii. ^o&K&ft^, 
on various kintla of clotli. 

Ararc-k5.«ou, lo t *ti>5*A., ^RS fltt. "• Parched 
glutinous rice used instead often. 

Araronii, T^ ^ Kto. :7 i* 'S. '^'i- [Pot. neg. of Art.] 
Cannot or could not be or exist. 

Arnrf^rii, 1^ ^ H2 , ?> 'S. v.i. [off. of Ararenu-.] 

Konna koto ga arareru hazn f/a nai, =lv■^^ 
^ T 7 u- ft- 'S :'/ -J- -f , such a thing cannot exist, 
or such a thing is an impossibility. 

Ararczake, l5i=.H*'W, S?l§, n. An inferior des- 
cription of sake in wliich the barm particles are 
yet undissolved and look like hailstones. 

Arnsn, io^^,|a, n. Coarseness; violence; rougli- 
ness; unevenness; rudeness; harshness. 

Arasarorii, 1^^-5*13, ^-g-, v.i. To belaid Avastp, 
desolated, ruined, des- 
troyed, injured, spoiled. 
See Armhl. 

Arnselto, 1^ ^^V^if?, iJtfSI 
tH ^Ei ^' [Sot-1 Bronipton 
stock, Stock. 

Araseravorii, 15 ^^^itj, 
v.i. [/ion.] Same aa^rw, 
used only in speaking to 
or of respectful person- 
Gokigen yoTcu arofcrare- 

you are (or he Is) well. PS ?ft tH TK 

Arnsprii, 1^^-^Z, -^^- \caus. of Aru.^ To cause to 

be or exist; to make; to create. 
Arasltf , io & L, Vt, «■ See Araici C^. 
Araslil. lo*i L, S. SIM. «■ A storm; a tempest. 
Ara^lil^oto, 1^1^* S;!?, /(; f^, "■ Manual labour; 

hard work; toil; drudgery; bodily work. 
Araetil-siian, li & L <' ^, "• [SoM Saxl.fraga 

lycoctoni folia. for preliminary work. 

Araslilko, l^& Lt.,|a$S,™- A. jack- plane for rough 
Arai^liinicnif l^*^;£y)2, -^ W. v.t. [cam. of ^rw.] 

To cause to be ; to make to exist. 
Kami lud bamivtsu too arashimerv, ^\-'\%9^ 

9-'%fi'J>1^, God caused all things toexis.t. 
Araslilo. i^h^X^, n. The open sea. 
Arasliotaf, l^^ifcifeV^, !&f 1&?ff. ^^- Commencing 

to keep a house, said of a new couple, among 

the lower classes. 
ArasdJ. lo'i^i>, ^. "■ Contesl, difference, rjuar- 

rol, dispute, strife, debate, contention, emulous 


Syn. TSAKAT, Kenkwa, K6R0N, RON. 
ArnsoltiiKarii, ^^^^V^1ti|fZ, i'-'- To be desirous 

of debating or disputing; to be quarrelsome, 

litigious, or contentious; to be apt to cavil or 



Arasoii, % c, ^ X, ^, v.i. To contend with, t« 
quarrel; to have a difference; to differ; to de- 
bate, to complain; to argue; to compete. 

Syn. RONZUBU fto ruin, 

Arasii. lot-^, ?j?. v-t" To lay waste; to desolate; 
Shishi ga Iiatake wo arasv, ¥f^if &^ 7 9 ^i 
the wild hog spoils the fields. 

Ar:iE)iiiiil, i^Cfir^f; n. [3ffn.] Stone coal. 

Arata, i^^Jz, Iff, a. New; liavlng been made but 

a short time; not defaced or worn out; fresh; 

novel; of recent origin, invention, or establisli- 

Syn. Atarashi, Shin. LTnent. 

Avtktn,'i^c,it, ^ Jfil, a. [rmit. of Arataka.] Of mira- 
culous power; remarkable for liearing prayers; 
wonderfully; powerful; godlike. 

Ano kami wa arata na monodesu, fS -^ JS* -"^ ff 
Sil-^ ■=£ -' t't'., that god is wonderfully powerful, 
and lieara prayer well. 

Aratn, ig^fc, 4 QJ, n. Pa<ldy fields newly made. 

Aratao, >o6te'^, ^K. ^- Coarse hemp cloth. 

Arataka, >;^6fe4>, taJg, ,<.. [Ornith.^An untaught 

ArataJkn, to & fe *n ')hf^, «■ Speedily rewarding 
one's prayers; ready to accept a prayer; mira- 
culously; powerfully. 

Aratania, ^o^^h.'^, B?, n- [3//n.] Uncut and un- 
polished gema. 

Arataiiiam, l^tfelJZ, W. v.i. To be amended, 
renovated, corrected, regenerated, overhauled, 
altered, or renewed. 

Kwansei ga aratamaru, *& ifei) ^z* M "7 fl-, tlie 
regulations for government organization are be 

Aratanie, To^-fe*, ^, '"-• Examination, amend^ 
ment; alteration, investigation, reformation 
inspection, review, careful survey. 


Arataincni, 15 & fe 16 3, 5fc. v.t. Q To change, 
alter, correct, renew, renovate, refoi-m, Inft 
prove. ®To examine, survey, investigate, 
count, inspect, oversee. 

Kore loa aratameneba narimasai, jlt >'» Hft > ^ 
?< -J- V "7 ^ V, this mtist be altered; Kane too 
aratame>-ii, & ?■ BJ »-, to count the money. 


Arataiiiote, 15 6 "te 56 T, Bft, adv. Once more; 
again; renewedly; anew; afresh. 
Syn. BETSUnAN Nl. 
Aratainii, i^C-fetp, %, v.t. Same as ^j-atawwrw. 
Arata ni, l^&'teK, ;&f, a(?"- Anew; newly; afresh. 

Syn. Atarashiku. 
Arato, t^ST, 1^ ^, «. A fresh hand; new combat- 
ants, conte.'^tantfi, or matches. Ttroops. 
Arate wo oktiru, ^ ^-^ i^n^, to send freeh 
Arato, 7^&lf, flS^, n- Coarse whetstonea 




Afau, i^fii, )!t, "v-t. To wash; to dash against; to 
waste by tlie force of running water. 

Ashi wo arav, M ^ K"?. i^-'i to wash the feet; 
{Jig.] to quit a house of 111 fame. 

Ara-uinl, i?>Ci,^?^, ^f^, n. A boisterous sea; an 
open sea; an ocean. 

Arawn, i^ttt, fig, a- Open; not private; public; 
without reserve; candid; frank. 

Arawn nl, 15 i; Hire, Kg, i^ ^, O'l''- Frankly; pub- 
licly; candidly; unreRervedly; openly; plainly. 


Arawnroi'ii. 15 ^ KC K 3, 0, m, ""■»■ To come in 

sight; to be seen; to l>erimie manifest or visible; 

to be revealed, disclosed, or detected; to become 

Syn. Hakkakusi-RU, ROKESSURU. U^nown. 

Arawuserii, i5&tt*2, ^'^.vA. [cans, of Armt.] 
To cause or order to wash, or to be washed. 

Ara-tvnsii, loi^ai^, M, M, i'-'- To exhibit; to 

show; to enable to perceive; to point out; to 

Syn. MiSERLT, Oyakh ni suru. (.evince. 

Arawnsii, l5i=.H-^, ^, '■'■ To publish; to bring 
out; tn write. 

Syn. Chojitsu srKU, Chosaku suru. Tned. 

Arawata, ih^tifz., Sf *ft':, "■ -New otton not gin- 

Arayasiirl, l^^-^-?''!), U^, n. A coar.'ie file. 

Aruyiirii. 15&W>3, ^r^, o,- All; every. 

Arayur ii hito ga dnto ni tsukvrarete orii, fyi'^ 
f- Kif ^ ^ — ^ -{^ "^ ^ 7- fl H- , s,\\ men are creat- 
ed equal. ftlian. 

Arazani, lof. y 2- [nRf/. adj. form of ,-lrif.] Other 

Araxoino, 15 f,^ (6, $L'<^. "■ Rough or prelimina- 
ry dyeing. 

AriiKii, 15 f.^, 4^. [neg. of Jrv.] Is or are not. 

Avaxukiiroj, 15 S -p* < ^ lA, UW, "■ Careless or 
rough mending or repairing. 

AraKiiinori, I5i^^*4ifl, feTii. '*■ A rougli calcu- 
lation; estiniiitinn without precise details. 

Araminiba, ^5c,^^(i, cany. Unless; ifnot; except. 

Are, 15*1, interj. An exclamation of calling atten- 
tion or surprise, llo! Look! Lai What I Hollo I 

Are, 15H, jfi, 3)ron. That; he; It. 

Are iva nan no tameka, fS i^-*"*!?!^ ^>?j, what 

Arc, 15*1, v.i. [imi). of,4W.] Be. L'stliatfor? 

Shinsetsu de hatsii shdjiki de are, ^^ t'M y 
oE IS T T L', be kind and honest. 

Are, I5lt, JfJ, n. Storm; tempest. 

Areha, i5*ttf. [sub. of Ari.] Iftliere is. 

3fosht hima gaarebaotoma itashimasho, g -y 
V^ij' T I' y^'^ ^ -^ -J^i'Vi/H'C, if time pei-mlts 
me I will go with yoii 

Areclil. 15H1^, JSilfe, "- Wa'^te land. 

Aredat!4ii. 15H7i<>, ?f£i£, rA. Same as Aradatsu. 

Areitoino. 15H^4, ri [suh. of AH.] Although 

thei'e is; although he has; although we are, etc. 

Aredomo naki ga oofosM, ^ f-' ^ ^if isi i/. 

though we have (or there is), it is like nothing 

i ^, v.l. To be; to have; to exist. 

(said of unjustly got" fortund or an extremely 
small quantity of any thing). 

AregacliJ, 15^1**"^, M^M,n. Frequency of storms 

Aregaslil, 15Hft« L- [comp. of Areitmp. of.4rOand 
kashi.] I wish that; may. rstorm. 

Aregumo, 15H<-%,^S, n. Clouda foretelling a. 

Aveliatsii, IcKar?, ^1^, vA. To be utterly ruin- 
ed, laid waste, devastated, or destroyed. 

Areiiiaan, 15H^^,^*fe, vA. [06s.] To be born 
(used only in the case of a high personage). 

Arcno, 15H©, ^^, n. O -*■ 'wilderness or desert. 
@ Waste land. 

Arerii, 15HS, JE, #. v./. To be rough, spoiled, 
destroyed, or laid waste; to be barbarous, un- 
manageable, leroclous, stormy, cruel, refrac- 
tory, or unruly. 

Areta, 15*1^, J^ ffl, n. Waste rice-fleld ; a rice field 
promising no good return. fweeded. 

Ai'etani, l5Hfe2,^j(B^, a. Waste; desolate; not 

Aretatsii, l5Hte-7, #3:, vA. See Aradatsu 

Arowatai'ii, l5H*jfe3,||:H, vA. and f. To devas- 
tate all over a district, a province, etc. 

Ai'oyuku, 15HW><,^1t, ■"■*. To go through a dis- 
trict or country devastating. 

Ari, '15'5,^, n. A dove-tail Joint or tenon. 

Ari, ^^V),^. 71. [Entom.] An ant, Fo-rmica up. 

AvJ, 15 W), 

Ai'ii» 15 S, 

Kare ni tada itsu no taishi arl, fg; i-- = 5? — .^ 
A^T Vi he has but one ambition; Koo-e ga 
konjo no itmnagoi de am, ft;/ ■>^-^0EE7'T 
jt-, this is the very last farewell; Pude waken 
yorl mo tsvyoku arii, ^ >•• SJl ^ ij -e 5S ^ T ;i-, the 
pen is niighter than the sword. 

Arl-ai, l5VJ3bU-, fi^, '«. llapiening to oe; to 
have, or to be present; incidental presence or 
possession. fmoon is still visible. 

ArlaUe, 15"^ *W, ^ ffl, n. The daybreak while the 

Ai'lako-aiidu, 15'!1 3f.W;%^^5. .gK®, it. A 

ArlaKe-aiidon, 15 V)35W■^5^'£■^, ) lamp kept 

burning through the night. 

Ai-iako-iio-toboshlbi, 1511) S)t-j-t?>if (,9;* fA", ^ ;©, n. 
Same as above. fseen in the morning. 

Ariakexiiki, 15«) %W:p"3, W ^ ^. n. The moon 

Ari-ainarii, i5i!)35US.^IS, u.f. To have more 
than sufficient; to possess a surplus; to have 
much above want. 

Arl-ari to, IS"!) >^'!) if . ffiS, adv. Exactly as on© 
was in life, said of ghosts; evidently; clearly; 

Sono svgata ga ari-ari to mieru, ^^ ^rffiffi 
h Jl ^ )U, he could be distinctly identified. 


Avian. i5V]3F,i-, W-S-, I'.*- To happen to be; tf> 
Syn. MooHiAU. Lhave; tobe preseai. 




^rl-'awiisc, i;i V ?i tt*, fl -fr, ". Incidental posses- 
sion; happening to hav»; what one has or can 
command at a given moment. 

Ima ari-awase wa JcoreshiJca nai, -^^-fi- 1 ■>n 
=ii^s/yj-^-1, this is all that I have now. 

ftrl-awasu. 15 9 5 tt-^, ^ -fr, v.i. Same as Ariau. 

^rlbachl, iSVJHt, n. [£!ntom.] CreophUus sp. 

(rtblto, 15^ CViC, ffl P, n. Population; the whole 
numbet of inhabitants In a country or a portion 
ol'it. rtity; amount. 

Arldiika, 7S^:^:6>, ^^, n. The sum total; quan- 

Kane no aridaica, ^ ^ ^ i^, the total sum of 

money. fthat one has. 

Arldako, lo*? ^-W", ^ 2fc, «■ AH that there is or 

Chikara no arfaake tsuhushtmasJdta, i) ^ ^ 

i*-B^''7^'*t. I have done all that is in my 

power. fdarin orange. 

Arlda-nilkan, loV) f&7^iJ> k.^t^. n. [Bot.] Man- 

Arldo, lo^^. jft^, n. The place where 

ArJdokoro, ISiOl^t-S, ) anything is, or where a 
person has concealed himself; a refuge. 

Kane no aridnkoro, ^ -^ ft J5^, the place where 
money is, or was put away. 

Syn. Aeika, Aridoko, Shozat. 

ArfdoBliI, ■ihV'&tlLjik^^, «■ [Bot] Damnacan- 
thm. roracUis. 

Aj*lrtdslilran, TSlO^SLt^■ n. [Eat.] dfyrmechis 

Arirurerii, ir,V)^h,Z, v.i. To be common, ordin- 
ary, or commonplace; to be used to; to be found 

Arinirii, 1^V)^2, v.i. O To be found always or 
everywhere; to be not uncommon or extraor- 
dinary. @ To be long in existence; to be old. 

ArJ^nne. I^yji'*!, ^^, n. Money actually pos- 

' I offer you a thousand 

AriBataKarii. T5V)i,<fef,t3, Tg^l, v.i. To feel gra- 
teful or thankful, 

Arlffataku, 15 >!) i' fe < , ^ 8S. adr. Thankfully; 
gratefully; respectfully; willingly; acknowledg- 
ing benefits or kindnesses and wishing to repay 

Arlgata-jnelwahu, f5'!)ft*feftVi^tP< , 'ffiSJiSS. n. 
Useless kindness; an act or a gift of kindness 
indifferent or even detrimental to the receiver. 

Arlsata-nainlda, 1^ V) ifl ft '^ Tf- i^, '^ ^ ®. n. 
Tears shed in gratitude; warm tears. 

Arlgatasa, i;,'0fi^'fe5, ^«tt, n. The degree of 
gratitude; acknowledgement expressive of a 
sense of favour or kindness received. 

ArlKat.'ishi.-l.-kl, lo'flii'te t, ^IS. a- O Impro- 
bable; almost impossible; hard to be. @ Ac- 

Arlffataso, l^iO t*fe3 7. =fe'fStB, «■ Seemingtobe 
thankful; appearing to acknowledge acts or 
gilts of kindness witli thanks, 

ArlBato, ioUi»*te5, ^K. adu. Equiv to 'thanks,^ 

meaning ' I thank you,' 

thanks,' etc, 
Arlgl, loiflir, n. [obs.] A kind of silk cloth. 
Arlgln, I^SJITA, ^ff ^, ft. Same as AHf/ane. 
Arlliatsuru, Tih^ H"^ Z, u. Living and dying; 

rising and falling. 
Arljlffoku, I6i!)2t&<.l8«l«, n. 

[Entom.] Ant-lion. 
Arlka, TSi!li>, fiS. «• Same as 

ArlkagJrl. lo "O *> ^ "S. ^ RB, ". 

Same as Aridake. 
Arlklrl, t^V) ^v) , :S «J, ■«. [coll.] 

Same as Aridake. 
ArlkiCarl, 15 >!) ? fe V,^^, n. 

Custom; manner; habit. 
Arlkitarino, ^^^, customary, accustomed 
Arlkii, 1511) < , Jf fi, v.i. Same as Aruku. 
Arlinal, 15B)2V*, Sfi^/K. "• The rice on hand. 
Arimasu, toV)ll-^, v.i. [coll.] An honorary form 
Syn. GozARiMASU, Gozaro. loi Aru. 

Arlmataii-Hlilburi, l^") 3-:? :£ B! «) , ^ K R "■ A 

kind of cloth dyed in the skein, made at Arl- 

matsu, Owari. 

Syn. Narumi-shibobi. 
Arlnan, ^5liltf^, v.i. To think or wisli to be; to 

prefer; shall or will be. 
Arliiashi. %V) ■^ L, ^ IR, n. Having or not having; 

being or not being; existence or non-existence; 

presence or absence; whether there is or not. 
Syn. Uhu. 
Arl-no-hlogi, 159 ©y-3Dii&', fif S, «■ [Sot.] Platy- 

codon grandijlornm. fSame as Arijigoku. 

Ari-no-Jlgokii, 15'0O:£rt < ■ P>^ ^, «• [-Bntom.! 
Arl-no-ko, l9l!)®£.,|fiS?> «■ IBntom.] Young ants 
A»'l-no-kudarl, i5W)®<;^.W), n. What has been 

or was said or done before. 
Ari-uo-maina, -t5<j)(^%2.£l!l, "- The true, pre- 
sent, actual, existing, unadorned, unpretended, 

or unfeigned state, condition, or circumstances 
Syn. Akarasama, Aritei, Sosomama. 
Ai'luoinl, tii^CD^f; ^5!/. n. [£o(.]Pyrus. 

Syn. Nashi. 
Arl-uo-to, ^nyl<^^fi■^,^, n. An ant-hill. 
Ari-iio-togiisa, l5i!)©fe-S-<*3', n. [Hot.] Baloragii. 
Arl-uo-towatari, 1h V O ^ ib It Vi.^f^.. n. Q 

[Anat.] The perinaeum. @ A narrow file of antSs 
Arliiiiuo, 1510 to©, !^^, n. A hempen cloth 
Arlsaiiia, l^U) 52, 4(||, n. Circumstances; condi- 
tion; state. 

Syn. ARjrO, jtlOYo, Yodai, YoSU. ftenon 

Ai'lsashl, 15>!)'3 L, ^, ■"■ A dove-tail joint or 

Ai*l8lio» I5"0:£ii4^r. "■ Same as .4?-fdo. 

ArJso. 15^5 5,^*S. a- Appearing to be or have. 

Arc wa JufvL de ariso da, t L'-'n ifc (a5 t' ^ V ffl^i 

they appear to be man and wife. 




Arleugata, "ifiV-tV'h., n. Si.ra% 2.9, Arisama. 

Arlsiil, thV^v-, n. [Ornith.] Wryneck. 

Arltake, lo'OfeW'.^i, 'U See Aridake 

ArltDshl,-l,-kl, '\hV-k.L,^&, u- Wishing to be. 

Kaku aritai moTio to omo, Wr^'SSE'f*^ H 

3-7, T am desirous of its being in this manner. 

Arltaso, >S*)fe35.±^^. "■ t-Bot.] Mexican Tea, 
worm seed, 

Arita«o, loW)'te3'5, ISft. n. [BoU^yepetajaponica. 

Aritel, 'iri^'ZV-,:^^ 71. S&rnB &B Ari-no-mama. 

Arltoarii, iS^iCiX, a- S6.rae an Arayuru. 

Arltsukeru, l^iSr^WZ, ^j^, v.t. [coll.} O To find 
ft position for a person. @ To get a husband 
for a daughter. 

ifusume wo arttewfccrtt, t&^-^ii -yn-, [coll.] to 

see a daughter married. fsuRU. 

Syn. Enzukekf, Katazukeru, Yomera 

ArltKiikii, lo9-5<,^#, v.t. [coll.] To become 
settled in a way of life; to get married. 

Kane ni aritsuku, ^ = :j3E # ■i^. to get money; 
Shoku ni aritsuku, ffiS =1 & # ^ , to find an avo- 
cation, fbe, etc. 

Arlurii, 1o'552,fl^, v.i. May be, can be, might 

Arlj'ake, iS'O^W, A^^, n. [£ot.] Marigold. 

Ariy u-ltorty a,, ■t^Vf-^'L^'^, adv. [coll.] Thrown 
out of order ; in a contrary order. 

Ariyo, loV) 1 5. ^ IS. "- Same as AHsama. 
ArlzashI, io'5 3' U IftS^. ft. Same as Arisashl. 
ArlKashl-no-hozo, l^^O 3* L^IS^', li SS^, ■«■ a 

tenon; a mortise. 
ArlEiika. loV^'i', fiSS. "■ Same as .d?-i-no-(o. 
Aro, 1^6 5, adv. [coll.] [cont. of Araku.} Same as 

Araku. froay or maj' be. 

Aro. 1^6 ?, v.i. [coll.] Will, shall, would, or shoiild, 
Aru, lo2.S£,^, 1- Some; certain. 

-4ri( ftosTio, SE^^, some place; Aru hito, 55 

A, a certain person; ArutoTci, JSfif, sometime. 
Aru, loS,^, I'-t- Same as .^ri. ffectionery. 

Aniheito, InZ-^V^It^,^ 2^^, >t. A kind nf con- 
Anil^vn. iSSu-a, SE, conj. Or; either— or. 

Na^hi aruiwa ringo, ^'S,-*^\%^, pears or 

apples. It sometimes means name, others, or 

tame others, and then it may be construed as 

a pronoun; as Aruiwa nomi, aruiwa vlo, s5>\ 

fiJt = iiE •*'^ SJ: "7. some drank and others sang. 
Also used to qualify nn opinion; as, aruiwa 

aruka mo shiranu, IrE ^\ ^ ft ^ itp 7 tt, possibly 

there may be some. 

Syn. Matawa, Mosftikuwa. 
AruJI, li*,Z C.± A, fi- Muster; lord; husband; tlie 

head of a household; owner. rsHTT. 

Syn. Danna, Kimi, Nushi, Shdjin, Tei- 

Anikaslri, 1^Zi>ary), ^ K, <^^- Kshaustingly ; 

nothing left or undone. falkali. 

ArDknri, T»-» V . S (i flU *. "■ [■^««'-] [C7/em.] An 

Arukt. 1«2 9,^, n. Going on foot; walking; tha 
manner of walking. fwalking. 

Anikl-burl, 1^3 ^i«wi, ^- ff K, n. The manner of 

Ariiki-kata, fO'5&**te. '». Sameasabov*. 

Ariikl-niuwarii, lii&att3,it^, '''-t. To taJc* 
a walk; to walk about; to go round. 

Anikoru, 7- i\.^ - .'i', ffi HI /TO S, "■ [-£«C.] [C/icm,] 

Ariikii, loS < , il^ ff, r.(. To go on foot, to walk. 

Aniniono, li S 1©, ". Something; something 

possessed, or a thing that is. 
Ariipn, TJi'A, n. [Gr.] The name of the first 

letter of the Greek alphabet; Alplia. 
Ariitokj, lo S If & , aE BJ, 1^"- Sometimes: at a 

certain time. £•¥ 

Ariiwn, liStt.flE, conj. 

Same as .^Irwiiua. 
Asa. lo3, A^, «■ [^'"'(-1 

Asa, 1^ '5, ^, n. The 

morning; day-break; 

Asa, fo^, M.> 'J" Shal- 
low ; superficial; 

Asa-ako, T^ ^^ ^ W", 71. 

A shade of scarlet. 
Asa-asa, loS^e, B.M. "• Every morning. 
Aaaasashl.-l.-kl. i;^^?,^ t.WS.^, 'J- O Shal- 
low. 3 SuperficiaL © Mean, low, ignorant, 

fooli-'h, silly, or thoughtless. 
AsaasasSiikii, lo 3 3b 3 L < , j^ -36 &, adv. In a 

shallow or superficial manner. 
Asa-blrakl, loStA't?,^ 91. "■• The sailling ofl 

of a junk in the morning. Used as a pillow 

word tor rowing or sailing. 
Asaborake, liseCc.^", I^hH, «• Daybreak, sun- 
rise, morning twilight, or dawn. 
Asada, l^-?^. ^SS> n. [BoL] Cinnamomum. 
Asndarlit. li3/t'%,^M. «■ A morning shower. 
Asuduekl, lo5/l %, SH ll. ^ ^, «■ Setting out on 

ajourney early in the morning. 
Asadake, li^^^-H", ^ ^, n. [Bot.J The name of a 

Aaatle, i^3"C,i?l^, iS(ft, n. A slight cut or wound 
Asade woou, 'jt ^ ?■ ft -7, to get hurt slightly. 
Asngako, -i^-iWi&.I^Sk, n. Assaulting an enemy 

by surprise early in the morning. 
Ai,»Ka4>. io3 iJli, ^ +. n. [Bot.] Morning (Jlory, 

(■onvolvulus majm: Tslirubby Althaea. 

Anagav, 1^3^*11, -4; «|, /.. [BoL] Tree Hibiscus or 
Asas.'to-himr. I^3h*fil>i6, «. Same as S/ioVujo. 
ANii<a«-iio-iinislil, 1^:5 ft* ft CO ?r L, S 4^ L fl. « 

fE/Uom.) Larva ol Hawk-moth. 



Asncara. IS ^ ft* t , ;ft S. n. The hemp-stalks 

stripped oi the bark. 

SyD. OOARA. rbosa. 

Aengnru, ISsti't,.^ ^(tt, ti. iSot.] Halcsia corvm- 
Asngnrel, lo 3> i* *t Vv, ig] ftj, n. g Breakfast. @ 

The Emperor's breakfast. ® The liall where 

the I^mperor takes breakfasts. fing, 

Asngarl, ISSt^iO.^Rffi, «. Hunting In the morn- 
Aaa-cnsiiml, i^ ^ ft* -^ »■, ?fl S, n. The morning 

mist, haze, or fog. 
Aeagc, ■'o^tt.^tt. "" O Breakfast; the morning 

meni. @ The boiling of rice for breakfast. 
Aecgl, loSir. iftaf, a. Light blue; light leek- 

colDiited. rcolour; light leek colour. 

AauBf-lco. 15 15 &■V^ ^. aUfi. n. A light blue 
A«a«l-kninlkli'M£^^:b>;^@U), 5^41, ■«. [Entam.] 

Rosalia Baresi. for haze 

AsaBlrl, lo5 '^yi,Vf\Wt n. The morning fog, misf 
A8:iglrls5, loSlfiOS?, ^ 1, «. t^of.] ^r(em(5(a 

Aea-giyoiue, i^^SS'J:*. fflW, «■ O The morning 

ablution. @ Sweeping the court-yard In the 

morning. fof hempen cloth. 

AHagoroino, 153 & ^ 6 , flS 3!t, ru Mourning made 

A^ngiitsii, TSS^-:?, g|^, w. [obs.1 Shoes made of 

kiri wood worn on ceremonial occasions. 
^fialiakn, 75^fctl>,S|fi> a. [coll.] Shallow mind- 
ed; superficial; ignorant; foolish; mean. 
Syn. Bakana, Orokana, Tsutanaki. 
Asniinii, loSUA, ^0, n. Breakfast; morning 
Syn. ASAQE, ASAMESHi. Lwieal. 

Aenlil, lo^t^.tB. "■ The rising sun. 
Aaal, To^.Vt', 31, a. Shallow; not deep. 
Aealto, f^si/^^, &i^, n. Threads of hemp. 
Aflajl, 1^5 tr, 6 W'> ft- [Bot.] Tmperata arundinacfa. 
AsaJI-liarn, l^^trtti^, ^^^, n. A plain with 

a tliin growth of reeds. 
Annji-Kako. i^^-^rarw, BUbM, "• White and 

thick sahe made In Higo. 
ANakj4gc', li^*>W-. mi's. n. The long narrow 

shadow which an object casts in the morn 

ing; anything which resembles ih& asakage in 

Aaakal, 1£34>V-, ^SS, n. [Bot.] Cinnamomum. 
Asakarauii, i^'^ii* & &> /f-'0, o-- ^^ot sliallow; 

deep; profound; not superficial. 
Go-on asakaranu, SP ,g, iS * 7S, much indebt 

ed, deeply gratified. 
Asakai-asii. lo ^ i> 6 t, v.i. or adv. QIs or are 

not shallow or Buperficial. ©Deeply; greatly; 

much, VAsaake. 

Aeakp-, 1^ 3 w, ?fl ^, ru [cont. of Asa- ake.] See 
Aeakeiniii'l, '\h'^ ^i?'^, MM, "« Smoke from 

ehlmneys as seen in the morning. 
Asahn, ^h'5 i , i$. a(tt>. Shallowly; superficially 

ftimply; not long since; lately; lightly; leniently. 

Asakura-xansli5, lo^ < t3*^*5, %4 

AsabiiHa, 1o3 < ;5, ffltt, 

ri. iBot.^ Corchoropsts 

Asakuea-ganil, 155 < 3. 

*'»■, i^^ilK, n. A kind 

of paper of interior 

quality originally made 

in Atakusa, Tokyo. 
Syn, SUKiGAKsrii. 
Asakusa-norl, 7^^ < 30 

V), SPiR, n- [£oI.] Layer. 
Asaiuailakl, 1o?1X;^d. V&W 

W^ffl, atfr. Before sunrise; rery early in the 

morning; at day-break. 
AeaHia-i'lndd. lo^S ^ ^;^•$, n. {Bot.] Gentiana. 
Asainaslil.-l^-hl. l^ ? 1£ L, i%{S, (^- [coif-] Fool- 
ish; silly; wanting in understanding nr judge- 
ment; mean; base; ignoble; vile; ilishonourable; 

wanting dignity of miml. 

Syn. ASAHAKA. Tyashimubeki, Oroka. 
Asaiiiashlhii. 1o ? ^ L<. i$&. adv. The adver 

bial form of above. 
AsainaaA, 1^5.335, n. [Bot.'\Oephalanthera fal- 

cata. Fus FJarlandt. 

Asania-tswge.liSa'^ir^.faJWff *. «■ [BQt.]Bux- 
\saiiie8lil, ■\^'^V>L, Slits, "■ Same .t^ ^saftan. 
Asames/ii wo fcu, BK^IIft^, to take break- 
fast; Sore tua asameshi mae no sft laoto de au, "/ 

'-"'^ ¥)! IS hi/ ^ tt S t' ^, it is a before bienki'ast 

|ob, i.e. an easy tank. 
\Haiiil, lo"^^, n. Same && Asase. rcolour. 

taamlflorl, IS 3 ;^ >« Vl . g| SR, n- " light green 
Abainiijl, loS?! C, ER^. "- Hemp gauze. 
.^saniu, lo3tr. 1EIR- "•'• OTo be surprised at; to 

admire. @ To depreciate as bad, poor, mean, 

or despicable. 
Asana-aBana, To 3 t£ %3^. M.M.. adv. Morning 

after morning. 
AsanagI, lo^ttlf, ^1^, n. The calmness of the 

sea in the morning. 
Asana-ynna, iq^ii^l^^i!;, ^^, n. Morningand 

evening. Ting. 

Asane. 153*1, 1ff\ ^, n. Sleeping late in the morn- 
Asanebo, iS^JltlS, ^iStt'f "■ [coU.]OOne who 

Bleeps late in the morning. ©Sleeping late in 

the morning. 
Asa-no-tia, l£3®a, M^, w- O^ leaf of hemp. 

©Figures ofthe leaves of hemp on dyed stuff-. 
Asa-no-baua, M :& (D Q fi., M ^, n. A fiower of 

Asa-no-mi, [«ei^^, fKir< "- The seeds of hemp 

used as food or medicine. 
Asanuiio, l^^tt^l?, fSttS, "• Hemp cloth. 
lsa«. Ic3$r. <£^. 'I- Hemp 




Afinok], io3fe?, f!)&, 'n- Rising In the morning. 
Asarnka. 7o3 &*', a. Sliallow; not deep or pro- 

Asarl, lo 3 "O . SPi, w. [(7tmcA.l A marine bivalve 
shell-fish, Tapes phiUppinarum. 

AsarJ, 153 V), i^, n. O Searching or looking for 
food or prey (said of birds and beasts.) ©Fish- 

Asarlbi. th'^W, M'X, n. Fire to attract fislies; 
Are burned in a Ashing boat. 

Asari-liiiue. liS'O-J'tl, it^, «. A flshing boat. 

Asaru, lo^> 3. JE 8S. M< ■u-C- The verb form of 

Mrnlii wo (uarit, a^|gg^;r-, to scratch for 
insects ; Asari mawaru, ^ gS V Jfi »•. to go about 
for food or prey. 

Ashsii, lo3?, 1 «- [BotJ\ LimnantJiemum nvm- 

Aaasa, i^i^?", 'i phoides, 

Asasn, 1o^ ^, yS, ■'*■ Shallowness; lacking pro- 
fundity of feeling, thought, etc. ; folly. 

Asnsnseori-flantsn, lo^SVi^fel) ?&^■5 5, SiSii^ 
^^. n. A rug made of coarse hemp. 

Asase. lo^-^, "iS SB. f- A shallow shoal, or shelf. 

As:inhl,-i.-kl, lo5 L. 'M. «• OShallow; not pro- 
found. ©Ignorant; mean; near-sighted. ©Not 
long ago, a few days ago. Q Light (in colour). 

JZikyo irai hi naoasashi. ± :KU?K B foj *{^-:x, 
It is not long since T came to the capital; Asai 
ryoken, 31 -f S ^, a shallow thought; a near 
sighted view; a mean purpose, Chiye no asai 
Mto, ^ ]i; ^ i^ 'f A, shallow-witted person. 

Asashlo, 1o?Xrt;,l^Sa, "■ Morning tide. 

Asnshlino, 1^?* 4.?ntW. "■ The morning frost. 

Asa-shlrage, iSS^iiW-, SfS, n. [Bot] Chick- 

AsaHiixu, 1^^-^^, ^^, n. Tlie coolness of the nir 
in the early moi'nint,'. 

Asatoilc. i;i^l^-t, 71. [obs.] Going out of doors in 
the morning (-l.tT, morning; to, doors; de going 

Asat^iikf, l^^-i)^, ^^ig. n. [Bot.] Chive or cive. 

AsatSHKI-naiiiasn, to^-^&tig:-^, i^SK, "■ A 
fond prepared of chives and asari flesh and sea- 
soned with vinegar. 

AsatMiyii, lo ^ •:?!*, $;i 3, n. The morning dew. 

Asattc, ?5 5 -y "C, ffliij B, «'^'('- The day alter to- 

Asaurn-KSi'l. lo? 5 t^5 V), ^S^lll. n. Strnw 
slippers or sandals, the soles of which are 
strengthened with coarse hemp. 

Aaa-iiri. 1i3?V),iSffi. n. [BoCl Melon.^-^W-, ^35, ?i. The beautil-ul redness 
of the «ky in the e.TSt at sunri'^e. 

Aunjn. 1o?l'J'5.'B1^. "• Morning and evening. 

Syn. ChOskki, Tanseki. rp^wides. 

A«aaa, 1^2 3*. ^ S. "- [Bot.] Limnanthe^numnyni- 

I S pf:, n. [Bot.] Andro- 

AaaEa, i^;?^, n. [Bwdd.] The morning service. 
Asasake, lo^S'W'. 9P fi)C. ^i- ' A morning drink (of 

Aeasuko, lo^'P'W", i'Si^, »i. Pickling radishes witli 

a smaller quantity of salt than that used for ta- 

Aee, To-fr, ff, «■ Sweat; perspiration. iJcuamvke. 

Hiyaase wo kaku, '^^^li ^, to shudder; 

Nease wo kaku, S if ? t; ^, to sweat while- 

Asebl^ 1^-tf^tr, 1*5:^, 71. [Bof.] Same as ^sebo. 

Asebo, l^-a-ll, 

Asebo-sblba, i^^S^ar, 

Asebii, lo-^.^'. 

Asebo-no-kl. io'S'15:'^?, ffiSii^- "■ [-Bot.] ^ndro- 

A»«ruk1, i;^-^-!.?:, W^, n. A handkerchief speci- 
ally made for wiping off perspiration. 
Syn. AsENUGui. 

Ascgfumii, i^-tf <'tf. if ^, f.!. To be moi.stened 
with sweat; to sweat. fcaused by sweat. 

AseJIiiii, l^-frX,-;^, if i^, ». Stain on a garment 

AseJIiiilni, M,^i:^:s, if ij^, v.r. To be moistened 
with sweat; to be dirty witli sweat. 

Ascjiinltn, ■io^:k7f-f£, if'^, a. Moist with sweat 

AsokakI, T5-H:i>§, ^ }f, n. Perspiring abundant- 
ly; one who sweats freely. 

Aseiiii, %^^,^:^, n. [iJof.] Same as .^se&o. 

Aseinlso, T^-tf;^^^ if j?!, m. A stream of sweat. 

ABeinlzii, lo^i^^", if ^<, »■ Free or abundant per- 
spiration, riabouring very hard. 
Asemizu nagashite hataraku, if i< Sft i^ t" fH^. 

Aaeiiogoi, i^^Cau-, 

Asenugul, io-ii:Iiii<* V-, S ' 

Ason-yaku, ^^■fr^■^< , pBI filing, fi. [J/ft?.1 Catechu 

Asoi-ii, i;^-^3,^,C>, S, I'.*- O To haste; to be in 
hurry; to be eager, urgent, or ardent. @ To 
strive to escape, to struggle with contortions of 
tlie body. 

Aserii ni wn nyobami, ^ ^r )i — >s g ^'^ ^. you 

need not be in hiirvy; Donna nt aserwiw mani 

awanv, fplg ]i ,(:. 'I- ^ ftfl = -^ >^ jf, no haste will 

Syn. iRATsr, Tsdgu, Seku. Ldo now. 

Ascrii, -ihtZ/M, i'-i- O To become shallow. 
@ To fade; to lose colour, freshness, or bright- 

Knyca an aserv, Jl|^/Jiy;i., .-i river becomea- 

Rhallower; //ana ga aserv, TEVJCJ;!-, flowers 

Syn. BOKRRu, ICarl-rlt. tf^'de.*-rtfi<'-t>,if f.^, a. Same as ^sd- 

Asotori. lo-lt^ V) . if )^. n. A kind of shirt worn to 
protect the upper garments from being moist- 
ened with sweat. 

'if liJ, 

See Aspfuki. 





Aaotorii, fo*if S, Bfp, v.i. To perspire. 

Aslii. 1^ L, S, n. O The foot. S [coll.] The leg. 

Ashi motogakurai, JEtc^W'*. [fiiJ-) to have 

a leelinff of guilt in one's mind; Ashitnoto no 

oftar«* uchl ni Tcatriraa&ho, ^% ^ ^ lu- 'i ft=B 

V "7 ^- a *, I will return while it is lieht: Ashi 

no hayaki hito, M ^ ^ 

+ A, a swift walker; 

Ashi zumH too torn, J£ 

IIQm^^f-, to wrestle 

with the legs; AsJil 

kosJtl no Ukanu hito, ^ 

8S^4»7rA, a cripple. 

Amiki, loL.H., n. VBot.l 


Syn. YosHi. 
A8lil» loL, ^S4, n. Mo- 
ney, cash. 
JkSlil, 15 L, IS ^, n. iChin.} 
A dumb person; a 

Syn. OsHi. 
Aslii, lo Lj pS -J<, ri. That part of a ship which is in 
the water; ballast. 

Syn. FrsAASiii, Kissui. 
Ashl-aburl, \ht'^Sfi^,M^> '''- ^ ^i°<l of P<^^t- 
able stove specially contrived for warming the 
Ceet. fmark. 

Aslil-ato, loL^oi?, JE,R!|;, n. A foot-print or foot- 
Aslill)»« lo LU. JE^. w. Scaffolding; footing; any- 
thing to rest the foot on. 

le ni asMba wo kakei-it, ^ = S ^ ^ n ^ *, 
to erect a scaffolding around a house for repair- 
ing it. 
Aslilbare, loZ1£h., JE flU, n. 

a swelling of the lej.;. 
Aslillmyn, 15X1^^,^^, n. 
Aeliiliikl. 1«^u:&,Jg5|, n. 

word for mountain ; later, mountains. fple. 

Ashllilk.i, 1oS.U>'&.S[ ff, w. A lame person; acrip- 
AshlMUl no, 15* U-'&O, JE 31, »• A pillow word 

for mountiiins or hills. 
Ashlbon*'. -roJfeia:*!, fff, "• [^«a(.]0 The bones of 
the leg; the tibia or shin-bone. @ The force 
e\Rrted by tlie legs. 
Ashiboso, ^^%.[^^, n. [Bot.] Polllnia imberUs. 
AsYiibii, io;£.i, ^'^, n. [Bot.] Andromeda japonLca. 
Aahlbuini, l^LJ*^, JEIS, n. Stepping; stepping 
in; stepping up and down witliout going forward 
or backward, 
Asblbimc, i5;£i'»l, S US- "• A boat made of reeds 

or similar materials. 
ABhlbyoslin T5:& ^'-^ ^ L.^t&'f. ■"■ -Metrical 
stepping or treading; beating time with the feet. 
Aslilrtii, i5:fe:^",Sai:, "■ Wooden clogs used in 
rninv weather. 

Dropsy of the legs; 
ffooted, fleet. 
Swift-paced, swift- 
Originally a pillow 

AshiOa wo haku, HJi^^^, [lit.] to weat 
wooden clogs; Ulg.'] to lay a black -mail on pur- 
chases made for another individual; to practice 
Imposition (commonly applied to the servant 

Ashldamarl, 15;£ ife^l « , ^ ffl, n. O A foothold. 
@ A temporary encampment. fwooden clog. 

Ashldao,;t-5r, JEKJt, "• The thong of a 

Aslildaral, lSL?l:6y', W ffi, n. A small wooden 
tub with legs used mostly for morning ablutions. 

Aslildome, 15i^fe, Sit, n. Bidding or reciuest- 
ingone not to leave a place; keeping in; con- 

Gait; manner of step- 

To catch, snatcli, 

Syn. KiNSOKU. 
AsbiiioH, yiX^yi,sg^, 

ping or walking. 

Ashldorii, ;o£^2,^, v. 

seize hy the foot or leg. 

Aslijgakai'i. ih£.1i*ii>yf , &&t, n. A foothold; that 

on which to tread or rest. fpot or kettle. 

Ashlganae, i5;e,ft''"Q:-^. Sffi. "■ A three-legged 

A»4bigrane, t5X *)**!, i^. n. Shackles; fetters; 

Syn. H0DA8HI. LStocfcs. 

Ashlsara,i5£,ii'&, I£^, n. [coll.] Throwing down 

by coiling one's leg around another's. 

Ashigara wo toru, or kakeru, j^^? I* ;^ (JC-»^ 
ij -yn-), to tlirow down a person by coiling one'ft 
legs around his; tripping. 
Aehigarii, 15:^6*5, JE®, "■ The lowest of the 
feiidal retainers. 
Syn. Bl'SO- 
TSL', ZouyC'. 
Ashlgaso, l^S.ft^-tf', _ 

;g, 77. Fetters ; 
stocks. I 

Ash Igase wo ka- 
keru, g-7fl|^Ji', 
to put in tlie 
stocks; to put 
fetters on. 
Asliigata, 15;£ft*te, 
JEEJ;. 'I- Same as 
Ashigatame. 15;^ 
ii'fe»,/?;S, n. A 
ram, usually of 
wood, emplnypd 
in hardening the 


(^ S] 

ground for the foundation of a building, a pile- 

Aslilse* l^ilt. S^, ft' A white colour mixed 
witli black; a ijray colour (used in speaking of 
linr'^p'^;' colour). 

Ashlgc, ^^XW■, W, M., "■ Same as AsVisama. 

Asblffp, 1o£Vi^,jlE!». n. ICicking. 

Ashlge ni Svrv, J^^i = 7, n-. to kick, or to- 
Hire a blow with the foot. 




Aslilslnii, Tc:£&'(tl, W6, "■ Coarse Pilk cloth. 

Ashlhara-nn-kiinl, 1^;£a?.©< t/C, ffi -^ S, ". An 
nnclent name for Nippon {Japan). 

/tstilhara-no-mlxuho-no-kiiiil, 1^£H ^(TiTr^ 
l/i^< K^, ffiiSi^WS, n. [obs.] Same aa Above. 

j%»jhii. T5i\/>, |g, a. [cont. of AsJiislu .] Bad, ,ivlL 

Aehl-irl, i^iVN ig, gX. "■ An engagement for 
marriage; betrothal; espousals. 

AeliJjiro, io;£S.'^, Sft, <'. Same as Asftifia. 

Ashlkn. loi4>, vSB. '*■ [^oGi.] A marine mammal 
of the family of Otariae, Otaria stelleri. 
Syn. .^jiKA 

Aslii-kaii], 'loXi'U.', 3$3^, n. [Sot.] A reed-sprout. 

Asliikagadal, "io Li'S'^V^, '*• [/c/a/i.] Chaetodon 

Syn. YakkoDAI. 

Afihikare, iS;fe4.h., u(. [imp. mooil\ Be cursed; 
be bad. 

Aahlkueltf, !£:£*> L-jEtSl, n. Same as Ashigase. 

Asliikl, T4;£^,Sg, a. Bad; vrong; evil, wicked; 
lieinous; unrighteous; immoral; nefarious. 
Syn. AVAun, Y'iKUNAI. 

Aslilkli-ii, 1^X&«JPJ, '--I- O To cut off thefoot 
by way of punishment. @ To cut off the knee- 
pan (a Chinese way of punishment). 

A«ltlKo, loiCfSiS, adv. Same as ^soto. 

Aslitkii, i^;£ ( , s;, a. and adv. The adverbial form 

Aehikiibi, 1^£<U>', S^, n. The ankle. 

Ashikuilnslil, Ihi, < ^ i,W^M> "■ [Bot.] Rtibus 

Asliikiieit. lii < 5,g, n. [Mot.\ Achillea slblrica. 

A^bfiiialrl. MX^i^^.^L^, •<■■ Touching the feet 
of a Rreat personage, temporal as well as spi- 
ritual, by way of worshiping. 

Atihlinatoi, loiS^ i>, ^Effl, ". Any thmg or per- 
fion that hinders one in goin{?; an obstacle, 

Ashiinl, loi.;^, S^^, n. [Bot.] Same as ^sft<6w. 

Asltlinotase, l^L4fe*,fl^}*, /'. A kind of stool 
for resting the feet and legs on; foot-stool. 

AiBhtmoto, toLft 5f, jET. "• At or under the leet, 
near; close by. 

Aihimoto kara tori ga taXsv, ^ f ft ■? E ^ jS 
5", {lit.] to start a bird very near one's leet; [^p.] 
to err when one the leiist expects it. 

Anliliiiotii, TihX^'^, iffi, )'. The grains of rice 
scattered about one's feet while being cleaned. 

Afihlinotoziirl, i^;t ;5r^V), ^;^jg|, „, Same as 

Ashitnor)«iire, 1i^li,-?K, "^ Ashimatoi. 

Anhliiabo. i^:£,-?i:'-^, (£ iifl, n. Legged pan. 

Ashliiae, i^s, tt—, g, n. A cripple; a lame per- 
Eon; a person wlio has lost the control of his 
legs and feet. 

AslUiiaga, ^hLnffl, g 0, a. QLong-legged per- 
son, ©People of the Giant Commonwealth 

lilnaka. T^ ;£ ^ 4>, Jg*^, ><. A sandal that 

■ers only about the half of the foot's sole; a 
kino slippers, 

Aslilnaiiif, 53i,tl^, JE3fe, ". Keeping pace. 

AsJiinami ga -ivarui, J^^if ]Si -^ , they do not 
keep pace well; Ashinami ivn tadasv, ^^ =)■ ]£ 
7., to make them keep step « ith each other. 

Ashtiiarashl. 15 X '^ & :£, Iff It gS. '<■ A go-cart; 
any contrivance for teaching children to walk. 

AHhi-n<t-kf>, l^,*i7)W, PMt "■ Same as AtlA-itC. 

Ashi-iio-ko, i.'j.« ©*--t, jE ^, /(. The instep; tha 
back of tlie foot. 

Asiii-iio-»vjkjie^aiiii, i^::fe(^feU)4'i)^;^. i!B, n. The 
pi)pliTe;il space. 

A8lii-iiu-6>iilj), 1^* ©JffKt ai?.', ;e}ft> «. Th« 
great toe. 

Aehl-no-yiibt. lo:£®Wl>', ^*g, n. The toes. 

Ashio, loi 5r, B^^iSfl, rt. The string iji'-tened to a 
hawk's foot. 

Ashioto, i^X fc '€., S§. ^f=. " The soundmad* 
by the clogs, shoes, etc., in walking. 

A&hloto&e, kito wo shlru, ^^ t' A ^ ^ ft-, to 
identify persons by the sound of their steps. 

Aslilrai^ ^oX&^^, ffi^, '(- QReception, welcom- 
ing; treatment; entertaining. ©Decorating 
or setting off; afolL ©Amusing pleasing. 


AsliJraii. iiX^.i-, #S, ^ ig, v.t. and v.i. QTo 

treat, receive, entertain, or welcome. ©To set 
off to advantage; to adorn; to decorate. 

Kyaku wo ashirav, $ ?■ # ^ 7, to entertain 
or welcome a guest; iiaka wo ashirau^ 85 ffi f- 
1&"S 7, to treat a fool so as not to make him 
angiy, or .■Sensible of his own folly. 

Syn. AisHiBAU, Atsukai:, Motesasu, To- 
ri atsuk a u. 

Ashlsa, toX'^, U, n- Wickedness; badness; un- 
righteousness; guilt. 

Ashlsaina nl, thX'^'S.VZ. ^ t^, adv. Badly; in an 
evil mannex'. 
Ashtsama)ii ill, ig|^ = -x-7, to speak iU of. 

AsliICa, -ioXtt. m B, odi'. [coll.] To-morrow; th© 
day following; the day after. 
Syn. ASA. Asu, SlyoNICHI. 

Asliltnba, i^*fe[f, gt:^, ». [Bot.] Angelica. 

AHhltadokoi'o, ihXfil&Z.^, I^Bf, n. [o&s.] The 
cabinet; the secret council of government. 

Ashiiaka-gaui. io;l:te*.j)«K, SS, n. [Zoel.] Ino- 
chus {MacrochMra) Kaempferu 

Ashltaka-siiiiio, ■io^fe*><'iS, n. [£:nto?n.]A 
long-legged spider. 

ABhitare-KosliI, i^ifeJiKL, SSg. n. [Asiron.^ 
One of the twenty-eight constellations of the 
old astronomers. 

Asliltaiaii, ioife-7, EB HE, n. [OmftTi.] A crane 
Syn. TSUBU. Lor stork. 




AsliltAiisl. lni^-7^, ?B, u. A staol for reacliing 

a liigli ob.lecr. 

Syn. Abhidai, Fcmidai, Fumitsugi. 
AsllltAlikl, ^nX^^^'^, JE#< **■ SfLine AS Ashiuckl. 
AHl>ltsiiiio» lo^^'^O, n. [obs.] Same as ^sA^A^ab^. 
Asliluelil, loS. 5 "fe, JEiT, n. O Legged utensils. 

@A cont. form of AshlucM-oshtk(. 

ARiiiuciii-osiibi. io;fe5'%5r;£^, JEfT^ffe. «. O 

Trays having legfl. ©High or legged dining 

Ashlurn. 15;fe5e, JEjS, '*■ [oBs.] Divining the 

future of a person by ■what happens to his feet. 
AbIiIiii-.-l, 1o;£.5*^, n. The solo of the foot. 
Ashiwnra, tiXSli, SJfSi "■ A plain overgrown 

with reeds. 
Aalilyn-smna. loX.-^ft')i, ffiM ^. 't. Tea-urns 

cast, In the middle ages, at Ashlya, Chlliuzen, 

and much prized among tea-makers. 
Aslilyowa, i;^*J:tt, jg53. «. O "Weakness in the 

logs; slowness in wallclng. @A slow walker. 

©Women, children or old persons. 
Ashl-zoroe, ii^i.^'5--^, J^fiiJ, n. Keeping the feet 

in time; keeping pace. 
Aahlziirlt IhS^i'SI, jEO. n. Turious stamping of 

the feet, especially when one is angry or sad; 

rubbing the feet aud legs together, as children 

when they are denied their wishes, 


Asho, lo^^5, gSta, n. [C/tirt.]Th6 vice Minister- 
President of State ; a minister of state. 

Aflo, lo^, ". Same as Nazo. 

AbOi 1^S5, adv. [cont. ofAsaJcu.} Shallowly. 

Asobiikasii, l©^tf*>-^, v.t. Same as ^so&aaerw. 

ABoltaserii, iS^li^S, -^JS* [cauS. of^Ww.] To 
make another play; to make one idle; to let an- 
other be idle; to amuse a person. 

Karada no tame nl asohaseru, f^= -^ E = JS >^ 
■ta-, to let him be Idle for the benefit of his 

Aeobasu, im^^-f, :Sjg, v.t. [fto«.]The honorary 
word for nasu or nasaru uaed in speaking to a 
nobleman, or by servants when they speak to 
tiieir masters; also much employed by ladies in 
ordinary conversation. 

Anaia gojlshln ni otde asobase, SS'iffl^ It ~ 
Ulhi&y^^, IcolL] I pray your lordship to go 

Asobi, A.!£U>', Mt ^ -Play; spending time in idle- 
ness; killing time; amusement; frolic; diver- 
sion; pleasure; debauchery; excursion; sport; 
visiting an ill -famed house. 

Asohi nifuka'^u, ig = St >■ /i-, to be addicted to 
pleasure; AsoM ni kuricshimu, iS = ^£^-i», to 
be at a loss how to kill time. 

Asoblgataki, M^ XJ^ii^lt &> n^ a play-mate; a 

Asohilinra, lo t E>' tt ^, f? Jifi, ". Pnlnfelt, from 

time to time, in the womb, during pregnancy. 
Asobliiiu, lo t U>**, ®^, n. A harlot; a prosti- 
AsubJtaKnvii» lotO-'fefl'S, v,l. To be fond of 

amusement, pleasure, frolic, etc, 
Asobu^ lot>, Jg, v.i. OTo play, amuse oneself, 
waste time; to kill time; to divert; to Itollc; to 
visit a brothel. ©Togo on an excursion. Q 
To stay in a strange land; to travel. 
Asoko, lott, ^ffl, pron. He. adv. There. 
Asoii, IStA. W\ E. "- The second of the eight chief 

family names of ancient times. 
Assakiikf, lo'y^ < &, Mi^ SS. "■ [Mach.] A screw- 
press; a press. 
Asanhii siirii, 1^-,^ < -^a . E J?, v.t QToiic-xna 
seeds for extracting oil). @To grind down 
(with taxation). 
Assart, io"y ^ 11. ¥S, ^iS, a. and adv. Plain; 
simple; frank; not pvessingly; superficially; 
plainly cooked ; neat. 

Syn. Tampaku, Uspku. 

AsRatsii eiirii, lo-yS'^'^S, IE K. ^•*- To crush to 

death. fpi'ession. 

Asset. Ic-y-tfln, MU, »*■ Tyranny; despotlpm; op- 

Assol siiiMi, lo-jVV-'^Z, E*^). *'■*• To tyrannize; 

to oppress; to prey upon. 
Assokl, i;5y-fr&, E5, n. A paper- M-ei gilt. 
Asebl, lo-.; L. > M. ^'-f- To peess; to press down; 
Assiirii, l^-y^Si'to crush beneath; to BtLueeze; 

to bear heavily upon; to subdue. 
Asshl siiru, lo-y L-^Z. E?6i ^-i- To be crushed 

to death. 
Asii. io-^> M Q . adv. [coll.] Same as Ashlta. 
Asiika-gawa, l^-?" 4'Jb« IJ, ffl^SJU. "■ IfiS-l A. 
poetical word for the vicissitudes of earthly life, 
derived from a river in Yamato noted for the 
frequency of changes in its depth. 
Asiiko, lo-jl-C, ffita, adv. Same as -isofco. fbrata. 
Asiiiiaro. lo^tf^, ^MHi- "• [Sot.] Tliuya data- 
Ata, lote, J 'Cl, S, '"■■ OOne who in.iures anotiier; 
Ada, l^fe, ' an enemy. @ An invader. © Bearing 
malice ; hate. © Revenge ; avenge. 

Ata wo kaeSK, ^ ^ ig -^ 7., to avenge; A(a wo 
surv, ^^ 7' ft-, [coll.] to do mischief in turn 
(said eap. of animals). 

Syn. Kataki, Teki, Urami. 
Atne, lofe^. ^. Ti. OGlvlng; bestowing on, S 
Syn. HODOKOSHI. LA gift. 

Ataerii, iSfe-* Z. ^. u.(. OTo give; to bestow 
upon; to impart; to grant. ®To praise. 

Menkyo-jo too ataei-u, ^ |lF IK ^ ^ ^fl-. to grant 
a charter; to give a certificate. 

Syn. Horotcoatr, Okdbu, Sazdkeru, TamjJ 

Atafuta, lofc-t-fe, adv. Abundantly; amply; pleo 




tifully; copiously; freely; liberally; generously; 
exuberantly ; profusely. 

Syn. TAKU8AN Ni, Tanto. 
Atnsatnkl, v^fefttfe S, ^^i(t, it. An enemy; 
Adn«ntnkl> t5 fti ti'fe ?, ' an adversary; a hostile 
party; an opponent; an antagonist. fnella. 

Atngo-foke. U tz a & W", M tt. «■ [Bot.] Selagt- 
ACnero-ffohe» TSte&aW-, KHI^, «■ [Bot.] Winter 

green, shin-leal". 
Atnharn, T^fe tt t, n. O^n abdominal disease, 
Buch as colic. @ A rheumatic pain in the loins, 
such as lurabago. 
Atal. ToteV^, M. n. Price; value; reward; impor- 
tance; rate; estimated worth. 

Syn. Kaohoku, Nb, nedak, kbuohi. 
Atajikeniubl^ TCfeCWtt L, S^, u,. Stingy; 
avariciou.i; niggardly; like a raiser, miserly; 
mean; sordid; parsimonious. 
Atakaiiio, l^fei.ft, fft, adv. Same a-; AriaAramo. 
Atnkorit. i^lt W 3, ^86, v.L To be excessively 
noisy; to be disorderly, violent, or riotous, to 
make too much noise while playing, as cliildren. 
Koaomo ga aiakeru, /h^^fffiEI/t, children 
are very noisy. 
Atnma, iSfea, h5. %M, n. QThe head. ©The 
skull. ©The chief of a group of men, or the 
head of an institution. QThe brain-power; 
brains. ffl[con.] The beginning. (B [coll.] A kinA 
of numeral used In numbering persons, Q The 
highest point of anything; the top. 

Atamawo haru, ^^-•^7^, [Jit.] to strike the 
head; [Jiff.] to squeeze a certain percentngefrom 
the wages or lares (as a coolie master or chief 
labourer doe^); Atama wo sageru, M9 y y it-, 
(a) to make a bow; to bow in a respectful man- 
ner; (b) to surrender; to withdraw a claim. 
Syn. TT.iDAKT, Kashira, Kobe, Tsujkjri. 
Atamasaehl, lo?22fi*"^, tS;:^, 't. A person or an 
animal having a disproportionately large head. 
ACainakasii, i^fe:24^$, M R, n. icolL] The num- 
ber of persons. 

Atamakazu ga o sugiru, S5 gji?/ -^ jg ^- ju, 

there are too many persons; Atamakasa wet 

ikuraka, cSR-'-'StW:*. lio^v many persona are 

there ? 

Atama- no- line 111, 1^fe2®at, ggS, /t. [Anat.] 

The skull, cranium, or brain-piin. 
ACaiaa-no-ke, l^^, n. The liair of 

the head. 
Atamazr'nU l^te'2'^K, P 8, n. Poll-tax. 

Atamazeni wo kakeru, ^^ ^-^ n-, to im- 
S3-n. NiNTozEi, t_pose poll-tax. 

Atari) * life c,, pfffij, a. Too valuable to be thrown 
away; too good for a situation; regretful; pre- 
cious; hi^Mj estimated, 
Atara Uima ni kisn wo tsuka-u, Tff Tg i := 3 ^ 

ii ^ n-, to make a flaw In a precious gem; Atara 

hito wo ushinau, "BflS A^ ^ '7, to lose a person 

for whom one feels much regret. 
Ataraniono, i^fe 6 t®, Trf^^, n. Anything too 

valuable or too much valued not to be missed; 

persons too good for certain positions. 
AtarashU-l.-ki, M^ft^ t.1B\, «■ New; fresh; not 

old or stale, 
Atarashikt hayari, Iff jy =¥ M fi. new fashion; 

Atarashiki sakana, ^ i/ ^ M. fresh fish. 
Atarashlkl-toslil, lofe t L ^ li L, Iff ^, n. The 

new year. 
Ataraehlkii, i^:te6 t,<, ,3|?r, adv. Newly; over 
Atarashu, i^fe ^;£ ?, J again; with a new form. 
Atarashiku tsukuru, ^ t/ ^ f^n^, to make 

anew; Atarashiku. ronji ruwsu, Iff -> ^ afeo^iS 7-, 

to discuss over again, 


AtarashiBa, i^fet L ?, iSf, n.. The newness or 
freshness of anything. 

Atari, ihiz^,]^, ^i. and adu. The neighbourhood; 
vicinity; hereabout; those who are near by; 

Atari kiiijo, t ^ V i£^, the neighbourhood; 
Atari Jiacfiiken, t ^ V A*f , [coH.] Sameasabove; 
Atari wo harau, Hig^S^, to make those 
around keep back; to overawe; Issakunen atari, 
~BYif-7 ^ V. about the year before the last; 
Koiio atari ni, ^i^z=.^~?, to live in 
this neighbourhood, or hereabout; Oyoso kono 
atari, fl y tt -^ }S V , about this much. 

-Itarlau, l^fe ij) 5,-t, * ^, i'.(. To fight; to act in 
opposition; to fight a single combat; to duel 

Atari- hasuro, lo:te «) a^Vt. © n, n. Success or 

Atarimao, 1^ fe V) 5 -, "S ^, -.. and a. [colL] Q 
Anything reasonable, proper, or natural. S 
Ortlinary, usual, commonplace, or of course. 

Konna koto wa Tokyo dewa atarimae da, ay 

^^J^'iti^r^^'S V Ps^Sif, this is quite usual in 

Syn. TKKlTD, TozEN, TSDNE. LTokyO. 

jltarii, lcfeS,'ffi, r¥.vA. andr.t. QTohit or strik« 
against. @ To touch. © To confcwm. Q To be 
& To happen; to meet with. (0 To reach; not 
to err. Q To succeed; to come about as one 
thought, ffl To inquire. © To be poisoned. 

Atsusa isfwki) ni ataru, 5 ■*■ (jf ^ = ^i n-, to 
be affiMted by the excessive heat of the sun; 
iiiuhl (la ataru, gg^V-ffifl-, to be punished by 
a god; to be accursed, Kl ni ataru, ^-•^n-, 
to be angry at; Kono hito wa watashi no oji ni 
ainru, itt A >^ Ti ^ ;fe ■^ = 'ffi S-, this gentleman 
is my uncle; Mamako ni tsuraku ataru, ffi-^ = 
JSi^^'S'i-. to maltreat a step-chiUl; Nippon 
no lokorioma iva seiy^ no mantel-piece ni ataru, 
B ^IC ^ fK .^ m -•^ E f¥ -^ 2 ^^: S j>-- :^ - '£ fl-, the 




alcove In a Japanese room is what the mantel- 
piece is in a foreign room ; Ri ni ataru, 3 =^ i£ 
/I', it is reasonable ; it conforms with the dictates 
of reason; Shina wa Nihon iw nishi n,* a£arw, 
S^^JP'^^H^-'ffi — 'ST'I-. China is to the west of 
Nippon ; Xfrushi no aoku ni ataru, ^ ^^z^^ii-, 
to get poisoned by lacquer; Yaina ga ataru, 
MJ^^ffi^t to find a profitable mine ; to succeed 
In speculation, 

Ataru» life2, M^ v.i. To warm one's self. 

Hibachi ni o atari na^ai, i^flt^ffllT'* V ■i-'^ 
-f, [colLl warm yourself at the brazier; Hi ni 
atai-u, i'C « iSt J^, to get warmed by the fireside. 

Atiisii, Ihfzi',^, v.i. O To invade. @ To oppose. 

Atutakasa., 1ofete*>^, S, «. Warmth or the 
degree of warmth. fwarmth; warmth. 

AtiLtamnrl, 15 te fe 2 "O . ®, n. The sensation of 

Atatakii8liJ,-i,-ki, MtfLlti* L,^, a- Warm, not 
Syn. NUKUTOsni, Samukaraku. Lcold. 

Atntaiiiarii, \o1t1t^Z,^, v.l. To get warm. 

Atatanieru, ISfefei^a,^, v.t. To make warm; 
to warm. 

Shim wo atatamo'u, ^ f-^jt ju, to warm the 
soup; ToroH tie atatameru, jfc ^ y'gj-^ »', to 
wann over a gentle flre. 

Atataiiiii* l^tefetf, ^, v.t. Same as above. 

Atntnii, lifcfeA, ffl^lt, n. [Boi. 1 The aloe. 

Atntte, li^te'vt, 'S". [PP- ot Atari.] See Atari. 

Atatte kudakero, '^ r Cf ^c , hazard it and see- 

Atati, lote-l-i , flu. ^i- Can; could; to be able; to 

At5, Tilf 5, J have power; to be capable of. 

This verb Is seldom used in conversation; i^ 
13 much used in the literal translation of Eu- 
ropean languages, as I can do it, WatasM ga 
sore wo nashi atau, It ^/ ^. ^ g J' 3g "7. 

Atawiizii, lofett'f i^Sls. v.i. The negative form 
of above. 

Ware kore wo yomu atawazu, ^ ;£. ?■ SI i» ^ ■'^ 
jC, I cannot read this. fthat place. 

Atcbl, Tih"j%, adv. [coll.] Away; there; yonder; 

Atclil-kotclij, i^y %'L-j "h, adv.- [coll.] O Here 
and there. @ About. © Upside down. 

Ate» 'ih'C, ttH. (*• Elegant; refined; free from 
coarseness or vulgarity; genteel. 

Ate, lot, igf!", w- [o6«.l Patrician dignity; grand 
Ate-Uto, ;^SA, noblemen. L^ur, nobleness 

Ate, lot, "ffi, !sE, n. O Attaining an object aime.d 
at. ©An expectation; tlie target; a hope; an 
aim. ©Anything relied upon; a clew. O -Any- 
thing that is intended for protection against 
friction or blows. 

Ate niwa naranu, US r = •*■* -J- 9 sr, not to be 
relied on ; Kono ate ga areha dafjobii da, itfc '^ ?^ 
?/* T i-- >^ :^ i^ ^. this pad will protect you 
sufficiently well; KOno ringo wo futatsu ate ni 
rvakeru, ittt^^^ = '5'M = ^ ■*- »'. .to divide 

these apples two for each; Watakushi rw ate ga 
haturtta, ^^^ 7 if i/iu H, my hopes have 
been frustrated ; JVa-a(e, iS ^, an address. 

Ate, ToT, SHffi, 7t. An anvIL 
Syn. Eanashiei. 

Atedo, lot^e, iJitM. ■". [co?I.]Alm; object; clew. 
Atedo n,ashi ni yuite wa muda desu, "SlBi-^ 3/ 
= 17 -f ? -•'» ^ 1£ f ^, It won't do to go without 
a certain object. 

Atedokoro, lot ^ C ^, ffi^, n. The address of 
a letter; the place where anything Is to be deli- 
vered, or sent to. 

Ategal, ioTJ)*i>, %ff, n. Allotment; shares or 
portions assigned; rations; allowance; a fixed 
pay for services. 

Ateoai ga fukohei da, K ^ff ^ ^ S ^ ^. l-he al- 
lotment Is not fair; Atcgat ga warui, "^VHfS, 
>f, the allowance is insufficient. 

Atesnl-buchU ^hX HiV- X>%, %^^^, «. Al- 
lowance or provisions, especially rice; rations; 

Ategiiii, lotfc'i, %^, v.t. To apportion; to al- 
lot; to give rations or stipends; to grant. 
JWo wo ategau, ttBI) ^ % ff "7, to aid. 

Atehaka, lottl4>, i^f, ^. a. O Beautiful; ela 

Ateyaka, lot-S"**, 'gant; charming; handsome. 
@ Noble; dignified; genteel. 


Atekaniai'ii, MX Tit Z, ^i&, v.i. To be appro- 
priate to; to fit for; to be applicable. 

Atehainii, lot tt tr , ^^, v.t. To apply; to ap- 
propriate; to set apart to some particular use; 
to allot or assign. 

Atejl, lot Er, 'Sr^, n. A dubious synonym; a 
mere phonetic equivalent; a Chinese character 
used in a sentence, known to tlie writer him- 
self to be Inappropriate, which he employe, 
however in the absence of a more satisfactory 
one, or a'S requiring future alteration. 

AtekORurl. lot t -^ <il, ffiMt, n. [col!.] A distant 
allusion to one's fault or misdemeanors; seem- 
ing praise; an equivocal expression, 
person addressed would take as a rebuke; an 
implied censure. 

Atekosurii, lotC-t^. jSifi, v.t. [coll.] To 

Atekkosurii, lot-yC-^S, ' hint at a fault In one's 
character, conduct, or services, in seemingly 
barren or even laudatory expressions; to rebuke 
by implication; to give an indirect cut, slight, 
or rub. 

Atekoto, lot t if, '^^, n. Anything one locks 
for or depends upon; a reliance; a resource 
looked for as a means of relief. 

Atekiir.i. Tot < t, ®K. »*• [coU.]A game in 
which those concerned compare the power m 
predicting future even ts, unknown facts, etc 




Atenic. loTX), 'S' §. "•• OAn object fiimed at; 

an aim. @ A blow. 
Aleinl, l^t;^, 'S'^, n. Boxinj^ a vital portion of 

th;j body. 
Ateinono, i^'Cti^i, ffi ^O, n. O Tho art of predict- 
ing or guessing. ©The object to be predicted. 
Ateiia, liT^, %S, 11. The uame of the person 
addressed ; the address of a letter or of a person. 
Atooliuiinii, M-z^c.UX-, 3Eff. v.i. Same as ^(e- 

gan . 
Atei'M, lots, tt", '■■(- To hit; to strike against. 
Tama wo nakaboshl ni aferu, % V- ^\' ^ — T zr 
M', to liLt the middle mirk of a target with a 
Aterii, I^XZ, 'S. v.f. O To touch. ©To comply 
wirh; to accord with; to make anything agree- 
able. © To apply one thing to anothei-. O To 
apportion; to give a share to. ©To be success- 
ful in a business or speculative concern. (0To 
guess well; to solve. 

Monosashi wo ateru, KS^ffi."-. to apply a 
foot-measure; Nazo wo aicrv , fl^ =^ f^ ;^ to solve 
Aterii, i^.-CZ, ?S. T-'-f- To address, as a letter. 

Kotio teoamt vja tarcni aterunoka, [tt:^,^-.^ 
^i~%T ii' -^-Jj, to whom shall this letter be 
addressed ? VAtekrmn n. 

Atotsukerii, ^^t^1&Z, 'S, i\; r.(. [coll.] Same as 
Atoyakani, 1o-C^*'K:, i^^, adv. O '"Charmingly; 
be.Tul.ihilly; fasf inatin^ly. ©Nobly; in n dig- 
nifipd manner. 
Ateeii, lo-r^', n. Qf^Mect' aim. ©Opportunity. 
Atczumonai, y f i*'^ ^ -i, [co;f.]has no ob- 
ject; Atrzuvional sagashimonowosiirii, 7 y'-;/ 
^ i- -^ ^.^^f- 7. /I., to search witliout an ob- 
Syn. ATKDO, KiKWAl. Lject. 

AtesiiiMto 111, i;j-t::p'-yU?5VC, a. [coU.] At random; 
by chance; without any fixed purpose or definite 
Ato.lSiT.l^, n. O The successor; one who. sustains 
the part or character whicli another has left. 
©Tlie family succession or line; descendants, 
ro^terity. g'^ Being after or behind; following. 
Q The dep;irted spirit or soul. @ The place 
where nne lias gone or is suppo^od to have 
Ato ato no koto wo negau, iS -V ^ )JI ^ SI V, 

tn make a will requesting that ; Atohara 

oo.yameru, ^M^f'V'^'^, [ntM must incur some 
future loss or expenditure; Ato ye vio saM ye 
TTU) hikanu, |^ --* fiff -- ^ 51 ?; 3t, to go neither 
lorward nor backward; .Mo no matsitri, ik .^ ^ 
V, [c'»(i,] beiiind time; Atosaki mizu ni okonau, 
tt 5t ^ ?■ = ^f "7, to act too boldly ; Ato ni narl 
saki ni nari, y^ =1 + v M - -?" V . walkini; behind 
<*r Ml advance of; Chichi noato wo tstigu, ^ ^ tJi 

^ fli ■«', to inherit the father's property or 
e.state, or to take up and continue the busines* 
or profession of the deceased or retired father; 
Hd oato dt yoroshu goearlmasu, v r - iff Ui t* 
Kfifc ^ ffi V ^ ^, nevermind, you take first, S3 
s-uru to ato de komarv, y f ;^ /p I' ^ 5^ S J^. that 
would bring about trouble in the future. 
Syn. Go, NOCHI. 

Ato, \o^, gj;, ;!g, 11. Q Anything left or remaining, 

a foot-print; a track; a beaten path, a trail; 

a scar; a blemish; a cicatrix; ruins; remains, a 
vestige; a trace; relic; the rest. @ A custom or 
precedent. © Passing a street or highway. 

Ato wo htku, Bi^? 51 i?, to call for more and 
more, Ato wo kitramasu, Sj; ^ Ef v 7;, to flee 
Kizu-ato, %^,a. cicatrice; scar; Take ato, ^^, 
the ground where burned houses stood; Shu- 
inotsn no ato. Ifg ^ ^ S, a mark left by an ulcer 
scar; Kono kyudo ni wa chikaoo^'O rynjin noato 
ga taemashtta, jttgig=-'>i5lSJSA^Si;V;?@^T 
S/ St, of late no travellers take thi.s old highway; 
AVire wa mukasfd no shiro ato desv, jtt -•■* S ^ M 
it 7*"^, this is the place where the ancient 
Syn. Atokata. Lca.stle stood 

Alo, i^if, adi: [coll.] Ago; before. 

Ano hito wa gonen atii ni yok'i shita, f$ A -*■• 2 
^■T y =i.p^fi >/ a, he went abroad five years 

Atoaslil, io^;t L,^ jE, n. Thehindlegs. Lago. 

Atoiitogetsii, Mi£-S))£no, ^ f n. n. [coll.] The 
month before tiie last; last month but one. 

Atobc, l^^-^.iJk'^, n. The part opposed to the 
front; the part left behind; the back; the rear. 

Atoblsarl, 1^lct^*^'!), l*il. ffi jW, n. [coll.] Start- 

Atoblsoi-I, io>f trtv), i Ing or moving backward; 
flinching; wincing; shrinking back In fear or as- 

AtotilHari, ToifUf^^, n. rEntom.JPeudoscorplo^p. 

Atolio, i^;^(3:5.i*^, n. [coll.] The backward or 
rear coolie. 

Atodaclii,!;^^^?:^-^, -yj i_ n. Q Starting on a .jour 
ney after another. © A person standing behind 

AKigotsii, -i^l^ffp-c^ M. 7i. The la^t month. 

s.\n. ATO NO Tsritr, KmoKTsr, Sexgetsu. 

Atoglyoiiie, l^Jf 5' i y., mfp, ,(. Purifying a 
Iiuuse after a dead body has been earned out. 

Atoliaknoaslil. i^i-a*-^L, "- With no trace; 
vanished; annihilated; utterly lost. 

Atoliaru, li^ tt 6 , IS flg. ^ Rf fS. «■ U After-pains. 
© An after-clap. 

AtohikI, l^^O^.i^SI, n. \ot stopping; caUing 
or asking for more and more. 

Atohiki-jogo, ^!i\±p, [coll.] a drunkard who 
wants to drink more the more he drinks, 

Atokaisi, i^j*:i,fe, j^jt5_ .rt. o Trace, mark. S 
Impression. ©Foundation; ground. 




Atokata no nai fusetsu, BJ;fi$>Ji'fWS. ^ 
Broundless rumour; Sonna atokata wamienai, 
yvMBl;Jfi-"»J?.^-?' -^i there is not a trace dis- 
cernible of it. 

Atokataaiike, TS If *> fe ■:>' W". ^ ^ Wt. n. Rear- 
rangement of things after an incident, as a 
death, feast, storm etc. 
Atomaivarl, yo^ltt^.^tM, n. Not advancing 
parallel with some other person or thing; being 
left behind ; getting behind-hand ; following ; not 
being favoured or served first. 

AtomatvashI, 1i)c'^ H t,']^i&, "^ Putting off; 
delaying; postponing. 

Kffre wa md atomawashi ni shiy'5, au^^-v— ^ 
{ft ^ =1 £/ a 9, [coll.] let this be postponed. 

Atoine, toiCto, iSf B, a. O Estate or property to 
be inherited. S The family line. ® Talcing an 
official position left by another. 

Atome, lo)f», fiiS, n. Same as 

Atomodorl, loit 6l*V), ^M, n. Going backward ; 
retrogression, return; deterioration. 

Ato-no-mataiirl, to )f <^ )£ ■? V , % ^> n- O [^i^-] 
Celebrating a fete after the fixed day (rarely 
Dsed in this sense). @ \JlQ.] [coll.] Useless thought, 
design, discussion, or expedient, after a lost 
opportunity (often used colloquially in this 

Atonoi-f, ^o'£0^,^^, n. A mounted constable 
or overseer in the rear of a procession. 

Ato-uo-toelil, "IhtO^ t,M^f "^ The last year. 

Ato-osae, 15)f?£SA, ifeff. "ru O Same as ^tojiort' 
@ The rear-guard of an army. @ The last man- 
of-war of a squadron. 

Atorj, V>€.'^ ,'^ilk, «• [Omith.] Brambling. 

AtosakJ, foif3?.^5t, »■ O First and last; the 
beginning and tlie end ; the antecedent and the 
consequent. @ Fore and aft. © Order. O The 
last coming first; disorder. 

Syn. EUjime-owari, Zengo. 

Atoshlkl, lol?L.&.ftJ;?C. «• Same as 4(07)1*. 

AtOBhUarl, loiC^sr-ii) , ^ jg, «. Same as AtoUsari. 

Atosliudan, •\h'^%.\fi>-niK, ^#S, "- An expedi- 
ent resorted to, or a design planned, in order 
to prevent anything disagreeable following an 

AtotorJ, te^iC y. SftK. '*• OAttheir; a succes- 
sor. @ The eldest son or daughter. 
Syn. YoTauGi. 

Atotaiigl, tSiCr? Sr, B}:)B, n. flSame as Atotori, 
8 Inheriting the estate or property of the fath- 
er. S Taking an office after the death or retire- 
ment of its former incumbent. 

Atotflukl, i5U-5», tt n, n. Same as Al^etsu. 

Ato-wo-ou. TSiC'Srfti, SJi. «•«• To pursue; to 
follow; to run after. 

Same as Ateru. 

Nigeta teH rwatowoou, gt >• ^ JJ ^ ^ ^ jg -y^ 
to pursue a runaway enemy. 

Ato-wo-tsukorii. loS i"-:? W" 3, Ei:^, v-i. To 
trace ; to seek after ; to follow the foot-steps of 
an animal in hunting. 

Atoxan, Uif?'^. ftffi. n. After-birth, 
Syn. NoCHizAN. 

AtOBonao, 1oif5-'Q:— , ^fil, "• [ML] The rear. 

AtoBusarl. loi?55 "C. MiS. «■ Same as Atohimri. 

Atsu, Tor?, 1 

Ateiiru. fS-^Z, J 

Atsu-. IS"?, ^. An adjective prefix meaning fto( 
or warm. 

Atsu-. lor?, BE. An adjective prefix meaning thick. 

AtSD, i<;-99, adv. [cont. of^tsuArf.] OHot; warm. 
©Warmly; kindly. ©Thickly. 

Atsubnl, lo-5fcfi>, SftB^, n. Hot ashes. 

Atsubitai, l^-^U'teV', W ^. ft- ^ 'if\n6. of cap the 
front (forehead) part of which is made thicker 
tlmn the other parts. fVery thick. 

AtsnbottaHhl,-l,-kf, iS^H^ylteL, I^ :*:. a- {€011.1 

Atsubusn, i5-c?J«?, ISSg, n. A lialter richly or- 
namented with silken or cotton tassels. 

Atsugnml, li^-^t'i^. I^iBE. *i- Thick paper; paste- 
bonrd. fwater. 

Atsugaii, lo'Ptit/., i^l^, n. iSaA:e made hot in hot 

Atsugj, ^h'y'^,^?&, n. Putting on several gar- 
ments, one over another; wearing thicker 
clothes than ordinary persona. fpiank- 

At^ulta, l5"7V^fe. IS^. "■ A tliick board; a 

Atsulta, Xh-^Kc^it, Its. '^- A kind of silk stuff hav- 
ing some figures or designs in it, the warp and 
the woof being of tlie gloss and the raw silk 

Atsnkal, fo'5*>i>. fBHI. "• icoll-l Peace-making; 
arbitration; negotiation; mediation; determina- 
tion of differences. 

Atsukal, l^-7*>y>, ^ n. O Treatment; reception. 
@ Management; transactions; dealing with. 

AtBukaJgusa, Tc-7A>U'<'3, ^, n. [BoL] Chrysan- 

AtBukaljo, lo-7*'U-:£-i:, W.ffi, n. An office. 

AtsukalDJn. ■to■^*>t^^V^. ® A, n. An arbitrator; 
a manager; an officer in charge. 


At9ukamaskJ,-i,-kj, ■ih'Pi>'^ t, o- [coll.} Au 
dacious ; blameless ; paying little regard to the 
restraints of law, morality, religion, or de 

Ateukau. tSr34>i, ®, v.t. QTo arbitrate; to ne- 
gotiate; to mediate; to make peace. ©To treat; 
to manage; to transact; to control. 

Kokusai jiken wo atsuk au, B ffi? © ft ^ iS "? 
to arbitrate an International case of dispute. 
Syn. Aa&^AU, Hakabu, ToRiATSUKa 





Ataukn^Tn, lo'^t'Q, 19 fi^. n. Same as below. 

Ateiikntva-Bura* t5-7*>tt:?*&, S Sfe ffi, |£S$. ". 
O A brazen face ; an impudent I'ellow. Q Shame- 
lesBness; impudence; boldness in doing; evil; 

At»ulce, lo-Pt/f, ^J J-, '«■ Same as below. 

Atsuke-atarl„ i^c^W-J^'fe 15, iJp ^, n. An affection 
produced by the excessive hotnesa of the 
weather in summer. 

Atraku, lo-:? < , Sft, a. and adv. The adverbial or 
pred. adj. form of Atsusfii. 

Tenkt ga atsuku natta, ^®,tf*^i!S -y ^. the 
weather has become very warm (or hot). 

Atsuku, lo "3 < , a. adr. O Thickly; closely. @ 
Plentifully; kindly; liberally; generously. 

Atsuku sewa wo sum, J5 ^ ^ S ^ >^*-, to treat 
kindly ; to give a liberal aBsistance. 

Atauifuruslil,-J,-kl, igr? < 3 L, i^S, «.. Sultry; 
unbearably hot. 

Atanniarl, lo-^^ij), j|[, rt. An assembly; a meet- 
ing; a congregation; group; party; a collection. 

Atsumari-Bel, To -P a « ^ \r, » ^, ^ -3- #. «■ A 

body of Tolunteers; undisciplined troops; a 

Syn. YORIAIZEI. Lmere mob. 

Atsumaru. io-5a3, Jft, v.i. To meet or come to- 
gether; to assemble; to convene; to congregate; 
to be collected together. 

Syn. KozoRU, Muragaku, TsudO, tobu. 

AtBume-Jlru. 1o-p»^,-3, fi-JS^S, n. A kind of 
soup containing several solid ingredients, most- 
ly vegetables; a medley soup. 

Atsumeru, T^-^feZ, ft. v.t. To assemble; to call 

together; to collect; to convene, gather, or 

Syn. Matomeru, Yoseru. Lmuster. 

Atsomltsu suru, t^-9 ^r? ^ Z,)&'!S, v.t. [Chin.] 
To prohibit music for a certain number of days 
at the demise of a member of the Imperial 

Atsiimono, T^-:? 16 £73, Sg, n. A soup. Lfamily. 

Syn. Shiru, Sdimono, Tsutu. 

Atsumorlso, ^^'y t <fl ? 5, n. [Bot.]Lady's slipper. 

Atsumii, To-7tf, ft, v.t. Sama a.s Atsumeru. 

AtauuJ* To-^KC, n. [Bot.] Wych or Scotch Elm. 

AlJtarae, l^r??^, K, n. A purchase order; an 
order for having anything made. 

Atsurae too kotawaru, ftH ^ ffi »-, to decline 
an order ; Oatsurae no Tcimono, Sfl ffS -^ if tS. the 
BUlt (or garment) you ordered. 
Syn. Chumon. 

Atsuraeru, ?5r? &^3, gIS. v.t. To order; to give a 
commission to make purchase or supply goods. 
Syn. Chumon subu. 

AtBiiransal, V/? 6 K'i\r^, JS K 3!, n- [-BoC] Thlaspi 

Atsurekl. T^rPhS, |tflc< ^ O Grating; collision; 
creaking; Jarring, e Jfore comnwnly ana figur- 
tivtly, clash of interest or opinion ; dispute ; con- 

tention. Biiru, v.t. To dispute; to quarrel; 

to differ; to act in opposition. 
Atsuryoku, fo"^ i!) i. < , E *. "• iPhystc.'] Pressur*. 
Saidai atsuryoku, feAIBA. maximum presi- 

ure, maximum tension; Sokumen no atsurydku, 

ffii if -^ E /!? . lateral pressure; Taiki no atsuryo- 
ku, A ^ ^ E /!J' ^^6 atmospheric pressure. 
Atsuryokukei, lo^Vf i < i^\i%, M * H, n. [Physic} 

AtBusa. T5-P3, 5^ M, 1- O The hotness of weather. 

@ The degree of heat. © Ferjvour, eagernew, 
Atsiisn, lo"^"?,®, "■ Thickness. Leajnestnese. 
Atsuahl, 1^-7 L. "■ [Bot.] Same as Atsunt. 
AtsuBhi,-j,-kl, ln-3 L, l¥, a- O Thick. © Famili- 

ar; magnanimous, kind; bountiful. 
Atsukl kimono, ^^^1^, a thick garment; 

Atsuki oboshimeshi, g =^ .@, S, your kindness. 
Atsuslii,-l,-kl, to-? L, S^, a. Q Hot; warm. 

Excited; eager; furious; earnest @ Lustful; 

violent; heated. fafarl. 

Atsuyaml, 1^-7^;^, rfi ^-, Rg, n. Same as Atsuke- 
Atsuyoku aiiru, lo'^'i, < -^S, EWi. ■"■!■ To tyran- 
nize; to oppress; to crush down upon, to treat 

cruelly. rbath. 

Atsuyii, li-:?!*, SfS 2&, n. Q liot water. @ Hot 
Atta, -[i^-jtt. [pret. of Ai, Av. ^ -g-, and Aru, |r.] 

See Ai, Au, and 4H. fsfti. 

Attakashj, io-yfe4> L, «■- [coll.] Same as Atataka- 
Attamaru, •\h-jtz.'^Z> v.t. [colLI Same as Atata- 

maru. Tmerv. 

Attamcrii, ^h■■}1t'>f:>Z, v.i. icolLI Same as Atata- 
Attara^ Tih-jfth. [coJJ.] Same as ^tara (TiTfi). 
Attara, l5-y'fe&- [coli. cant, of .4tta nara&a.] If 1 

have ; if there should be ; if he were, etc. S'Ari. 
Atte, t^-y-r. [P.p. of Ai, ^^, and AH, ^.] See Ai and 

.4«« wiitai, 5^ 5= jj. ^ W , I with to see him. 
Atto suru, •\h"j1Z.5-^Z,M^m, v.t. To overwhelm; 

to subdue; to defeat; tu throw down; to crush. 
Waga gun teki wo attosu, KSSS ^ E 51 :^. oiu 

army overwhelmed the enemy. 
Au, T-^i, ^ v.i. O To meet with; to see; to en. 

counter;. to face; to find. ©To suffer; to 

Soyu ni au, B|S=iS$ 7, to meet a fi-Iend; 

Salnanniau, ?IflS = ifi-7, to suffer a calamity. 
Syn. Deatj, Kwai suru. 
Au, %^,^, v.i. O To agree, correspond, accord; 

to harmonize. @ To fit, suit. © To be joined, 
Karada nt au, f^ := -g- -7, to fit the body; Fu- 

choga au, ^'^.if'^'7. the marks corresrond. 
Syn. FUGo suru, Gassuhu, Kanau, Teki 


Ausliiklna, H^Z^"^, n. [Bot.] Anemone dicft-o- 

Awa, Tott, S^ n. [Bot.] Italian Millet; Bengal 

Grass. rscura. 

Awa, iott, ^, fa. n. Bubbles; froth; spume; foam; 




Awa ga taUu, ^iffcy, bubbles aro formed. 
It bubbles; Awafuku, ^11^^, to froth at the 
mouth; [;;flfir.]to be Tery much astonished or per- 

Awnbl, T^ttty, UK, n. [Conch.'i Eiir-sliell, Hallotit. 
Awabi no Jcataomct, Kffl;^:. [coll.] love unre- 

Awnlio, lottff, M^. «• The ear of millet. Lturned. 

Aivabo. 7Stttff, ^f-ffiE, 71. [Sot.] Bugbane. 

Awabu, t<ott.J«, 514, 71. A millet field. rtha. 

Aivabukl, Tqj9iS''&, n. IBot.'] Heltosma myHan- 

A^vabubii^ioSX, n. Same as ^{mfcu. 

Awacbljlinl, TStt"^tr;^, PUgfeift, t*. Corrugated 
cotton cloth made in the province of Awa, 

AtvndaebleS. T5r;ftt.'55, n. [Bot.l Golden Rod. 

Aivaidatsu, lottJ^r?, JQ i, v.i. To bubble; to ef- 
fervesce ; to froth. fcold or fear. 

Awadatsii, toU?!:--^, M tL, v.i. To be chilled Itom 

Awarta-yalil, iStt?t-^&, , MKSI, 'i- Earthen- 

Awata-yakl, i^Hfe-^^. \ waremadeat Awata- 
guchi near Ky5to. More commonly called 
Awada-yaki. fantly. 

A^vagaolil, iSHti*'^, a. Frothy; bubbling abund- 

Awa-gaerl, isaij*-^U),^$ Jg, n. [Bot.] Phlcum. 

Awasara, lo[Ift*&, MS. J*- The shells of millet. 

A^va-sohe, lottav?, n- [Bot.] Callitriche. 

Aival, ■JoHi>, M, ■«. O The space between two 
things. ©Friendship; Intimacy; relation. 
Syn. AiDA, Ma. 

A^val, lotto-, SfilES. n. A ravine; a narrow passage. 
Syn. Yamaai, Taniai. fmatus. 

Aivaiclilgo, loBV^'^a. n- [Bot.] Rubus pal- 

A^vall, loUV^U-. IRM, «• Boiled millet. 

Aw.-iKi, IhW^, adv. Insipid; light; tasteless; of 
delicate flavour. 

.\ ^vakii , 1.J a < , ^. Adverbial form of AwaH. 

AwaniosliJ, 1r,\ii}>bZ,MtS.. ». Same as -dwaii. 

Awamoehl, Tottftt, MW, «■ A kind of inocfii 
made of millet, 

tivaiiiorl, io*3 ft V}, j^g, n. A kind of arrack 
brewed from rice, containing more alcohol than 
sake. Satsuma and the RjiikyEi (Loochoo) 
islands are noted for its manufacture. 

iwaiiiori-shonia, 15 sb ft 1) X 1 5 3, «■ [Bot.] 

A^vaniorlsd, 75 Jj & 1) 3 5 , ^^^, «• [5o(.]Same 
as above. fmalt. 

AwaiiioyasbU iS Kt % -^ L. MSI, «• The millet 

Iwananda, ^c^^^?&• [coll. neg.per. of ^(.] Have 
or has not m«t; was not fit; did not correspond 
or agree. 

Aaw-no-inl«uame, 1o11©;^$3d>6, 3S:*tfiS, n. A 
semisolid aine made from millet. 

Awnokosbj. ioUtsCL, n. Akind of confection- 
ery, the chief ingredient of which Is millet. 

twai'c, loilli, !.nterj. Exclamation of entreaty, 
pity, or grief. Dear me [ ah I pity me I 

A^vare, T^ttH. S. n. Pity; compassion; sympm- 
tby; susceptibility to the softer passions; ten- 
derness of heart; commiseration. 
Aware wo nwydsu, fi f- fS "7 >t, to be moved to 
Byn. AwAREMi, FnuiN. Lcompasalon. 

Awareml, To ttlt ;>, 01, Tt. Pity; compassion; 
sympathizing with; tender-heartedness. 
Syn. Fdbin, Jini. 
Awareinii, lottJitp, W, v.t. To pity; to sympa- 
thize with; to compassionate. 


Awarcna, -i^ntttn, 0J, a. OPitlful; moving the 
tender passions. ©Miserable; mean; paltry; 
contemptible. fbe met; can be seen. 

Awarerii, I^HH^, |S^. [pass, or pot. of Au.]yo 
AuMta chichi nl awareru, B^ H ^ =1 i§ >^ i- »-, 
I can see father to-morrow. 

Awnresa, loklh,^, '^, n. Pitiful condition; 
meanness; littleness. 

Atvase, loH^, n. Q Comparison for determining 
superiority or equality. ©A fight; a match; 
competing for superiority. 

Chikara awase, ij t -^^ ^, a wrestlius match; 
JTor( awase, Jfe t -'^ t, a cock-flghL 

Awase, thU^, ^ ^, n. A garment of doubla 
thickness; alined garment. 

Awasedo, I5tt-iti«, -fi-Jg, n. A whetstone need 
In sharpening swords; razors, etc. 

Awase-giieurl, Tott* <--^ >!), -^SEI, n. iMed.]A 
medicinal mixture; a medicine containing seve- 
ral ingredients. 

Awase-Jiban, To tt * X- K ^, IS ?S. «■ A lined 
shirt; undergarment of double thickness. 

Awase-kaffainl, lolil**'*';^. ■S'lS, n. A mirror 
employed In conjunction with another so as to 
show the back of an object. 

Awase-matsuru, lo 11*3^2, Efl?, v.t. To 
place two or more gods in the same temple. 

A-«v»seme, fott*». -&• g, n. A seam; a joint. 

Awaseru,Tott-li^2. -g-, iJf, I'.t. O To join; to unite; 
to add or annex; to glue together. ©To mix; 
to compound. ©To whet, hone, or sharpen 
©To introduce. ©To make suitable; to serve 
Karuia wo awaseru, 'h' tS. ^ -^ -*> -fe ^i- , to com- 
pare cards; Kono futatsu no sliosha wo awareru 
to iu fUsetsu ga aru, it ^ :^ -^ffiffit^t^-^*)"- 
h X "7 R IS W T ;t-. there is a rumour that thesa 
two firms will be amalgamated into one con- 
cern; Kusuri wo awaseru, ^?-g->\1r»-, t* 
make a compound medicine. 

Syn. Gassuhu, Kuwaeru, Soeru. 

Awasctsuehi, ll^Q^-^%, ^ ±, n. Mortar fpr a 
Syn. Sanwado, Tatakitsughi. Lbuilding. 

A^v.-iebi,-l,-ki, Totl L, i£. "" Insipid; tasteless; 
light; of a delicate flavour. 

Aivaeblo, T^d^t^, ^ 9, n. Common salt 




Awanii, l^fclf", •©■, v.l. Same us Awn y'T 'I 

Awa.tadaslii,-l*-ki, ^mtzTl^t, iS, a. A-t:n:»-)i- 
ed; flurried; agitated; coufuseU; distracted 

Aivatadaalilku, -toei'^;^;^, <,i^ adv. Confused- 
ly; astonishingly; losing presence of mind. 

Awateriitaniehii, iot£-t.^:^>6<, fflS, !affl, v.i. 
To be greatly agitated; to lose presence of 
mind; to be utterly confused. 

Atvateni, i^ifltS, S S, v.t. To be astonished, 
confused, or agitated; to lose presence of mind; 
to be flurried. 

Syn. BiKKURi sunu, Odoboku, Urotaeru. 

A^vatsu, i^a-7, , ^ J&, v.i. [coll.] Same as 

Atvatsiii'u, lia'PS, ^ Awateru. 

Awa--»vo-l*n, ISH^rC-i, i^fi". v.i. [coil.] Same as 

A^vaya, lolil-*^', interj. An exclamation express- 
ing alarm, surprise, or agitation at an impend- 
ing peril. 

Awayaku, i^U-^A', a- Same as .4 was/ii. 

A^vayolfiibn, i^HI < (d?. conj. [cyl(.] If it be well 
timed; if a good opportunity offer itself. 

AtvayiikJ, i;^ a t'i &. '^'3, n. QThe sleet, @A 
kind of confectionery made of rice flour. 

Awnyiikiso. l^ti'^^ 5 5, ,?.S?f !if , '"■ [Bot.^AstUhe. 

Awazarii, lnl:i^i, % -a-- [neg. of^lu.] Not to 
agree, etc. 

AwHxii. l»)H^, jT^jS- [neg. ot Au.] Not to meet, 

A^vanii, loHtb, 'etc. 

Aya, lo-^, piUBil, interj Ahlohl 

Aya, lo-^, rJ, ?'- A sillc stuff witli raised fi'^urc-;, 
stripes, or designs. 

Aya, 1^-^, n. The cat's cradle, a children's game 
played with a string twisted on the fingers. 

Aya, lo-^, X, ». O r''gurep, design^, etc., on the 
surface of anything, natural as well as artificial. 
3 Plan. © Ornament-, embellishment. 

Aya cri, % ^, cloth having a figure or design 
wrought in it; TaTcumi no aya, %\^^'K, a 
plan; the intricacies i>ra plan or pKit. 
Syn. Br.v, MuvO. 

Aya, ^h'>,^^, "■ Papn.; the fatlier. 

AyHl>iiinii, lo-^^tp, ^, v.t. and i. To doubt; to be 
suspicious; to be timid or fearful; to distrust. 

Hiio wo ayabuTmi, A ■?■ ^ i*, to doubt one's 
ability or integrity. 

Syn. Abunagaru, Utaoau. 

Ayadui-ii, th^'^Z,^, v.t. and f . Q To make the 
figures, lines, or designs on woven stuffs. @ To 
treat, to transact. © Same as AyaTuzsii. Q To 
move a puppet doll. fful; equivocal. 

Ayafiiya, l^-^i-^. a. [coll.] Uncertain; untrust- 

Ayiislu^', 1o-^ir&, @ M< n. Same as Aya (gl). 

Aya-glrl, ^h^y^,^^, n. [Bot.^Sterculiaplatani- 

Ayagoro, l^-^a t 5, ^ i^^, n. A kind of woolen 

stufl'with raised designs, figures, etc. 
Ayahigalii, l^-S'U'fi*^, ^ B8 .^ ft. a broad brim- 
med hat made of rushes. 

Syn, AMiGASA. riike. 

Ayabarii, Toj?»4>J,^, v.t. To resemble; to be 
Anata ni ayakaru wa watashi no shiyawasA 
aesu, JS'^ = ^ ;i. -•\ :Ei --* ^ 7-" ^' . it is my greatest 
pleasure to be like you; Chichi ni ayakaru, ijC^a 
^;t, to resemble one's father. 
Syn. NiRU, Rui SUKU. 
Ayakashl,-J»-kl, ^h^il*L, C- Doubtful; susplcl 
ous; not easily understood; indifinite. ffa-ilura, 
Ayainachl, 15-^'2'^,j^, «• A fault; a mistake; a 
Ayamachl wo aratainwru ni hahakaru nakare, 
ii§^BftA/i-=t^/t^U', [Chin.] do not he.sitate 
to correct your faults. 

Syn. MAOniGAi, Ochido. 
Ayamarl, io-^3 "/). ^, '"'■ Acknowledgement of 
one's failure; an apology. 

Ayamari jomon, ^Vt'X, a note of apology; a 
written apology or excuse. 

Syn. Ayamachi, Wabi. fbeg pardon. 

,l>ainurii, ^^J^tz, St. ^'-t- and i. To apologize; to 
into ni oyamarn, K=^W^ii-, to apologize to a 
person; Lo beg pardon of a person. 
Syn. Wabiru. 
.-%y.niii»tsii, l^j^E-^, 1^, %, v.t. and i. To miatako; 
to fail; to err; to offend one unintentionally or 
by mistake. 

A karera tsid ni ayamattari, i!@ oj- iS ^ i^ — iS 
vix^}. Ah I they have at last erred; Ayamotte 
hito wo h'-rosu, i§ t^ A ^ Ift 7., to kill a man un- 

t^^^y. to 

intentionally; Vo wo ayamatsit, 
delude the nation or the world. 
Syn. Machigau, Tagaeru. 

{Bo!.]IHs stbirtca. 

n. Form; figures; 
colour; stripes; de- 
fining lines. 

Ayaine-gusa, io-^b6<* 
^, 6 a. n. [Bot.] 
Sweet Flag. 

Ay am o- in o- ivak n ii ii , 

^, a. Utterly dark. 
yo, T. ]'^ =B ^ij ^ IK, a rj§ j^ 

night so dark that one can not distinguish black 
from white. 
Ayan»o-iin-scIiIiti. lB-^!t©-^-^ < , M ^ B ^, n. 
Ayamc-iio-set)sii, lo-^>6C0-tt-:P, i Tlie 5thday of 
the 5th month, o. 5. (a festival day). 
Syn. Tango 


Ayainerii. lo-^)6Z, v.t. To Injure; to hurt; to 
damage; to wound. 
Syn. Itameru. 

Ayamotnmii, iS-^fetetf, M ^) n. [Bot.] Garden 
or Salad Burnet, 

AyniiasM, i^-^tf^, ^, T.t. [coll.] To handle or 
■work anything dexterously; to treat or address 
softly and sweetly. 

Aynnl, lo-^VJ, ^, adv. Q Strangely; wonderfully; 
unintelligibly. ©Very; excessively. 

Aynuiku, lo-^IfC< , ^1g, adv. Lucklessly; unfor- 
tunately. See Ainiku. 

Syn, AiNiKU, Oriashiku. 

Ayaalil,-l,-k], l^-^ L. ®. «• Doubtful; distrust- 
ful; suspectlXil; wonderful. 

Ayashii jiken da, @ ^' >f ^ t^ ^, it is a very 
doubtful matter; Ayashlki yatsu, S 5^ =t tS, a 
suspicious character. 

Syn. FusHiGi, Ibukashiki, Kitaina. 

Ayaslilbl, lo-^, lu^'i S J^. »** A conflagration, the 
cause of which cannot be ascertained; an incen- 

Ayaslilhii. loots', %, v.t. See Ayashimu. 

Ayaslilini, i^-^ t,S>, "E, "- Doubt; suspicion; dis- 
trust; wonder. 


Ayaahlniu, e,.^ lis, @, v.t. To doubt; to suspect; 
to distrust; to wonder at. 

Sito wo ayashimu, A ? K i*i to suspect a per- 
son ; Ware kore wo ayashimazaru ivo ezu, ^ i^:t. 
"^ ^-7 ^ )U=9- 'f,\. :^, I can not but wonder at it. 
Syn. Fl'Shigi ni omou, Utagau. 

Ayasii, li-^-^, v.t. [colL] To make a child merry. 

Ayasii. lo^^-^, i)fE, v.t. To make liquids run; to 
cause to flow or to be discharged. 

AyaBiigl>orl, lo^tS'to^J. ^^^Sfe. "■ A kind of 

Ayatsii, lo-^-^, flk tR, n. That fellow 
Syn. AiTSU. 

Ay ataiirl, l5-^-5 V},^l^, n. O The act of working 
the strings of a puppet, or the mechanism by 
which it can be worked. @ Cont. form of below. 

Ayatellrl-uJnffyo,•^5■^■:?V)Vi:^W■^5,g^A?K, n. A 
doll moved by means of wires or strings; a 

Ayateiii'ii, Jo-^-^Z.tft. v.t. Same as jiyadorM. 

Ayausa, Ic-^^^.fi^. «• Dangerousness; peril- 

Ayaiishl,-l,-l<J, '(o-=^5 L, ^, tt. Dangerous; peril- 
ous; exposed to injury or evil; tottering. 

Kunshi wja ayauki nl chikayorazu, g- ^ >n ^=¥ 
= IS 3 9 7;, [P7-0V.] the wise do not purposely 
expose themselves to danger. 
Syn. ABUXASni, Kennon. 

Ayobl» loiW, B^ft-, n. A kind olleggings. 

53 AZA 

Ayoliii, loitP, ^-, Same as ^yuniu. 
Ayii, i;5W>, K, n. [Ichth.] 

riecoglossvs allive- 

Ayu, lot*, pSfS^, 71. 

[Chin.] Flattery; 

cajolery; sycophancy; adulation. sum, v.t. 

To flatter, wheedle, cajole, etc. 

Syn. HETSURAI, Omonkri, Tentu. 

Ayiibu, loW)-!*. i&j I'-*- Same as ^ywmw, 

Ayiiniarerii, ioB)^H3. [pass, or pot. of Aytmiu.} 
O Is fi-ble to walk ; to be trodden upon. @ Saraa 
as Ayumti. Used only in the second or third 
person (polite). 

Ayiiinl. lol*^, it'i ft. O Walking; stepping; tread- 
ing. @ A walk; a step. 
Syn. IIOKo, Sampo. 

Ayiiiiilaii, To'.%^?»-t, ^- ^, v.i. To compromise; 

to concede to each other in mercantile transac- 

Syn. AiBiAU, Yl'zuriau. Ltlona. 

As'uuil-lslil, 1^W>;^\/^ L, ^S. w. Stepping-stones. 
Syn. TOBi-jsni. 

Ayiiiiil-lta, To l* ^ V- fe, if-^, ?i. The boards or 
planks, with or without cleats for steps, used lor 
walking on; a gang-board. 

Ayiiiiiii, lo'Atf, it", v.t. To go on foot; to walk; to 

Aaa, lo?*, ¥, n. Same as Azana. Lstep. 

A«a, lio^*, 0, 7i. O -A. macula or freckle. ©Dis- 
coloration of the skin caused by a blow or long 
continued pressure. Hay by. 

Aiiaerii, iSy-^Si v.t. To compound; to mix; to 

Axakeri, l^^t^ lO , ffi9, n. Derision; ridicule; ban- 
ter; satire; scoffing, gibe; raillery. 
Syn. ChOro, fiURo. 

Asaherii, 1o^^2,IlS> v.t. To deride; to laugh at 
in scorn; to banter; to i-ail; to ridicule; to scoff 
at, etc. 

Syn. Baka ni suro, GurG sdru. 

Asania8lil,-l,-kj, ^oT'^ L>f¥^> "" Wondered 
at; surprised; astonished, 

Syn. Akireru, Kimotsuburu. 

ABaml, -ih^^./hM. «■ [Bot.] Thistle. 

Axamf-seslii, ■\hS'^V>- L, n. [Bot.] Prickly Poppy. 

AKaiiii-tainpopo, lo3';^fe/.[5i^, n. [Bot.] Hawk- 

Asaiiiiik], i53*ii>]&, Ift, n. Deceit; dissimulation; 
craft; clieating; imposing on; outwitting; guile. 

Asainiikii, 1^3^tr<,ft*:, v.t. To deceive; to cheat; 
to tell a lie to; to outwit, etc. 
Syn. Damasu, Tabakaru. 

ABana, loS'tr, ^, n. The common name of a per- 
son or place; a nick-name. 

A«anaei'u-nawa, lo 3" tf -^ S tf 11, ^^KS. '*• A 
twisted rope. 

Asanau. loS'tcJ-, i^, v.t. To twist (a rope). 
Syn. MATOD, Nau, Yoru. 




Aanrnslil, lo 

r (^ L, m 

T), n. 


Seal; Pho~ 

ca niitmnu- . — - 

laria, CfS JR) 

Ajiarorii, WfTi^Z, ?i?. ''■'■ To rot; to piitrify; to 

be spoiled or tainted f,e.-peciaUy used in speakiog 

of animal foods). @ To jest. © To be out of 

order as a drunken man's garments. 

Syn. Kl'Ohiru, Ki'sareeu, Midareru. 
Aanrl, T-ff V , I^J IS SJ. "■ [Htuld.] Same as Ajari. 
Asn^varaii, Iri^ty i^ ^, Pffl ^, v.t. To laugh at 

contemptuously; to sneer at; to ridicule. 
Syn. Seserawarau. 
Aauyaka iia, lo 3'-'^ *' 12;, <S, "■. Briglit; clear; 

plain; faultless; spotless. 
Azayaka nar hana, * -h Tii. briglit flowers; 

flowers fresh in colour; Azayaha naterjiwa, ® 

■S-^^, faultles.s performance; A^an to czayaka 

na kntn, -?- v 1- ® -^ 1 , how bright 1 


Aaayaka iil, l^^'-^A-KT, ^, adv. Brightly; clear- 
ly; distinctly ; faultlessly; skilfully. 

AiP-, >o^i )fi^. '*• Low, narrow dykes separating a 
rice-fleld from anotlier. 
Syn. Kl'RO. 

Aie, ^h'^, lis. I'i- OA weaver's reed. @ Arrang- 
ing the threads of the warp in proper order 
before weaving. [Thunhei'giU 

Asp-bHua, lo * a ^> 5? E iE. «■ [Bot.] .ypiraea 

Akeelil, l^^-"^, fS!f?fi- "- Same as .40.10(51/871'. 

Ase-dalkoii, T^yr-ifr-v^ £. A, "J^'^, n. [_Bot.] JVas- 

Aae-saruslil, l^^ftJ& L. I tvrtium. 

Ase-sayn, IS^-fit.^, n. [Bnt.]Lfptoc!iloa. 

Aie-gnyataiiri, 1,^ if- fi? -^ -7 ifl , ?;. [Tiyf.] 6'?7perws 

AEe-Kil.-y5. lo-tft&"&^5, n. [Sot.] Ge?7(/a»a. 
Aeo-IIo, Ih^'V-^C . ^. W-> «■ The strings by which 

the proper arrangement of the threads of the 

warp 13 preserved. 
Aaeklrl-kaina, 'ih^^Vlt^'^.^^W, ri. A sickle 

for cutting the water-ways through the mounds 

or dykes of the rice-field. 
ABoUiira, 7^^ < S.tfcll', "■ A barn, store house, 

or granary lightly built. ffield dyke. 

Aseinlclil, ^^^■7^■%, @, ?'- A footpath on the ricc- 
AKeaioiiien, yht'fi^A., ^ Sfl. «• A parallel-ribbed 

or quilled cotton fabric. 
Aseiniiro, T5*tf^, S ¥5> «• Same as .^zefcura. 
Ase-mualilro, l^^tf^%, ^iSa, n. [Bot.\ Lobelia 
Ase-ua, lo»^, n. [Bot.] Vanaelia. iradicans. 
Asoniiiio, t^^toW, iRJfli, n. Same as .izemome/i. 
A^eorl, tSV*^'!) , J^USi, n. Q Weaving so as to form 

parallel riba. S Cloths ^n woven 

Ase-suce, T^tf-^r^, to. lBot.]Garex Thunbergii. 

Axo-tosarasIU, li^-te^ijtfe L, n. [Bot.lSame a» 

Ase-t5ua. li^-tejtp, n. [Bot.] Crepis Keiskeana 

Aauchl, T^^*"^, fttJiJi, n. A target-mound. 

ABuchlmon, 15^'^(^^, «| p^, w. \ gate erected 
on a piece of reclaimed land. 

ABiiBlgawa, ■\o::>' ^tfl a, #a*. »■ A thick 
leather like the red pea-bean in colour. 

Asiikarl, T^:3^*> lij , fg, n. O Holding anything in 
custody or in trust; anj-thing received on depos- 
it. @ A guardian; one who takes charge of. 
© The head-officer Q A consignment. 

AMukarl-inono, iq-3-4>»!) 4 ©, 15 ft ^, n. Some- 
thing received \n trust or on deposit. 

Axukarl-nlii, R :p* ir» 9 1/e ^, J^ A, «. One with 
whom something is left in trust; a trustee; a- 
consignee; the chief commissioner. 

ABiikarii. lo^'*>2,^, IM, r.(. and (, ©To take a. 
part of; to participate; to share; to be a member 
of; to partake of. @ To be intrusted with; to 
have a person or thing committed to one's care. 
® To be responsible for; to be in charge of. Q 
To be favoured with; to be admitted. 

Gironni azukaT^, ^^ ^^n., to take a part 
m the debate; Kodomo wo azukai^u, ^ ^ ^ f@'^. 
to iiave children committed to one's care or 
supervision; Ifyogl nl azukaru, ^g^^'^i to 
be admitted to be conference. 
Syn. Taku auRL', Yud-vnerq. 

Asiikerii, lo^V3,SK,Si. »'■'■ To intrust some- 
thing to anothor; to put under the care of an- 
other, to rely on; to deposit. 

Kane no knioari )ii Shi )tairwno tvo azukeru, ^ 
.^ ft = pp tt ■?■ ffi ■VS', to give a thing as a securi- 
ty for a certain sum ot money due some tima 
hence; Kane wo azukeru, ^"^-f^yii-, to deposit 
a sum of money. 

Syn. I-NiNSUBU, Makaseri', Xixzuru, Ta- 

AEiikl, lo^'&,S:/hg, n. [Bot.] Muiigo. fgram. 

AEiikl-biindS, lot?'& J*^«5, ifSi s, «■ [But.] Green 

AsiiKi-iiieslif, lo^'&*£,3;afiS, ti- Rice and red 
pea beans mixed and boiled for food. Vnwchi, 

ABiikl-iuuchi, 1^^'^ 6 '^, # aBf. «■ Same as Ain- 

AKukl-nushl, i^:7'@^C, n. [Bot.] Pyrus alni folia, 

Aziiina, io:P'a, S^'i^, n. The eastern provinces of 

Isiimalilto, lot?*ai>*£, gi A, n. People from the 
eastern provinces; rustics; strong and honest 

Aaiima-seta, l^ts'SVi^fe, jfc T K. n. A kind of 
wooden clogs originally in general us» in Edo 
and its vicinity. See Komageta. 

Amuma-Kihu, lSr>*aSr< , n. [Bot.] Erigerron Thun 


Aauma-groto. to':?'2&)r, £ 9, »- A kind of harp. 

ABiiniH-liynkkwaii, lo^^'llw-j^if < *)^, Si 51!, n. 
A general terra for the surnaraes of the KwantS 
samuraia so called from their similai-ity to the 
official titles of the Imperial court. 

A«uina-Jt, I5i>'a '^.BlK. ■"■■ I'he highways 
through the eastern provinces; the eastern pro- 

Aiunia-uauiari, fotrt'lZtTS 9, K Rk. n. Tlie east- 
ern prorincialism or dialect. 

ABuma-otoko, I^'p'^^I^CK ^. "■ A man from 
or born in one of the eastern provinces. 

ABuma-^varawa, to ■=!* E *5 ^ tt, iK ® ^. ^i- A 
female court otficial. 

Amumaya. to^'S'^, 3^ S, 4^, n. A aummer-house; 
an open shed. 

Amuaa. %o* 5. 
^, n. [Bot.] 
Indian Bean. 
Catalpa. ^^ 

ABusa-inlko, i^ 

n. [ohs.] A ^ 
sorceress who 
pretended to 

raise spirits by certain ceremonies with an azu- 
sa how and an arrow. 
ABUsa-yuml, iSrs'St*;^, |$^, n. O A bow made 
of the azusa wood, a word much used in connec- 
tion with samurai's fidelity and tortitude. @ A 
pillow word used before the words Jiiku, haru, 
moto, oto, sue, etc 

55 BAG 

*w**i 9l^-^'f ■ there is no room; Kassenba, ^B 
Jjl, a battle-fleld ; SonoJ)a de, :ft % t', on the spot; 
in that case; then and there. 
Syn. Basho, Baa I. 
Ba, if, JQ, n. [soft sound of ha or tua, when preced- 
ed by the sound "n."] A bundle; a lock; k 
numeral used in counting bundles. 
Sen ba, =f- JB, a thousand bundles. 
Ba» If, ^, n. [Bolt sound of fta or wa.] A numeral 
used in counting birds or hares. ftion. 

Ba, U, IB, n. [ZooL] A horse. Mostly in composl- 
Ba-al, aiitV; ^-S", n. Occasion; condition; case; 
circumstance; predicament; the state of things. 
Ba-at ni yorite wa, 8| -a- = tt r ''^, according 
to the circumstances; Sono iaaide, ift^-fi-^ 
on tliat occasion; in that case. 
Baba, (f^, {^ !£, ji. A race-ground; a place for 
practicing horsemanship; a ground for training 

Baba, ii\£,lSS.&, ft. QGrandmothor; grandmam- 
ma, maternal grand parent. @ An old woman 
(ratlier in derision or condescension). 

06a saw, 5;? Jgt ■?• v, grandmother (in polite ad- 

[coll.] O Dung, the excrement 
9 Anything dirty (used by or to 



Ba, If. is the soft sound of the twenty-sixth syl- 
lable of the Japanese syllabic alphabet {G-oju- 
in); and also the thh'd of the Japanese common 
alphabet (Jro ha). It is a conjunctive particle 
suffixed to verbs, and denotes time, reason, pos- 
sibility, etc., like "if," "because," "though";'' 
and sometimes it is affixed to the object of a 
verb, emphasizing the particle " wo." 

Ba, tf, SB, 71. O A n arena ; a room ; a spot ; a place ; 
a situation; a position. ® A seat. © Condi- 
tion; state; circum'^tances; case. 

Ba.fusage, i^'^y, [lit.] anything which has no 
use, but takes up ^pace.l^.] anything useless; 
a worthleaa writing (as in a newspaper); Ba ffa 

Dirty; unclean; impure (only 

fta, n. 

[Bot.] Green 


[Bot.] Veronica 


/ervain or 

Baba, If if. ft, t 

of any animal. 

Bitbal, k£ ^v-, u 

used by or to children). 
Baba-koroBliI, Uttt^ L 

Babano. tf tf tc J-. @ * iii. n. 
Babougyo, a^A^iL.^H^., 

aria sen-ata (a sea-fish). 
Babciiso, i£-</o-^i>,^^M, iu [Bot 

Babjhd, tf IK d 

5.JB)WS£, n. 

[E n t m .'\ 

Ich Ileum on- 
Bnbiurd. a:c^•^ 

n. [Bot.'] Za- 

lacca eduHs. 
Babo, ttif:5, ^ 

J5, ii. [Chin 

A stable ; 

horse-stable. Cl§ H ^) 

Bnliukii, (drs;< , ^^, n. [Cldn.] See Umakata. 
BubotHii, IdfKt:-:?, ffi SH. n. [jSo(.] Puff-bflll. 
Baclil, i£%. iS. «■ A plectrum; adrumsttck; the 

flat stick used in playing the sami5e?i {a kind of 

guiter) or Mwa. fheaven). 

nacbi, li£%, S], 71. Punishment ^inflicted by 

Bnchi ga •oitnru, R W ft" »-, to be punished by 



God; to be smitten of heaven; Bachi atari, ^ t 
it y , accursed fellow I damned fellow 1 Fuko no 
bacM, ^^ ^^, punishment for disobedience to 
one's parents. fpurse* 

Bacbl-gusa, tf"^<-3,Sf, n. [Bot.] Shepherd's 

Bachliiien, i£%^A.,M^y '"■■ The place on a gui- 
tar where the plecbrum is applied in playing. 

BadaJ, kf^'V.JSft. fi. Horse money; the money 
value of a horse (formerly given to high officials 
as a present). 

Badaral, fcj/t & t>, ji M, 'i- A large trough used 
In washing horses, a trough in which horses are 

Badoyu, tf >5 5 t*, H tfi^] jft, -«. An oiled paper- 
covering for a horse used out of doors on rainy 

Bae, tfA.,95- [soft sound of " hae," always follow- 
ing some significant prefix.] Effective; success- 
ful; looking splendid, beautiful. 

ru-fiae, ^ ^, the reflection of the setting bud; 
looking more beautiful when illuminated by the 
light of the sinking sun; Mi-Vae, H^, looking 
better, prettier; Ki-bae, 3f ^, looking better or 
prettier than before, when dressed; Beki-bae, tB 
3^55, being successful; being efi'ective; a good 
result. fof a liorse. 

Baftiii, tf^^, JS SI, n. llorse-dung; the excrement 

Bitsel^ fcEV?-V^. ^ ©, "■ Horsemanship; the art of 
riding; equestrian feats. 

BngI, lf^,i^Ji|, n. [JSniom.] A centipede. 

BitgJuu, li^iti, ji j(S, H. A horse-cover; a horse- 

Bagu, tJ<',i^:H., )^. The furniture of a. horse; 
horse equipments; harness. fsaddler. 

Baguslil, fcf <' L, iH -R gifi, ". A harness-maker; a 

Bagiiyii,, ]i£<r^, ^MM, «■ O A harness-maker; a 
saddler. @ A harness-seller; a dealer in horse 
equipments. fsalpinia sepiaria. 

Bags ojljo, tf r i ^--g 5 , ^ ^, a f*. ^'- [-Bot.] Cae- 

Buliu, liU, |g S5> ''- A harrow. 

Syn. M ANG w A. fdarui . 

Bahan, tf KA, ffi M, «• A horse-trough. See Ba- 

^aliiin suru, tfaAi'X,®^, v.t. T.o smuggle; 
to import or export goods without paying the 
custom-house duties. 


Ba-liarerii, (JHHS,^^, v.i. To be open; to be 

public; to be presented before the world. 
Baitarete, i^?%t^T, publicly; not secretly; 

without concealing; Bahareta koto, S PS t- *t B(. 

.Tnything nown; things openly exhibited. 
Baliifu, lil>i5, S B^S., ■'*. [Jftd.] The name of a 

disea'^e of the larynx and bronchia; croup; In- 

flnmnintion of the tracliea, 
Balio, [j:a5, J^fiS- "/t- [.E-fttom.] Hornet. 
Bal. yrir, fe, 'i- A gag; something thrust into the 


mouth to prevent speaking (used in Burprlsing 

an enemy). Tsurgeon. 

Ba-1, (iV*, i^S?, n. A horse-doctor; veterinary 
BaJ, tflyv, ^, n. [Bot] Prunus Murne. 
Bal, tfv-,^, 71. Double; twice in number, bulk, 
Bai ni sum, ^ — t.jI', to double. Letc 

Bai, yjv^, PS SS, w. A kind of toy like a top, made 

from a shell. 
Bal, (Ji^, vfi^, lb. [ConcA.JA species of spiral 

shell-fish, Et)urna japonica, 


Bal-au, k£V-'h^,^'a; v.t. To seize, or snatch 
from each other; to strive to take off; to bereave 
of something; to strip or tear something; to 
take something from a person by force. 

BaJ-bal, lfV^H;\r, SM, ^i. Buying and selling; 
trade; traffic; commerce; bargain; purchase and 

Bai-bai keiyaku, ® H 13 St. the terms of a sale'* 
Bai-bai no tetsuzuki, 5f W -^ ^ 8St the process o( 
selling; Bai-liai taishu, S H Si?-, the parties to 
a sale or bargain; Jinshin bai-bai, A # W W. the 
sale of human beings; slavery. 

Syn. AKiNAi, Shobai, Urikai. 

Baibnl-ho, tflrtJVtt.i, If Wtt. «• [iaw.lLawof 

Balben suru, kf\/^'?A-^5, g SS, v.t. To buy; t» 
purchase; to supply by purchasing. 
Syn. Kaitotonau. 

Balbokii, kf\rH<,?E h, n. [Chin.] Soothsaying; 
prophesying; tortune-telling; foretelling; divl 

Batboku ivo gyo to suru, ^ h f- H I- ^ fr, to 
make divination one's occupation. 
Syn. Uranai. 

Balboku-sha, i£V^\lS: < X^, ft h ^, n. A sooth- 
sayer; a fortune-teller; a kind of prophet; a 
diviner; an angur. 
Syn. Uranai-shi. 

Bairbo, }£V-X5,^^, ">*• [C/tfn.] A decoy-bird. 

Baidan, HV/; ^, K Si, «■ Demand for indem- 
nity; negotiation for ransoming, or reparation^ 

Baldo, tfv^^>, Jg±, ■/(.. The heap of dirt piled 
around the stem of a plant, whicli serves to 
enrich the soil; a kind of manure. 

Baldo, Ifirl*, B? tSi «. [Cftfn.] A slave; aknave. 

Baido-go>a, |iv>?&-'^, ^tS/hM, w. A slave-hut; 
a house I'or keeping slaves in. 

Baidoku, (JV^^caiS, '«■ [-Wed.] Syphilis; vene- 
Syn. Kasa, Sodoku. i_real disease. 

BaldAkii-byolu, iSV^-£-< V!-^5h A.,m^fH?^, n. 
A hospital -for syphilitic patients; a hospital for 
venereal complaints. 

Baldoku-keiiNa, tJVN^< W■^^.fi6^i&S■ "■ Ex- 
amination for syphilis; examining licensed har- 
lots at the prostitutes' hospital. 




flalfu sum, av^i-rX.iiK. «•'• [.Cfiin.] To be 
corrupted; to putrify; to be mouldy; to rot; to 
be affected with mildew. 

BalgA Slim, tfv^fttS-^S, jS •S', v.L [Cliin.] To 
make persona mi*rry; to interfere in one's mar- 
riage; to unite a couple In marriage; to iiecome 
the go-between of a marriage. 


Bnlffo, td!\r-&. RS IS, n. See Batdan. 

Bnllio sum, ttV^tt^Z.F&ilSli, v.t. ICfiln.} To aid; 
to assist; to help; to do services for; to share in 
another's trouble. 

Bal-ln, fc^v^^y^^, WS. n* O Prostitution; devot- 
ing one's self to lewdness; secret prostitution, 
@ [coll.] A woman who prostitutes hex'self. 

Baljo, tfv^tr t, ^ ic, n. A harlot; a prostitute; a 
bawd ; a woman prostituting herself for hire. 
Syn. ASOBIME, JoRO, OiRAN, Oyama, SnoGi. 

Bnljd, tJ\r & i ?, FS5*. «• O Accompanying in 
riding; riding along with; riding in the same 
carriage with another, @ One riding in the 
same carriage witli another; one accompanying 
in riding. 

Gobaijo, fflipSSI. riding In the same carriage 
or car with the Emperor or other members of 
the Imperial family. 

Baljo sum, ti\/^2,'l-^3, SEBft, v.t. To intermedi- 
ate; to assist as a go-between; to act as an as- 
sistant or helper. 

Bnljo, kfi/'^'l^)?, F&iS, ft. An attendant; a follow- 
er; the retinue of a nobleman. sum, v.L 

To follow; to attend upon. 

Baljnkl, ttV^'^W)5&. SS §S. n. [P/tysic] Multi- 

Baikal, tf^;^*>Vv, !S^, n. [Chin.] Q Mediation; 
mediatorship; good offices; interposition. @A 
go-between, a matcli maker; an agent between 
two parties in marriage ; a middle-man; 
Syn. Baishaku, Nakadaohi, Nakodo. 

Bnlkau, B;vpi>A, g ffl, w. [Chin.] Neglecting one's 
own duty by paying money to satisfy the person 
or persons concerned ; to buy connivance. 

Balkit sum, tf\/vA>-^3, i^M, v.i. and (. To be 
doubled; to double, to increase twice in num- 
ber. rafBMWt. 

BaikelsS, (iVH'V'25. iot^S. «■ [BoU] Veratrvm 

Balkenjo, H;v^H•^X•^5, If ^)K. «■ A deed of 
sale; an instrument on paper in whicli the terms 
of a sale are mentioned. 

Baikenjo 710 jvju, W^!K>K5&. giving and 
receiving a deed of sale. 


BaikI, UTVI&.PI/e, n. lOrnith.] The cuckoo, Cu- 
eulus policephaliis. 

Syn. HoTOTOGiau, Token. 
Sallii, fcf\/^?, ft®, n. The cause of syphilis; symp- 

toms of syphilis; being somewhat syphilitic in 

appearance or feelings. ftha well. 

Balklsel, aV'^^ii,^^^, n. a burning naph- 
BalkS-haguiiia, tf^jL^tK-a, «■ IBot.] rertya 

scandtns. fSee Kalgara 

Raikoku, tfV-£.< M !B. '»■ Shell (of a shell-fish) 
Ualkwa, tfV<49,ftitH. "• Plum-blossom; thi 

flow of the plum-tree. 
Ralkiva, UV* < 47. W tf. w- [Wuft.] Things for sale; 

goods or chattels to be sold; articles for sale. 
Syn. Bairutsd, Shiromono, Urimono. 
BalkiTH-ainacha, jgv- < Jj^^"^^, w. [Bo(.] 

Plalycrater arguta. rant/itis diphyUus 

Balkn-lkariso, ttv> < 49\/^*''!)'5 5. w> [Bot.]Acer 
Balkwnjakii, \£v. < i^X-^< , (S TE ig, «. [Omith.] 

A spring bird. fflaccldus. 

Baik^va-ino, \£\r- ( ^ 4, w. [Bot.] Ranvnculiis 
Balkwa-oreii, (f V^ < *?ftttJtA, 7t. [BoL] Coptis 

quinquefoHa. r^X^'t^dvonsemlbarbatum. 

BiiiUwa-tsiitsuJI, liV^ < JjiPr^tf, n. [Bot.] lihodo- 
Ualkwa-utsiisl, \d\r-<t)^':>^, Ui^tE. «• L-Soi-J 

Mock orange. fsell; to dispose of. 

Baikyakii sum, tfV^?-S»< 1 3. ?f *P. ^'-C- To 

Syn. uriharau, urisabakit. 
Balkyo sum, tfV^gi^S, . ft 58. v.t. To count; 
Alalkyo suru, 2\pSi:-^j,J to enumerate; to 

reckon; to number; to mention or point out one 

by one. 
Baikyo sum ni itoma arazv, t5r ® ^ ^^ — jl T 

Jy', too numerous to point out one by one; too 

many to enumerate. 
ISalk:«u sum, tfv^ @ 5 il- 3 , g jft, v.t. To buy; to 

purchase; to acquire by paying the price asked. 
Balinaslil, av^UL, ^^. w. Being doubled in 

number or price; doubling. 
Bainiaslii ni suru, ^i'^ — y^n-, to double the 

quantity, or increase in geometrical progres- 
sion, [latok. 
Kaluio, ^S.'yt-^.UW. n. [Bot.] PritiUaria verticil- 
U:^'lu, tiV^A, ^1% n. '\hi genital organ of a 

horse or mare. 
Bal-nlu, [J\/^^^l^, ^A, n. 

Q[coH.] SameasiJa/.?oOS 

■ic). @ [coll.] cont. form of 

It.-ilou, ttv* fe ^, ^#, 

[Mecl.j Harmonics. 
Balraf. 1i£V- 6 ^/^, S ^, 

[Chin.} A bud; a flower ^ 

yet to open. 

Syn. Tat'Boaii. 
Bali-cl, tf\/>KV^, p&S. n. 

[Chin.] An attendant; a 

servant; a page. iU W) 

llairl, tfv^V), ?f iPJ, "■ [Chin.] Gain from trade; 

*be profit made on the sale of anytliin^. 




Bairltsii* HVf 9-7, S¥, n. [Physics.][fyiag 
power. fiiigwolf. 

BaIrS, tft/^i55,B^TH. «- A howling wolf; awhln- 

Balryo, tfV^ ») -^ 5 , ^ fi, 7i. [Math.] Multiple. 

Balryd, ^f\/^h.5. SSfl?. «■ Tlie remecly of syphilis; 
the medical treatment of the venereal disease. 

Balsol, tf\/^^V^,FSl. ■"■ [Astron.] A satellite. 
Syn. ElSET. 

BnlsokJ, Ifv-^g, f^ fS, n. Presence of the associ- 
ate judges In court; being present, not on one's 
own businesa, but as an assistant or attendant. 

Bajselcl-haiiji, HV^ ^ ^ H A. C, ^ m^i9. n. 
[Law.] Associate .judges. 

Balsen, tf\/^■^^, ?JiK, «■ O a ship lor sale; the 
vessel to be sold. @ A small sliip for short 
voyages. © A merchantman. 

Batsen sum, ^fv■*■^-^^, ff cS, v.t. [Chin.] To 
purchase all; to buy up; to buy a great quantity 
of athing; to monopolize; to buy so much of a 
certain merchandise a? ^o make one practically 
its sole vendor. 

Baisetsii sum, UV-^-?-^2, |t^fg, v.t. To wait 
upon; to converse with; to attend on; to re- 
ceive kindly (as a guest); to welcome. 

BalBhnlcu, i£\:-X^< ,Uf^, n. [Chtn.] Q Acting 
as a go-between; assistance in marriage ; mak- 
ing a couple married. @ A middleman; a match- 
maker; a go-between. quru, v.t. To as- 
sist in marriage; to act as a go-between, 
Syn. Nakadatsu, Nak(5do suru. 

Bnlshaku-nln, av£-^^ ^r^. fiji;^ A, rt. A go- 
between; a middleman; one who assists In nfAr- 
rlage; a matchmaker. 
Syn. Nakodo. 

Balshl, arVL.ffi^, n. [Bot.] Valerian, Valerina 
offlcinaUs. TCyprcRa, 

Biilshi, (fv L, ^ =^,n. [Conch.]A species of cowry, 
Syn. Takaragai, Koyasdqai. 

BaiHitiboku, H'i/^:£S:< , t ^?f:. n. [Boi.] Ixora 
Syn. CniaABUKi istricta. 

BalHlilii, ^fV•2^, fgg, n. A rear-vassal; the vas- 
sals of a vassal; a servant of a feudatory. 

Syn. Chugen, Matamono. pA jury. 

BnJslilnk^van, tf\/^^^<t5^, fg W^, n. [Law.] 

Balshl auru, )(i\r L^3, ©Si, v.i. [Math.] To be 
increased twice or more; to be Increased in a 
large number. 

Bal9li5, tfi/^£ J:5,Ef ffi, n. Satisfaction for; repa- 
ration; ransoming; Indemnity; compensation. 
— ^siiru, v.t. To compensate; to satisfy for a 
Syn. Aganau, Tsukunau. Lloss. 

Balshoku, yrv^jSiC, fi^, ■«. Taking food to- 
gether; eating to company with a superior; par- 
taking of food. 

Balsliu, }iJ.\fXVi), Bd (?S, n. Impure unstrained sake. 

Syn. iMuROMlZAKK. • 

Balshu, tf\f.XW), Hi. ". [Chin,] A. party in %■ 
Bale; a buyer; a purchaser. 

Balsliukel, tfv^:£ W) H-V^, W^ft, n- [OmUh.]K 
kind of snipe; a moor-hen. See Ban. 

Balsotsu, tfV-Jfc"?, FS^. 1- A servant of a feuda- 
tory; a vassal's vassal. 

Syn. KERAi, Matamono. 

Balsti, ttir-^5, ftJfK, it. t^ae/i.] Multiple. 

Balta, \i\ftc, W ^. »*. A harlot; a street-walker » 
a prostitute; an unlicensed prostitute; a woman 
for lewd hiring. 

Syn. Ba>^0, J5ro, Otama, SHoGI. 

Balteii, tflrtA, tt|?c, n. [67if/i.] The raining 
season; the weather of the fifth month (o. s.), or 

Syn. Samidarezora, Tsuyu no sora. 

Balto. tfvir5, ftga, "■ [Sot.] A bean. 

Syn. Natsu-mame. fnus tomtntosa. 

Baits, tt\/^ir?,tgt*t, n. [Bo(.] A cherry-tree; TVu- 

Baltoku, tf\/v^<, ft-^, 71. A gain In sale; » 
profit gained by selling. 
Syn. Bairi, Moke. 

Baltoku, If It IT <. H**. «• Purchase; buying. 
sum, v.t. To acquire by buying; to pur- 

Baltokuklu, ^J^/^lf < &A, flf f&^. n. [Xaw.]Th» 
money earned by selling; the net profit from 

BaUorl-sactal, ^\:^)£,^ ifl%, ^ffiJS, /t. [coll.] 
Setting any one to strive to get; allowing any 
one to take freely; scrambling for anything a> 
one pleases; taking all one can get. 


Baitoru, fcfv^ira, fit®, v.t. [co^M To take away 
from another; to bereave of another; to snatch; 
to stnp of another, to take by force from an- 

Bal-iP, kt\r5, tSM, n. The rains in the 5th month 
(o. s.); the rain of the rainy Fea-ion. 
Syn. Samidare, Tsi^yc. 

Balyukii, lifv^-^C, ^^, n. A medicine sold by 
merchants only, but not by doctors; a patent 
medicine, medicine prepared for a certain kind 
of diseases; a. nostrum; a quack medicine; a 
compound medicine. 

Bulyaku-ahft, tf v>j^ < ;£ j^5, ffg^ffi. «• OA 
nostrum seller; a quack-niedicine merchant. 9 
One who compounds a patent medicine; a nos- 

BiilyS sum, ^^.<^ 5 -^ 2 Jff M, r.f. To nourish 
(as plant); to cultivate and tertilize. 

Balxokii Buru, \S\x-^<.^z, W "B, v i. To ask or 
demand by bribing; to )>rib&; so entrust or 
commit in a corrupt manner. 

BalBUl sum, tJ-i^^ft-J-s, J^QI, p.(. To followl: 
to attend to; to serve; to wait upon. 




BajC, lf;fr-^5, R J:, n. The horse back. 
Bnj6-cli6cMn, ia%-Jft.^X^% A., WJiftffl. "■ A 
lantern u3ect in ridinif; along-handled lantern. 

DiiJO'Eiitsii, tf ;ftr -^ 5 3^ •'. M-tfH^, n. A carbine, 
i.e., a short gun chiefly used by mounted troops. 

Bujiitsii, ttJ&W'-^, |gfl5> n. Horsemanship; the 
art of horse-rldlng ; equestrian Teats. 

BnJutsu-kyoKwnn. y:;&l5>-:7H-5 < 45^, ^WOkt, 
71. An Instructor of horesmanahlp. 

Bakn, ur*., S^Sl, n. [coll.] O A fool; a block- 
head; a dunce; a silly fellow; an Idiot; a simple- 
ton. @ Foolishness; siUliLeaB; nonsense; idiocy; 
stupidity. ®{exclam.] Nonsenael stuff, 
Baka wo iu, f^ U 9- m 7, to talk nonsense. 
Syn. Ah5, Gu, ManUKE, Tawake. 

BAkRl»ik:iahl,-l,-kl» |f:b>(fi>L. ^^1 t&,, "- 
[CM.] Pnolish ; silly ; stupid ; fool-like ; vain ; 
useless, foolish-looking; dull; having no good 
I e suit, 

Bakabnknshlkii, i£t>i£ii-X < . IS Sg ^ <r ft:, adv. 
[coll.]OFoo\{n\i\y; nonsensically; in vain; stu- 
pidly. See Bakabakashi. @ Exceedingly; very 
much; extremely. 

Bakabakashiku oi, ffi K *f Ar K $ -f , exceed- 
ingly many or much. 

Bnkabayashl, tfft'tf-^L, J^MKI^, w- A festi- 
val music, performed with cymbals, drums, 
fifes, flutes, etc. 

Bakugal, lii>fifO-, n. [Conch.] Mactra sulcataria. 

Bakagerii, fcf4>W^3,mK, v.L [coH.] O To be 
like a I'ool; to be silly; to be ratlier stupid; to 
appear nonsensical. @ To pretend to be foolish. 

Bnkaffcta, tti>V:^fe, ffi SE fe, a. [coll.] Like a fool; 
stupid-looking; absurd; incongruous in beha- 
vior; looking nonsensical. 

Bakal. tf*.V^, H 5f, u. [Bot] Mustard. 

Syn. Karashi. fhumlfusa. 

Bakalso, tf*•\/^t5, ||$i^, n. [Bot.] Euphoj-bia 

Bakan, tfA.^, |g ^, n. A horse bit. 


Bakaiia. \£*'^> H ^> ^* Icoll.] Stupid; silly; 
absurd; nonsensical; useless; vain; Imprudent. 

Bnka-nlnJlD, dr*>l(t/,*:A, ff^*, n. [Bot.]Ar- 
temisia annua. 

Bakariislil,-l,-kl. fcf ]b> & L, A K fit. » [coll.] 
Stupid; foolish; nonsensical; useless; absurd; 
silly. ^ 

Bakaraslilkii, «*>&*<, ffi ffi R, adv. [coll.] 
Foolishly; uselessly; absurdly; in vain. See Ba- 

Itakarl. (Ji't!), %\; adv. flOnly; alone; nothing 
but; but; exclusively; exceptionally; to the 
degree, extent, or measure of; as an exception. 
QAs much; more or leas; nearly; about; al- 
most; as; Just as. Q) In the time of; just as. 
Tma deta takarl, ^ tU ff If ) » ^^ went out 

Just a moment ago; Kokoro bakaH no motena- 
ifii, £i 31' V -^ ff tt, a feast only to express one't 
good-will; Kore bakarl tua, & ^ ffl V ''^. thii 
only; Kokoio VakaH iwa hayaredomo, .Ciffl' y j^ 
>N "V !-•>?■«, although my heart burns withia 
me; Sennin bakari, ^\%\, about one thousand 
persons; Uma no koku bakari ni, ^ ^ Vi H' =, 
nearly at noon. 

Syn. HODO, XOMi. 

Bnkasarerii. tfi-^KS, W.t&,v.i. [pass, or potent, 
oi' Bakasu.] To be bewitched, deluded, fascinated, 
or enchanted; to be imposed upon. 

Kitsnne ni bakasareru, IH — )^ -^ u /t, to b« 
enchanted by a fox. 

Bakasii, tf4>-^, |^, v.t. To bewitch; to delude; to 

fascinate; to eneliant; to impose upon; to cheat; 

to befool; to charm; to deceive. 

UUo ivo hakasu, A 9- i^7., to delude a person. 

Syn. Damasu, Madowasu, MatoWas0, 


BakaivaraJ, &ii't>^V',^^%, n. A meaningless 
laugh; a horse-laugh; aloud, boisterous laugh; 

Baka-yakko, i£ 1i>J^ 'j Z.,^^^, n. [coll.] Ik 
blockhead; a fool; an idiot; a dunce. 

Bakayaro, tf 4* -^ & 5, Ji E?f (fti. «- [cOll] A 
foolish fellow; a blockhead; an idiot; a dunce; s 
Billy person. 

Bake, tfW", ifc, n. Transformation; clianging tha 
appearance; fraud; Imposition; assuming an- 
other form. 

Bake ga arawareru, |^i ?/* H >^ i^ ji-, [coll.] to ba 
unmasked ; Bake no kawa wo kabwu, it '^ Sc 9" 
K^ fl', to counterfeit; to hide one's reality. 

Bake-niono, iXi/f-tO.i^^, n. A ghost; a speo* 
tre; an apparition; a sprite; a transformed 
figure; a vision; the human or other flgurei 
assumed by the tox, cat, or badger. 

Bakemono yashiki, ft ta S Ife, a haunted liousa; 
an enchanted palace. 

Syn. HENGE, KWAIBUTSU, Obake, Yurkl 

Bakemonobnnaslii. ttW-t©tfJtL, ^ fljfi, n. A 
fairy tale; fables pertaining to ghosts; an old 
house-wife's story about a sprite. 

Syn. KwAiDAN, Obake NO HANASHi. 

BakeiiJ5, ^•H■^2,•^5, « Jl 9J, n. The grand stand 
in a horse race; the stand whence to overlook % 
horse race. 

Balferii, |fW-3, ffi, v.i. To be clian^d in a appear- 
ance; CO be transformed; to assume another 
form; to be metamorphosed. 

Kitsune ga hito nl bakeru, IR^A=sffc.*-*', • 
fox assumes the shape of man. 


Bnkka, |f-yl>, S ~fi n- A vassal; a feudatory 
dlroetly under the shogun 




Ctnkl'nu ^iini, fefyi'A-?"^, *K> ^'-i- To expose 

to Fur)lii;lit; to dry by exposing; to lay open 

to heat and light. 
Bnkhin, ^f■y'&^,S^^, n. A fine; penalty in 

inon€jy; {Laiv.\ penalty in money, larger than 

" Icwaryo " in amount. 
linKhobachi. tfy*>5li*t, # J@ S*, n [Enlmi.'] 

Cynlps sp. 
Bnkkokii, ti'j-JK.SSa. "■ [Bot.} Smilax china. 
Bukhoku-ruii, tf7 2:< 6 ^, n. [Bot.\ Eria japo- 

Itukko sum, i£'j 2. -jl-S, ^ 1, v.i. To act arro- 
gantly; to be prepuniptaous; to be bna=tful; to 
abuse one's influence in an insubordinate 


finkkuii, ii'-J < A., . JJ ^, «. Surpassing others; 
BaLtsitgiiD. ^J■9<-^, (eminence; superiority; 

transcendency, an exceptional promotion. 

Witli the usual adjectjve particles, a.n acljectlve. 
Rnkogjo. tfi'S Sri,fl6S;®, n. [Tchtli.] Cyblum 

Bnkoro9lil» ttt^L, Wa, «- [Bo(.] Green gram, 
* Biiku. [£<,^, n {Bot.\ Wheat; barley. 

Bakushu no tan, ^ I5 -^ 1^, [Chin.] sorrow 

over a luxuriant wheat-fipld. once the site of a 

magnificent edifice. 
Baku, tf <, ^. 7L 

[ZniJL] O The name 

ol a beast, tapir (?). 

@ A tabled animal 

said to swallow evil 

Baku kurae baku 

kurae, #Pg— WPft-^, 

[?('(.] r should like to 

have a tapir eat up the dream; [Jig.] a kind ol' 

charm or curse pronounced when one has 

dreamed a bad dream. 
Bnkiibnkii, \S < tf < , ^ Ar, «- K'/a'/i.] Obscure; 

dark; not clear. 
Bakubakii, if < tf <, |E V, ti. and arte. [Chin.] 

Calm; calmly; quietly; still; noiselessly. 
Bakntiokn, }d<[X<,^^, "■ [Bot.] Phelloaemlron 

amvrense. fa. stake. 

Bnkiichl, ^<%,^^, 11. Gambling; playing for 

Bakuchi wo vtsv, J^ ^ ^ JT ''>'. to gamble. 

Syn. Bakueki, Kakegoto, Tobaku. 

Bnkiiohl-ba* Hf<%tf, W5P^, n. A place for 

gambling; a gambling house. 

Syn. DoBA. fera. 

Bakiiehlku. Hf < '^< , SSIt. n. \Chln.] Fire crack- 
Bakuclil-no-kl, tf < i»©g, n. [Bot.] Prunus 

Bakiirikl-uelil, ti< %^%.1$^, n. A gambler; 

one who plays cards, chess, go, etc. , for the stake. 

Bakiirhi-yndo. tf < '^ -^ »■, tfl ?^- i^. n. A gam- 
bling house ; houses where gamblers meet. 

Bnkiidan, tf <7^^, JR?^, 7*. A bomb, a large hol- 
low bullet filled with explosives, a bomb-shell. 
Syn. Harktsc'gw a n. 

Bnkiido, tf<^, Sita, ''■ [Bot] A black ear of 
wheat or barley; the ergot. 

Kakiifloryndd-eklsii, (i< >«i/) 5^5S-&-^, ^ © 
iiiJ^MS^Sf. "■ Wed.] Fluid extract of ergot, 
Extractnm ergotae liqvidum. fkitchi, 

Rnkiioki. l'£<X^,n^; "• Gambling. See Ba- 
BakiieJci wo koto to svrv, W?^^ $ i- 7. J^, to 
make gambling one's daily business. 

Syn. Kakegoto, ShSuugoto, Tobakc. 

Rnknon. [f <A.^, i«3i, adu. and a. [C//(tt.l Afar; 
in a distant time or place; obscure; oblivious. 

Bnkiien, U< S^, ja if, ",. and adv. Afar; distant; 

Rnkiifii, tJ<i,a[;ffi, n. [Cliln.] A waterfall; a 
cataract; a fall; a cascade; a catadupe. 
Syr, Taki. 

Rnkiirii, i£< ^,^^,n. Originally, the l^.eadquar- 
ters of the shOgun, hence the shOgun; the sho- 
gun's government. 

Bakiiffa, tf <ti*, ^^, n. The germ of wheat or 
barley, barley malt, 

Rakiiseki. If < w,^,SJtg. «. Attack in discus- 
sion ; critirism ; conlutation ; disproving ; reiuta- 

tion; oppugnancy. eiini, v.t. To attack in 

discussion; to criticise severely; to conlute; to 
argue against; to controvert; to oppose by 

RnkiiKekl, If <^t'&, ^ -^SI, u. [CJiln.] Most 

Rakiifiyaku, if < &*j^ < , ) inti i ate; very familiar. 
Bakugyakv no tnmo, P,',it^^, an intimats 
friend; Bakiigynkn nn majhvari iyoshlmi) ^!fi>' 
^i^), inhimate friendship (iriendly kindness). 

Rakiigekl-skji, If <t;f.^ L^^, j.^^^, „. a gam- 
bler, rdice or cards. 

Rakusi, tf<?r',fflaS. n. Gnmhling; playing with 

RakiiKf. lf<9:'.K!^, If. To ;ugue on; to confute; 
to discuss upon; to criticise, to oppugn. 

Bakiigyo, (f ( ^1, ^ ^, „. [Jchth.] A very small 
river fish with prt^jecting eyes. 

Uakuhan* [f < a^, SffiS, n. A food prepared by 
boiling a mixture of rice and barley, customari- 
ly in the proportion of^six parts of the former 
to four of tlie latter. 
Syn. MuGiMESiii. 

Bakiiliei, tf <'-V^, ®:It-, n. [Chi>i.] A mounted 
soldier; a liorseman or cavalinr 
Syn. KiBAMrsHA, Kihei. 

Bakiililn, tfCy■^, ffiW. ■"■■ A learned man pri- 
vately employed by a great statesman in power 
as a councillor in important secrets. 

Rakitkj 6, [f < VJt"5, S K8, n. A tent-pin. 




CS? PI ?■] 

Bakiiji, If < e, B6 Ke a. "• C-BoM Melothria Regelli. 

Bnkiikaii. tf <*'^, , S *?, ". [CWn.] Wheat 
Bakkaii, iiSyij*A>, I straw. 

Syn. MUGiWARA . 
Bakiiko, kJ < t, ) a ^, a. and a<iv. [Cfhin.] Afar; 
Bakko, tf-:/t.. Jin a romete part; far off; in a 
distant time or place. fbelow. 

Bakunioii, (i < •& A, S^ P% <! -SC, n. [Bot.] Sam© as 
BakiiinondO. tf ^6^>S■5, S^ p^^, n. fBot.l £<K- 
ppe graminifolla. 

Syn. Masuke, 

Ryfl NO HIGB. 

Kakliretsu-flnn, ^ 

n. A bomb; a 
bombshell; a hol- 
low iron ball filled 
with explosives. 
Bnkiiretsii sum, tf 

r.t. To explode; 

to burst with violence; to break the covering 

violently; to disrupt. 
Bakiiretsu-yaku, (f < *f5-^< , HtSI®, «■ An 

explosive; explosive compounds or mixtures. 
Bnkiii-i, \-£< 11), ^S£, n. The sliosun's vassals; 

the officials of the feudal government. 
};akiird, \i^< 6 5,tfl^. «• A horse merchant; one 

who deals in horses; a horse-jockey. 
Bakiiro sum, lj< iS-^2, MSIS. ^'•^- To expose. 

Yani bakuro suru, 5f =, HSS ^7. J^, to expose 

anything to the influences of nature in a field. 
Bakiii-yd-sainbSbu, tf < H5 5 ^ta: 9 i', Sffi*9E 

gR, ,L. The Stuff Department. 
Bakiisatsii suru, a;<3-7-^3, *f 3fe, v.t. [Chin.] 

To tie; to fasten with a band; to wrap; to bind; 

to knit; to make fast. 


Bakusklu, i£<ZA.,^W, n. [Bot.] Rhizopogon 

Bakiislio, li<.-*?,^!&", n. [Chin.] Wheat flour. 

Syn. MUGINOKO, Udonko. 
Bakiisliu, ki!<^l^. i^tS- '»■ Beer; ale. 
IStikuso, (J <?5,^^, «• [fioC] Cliives. 
Baku euru» UK-jf-J.K, r.t. To controvert; to 

argue against; to oppose by reasoning; to con- 
fute; a refute; to oppugn. 
Baku sum, ]d<irZ,'^, v.t. To bind with a rope 

or band; to fasten; to tie; to make fast. 
Shvjln wo baku suru, EI A f- SS 7. ;^, to tie up 

a prisoner with a rope. 

Syn. KARAMtr, Kukuru, Siiibarl'. 
Bakntal, J^ <fzV',M:^> "■■ Too many to count; 

numberless; enormous; tremendous; extremely 

great, large, or numerous. 

Syn. GtSsan, Ki^dai, Takusan. 
Bakutol. Hr < -rv^, a JS, n. O Court before a fent; 
an open place before a pavillion. @Sli5gun'» 
government; the feudal government. 
Bnkuto, (f <^, USE, n. Same as BafcMC/ii-wc/ii. 
Bnkuto. li < if , S5 =1-, ?i. A dish ot'muglmeshi and 
Syn. MuGiTORO. Itororo, which see. 

BakutS, ii<ft5,^M,n. Hot barley-tea; the hot 
water in which scorched barley has been boiled 
Syn. MUGITU. Lout or infused. 

B»kn-u, [f < 5,^fS, n. [Chin.] A kind of mist; 
Syn. KiBiAME, KOSAMK. Lvery fine rain. 
Bakii-ii, ]/£i ^, ^'^, n. June-rains; the rains 
falling in tlie rainy efeason. 
Syn. Samidare. 
Bakuyji, If <.>t., ^ Jl?, n. [Chin.] Originally the 
name of a good sword-maker of China; lience, 
a good sword. 

Kansho BaTcuya, TJIS^^^P, (the names of two- 
cutlers), a good sword such as made by Kansho 
or Bakvya. 
Bakuzon, tf < ^^, a ^. a. and acJr. [Chin.] Afar; 
far off; at a remote part; distant in time or 
Bakucon, tf<'y?A, gj^, a. and adc. [C/i(«.] Obs- 
curely; not clearly seen, darkly; vaguely; 
Syn. Batto, Magirawasuiku. Ldimly. 

ICiikuzon, ^:<^^, ^^, ailv. [C/tfn.] Furiously; 
with rapid, violent; steps rusliing with force; 
vehemently; violently; Impetuously. 
Syn. Masshikdra. 
BainX»an, (J^;t^,K V. adv. O Surely; certain- 
ly. @ Thousands of time?; very many. 

Baniban medetafcw, ffi V @ Hi IS. to be con- 
gratulated (ten thousand times); Bamban ukeai, 
S ''r 5& -n". positively warranted to be ; no danger 
at all; Bamban sJiocJii, ffi V i^ tp, very well un- 
derstood ; I consent to it by all manner of means- 
Bambnu, tf ^tf ^, i^'S?. '(■ O A menstruating 
woman. @ A menstruating woman used not to 
be admitted in to a solemn or ceremonial com- 
pany; hence, an unclean woman. 

Syn. Ki-gare-onna, meguriaru-okna. 
B:tiiibaii, U ^ /t A, fg V, nclv. Alternately; in 

Baiubotsu, i£A'^<',W^'S£, n. |i*;((. J Vomit-nut. 
Bambl, l/SKv,^ B. «■ [coll.] Tlie day on which 
one should guard or watch; the day on which 
one must be at one's oftice. 


Bumbo, yrMS:, B^K. ■". [Chtn.] Niglitfall; late 
evening; evening dusk; evening twilight; sun- 
setting hours. 

Syn. Bangata, IIigube, yugata, Vugl're. 

Biniibd, ^J^^f5,S^. "^- [Chtn.] Great desire; 
earnest wish. 




A >N K !fS ^5, man 
[Cfiin.] Foreign bar- 



ennitMi-litito. ki'^J'i-•fe5, K^ftfff, n. same as 

Baiiiinit, fcr^a, i^ !B, «. [Chin.] A. grinding stone. 
Syn. H[Ki-usu. rsopeana. 

Bani-inat»urf, k^r^ar?^g, ?i. [Bot.] Brunfelsia 
Baniiiieshl, tfA16L. B^gS, "• Supper. 
Pyn. Bansan, Yashoku, Yugk. 
Baniiiiiu, tf^;?^.^, jft f^, vt. All the people; all 

men; all nations. 
Baiiiniokiibetsu, if A 4 ^ '^•7, # :^ SJ. ?*. [Med.^ 
Syn. Maciiin. rWnx-vomica. 

Bam-niotsii, tf ^4•^. , ,^ ^, «• All things; every 
Baiii-lMirNii, ti^>-7, j thing; all nature; all be- 

ffito tva bambutsii no rei, 
IS the -\'\.v\'i 01' all things. 
B;uii|»al*ii, ^f^a•< . afg. 
barians; savage=. 

Syn. Ebisl', Tteki. 
Banipalfii, tfAtf<,#)5)5, 
ship (in deri<!inn). 

Syn. IinisrBl-XK, IKOKUSKN. 

llainpuii. 'jAld'A., SflS, u-. Ofallltinds; several; 

v.irinns; every. fthiugs. 

J)ampa>t no jibutsu, ffi US -^ ^ ISl, all kinds of 

Bniiipei. ^J^'~iV,S;ft, n. A sentinel; a guard; a 

patrol; a sentry. 
Baiiip". tJAff?, S':^, JJ.andarti'. O All quarters; 

all directions; every place. @ By all means. 
Bainpo, UAti5=SIflJ. «■ All countries; all 

Et;ite.s; all nations; all nationalities; every 

country. Ting hrcpze. 

Bani[tu, yf^ai5, ifSfe ja,, ?.. Evening -wind; even- 
Uaiiipn. U;^-i-■5, ®^, «- Foreign fashion or 

custom (in contempt). 
BamiMi-riito, tf^i•J-/^5, ;K^Tv^. ». Peerless; 
Bain iMi- till to, |J^J<a'■fe5, ' matchless; unparall- 

ed ; the quality with which no one can compete. 
Bampu-fatT, no yn, M^T'-'& ^ M, matchless 

Bainpiikii, UAJT< ,,5^, n. A great joy; all con- 

iJitions of happiness; innumerable blessings. 
Bampuku wo inoru, SS SS ■?" ^f >^, to hope one 

will be blessed with all good thincs. 
Ban, tt^, KSe, "■ iOrnith.] 

Moor hen. 
«"". \3A.- ?g, 'i- O A block; 

a stand; a board; a set. 

© A cliecker-board; a 

chess-bo;irJ. g} An aba- 
cus or counting appara- 
Bau, (JA.,B(6, /(. Kvening, 

eve; night; nightrall. 
Ban gata, ^ ■^, Ban- CEB J6J 

/<<--(ii', Bj{g. about nightfall; Bam-meslU, ^ E, 

supper; Bannen, Bftip, after-life; old age; Baii- 
'I/". 0* S. the cool of the evening; SZ-ban, ^ % 
Booner or later. 

Ban, tf ^, ^, u. Late, not early. 

Ban, tf^,fi|l ''■ Ten thousands; myriad. 

Ban, tf ^, 3!;, a. and adv. Q All; numberless; very 
many. @ In the least; at all; by compulsion. 

Ban, tfA. #. ''1- O A guard; a watchman; a sen- 
try. @ Watch; tending; protection; keeping 
safe; guard. © A turn. Q [col?.] Fate; fortune. 
@ Number; times. 

Ban ga kvru-u, S V S "7, to become un- 
lucky; to meet with bad fortune ; Ban ni ataru, 
^ ~ T fi it', to be on duty; to come to one's 
turn; Ban wo suru, ^ ^ 7. n-, to tend; to watch; 
Ichiban, —^, number one; first; best; Kavmri- 
banni, ^^=, in turn; alternately; Jfomban, 
fi #. '1 gate-keeper; a porter, Komlo iva kimi no 
ban da, -^ g -••« g -^ # ^, now it is your turn. 

Ban, y;^, ^, n. A name given to foreigners in 
contempt, a barbarian; a savage. 

Bangahu, Sf ^, the study of foreign mattera 
or bocks; Ban-go, S^, a foreign language; 
Banjin, # A, a barbarian; a foreigner; Ban- 
seki, # ft', a foreign book. Ta seal. 

Ban, ^f^, ^j, '/*.. OSize; dlmensloa ©Astamp; 
ban no kami, :^ ^J^SE» ^ large sheet of paper. 

Bannnn, j^-?--j-, ^^, n. [Bot,] Banana. 

Baiichn, [J ^•^■^, # ^, n. An inferior kind of tea. 

Bancha wn nirit, ® 21^ ■?■llv[J^, to make a coarse 

tea, literally or depreciatingly of one's own tea. 

Banclio, ^J^■^■S'5,ffi:^, "• A chief guard; the 
head of watchers. 

Baudni. If A^-\r, ©ft, n. A turn; a substitute; 
an alternative. 

Syn. Ba.ngawari, Kawariban. 

Banriai, If ^7£ v^.gE ^t, Ti-. Eternity; being for 
ever; a myriad ages; all generations. 


Bandal, |fA7C'\r,SS, n. The watch-stnnd In a 
public bath; a high stand where a person sits to 
manage the business of a bath-house, 

Bandai-fiiolii. (f ^?GV^i:^&, SEI^JTvS, id. Re- 

Bauflai-fiihen, lf^7&Vi---^, ffilt^SI. ' maiu- 
ing unchanged for ever; everlasting; eternal; 
unlimited in time ; existing through all genera- 

Bandnl-xiira, tf A;^\ap* &, S iS M. -«■• L^'«^.]Afat 
face; a round face; a plain countenance. 

Bandato. (f^7t:-r,#i, 71. Putting in order; 
numerical order. 

Bando-oke, tf ^^!$rW■, S^Wi, n. Ordinary pails. 

Ban-do, tfA^5)iSSi. n. An ancient appellation 
of the proi'inceK east of the Osaka guard. 
Banto-u'n, jg t(j — . the foremost in the east- 
Svn. KwANTo. |_ern proTinces. 


Itiiiido-iirlil, ^J^>*5 5t,ifi^}7, n. A kind of 

tape, made In BnndO 
Ban-o, tfA£., fi(.^, n. A pictured coat formerly 

worn by musicians. 
Baiii', i£ry, ^^, n. O A steel rest; a spring. S 

Tlie Rpi-ings of all kimla of kuruma. 
Baiignclil, iiA,f%,^m, n, [Bot.] Smilax china. 
iiaueajiitsu, tf ^ i)<4' Ift -9, n. [Bot.] Kaempferla 


Bniigakii, tf ^ i)< < , l!8 flg, 71. Commencing to 
(Study anytliing in old age; beginning to learn 
late in one' a life. 

Baiigiisa, tf^ft*5,ffi^. rt. A coarse kind of um- 
brellas used by apprentices, servants, and the 
poor people. 

n»ng]Vi»lilrn, li Afi'Jfe 6 , # ^, n. O The name of 
a military olficer in service of feudal nobles in 
ancient Japan. @ A chief watcher; the captain 
of guards. 

Cniigawui-I, ti^ftfB^(),® ^^, ji. Q A turn. ©An 

agent; a deputy; a substitute. fthe other. 

Eangawari ni, # fl; y =, in turn, one after 

Caiigl, tf ^■&*, W.^, n. The wooden block, used to 
iDform hours, or to give alarm, by striking it 
with a wooden hammer. 
Syn. HY5SH1GI, TakU.' 

Bnngo, ^J^i*5, #ilS. «• The number; the ordinal 
number to mark anything. 

Bango vjo tsukeru, # SK ^#'^, Bango wo utsu, 
SSK^fT-^*. to affix the number; to give the 

Baiigoyn, ^J^S■^, #/hg, rt, A small house for 
a guard; a watch-box. 

Bniigwai, tf^<'*7V*, ^i")., /*. and a. QThe extra 
member of the Prefecture-convention to explain 
or support tlie bill proposed by the local govern- 
ment; an explainer in i,he local assembly of 
delegates. @ An extra member; an appendix. 
© Extra; extra-ordinary; out of the number. 

Bnugivniit If ^ <- *? ^, jSJ ffi, n. Ten thousand 
volumes; innumerable books. 

Bangwan wo yomiydburv, ^^=^ 3lffii»-. to go 
through millions of books; Mune nl bangwan 
wo takiiou, JSSB = ffi iiS ^ HI? 7, to be profoundly 
learned; to be at home with all kinds of books. 

Banhnn. li^[J^, v ^ ffi. «- Supper; the even- 

Bainpan, tf ^^4'^, jingmeal. 


Ban-J, ^r^V,S^, n. O Barbarians; foreign 
barbarians; savages; uncivilized people. @ 
Foreigners ; Western nations. 

Ban-lnii, ii^V*^tl,#^, n. A watch-dog; the dog 
which tends catties; a gate-keeping dog. 

Bnn-itBii. tt^V■7, .%^, n, O f^^^ out of a 

IHan-icIiJ, ^S^Vv^, J myriad; an exception. @A 
mischance ; a good luck. Q) adv. and a>nj- By 



mfRchance, unexpectedly; by a very small (nar- 
row) opportunity. 

Ban-itsu wo gyTkd svrv, S — ^ (if? 7. »-, to 
expect what seems impossible; Man-ichi sonna 
koto ga aru naraba, % — V z^ -^H^if 7 n^ -J-^yt, 
II such a thing happen ; Ban-itsu wo koinegau, 
ffi — ^ ^ 7, to long lor a result very ditficult 
to obtain. 
Baujakii, H'^:fe,'^<, ffij^, -a. A large stone; a 
bowlder; a rock; the heavy weight of a trap. 

Ugokazaru koto banjaku no gotositi , t)iij-^n'~\ 
ffiH -^ iSiS/, immovable as a rock. 
Syn. Chibiki mo twao. 
Baiijakii-uoi-n tf A.&^<®W), S^HISIJ, n. A kind 
of paste. re very a ffa i r. 

Banjf, tf^C, ffilB, 11: Every thing; all things, 
BaTiji wo makasv, K3J ^ ffi::^. to entrust 
every thing. 
BaiiJIn, lif ^:£•^, Si K, n. Barbarians; savages; 
uncivilized people. 

Syn, Edisu, yaiianjin. 
Banjln, tf ^ ;£• ^, JSg^, ffiW, n. Ten thousand 
fathoms; lofty height; profound depth. 
Banjinnotanl, S'Kl-^^i a deep vale. 
Baiijh*5, fc^^?,■ & 5, #e®, n. [Bot.) Psidlum 

Baujil, tf ^i•-^5J BSSJt, n. Various forms; dif- 
ferent manners; many shapes; a multiform. 

Sentat banjn, =f BSSE5K, millions of different 
forms; or a multiform of anything. . 
Baii.|6, If ^ :£• -^ 5 , E ^, Ji. [f»(.] Ten thousand 
chariots; [JW-} the Emperor. 

Banjo no Jcurai, K ^ > &. the throne; a royal 
seat (position); Itten banjo Jiokimi, — ^ffi^^ 
g-, an emperor; a king. 
Bnnjukii, tf ^:£•W> <, W6JS, n. Ripening late in 
season; a late fruit. 

Syn. Okute, Osonari. 
Baiika, [f^*^ #i^, /t. [Bof.] Mint. 
Banka, [f ^*>, ^ {}i:, n. An elegy; afuneral song; 
the hymn which expresses condolence ; a dirge ; 
a mourning song; a monody. 
Bauka. ^:^*>, B^S, n. The latter part of sum- 
mer; last month of summer; the sixth month 
<o. s.). rsixth month. 

Banka no ko, BJ6 S ^ fe the weather of the 
Banha, (f Ai>, )!£ g?, n. Ten thousand houses; 

all the houses. 

Banka, |^^*», B$S, n. Evening haze; mist or 

fog hung in the evening. r^icus, 

BankaJ, U^*>V^, ^^1^, «. [Bot.} Feiasitfs japo- 

BankaJI, ^f^*|■^, #®<S, n. Blacksmith whose 

business is to make coarse iron tools. 
Bankake, (i^4>H•, Kllifi, n. A table-clotb, » 
table covering. 

Syn. Daikakb, teibtjru-kakb. 




Bankakii, tf^*><, ffi 5P, «• Ten thousand 
guests; innumerable visitors; numerous cus- 
tomers, fnica. 
BaiiKpi, ^J^Wv^. #:^, vi. [Bot.] RanJiloleptsjapo- 
BniiKoj, tf^wv^, ^^, ,t. Evening; eve; night- 
fall; evening twilight. 
BaiiKoi, a^W1o, ffiig, -n. [Chin.]Ten thousand 
acies; a vast space. 

Banket no kaimen, S tg -^ iSE, the vast sur- 
face of the ocean. 
Bnnki, [j'^&, gj j§, n. A great joy; all blessings; 

innumerable pleasures. 
BaiiKl, ^J^&, SJ®. n. Allstate affairs; all gov- 
ernment matters. 

Banki kiron ni kessu heshi, ffi ffil S^ 3fe =■ St ^ 
'^ J', all state measures should be decided ac- 
cording to public opinion. 
Bankln, If ^ ^ ^, ^i^, u.. and adv. Lately; re- 
cently; now-a-days. Tgold coins. 
Bankin, tJ^&^. ^J ^, n. The name of some old 
Bauko, a^t, ffii&, 7t. and a(ii'. QEternity; 
perpetuity. ©Always; perpetually; forever; 
everlastingly; eternally, 
Syn. EiKYU, FUEKi. 
BaDkn, fef ^*. 5, gj %. «■ Thinking over many 
times; a deep thought; deliberation; profound 

contemplation. siiru, v.t. To think over 


Senshi-'batikTi sure domo, =F-S.® % 7. u );■ ^, 
no matter how much I thought; although I 
thought of It a thousand times over. 
Baiikokii, tfA^<, ^ a, m Many countries; all 
countries; all nations. 

Bankoku itchi, j^S— ®:, the concurrence of 
all the nations of tlie world. 
BanUokii, fc)f^^.<, flJE S'J, n. Evening; evening 
twilight; sun-set. 

Syn. Bankei, HiGrBF,, Yugure. 
Baiikokii, ^i'^^L<, #g, 71. A barbarous coun- 
try; foreign nation. 

Syn. Ebisuguni, Tkoku. 

Baiikoku-kolto. ^^^t.<^L5H^, ffi ^ S ii, n. 

[Lnw.] InternatLonal law. fC^-ncus. 

Bnii-kdli^v;i, l*/.t5<*7, flfEtt, n. L'<L]Fall 

BaiiKii-yakl, e^£.J^^, SS fi feS. "- A light kind 

of pmcobiin fdj- whic}i Ise is fumed 
Bniiku, }SL<5,M^,n. [C/t/n.] Evenin-; night- 
Syn. YusoRA. Lfall. 

Baiikwa, ^J^< in, P^tE. 't- [CMn.j Flowens open- 
ing late in season. 
Bnnktval awni, tf ^ < *7 \r ^ 2. iS 0, u.f. 
To bring or take back something favourable; 
to replace; to repair; to recover. 

Syn. Hjkikarsu, Kwaifuku suRa. 
Bankyo. kfA&-^5, ffi®, "■ Same as Banfcei (gjiaj. 

Ban-nniikwa, ^r^t^^ < *3, SSE. n. [Bot.\ 

Pumpkin. Tone's life, 

Baiiiioii, li ^*a ^, ^^', n. The latter part or 

Syn. RoNEN, TOSHItori. 
Bauiiln, (f^lf^;^, #A, w- A guardian; keeper. 
Bani-at, [f^6\/^, Bi6 3K, n. and adv. [Chin.]Q 
Evening; even-tide. @ Towards evening; in 
the evening. fapple. 

Banreiehl, (f ^H\/^ L, ffi ^ S, "• [-Bot.] Custard 
Bannil, tf ^ 2 ib.ffii®, n. Countless varietiei*, 

multifarious sorts, 
Banrul, tt'^^Z,, ^®, n. Same as below. 
Banryo, ^f^I!)i., ^-ig, n. [C/tin.] A companion; 
friend ; mate, 

Syn. Nakama, Tomo. Tomodachi, Tsure. 
Baui'yo, kf^y)■^5■^ffi, n. [Cfiin.'] The rounded- 
collar of various kinds of garments. 

Syn. KuniKAMi, Makueri, Tsutsueri. 
Banvyo. liA 10-^5, ^'^. n. The evening cool; 
enjoying the pleasure oJ walking about in the- 
cool evening air. 

Syn. SuzUMi, YusL'ZLMi. Heaping, 

BuMsa, (f^^,^|S, a. and arfi'. [C/if7i,] Dancing; 
Baiisa. tf ^ ^,JI5 SI, u. and adv. Very different^ 
multiform; various; differently; multifariously. 
BaiiMae:ai-l, a'^^I!), n. Going off duty. 
Bausal, ^i^^V^,i5^, n. The provinces west of 
Syn. KWANSEI. Lthe Osaka guard. 

Biinsnii, [f ^■^^, H^^, n. Evening meal; supper. 
Baiisol, Uf A^V^ , ,«S ili:, n. All generations; all dy- 
nasties; perpetuity; eternity, 
Bansel, tf ^■^v^, BigiW, n. [Cftfn.] Clearness of the 

sky in the evening. 
Kausoi, tfA-ltV^.KjS. n. [Chin.] The people in 

general; all the people, 

Baiisekl, ^f^-a•&,^H, n. [3Ied. and Mn.] Alum. 

Syn. Myuban. rneji. 

Bausetsii, ^J^*•:7, ^ I'll, n. [Chin,] S&me aa Bai> 

Bausdlil, ^J^ I, ^ ^, n. [Chin.] Same as Banka (iS 

Banslil, ^f^L.lK?E. ■"■■ The greatest danger to 
one's lile; the jaws of death; at death's door. 

li'ihshi wo inamtgaru, 5S ^ ■?■ ^ //* fl', had been 
at death's door. 
lEaitNltl, (i^L, .ffifti. n. Guards, watchman 
Baiiisliii, ^f^:£,l^, 1 onduty. 
Bauslil, ^i^L.#±■ " A sentinel on duty, 
BaiisliJ, kTAL, fflt$, n. [Bot.] Lycojjersicum es- 

Buiislilki, tJAX^.^i^, n. [Mus.] One of the 
twelve note*. See Juni-ritsu. [{ s ^. 

Baiisliln, UfAS.A, #¥^, n. [jBot.] Same us Bamho 
Biiiisliii-o, li' /oZ^ 5.#S^, rt- [Bot.] Psiaiun 
Guayava. fwatch-house. 

Bnnsho, tr ^ :£ 1, ffiBf, n. A guard-hous«; » 




Bansho de oshirdbe nt au, ffi J5r 5* 811 HH = -fi- "7, 
to be questioned at the guard-house, 
Onnelio* tf ^S. i. SE ^. "• All affairs or matters ; 
every circumstance; all events. 

Syn. Tonozu no koto. {'Cayenne. 

Bnnsho, a^;fe•^5,1fftS, «■ [Bot.] Red pepper, 

Syn. KoSHo, TSgarashi. 

Unnslio, tf ^:E.■^5,#|E■ i*. Q A carpenter. © 

In ancient times, the carpenters from Hida, 

Yamato, and other provinces, who paid their 

respects and rendered services at the Kyoto 

Syn. Daiku, Takdmi. LPftla-ce- 

ISiuiahd. ^f^Xi5,B)Sffl. /*- The evening bell. 


Ilaiisliokii, (i^^i,<,Bf6^, ft. Same as Bam- 

meshl. Pothers. 

Uanshoku, }£ A. :£, i. < , ^ ■§£, n. Eating with 


Banslio-KueliJ. Hf ^ ^ -^ $ p' ^, # E ^, ». A 
Syn. SAizi'Cni, Lwooden mallet. 

Bniisliu, tf^:£.0), 0Je?B, rt. O Sowing late. @ 
Late varieties. © Sowing later than proper. 
Syn. Okute, Osomaki. 
Itaushn, lf^£5,fiS?A, n. Q Tlie last month of 
autumn; the 9th month {o.s.). @ The latter 
pai't of autumn. 

Syn. Aki no owari. 
Bnnsliunj ^f^:£Wl^, ISsfi;-, n. Q The latter part 
of the spring. @ Tho 3rd month (o.s.). 
Syn. Harit no owari. 
Ilanso. iJAt5,^li^, n- An interior priest. 
Bansoko. |!f^^5^.$, ll^ll] S, n. [Med.] An ad- 
hesive plaster. 
Bansotsii, tf^^■?, #i5s, n. Same as ^ampei. 
Bansul. fcf ^-^6, D^gJ^, w. Preparing boiled rice or 

•meshi in the evening, 
Baiital, (^^teV, us gg, n. All manners, conditions, 
or forms. ffarious. 

Senj3 bantai, =f3^?E§§. very various; multi- 
Syn. IROIRO NO arisama. 
Bautan, fef ^te^, ^ U. n. Every case or particu- 
lar; everything; anything; all. 

Bcmtanomakasemosv, SffifflIffi-1:*^. every- 
thing is left to your judgement. 


Bantaro, [f A fe & 5,S:*:flB, «- [coll.] Q The 

lowest street-watchman who was generally an 

eta or pariah. @ A pariah. 
Bante, ^f^^:, #1^, n. Guardsmen or watchmen. 
Bantehl, lf^'C&,SS^, n. Same as Ban-jin. 
Banto, tfAlf?,^^, '«. O The latter part of 

winter. @ The last month of winter; the 12th 

Syn. F0YTT NO OWARI. Lnionth(o.s.). 

Banto, |£^if $. #@, n. The head clerk of a com- 

inercial establiBhment ; an agent ; a factor. 

BautS, Ii^fe5, #ir. n. Companions; foUowers- 
Syn. Nakama. rianga. 

Ban-uliOii, ^J^5^.^, 71. [Bot.'] icaemvferia g<^ 

Ban-iiD, tiX5A, fUfejUr, n. Not being bo lucky or 
fortunate as others. 

Bauya» fcJf^•^, #g, n. A street watchliouao. 

Uanyu» ^i^V>5, S£ '-^i n. Nature; the universe; 
all things in existence. 

Syn. Arayuru mono, Baubutsit. 

Banyn-shlnhyo. \^L\r- 5 ;& ^ W-^.R^i^'Si, n. 
Pantheism or the doctrine that ide-utifles the 
universe with God. 

Baiixal, (iA3:V,|E;ffi, "• CI Ten thousand years. 
Q A cry of salutation meaning, 'Long live I' or 
' Live forever.' 

Banzai wo tono, M^^ ^^y, to cry "Long 
live! " or "Live forever," to salute (in general); 
HelJca banzai, MTMsSi, long live His Majesty 
the Emperor I Telkoku banzai, ?p S j^"^, a cry 
expressing the wish that the Empire may exist 

Ban>aJ-no-Iiata, ^f^3V©tt'fe, Wt&M n. Tlie 
flags set up on the anniversary of coronation 
of tlie Emperor. 

Bansci, li^^V^, ffi ??, 7*. Same as Bansotsu. 

BanzcD, ^f^■^^, K ^, n. Perl'ectness ; perlect 

Banzuke, Bf^:3*^t, S#, n. A list; a programme; 
a hand-bill. 

Sumo no hanznke, <0 i^ > # #, a list of wre.^.t- 
lers in the order of their strength; Yakuslia no 
banzuke, fS^ -^##. a play-bill; a list of the 
names of -actors or actresses in the order of their 
skill or reputation. 

Bappal, ^f■vff\/^, §i] 25. ■"" ['*'•] A punishment cup; 
a cup agreed upon, at the commencement of a 
game, to be drunk by the losing party. 

Bappo, i£'-j^5, ^^, w. The withdrawing of a 
salary or a part of it, by way of punishing 
blunders or misdemeanour. 

Bara, li^, W^. n. [fiof.] A rose bush. 

Bara, tJ &, ^Stg, n. [coiL^; Small cash or coins. 
Syn. Bara-skn, Bitasen, Kosen. 

Bara* [J 6, Iff, «. A plural suffix, as in fcodoww- 
bara, children, and onna-bara, women. 
Syn. DOMO, Sa, Tacdl 

Bara-bara, (^ 6 K 6, M'e. ^.^v. O Producing 
that peculiar sound heard when anything falls 
patteringly or is scattered or dispersed. @ In 
pieces; in bits. ©Iri a scattered or di.=ip6rsed 
manner or way. O Slightly. 

Arare ga bara-bara to fiiru, S?/* ^ 'r I- f^ B', 
the hail patters down; Hiio ga bara-bara saru. 
Aft* yi 7 3S ^ S n-, the people disperse in dif- 
ferent directions; Ifuku wo bara-bara yaburu, 
'pi'^'f- :^9 J^^^Ji', to tear a garment Into 



pieces; Mame wo T}ara-t)ara maJcu, "^9- /^ ^ :^f 

^, to scatter a shower of peas. 
Syn. Chiri-jibi, Kirb-gire. 
Bnrafii, If 6 ^, gJEi. »• A tortoise-shell with 

black spots. 
Baragakl, tf ^f)<5, n. [coft.j The act ot ecratch- 

ing very much. 
Bai-a-Ichlgo. tf &V>'^a, "■ IBot.] Bubus rostfoUus. 
BarafKU, ^i&V^^, ■fft 4=^ tE, n. [^oi.] Berberry. 
Baraniaki, [i^3?. n. [coli.] Broadcast Bowing. 
BarainoD, >^ 7 * v, Si^PI, w- [£ccf.JA Brah- 
man, fplant. 
BaramoiiJIii, li t 4 ^ t^, n. [Sot.] Salsify oyster 
Baranioiikyo, y; 7 -"e >- W-i-. ^ pg fe, ?(. :£«; J 

Baramouso, B; & 4 ^^ 5, SPfiSStE, ^t- [-BoE.] 

Tliorn apple. 

Baran, ^J&^, |g H, n. 

Baran, tf ^A, (tS^jt^JS 
S, n. [lioL\ Aspt- 
distra lurUla. 

Bararl to, [f & U)lf , EI 
^Sg, aih\ coll.] 
Same as Sar'abara. 

Bararl to narabe- 
rii, >^ 7 V h 36'< /t-, 
to arrange persons 
or things m thin 
rows or ranks. 

Barasen, tf l^-ar^, ^ 

\_Bot.\ Aster trinervliis. 


St Wi, n. [colt.] Same as Bara (small coin). 
Barasu, (J & -^, v.t. [colL'QTo ©To 

make a plot abortive. ©To tear or break to 

pieces, yTo ventCas anger or hatied). 
Het wo barasu, ^J-y^yT^, to disperse an 

army; to put an array to flight. 
Barnsu, U&-^i iJ-i. [coU.^To curse; to utter an 

imiirecation. for bits. 

UaraKakI, tf '^S'5, ■«. Leo??., Tearing into piece-; 
Baroi> tfnv^, ^^, ,t. tf7/tt«.l A groom. 

Syn. Betto, Mago, Umakvta. 
Barcru, fcfHS, v.t. anil v.i. [coll.] QThe passive 

form qZ Barasu. ©Tofail; to prove nofhlng. 
Ore no honeorl vw bareru yocla, [vul.] is i^ ^ 

^^^e >^^ n->^it, it seema that my efforts will 

prove fruitless. 
Barekljln, ^d'JI^^Z■^, U tSl$, n. [MUh.] The god 

of horses and grooms. 
Baren, tf KA, ^ ^, it. A large fringed banner 

used by fiiemon. 
Baren. (JUA, Wi^, ■'<■• A printer's tool, used for 

rubbing on paper applied upon inked blocks, to 

secure a good impression. 
Baren, ^fH^, iEg 0, «■ [Bot.] Iris ensata. 
Barenkwa, tfj^^^<t^, K 53 ^, ffi i3( tE, n. [Bat.] 

Same as above. 

[Entom.] A millipede, gal- 

fol' the Iria. 
iJA©;^. ^W. w. [BoK.] The fruit 
[Bot.] Polygonum lapathi 

Baren-Bhlba, tf H ^ J. tf, n. [Bot.] Arundinella 

anomala. rBaren Cg ^). 

Barenso, tf HA2 $, .^ 5^ i^, n. [Bot.] Same as 
BarJ. liifl.K, 7^. The urine. 
Syn. IBARI, Shoben. 
Ban, [f V) , gj a . rt [CAin.] Slander; reviling; 

abuse; rude reproach; calumny. sum, v.t. 

To abuse; to slander; to reproach , to revile. 
Syn. AKKo SURU, HiBo surd, NONOSHIEU. 
Bari-l;ai*l-no-kl, tf if) tf 1(1 © &, n. [Bot.]Quer' 

cus glauca. fc'iata. 

Barlk on , >" v ^v, i¥ tS, w. [Ornitft..] Cairlna -mos- 
Barlkl, ki' V) &, iK ;!?, «• [P/jysics.] Horse-power 

Bariku, tfW)<,| 

Rarlu-no-nii. if u; 
Baryo. tfK5, ^ », 

BHsa, Hf^.JiiS. "" or odr. [C/iin.] O Moving 

lightly as in dancing. @ Out of order; con- 
Basa-basa, tf Sfcf 3, u.. and adv. [coll.] Dry; dried 

up and flexible; uttering a sound like that of a 

Baenkeru, [f 3. W" 3, v.i. [coll.] To loiter; to 

saunter; to stroll about idly; to be idle ort« 

Baaakeru, tf5W2, v.t. [coll.] To scatter; to 

derange; to disorder; to dishevel; to sufTerto 

hang loose. 
Basara, tf 3 c,, adv. Rustling in the wind; shaken 

by the wind. 
Basarafu, Us & i 5, tgtff 8E31. n. [obs.] Th» 

state or condition of being in disorder. 

Basatsuku, kf S -^ < , v.i. To feel dry; to lack 

moisture, softness, or pliability. 
BasoJkwa, (f -a:\/^ < *?, ffi K ^. n. The Remoun 

Bureau of the War Department. 
Basekl. [f ^?, 1£ ffi, n. Seat; room or space; un- 
occupied place. 

Syn. Basho, Iba, Tokoro. 
Bascn, ^f^^, S^ ^, vt. iC/itn.;, A saddle-cloth- 
Syn. KuKASHiKi, 
Bason, kr■l^^, i^fij, n. [Med.] 

Syn. Hakuhan, Sni- 


Busouko, If ^^^: 5. mfc 

%. n. [Bot.jPedlcularis. 
Bnsha, \SZ^, ffi ^, it. A 
carriage, wagon, or cart; 
any vehicle, drawn by on© 
01 more horses. 




Basha chin, H;^ fi, carriage fare or hire; Ba- 
sha gioalsJia, i^^^fjH:, a livery company; a 
drayage company; BasJia no ietto, Kl 5? ^ J^ T. 
a footman, or groom; Rokuto dachi no basha, -^ 
M^L^ ^W- a- carriage drawn by six hox-ses; a 
coach and six; a six horse cairiage. 
jtaeUaUu, tt & -^ < , |g Ig, 71. A livery stable ; 
hiring horses. 

Syn. Shakuba, Umakabhi. 
Bashn-uma^ tt^-^S^, I51I[|^, rt. Horses for 

carriages, wagons, coaches, carts, etc 
Basil], ttL, fig ffi. 7*. [^ffH.] A kind of harrow. 

Syn. Umaouwa. 
BaBbl, tf L* An expletive used merely for the 
sake of euphony, 

Bito bashi togameru na, A>^5^?f■VJ*»'■?-, 
don't find fault with others. 
Rasiiiken. ^f:&W^, ^ f^ it, ". [Bot.] Purslane. 


Basho, tfX.1. ffiM. n. Place; position; site; 
seat; situation. 

Syn. BA, Baseki, Tokoro. 

Basho. ^f^•^, SSf. n. [Bot.] Mma Basioo. 

Bashofu, (f^^i, 
EMI?, n. Man- 
dala; a cloth made 
ot abaca. 

Basliolia, B! ^ i^ a, 
ESS, n. }Bot.] 
Same as Bcmho, 

BasS, Ifs ?. iSffl, 
•n. A ■manger. 

Baso, tf^ 5, ffiS£, 
n. [Bot.] Potamo- 
geton oxyphyllzis 

Basobu, tf^Jf, ¥ 
fl, n. [Bot.'] Glos- 
socomta laneeoiata. 

Bassal suru, (f-55V^-jl"2, iUtS. I'-t- To cut down 
(trees); to chop. 

Sanrtn wo bassai sum, \\i^ ^ ^^7, fi-, to 
cut down the forest-trees. 

Bassarcru, tf-y'SJi^, ^19, v.i. [pass, or poten. 
of Bctssunu] To be punished ; to be fined. 

Saaoka ni nam to bassarexit, }% l^f: ^ -?- ;t j- gg 
•^ f /t-, one is fined if he strips himself. 

Bassarl to. If v 3. V) ^f , adv. coIE.] A word ex- 
pressing the manner in which anything talis 
softly, or the sound produced in that case. 

Ami wo bassari to kabvseru, M ^ y; -y -y- V !■ IS 
^ B-, to put a net over softly. 

BasHateii. tf-ye"^, ^tL '"• A sentence or accu- 
sation in which the crimes of a pdVson to be ex- 
ecuted are mentioned. 
Syn. ZAua-CAEi. 



Baasekl, «->*&, 5fc fSI. n. The lowest seat 01 

BasseM nl tsuranaru, 5|t ffi = SI B-, to take the 
lowest seat (humbly); to be present. 
BasHlia 8uru, [f-y;£,-^-^3, H^, v.t. To puUup; 

to take out; to thin. 
BasBliI, [f y L, 5j5 ^, n. The youngest child. 

Syn. Otogo, Suego. 
Baesho sum, ff-y-tt-A-^3, ^^, w.t. [Chin.] To 
travel about ; to go about or over. 

Sansen wo bassho suru, \U ]\\f- ^^7^ n^, to g» 
over rivers and mountains, (. e. to travel about; 
to travel a great deal both by land and water. 
Syn. Aruktmawaru, hemegubu. 
Basshii, lf'y:£i9), 13 i§, n. S&me a.3 Bappal. 
Bassluitsii sum, (f -,;£ (ft -c? -^ 2, g tB, v.i, and U 

To excel; to take or draw out; to pull up. 

Bassoku, i£v^ < , K W), «• Penal regulation. 

Basson, ^i-y^Aj, S BR. «■ A descendant; posterl- 

Syn. BatstttS, Sbison. Lty. 

Bassu], (J-j-^Vi^, ^1^, ■«. An extract made from 

a book or any other writing; a selection; an 

abstract. siivu, v,t. To take out or select 

a part from, as a passage Crom a book; to 

Syn. NuKi atsumeru. 
Bassuru, kf^il'S, ^,v.t. To punish; tochastice; 
to chasten. 

Syn. Kbiratsu sdru, tsumi suru. 
Basue, ]/£-}■&, ^^, n. The less crowded or pros 

perouB part of a city or town. 
Basuf, tf-^-V^, ig iSg, n. [EntOTn-l A species of 

beetle of the genus, Carabus. 
Basulbolcu, H;-5l-al2:<, i^K?|c, -«. \Bot.] Andro- 
meda japonica. 
Bata, tfte, n. [Eng.'\ Butter. 
Batabata, (ftetfte, adv. [coll.] O An adverb 
used to express the sound of flapping the wings, 
or any other similar sound. @ In rapid suc- 

Batabata hito ga fcafcerw, :^ ^ ^ ii A.^ Stf^, 
people are running clafcteringly; To wo batabata 
sliimem, p ^ :^ it :fZ it^ii', to shut doors with 
a clatter. 
Batcl, fcFtlr, j^ Sffii ■«. The hoof of a horse, 

Syn. HizuME. 
Batef, li t V^, i^T, ft. A groom; a servant who 
takes charge of horses; a footman, 
Syn. BettO. 
BatoJ, {ft:\p, ^^, ft. Ahorse-stable. 

Syn. Umagoya, Umaya. 
Bateii^o. b;T\i"5$, ^ SSB. '"■ Dovetail cavity 
Bato, IcTlf?, |g^, n. A stirrup. 

Syn. ABUMi. fworm. 

Batfija, kf £ 5 %- ^ $ . a ^ HR, n. {Entom.] SUIi 

BAT <t8 


Batorel, H:if5H\r, S^^M, la 9E $&. "• [Bot.]Ar- 
istolochla deHlis. 

Bntosd, (Jit 5^5, 16 
Jjm, n. [Med.] A 
kind of scrofula. 

Datsii. tfr?, ^, n. A 
writing at the end 
of a book, by a 
friend or admirer 
of the author — cor- 
relative jo (I?). 

Batsu, If ■o, fit, 7*. 

Baisu 100 ukeru, g^ 
^ 5 ^ fl-, to have something disagreeable, in- 
flicted on one; to be pumslied. 

BatBii, >iS-o, -le, «■- and n. An affix signifying 
lowest, last, etc. See Nembatsu, Sekibatsu, etc. 

BntRuboku siirii. kj;'?ia;< -^3. ^^, v-^- To cut 
down trees, 

BaUubun, tf-^i'A, ^t., n. Same as Batsu (an 
appended writing). 

Batsubyo, ^i■CI^•-^5. SS ^. "■ nioess symptom- 
atic of a second pregnancy. 

Batsubyo sui-u, ^■9-^5-i'Z, tK^S. "■*- To weigh 
anchor, to commence to sail; to eet sail. 

Gozenrokuji ni batsvbyo surv, ^Hi[:^fl? = Bi: 
^ 7. ^., to set sail at 6 o'clock in the forenoon. 

Batsu-eteii, a: -9 *. "7, fS gg, n. Good family; 
noble blood; respectable birth. 


tfatsiigel, tf r?Wi\r, ^ ©, »• The more humble 
arts or professions. 

BatBiiKiin, [f■?<'^,KP, "■ Same as Batfcun, 

Batsiiln. ldf■7\p^, ^lilL, w. Same as Btwsow. 

Batsnjo siii-ii, lJ-7&^5-?3. ^ig, «•'• To expel 
an evil spirit or ghost from a house, barn, etc. 

Batftiihhi, tf-^&A,jB3^. "■ A fine; money Im- 

Buliklu. |f■y?^, i posed by way of penalty for 
an offence; forfeit money. 
Syn. KWARYo. 

Bntsiihyokudal, li^gi<A:V^, tSft^, \.BoL] 
SiphonosteQia chinensls. 

Batauunn, ^f-7tc^, ^15, «• The youngest son; 
the younger sons. flife. 

Bntftiiro, id-^^, ^ !fS, "- The latter part of one's 

Batsiinil, ii^Zh, 3f; 5S, ft. Same as iJosson. 

Batsurya, iS-y "5 5, ^ iSK, "■ Same as Basson. 

Seiwagenjl no hatsuryu, R| :p] ^ ^ ^ 5l5 i?t'. des- 
cendants of the Seiwa Genji. 

BatsiiTO» ttr?A.5, 3^11. "■ Same as Ba5son. 

Batsiiyo, tf -7575, S ^, n. An abstract; extracts. 

Batsiixa, tf-7$*, 5^^, 71. Same as fiasseftt. 

Batsiisal, lf"93rv, |3f^. «■ Funiflhing an offend- 
er or a criminal. CBoLSSat. 

Batvusan suru, t2'7$'^i'^, {JitR^, vX Same as 

BatCa, i£ -y ft, iS S, '«-. [EttCom.i A graashop- 

Battarl to, ]^"j-ftV^, ttdv. icoll.] Suddenly; un- 
expectedly; becoming prostrate. 

Battari to yvjln ni dekkuwas/dta, ;^ y ii V I* 
SA=atll^ P ^ H, met a friend quite unexpect- 
edly; Togabattari totamxta, pify^-y9'*i hfffli-' 
^, the door fell suddenly. 

Battel, yj'ytVv.jK ^j. "■ The youngest brother. 

Battokl siiru, tf-v-r^-J-Z,^ 3E,i'.f. To choose or 
select one from among a number; to promote. 

jJeishl wo batteki sum, :^±f^Sffl^*» to 
promote a soldisr by selection. 

Batto, tfvi?, aAv. [coll.'] An adverb expressing 
the manner of anything opening or bursting 

Hasu no hana ga batto hiraita, 3 ^'^if;^v h 
BBt ii, the lotua flower has burst into bloom. 

Batto, tf-yit, ^^^, a. and adv. [coll.] DiBordeied- 
ly; deranged; dishevelled; out of order. 

Batto Biiru, idf ? ^ 5 "^ 2 , SK. u.f . To draw » 

BattoCal, if■v^5fe\/^,K7]!^, «• A doqj of sol- 
diers armed with drawn swords. 

Bail, Ki-, ¥ ^, v.t. [coll.] Same as TTbaiu 

Baya, fefj^. An affix conveying a desire or inten- 

Tukabaya to omo, ft » ;^ Y h .0. 7, I have a 
desire to go; Asu tatabaya to omoishi ga, ffl D S 
*t>\V h,gLt:s/f/, I intended to start to-nrorrow, 
but r-^)- 

Bayal, ur^\r,^^, n. Corrupt, form of Baai {iS 

Bayu, tfW),g&^, n. [Myth.] The god ofwind. 
Syn. Kaze no kami. 

Basenshl, fcr^^ t, ^ ^ ^. n. [Bot.] Vomit nut 

Baiu, [J$,||A. n. Artificial tortoise-shell things 
made from horse-hoof. 

Bami no kushi, ^ A ^^ tfi, a comb made from 
the horny substance of a horse's hoof. 

Bebe, -^ ^,tiWL, «■ [coll.] Clothes; a garment 
(used by or to children). 

Bebe wo yogoshite wa ikenai, -^ » ^ v§ £/ r >^ 
-f ■*-■?■ 'f. don't soil your clothes. 

Bebo-bana, -^'^Idti.,^^^, «• [Bot.]OommeUna 

Becha-kucha, ^V^< %-^, adv. [coll.] In a gar- 
rulous, talkative, or loquacious manner. 

Ano hito wabechakucha shaieru, t-^A'^'^^Y 
iS'^-ys^-V'*/!-. he prattles garrulously. 

Beclil-bechl-bana, -^ "^ '^ "& a ^, IS ^ ^, t*- 
[Bot.] Same as Bebe-bana. 

Bechjnd, -^^.tt-Jr,^^, u. [obs.] An out-house; a 
barn; assrvants' hall. 

Bel, '^v*, v.i. [loc] Same a,fl Beki. 

BeJ, -z\/y,^, n. {Chin.] Rioe. 
Syn. KOMB, Mai, Yonb. 




Beirnn, -«\A-l^,^^. ?*• [Cftiw.] The rice flour. 

Bellio, -^V^ttS.iJKS. "• [Cfiln.^A rice bag usual- 
Syn. KOMKDAWARA. Uy made of straw. 

Belln, '^V^^i^^, ^ ^, n. [Chin-] A thin rice gruel. 

Syn. Omotu. 
Bo|]u. ■^VJ:I.*,^S. fi- The age of eighty-eight 
Belju no iwal, ^^^M, to celebrate the 
eighty-eighth birthday of a person, 
Belka, ^V^*>, ^ ®, n. The market price of rice. 
SeiJca tr-ki, ^M^^> riae In the market price 
of rice. 
Belka, -^Vr**,*®, "• ^!'!-ol'] A small kind of 
crustaceoua animal, prawn. 
Syn. Ebizako. 
Belkiin, '<!V^4>A, ^ ^, n. [Chin.] Water whitened 
by washing rice in It. 


Belkln, ^V&^, Sl^±, n. The title of a high 

oflice in the old Rhukyii (Lew Choo) govern- 

Belko, ^v^ ^,-^Wi,n. [Chin.] Rice paste. L™ent. 

Syn. KowENORi. 
Beikokti, -«v* t < , ^K SS. «- Rice (as distinguished 
from other grains). 

BeiJcoku'wo ymhutsu suru, ^ (9 ^ ® Hi ^'^t *o 
export rice; BeikoTcu gwaislta, jfcj&^lit, a rice- 
trade company. 
Belkwa, ^vx < t),^Mf "• Confectionery made of 
parched glutinous rice sweetened with sugar. 
Syn. KOMEOKOaHi, Okoshi. 
Veiktvii, -<\j^<i7,i^^,n. ICliin.] A grain of rice. 
Syn. KOMETSCBU. ftaxes In rice. 

Bcluo, '^V-tc.i-.^SPj, n. The practice of paying 
Belrlu, -<:V^«)^, ^IS. "• IChin.] A granary. 

Syn. BeisD, Komeguba. 
Belryn, ^^Ir "5 i, ^ *5. »• A grain of rice. 
BelsetBii, '^Vn*-?, iKg. n. ICfiin.] Cracked or 
Syn. KOGOME. Lhroken rice. 

BelBlio, ^V^^-S-S, ?Kffi, «. A rice-merchant, 

Beish'o gwaisho, ^Mt^f\> the rice exchange; 
Beisho naJcagai, ^ ffi fitJ 1, a rice broker. 
Belzoku. ^\i^^-<,MM, n. [Chin.^ A general term 

for grains. 
Bekarasu, -^*> 1^^,/f.'^- v.i. [neg. potent, jrwod.} 
May not; shall or should not; must not; cannot, 
Mtdari ni ii-u bekarazu, JS = ^f hT X, must not 
enter indiscriminately. 
Bekkakko, '«y*>yt., , n. [coW.] Fulling down the 
Bekako, '«*>C., J lower eye-lid by way of 

expressing refusal or slight derision. 
Syn. Akambekkakko, akambei. 
Bebkaku, -«■?*><, «iJ*S, n. and a. An exception; 
making anything special; out of the ordinary 
rule or track; an extraordinary thing or treat- 
ment; special; out of order; extraordinary; 

fore wa bekkaku no shZshln desu, =i u >\ ^ij ^ 
'^ ^'Mv^ ^, this is a promotion out of the 
ordinary rule ; Toshiyori kodomo wa bekkaku sa, 
^'Sr/h^-^M^ ^, the old and the young are 
held as exceptions. 

Syn. Kakubetsu, Kakodan. 
Bckke^ ■^■vV^, gij ^, n. and v. A branch family or 
house. This word takes both the passive and 
the active form of the verb. 

Ototo wo 7)ekke sasuru, ?ft ^ SJ S^ ■9- >^ fl-, to es- 
tablish a younger brother as the founder of an 
independent family. 
Syn. BuNKE. 
Bokken eiini, '^7^3'^■^^. ^^. "■*■ To glance 
at; to look with a quick momentary cast of the 
Bekko, ^yii>X, %W,n. Tortoise-shell, [line. 
Bekko, -^-^t?, BOS."- Another item, article, or 
Bekko ni nosu, ^i] )^ = SE 7. , to allude to in 
another place ; to put down (write) as a separate 
Bekko. ^■y'C. KiJ P* "• Seceding from a family. 
Bekkosarol, '^ ■y*>5ft*KV>, n. [Ichth.] Pleuron- 

ectes Variegatus. Same as Roshigarel. 
Bekkokagero, '^•y4>5*'W^6 5. «• [Ent<»n.}Me 

galoprepus sp. 
Bekkokamlhlrl, '^ ?»*> 5 *> »■ & 9. ". '\Entom.] 

A species of beetle. 
Bekkou. ^■y'^A,, SiJIg, a. Specially dear or in 
tlmate ; very friendly. 

Bekkon no tomo, gij ig -^ S. ft bosom friend ; a 
dear friend. Tgreen, shin-leaf. 

Bckkoso, -^'yi>X^3, EBS^. "■ IBot] Wlnter- 
Bekkwa, ■^■y<S9, %VX, n. A sacred fire; [««-]» 
different or separate fire, meaning a Are special- 
ly struck out for sacred use. 
Bekkyo suru. '<y^i.-^Z. JgiJ S. v.t. To live Id 

a separate house. 
Bekonosliita, -^-COZfi. ?StP, "■ [Bot.] LysicM- 
ton JcamttrTiatense. fTo be 

Beku, -^i , wf, atix. v. Amodified form of .Bes7i(. 
Beku-uruehl, '^OZ U rT^, «■ Excellent lac- 
quer originally brought from a district in Siam, 
Beniben, -^^•<^, ^^, adv. [coll.] Q Idly; for 
no purpose; procrastinating; vacantly; slowly; 
without consideration, @ [Chin,] Very big (as 
the abdomen) ; well stuffed with food; distend- 

Bemben to ctioza suru, ■^V'^v h^*fe7. »-, 
to remain long in another's house without con- 
sideration; Fuku bemben, B^ t . to have a big 
or distended belly. 
Bembeu* '^^'^^, ^ V, adv. Diligently; actively; 
industriously; steadily; attentively; assiduous- 
ly, rgliding along smoothly 
Bemben, '^K^K, SS «r. "- [Chin.] Flowing 




Uoiiil>etsu siiru, '^^'^-7-^^, i^ gij, v.t. OTo 

(lis! iuguisli , to discriminate. @ To discern. 

RyD. Satoru, Wakeku, Wakimaero. 

Uemlju Kuril, ^^J-•■5l-5, i\^ M, v.i. [Chin.] To 
dance clapping the hands, when one is excess- 
ively happy. fof the heart. 

Beinitiakii, '^^l^<, ?S0, n. [Anat.]The valvea 

Beiniiiol-sho, -<^^6'^:£i, JS B.^ #, n. An expla- 
nation (sometimes apology) in writing. 

Beiiimoi sum, ■^^^6^/^■^S, j^ 0^, v.t. To explain; 
to excuse; to apologize; to refute; to answer. 

Beinmen, ■^^!*^, ^ M. "■ [Chin.] A fa,n. 

Beiii-ino, '^^ % 5, fS ^, n. First step, rudi- 
ments; primer. 

Beuiinoii^ '^^ 6 ^, fiS f"3, «. A side-gate, or back- 
Syn. Kattemon, Ubamon. Lgate. 

Bempal euru, '^^[|ivf"^, ^^, v.i. [Ghin.]To 
clap the hands thrice and to make a worshipful 
bow; to worship. 

Bempaku euru, ^ A,]/i < -^2, ^K. v.t. and i. 
[Chin.] To refute; to controvert, etc. See Ara- 

Beinpa surii, '<I^^3^-^^, ^5E v.t. Same as above. 

Bempatsu, ^^fet'•C', '^ kt. n- [C/tin.] The Chinese 
cue; a pig-tail. 

Bempel, '<^'<V^, ■{SS!, "- Constipation; costive- 
uess; retention of urine. ("a protege. 

Bempel, ^A,^\r, ffiS, n. [Chin.] A favourite; 

Beiiipekl. '^^'C&, ® Rf, n. [Chin.] A flatterer; an 
adulator; a sycophant; an obsequious parasite. 
Syn. HETSURo-niTO, Ojionee0-monu. 

Bempl, ^^i^', ^g., 71. [ifed.] Constipation. 

Beu, ■^^, ^, ^, n. O A valve. @ A petal. 

Ben, '«^, ^, It. Speech; eloquence. 

Ano hlio no hen ga hoshii, W. -^ K -^^if ^t/ 
'i , his eloquence is enviable; I wish I were as 

Ben, -^^, !g, ,1. [Chin.] A -whip. LeloQuent as he. 
Syn. MUCHI. 

Ben, '^^, ^, n. O Conveiuenrc; the first oppor- 
tunity. @ The infestinal discharg&s ; excre- 
ment; dung. 

Ben, '^ ^, ^, n. 'Chin.] A crown, coronet, or 
diadem. ^ 

Benc]ia.ra, ^^t■^ i^, 
n. [coll.] Loquacity; 

^710 hito wa "ben- 
thara hakarl ill, ^ K 

he is .1 mere chatter- 
er, he tallcs much tor 

Denrh), ^^ 

[Chin.] A convenient 

Ueikclii uuru, '^ ^ l^-^ 

■%, fiSilb. n. ^^ 


Z, BEn^. v-C- To punish with a whip; to sWike 

with a lash or sweeping cord; to whip. 
Bendnn, '^ ^ Tf ^, ®S!, n. A palace or room 

where a member of the Imperial family takes 
Boucloku, '^^^< , ®#. "• [Med.] A bubo. Lrest. 

Ben-etsu sum, ^Kif^-^Z, *f= Ift, v.i. To be in 

transports of joy; to rejoice in a high degree. 
Ben^Hkii, '?^i*< , ^i¥, n. Hard study; striving 

to learn ; diligent application to study. 

JVakal uchi ni lengaku shitamae, ^ -i ^ =^% 

^ i/^ "^t study hard while you are young. 

suru, v.i. To study; to learn. 

Bong], '^A.'^t^'M., n. adv. and a. Convenience; 

opportunity; as it suits you; consulting your 

convenience; convenient; suitable. 
Bcngoslil, '^^^L, jJSISi-, n. [Law.] An ad- 
Bengonin, ■^^^^(^^, vocate; a barrister. 
Bengo suru, -«X&-?-2,SSt3f. r-(- OC^^w.]Toact 

as an advocate for; to appear for in court. @ To 

vindicate; to plead in favour of. Crata. 

Bengyo, -<A?ri,®^, "■ 'Jchth.]Fistulariaser- 
Benl, '^Vr.SE, n. Rouge; a colouring material 

from the saffron plant. 
Ben-I. ^^\J*, ^3)c. '><■ Clothes or garments worn 

at home or for every day use. 
Syn. FuDAN-Gi. 
Benl-bnna, ^VZ'dt^, B.^'fh "• [Bot.] Safflower, 

bastard saffron. [Ims spectabilis. 

Bonl-bana-lclilgo, '^l/t[J"tv^&. ". [But.]Ru- 
Bcjil-bana-lngen-nianie. '^V^!J^V^^W^^*tll^, 

n. TBoJ.] Scarlet-runner. fCCTviua. 

Roni-dodau, '^ K >? 5 7& A, n. [Bat.] Arulromeda 
Bonl-gakii, '^(fCij?<, n. [Bat.] Hydrangea Horten- 

sia. riron; red ochre. 

Boni-gara., --^{Citfi, ^^jg;, n. The sesquioxide of 
Benlherjliamlklvl, '^ 1/2 '^ V) 4> 7^ & V,Jz^, n. 
lEntom.] A species of beetle. fpole. 

BonI-IUw», '^ItiMi, SISS. n. [Or»(7/i.^ Mealy red- 
Bcnl-lcanoko. -^ vc i- ® t.SEE^, w- O Ked 

fawn. @ Red crape with spots like those of a 

Benl-kawa, -<\iZi.\s,is.M, n. Red leather. 
Beul-kawa, '^l/cijti, 

BenlkaKiira, -^ i/C 4> 

cor (h folia. 
Beiiiko. '^I^t,iig[!(&, 
Beiil-koko, -?Kt£., 

;S, n. [Bot.] Rhynchosia 

[Bot.] Rubia 
O Carmine. @ Aniline 
». [Bot.] Pyrus. 
Kenlkurigc, -^ K < if) V>.a^^. "■ The dark 

chestnut colour of a horse. 

Beni-kivanKO, -^ \iL i r> L -^ ^.K^:, n. [Bot.] 

SemerocaUis minor. fcerctdifolia. 

Bouf-niuusaku. '^l/^a^;5C,?'. [Bot.'. Dlsanthus 

Benl-inashiko, -^ K E J. t, ?| ^ 'rf^, a. [Omiih.] 

Syn. Mashiko. LLongtalled rose finch. 




Bonl-no-haiia, ^VCCDll'5, iHgtH, n. 

flower ; bastard sa f- 

Bcui-rlugn, -^Ki/) ^G, 

^, 71. [Bot.] Same aa 

Bonl-saflhl-yiibl, ^ \it 

The ring-flnger; the 

third finger (with 

which women apply 


Syn. KusuRi-YUBi. 
Beiil-shl borl, -^ trc £, ^ 

^.StiK. "• O Dyeing 

red in the skein. @ A 

cloth so dyed. 
Bonl-Blilda, '^ v: ;& ?&. 

Bentsliljlml, -^ VI % ^ ^, n. 
Benlshltalin, -^ \^ t. fz. liZ, n 


\Bot.] Saf- 

[Bot.] Aspldiutn ery- 

fmatus phlcBOS. 

[Erttmn.] Polyom- 

[Entom.'] Catocala 


Benl-siigo. -^V^it^,^^, n. [Bot.] iTemerocallts 

Benl-siilsho, '^r VC "^ £ ;£ -^ 5, SC"/*<fii. "• l^in.] 
Carbuncle; red garnet. fflnch. 

BonisuBiime, ^Kit^ib, n. [Ornlth.] A species of 

Benltake. '^ tt -fe W-, H iK, n. [Bot] A kind of 

Benl-tsnke-yiibl* '^IC-^W't'iU-', St^ta. "■ Same 
as Bentsashi-yubi. 

Benlya* '^ VZ ^.JUiW, "■ A person who sells 
rouge; a store where rouge is sold. 

Benl-xara, •^IfC^rs.StJE, n- A saucer for keep- 
ing rouge in. fploth so dyed. 

Beni-BOme, '^ K 5' ». SCtft. ". Dyeing red or 
Bent-eome ni suru, iK j:^ = 7, fl-, to dye red. 

BenJJ, '^^e, !S®, «. O Management of affairs. 
©Manager; warden; agent; clerk. 

Benjlru, --^/,;£,'3, .W, v.t. Q To explain; to 

Benxurii, -^X.^3, (unravel; to discriminate; to 
make clear. @ To do or transact. © To defray ; 
to answer the piirpose. 

Korede benjimasv, 3U'?'|^s>-7:^, this answers 
my purpose ; Koto wo benzuj-u, © ^ !8f tT n- , to 
make a thing clear or all right; to conduct a 
matter of business satisfactorily. 
Syn. AzuKAU, TOKtr, Wakatsu. 

Benjo, ■^A.S:i.,^^/i, n. A water-closet; a privy. 

Benkai sum, '^^i>V/^-^2, j^P, v.t. To explain; 
to excuse, plead. 

Benkcl, ^A.t&\n,^^, n. A household utensil, 
usually made of bamboo. 

BonkoJ-lino, -^K^fV-V^^, X'^-, "• [Sol.] Yam. 

Benkel-Jlinii, '^AW'U^&a.MSIfiS, ""-■ A checker- 
ed cloth. YbnroseuTn. 

BenkelBO, ■^^^V^'Sf^.^Ji, n- [Bot.] Sedum al- 

Bcnketsu, -^AW"?, ^it, n. Bloody dlfichare« 
from the urinary or intestinal canal. 

Boiikt, ^^&, ® S, 7t. A wooden or earthenware 
utonsilfor receiving the urethral and Intestinal 
dischages of infanta or persons confined to bsd. 
Syn. Okawa, Omaru, Siiibin. 

Bmikl-bnko. ■^A^HIC.'ISESf Si, «• A box used 
for putting away a benlci. 

Beiiko, '<^t.5. SS fJ. **■ Eloquence In a bad 
sense; loquacity; talkativeness; fluency ol 
speech; power of elocution; voluble tongue. 

Anohito no tenkd cle iva, ffi .^ A -^ 5^ n 7' *\ 
with his talkativeness; with his power of elocu- 
tion. fofBcer. 

Boiikwan, ^K<1oK,^'^, "• [obs.] Title of an 

Rcnkwan, -^ ^ < io /^, ff-f^, n. [Chin.] Trans- 
ports of joy; a great rejoicing. sum, v.i. 

To be glad in a very high degree; to rejoice ex- 

Bcnkyu, '^A^.^?, ftfeS, n. ODiHeence; iudus 

try; assiduity. ©Study; learning siirii. 

v.i. O^o work hard; to study diligently. @ 
{colLI To sell things cheap; to push hard. 

Bciikyokii. -<:A5 i < , fiE ES. ». [Chin.] Striving; 

labouring hard. sum, v.i. To strive; to 

labour hard. 

Boiikyo-iiiii, ^A&j^5t2A. ^3S A, 1 n. An In- 

Boiikyo-sha, '^A$-^5S.-^, ftfe3S#, ' dustrious, 
diligent, or studious person. 

Benrau, -^A&A, ig®, n. \Chin.]A. kind of pa 
Syn. YoTSaoEKAGO. Llanquin. 

Bcni-ei, ^AK\r, ft5-16. "■ Industry; diligence; 

hard study; assiduity. sum, v.i. To work 

hard; to be diligent; to study. 

Bciirl, -^ A uj, •QEfiJ, n. Convenience; suitable 
neas; fitness; commodiousness. 

Anata wa go-jlbun no benri bakari haharu, ^ 

S'"''^ § ^-^ U^]>^t) V ^|!:■fl;^, you conpultyour 

Syn. TSDGo. Lconvenience alone, 

Boiiri, '«^ 10, |?S, ". Management; conduct; 
administration; transacting; dealing; acting; 
to have affairs under one's control. 

liciivjkoshl, •-?^li)^:5 L, ^iSi^ljIg, n. A Minis- 
ter Resident. 

fSowro, -^A^, {EB§, n. A shorter road; the near- 
est way; the shortest path. 

Uenron, '^A^SA, !PIb. «• A discussion; dispute; 
nvgunient; debate; contention; a process of 
reasoning. suru, v.t. To discuss; to de- 
bate; to argue. 

Koiw mondai ni tsuite benron suru, itt RS iM = 
at r g?a^ 7, ;i^, to argue on this topic. 

itciiryuku suru, -^^lJ)i,C^^, ^t, i"-*- To 
strive alter; to labour hard; to do all in one'a 
power. Its uoun-form is B&nrvoku. 



Beuryfi, '<^«] 5, ^ Sft, «. [Chtn,] A crown. 

Bensal, '<A,'5\r, ^^, "■• Eloquence; wit; power 
of elocution. 

Bensul, -^A^V, W jUT, w. [Xaw;.! Repayment. 

Bensai no telkyo oyobi kyodaku, Iff ffi ^ ^ #t S 
l--:^jj, fLaw.] tender and deposit, Bensai no 
juto, ^M^1£'^, [Law.] appropriation of pay- 

Buru, v.t. To repay; to pay back with in- 
terest; to redeem a pledge. 

ICensnl-klgoii. '^^^U^&W^^, mmMM, n. The 
day on which a debt is due ; the term of a debt. 

Beiisetsu Buru, ^ J^^-^iT Z, ^W, v.t. [Chin.] 
To refute; to silence; to defeat in an argument. 

Bensetsii suru, '^ ^•y:■9 -^ 3, ^g?, u.t. To ex- 
plain or expound; to excuse; to apologize. 

Bciisha, '<^:£-^, ^^, n. An eloquent person; a 
talkative or loquacious person. 

BoushJ, '^^L, ??i". n. A speaker; an orator; 
any one who gives an address or a lecture before 
an liudience. 

Benslil, •^^ Li ffi ^, n. Same as Bempatsu. 

BeueliJtsn, '^ ^ :£ -P, -fiS g, 7*. O A privy. @ A 
resting place. 

Bcnsbo euru, '^^:£.■^5•il•^,PfS. v.t. To re- 
turn; to repay; to remunerate. 

Fusai wo henslib sum, ft^tS^SSfS^fl-i to pay 
a debt. 

Bensliii, '«^XW^. *H ?. ■'*■ \Chin.'] Clapping the 
hands in consequence of excessive joy. 

Bcntnl, •^^feU^, 5i^, «. The string for fastening 
a hat or crown. 

Bcntatsu. '<^fer7, P^®, n. Q Whipping (an of- 
fender). @ Chastising. © Encouraging. 

sum, v.t. To whip; to encourage or urge to 

Bento, ■^^fe5, !B9?S",fT^. "• Luncheon; labour- 
er's noon repast; the noon-meal taken at one's 
office. fcheon-box. 

Bento-bako, ^^te 5 fef t, S!*'^'!!. '^- A lun- 

Beiito-inoehl, ^kft^^%, ^'ffljt, n. One who 
carries luncheon for others. 

Bonyakii sum, •^k^<irZ, Vr^^, v.i. Same as 
Benkwan sum {.V(^ ©;). 

Benyo, -«^i, iS®. "■ A palanquin. 

Bonisalton, -^^3'^/^•r^, mWi^, n. [Afyt/j..] The 
goddess ot riches (colloquially written Benten). 

Benzetsu, -^^«•5', i^ §. '^- O Eloquence. @ 

BonKctsii-sba, ^L't-'^X-^, ^§#, f'- An elo- 
quent orator; a person with a tongue consider- 
ed rather too voluble. 

BeUBuru, ■^^$^, Sff, v.t. QTo speak for, to ad- 
vocate; to expound; to explain; to transaet. @ 


To distinguish right from wrong; to discrimi- 

Boppa, ■^-j]^, giJi®, n. A different sect, party, 
denomination, or school. 

Boppal, --tytiV, ^il %, n. O A farewell cup. @^ 
farewell entertainment. 

Beppai wo sum, Ki| *R ^ ^ J^, to give a fare- 
well dinner. 

Beppln, '^70«^, ^i] iS) w. O' coll.]': lit.'} Anotlier 
thing. @ '.^.j A beauthul woman; a beauty. 

Beppij, ■^■y_J;$, ^\IM, 71. A letter or enclosure in 
an accompanying envelope. 

BeppiiKii, ^-yJJ^ , SiJIRt. '*- Having the Same 
lather but different mother; born of a step- 
mother or a concubine. 

Berabo, -^^115. w. [vvX.] Q A fool; a rascal. @ 

Borciisii, ^I'z^zx.,^^^, n. [corr^ipt. from Berlin 
blue.] Prussian blue. 

Bcrobcro-no-bainj, ■^:^^Z<7:>±>?f., n. A child- 
ren's game which consists in guessing who did a 
certain thing. 

Beshl, '^L.'sr. avx. u. M-.y, shall, should, etc 
Also used in the imperative. 

Kimimovukubeshi,^^iff^^i/, youmuat 
go too; accompany us please; ShocIU subesiti, jf: 
^ ^^^, you should consent; please consent or 
acknowledge; Tsubomi nn uclii ni toru beshi, g 
-^ rl^ =i 15 /^ ^y, should be plucked in the bud. 

Bcso* '^5:, n. [coll.] A sob; convulsive siglis ut- 
tered when one is about to cry. 

Beso kaku, -« y ?j if, to sob (only said ot a 

Bcsokucbl, ^Jc< %,S n, 74. Same a.s Beshikuchi. 

Bessat»4U, '^■■j'^-7, f,\\M, "■ Another book or copy. 

Bessokl, '^r 7 ^ ?, ^ij ^, ■«. Another room. 

sum, v.i. To withdraw into another room for 
private talk. 

Bessbj, -^7 L, ^iJSE. ^- Another paper or docu- 
ment; an accompanying or enclosed note. 

Besshi ui ktsal stii-it, gij iiftt = JC fflj 7> «-, to men- 
tion in amither paper. 

Bcssbiii, ^■•jXL, Si|.Ci, n. Reserve; coldness; not 
being free or Irank in words, actions, or social 
intercourse; sliyness; an inclination to suspect, 
a stranger's mind. 
Bessliinnakti. SO -6 ^ ^, without reserve. 

BcsBlii sum, ^-, lirz,'^m> T-'-t- To slight; to 
look down, tu make light of; to neglect; to dis- 

Ui^si^bite, '^■yit.gijf^, adv. Especially; particu 

larly; above all. 

Bess/lite osewa wo nenaimasu. j?i] £>' ? ifl] ift K ■^ 
ggii T :^, I p;nticnlarly wish you to assist me. 
Syn. Kakii;l.isU, IvOroNi, Wakkte. 


B&estto, '^•vZX.i'iSi, «■ Another or difTerent 

Bessliu, '^vXlft. «iia, «■ A different kind, sort. 
or speciea; another deHcription. 

BossS, '^vtS. RiJSEi ■"■ A country-seat; a villa. 
Ifatsvju besso ni oru tsumorl <l€su, S it' *ij iffi = 
B *- S V f ^1 [coll.] I Intend to pass the sum- 
mer at the villa 

Beta-beta, 'tte'^fe, a. and adv. Q Sticky; ad- 
hesive; gluimous; too much; all over @ 
CoquectiBhly; too amorous. 

AnoJco wa oshtroi wo beta-beta tsuketa, t ^■?>^ 
^V^9-< * ^4 ^ # ■*• *, that girl covered her lace 
all over with powder. 

Bota-lchlmen, ^ te Vr % » A, «. [coil.] All over 
the surface; completely; thoroughly. 

Beta-ichlTnen nochi aesu, '^it'f f-j*>'^]fil7-*7., 
covered all over with blood. 

Betaklu. ^te ^ ^,Sg^. a. \coll.] Covered all 
over with gold ; golden 

Betakin no kwannon, '^^#v^^#, a golden 
Idol representing Kwan-on. 

Bctatsuku, •^■ft'^C, v.i. [coll.] Q To be sticky 
or viscid. @ To act like a coquette or harlot. 

fteto-beto, ^ )£ ^ )£, a. and adv. [coll.] Sticky; 
putrid; putrescent; rotten; carious. 

SaTcana ga Tcusatte beto-beto ni natta, ^ifM^r 
** h 't h = -}--/ it, the fish has become a putrid 

Betsii, '^•5, gij, J*. Distinction; difference; separa- 
tion; discrimination; eminence. 

Futari no aida ni betsu wa nat, zn A -^ Rfl = «|J 

'^H 'ft there Is no difference between the two 

Syn, Ta, Wakarb, To. Lpersons 

Betau, -^-CPiKU «• f^ot.] A snapping turile. 

Beteubara, ■^r?U&, Mi9ll> """ Same as Bepimfcu.' 

Betsu-betsu nl, '<='5-^-C'K, ^ij^ij, adv. Separate- 
ly; to pieces; apart; asunder; in a state of dis- 

Betsucbl, '^'^S, @t^. n- [Omith.] The golden 

Betsudau ni, ^■^?t^I(t. gij^, adv. Particularly; 
especially; distinctly; notably. 

Betsudan ni uTnat koto Tno nai, ^0 S — "H" 'f ^ 
^-h-f , there Is nothing very profitable, advant- 
ageous, or sweet. 

Syn. Kakubetsu ni, Tokubetsu ni. 

BetsudS, ■^'07i'^,%^\^, n. Another or different 

Betsuen. ■^■7A.^, M #, n. Same as B^pai. 

Betauffl. ■^■c>^, gi] ift, n. Another or different 

matter or opinion; objection, taking exception. 

As an adjective: special; different; otherwise; 

besides; uncommon; unusual. 

Betsngl ni wa gozarimasen ga, i\i ^ =^ ■'^ W \SS^ 



V '-^^yif, is not other than; la not by way of 
objection. fparted. 

BetHiigo, •^■5 G,?iJ^, adv. After or since wo 

Bctsiigy u, 'C-pvjti, ^ij ■^,n. O A villa; a country- 
Beat. @ Another occupation, avocation, or pro- 

Botsiil, '^rPV', gi] ,'S> «■ Different idea, opinion, 
intention, or purpose; objection; a rebellious 
view; bad ambition. 

Betsui wo idakazu, ^ij ,'S ^ iS * ::^. I have no 
different opinion; I bear no malice. 

Betstijl, ■^'P t, SOS, '«. Something different; an- 
other matter. 

BetsiiJIu, -^-ly^Aj, l!ij A, ". A different person; 
another man or woman. 

Botsiijo, '^r?-^ 5, f,\\i^„ n. O Another or differ 
ent matter; another clause or item; anything 
unusual. @ Danger; fear of change. 

Bet8i0} wa arlTnasumai, ?i] fij -•■» r V "^ 7^ "^ -f i 
there will be n-athing different, dangerous, or 

Bctsiijoknn, '«•9'e■J:^t^, ^ilK^fffl, n. [Law.]The 
right of exclusion. rBessJit suru. 

Botsiijo suru, ^-y Ci,-^ 2, 15 in, v.t. Sume as 
Hisen nari tote hito wo betsujo suru na, i^ l^ ■?• 

V H ? A ^ ^ iD 3^ /u ■?-, do not despise a person 
because he is poor and humble. 

Syn. Kaeonzdbu, Keibetsu suru, Naiga- 


Betsumono, '^•7 4©, ?ij ^, n. O Another or 
different matter. @ Anything unusual. © A 
person held exceptional, as regards ability, 
friendship, etc 

BotsumyS, ■^■:?;^j?»5, S'J^, ". Another narct 
or appellation; pseudonym; a. nom de plume, or 
nom de guerre. 

Bctsurl, ^-p*^, f;i]KI. w- Parting; seceding; sepa- 
ration. See EibetsiL. 

Betsiiro, '^-^'S, BiJB&. n. Other way or road; an 

Bettakii, '^yte < , gij ^, It. O A separate or dll- 
ferent house; a villa or country-house. @ Same 
as Bekko (gij p). 

Bottarl to, ": 7 fe V) "£, adv. [coll.] Closely to- 
gether; sticking fast. 

Ame ga bettari to liittsuita, ^if -^v ft V hts 
-/y -f ^, the jelly has stuck fast to. 

Bottc, '^-/T, S'] ■^i '*■ Another army. 
Syn. BETTAi 

Bottel, '^-jt.yf^, ^ijfili, ■«. Another house or pa- 
lace; a villa; a country seat. 

Bctto, '^-yte?, «iJ\K, ■«. O The High Steward. @ 
Tn its old .'lense, a chief commissioner, g) A 
groom or ho.stler. 

III. cv, ^. fu and a. ICVitn.] Beauty; uloganco; ex 



cellence; nice; delicious; fine; handsome; good; 
refined; polished; graceful; luxurious. 

Bi-gyoku, |^ EE, fine gems; Bijin, #? A, a 
beautiful woman; a beauty; Bijvtsu, ^'^. the 
fine arts; BiTcei, ^^, fine or beautiful scenery; 
Bikwan, ^^, a beautiful view or sight; Bimi, 
^ ^ nice in taste; delicious food; Bi na Icura- 
sht, 5|-?-g; 7 5/, a luxurious life; Binaiishi, ^ 
S ■?, a handsome man or boy; Bishokv, |^(5, 
beautiful face; a beauty; BisJiu, g^Ig, Rweet or 
nice sake; Biso, H ^, rich garments; Btznku, 
5|^, refined customs and manners 
Syn. URUwASni, Utsukdshi. 
Bl. tr, SE. "• IBot.] Royal fern. 
Bt, D-*, 55[. a. and n. [Chin.] Slight; small; little; 
trifling, trivial; of little importance or value; 
■wortMess; paltry; nicety; delicacy. 

Bijaku, © S, weak; delicate in the bodily 
constitution; of little power or influence; Bi- 
kwan, g[ IT, a low official appointment; Biryoku, 
gt i}, little influence, strength in power; Bisho, 
K5I, asmile;£/yo, ^^, slight illness. 
Syn. Chiisasht, Kasdka, Wazdka. 
Rl, O', g, n. [CJUn.'lO The tail; the end. ©A 
numeral in counting fishes. ©r^stron.]One of 
the 28 constellations. 

FiinaichiM, (ift—E. one carp; Kl-H ni fusu, 
81 S — Wt ^> to follow (a classical expression). 
Syn. BiKl, HiKl. 
Di, Of, Jg, ■"'. [CAiTi.] The eyebrows. 

Syn. Matu. 
BI, cy, $., ■«. [Chin.] Tha Jic,i<!. 

Syn. Hana. 
Blaliti, lySii, #&^, ■«. [C/ifn.l Whether anything 

1b good or bad; beautiful or ng^y. 
BIW, xyV, W.^, CI- LC'Mn.] Slight; little; small. 
BiH taru seiryoku, ^ ^ ^ J^ ^ 7!/, little influ- 
Syn. Kasuka, Wazdka. L^nce. 

Blblshl,-l.-lil. t^'t^■£, ^'j,o- Gorgeous; splendid; 
beautiful; well-trimmed; well provlded. 

BiUshlki itSetachi nite sJiutsvjin swrw, ^ tt ^ 
=¥ m it — ? lb I5& ^ fl-i to go to battle in splendid 

Syn. Uruwashi, Utsukushi. 
BIbJsliiKu. Dt'tP:£,<, ^ArM. adu. The adv. form 
of BiUshi. 

BiUshiku yosoo, 5^ <r fiit i? K 7, to dress well 
or with fine ornaments. 

Syn. Uruwashiku, Utsdkusiiiku. 
Blbo, C"t5! 5 , J ^ w?. 1*'. Before appearing or 
niflio, At3:5> 'arising. 

Ran tvo blbo ni fusegu, St ^ :^ |5 - Kr ^. to 
suppress a rebellion before it ripens or gathers 
Ctibo, V\£3, (fflS. "• Writing down anything to 
aid the n^emnn-. 

BlbSrolni* El-' tt ? -S < , {S S SS. «• -a. memoran- 
dum, plus. 
niliun, [Ki*^, IRf^-, '"■ [Math.] Differential calcu- 
Kihiiu-hoteisliJKJ, V^' :&= ^tv^i.^, K^^&g 

j^, n. [J/at/t.] Difl'erKntial equation. 
Blchl-blclii, ty%V%, gS -fr, (Kiv. Actively; jerk- 
ingly; moving like a live fish when out of the 
Bioliu. tK'^W)$,Efc^, n. A humble desire or opi- 
nion; one's true heart. 

//' tti ni bichu ivo kataru, A — ^ !S ^ ^ «-, to 
tell a person one's true heart. 
lEIditn. V^?&^,^e?!^ ""■■ A narrative about one's 

merits or virtues; a fine story. 
Blen, V''^K,^'M, i^ [Chin.] Snuff; pulverized to- 
bacco inhaled by the nose. 
Syn. Kagitabako. 
Birii^ T^i-,^^, n. A beautiful woman. 
Blfa, cviJ.SlK. '^- A gentle wind; a breeze. 
Blfiikii. Ty^<,^M, w. Disguise. 

Qji Ufvku shite tekijin wo tikaoau, ^ ^ BS 9Bs^ 
^^M^ 1^ "7i the prince reconuoitered the eng 
my'a camp in disguise. 

Syn. Kakurb sugata, Shinobi idetaohi 
Blfuhii, D^'i^ ,51 flS, w. Pine clothes; beautiful 01 

splendid garments. 
Bl^oklt U-t^&.MK. 1^ Pursuit; chasing alter. 
Teki no bigeki ni aw, gft ^ g E =: IS "7, was 
pursued by the enemy. 

snrti, v.t. To pursue or chase an enemy. 

Oini zampei wo bigeki sum, A^iS^^^^S^ 
ft', to send a large number of soldiers in pursuit 
of the remnants of an enemy's force. 
BIlio sum, U''tl5-?"2, ^H, v.t. To cover up a 
fault; to apply a temporary remedy; to manage 
to cut short bod consequences. Its noun-form 
is Biho. fplinaent. 

BII, c^v. iK .k!. "■ A humble desire, wish, or com 

Syn. SuNSHi, Wazuka no kokorozashi. 
Blldoro, t 'f K H, ^ ^, fk [Port.] Glass. 

Biidoro no chaioan, {g ^ -^ i!i^ Bt, a- glass tea- 
Syn. Garasu. Lcup. 

Blldoro-kaffamJ, y.' V^ ^ ;S *> *» ;^. BtiSI?!. "• A 

Bllru, t-fl', ^S, «• [SnClBeer. 
Btjakii, u.';£'^ < , !IS 33, a- See under Bi (g[). 

Bijaku naru kiml, iSJ[ §§ -J- »- g", an effiminate 

BIJI, u.-^, ^ ^, n. [Med.] Polypus of the nose. 
Bfjlf C^*t,^l^, n. Praiseworthy act, practice, or 

tiling; merits; virtues. 
Biji wo danzu, 5^ 91 f- ^ t!, to speak of the 

merits or virtues of others. 

Bi.lln. CPX-A.^A, 7i. See under i-'i'SC^' 




BUlnsliO. X}tX'A.t5, !S.M,n. IBot.] Mvsa coccinea. 
Bljinso, V^'X'A.^3, 

m^n, n. [Bot.] 

Bijo, ^^•trX,5^^, 7*. 

Same as Bljin. 
Bljo-sane, XKZ'i-^ 

&**!, Mm^,n. A 

BUo-ka.Kura, ^' *& 

Verbena phlogtjlo- 

BiJu, Xf!£:\/i>,BW,n. 

[Chin,} Great 

age; longevity. 

Syn. CH5MEI, Nagaiki. 
Bljukii, D^'^'W) < , SI 3}?j "■ [CTiirt.] Rica boiled with 

a greater amount of water than usual so as to 

make it very soft, rice gruel. 
Bljutsii, VZ'^'Pf^W, «. See under i3U5§) 

Bijutsu tenrankwal, ^%S5S#", a fine art 

exhibition. fa^vt museum. 

BIjutsu-kwan, XJ^'X'^'^<i>/u,^'^^, n. A fine 
BIJ utsu- salt ko. CN':fcW)rPi«-y*>5, g|'#¥^. «• A 

school of fine arts. 
Bika. tK*>, Sfc®, n. \CMn.'\ A slight flaw ; a little 

fault; an insignificant defect. 
Blkol, TKWv, 5I ^, n. See under Bi (H). 

Mfiijon wa HTcei nl tomu, B l^-'^^^ — '^l-, 

Japan has many beautiful landscapes. 
Blkko, I^••;;C.IK. "- [coll.] Same as CMwiBa. 
[Tlkkui'l, V'v < ^,?HM< <it^"- 3.nd a. [coH.] O As- 
tonishingly; astonished; alarmed; surprised. @ 

Astonished; alarmed; surprised; shocked; start- 
led; stricken with horror. siiru, v.t. To be 

surprised or astonished. 
Sijd ni Hlckuri shite nasu tokoro wo shiratu, 

?^ *«* - ^ ^ V ? :^ :x ^i ^ *0 ^ :^', he was quite 

astonished and at his wit's end. 
Syn. Odoroite, Tamagete. 
Blko, U>'*>5,§${l?, «. Good; fine; nice; beautiful; 

splendid; handsome; unique. 
BlkO, Ufi>5,5^S^ n. A nice food; a delicious 

dish; fish unique in taste; anything good to eat 

while drinking Safce. 

Syn. UMAKI KCIMONO, Umaki sakana. 
BlkO, 0-'i>5,l^%> «• Note; remark; observation 

In writing. 


Blk5» U.'t5,:(Si^8, ■». [2bot.] An»pe. 
BlkS, Wt.5,E5!j> ■"- Little merit; slight desert. 
BiTco ni TwTcoru nakare, ^^ — ^ n-^ i^, do 
not boast of your small deserts. 

Syn. SuKOSHi NO tkgaba, SUnkO. 
Biko, U^'C5>AB- ^ The nostrils 

Blh5, Uf < *? 5 , ^ ?S» "• Providing against famine. 

Bilcd chochilcu, fitJ£3?1?. Btoring grains or 

saving money by way of providing against a 

general failure of crops or famine. auru, 

v.t. To provide against famine. 

BIko sum, tVii>5-?"3,iS!E. v.i. To lie; to range; 
to extend; to influence. 

Syn. Wataru, Tukiwataru. 

Biko fiurii, t>'4*5-3"2, S 1f» v.t. To go after; to 
follow. Its noun-form is Biko. 

Biko auiii, tKi> 5 i- 3 , IS ^. ■»-*■ To go in disguise ; 
to travel under a pseudonym, said of high oflB- 
dials, nobles, etc. 

Bikii, y>'< , Jt j£, n. L'S'ct^s.J A Buddhist priest (the 
masculine of Bikuni). 

Biku, v^'i ,'^, gr gg,^^, n. A little basket mad© 
of twigs or bamboo. 

Bikii. V^it^M, ''■ An inferior, little, or humble 
person or body (chiefly referring to one's self). 

Tenka hlroshi to ieaomn liku wo iruru chi 
nashi, 5cT)Si^hSS^EEt[9!^SStff-v ift^s/, the 
wide world has no room for this little body. 

Blku-t)lku, T}!<. xjf< , ^ tt, a., and ailv. Fearfully; 
awfully; timidly; in fear; dreadfully; afraid; 

Biku-UJcukowa garu, tf^t?^rj*?^»-, tobelB 
trepidation, to be afraid, etc. 

Blkun, w< ^, ^^, n. Same as Biko (10:55). 

Blkunt, CN* < t/C, Ji i fg, n. [Sans.'] A Buddhist nun. 
Syn. Ama. 

Bikiit«uku, V^irX, v.i. To be astonished, sur- 
prised, or alarmed. ^'^)- 

Blk-^vaii, V'<iok,^M, n. [Chin.] See under Bi 
A Jcore wa bikwan da, t ■» =r ^•-'^ 5^ JK ^, Ah I 
this is a beautiful sight. 

Bikwan, t^*<*?^, ©'&. «■ See under Bi (gS[). 

Bikwatsu, U>'<*9<?, ?S|Sft, n. [Ornft/i.] A crane. 
Syn. MANAZUBU". ftime. 

BIkyfi, t^&5. MA, «£^"- "Permanently; for along 
Syn. Tata-hisasb^ fveterans. 

Bikyn-no-sbl. tV @ 3 ® t,W.Blt±, n. Brave 

Blmnn sum, CK^ A--?" 3 , ^ iS. ^•*- To extend all 
around; to spread about. f&Bnce. 

BlmbexB, l>'^■^^, ^ fS. '"• iOhin-l Industry; dili- 
Syn. BENKT5, Benrei, Hagemi. 

Bimbd, t^*^lK-S■. ®S. "■ ftii'i "• Poor; poverty 
stricken; needy; poverty; indigence; want. 

Bimbo-dokkuri, ^It^M, [coIS.1 akind of sake- 
jug probably so called from its cauising bimbo or 
poverty; Bimbo hima nasfii, g^H^-J-j^. the 
poor have always to work; Bimlrd hima nashi 
kasegu nl oi tsukazu, [coll. Prov.] © S (JS -^ 3^ ^ 
— iB.ii'^:^' poverty cannot overtake ceaseless 
industry; Bimtio-kvji, S 2 ^, [coll.] a losing lot; 
Bimbo ni nam, 3? g = ^ Ji-, to become poor. 
Buru, v.i To become poor or indisent 

BiM 7« BIN 

Blmboffakl, tr^i tSi' ?, B^a ^. "■ [not.]DiQS- 

RIn-giislil, E^•^e L, BiKS, n. A long, fiae-tootb- 

pyros. rdess ol" poverty. 

ed wooden comb. 

Bliubo-gaiiil, U-'ASJ^fi*;^, ®S|i|!. n. The god- 

Itiiik.-Lkii, t^'^*.<, i;f^:fv, n. [But.] ilex cre- 

8'mbo garni, gamaikomu, ©SiS^^^S-^- t*' 
be visited by the goddess of poverty. 

Stiiik:ikuza, t^*^■A>< ?", ' nafa. 

BiD-inlzii, v^'A^^c', Sil.'A<, '*■ Water used in wash 

^^,71. Same as Mlmei. 

Clmbo-kacurn, "*MX-i-*'-=''&. .!llK^, «. [Bot.] 
Cissus japonica fson. 

Blinlio-uiii. t^•^K£.i-^^^. ® S A, ■«. A poor per- 

Blmbo-Eiii'ii, t^'^t^■J-■=''^,2./R.B|, ■«. [Boe.J same 
as SimboKazio-a. 

Blniei, Vf'l6\n,%^, "■ A fine or good name. 
Sya. Kamei, Kasei, Yokiha. 

Blmel, trfcv^, 

Mlmei, 7^-i^\r- 

BImi, u.*;^, ^efe. n. See under 5* (I?)- 

Blmokii, 0:4 ^ , Jg g, Ti. [C/tfji.] The eyebrows and 
eyes; the face. 

Itlinyo, ^'J65, g[ !?^ a. and n. Q Nicety; obscuri- 
ty; delicacy. © Nice; profound; obscure. 

Blmyo, 0^**5, 9li8>. d- "Very delicate or beautiful; 
extremely fine or nice. Also uped as noun. 

Bill. ^^*^, S, n. The temples; the hair on the sides 
of the bead. 

Bin, u■'^, Iffi, n. O A. phial; a bottle. @ [coH.] Any 
narrownecked glass vessel used for holding 
liquors, medicines, seeds, cakes, tea, etc. 

Bin, o^Aj, JS. w. Opportunity; convenience; a per- 
son, vehicle, or vessel bound to a place where 
one willhes to send anything. 

Asoko nl yoi bin ga aru, ^^)!=!^i^ 'i ^ff 7 fi', 
a coach iB just leaving for that place ; or there is 
a good opportunity for sending thither. 
Syn. Oei, Tayori, T3DG5, Tsuidb. 

BInnn, tK^A, $119, n. See under Bi (^). 

Blnan-kasiira, t^•■^^*>p'6, ( jft S.6fc^, 71. [Bot.] 

Blnau-so, ^^*tc^^5, ' .ffadsj£7-a japontca. 

Syn. saka-kazuea, Sane-kazuba. 

BInauso, t^•^^^5,K'S^. «• IBot.} SiMscus 

Bln-daral, t^'^?ls 6 U', S ^. n. A small tub for 
water used in washing the hair. 

Bludoiiie, t^*^^to.iEffi, n. A forked-pin for 
keeping the hair on the back of the head in 

Blnsacho, U^Xft^ ?, 1® flfl ^0. "■ A fabulousbird 
of the Buddliists, having a human form covered 
■with leathers, supposed to live in Paradise. 

Blngl, l^*^^, ijSS.w- Propriety; ciiciimstances; 

Bengl, '^I^^, 5 convenience; opportunity. 

Anata no Ungi ni yoUe, g- ^ ffi ^ =•- 1K ?, con- 
sulting your convenience; Bingt yokuba, {g!g 
a -7 ?s, if circumstances permit. 

Syn. BENBI, Tatori, Tsuide, Yokitayori. 
Blnso-oniote, u^* A- & to ifc t:. IS ife ^. "• A mat 
from the province of Bingo. 

ing or combing tlie hair. 
BinuaeliJ,-i,-kl, IK ^ ^ {,, tt. [coll.] Pitiable; 
poor; miserable; friendless. 

Binren sum, t,^•^n^i^"^. )S {91. ''■'■ To pity; to 

sympathize with; to compassionate; to help th« 

Blnro, t^•^'5, i-f^BS. ^'' -^ short or convenient 
Bonro, '«^5, J way, passage, or road. 
Bljiro, t^•^&5, tftSB. «■ [Bot]. Betel-nut palm. 
BlnrSJl, i>'At5E;, ^ SB ^, "- [-BoC] Betel-nut 
Binrdko, tKA6?i>?, tftSS*, "■ Gambler; the 

Terra japonica of tanners. 
BSnryo sum, tN* ^ IJ -^ ? -?• 3 , Iffl iS, v.t. Almost 

syn. with Binren surtu 
Binaashl, t^•^^ l,> S 31, «- A hair-pin. 
BInaatsii suru, tP^^■5r7f■^, gjsj?, v.t. Same as 

Binren suru. fBinren sum. 

Blnsekl finrii, l>•^^'&-^^, IBfg, v-f. Same as 
BlnHen. lA* ^ ^ ^, ^£15, n. A ship or junk just 

leaving bound to the place which one intends 

to visit. fsailingfor. 

Blnsen ni nntte, ^g|K —l^y", taking a junkjusl 
Binsbj, c^•^ L, 94 ^, n. [Chin.] The thumb. 

Syn. Oyayubi. 
Blnsho, t^'^■^.i•, 8fc^. a- Sharp; shrewd; quick; 

smart; clever; witty; sagacious; of discrimlnn 

tive intelligence; adroitness. 

Syn. Hashikkoi, Satoki, Subataki. 
Binsog], ^^•^t|f■. S^. "- See A'ami-ofci. 
Blnsoku, u^^?:C, SiiJ, adv. Swiftly; quickly. 
BIntatBii, C^■^te■:?, li^, a. Sagacious; accom 

plished; capable of discrimination and appre 

Binten, t^'^■r^, S^, n. [Chin.']The sky; the 

heavens; heaven. 
Binten nl gohylisu, S^ = SKJtt7., [Chin.] to 

cry to heaven for mercy. 
Ifiintsiike, u^•^■9^J■, g*(j], Tt. Pomatum; any per- 
fumed unguent for the hair. 
Rinzasara, tr ^ 3: -3 6, ^ fiL n. 

musical instrument con- 
sisting of many boards 

of small dimensions 

placed one over anotlier, 

and strung together at 

one end, 
BiiczcMi, t^• A^ ^, <fg ^, 

a. 'Pitiable; miserable; 


rjfiiJ.lAn old 





BlDEul. tV ^ i& 6, >*<i£. 71, {Ornith.l Tree-plpit, 
Anthus maculatus. 

BtiiKiii-u, 0'•^^S, ^, n. See ^!7ema?C<. 

Bluxnru, ^^•^$ 3, ffSffi, ". [J5«dd.] O Oc9 of 
th« Rakans, (drhata) with white head and long 
eye brows. S A red idol placed in a conspicu- 
oua part of a temple. 

Blon, t^•ft^, ^#, n. A fine or good voice. 

Syn. BlHEI, YOKIKOB, tokihe, Yokioto. 

Bion, I^*$:^, Rift, 0,- Lukewarm; tepid. 

Syn. Namaattakai, Nurui, Nukumakkoi. 

B1oiit5» u.'5r ^■te 5 . iSt iffi '^i 71. Lukewarm or tepid 

BIra, t^'t, If IS, n. Paper money. 

BIrn, jy^, W^ht '"■• Q A. ha.ud-h'i\l or placard. @ 
A loose sheet or cvirtain with Bome congratula- 
tory remarks or pictures on it. 

Kaiten ni Ura wo okuru, BB = J¥ 'W ^ Hi '»'. 

to present with an ornamental curtain (mostly 

of paper) to congraturate the opening of a new 

Syn. Habifuda. Lshop. 

Blra.-blm, U>' & ur 6, a. and adv. Ql^luttering; 
waving. @ Assumes the various verb-ferms. 

Blran. t^•6^, n. [Bot.1 Prwn/us Tnaa-ophylla. 

Blran, U? 6 A, S. K,, n. A storm or tempest; a 
violent gale. 

Syn. Bayu, Oabashi, Oahe. 

Blrnnjl, I^'&^C. "• [Bot.} Stlene repem. 

Biran aiiru, 0fS^"?■2. MM. ^•*' To be inflamed; 

to present febrile symptoms ; to become red and 

Syn. Tadaberu. Ltender. 

Blrarl-ahararl. XJf ^ V) X"^ ^ y) , ^'Sl. ci. and adv. 
[coll.] OWRveriag; vibrating; constantly mov- 
ing. @ Being in doub';; with nothing special to 
be done. 

Syn. BUEABURA, Buratsuite. 

Blrnrl to, U-'&iDi?, adv Same as Sira-Mra. 

Biratsuku, Uft-?<, v.i. To wave; to flutter 

Kokkl ga Mratsuku, S S6 ^ tr 7 '•J' ^, the 
national flfig is waving. 

BIrei, tA'Hij^, 5^K. a. and M. QBeautilul; splen- 
did; graceful; fine; ornamented; showy; magni- 
ficent; brilliant. @ Splendour; beauty; magni- 


Blrl-blri, v>' V}V ^, <*• and adv. [coll.] O Produc- 
ing the sound peculiar to cracking or tenring, 

©Smartly; painful; f?ripi°ff- sum, v.i. To 

smart; to prick or gripe. 

Yakedo wo shite Uribirl suini, iK^^ S/ t" \i V 
\i V 7' B-. the burn smarts. 

BJrlkJ. VV^„ ^t, n. Smtib ^B BiryokiU. 

Blrltsiiku, l^V)'7<, a. Same as © under 5irf6/rt. 

Blr», o:&5, AH. n. [Chin.] Same a.a Bim. 

Btro» xyf>^, g 3, a. O^TnpolIte; indecent; vul- 
gar; indelicate, ©[coll.] Unsightly; ugly. 9 
Not to be openly declared, most frequently used 
in asking pardon. 

Bivfi desiioa gomen wo komuru, S H t* 7. f/j)p 

J§ ■?" SR "'. pardon the indelicacy for my vulgari- 

Ryn. MiGURUSHiKl, Shitsubei. Lty. 

Biro, y-'65,i^ff^, n. [Bot] Palmetto; Livistonia 

BlrSdo, VS^'^.^S?^, n. Velvet. rmoaa. 

Blrodo-goko, u.' e. 5 ^ S W, Jlfe^J^, n. [BoL]X 

BlrSdo-lro, U>'6 5'!fVi5, ff^JH-fi.w. Velvet colour. 

BIrSdo-iiiiialil, u,'6 5^tj* L. «• [Entom.]A npecies 
of beetle. 

BlrSdo-rnn, tK ^ ? * 6 ^, n. [Bot.] Goodyera velu- 

Blrodo-shldn, Xt!^5'SX7&, n. [Bot.lPolVPodtam 

Blrodo-Bugl, criij*-^*^, ^tt, H. [Bot.] Lycopo- 
dium japonicum. f Acorns. 

Bli'odo-BokJslio, U>'6 5>etf-l&£.-^5,i£S'. "■ [Bot] 

Birokii, U^'^S < , W<^' '^- Small salary; a ration 

or stipend of little value. euru, v.i. To be 

ruined or impoverished by the loss of an official 

' Fuchi ni hanarete biroku sutu, ^^ ~^uy 
ffiCjiS :^ fl'i to be impoverished by the loss of a 
ration, or of a lucrative offlce. 

BirushanabutBii, rj^ZX-^'^^o, EISSSPW, "• 
[Biidd.] The name of a Buddhist deity. 

BIryS, O-' 1(1 -^5, "- [CWn.] The bridge of the 
Syn. Hanamine. Lnose. 

Bli'TOku, ofW) i < , g)[ :^, n. See under Bi (JR). 

BIrya, C^''(I5,fflffl, o-- [ifcd,] Dangerous; critical; 
very bad ; fatal ; hopeless, 

Blsal. IV3.V*, SJtJl)], a. and odu Small; nice; deli- 
cate; miml'te; in detail; particularly. 


BIsei, j}!^\^,^V^, n. [Chin.] Beautiful or fine 
Syn. Kaisei, Tokihare. L^eather. 

Blael, CN*^V^,^S?, '"■■ [Chin.] Same as Bfon. 
Blsoinenslia, c^''^V^n^X■^, )*IR^#,«. [Law.} 
jtllsoluenstin, Tt-^V-^LX^, Persons under the 

legal age. 
BlseiB, C^'*^, iStRS, >*• Humble; low; base, mean. 
Blsen iforl okotte saisho to nam, ffc ^ a V S t' 
^ffi h ;S'^. to Tif'e from a humble position to 
that of prime minister. 

BJshamonten, U.';^-^^ ^-C^, JE?>P5^, "■ Oii» 
of the four Buddhist Tenn'i, or Deva kings, 

BlMhl, TyX,^^., n. [CMn.]See Bichunnil Bl. 

Bishfn, V^XA.. St^.'"- [Chin.]Snme us Blku(^m 

BlsbiD, ty L^, SitE. "• A humble subject or »«r- 





Blslid, cvi t.5, 5^59. w- A eulogistic name, title, 

or fippellation. 
KSii^ho, U.'-fr5, St iJ', a. Little; small. 

Syn. Chiisai, Sukoshi, Sukunai, Wazuka. 
Oisho, CK^-^ 5 , i0[ ft, n. A sUgbt wound or cut. 
BLsho wo uku, S:il^55^, to be slightly 
Syn. ASAUE, TEKizu. L'wounded. 

Itisho. iy*5,S[1l, n. See under -Bi (8X)- 

Hiirii, v.i. To smile; to express Joy, love, or 
pleasure by a slow contraction of the ieatureB 
of the face. 

Syn. HOHOEMtJ, NiKONIKO warau. 
Illslio-toisho, ry % 'i. xy X 2l, y^ O Thoroughly 
drenched ; wet to the skin i^Eng.) or to tbe bone 
(SpaTiuV;); completely wet. @ Raining slightly. 
Amega bishobisho furu, ^^tfs/atf?/ 3[^ /i-, 
a drenching rsi in falls. 
IClslioku, tA'X i < , #@, ,1. See under Bl (5^). 
Bli^liokii, l>*ati.<.^fi, n. See under 5i i^). 
Rlslioiiiire, tA'iiSih., a. [coll.] Drenched with 

rain or water, 
nisliii, jyzi/b, ^M, '"■■ See under Bl (^y, 
Itlso, CPt, AM. '>^- The originator; the founder; 
Syn. GWANSO Lthe inventor. 

Bls5, iK5 5,||tB. w. Fine or good physiognomy. 
Rls5, iP3 5, $$ ifcl;, n. See under £i (5g). 
Rlaokii, V'^<,!i!§., n. [Cfttn.] The pleasure of 
one's superiors. 

nito no MsoTcu wo ukaoau, A^AJ-^ffl"?. 
to consult the pleasure of another; to flatter; 
to play the courtier. 
Bl9Stiori, Ty-y%.i.S>, d- SomQ as Bisho-blsho. 

Oame de Msshori to natta, ;'cM^tf'y£/aV h 
•^yH, to be drenched with rain. 
Blsnl.tK-^V^, SKSS.n. and a. O Slight Intoxieatlon, 
drunkennest!, or inebriety. @ Half drunk ; not 
excessively inebriated. 

HaTia wa lianJcai saTce wa bisul, ^■>'*^MM-^ 
St[ Bfi, stop safce when half drunk, see the flower 
when half open : they will be at their best. 
Bisul sum, I^*■^lr-i^2, !R®, v.i. To hare a Bbort 
sleep; to doze; to nap. 

Syn. Madobomtt, Torotoro bvylv. 

Blta» Uvte.SES. ft- An iron coin of Tery little value. 

Sita ichlmon mo motanu, K — ^■=ej^^3r, I 

Syn. NabesRN. L^ave not a cent. 

Blta-t>lta sum, VtiV^'ftitZ, vi. To stick aaeori 

when walking on the wet ground. 
Bltrhiri, Xh'-j%^ , "• [Bnt.] Corydalis Aemi7nX>ens. 
BItelcliii. c^*-^:v^%-W)5. aa^A, ■«• [ZoSuY A slug. 

Syn. Nambkujiri. 
BlteEkotMi, ^^•^:v^t•^. MgS^, ". [ifetJ.] The 
coccyx ; the coccygeal vertebrae. 
S711. KAxmoo 


strolling lutist, usually 

mto, CA*lf5, 9.^. n. The tip of the nose. 
Bito, tN'if 5, ^ a, '■■. \Bot.] Dnlichos LaUob. 

Syn. Ingemmame, rchaiarter 

Bltoku, U.'!f < , '^^., n. A virtue; a good trait of 
Bill, ^^•5, gi[fg, 11. A slight rainfall. 

Bliin, t^*5^, Kj^, »i. O Same aa BctJi-wra. ©Mis- 
fortune ; ill-luck. 

Syn. FUSHIAWASE, Hakumei. 
Bitva, 0-* tt, S a, tt. 
[Mus.] A four-string- 
ed lute. 

[JSot.lTheloquat, or 

Japanese medlar. 
Bi«vabon, C^*H^^^, 1 
Biwaf^oto, lA'tJa^. ' 

p §1, n. [Mus.l A 

syrinx; pandsan 

BiwaliSshl, pr S »2 i 

Biwalto, 0(.*ttV\if, %^^., V. Strint,' tor a lute 
Blwauchf, C^ H 5 ■^, ^HJT. «- A lutist; one 

who performs on the lute. 
BlwayStS, U'-a^5fe5, atffi?^?^, n. {MedAK 

decoction of loquat leaves, said to be a good 

drink In summer. 
BIya, xy^, ffliffl, ti. [Bot.] Same as B'fwa. 
Blyabu, X}!^<. ig^, n. A philter. 


BIyO, Uf^5. $[S. «- See under Bi (^). 

Blxen-yalcl, U-'-&A-^&,M65'!^. "• Bizen earthen- 

BlEul suru, :^?V-^2, M^, t'-^ To follow; to go 
after; to accompany; to imitate. 

Syn. Ato ni soitagau, Ato ni tsdku. 

B6, {f5, B, 7*. {Bot.l Miscanthns sinesls. 

B6, K?. Wt "• O A stick, pole, or bludgeon. Q 
A line. © Blows with a stick, club, etc 

Bo wo hiku, ^f- 51 ^, to draw .1 line ; to cancel 
or make an account square; Bo-osM wo sum, 
^ JS ^ ::^ i«-. to play polepushing, the exact 
opposite of rope-pulling; Rokmhaku-bo, i%Ki^, 
a sixfoot pole used as a defensive weapon. 

Bo, If 5, Ipfl, n. lC?iin.] A hat; cap; hood; bonnet. 

BS, 13:5. Re. «■ A fabulous bird, monstrous both 
in size and power of flight. 

Bo- ld?5, ^. «• [Chin.] QUsed in compound words 

means hope, prospect, or popularity. @ The 

fullness of the moon ; the 15th day of the month 

Syn. MOOHI. i(p. 5.). 

Bfl» U?, ff, 7*. [Chin.] A. room or chamber ; store 
or lb* p. 




BS. If 5, ^, pron. [Chin.] O rie; eo and bo. @ 
In compounds. It is a pronoininal adjective 
meaning some or certain. 

U6, [5'5, J5R, n. [Astron.]OaB of the 2iJ constella- 
tions, the Pleiades. 

Ho- IJ5. Bf. Ti- [^stron.] One of the 28 constella- 
tions, the four stars in Scorpio. 

Bo, U 5, t5, /t. [CWn.] A temple, especially a 
small one; a cottage or cell where a retired 
priest lives; an out-house belonging to a Budd- 
hist temple. 

B5, If 5. n. [coll.] Ahoy, a loving word. 

Boya, :^X/ -V, [coH,] my dear boy I Bosan rip- 
pa na 6e6e Oesu net, p"^ V "9- z/ ^^ ^ ^ ^ f 7. =^ 
— , what a splendid coat you have on, my child I 

Bft, US, Cj. n. [Chin.] Used in compounds, de- 
ceased ; late ; dead. 

Bo-fu, C^, my dead father; Bo nantgashi 
vji, O^0i> la'te Mr. 80 and so. 

Bo, U, S, w. {Chtn.'i The Chinese character for 
haka. flowing. 

BO, tt 5. ^, n. The bellowing or cry of cattle; 

8A-abu, (f 5 i C 1 1^ £. fu Cruelty; tyranny; 
savagenesa ; wickedness. 

BSatsu Buru, ^r 9 % •^ -^S, ^%, v.t. [Chitti.] To 
stop; to prevent; to cut short; to block up; to 
hinder; to obstruct. 

Bfibana. tfSlfti:, ^JL, n. [COEK.] That point in a 
highway where it enters or loaves a town, city, 
or village. 

BSbJ, aso:, R5^, ra. iOliin.} Providing against 
an enemy; defence; protection; defenslre pre- 

Bfiblya, I3i ^ Vf ^, ^ IK115> ti. An iron case con- 
taining a charge for a gun. 

BSbfi, (K ? K 5. Wk, adv. and a. Foolish; silly; 
nnintelligent; dull; stupid, 
Syn. NiBUKiT. 

B5t>5, tf$tf5> IE3E. a.a,ndadu. O Growing thick 
and rank over an extensive tract of ground. Q 
Extensive ; boundless. 

Kusa hobo to shite shozu, :^fB k b^'y^TT, 
the gi-ass is growing thick and rank. 

BSbuna, tf$ Jt«, 

BObura. lf9Jt&, 

BSbiitsusen-nndS, If ?>'9^^9^^$, 2ti'^$gJS 
Sfi, n. [Physic.} Parabolic motion. ' 

Bocbl, ffi'5, SE ife. w. Cemetery; graveyard; buri- 
al ground. 

Syn. Hakaba. Hakaoht, MatsSohi, 

BSchlKli'l* \Si5%VSi, n. [coll.] A long stick or 

KenMoa sttgite no bochigiri, IS ^ 1^ =*=■ t* ^ i^^ 
^ 4^ V * to bring a cane after ft (luarrel; Iflff.] to 
be behind tinu. 

hS ffi. n. [BoU] Pdmpkin. 

K5cbo, If 5 t ^ 5. 00, n. [Physics.] Swelling; 

expansion; distension. 
Mem-b'dchd, iS ^, superficial expansion : Sen- 

bocho, MlB^i linear expansion; Taibdc7t7), t)C 

0^5, cubical expansion; Zettal-bochTi, i|!g^0AH, 

absolute expansion. 

— siini, v.i. To swell; to expand. 
B5c]i5, If 5 "^-^ 5, ^Jgj 71. O Attending as an 

auditor. @ Audience. 
Bdch~imuryn,^^^i^\, admittance free; Bi- 

chowo klnzu, ^^'9-^:A, to forbid audience; 

to meet with closed doors. piearer. 

- — stirii, v.i. and t. To hear; to attend as a 
BOcho-klppii. <jS 5%^^^-jJi,mM9in, n. A 

ticket for admittance to a place of assembly. 
Bocho- jiiL5-sblkl, 1X5*^^5 V?t 52.?, H^J1S=W 

i^, n. [Physics.] Expansion factor. Thearera. 
Becbo-nlii. ^Sr5'^^5l/t^, ^^BSA, n. Audience; 
Bocho-no-kelsn, (f 5 V^5©W•^/^-^5, B^Jg C^ ©, 

n. [Physics.] Coefficient of expansion. 
Boehdsel, if 5 *^^ 5 *V^, i^)lS#, n. [Physics.] 

BScho-sebl, If 5'^-^$-%'^. C@^R€. n. Audience 

chamber, room, or court. 
B5dal, ttJfeV', 8§ffl, 7*. [C/tfn.] Referring to any 

thing outside of the principal theme in compos- 
ing a Japanese poem. 
Bodal, *f^-f, ^S, n. [BM^.]Perf6ct devotion; 

the way ql salvation; salvation; redemption 

from worldly troubles or cares; full knowledge 

of the Buddhist doctrines. 
Semo no bodai wo tomuro, ^|a>^ffi^ffl7, 

to have a priest read from the sacred books over 

the graves of one's ancestora 

Syn. HOTOKE NO MiCHi. rgiosa. 

Bodalju, tf ;t'V^:&W), ^ffiW, n. [Bot.] Flcus reli- 
Bodaiju, K?E\f-&W), 71. [Bot.] Tilia Meqiteliana. 
BodalBbln, ff?t•V^:fc^, ^ffi.Ci, ■». A religious 

aptitude; a devotional disposition of the mind; 

carelessness as to worldly aflFairs. 
Bodaisho, fl:fev^;£3:. #ffl^, v*. [Buad.}A tem- 
ple where the deceased members of a family 

have, had the religious rites performed over 

their departing sours; a family cemetery. 
Syn. DanNA^era. 
BSdan, tf 5fe^, Sf?, n. [Cftin.] Idle tattle; 

groEBrtless talk; gossip; false report; lie; false- 
Sito no b^dan wo shinzu, A -^ ^ ^ ^ ^f :^. 1^* 

believe an invented story. 
Bodara, t3r5?t-e, ^E, »!■ A dried cod. 
Bddo, (f 5*. l^iS, n. Violent anger, ire, wrath, 

or Indignation. enru. v.t. To be angry oi 





Bod5, K^5, ^!^, n. [Ghin.\A. mother (respect- 

Syn. BokO, Hahagimi, HokudS. 
Bdfl5, kf 5 ^ 5, ||:5!t'i "• -A- riotoua or mobbish 

movement; disturbance; riot; rebellion. 

siiru, v.i. To riot; to revolt, to cause a tumult" 
or disturbance ; to act traitorously; to renounce 
the law and government. 

Fuhti no tami t>Tdd wo okosu, I?^ ^ ^ K S^ ffij ^ 
g y., the malcontents i'orm themselves into a 
mob; the discontented take up arms against 
the gnvernmeot. 

Syn. Ran, Sawagi, S(1d5. 
Boekl, K 5 A. 5, S lo. w. Trade; commerce; ex- 
change; traffic; business. surn, v.t. To 

exchange. v.i. To trade; to carry on com- 
merce; to traffic. 

Gwaikoku to boeki suru, ^t S h ^Si^' f^> to 
engage in foreign trade. 


Bdekirn, If 5^&-t-5. g ^ SI,, ». The trade wind. 

llantai h" ekifu, R S g .^ ffl,, anti-trade wind. 

BOelilgln. tJ 5 i^ r^, ^^SB, n. The silver 

coins nseU in dealing with foreign merchants; 

the Mexican silver. 
Bdeki-JljiiiiKwun, 13^5^$ ;£■*?< ib ^, S ^ ^ ?i5 

"%, n. A commercial agent, 
Boekijo, 0;?A.^-^-^5, %^)^,n. A trading 

post, place, or port; a foreign market. 
BocUlsho. K$A.^;£-^5, R ^ ^, n. One who is 

engaged in foreign trade; a trader; a merchant. 
Bockl-sliokwal, lf5^&X-^5<47V^. S J^ ® ^. 

It, A trade company or firm. 
Bdcnkyo, ld'^i&^&^5, SJa^. n. [Physics.^ A 


Hansha boenkyl, Bi^Mi&^, reflecting teles- 
cope; Kussetsu-blenkyo, HtlrgiS^, refracting 


Syn. Tom EGA NE, 
Bjieii siiru, ^J5;t^■^^, mm. v.i. [Chin,] To ex- 
tend; to reacli far or continuously; to stretch 

out, to be continuous in areal dimensions. 
Dora, tt 5 ^5. ESPl, n. 

[BoL] Siier divaricatvm. 
UoTu, tf 5i5, :^R, n. A 

violent wind or gale; 

Btorni; tempest. fTB. 

Syn. ARASHI, Hata- 

Bom, ti5J-, CK. «• [Chin.] 

A deceased father. 
Bofu no katami, tjiC^ 

ffB.'g:, the memory of 

dead father; Bofu no yui- 

gon, C K -^ JS Si a deac 

father's wUL 


BSrurl, 1^5^15,^11!:, " [Bot.] Same aa B56ura. 

BSrurl-miiHbl. 1^^ ^V)^i, :f :f,n. [Entom.]Th9 
larva of the musquito. 

Bdriiynkii, (f 5 .i.^ < , RS fiff ®S. "• L-M«i-1 An anti- 
Reptlc; anything that counteracts putrefaction 
or putrescent tendencies. 

BSgal, fef 5iJ'V/^, fi5W, ". Violation; Infringement; 
injury; harm; prevention; disturbance; an obs- 

ATnmtn bogai, ^ fife Jtf #, disturbing one'a 
sleep; Chian bogai, ^^jJJ^, disturbing the 
public peace. fstruct. 
sum, v.t. To disturb, injure, harm, or ob- 

Bogal-butsii, tf 5 b'^j^ J*-^, l^j"^^, »■ An ob- 
stacle; hindrance. 

Bog^ashira, arSft'XS.^pM. «• The chief or head 
of chairbearers. 

Bdge, lf5l^, J^JJ, n. Prevention; obstruction; 
presenting an obstacle; standing in the way of. 
Buru, v.t. To prevent, etc. 

Bogeo, tfJW'X, ^B^, n. Violent or angry words; 
impossibility; the language of a crazy person. 
Burii, v.i. To use violent language. 

Bogen, tfJl^XiSW. ^ [Chin.] Same as fiofiaii. 
assumes the usual verb-forms. 

Bogctsii. ttf5W^-^, ^fl, n. [C/ifT?.] The full moon; 
the moon on the 15th night of the month (o. s.). 

BOgi, tf5'^, K®. '*■ Counsel, consultation, deli- 
beration; careful discussion; plotting or In- 
trigue (in a bad sense). 

Bogi ni azukaru, ^HE=i||Ji'> to partake in 
the consultation. fintrigue. 

sum, v.t. To consult; to counsel; to plot, 

Kokiijl wo hvgi suru, S H ^ K- S 7* n-, to deli 
berate on state aflfairs. 

Syn. Hakaru, Keir-taku subu. 

BogI, KSf. ^^, n. Same as fiodi. 

Bogo, ti5&, ^sg, n. [C/iin.] Same as BSdaji, 
Takes the usual verb-forms. 

Bogo, tf5S:, PJS5, n. Defence; opposition; pro 
tection; resistance; fighting for defensive pur- 
poses. suru, v.t. To defend; to protect, 


B5gul, K5M>. 5^^, n. Posts for marking the 
boundary-line; a mile-post. 

Bogui wo tatsu, Stt ^ jS y, to set posts for 
marking bhe boundary. 

Bogunii, as^-;^, ^*B. "■ [coll.'] Fellow chair 
bearers, fellow coolies; an associate; a mate. 

Bdgwal, [|f 5 (cinV-, ^ J'k a. and aiJv. Unexpected, 
unhoped; not looked or hoped for; unlooked- 

Bogwai no seffc5, ^9\-^^i^, an unlooked-for 
or unhoped success. 

Bogyaku, If 5 Igr-^ < , ft !fi. o- and n, Q Violent, 




tyrannical; brutal; not bound by morality or 
law. @ Violence ; tyranny ; cruelty, etc. 
Bfigyakii, &fiW^<.^tB, n. Cruelty; violence; 

oppression; despotism; tyranny; injustice. 

eurii, v.t. To act cruelly; to tyrannize. 
BSgyo, a 9 ^ i.Kj J®, n. Defence; resistance 
against an invading army; protection. 
Kalgan bdgyo, ^ ^ K5 JS, defence of the coast. 

siiru, T.t. To defend; to protect. 

Byn. FasEGi, Fosegu. 
Bohan. tttt^, ffi^T, n. [Chin.] Example; model; 
pattern; standard. 
Voktt)o7ian, $|^S$B. good model. 
Syn. HTOJtfN, Igata, Tetion. 
BSIian, ^K5tt^, SiE^j, 7t. Forging or counterfeit- 
ing a seal or stamp. sum, v.t. To coun- 

Syn. GiHAN, NiSKHAN. Lf^^rfeit. 
BStinn, ll9:5tt^,SE^, n. [Chin.] Rebellion; con- 
spiracy; revolt; treason. sum, v.i. To 

rebel; to revolt; to renounce the authority of 
the law and ffovernment. 


BOhan, fcTjaA, WIG. '*- Violation. 
Bfihau-nJu, « 5 H ^ K ^, Sft ?J A, ■». One who 

forges a seal. 
BShun-nin, ^f5a^^/c^, )%^\,n. Arehel; trai- 
Mulion-nln, tp^'i^^/c^, S tor; conspirator. 

Bohan-nln wo baku suru, ^I^A^SS^ff-, to 
catch and bind a traitor. 
Bohel, t9!-^V, ©:!?, n. [Chtn.] A recruit; newly 

enlisted troops. suru, v.t. To raise an 

army; to recruit. 

BoJiei hajimete tataJcau, ^^-^llk j* T'M'y, the 
recruits have taken the field for the flr.'^t time. 
Bohl, K^.SEf^. "• [Chin.] A tombstone; monu- 
ment; cenotaph. 

Syn. Haka, SekitD, Tsuka. 
Bdli5, Kt45.^ilf. w. [Chin.} A grave mound; a 
sepulchral elevation or hill; a raised ground for 

Syn. TsrKA, Tsukatama, 
Bobyfi, K-^5,]^)^- n, [Chin.] A post with the 
name of the deceased written upon it, tem- 
porarily set over a grave. 
Syn. Hakajirdshi. 
Boliy5. l,9;-.5,Jg£, n. [Chin.] An Inscription on 
a tombstone; epitaph. 
Syn. HiMEi. 
Bdyho, tf 5y-^5,S^, n. An irrational criticism; 
speaking ol' anything critically without I'ully 
knowing it; inerudite judgement of literary or 

theatrical performances. suru, v.t. To 

witicize, etc. 

BMbun wo bohyd surv, ^S: ^ ^^ :?. ;t., to 
eriticlze literary compositions; to pass a critic- 
al Judgement upon prose and poetry (.Bo, or 

inerudite, humbly prefixed by literary judges, 
to the word hyo, which in Itself has the full 
signification of the English verb to criticize). 

B5I, (if5V^,Kia, n. [Bat.] Goccttltts Thunberglt. 

Bfll, tf5V^. I^RKi n. Abuse of power; tyranny; 
overwhelming authority; irrational rigour. 

Boi wo furutte banjin wo appuJcu sunt, ^^9- 
figx^A^MflB^^, to keep down the savages 
by dint of rigorous discipline or by means of 
threats. fAwning. 

Boi, isy^, ^ti, n. O Mounted soldier's hood. @ 
Syn. HORO. fsound. 

Boln, l^:v^^, S^, n. [Gram.] a vowel; a vowel 

Boln, Of v> ^, ^ fp, n. Sealing with the top of the 

thumb (in cases when a proper seal is not at 

Syn. TSDMEIN. |_hand). 

BoJii. U 5 \r' ^, #§*:, n. Drinking too much; 

drinking spirituous liquids to excess. suru* 

v.t. To drink excessively, etc. 

BTiin suru to fccnfco wo gaisu. 3^ St t; ft- I- ffi 
^ ?? ^'i excessive drinking of sake is detrimen- 
tal to one's health. fuiug away. 

Boitsu, kf5V^, CiS. "■ [Chin.] Escaping, run- 

Bdltsii, iS^V'''?, ^^, ft. [Chin.] Overflowing of 

a river, lake, etc. suru, v.t. To overflow; 

to inundate. 

TatTca b?5/(s« 5urw, iK.^^'U^ n^, the great 
river overflowed its banks. 

BojaUu-bujIn. id^£:^< J^Z'A.. «?^fRA, a. and 
adv. Not caring a bit for bystanders; as If no- 
body were near; shameless; regardless; unres- 
trained; audacious in ahigh degree. 

Bnjaku-bujin no okonat, g? ^# Av ^f St. very 
audacious conduct; to act shamelessly as if one 
were the master of the world. 

BoJakH suru, [Jir5^'-^<-iI-3. J CE. v.i. [Chin.} 

Botoliu suru, (i5i?< ^3, ) To flee; to run 

Boji, lf5S*, ^0, n. Sexual Intercourse. 

BflJI, [S3&, ji^5t, n. A cook whoso business it is 
to boil rice; a cook of a low grade. 

BoJI, IXXs Q:^, n. [Gram.] A vowel. 

BSjiD, [J$:£*A, t A, ■". The dead, deceased, or 

Bojin, (f 5X^. ) 

Mojln, ^5X•^, 

BOjIn, |i5:£'A, ^A, ". [CT-in.] A bystander. 

BfiJIn, iS^X'k, ^ A, n. A rough person; bully; 
one who behaves violently or unreasonably. 

BoJin suru, tf 5 ;£• ^ ^ 2, SIS. v.i. [Chin.]To 
lessen; to be destroyed or defaced; to be ex- 

Bojitsu, (J5X-9, ^H. ". [C/iin.] The I5th dfiy ot 
the month (p. s.). 

BSJo, tf5X--^5, niK. n. [Chtn.lThe state of be- 
Vng violent, audacious, unruly, or Irratlonat 

WA. ■. 

A blind man. 



, n [Bot.] QwiBce. 

RojiiEi. ^f5&'.^^. ^Ji, n. [C/Un.] See MiijuTU 

KoUtil, tffi'V^. ^)S, "• Same as Bote* (^ ISJl. 

lEokal, SAV. 

noknislil, IS*.\/^L, 

Uokifckii, if5i><, ^^, n. A bully; a quarrel- 
some or insolent iierson. 

Bokwiiu sum, (i$<ih^-?■^, ^M' ^'■t- To look 
up to; to look 'lowu upon; to survey; to take a 
wide view. 

BoknsliJ, Ui'+, ■iff, 71. Gradations of tone from 
tlie deeper to the ligliter; leaving uncoloured 
orunpainted, shading. 

Bokasu, \3ii}'-f, ■&. u.t. To make lighter, as 
shades of a colour. 
Iro wo bokasu, ^f-^Ti, to lighten a colour. 

Qoke, KW, :^Jk,^^. '?■ [iJot.] Japanese quince. 

Boke, 13: W-, 1t^ti. '"■■ [fiot.] Spanish potato, or 
sweet potato. 

Boke-lioke to, l^i/f[%^)^, ^IW-^ adv. Stupidly; 
distractedly; charmed; bewitched; foolish; be- 
reaved of reason. 

Bokni. \%\d-\r, ttJPJ. 'I. [Sot.] Hemp-leaved chaste 
tree, Vitex Negundo. 

Bokoi, lf5W-V*, Utll', «■ Policy, piot; intrigue; 

expedient; plan; stratagem; artifice trick. 

surUr v.t. To resort to a stratagem or policy; 
to plot or Intrigue. 

Syn. Hakaru, Keirtakd. 

Bokel, Gi:w-\/^, !?lal, n. [Cftfn.] A scheme; design; 
plan; project; continued attention to a subject, 

Bokel, KtJ-v^, i^M, n. [Chin.] Model; plan; pat- 

B5kcl, Ki;50-V\, ^?^, n. [£aw.] A branch line, a 
collateral line. 

Bokel, lffW*V^, StTj, ". Tlie evening; the evening 

Kdken, ^i5H■^, '^^, n. A bold enterprise; jeo- 
pardy; adventure. -snrn, r.f. To adven- 
ture; to risk; to hazard; to try the chance. 

B5ken-ryo, tf 5tt^*^5. m^^^,n. [Law.] A pre- 
mium for risk. 

Bdkcn-elia» HrjW'AX-':-, mBIS', n. An adven- 

nSkon-talshakii, ^f5W'^fe^^:£•^< , 1' ^ ^ fg, 
n. lLaiv.]A loan with risk. 

Rokcii-toltO. id'5W■^^:v^:te5. ^m^'^.n. {Law.] 
A mortgage with risk. 

Kokorii, [J 3 W, ^, v.i. To become weaker in 
mental power in consequence of age; to turn 

Toshi zvo torn to hoJceru, if ^ ^ ;t- h g »-, age 
is second childhood. 


Boketau, KW"-^. ^53. ?*■ Same as J5o/ii 


Boki, IJ5?, RS^ n. [Bot.] Pencedanum japoni- 

Bokl. IS %, 35 bB, a. Book-keeping. 

GinkTi-boki, S9 ff !S PB> bank book-keeping; 
Kakei-boki, g^iii^jB. domestic book-keeping; 
Kwaisha-7}0ki, #^ ntt ^ BE- corporation book- 
keeping; Kwanyo'boki, "^ ffl i? IB, government 
book-keeping; Sfidgyoboki, ffliJHUBi commer- 
cial book-keeping, 

Bokl-boki to, IS^Sr^lf, adv. [coii.] A word 
representing the sound or manner of cracking 
the fingers, or breaking a brittle substance. 

Boki-sakko, IS.^iityi>^, 'Mt&m^^ "■ A school 
where the art of book-keeping is taught 

Boklgaku, ^ @ 1]* < , ;$|B¥> ^- The scienc« or 
art of book-keeping. 

Bokl-gakuflhn, IK & ft* < X -^, 5t IB^ #. «• A 
book-keeper; one versed in the science of book- 
keeping, rkeeping. 

Boklho, StK-t, -^BBii, n. The rules of book- 

Boklkata, ^ @ *>fe, ?| BE ;5. »*• A. clerk; book- 

Boklkwa, la & < 49, S SB ^. /*• [Bot.] BemerocaJ- 
Us fiava^ 

Bokin siiru, tf51&^-^^, PSS. v.i. To porhibit; 
to prevent. 

Bokkakii, 1S:-yi}'< ,S^. "- [C/Hn.]One skilled in 
the use of the brush-pen; a calligrapber; a pen- 

Bunjln bokkaku. S A^S, [Chin.] poets and 
calligraphers; painters and calligi apliers of ^ 
literary turn. 

Bokken, B;■yW•^, :+: 01, n. A wooden sword. 
Syn. KiDACHi. 

Bokkl suru, t^y^^S.^^, v.i. To stand elect; 
to swell up; to erect; to rise firm and upright. 

Bokkon. l3i■■J'C.^, 'f: KS, ti- A wooden club; stick. 

Bokko suru, H -y j. 5 -^ 2. ^ P, v.i. [Chin,] To 
become suddenly Influential or powerful; to rise 
of a sudden. 

Kokkivan, IS-y < *5 ^, iSf. n. Dismissal from 
office; deposition; depriving or withdrawing 
one's official appointment. 

Kokkyaku suru.iS-y^-^^-^Z.iSiP, v.t. [Chin.] 
To demolish; to pull down; to destroy. 

Bokkyo, t^y^i, h g, n. [C/iin.] Fixing a place 
of residence ; choice of a house to live in. Takes 

BokS, ifC^.^^, n. [Chl}i.':[horw.] Mother. 

Boko. Hr5**5, ^W> '•■ [Bot.] merochloa hnrealis 

Boko, H:;i$, tt g, 71. -Bot.] Artemisia japonica. 

B5kd, li5*'5,5:tT, n. A'iolent or irr.itional act, 

or conduct; imprudence; villainy; atrocity. 

suru, v.t. To act violently, etc. 

Bok5. ti5*>'J. Sff n. SCMn.) iBcunslcJeTivt-e 


act; imprudent conduct; acting or behaving 

rashly, injudiciously, or incautiously. 
Bokon, Kl:it.^,^K, n. [Chin.] Poverty; needi- 

ness; want; indigence. fsunset. 

Bokon, ia:C.A.S:{?< «- [CMn.] The evening; the 

Syn. HiGURE, Tasogake. 
Bokon, li5^.^, G^. n- A ghost or sprite; an 
Syn. TUREi. papparition. 

Bokosal, a 5 C 5 5 V^, ^ » 3S. '*. [Bot] Drosera 

Boku, \S^< ,^, n. O A servant; «. domestic. @ 

pron. I, your servant. 

Syn. Kbrai, Kozukai, Yatsugaee. 
Bokii, 19:< , 5f:, n. [Chin.] Wood. 
Boku, tK< , S, 71. O Ink; Indian ink. @ Writing. 

Syn. SUMi. 
Bokiiba, K < tf , % JK. '"'■ The breeding ol' horses. 
Bokn lia, IK ^ If , ?|v I?, «. A wooden horse. 
Bokulmn. }^ < a A^, -^ M> n. A wooden bowl or 

Bokiibokii, 'V < tK cms, t^- [Ohin.] Grand; 

stately; highly dignified; majestic. 
BokiichI, 1S:<%,B'^, n. [Chin.] A liind of ink- 
Syn. Suzuki. Lstone. 

Bokiii'lilku, \Si < % <M^, '"■■ Stock farming; 

breeding and rearing of animals. 
BokncliJku-Jo. a*<%<;&-^5.te^tt;. n. Apas- 

ture; a Rtock farm 
nokiiriiokii, ia:< ■tJ:<,j^iS, a. [CM??.] Simple; 

straight-forward; artless; undesigning; frank; 

open; candid; honeit. 


nokiidnl, ?X<7&\/-,^'M, 7t. Anything on which 

nn ink cake is made to rest. 
I!ukiuld, KC'5«5.'feSt^. «■ A boy tending horses, 
cows, or other domestic animals; a cowherd; 

Bokvdo fue wo fuku, IK( S S ^ li)^ ^ . the herd- 
boy is playing on a flute. 
Bokiido, lS<l«,t{ClR, n. Labourers on «, "iock- 

farm; lierdsmen, 
RftkncUl, \^.<X.^,:^'i^, n. Wood sap. 
ISokiifii, }Si< ^,^^, n. A servant; menial. 
Bokiiniyo. t^<^i5,7fc^^. 71. [Bot.] Hibiscus 
Syn. KiBAGHiscr. ImutaUUs. 

Bokiigii, tg;< <'5,:^1S. ^ A wooden statue; an 
Son. DEKUNOBO, MoKUBo. Lidol. 

RokTisriJiii, li^^ <'5^'^,^^S A, rt. A good-for- 
nothing fellow; man of very sendentary habits; 
a puppet. 
nokiig^vii, (Sf < <' *j, g,^, n. Ink-picture.'^, i.e. 
sketche-, pictures, or figures drawn with Japan- 
ese or Chinese ink. 

Bohttgwa no kakemono, S.S--'ffl'^T Indian 
ink hanging pictures. 
Syn. SUMiB. 



Bokiiff-tvan, |S:< <'*>^, * %, n. [Chin.] A gag. 


Bokugyn. a;< Sr5,:tSt4^, n. Breeding of neat cat- 
tle. sum, v.i. To breed neat cattle; to 

raise cows and oxen. ffor neat cattie. 

Bokiie;yu-Jfi, »:< ?r?'e^-^5,lR*«S, «. a pasture 

Bokiilin, K < fcJ, 7^: ffi, n. A wooden rake. 

Bokuliaku, is: < a < , tic 16, n. [Chin.] A governor 
of a province; prefect; the head of a local 
government; feudal lord. 

Syn. Kashira, Osa, Tbdkasa. 

Bokiilian, s:< (l^, ^)S. "• The art of printing 
ftom wooden blocks; a wood-cut More com' 
monly written Mohiiban. 

Bokuhan ?io e, /f: ftg -^ ffi. a wood-cut; Bokuhan 
zuri, Tf^liBIS, taking impressions from wood- 
cuts, rfemale domestics. 

Bokulil, 13: < Vt'^M, n. Servants; male and 

Bokiihon, a<ia^, S>P. "■ Prints or impres- 
sions taken from monuments or other engraved 
stones. fviner. 

Bokiijin, ^2:<*'^, l' a. n. A fortune-teller; di- 

Bokiijln, IS < X'k, IK A, n. A breeder. 

BokiiJO, IS < :£• 1 5. S^, n. [Chin.] The car- 
penter's inked line. ■ riithograph. 

BokiijO, B:< "C-S-, ^^h- "• [Chin.] A copy-b ok; a 

Bokvjo vjo narau, ^^^^"7, to learn to 

write by imitating the written or printed cliar 

acters in a copy-book; Kowataii no bokuju, ■jg'igE 

•^SM. lithographs brought from China a long 

Syn. BOKUHON, HoJO, itime ago. 

Bokiijfi, tS < -^^ 5 , IS «S. n. A pasture. 

Bokuju, U£<X-^. St, n. Ink. 

BokujD. HTCZ'?, flI'fS, n. A servant. 

Boknkaku, lff<i><, S5P, n. See iSofcfcaftu. 

Bokukel, K<WV^, =* ff!j. w. [Chin.] Branding a 
criminal by way of punishment; a mark made 
with a brand -iron. 
Syn. IEEZ0MI. 

Bokukl, \^( %, h SB. w* Same as BoJctizet. 

Bokumetsu suru, I& < Ib-oit Z, itM, v.t. T| 
destroy; to eradicate; to cause to cease; to sub 
due; to beat or put down; to suppress. Mort 
proper form is Bakvmetsu. 

Korera wo boknmetsu suru, St^l^i^ ^'M^- n-, 
to suppress cholera; Yamahivaji wo bokumetsu 
suru, \UiK'^ f- B'M ^- 1^, to put out a forest fire 
in the mountains. 

Bokiimiu, 0:< ;^^, ifeS, 71. [ChiTu] Governing a 
province; prefectship. 

Bokiiii, [f5<^. 3Ng. «. [C/ifTi.] A tyrant; auto- 
crat despot 

Bokiin, tf 5 < ^, tj g-, w. [Chin.] The deceased 
master or lord. 

BokiiD. H< ^, fiHi[, 71. [Chin.] Instruction; teach- 
ings; advice: mandate. 




Seiken tio hoknn, gl K > S^ rJi|, the instructions 
S-ja. IBIASHIME, OSHiE. Lof the sages. 

Ookiirel. ec< HV, fit^, n. [Chin.] A servant or 
domestic, especially of a nobleman. 
Syn. JUSHA, Eeeai. 
Bokiirl, ig: < W) , ^ a, )(. Wooden clogs, 

Syn. Geta, Komageta, Pokeuri. 
Bokiirl, t3;< iJ), :^ ^, n. [Bot] Pyrus japonica. 

Syn. Karaeoke. 
Bokuri, s; < ifl, ?f;J5, n- [Chin.] The grain of 
Syn. Ki NO ME, MOKUME. Lwood. 

Bokii-riro, (jc < "il 5, ?t^?'S. ■'*■ [Bot.] Leucothoe 

Bohuryu, (1* < TO 5, * M. ■"■■ [Chin.] Knots or 
protuberances on a tree or in wood. 

Syn. FrsHiKOBU. fof wood. 

Bokiisatsu. BTC?-?, :* ^b, n- Labels or tickets 
Bokitsoki. K C *&, SS*. '*■ [CT.^ft.] Hand-writ- 
ing; penmanship. 

Kojin no boJcuseki, i& A --' S S}:. the hand- 
■writinga of the ancients. 
BokiiHoU), IS < -^ &■ ^S, n. [iff. 1 Wood and 
stone; [Jig.] inanimate things; being without 
Bokunhn, l3r<X-=^. h ^. '^ [CJiin.]A coniurer; 
Syn. UEANMsnA. Lfortunb-teller. 

Bokusha. ^<X^, ^#, «■ Same ks Bokujin. 
Bokuslil, tS^< t, ^^, n^ A preacher or clergy- 
man; pastor; missionary; evangelist. 
Bokiisltltsii, }S:<£,-^,M% ■"■• Simplicity; frank- 
ness; openness. 

T^''fu no boTcushitsu, j^^^i^g, the simpli- 
city of a peasant. 
Bokiieho, RC<;£-^5, :^ E, 7i. A carpenter. 

Syn. Daiku, Takxtmi. 
Bokusho. IK ;£• -^ 5 , I^ ^, ?i. A bruised or con- 
tused wound; a wound caused by a blow. 
Bokusliu siirii, [^<X'3irZ, B^T. t'.f. To pre- 
serve as sacred; to cling or adliere to closely. 

Jasetsu wo boTcushu Siirv, ^M^ ^^'^' f', to 
cling to a prejudicial or biased opinion or idea. 
Syn. KoDEi SURU. 
Bokuso, 19:<5 5, (fe^, n. Grasses. 
Bokutnku, [^ < fc < , tJ; S, 5<. OA bell with a 
wooden tongue, formerly used in giving alarm. 
@ Alarm , proclaimer ; one who arouses, alarms, 
warns, or incites. 
Bokutan, tJC<fe^, *i^, «■ [Bot.]A kind of per- 
simmon that ripes on the tree, a sweet persim- 
mon. fSHIGAKI. 

Bokutan, K<fe^. * m. "■ Charcoal. 
Bokntckl, }^<-t%, ©gf, n. [Chin.] A herdboy'a 

Bokuto, t9:<te?, * 7], ■''■ A wooden sword or 
Syn. BOKEEN, KiDAOHi. L^afiser. 

Bokuto, K<i?. ^=f. f'- [CMw.]Asmall portable 

case for inked cotton or hair, and brushes for 

writing; a kind of inkhorn. 

Syn. SUMITSUBO, Yatate. 
Bokuto, 1I£< )£, :^c >l£, ".. \ZooL\ A horned owl. 

Syn. Kizti, Mimizuku, Zdkct. 

Bokiito^ ^<'£^, ifiMi n. A block, log, stick, or 

Syn. KiGlRE. Lclub. 

Bokuto, li'<fe5, ^ :yt, n. [Bol. Pyrus jajmnica. 

BukutotHu, \^ ( It "7. 5f: IR, a. [Chin.] Simple; 

honest; pure; guileless; artless; not eloquent 
Bokutotsu na oyaji, 7|s ^ ^^ S^, an honest old 

fellow; artless peasant; simple rustic. 
Syn. EuKOTsr, Kazarinaki. 
Bokuyo suru, I^<j^^-^Z, fe Sf , v.t. To breed; 

to feed; to rear or raise. 
Kachiku wo bohuyo surii, ^ ^ ?■ ^ ig 7, fl-, to 

raise domestic animals; to breed cattle. 
Bokuzel, [a: < -ev, h 2S. "■ [Chin.] O fortune- 
telling; divining. Q Slender rods of bamboo 

used by the fortune-teller. 
Bokwaii-sli:t., Id 5 < io A. £, ^. ^M^, rt. A 

Bokwan i^iiru, tj$ < i^^-^^, 6? tS. t-'- [Chin.] 

To look on a thing without taking any interest 

in it, or as a mere bystander; to disregard 

Sometimes used as noun. 
Bokwo, l,i^<t}5, W-^, n. [^na(.] The bladder. 
Bokyaku, kf5^-^<,,g^, Tz. Forgetting. — 

euru, v.t. To forget. 

Syn. SniTSUKEN SURU, Wascrerd. 
Bokyo„ U5&1, l^ig, n. A violent or irrational 

act, or conduct; a disorder; riot; tumult; rebel- 
B5man. ic^5E^. f^fS. «• Insolent; violent and 

saucy; acting very contemptuously toward 

others. May be used in the noun and verb 

BonibaJ. a*^^JU^, n M, "■■ [BuM.] Reciting from 

the Buddhist sacred books. 
Roiiilrorn a•^la:'i) , §3^1, ft©, n- a portable or 

hand lamp. 
Boinbu. {SA>, H-^. "■ An ordinary man, «, 
BoiiipH, ^S^JI, i man who is mediocre in geaius 

and acquirements; a slave of passions. 
Bouiel, tiSfeV-.C^, ?i- Running or deeing away. 

sum, v.i. To flee or run away. 

Syn. Kakeochi. 
Bouimatsurl, H'A3:-CJ IIJ, S?^, n. The feast in 

memory of the dead, celebrated for 3 days from 

the 13th to the 15th inclusive of the 7th montli 

Boiiimlii, K^;^^.JlS, n. [CMu.] The common 

people ; the mass of the people. 
Bominon, )B.L% L,% %, n. The Sanskrit tongue; 

the Sanskrit writings. 



BSmorl, \i^ly) ,piKp, n. Q The keeper of a 
Buddhlat temple. @ The wife cin Monto priest. 

Bon, ^^:^.®l "■ a tray, waiter, or salver. 

Malde no bon, ^^ -^S. '*■ tray painted ■with 
gold lacquer; NujH-bon, ^^, f^. lacquered tray. 

Boh, K^, Ji, a. Used In compounds; ordinary; 
mediocre; not highly gifted; slavish to papsion. 
Syn. Namt, Yonotsunb. 

Ron, KA. S& &TI. 'I- Same as BommaL'^nr!. 

Ho nn, t?5ti:. ^, a. Violent; boisteroua; riotous; 
tumultuous; irrational; cruel; fierce; -wild; pas- 

Bona yatsu da, ^^M^, he is an irrational 
fellow; Bona Jcoto wo simi, ^ ^"51 f-^.ft-, to act 
violeMly, fiercely, or unreasonably. 

Bonclil» {3;^*t, K-fe^ '"■■ Common wisdom or wit; 
ordinary intelligence; common sense; human 
knowledge or wisdom. 

Bonileu, ^:^-e^, Jffi?^, n. OBrahma. ©Apaper 
charm for preventing the evil spirits from enter- 
ing one's house. fata. 

Boudenhwa, ^^^^f^<*5, n. [Bat.] Urenasinu- 

Boudenkwii, S:^^?^< ir),-^W^n. iBot.] Tree 
Hibiscus, Shrubly Althaea. 

BS-ne, ff$fl, S^tfi, w. The tap-root. 
Bon-e, ^S^i6,, a,l!t. »i- Making landscapes on a 
tray with fine sand and pebbles. 

Bonsnu, l?C^ft*^, Kj H5. Tt. [Chin.] The eyes of a 
coiflmonplace person; ordinary int-elligence; 
mere man of Reuse. 

BoTigan ni wa waJcaranv, K. TiS — ■'^ ^ 7 ^, 
not intelligible to an ordinary person. 
Bonge, H:^^>, K.T. <^- Mean; ordinary; mediocre; 
common; low; humble. 


Bongo, tK ^ a, ^hS, w. The Sanskrit; an old 
Hindoo tongue or letters. 

Bongul, ^g:^<'t^, > n. [coll.] A post, especially one 

Bogiil, tJ 5 <' i>, > set to direct travellers. 

Boiilii, H;^t^, iKi^, rt. [C/i/w.] A vulgar fellow; 

Boinpl, ^g;^ 0? , ) a rascal. 

Bonji, 13;^i^ ^^, «. The Sanskrit character-^ or 

Boiijo, ^3:^^•■^5, K-^. n- see Bony ». 

Bonliui'a, ^ff^< t, a. [coll.] Same &a Bonyo. 

Bonkwa-nlii, tK^ < *JV^^,■fE^ A, n. An offend- 
er; criminal. 

Boiikjn, ^^^^^5lK!S'. "■ ICT^w.] A pioua appel- 
lation for a Buddhist temple. 

Boniiin, ||3:^^/^^, Ji A, »i. 'Chin.] An nrdinnry 
person; a person of mediocre genius; a man apt 
to be enslaved by the lusts of passion. 

Bonnin mo manabe ba kenjf n to nam, JiA^ 
flj'*^ ^ A. h ■?■ fl', even a comnionplMce person 
majr become clever by study. 


Bonnfl, ^K^tCi, K %, n. {Budd.] The worldly pas- 
sions, hopes, desires, cares, troubles. 

BonnTi no inu, W,\^ ^ it, the burning or ever- 
returning passions; the word inu or dog is used 
to emphasize the difficulty of the carnal passions 
being discarded. 

Syn. Nayami, Wazurai. 

non-no-Kiibo. lg;^K> < [% ^ % n. [coll.] The hoi 
low on the back of the neck; the back of the 

Eton-odorl, t3:^V^*^, S:^. i'- A kind of dancing 
practiced during the bon festival. 

BI«in-on, ^3:^3ff^. ^W. "■ [Buaa.] The voice or 
words of a Buddha; the sounds of Sanskrit 
characters or letters. 

Boiii'in, ^iL'^V)^, K Jfi, ru A mirror placed in 
front of a Buddhist idol. 

Boni'yo, [^A.^'i 1., JLlS.- "• A commonplace idea 
or thought; conception or judgement by an or- 
dinary person; mediocre intellect. 

Bonsai, lS^5V*,^^ n. A plant in a pot; plants 
or flowers preserved in pots. 

Bonsnn, ^^^■^^, ^ga, T.. [Chin.] See Wasan. 

BonNekl, K);^■^^tffiE. 'f- Pebbles used in mak- 
ing the bon-e. 

Boiisetsu. l3:^-t:<', ^ Ji), n. [Chin.] A Buddhist 


Bonsliin. ^S^£^, Jl.C, n. Ordinary mind; hu- 
man understanding or intellect. 

Bonslio. il•^:£i, K#, n. The Sanskrit books. 

Bonslio, ^g:^;£. 15, ^ a. n. [Chi7u] A temple belL 

Boii'^o, ^3;^^5, jm, n. [Chin.] An inferior or 
ordinary priest. 

Bonso, ^a:^t5. ^JK, -"' [C/iCn.]Thewifeor con- 
cubine of a priest. 

Syn. Bonsai, Daikoku. 

Bonteiiwo, ^t^^'C^!t9f5, ^^I,w. Brahma, i.t. 
the deity viewed as the Creator in the Hindoo 

BoiitoKii-tnde, la:^i? < fe-e, «. [Sot.] Polygonum 

Bon-ii, 1JK^5, ^M. w. Heavy rainfall or shower. 
Syn. Came, Oburi, Yudachi. 

Bonwokyu. tia*55§5, K3E^, «• [C/t(n.]The 
heavenly palace of Buddha, 

Bonynri, ||3;^■^'0, ® ^, a. and adv. Q '[coll.] D\m; 
vague; not well known or discriminated; obs- 
cure. © [coll.] Silly ; dull ; foolish ; distracted or 

InaJca-mano wa bnnyari shite imasu, [Q ■^ ff -*■» 
^ vV V 5^ ? ^t= "7 >'•• country people are dull. 
Syn. POTTO, Uttori. 
Oonyo, {^:^ i 5, Jiff. ^- Jommon; ordinary, 
fommonplace; mediocre; middlins. 



Bonxnl, K/.yvr, IfQ f)J, n [Lata.'ISeeiranzat. 
Boiizokii, t^:^^'<, UPS, n.and a. 0[Chin.]The 

common people, as distinguished from priests 

or wise men; persons not free from the chains 

of human passions. @ Ordinary; common ; com- 

Syn. BOMBD. Lnionplace, 

BS-okii, K5^<, y^M. n. A thntched house or 

cottage ; my house (in humiliation). 
Bo-okii, IS 5r ^ , ft §1 n. The principal or miiin 
Syn. MOYA, Omota. Lhuilding. 

Bora, K^,®. «• IJcIitl^A marine, Mvgil ce- 

Boran, (f 5 ft^. $![ ^ US, n. 
Borel, tt5 KV^, CS, '*. 

Same fts Bokon. 
Boroi, l^klV^. tt*3.. »<■ O 

[Conc7t.] Oyster. @ ^Jlftd.] 

Medicinal lime made from 

Borei. IS H\r. St 0S. »*• 

[CTiin.i Old age; the latter 

part of one's life. 

Syn. Bannen, Toshi- 


Borei, If 5 H\r, ^M, 7t. :!£Ri=H9:] 

Violent; fierce; unreasonable; not according to 
the dictates of reason or principle. 

Borci-ii, ^'H^, ^, o.i. To become decrepit or 
cliildish from age; to be worn out with age; 
to dote; to show the weakness of age, mentally 
or bodily. 

Borilturl to, H:'5H*'5^, adv. [col?.] Producing a 
sound like that heard when any hard substance 
Is crushed by the teeth; easily; with ease. 

B->ribari to hone wo liajiru, dt' V *" V h '^ ^ * 
S> ft-, to gnaw ft bone with ease. 

Boro, IS^, iSfS. "• ORags; tatters; wornout 
clothe';. @A rent. 

Boro yori Tcami wo seisu, ffi fj| s 'J S!R 'f Jli ^- , 
to make paper from rags. 

Boro, tS'^. J'l n^. t). 1?> '^^ '^ performer on the flage- 
olet who formerly went about the country con- 
cealing his face and head in a basket-hat. 


Boro, |;S 5 ^ 5, ^'M, '"■■ [Mea.] The whites leu- 
corrhea; Fluor Albiis. 

Boroboro, Kt^ffi^. n. Same a^i Bnro (^- ^). 

Burol>oro to, IS^'I^^. «■ and nih\ Q Ragged; 
shabby, threadbare. © In a crumbling manner; 
brer.king into small pieces. 

fi'-riiburo to shita nari de irv, d^' o ^' p i- -y ^ 
t^ bS 7= 41= ;i- , in shabbily clothed or clothed in 
r •■j:''; Fin-ukahe rja brruboro to ochiru, tA S ^i' .^" 
B it; » I' iS 'i-. the old wall crumbles down- 

Borog-lliii, IS^^-: , n. yBot.} Seneclo nikoemts. 

norn-giro, [^ h ^' iv, ^f|, ?). Rags; threadbare 
clothes; a cast off garment. 

Borokerii, ffi 'S W" 3 . v.l. QSi^^ie ^^ Boi-ei'u. g 
To become threadbare, ragged, or worn out 

Roroku, iS^ < , tt ^. « [Zuoi.] A stag. 
Syn. Ojika. 

B6roii,}j5;SX, gsi^, n. Groundless or unfounded 
argument; a liction; an unacceptable opinion. 

Rovonji, a*^At, Kr^^¥. "" Same as C"i u ( f'l; ,^0- 

Boi-ulsuclii, }jS: ^ ■^ %, n. Dry porous earth; 
loose earth; dust. 

Boryaldi, IS $ V)-^ < , Sf ^., «. Stratngem; plan', 

design; policy; any trick to oulwit an OT'porient 

Teki no Jjoryaku wo yahuru, SS -^ iS S- ? £S /^, 

to outdo or defeat the stratagem of the eneray. 

Syn. BtiKEi, Hakarigoto. 

Boryo, IS 5 "5 1, s?S., «- Contemplation; plan- 
ning or designing (in good sense); a profound 
deliberation, consideration, or thought on mat- 
ter? of grave importance. sum, r.t. To 

consider; to weigh In the mind; to think over, 
to design. 

Bosul, [J5'3V', CW. ■'*• The deceased wife. 

Boi^ialii. 1S5^&. W%' "" [coif.] A sum of money 
which a merchant gives a corruptible servant in 
order to get the custom of the latter' s master ; 
a percentage which a bad servant deducts for 
his own purse, from a sum of money entrusted 
him for making purchases. 
Syn. IlojiAGriT, Kasuri. 

BoeaUii, a'5^<. %%., n. Same as C^ri/rrtu. 

Bosaii, lS^^. M^y n. Visiting a tomb to pay 
respects to the memory of the deceased. — 
siiru, vJ. To visit a tomb, et'\ 

Bosatsu, IS'S'-^, UM> "-■ Books used in book- 
keeping, as day book, ledger, invoice-book, etc. ; 

Syn. Oflono, CnoMEN. 

Bosatmi, ^" 1^ --y. ^ ^. n. [Sam.] A being wor- 
shipped by the Buddhists as next to none but a 

Cosatsii-ibava, IE'7,<?\r-]d^, "i-^^' '^- [Bot.] A 
kind of ro^e. 

ji6s:'.(Mi-ii)ji. IS 5 5 -7 I/^ ^.15S ^, n. [Law.] ^ 

murderer. rnin^'fier- 

E!,>:,t^M stint. lS5^^t Z,V^>"i. v.t. [iaw.] To 
BIOS*"'!, i-i'5^V, ^ il, ". Taking a new family 

Kosel s»uM. tJ^-irv-^?., R/j"(hiJ. T'.f. To prohibit; 

tn defend; tn jmt a stop tn, 
BTosekl, IS^?. SE, " S.Miie r.s flakaishi. 
Bo&ekl, lS-t?,^3E, n. Same as CViyliO- 




[Math.] Generating curve, 

Boaen, tf-%-A,{9:^, n. 

generating line. 
BSsen, Hr5*^,P)5S?. n. A defensive battle; fight- 
ing on the defensive; fighting against the in- 
vaders. 8ui*u, v.i. and t. To fight against 

the invaders, etc. fcribed circle. 

BosetBiien, BT ? -^-^ i& ^, ^^IBl. n. [Math.] Ea- 
B5Blin>, tf5;fe-^,36^, n. Same as J35-oftru. 
BSeha, tf5^-^, fi^^, t*. An out-house belonging 

to a Buddhist temple where the priests reside. 
noslin, IX5;£-^, 5^ El*, /*. [Min.] Tinker; borax. 
BoBlia, tf5X-^,ll=fS. ■»• [^fftM O Violent bowel- 
movement. @ A non-epidemic disease resem- 
bling cholera in symptoms, but not so fatal. 
Syn- Kakoran. 
Bosha stirii, tf 5 :£,-^-^ 3, llf Jg, v.t, [Chin.} To 

stop; to prevent irom entering; to cut short. 

Boslia siiru, KT^fe-^'^ 3- ^13. '"•('■ To copy; to 

trace, i.e. to copy by following the lines of a 

drawing or written characters, and marking 

them on a thin sheet placed over it. fjectile. 

Boshatai. tf 5X-^teV, tiSifM, n. [Physics.] Pro- 

BSsbl, (f 5 L, ?^ ^, "- The pupil of the eye. 

Syn. HiTOMi. 
BoshI, U5 t. ?B ■?. ^- A covering for the head; a 

hat; cap; bonnet; hood or cowl. 
Boshl, K5 L, HE ±. "■ O -A- tactician. @ A plotter 
or designer, rather in a bad sense. © A coun- 
seller or adviser. 

Syn. GUNSHi, Sakushi. for tactician. 

Boshl, 1X5 L, %M, "■ ^ master designer, plotter, 
Boebl, fflCL.M^, n. Same as Bimei. 
BSshi-bana, kE5 LUJ^, THifi]^ w. [Bot.] Cam- 

melina communis. 
Bosblu, t45:£^, «§.ir., ■». 
[Math.] Escribed centre. 

BoshiD, yr5;£A,cm. ». 

The deceased parent. 
Syn. Nakiota. 
B9fibl sum, m? Li-Z, ItS 

^, u.(. Same as Bi.sha 

B5sbltsu Buru, kf^;^-?-^ 

X.SS'c. v.t. To forget; 

to lose memory of. 
Bdsho. a5;£.i5,S§E, "• 

mony; perjury. 
Boaho, tf5Xi5,=!^M, n. 

. [Law.] A false testi- 


. [Min.] Glauber's salt; 

A forged document or 

letter; any unlawful writing. 

BoshoVohan. Hft^^ftJ, forging a document 
and the seal attached to it. 
Syn. GiaHO, NiSEBUMl. 
BSBbd, tf 5:£-^5, fiil®, «• Prevention; checking; 
pttttlne a Btop to. 

Bosho, lf5:6,i,Jt^, n. A certain place; some 

Bdsbu, [i5^->^5,1"RSE, n. A badge on a hat or 
Syn. Kauuri no SHiROsni. Leap. 

BoBlio, K^ i, % #. '*• The papers or records kept 
in a government or other institution; archives. 

Bdshokii, ldf5:£l< ,#=#, ?*- Gluttony; gorman- 
dizing; voracious eating. suru, v.t. To 

gormandize; to eat like a glutton; to eat to ex- 

Boshoku suru to kenko wo gaisu, # & 7. a- h ffi 
ffi ^ W ^1 gluttony is detrimental to health. 
Syn. MuTAMiGUi, fma grandiftora. 

BoshoKwa, 1*5^-^5 <*3,fii?® IE, "• [Boi.\Teco- 

BoBbo-niu, 19: 5 X i K ^, ^IF A. «. One who 
forges a letter or any other writing. 

Bosbo sum, IdfSiS.-^^f'Z.^!^'. ^'-^- To give 
praise or a prize to one who does not deserve it 

Boshu, ig:;£ 5 , S ?^, n. The latter part of r.utumn. 
Syn. Aki no sub. 

Bosbu. liS 5 ;£ 1*, %^.i n. The chief plotter or 
schemer; the ringleader. 

Bosiiun, ^S::fe«'^, gb ?(t, n. The end of the spring, 
Syn. Haru no sub. 

BSshun, (f5;£Wl^.^S. "■ Clever or sroort boys 

BoBhu sum, t9:;£^-^S.St^, i'-«- To collect; to 

Gicnktn wo bosfiu suru, IS 3ft ^ ^ Sif^ ^' '^t 
to collect subscriptions for charity; Toyaku-sha 
wo Wshii sitrti. J® *tJ # ^ IE Jft ^ '^. to collect the 

Bosbu sum, tf5:£W)-?-3,R6^. u.*. and f. To de- 
fend; to be defensive; to prevent from; to pro- 

Boso-no-hoben, ^f5^©t.5'^^. fi^lS;t tiiit. «• 
[Law.] Plea in abatement. 

BosoBuru, lf5t5-^5.^iS. v.t. To make a close 
search; to scrutinize. 

BosshI, STyL, as, ■'*• Death. suru. S!.<. To 

die ; to perish. 

Syn. SHIB5, Shikto, Shinttru. 

Bos8bn-butsu,ia:.y:a 5 i^-O.^i^^, n. [Law.] A. 
thing confiscated. fconfiscate. 

BoBsbu suru, '^i-jX 5-?- 3, Sift. v.t. [Law.] To 
ZobvZsu wo Vosshu suru, ^'^'^^Hic:^ n-, to 
confiscate things tliat have been stolen. 
Syn. ToRIAGBRir. 

Bossii, \^"ji-,t3., v.i. O To sink. @ To die or 
perish. © To set. 

Ano hito wa kyonen bosshi mctshita, 7 ^ A-*'* S 
^13,5^^5^*1 he died last year; Hi seizan ni 
bossu, g S UJ == tS. ^> t^6 ^^^ s^ts in the west. 

Botamochl, ffiteS'^.ttflSf. n. Q A ball of boil 
ed glutinous rice covered with an t(@). @ [coll. I 
Anything sweet to the taste or to the feeling. 





Atta Icuchl nt botamochi, gg it p =i {{t f^- ff , 
int.] a hotamochi falling into the open mouth; 
[coll. Jlg.l an unexpected gain; realization of a 
■wild hope. 

Botan, lii:te^, ttfl-. n^ \.Bot.'\ Tree Faeony. 

Botan, ^"itv, ® 

A button, 

Botaii, tf5fe^. 
■gSlE. w- An 
invention; a 
Action; a fab- 
ulous nar- 
rative ; a 
ru 11 our. 

Botan- bofa, ^ 

^W., 7t. [Bot.} 

Feucedanum ja^tonicimi. 

Botanhi, S:te^y■.ti^&, 't- [Med.] The pseony 

Botan-ibara, K fe A \A tf 6. ^B" IB ^, n. [Bot.] A 
kind of rose. 

Botaukyo, ^5:fe^&J?'5, GflSf. '"■■ [Bcf.] Almond. 

Botanna, lSfe^■^. «■ [Bot.] Cabba^^p ; cauliflower. 

Botan-nlnjln. a*fe^l/C^^.'^, Ed" R- «■ [£ot.] P?w- 
ce<ia «wni japonicwm. fdes. 

Botaiiso, iaffe^35, 71. [Bot.] Leontice t7ialictroi- 

Botan-xiiru, ^:■fe^p*^,^^, «. [£o(.] dematu 
api( folia. 

Botefui-1. B:T:.i-^,WIKIBf, ^¥-^. "■ One who 
Bells by outcry; ahawker; a peddler. 

Boteffui, \Srt <'\r, SE M, n. [Sot.] Smilax china. 

BotenliYva, l^;'t^ < *3, i^ ffi, it, [Bot.] Tree Hibis- 
cus, or shrubby Altbffia. 

Boto, li5if,:S:it, n. Disorderly rascals; a mob; 
rebels; re'volters, abrifaad. 

BSto, 1*51^5. W^. ra. [CTilw.] The beginning of a 
composition; the head- paragraph; tlie coin- 
mencement of any writing. 

BOto, 0:5^5, f#fiE» a. [Chin.] Disorderly in tlie 
functions of the mind; distempered; distracted. 

Bold, a'5i?5.^5B. Tf" [Chin.] A mucous dis- 
charge ftom the eye. 
Syn. Meyani. 

Boton sum, ^*t.■5i£^-5l"^,!4 ifi, v.i. To assemble 
like a swarm of bees; to swarm; to be in crowds; 
to throng. 

Botoshigl, EKi?:£?r, n. [Om«7i.] A kind of wood- 

Syn- Dbashioi. 

Botsu-botsii, t^* "7 la: r?, Sll *r, adv. and a. [Chin.] 
Lively, sprightly; excitant; spirited; energetic; 

Yuki botsubotsu, MM,^ "t, very courageous; 
spirited; animated. fby; little by little. 

Botsii-botsu, J^^^i^i?, a. and adu. [coli.] By and 
Botsuhotsu hajimemasho, ^"y^V'J'^^'^&'alS', 
let us begin gradually. 

Botsiidekl suru, [K'^'^S'^^.^iS. v.i. To be 
drowned; to be submerged in water. 

Botsiiitcn, il'•:?■^^, ?S 03. w- [Law.] Land confis- 
cated by the Government under the feudal 

Botsiigro, ti'-7&, iS^, adv. After one's death. 
Syn. Shigo, Shinitaku noohi. 

Botsugyakii, t3:-P ^.^ < , (? ^, M.ando. Wrong; 

stubbornness; perverseness; obstinacy in tlie 

wrong; untractableness; stubborn; cross; petu- 

Syn. YOKOsnjMA. Llant, 

Botsiijo, {^<?Z'i., ^ is, «. [Chin.] Same as BoUu 
botsu{^ ij). 

Bo-tsiikaj, 13:5 -^i^y^, ta^, Sis'. "^ One who Is 
skilful in the use of a club. 

Botsiiiiietsii. i^-oifj<?, iXU. n. Destruction; ruin- 
snni, V.!. Same as Botsuraku susu. 

Botsiinyu sum, tl'^Ki-^Z, iS X, v.t. To fall 
into; to be submerged or plunged; to sink. Oft- 
en used as noun. 

Syn. OCHiRU, Shizumu. 

Botsiiraloi, Ht-^^i.iS.^ «- Broken fortune; 

bankruptcy; failure; ruin; destruction. 

stiru, v.i. To fail; to be ruined or destroyed. 
Syn. OoniB0RERU. 

Botmiccn, (J-p-^ ^,©^'?^, a. and adv. QiChln.] 
Same as Botsuhotsiu @ In an angry manner. 

Bottarl, igj^fev}, 

Bottara. I3:.yfee, 

Botterl, tar-v-CO.Sia. a. [coll.] Flump; fleshy; 
fat; round; sleek; fleshy without being ugly. 


Botto, a"7l^, a. and adv. O [coll.] Dim; dull; im- 
perceptible to the senses. @ [coll.] Foolisli ; dis- 
tracted; insensible; silly; stupid; likeafoolish 

Bottorl, ^■■j)£V), adv. and a. [coll.} Quietly; still; 
calm; softly; silently; smooth. Much used in 
describing snowfall or rainfall. 

B6-". 1^5 5, ^M, fi. A copious rainfall, especial- 
ly of short duration. 

Bo-n, 13:5, SM, ft. Rainfall In the evening, or 
before sunset. 

Boya, (J5-^, ft. A child or baby (in endearment). 

Koya, ig;j^, n. A Are put out before It spreads; an 
incipient conflagration. 

AsoTco de boyawodashita, fS^r'd?-V^Ul3/ir. 
an incipient conflagration broken out there. 

Boyn, K.^, f^m.,n. Tlie main building. 

f a. Same as Bottori. 



Boyahnsii, {g:^A>-^, v.t. O To entangle; to knit 
together. @ To cccfuse ; to make obscure. 

Boyakeru, K-^l*2, v.i. To be softened by being 
tmmerBecl In water; to liquefy; to become en- 

Boyahii, ll^<, v.t. [coll.] To murmur, grumble, 
growl, or complain; to be discontented. 


B6y6, If 5-^5, ?S ?¥. o- [Ohln.] Like a broad ocean; 
boundless; unlimited; infinite. 

Buyo, ii$-^5. ^W, w. and a. [Chin.] Looking 
!\z the ocean ; a distant view ; very distant. 

BoyomI, K5 1^, W aB, «. Reading; reading a 
Chinese book without translating It, which the 
Japanese usually do when merely giving the 
sounds of the Ideographs. 

BSyu, IK3V^5, KSS, n. [Chin.] A memorial, 
advice, or counsel addressed to a sovereign or 

BS«at5, I3:53rfe5, ^p>J3f, Yt. Loaf sugar. 

Bozen, tt 5 t!? ^. ft^, a. and adv. [CMti.] At a 
loss what to do or where to go; astounded; hor- 
ror-striken; terrified; stupified; aghast, 
Syn. Akike, Bonyari to. 

Bozetsu euru, Ki^ -^ ■?'S, ^SS. v.i. To be ut- 
terly destitute; to be deprived of everything. 

Bosetsu siirii, yri^-7^3, CM. v.i. To disap- 
pear entirely; to die without a survivor; not to 
leave any remnant. 

Btizu, If 5 ^f, i& ll, n. DA priest. @A sort of 
table servant in the employ of a daimyo in for- 
mer times. © Any person whose head is shaven. 
O [coil.] A roundhead. 

Bosu-Kiisa, tf $$<'?, ^!g. n. [£ot.] Gastrodia 
elata. rcifflcinaUs. 

BuKu-gusa, I3:5^<''5,ilfcl^. »■ [Bot.] Sanguisorba 

BoEti-gusa, lf5$'<'2. fi|3I. n. [Bot.'] Eouttuynia 

Bu, J*, ^, n. OSame as Tsuho. ©Interest. 

Bihu, Q i^, daily interest; Ucliibu, JT0-, dis- 

Syn. Wari, Warimae, Waritsuke. 

Bd, Jt5, n. [coli.] Hot water or bath (only used 
by children). 

Bii, j;*, fft, 0" and 71. Military power or glory; mili- 
tary; pertaining to military affairs, 

Bu wo araso, H ^ ^"7, to compete in military 
affairs or accomplishments ; Bu wo kagayahasu, 
^^tS^t to raise the military glory; Bu wo 
kozu, ft; ^ S 7^1 to learn the military arts. 

Bu, >, ^, n. OThe tenth of a sun. @An old 
denomination of money-value, the quarter of a 
ryo or yen. © Part or fraction. 

Kusungobu no tanto, ^>rE5»^!@73, a short 
dagger; [Ut. ]a dagger 9 5un and a half in length; 

Ichibu nishu, — ^ i; 35, 1 6« 2 shu, a sum of 
money equal to 37t sen. 

Bu. Sr, SR, n, ODepaxtment; bureau; sectional 
office. © Class; group; genus; order; section; 
Bubdivition; set. © A copy of a book. 

JuigaTcubu, KS?¥SR, the veterinary depart- 
ment; Kore wo daiichlbu tosu, ;t ?• ® — SB h >^, 
this Is the first section or set; NibuTiolum, ]{C 
Sn -^ ^. two copies of a book. 

Syn. KUOHI, KUOHIWAKE, Ktokij, Tagui, 
TOKORO. fcompound words. 

""» -S*. ^>%- A negative particle used Infomung 
Buret, # ip8, not polite ; indecent. 

Bu, 2?, IS, n. [Cfein.] Dancing; making postures; 
mostly in compounds. 

Bu-al, i-^u., ^^, a. O rJlfatA.] Rate per cent 
@ A percentage; a discount 
Bu-ai wo torn, 4^ -n- ^ ^ ji', to discount. 

Bu< \lsat8ii, ltt>'\^'^-o,%^^, n. and a. [coll.'] 
Si'ot greeting a person; not giving information; 
uncourteous; impolite. 

Bu-also, >^\/^35, %^^, n. and a. [coll.] Not 
treating well; not hospitable; long-faced; not 
favourable to a stranger. 

Buaiso na hito, ;?:#ffl■^ A, an Inhospitable 
person ; a person who is not friendly to a strang- 
er; a long-faced man. 

Buan sui-u, >2&^■^^, ffi^, v.t. [Chin.]To pacir 
fy; to make quiet and contented; to ease, 
tranquilize, or assuage. 

Buashlral, >?,;£. c, «., 7; §-^, n. [coll.'] Not treat- 
ing or entertaining well; not favourable or 
kindly to a guest; rustic towards guests; coarna; 

Buba, i* \i, SJ H, n. [Chin.] Fire; conflagration. 

Bubaru, >tf 3, jij^g, v.i. To boast; to be proud 
or arrogant; to strut; to afibct dignity; to be 
over-bearing or aflfectedly pompous. 
Syn. IBARU. 

Buben, J(^^, ^^, n. Warriors; soldiers; mili- 
tary retainers; feudal subjects in generaL 


Bubl, >cr. W^M, a. \Chi7i.'\ Fascinating; beautifol; 
charming; handsome. 
Syn. Utsukushiki. 
Bubl, ^t^^ fftfi, 71. Military or warlike prepara- 
tions; the army and navy of a country; the 
military force. 

Bubl wo gen nl sum, ffl:liSf-K=^^. to pro- 
vide a strong military force. 
Bublkl, J^tF^, ^51, n. Cheapening; deducting 
a certain percentage from the price asked or 

fixed. suru, v.t. To cheapen; to discount; 

to take less 

Syn. NEBiKi, Waribiki 




Biibii, J«>, n. [coll.] Same as jB&. 
Uiittiiii, >>A, SRi9«, n. Part; portion; Bection; 
Ichl btihim, — SR^. a part or portion. 
Syn. Bu, TOICORO. 
BulMi]i-bll>iiu-kelsu» »^U.*>^W■ V^ -^ 5. SRS* 
SSS-^SS. "^ [i/atTi.] Partial differential coef- 
Etiiolil, Jf %, gj, a. With patclios of different 
coloura; dapple; diversified in colour; piebald. 
Buchi neko, gj 5S. ^ piebald cat. 

Syn. AlADARA. 

Buclil, it%, ^^, ?S, n. [ioc] Drum sticks. 
Syn. Bacbi. 

Buclii, i:%, IS, /I. A corruption of Jfwc/ii (whip). 

Bucbl-aknni, ^%'S,l&Z, fJllH, v.t. O To open; 
to beat open; to empty. ©To conless; to dis- 
close; to declare openly. 

Mako wo Imchi-akeru, ?S ■?■ fj [J0 > fl', to empty 
a box violently; UiviUsu wo, gf ® 
■^ iT ^ ffl ■*" i^. to discloRo a secret. 
Syn. XJoniAKERU. 

Buclil-ateru, ^%%-z:^, fj 'g', v.t. [coll.'] To 
strike against; to menace; to challenge; to hit 
at an aimed object. 

Buclil-dnsu, i'%,7^-^, JT Hi. «-t. [coll.'] To linock 
out ; to make persons go out by beating a drum ; 
as at a show or theatre. 

Buolil-hanaau, i"t^H^-J-, fj&. ^'-E- [coii.;o To 
shoot; to let fly or discharge, ©{coll.'] To aban- 
don; to be dismissed. 

Tailio wo buclU-Jianasu, :^5'g ^ JTSc 7., to dis- 
charge cannon. 

Bacbl-kakaru, ^'^A>*>S, fjg|-, v.t. [colL]OTo 

challenge; to attack; to make an assault upon a 

person. @ [coli.] To betake or apply one's self. 

©To begin to. 
Sito ni buclii-kakaru, A=flfl|ft'. to make 

an a'lsault upon another; to begin to .strike a 

Biictii-katsii, J«*^*»"7, fX^. VA. [coU.^To win; 

to gain victory. 
Buclil-koinii, J^'^ttr, KT ^. v.i. [coll.] Q To 

drive plies into; to load a gun; to hammer into. 

@ "CM?/. J To make a verbal assault. ©[coll.'jTo 

addict or devote one's self. Q [co/i.] To invest 

Kul wo buchl'komu, fe^JTii-^. to drive 

piles; Ayo^hii shoho nl kane wo hiLcM-koimi, {^ 

jz-fSii — ^^JT^iii*. to money in 

speculative business. 

Syn. BuKKOMU, ITamari-komc, Uchi-ire- 


Buclil-koi-osii. ^'^t?St. fTifi, t'.t. \colh_ OTo 
kill or slay. @[Hi.] To knock or beat to death. 

Yama-inuwo bucM-korosu, S:^^iT)S^, to 

beat a mad dog dead; to kill a rabid dog. 
Biicki-kotvaBu. ^-^ta-^, fT^. v.t. Icoll.'] [Ut.'] 

To break by beating; to break; to put to pieces. 
Syn. UCHIK0WA3U, Buoiiiyaburu. 
Biichl-kudaku. JSf%<Tti< ,fj^,v.t. [coll.] Q To 

break into pieces by beating. @ To disclose the 

weak points of an argument. 
Uiiclil-iiiukeru, i-^^^Wz, i=TiS, v.t. [Tokyo coll.) 

Corrupt, to Buclii-akeru. 
Biiclil-makcru, Oc^E W3 , JT f^, v.i. \coll.\ To bo 

defeated or beaten; to lose. 
BakKchi ni bucM-makeru, M^^ — fTftrt-, to 

lose in a game of chance. 
Biichl-noinesii, .b %i7) ii> it, v.t. [coll.] To beat 

one almost to death. 
Biielil-uiikii, it-^ftK, fjK, v.t. lcoll.]To beat. 

drive, hammer, or tread through. 
Biichl-tnomi, Ja^ltX^, fX0J, v.t. To knock 

down anything standing. 
Btichl-tataku, a.-*^fefe<, fX^, v.t. [cor?.]OTo 

beat. ©To cudgel; to whip. ©To torture; to 

chasten or punisli by whipping. 
Biichi-toiiiei-u, J< "^ i^ 1* 2, fjit, v.t. [coll.] To 

stop; to shoot at a flying bird or running ani- 
mal and kill it; to make a person give up or 

stop by persuation. 
Biicbi-tosii, ^--^if tt -?■. iTil. v-t- [coll.] To make 

anything one's liabit, or to drive or beat 



lEiiohl-tsukerii, :&> %^ -o Id" Z , tJ iU v.t. [coll.] To 
Iiit nt; to compel a person to do anything. 

Kugi wo bvchi-tsukeru, E ^ ft" f|/^, to drive a 
nail in. 

Biic-lti-uinn, i*^5E, gSffi, n. [Zobl.] a piebald 
horse. |-ox. 

ISiicbi-iiahJ, ^-^.j i, fjs,^, «. [Zo'oL] A brindled 

lEiicbi-yabiirii. x^-^j^^ z, JTES, v.t. [coll.] To 
break by beating; to beat an opponent; to tear. 

Riicbo, ^r,^ 5, gpjl, n. A chief of a division 
cither in the local government or in the metro 

Ititfholio. i-T5tt-i-, %m^, a. [coIZ.]Awkward; 
coarse; impolite; not polished; rude; inexperi- 
enced; not versed; not accustomed to; not ao- 
cordant with tlie rules of etiquette. Often used 
as noun. 

Buchohomorm, 'J-.m^^, an awkward per- 
son; ronda hvchoho wo itashlmashita, h v ^ :^ 
Mii^ ^ 1/ ^ :v ^, I have been very impolite 
(apologetic); rrcaashi wa tabako wa buchohd 
desii, a>^@J,i-^T.g^iir :^. I am not accus- 
tomed to the use of tobacco; excuse me, I do 
not smoke. rSosO. 

Syn. Fdnare, Fdtsuzuka, SHiTauwu, 






Buda, y^, ^ p&, n. Buddha. 

Biiilal, i-'7G\p, n. [Ichth.] CaUyodon japonicus 

Budnii, i- tt^ A, 
SCSI. "■ Mil- 
itary law or 

Sudan set jit 
St Sf Bt ?&. ft 
which disci- 
plines and Ci*/'&V^] 
rules the people iilce soldiers. 

Budan, JfTnL, ^^, n. Narratives relating to 
war or battle. 

Biido, * fc 5. flKiS. n. and a. Without reason or 
principle; corrupted; irreligious; bad; arbitra- 
ry ; addicted to vice. 

Biid^ynolcimi, Sl?3C--'S. a vicious sovereign; 
an arbitrary king. 


Biido. .Sj^5, ^^, n. [/ff>M Grapes. 

Biido, J*';«5, SCSI, n. The military arts; tactics. 

Biido, J*^5, SI'S, n D-mcing boys. 


Butlo. i''5e-5, ifSs.. «• [-Bof.] Green gram. 

Biitlo-iioziiml. i--^5init3'^,^^®, n. A reddish 
gray colour. 

Biido-sel<l, a'>&5*&,^#S, n. [Mn.] Prehnite. 

Biido-scnsokl, J«^$*A-fr^,^^ MS, »■ [-iJ/iTi,] 

BiidosUii, J*^5:feHI). ^'^i@. ■"• Wine, especially 
red wine; claret. fvine. 

Biidozitru, Js ^ 5 ^* 3. ^^S. 'J- [Bnt.] Grape- 

BueUl. J^fL'^, %^, n. OL-M'ws.] One of the twelve 
Icey notes. @ The ninth month of bhe lunar 

Bucn, J«A.^, ffi^, a- Having no relation, con- 
nection, or aifinity; nut cognate or kindred. 
Syn. Enishi-naki. 

Buen, J^^A.,U^^ "■ Fresh; not salted. 

Bueiiryo, Jj j& ^ Id 1, |!S is at. ct- «-nd adv. Not 
bashful, reserved, timid, or diffident; audacious; 
bold; forward; talkative; pert; intrusive; offi- 
cious; pushing. Often used as noun. 
Syn. Enryonaki. 

Bufii, i«i, ^^, n. A military man; soldier; war- 

Syn. HEiSHi, Mononopu, Takeo. 

Bufuryu, Jii5 "5 5.lffi ^i5K, «■ Having no music- 
al or poetical idea; not refined or genteel; not 
fashionable; rustic; coarse; having no idea of 
Syn. Sapfukei, Ltaste. 

BuBalfii, i-'fi' < , 3^ 1^, n. Dancing to music; a 
musical entertriinniont connected with dumb 
Syn. JlAiiiAYAaui. Lshuw. 

Bngakii, j« i)t < , f(;^, 7t, Military science and 
arts; tactics. 

Syn. IlKiaAKU, hbihO. 
^ugel, > W"' \j^, K S^. n. Milit-ary .^rta or accom- 
Syn. BUJDTSU. Lpllshraents. 

Bu^on. .frW■'^, U a, w. [Chin.] Biting or taunting 
speech; sarcasm; insulting or offending words; 
libelous or defamatory language. 
Syn. Anadori, Bari. 
BuKcn, i•^>^, ^fE, n. Q Same as Swngen. @ 
The state of being rich, wealthy, o_ well-to-do. 
Syn. Kanemochi, Mi no nono, Utoku. 
Biisensha, J'^t•^;£.J^, ^|Ig^, n. A rich, wealthy, 
or well-to-do person; the rich or wealthy. 

Kono hito wa mura no bvgensha desu, ilfcA>» 
# -^ ^ PR # 5* ^ , this gentleman la the richest in 
the village, 

Bu^l, Jf'&.M^, n. A dancing girl. 

Syn. MAIHIM.E, Maiko. 
Biigln, J*■^^, ^^, n. Profit made in mercantile 
Syn. BuAiGANE. LtransactioDB. 

Biigu, J«<*, SC^i ■"■ Military equipments; warlike 
apparatus; arms; weapons. 
Syn. MONO NO Gu. 
Biigu-srura, J<<'^ &, g; 4 Ett. "■ An arsenal. 
Bugyo, .Slir-^?, ^!}?, n. Officials of various de- 
grees and duties under the feudal government. 
They were a sort of commissioners, such as the 
commissioners of Temples and Shrines {Jlsha 
Bugyo, -^ftt^^T), the commissioners of Fin- 
ance (,Kanjo Bugyo, ffl) S ^ ^^), etc. The iMachi 
Bitgyo, 6rf ^ ff), of which there were two in the 
city of Tedo, correspond to the present Gov- 
ernor with this difference that the former pos- 
sessed not only administrative but military and 
judicial functions. 

Syn. SoKWAN, TsuKASA. fBugyd. 

Bugyoslio, .5'^'-^5:fci,^=i?^, ■". The Office of 
Bugyo sum, > IT 1 if* Z , SS 3P, «■*■ To govern, 

manage, or train mildly. 
Buhon, J<'--^,Sti& tt. anda. [Mil.] Military af- 
fairs; warlike matters. 

Buhen wo konomu, ^i^9-0 Z->, to be fond of 
warlike affairs. 

Syn. Bud5, Buji, iKuaAGOTO. fglory. 

But, i-V^, SiSc. "* [Mil.l Military prowess, force, or 
Sui wo tenka ni kagayakasu, it SU ■?■ ?c T — M 
y^, to fill the world with a nation's military 

Bill, ^\i^, )^%, a. und adv. Not unusual; as; ever 
]^Iu1, itXr-, 'healthy; happy; safe; free from acci- 
Bui sokusal, ^ ^ ,@. !Jl. healthy and happy 
Syn. BUJi. 




Bal, J.Z., ) 

S^U, n. [r7/U7!.] Doing nothing. 

5ui Tii s/iffe Unka osamaru, if iS jf5 55 T ?&. 
[CAfw.] nothing done, but -well governed,—^ 
i.e., no particular administrative measures jire 
taken by the Emperor, but the people live 
peacefully and contentedly under his govern- 
Bulkl, ^\r-^,'Z-^.^ n. [coll.] Not fashionable, 
polished, or genteel; vulgar; not accordiugto 
the fashion of the time; unrefined; rustic; 

ButTci nafit, ^":^-^R, vulgar fashion; un- 
polished manners; Buiki na otoko, %^.%^ ^, 
an unfashionable or rustic person. 
Biillcu mini, ^V^< -il-Z, ga W. u.E. To bring up, 
rear, or educate; to govern leniently nr mildly. 
Kodomo wo hutku sum, ^#^-?- 1^ i^ 7. ;^, to 
bring up children; Taml wohuiKu sum, ^^M 
W ^- J^, to govern the people mildly. 
Syn. IIagokumu, Yoiku sdru. 
Bufn, .frV^,tf#. ■"■ [coll.] Not writing a letter 
to a relative, friend, or acquaintance, sending 
no word or communication. 

Gobuln nl uchiP^nrji soro, iSP JS ^ ==■ ^ ig M. I 
have not written to you for a long time. 

Bui siiru, .S--'^-^2, ISgt, v.t. {Chin.] To solace or 

iSiiJI, J* Lr, ^ m, u,. and a(.h\ Same as Bui {ffi ^). 

Bujl ni kurasu, fij ^ - :g 7,, to get along 
without any accident; to be healthy and happy; 
Buji ni, JKIJT —SI Sr ^«'. to arrive 
In safety. rTsuTSUGA.XAKi. 

Syn. Kawarinaki, Kotonaki, Sokusai, 
BiiJI, .bt.g;^, ■/(,. S:\m6 a.s Buhev. 
BiiJI, i^X;%^, a. [CMn.] Foolish; ignorant; not 
well-informed or erudite. 
Syn. BusHo, Oboka. 
Rujln, JI:£•^,f^; A, n. A soldier; warrior; the 
military; soldiery. 
Syn. Gdnjin. 
Bajln, .Sf^•^,fCS^l, "• The god of war. 
ISiiJlD, J»:£•^,|gA, rt. Dancers. 

Syn. Maibito, Rkijin. 
Bujd, >;£'-^?, I'B^, «■ Not sympathizing with; 
Blujn, trZ'-^?, not pitying of relieving; coldness; 

Bito no bujo wo ikaru, K ^Wi^"^ "^.i^, to be 
enraged at one's Indiireronce, 
Bujo, .S'ii'-^?, fftfet. "• [Bot.] Polyfjonmii ciuipiaa- 
Syn. iTADOni. ytum. 

Bujoku, J^X'X.<. ,%W, "■■ Libel; coniompt; ridi- 
cule. Takes the usual verb-forms. 
Bujoku no tsuirii ni towaru, 1&^ -^ ^ = Bfl -»> 

ji-, [Law.'] to be tried for the critu* of bringing 
into contempt; Kwanrl Imjoku, 'eTlEife^, [Law.] 
Insult to a public official. 

Biijiin siirii, i- :£• W) ^ -^ S, ffi iS, v.t [Chin,] To 
subdue or to make tractable by sofv ^eans, 

Biijiir,su, J.-:£-ta>-7, ? ^ ?^, n. Sorcery; Mie art of 

B^iijutsn, -i-X'l^-7, invokinga god or spirit; mag- 
ic; witchcraft. 

Syn. Majutsu, Uranai. 

Bujiit««ii, ^Z'l'i)-^, 5tif5. n- Same as Bv., .1. 

Biijiitsti-sliiigydja, i-;£:t5i-7* t%W^i^-^. jf;^^* fl 
^■, 7L. One who travelled about differont places 
for acquiring skill in fencing and othij military 
art in former times. 

Biijiitsii suru, J^X'l'b'^-i-Z,M-l&, v.t. '. / give re- 
lief to the wretched; to relieve; to aiv; to miti- 
gate the rigour of poverty or misery. 

Biiba, J14., ^T, w. A subordinate; un ir-officer; 
attach^; suite; retinue; dependant; followers. 

Biike, J^'.-f,^^, n. The military reti ers; war- 
riors; gentry; the military caste. 

Bukechomn, St^tiXA, gentry an uerchant; 
Buke yashiki, St ^MHi. the part x.( a city or 
town where the military class residi. 
Syn. Samurai, Srizoku. 

Biikot, i-t?-v/^,^^, a. Unfounded; roundless; 
fictitious; inerudite; fnlse. fmour. 

Bukci noflisetm, M fg > ^ ^, g- andless ru- 
Syn. iTsuwARi, Makotonarahu, Uao. 

Biiki. .i-'&,fft;SI. «• Arms; warlike Vmplements; 
military apparatus. 
Syn. Bug a, tieiki. 

Biiki, >&,f!;|ffi, 7(. [Chin.] The «( -e of having 
a mighty military force. 

BiikiKui'ii, J'^^' &,51;^E, It. Sai > a« Buguko. 

Buklryo, ^? "(J-^?, $S ^ g, a. [udl.] Homely; 
agly, ul plain features; not bea -tilul or hand- 
Bukiryo na vcvsiime. M ^ fi -?■ ft homely girl. 

Biikli-yo, i- & v) j^ 5,7^gga, a. ^Jt skilful or 
clever; slow. 

Biiklyo. M^X5,:f.^m, 't. [coii.JNot bright or 
clever; unable to accomplish results quickly; 
not quick; slow; lacking natural ability or intel- 

BiiliUa. l^-:;±\BWi, n. Same as Bwtfce. 

Btikka, j--.yA>, ^ 0, ■/,. Price; exchfinge value. 

Bukka ga ocrfXn shita, t5 1@ ^/* T J? 5^ ^. 
prices have I alien. 

lEiikkaliyd, X'y±^^^,^^^, n. A list of prices. 

Biikkakii, i'v*><, fl)', Kfl, /(. A Bnddhist temple. 
Jtnja bukkakv, s$m.BM, the Shint/) and 
Buddhist temples. 

Syn. DO, Garan, Tera. 




RiiKke, i--,w-, ffpg^. n. The Buddhists. 
Biiklien, i■■9W'^. fSff, n. [Zaw.] A commodity. 
UuKlien-kf^iyaltu, >■yH■^^^\/^^< , % ft |g **],«. 

[taw.] A real contract. 
BiiUlil, Jfy%,^^, n. UtenBilH used In Buddhist 

Biikkl. ^v^, SES. »• A certain period of time 
after the death of a person's parent or relative, 
during which he coDflnea himself to his liouse, 
dres&«d In mourning (fcl), and doef> not appear 
before the goda (fuku or 6«fc«), as defiled by the 
BukklrabS, J'-j'5&ffi5. »■ [coli.] Plain; short; 
simple; not affected; unreserved; using no de- 
corative or roundabont language. 
Bukklrl. >^^Q,j^Sg. n. A bow-drill. 
Bukklrl-ame« .£-'-y@ 9%16. lT'9)SAt n. Short rods 
of the harder sort of ame; a favorite confection- 
ery of the younger members of the middle and 
lower classes. 

Bnkko, J^-y'L, % SC. «■ {Chtn-I Death. aiiru, 

a. To die; to expire. 
Bukk9, *-yC5,^X. »^ ■*. maker of Buddhist 
statues and some other things used In the 
Buddhist rites. 
Syn. BuSSHi. 
Btikkoniii, J(-yt.^. v.t. \eoU.'] See Buchi-lcomu. 
BukkoroBU, JfvX.y>-f, v.t. [coH.]See BucM-lcoro- 
su. fleneare. 

Bukkoso. Jf viJ>3 "^5, flp ff ?:, n. [BoL] Sedum 

Syn. IWAHKNGK, Nenasuigusa., Jf •y 'C JS -i", v.t. [coll.] See Buchl- 

Bukku, Jt'y< , ^^, n. Offerings to the Buddhist 
objects or worship. fdaku. 

BukKiidaku, ^•y<7Q<, V.t. [coll.] See Buchi-ku- 
Rnkkwn, Jt^ -^ < i^ , ^> ^, n. Kolease from human 
existence; the perfection of the Buddhist happi- 
ness; BtuXdhnphalam. 
Biikk^vn, ^"j <ib,'&'W' '"■■ Goods; things; arti- 
cles; baggage; merchandise; wares; commodi- 

Syn. Shinamono, Shiromono, Kwabdtsu. 

Bukkyo, ^^y^^?, ^M, n. The sacred books of 

Buddhism; the holy volumes of the Buddhists. 

Bukks'S, JfyW'S. J^K.n- Buddhism; the religion 

of Buddba. 

BukJcyo ni kie suru, f*- Sft = E$ fiE >^ fl-. to be- 
come a believer in Buddhism; to be converted 
lo the Budd. religion; Bukkyo wo hiromu, ^Jft 
^ ^ Jm, to propagate the Budd. religion. 
ftiiko, ^t, It IE, «• See Muko. 
UuUo, Si'c, f$K U' ^ andn. [Chin.] Ghilltless; in- 
Mtiko, tPCi ii uocent; not havingdone wrong; free 
trop) harm or guilt; pure. 

Buko no tami, if S > J5, tlio gullUesfl or In- 
nocent people. 

Buk6, >t5, St J;fl. «■ Militnry exploits; a military 
deed of renown. 

BukoUu, J<t < . I M^. ". Falae accusation or 

Fiikoku, ic < , 1 charge; the niisropreaentatloo 
of a crime; caricature. - — siiru, v.t. To mis- 
represent; to accuse falsely. 
Syn. Shiirp. 

Bukoslil. J'tS.. KIS ^. n. The superintendent 
of an arsenal, or Iiis office. 

Buko suru, J--4>i-J-2, f^^, v.i. [Chin.] To make 
light of a great persnnaRe or a superior, and 
become too familiar with liira. 

Bukotsu, JiC-?, ^ ^. a. [coll.] Same as BukklrO- 
bo. na otoko, fg^-J-H, an unpolished, 
unaffected or clumsy man; a slow mau. 

Biikotsu-inoiio, £='C.'y'i^,M^^y^' A coarse, 
rude, unaffected, or unsklillul person. 
Syn. BtrKKiBAfiS. 

Buku, j! < , flg, )(. The period during which a per- 
son does not present himself at a god's temple, 
or a government ofhce, if he Is an official after 
a relative's death; mourning. 
Syn. IMI. 

BuUii-nke, ^<%t^, BR^, n. The expiration of 

Bukuryo.>'< 15:^5, ^^.n. OC-^fed.] A medicinal 
funi,'us. @ [Bot.] Pachyma. 


Bukurj osni, i- C 9-^5s\i^,n. [Bot.] Dlcrocepha- 

la latlfolia. 

Bukuryoso, Jt ( U)->^53 5. K!S^. "• [Bot.'\ Po- 
tentiUa discolor. 

Buk uyo, i'< jE, flggjj. 7i. A period of time during 
whicii a person is considered to be defiled be- 
cause of the death of a relative 

Biikiva, i!<t>,^'X, n. A strong heat or fire. 
Bukwakiii. J=<*5^^, K^^, /*. [Law.] Rates; 

Buk^van. .S« < h ^, K *&, "• Military or naval 

officers; olhcers. 
Bukyo, i!&j^$,H; 35i » [C/tin.] Military strength; 

having a mighty military force. 
Bukyo 710 kuiii, fft3£^3i a strong nation, 
Bukyo, i!§-^5, ^§fi, n. ami a. [Chin.} Infinity; 

eternity; of eterni'^y; of permanent duration. 
Banju bukyo, K^^S, [Chin] enjoying an 

eternal life. 
Bukyoku, ^&i<,0tt, f-. Dancing and music; 

Bukyokusei. >? t < -ftu-, fft i^ m, "■ [Astron.] A 

star in the Great Bear. 


Riilcyn» i-g 5, ffitK, a. and n. H;\ving no limit; 

infinite; permanent; eternal; eternity. 
Biiinn, Sf'3.,UM, «• \coU.] Not punctual; dull; 
awkward; unsuitable; out of place; mistaken; 

JSuvia iia koto wo shita, fSR^^^^S^^. I 
made a mistake or blunder; what I have done 
is quite out ol place. 


Uiinial, JrtV-, 5t ^, n. Rice for daily use or fami- 
ly consumption. 
Syn. KriGOME. 

niiman. >E^. IfelS. "■ Insult; contempt; carica- 
ture, sarcasm. suru, v.t. To insult, ridi- 
cule, treat with contempt, or sneer at. 

Bunia siirii, J--^-^5, fiSS^. ^^-t- [Cftin.] To rub or 
stroke softly; to pat. 

nuinbai. -S-- A fc? V^, ^ g, n. [Conch.] A kind of 
Syn. KOTASUQAi. Lcowry. 

niiinbaii, Jt^yf^, i^ftS, n. [.3fe^.J Labour; par- 

Biuiilien, Jt^'^^, * turition. May be used as 
Syn. SHUSaAN, Umiotosu. Lverb. 

Biiiiibel, i'^'^V^, ^Ife;, n. I^O/ifK.] Parting with a 

person; bidding good bye or adieu. suru, 

v.i. To part; to bid farewell, 
Syn. BETSCBI, Wakabe, 

Bumbetsii, J*^'^■:?,^ J|iJ, 7t. Discrimination; se- 
paration; distinction; assorting; classification. 
siiru, v.t, and (. To separate; to discrimi- 

Bumbo, J»^^, ^g:, n. [Jlfal/i.] Denominator. 

Bumbo, Jf^li5,KS, n. Good reputation; fame; 
renown; distinction. 


Bumbo, JfA.{£$,^U, '^- \Chln.'\ A study; an 
apartment for literary devotion. 

BumJiogn, XHf.R., stationery; things neces- 
sary for writing; Bumtd-shiyu, ^^pg^, [lit.] 
the four friends in a study, i.e. the brush (pen), 
ink-cake, ink-atone, and paper. 
Syn. Shosai, Shoshitstj. 
Bumboju, J'^B::£'»),S{Cg:Kt, «■ [BoLI Distylhmi 

Syn. Hyon no ki, Isu. 
Bumboku, iaK< . ^ 3^. «- [Chin.] O Materials 
for writing. @ Penmanship. © Literary pur- 
suits in general, 

Bumboku wo moteasobu, ^ rS ■?■ IK 7*, to be 

engaged in literary pursuits; to divert one's 

self with writing Cliinese cliaractera. 

Bumboso, J--^^3r55, !K^^. ■»■ [-SoM Veronica 

Syn. MUSHIGD8A. iperegrina. 

Bumbu, JJ^J^, ^ K. "^ [Chin.] Literature and 

tactics; literary and military arts or accomplish- 


94 BUM 

Burtihu Tcemhi no shi, ^jf;^fw-^±. ^^ ao 
complished Boldier with a good stock of literary 
knowledge; Bumbuni tomu, 5: St — Si*, to be 
rich in military as well as literary knowledge. 
Bumbntsu, J^^Ji■:?, 5:^, 7t. [Chin.] Science, in 
its broader sense; learning literature. 

Bumbidsu gijutsu, "X^t^'^, the arts and 
sciences. fglory. 

Bumel, jiii/iV; ffC ^j n. [Chin.] Military fame or 
Bumel wo tenka ni kagayakasu, ^^ f- %y 
— M'^-> to fill the country with one's milita*f 
Buiniii, i*;^^, SR ^, n. The people under the 
jurisdiction of a local government. ['makeriL 
Buiiimakerit. ^- ^ E t}- 3, v.t. [crilL See Buchi- 
Biimmatsu, .tf^'a•7, ^^, n. The end or conclu- 
sion of a writing, especially of a letter. 
Bammawasbj, J^ ^ U tt X, S ^, "■ Old styled 

compasses made of bamboo; compasses. 
Bnmmel, J--Ai6v^, 1 ^ ^, n. [Chin.] Clear; well- 
Bamniyo, i^^ZM?>$, ' defined; plain; evident. 

Bummel ni sum, ^^ ^y. n-, to make clear 
or evident. 
Bunimcl, i-'AfeV*, 3: ^. "-. and a. O Civilization; 
refinement; social progress; enlightenment. @ 
Refined, civilized, or enlightened. 

Bummel kaikvm, S; ^ BS Hi. civilization; Buin 

mei koku, Si ^ @, a civilized or enlightened 

country; Bummeishi, ^ 53 £&, the history of 


Bummei, ^ A.)b\/^, ^^, n. 'Chin.] Listening to 

an order or command. May be used as a verb. 
Bumuien, J-' A 16 A, S: Bd, n. The contents of a 
letter; a letter; a note; a dispatch. 

GobiiTnmen no omomukl, i^iX JS > 3|i, the pur 
port of your letter. 
Biiminocbl, ^^4'^i, 5>^. n. Dividing a load 
into two parts, and carrying them on the enda 
of a pole. 
Bummoku, ^Juli <,'X S, n, O Colour; hue. @ 
Figures; forms; lines that define a figure; out 
lines of an object. 

Syn. Atame, Iro. 
Bummoii suru, ^^6 ^-^^, [ig Rfl, t).(. To ask; to 
interrogate; to inquire into. fcaste. 

Biimou, .itft^, iS PI. fi. The military class or 
Buinnn wo narau, SC P^ ^ ^ 7, to imitate the 
manners and customs of the military class. 
Itunipa, i;^ki', ^jg, n. [Chin.Qx tributary; 
a branch stream. @ A religions sect or denomi- 
nation ; party. 

SoAo-shuwazenshUno bumpa de am, ^fl5^ 
-•^ JK ^ > ^ iE r T /^, the Sodn-shu is a branch 
sect of the Zen denomination. 
Syn. Edawakare, Wakarb. 




niiiii]i.'il» J*^ffV•, 5^02. ■'*• Distribution; nllot- 
ment; assignment. suru, v.t. To distri- 
bute, allot, or assign; to divide, 
Syn. KUBARU, Waritsukerd. 
Biiinpei, ^A ^\/N, PBJK. «• rC/itn.]A fimelling 
Syn. JCagibin. Lbottle. 

Diinipei siini. M/u-<^f^irZ, ^^, v.t. To divide 
an army or regiment Into several companies or 

KaTcusho ni bumpet suru, ^pfi st^^T.ji', to 
send detacliments everywhere, or to various 
Uumpt, J»Ao(, XIS. "■ [Chin.] A cover or case 
for a work consisting ol' two or more volumes. 
Biiiiipltsii* .fr^uc■:?, S;S. "• tC^ftin-] Literary art; 
letters; literary pursuit. 

Bumpltsu ni tassuru, ^^ — M:^fl^, to he 
proficient or eminent in literary pursuit; jBu?»- 
pitsu no sai, ^ S ^ Pi", literary genius. 
RiiuipltBu, if/^xP'O, 1^ itf, '(. [3fed.l Secretion. 

ISiinipl, .fe^tN, I sum, v.i. To secrete. 

Buiiipfi, J^^ff.i., jK ii. n. Rules of compositiou 
or grammar. 

Brnnpo wo mancaiu, ^ ys 5- JS :^i to learn 

grammar or composition. 

nuiiipd, J*Ai55, jS: IS, /t. [ChirulA. writing brush, 

Syn. FuDE. L^ peu- 

niimpo-e^akuBiia, -t^fei'^ii<;£-^, X^^t, n. 

One versed in grammar; a grammarian. 
Biiinpoka, .S' ^^J' J-4>, Si fcfe i?. n. Same as above. 
Buinposlio, J<^^i'i;e. X, tC^%, ■»- A treatise 

on tlie principles of language; grammar. 

Biinipo suru, J( ^ [a? 5 -^ 3, fi« W. v.f. To break 

or part into pieces or fragments; to crumble; 

to be broken into small fragments; to be des- 

Syn. KuzuREEU, Tsdburbru. Ltroyed. 

Bnnipu suru, ^^J:■^2;, ^ffiK, v.t. To apportion; 

to allot; to impose, as a tax. 

Chiso wo bumpu suru, i^ffi^ ^St^i 7^, to 
impose the land tax. 


Dunipu sum, i-'^J:-^^, ©Pff, v.t. [Chin.]Tn 
command, order, charge, bid, enjoin, or direct, 
to lay an injunction upon. 

Syn. Meibei st'RU, Ydjtsukeeu. 

Dun, Ji ^, ^, ■«. A literary composition; sen- 
tence; style; prose; letter. 

Bunsho, "XM, composition; sentence; Bitn- 
shu, ^ Sf, selections from famous authors or 
standard works; Gosat no biimaonasu, EifS ^ 
"^C^ ^"^'i to write a composition full of splen 
did figures; Shibun, ^^, prose and poetry. 

Bun, i'A, ^, n. {Math.} Segment (of a finite 
straight line) 

Itiiii, ^^, ^, n. Portion; share; rate; circum^ 
stances; one's social position; one's ability or 
standing; status. 

Bxin ni ojtte, ^=t IS 5> r, according to one's 
standing, ability, or circumstances; Bun si5'3 
111, ^ffl ^ =:., agreeably to one's circumstances, 
or standing; JJito Tio bun, A ^ ^. one's or an- 
other's portion, or share; Jtsuha bun, 3l B ^, 
anything to bo accomplished or consumed in 
five days, Kobun, ^ ^, one who is treated like 
a son; protege; apprentice; Kono bun, tt^, this 
state, condition, or circumstance; Mibun, if ^, 
one's circumstances or position; Mlnobunwo 
shirazu, ^^ ^ ? jEp v X, not to know one's self; 
to be too forward ; Rokunin bun, -^ K^, appro- 
pria tion for six persons ; enough for six persons ; 
Samhun no ni,"^^ ^ zi, two-thirds; Shoku bun\ 
IS'9', duty, function; Sonobun, %:^, that part 
or sliare, that state or circumstance. 

Syn. Akisama, Wakaohi, Wakemae. 

IKiina, i'^, Uj ^fi^, n. [Bot.] Beech. 

Biiiiiil, ^■^cv.SRft. 71- One's authority, control, 
or province; sphere of one's duty; persons un 
der a chief functionery. 

BunaMgol<o, S^Ti^Z^W, n. [Bot] Usnf a Florida 

nun-an, >^3&^,^|g, n. [C/iin.] The draught oi 
any writing; a rough sketch in writing. 

Uuiian, jfitiA,, ^{@, a. and adv. Safe; secure; free 
from danger, trouble, or accident; unalarmed; 
undisturbed; well guarded or supported. 

ICuiian 111, i-■tt^^;^, ^^, adv. Safely; securely; 
unalarmedly; undisturbedly; in a well guarded 

Kunclil, i*^'^,5'ilk. "■ Dividing an estate intc 
parts for conferring upon one's children. 

Buuchln, .fr^*^^, ^t^, n. A paper-weight. 
Syn, Kamiosae, Kesan. 

flEunclU suru, .fe^*^-^S, M *P, v.t. [lit.'] To hear 
and know; to be informed, apprised, or in- 
structed; to learn. 

liuDCho, JfA.-t^,^U^, "• lOmitli.] Rice-bird, 
Spermtstes oryzivora. Ting. 

Runclioku, J^^%i.<,^M, «• A brush for writ- 

Buucltu, ^A^%5, ^^, n. iChin.] A mosquito 
Syn. Kaoho, Kaya. Lnet. 

ftujidal, i•^7c■^/^,^iS, «• O A stand, support, or 
rest for holding reading or reference books; a 
bnok-stand; a book -rack. @ A small desk upon 
which written verses ai-e placed, at a utayomi- 
kivat (a club which meets for composing Japan- 
Syn. FuzuEUE. [.ese poems). 

Uuudan, -5•'^^^,^ S, n. Divisions; steps; gra- 
dations; terms in a series. 

Bundan, i'^;!:-^,XS, n. A paragraph; article; 
clause; phrase; sentence 



Buiidun Buru, i'^/t^-^^ . Ef ^. v.t. Todiride; 

to cleave; to cut; to analyse; to cut up. 
Bundo, J'^^5,^S. ■"• [-Sot-] Green gram, PAa- 
Syn. Yaenari. iseolus radiatvs. 

lEundo, J»A^5,S3a. ■'*■ [BoC.lPea. 

Syn. ENDn. 
Bundo, ^ ^ ;fe 5, S: iS, n. Literature; literary 
pursuits; learning; the accomplishments of a 
Biindoi'l, J--^>5VI,5'Ji. 'I- Spoil; plundering by 
force; plundering by violence. 

Bundorl komyo, 5-}tBig^, E'>'zing valuable 
spoil and getting fame. 

sitru, T'.t. To despoil, to seize by violence 

or force; to plunder a hostile army. 
Syn. Kasumetoru, Ubaitobc. 
Uiindori-mono. J-•^^l!) 4C0, Sti^^, n. Spoil; 
the plunder taken from an enemy. ffon. 

Bun-el. i^A.V^,5^'^, '*■ [^fif-] Adetaclied garri- 
Dai ichi ryoaan Vun-ei. ^—I^M^'^- »■ ^^■ 
tached garrison of the First Army Corps. 
Biinen, i■^a.^,1i^, a. and n. Careless, thought- 
less; heedlessness, neglect, omission. 

Watakushi no hunen de arlmashitn, ^ ^ ^ .& 
T'rV^i/it. [coii,] it has been throntrh my Cfire- 

Syn. Fucnu-i, Fukizuki, Okotari. 
Banffa, > ^i)*, Xfk, «• [CUn.'l Pertaining to 
belles-lettres; of a poetical or literary turn; 
elegant; tasteful. 

Bunga furyii, X^^'M- pertaining to light 
literature and the refined arts. 
aiiDKaku, ^^ftt<,X5g, n. Literature; literary, 
philosophical, or political studies; belles-lettre'?. 
Bungaku ni kokornzasu, ^ ^ = ;S 7., to in- 
tend to study literature; Bungalcu wo sakanni 
turn, X^^SS— 7. ;^, to roii^.e the public to 
the imp'-rtance of literary studies. 
BunKaKu-liakaee, >^JJ*< ai *, j^® t^l-, "■ 
ntiiigakii-haKuslii, >^^]■'<l^r< L, ' Doctor of 

Bungakuslil, >^jj7< L,S:¥±. "■ The lionorary 
title of a graduate of the Literature Dep't of the 
Impwial University; bachelor cf ar;s; men of 
lei ters. 

Bunoakushl Lyoktoai, %^.±'^^, a club of 

men of letters. rcoraplishment.=. 

BuHsel, i-AW'Vv, ^@, Yi. The literary arts or ac- 

liMiigen, i«^V^^, .>PR, ■«■• OLimit; extent. @ 

One's social position; circumstances or stnnd 

ing; position 


Bnugenalia. JSf. k^ f^%-^, ^U%-, ^^- Gamo as 


BiinffI* J'^»r, tC^, n. The literal meaning ofa 

letter or other writing. 

Syn. BuN-i, Frm no imi. 

Biingirl, J»^S•W), ^^, 7t. A percussion cup. 

Riiuffd, i<^i*5, ^^, n. [Cftin.l A small particle 
or fraction; almost nothing; anything as small 
or trivial as a divided hair. 

Bungo mo shiranai, ^^^^7-> 'f, I know 

nothing of it ; BnngH mo tagawanu, ^ ^ ^ jg >> 

57, not different at all; perfectly similar oi 

Syn. MiJiy, SUKOSni. L^qnaL 

Biin^odiike, i-^&7£W■, ^^Y[, "• lBnt.]PhyUo- 
stachys kumazc^a. 

Bunso-uine, i•^a?!6, 5li^ |§. "■ [Cot.] A large 
kind of plum. ffJafce. 

BiingOKasn, J'Aays, n. [Bo(.]S<^.ne ks Bunijo- 

Biin^wal. i'^<*^V^, ^ J't-, a. Out of one's pro- 
■vince, not l^ithin one's sphere of duty, exces- 
sive; too much; unusual. 

Biingyo, i*A.W--i, ^Sl. "■ [Cfdn ] Division of 
labour. Takes the usual verb forms. 

Biin-i, 3--^V^. -XW; "• [CT-'n.]The meaning of | 
passage; the literal significance of any writing 

Bun-lkl, J^^Zl&, ^i^, "■■ [ChiTu] Boundary; 
limit; demarcntion; division. 

Biin-ln, ^^V^^, 5^1^, w. [CMn.] A moment; 
very little time. 

Bvn-lii wo oshimu, ^^:-^^9^h., not to lose 
even a moment; to value time very much. 

Biiiilu, J--^/^^, ffiA, 71. and a. Scarcity or Tvant of 
persons or bands; solitary; left alone. 

Kono setsu wa liunin de soto e derarenai, t^ |D 
>\4a \5'.J'|.-s.lH 9 t' -^ >(, I cnnnot go out at 
present, being short handed at home. 

Ruiijaku, i•^X.•■^<, ^53, n. [Chin.] Weakness 
of body and want ot spirit accruing irom exclu- 
sive devotion to literary pursuits; effeminacy, 
imbecility; docility; weakness. 

Biinjl, ^^C, ^ IP, n. Literary matters or pur- 
suits; literature. 

Riinjl, ^^e, S-R?. ^- Amoment; a little while. 

Biinjln, .S«^35'^, ^A, ?'. fCftiw.] A literary man; 
poet; scholar. 

Qunjin bokkaku, '^A^^. S* ■ under Bok- 

Uunjo-ran, J-•^2^J^5&^, n. [Bot-.]CIemi:is 

E^'iiDjii siirii, .5--^;&l^■?■^, ^5, v.t. To receive 
or take a portion of anything; to v rlake of; to 

Uunkal, .t^i>\p, ^5?, th. The line of demarca' 
tion; limit; boundary; frontier. 

BiinE4a!, Jt^*>V^, ^M. ''■ OLP/t^SiCS.] Resolu- 
tion, ©Analysis; breaking up. g) Explana 
'tlon; excuse; apology. 


Denki burikat, W%^^, electrolysis ; I^etau 
bunkai, M'S'Sf. thermolysis. flogize. 

sum, v.t. T<i analyse; to explain; to apo- 

Pyn. MosniiuHAKU, Tokiwakatsu. 

Biinknianii, >^i>V>■^^, &-.%M> "• ^-'"^ '^*' *^^' 
marcatlon, the boundary-lino. 

BiinUnliu siii-H, * ^ *> C -^ 3, ^ISi v.t. To dis- 
tance; to miLke separate, distinct, ordistant. 

Bunhatsii (.nrii, ^^A>-7-Ji■ 3, ^fll, u.t. 0[^<^i^-.. 
To alienate. ©To divide; to cut up; to break 
Oj-cn; to cut. 

Syn. Sakiwakehu. 

BiiuKo, 3f k.'ft, ^^, '"■ A branch of a family. 

siivii, v.i. To separate from a family in 

order to establi'^li an independent household. 

Buiiltcn, J=^H'^, [Ifl ^, ^i^ Audiiory and ocular 

evidence." siia'ii, v.t. [tU.] To hear and to 

see; to observe. 
Syn. Mjkiki. 

BuuUeu, >^W^, i^'a.^ilB. »- Surveying; ex- 

Burikeii-dogxi, S^^iK^fl-. surveying instru- 
ments; Bunken-ezu, ^^^^, the map or cliart 
of a survey. 

Bui-ii, v.t. To survey or measure, as land. 

Syn. SoiciTRYo. 

Biiiikoie, >- A W ^, ^ ^, "• The division of 
power, as opposed to the centralization of power. 
siii'u, v.t. To divide authority. 

BunKeii-lmheital, -5'^l'f A tt5— VfeV/v, ^jJSflEl^S 
^, It. [jJHL] A detaclied company of artillery. 

IliiiikPtsii, i'AW-5, 5- K, ". Snn\& as Bumbei. 

RiiuKi, ^'A^, Sf-ifi, n. [G!ti7}.] A forked branch. 

siii'ii, v.i. To brancli out; to be divided 

like a fork. 

Biinlil, J<A?, ^p|c, -It. 'coll.] A boundary post; 
asign-post; a limiting m-irk. 
Syn. BfisiiiGui. 

Biiiiko, >At, ^ ^., n. A library; book-case. 

Biinkooiira, % % ^, \CQll.\ the go-down or 
warehouse where books are kept. 

UunEfo, i'^il>5, ^fit, n. Disturbance; disorder; 
disort^anization; confusion; derangement; ir- 
regular mixture. siini, v.t. To disturb; 

to be confused or deranged. 

Bunko, J^^^&>5, '3; E, n. A box in which letters 
are carried ; a letter-box. 


BuDko-sorl. -t ^ t. & 5 I!)", ^ 0. ff ^, w. A box 
made of- osier. 

Bunkvku, ifhSCi., ^ ^, n. A section of an em- 
pire or kingdom which ts ruled over by an 
almost independent prince. 

Bunko-shiikwiin, > L2.;£W>< *>^, 3: K i "ff. f*^ 
The superlntendant of a library, 



Biinkii, J«^<, 5; •^7) w. [ff7*am.] O A sentence; a 
clause or phrase. @ The content.'? of a letter. 


Bun knit, i■^ C A,lfC®), w. 'JJhin.] Literary merit; 
the merit of civil ofRcials. 

BiiiikwsB. i-- ^ < io, %'K, It' \CKiTu\A gentle 
heat or fire. 

Syu. TO ROB I. 

ESiiiikwa, i•^<49, ■S:lf, 'i. [CM«.]The flower of 
literature; learning or education; refinement. 

Bunkwn, U k.iio,%\ki, n. [Chin.'] Civilization; 
refinement; leaving no trace of barbarity or sa- 
vngciicss. Tof a bureau. 

Btnukwiij ^^< ij,^^, n. A brancli or section 
Syn, Kakariwahk. 

Btiiiik>va-dnig::iku, ^A. < 'y}r;-'^iif< .t. ^'^:K^. n. 
The College of Literature. 

IS((iik^%:tii. ^^< i9^,i<C 'eT, n. A civil olRcial. 

Uiinkfvaii, J^^< ioA^,"^^, n. Books; volumes. 
Syu. Hon, SnoMOTsr. 

iluiikwan-fitCsnsliiSii'ii. J'^ < i^^i"7 5:£.W'^. 
51 'eT ^ ijS K S&- ■"■ The ordinary civil examin.i- 

Biiiikwan-riitsuskikcn-lfn. J-•^< 39A.i.-7 5* 
W•^\;^&^, --^f ^ifliKfiS^fi, n. Tlie Commit- 
tee of the Ordinary Civil Examination. 

Buiik^vaii-fiitsnsliikeii-iiiicho, .i<^ C i7^i■5' 

$^H-^v^a^■^^5,^'p;^Iai^ss*a jl, n. The 

Chairmin of the Committee of the Ordinary 

Civil lixamination. 
Bunkwaii-kotosliiken, .S-A C *^^*'5^5;£^^^, 

tC^I^^M^' "■ The higher civil examination. 
Itiiiikivait-kr>I()>>ltJkou-sIi<iki, J-•^< d9^*>5^f 

5^w^:£i&,*'l:i';E;5^Ksa ■f^sa. «. Acierkof 

the Board of the Higher Civil Examination. 
Buiikwiijiitijii, i^<i95Z•WJ■^.■^'^i^, "• [Pl'V- 

sics.] spectroscopy. 
BuukM-oki, > ^ < *i 5 &. *-1fcg|, ". [Physics.] 

Bu JO, J* ^ W- 5, ?C?fc, ri. Education; literary 

and moral teacliing. 
EEiink>'o, .S'A^ i, ^B". 'i- Same a") Bwn'io. 
Biinkyokii, .J-•^^ iL< ,^$), ?i. Subdivision of an 

official bureau; a branch office. 
Biiiikyokti, >^^i<,^§S, n. [Physics.] Polari- 
B:iii(k>u-sen, .5* ^ i& 5 ■*^,XASI. n. A cash 

worth l^iin, flrnt cast in tlie Bunkyil period. 
Biititiin niirii, J'^K^■?^, ^ fE, v.i. To divide a 

work into several parts and assign each part to 

a person. 
Buurctsii sum. J-*AH-7^3, ^ig, i»./. and t. To 

be rent asunder, or dissolved, to crack; to break 

or split open; to disjoin or disunite. 
Chi bunretsu su, Sb^Si^-, the ^ouna cracks; 

BUN £ 

Kuni bunretsu su, U^^^-. the state is dia- 

Btinrl, J'^'0,^g!, ?t. [CTf7i-] Syntax, or the laws 

of composition; style of composition. 
Biiuri, i-^V). ^12, «■ The sraullest particle; the 

breadth of a hair; mite; ii bit, 
Buni'l, i•^'!),^M. '«■ Separation; diRunion; dis- 

FOlutioa; rending. surn, v.i. and f. To se- 

paryte; to put asunder; to di?ort;ani7.e , to be 

disintegrated or dissolved ; to set npart. 


Itiinrilio. ^AiO ai-, ■^ffS Ji. "• [Cheiii.] .Method of 

chemicfil separatiun. ri"urnace. 

Itiinrl-ro, J'^l!) ^, ^Kf *S. "■ ni^oi.] Separating 
llimriil, i'^^£,5^fi1, ". Classification; system 

atic arrangeniput; ussortmg. 'I'akes tlio ordin- 
ary verb forms. 
IXiiiiryo, i ^ U) -^ 5, -?^^l>, ". Quantity; bulK, 

amount, weii^lit; extent, tlo^^Tue. 

Kusitri IV hiivry'i, gS-^^-fi', <fu:uitity of '.\ 

niedici?-'? , Suvjai iiu bd/iryn, ^ 'Jf -^ iMil, tlnj 

extent of diimages 

S.\ 11. llAKARl. KASA, >]EKATA. 

Biiiir>o Ktirn, J-'AH 5"^ 3, ^ «p, v.i. To exercise 
sovereignty over a portion of a coniitry ; to have 
a share oranylliing. 

Syn. Wak>.-iis \MLRl', BL'n-yu st'un. 
Riinr^n, i-^l!)5,^L^, /(- A iributary or branch 

Syn. Epa-NAGARE, Sriirvu. 
Btiinu.ii. i- ^ ^ V-,^g&, ". [C?an.] Decnrntive 
flgures or stripes; ornanicnl , llorid style; splen- 

Bunsai fltryu, '^'^-.W^ iSfE, [f/i in.] elaborateness 
and tastef'ulness of style. 

Syn. IRODORI, MoyO. for ability. 

niinsal, ^A^\p,S:^- "■ [Chin.] Literary talent 
Uiiiisaii, ^k-^K,^^, n. Oli-in^^'y.a great 

failure in trade. @ {ruii..ics.i Dispcr-inn. 

siiru, t>.f. and f. To sf:ii ter; to brenk up; to be 
made insolvent; to be declared a banki-upt. 
Syn. Hasan, RmNDAi-KAf;ii:[. 
Btinsnii-on. i-^ :? ^ 5.^. -3- K5 IR!. "• 'I'l-vsics.] 

Circle ©f confusion. 
RiiiiS]in-nr>. i- ^ 5 ^ © 5,^Vi.n^. '»■• WhysUs.] 
Dispeisive power. 

Bitusaii-iiir., 3!^^^^/^^, jrupt; an insolvent. 
Biinsel, i-'A^V^,^ii. "■■ [Physics.'] Divisiliility. 
Bunsckl, J'^^&,■^tff. 'i O [Chem.'] Aniilj'nis, 

assaying. @ Analysis; examination; scrutiny. 

Takes the usual verb forms. 
Tsuchl 100 bvnseki svrv, ±S ^ -Sf-^t 7- /^, to 

analyse a Poil. 'leir!/~ bunseki, !£ !i ^ t'r. yuanti- 

1 Bim 

tative analysis, TeishUsu bitn.''c},-i, ^'[T^iJf, 
qunlitfttive .Tnalysis; ShUsn bunsc'ci, fiS 33* JJfr 
humid analysis. 

ISuiisokl-iiUsig, J-•^^i-|[.S.■'.'i<■^, *fit(l.\ ". '"C/fOTi.] 
Auiilysis, the separation of a compound sub- 
stance into its constituents. 

IfiJiison, ,5-' A ^ ^, 3tM. "■ A fine sort of the 
Kioanei-scn, with the Cliinese character -% [hun) 
on its back, first cast in the ICwi-mbiin period. 

EIitHRl.i, X- L t„ -9- ^. ". |.l/wr//.' Nuraerater; 
\Clin)i.] A molecule; an atom. 

r(iii>lit, i'ALi^^. "■ [ff'"^"i.] Participle, 

Ci'mni-hunshi, gJtt-S'^. the present parti- 
ciple, Kwalohiinshl, ')^Ji^l\], the p;u-t or im- 
perfect participle. 

ISt(Li>!->bokei, ,!-■^ US< . !& -T-l--, "■ ^-C"'-l Di^ty- 
Hum racemosmn. 

Syn. IlYON NO KI, ISf. 

BTitnsliijii. i- ^ * ■^- i^ 5, ^ T- jE, "■ [i'!'ystcs.] 

Jlolecular weight. 
ISiinsliiii, J^A.£.A.,^^, n. Q Tlie inc:iMuitlon of 

a Hindoo god iaTatina). i^ Dt:li\eiy ol a cluld, 

iritiiMliin, ^A£^, S-J'j'. n. [rv.;;?.] Tattooing. 

Syn. HoniM'iNO, Trkzi'mi. 
■IiiiisI»(-r>«Iiii, J^kS.^ i.< ,^^ij, >!.. [Physics.] 

Molecular force. fnl index, 

DEiiiisliEr.ri. S'k Li 5. ^15 Ei, ". '3rath.] Kractiun- 
ISiin^hf Slim, Jr A. Li' Z , ^ Z'i, v.t. To give a por- 
tion ol anything (saxi o[ .-^iii ei mrs). 

Syn, WAKACIIlTAllAr, WaIvI", VTuKir, 
Bh!i[slii(^(!, J'A*-9, ■^^, n. [C7/(;i./fhest;ite 0( 

bemy el Lboratc or simple, aitilicial or, 

cnltivated or rmle, etc. 
lEiiiit^lio, J^ki^X' ^^' "• A branch olbce. Tlii\ 

term is usually applied to the police and Un'cst- 

ry ottices. 
Biiusho, .S^A:^-^?. ^ iS, ■«■ l**o-e , conijiosition; 

sentern-e, letter. 

Syn, Fl'mi, Kakimono. 
£:iijiolii>. i;/* J;, ^^, n. Record, letter; any- 
thing written; archive; book. 
13vnshn-bako, 5^ ^T ?3. ^ letter-box; Dvnsho- 

hi:hvri-i, ■JCi^^, a letter-bag, 
Syn. Frwi, K'AKnioNO. 
Btiinsilioiin. i- A* i < , -J^ £, .L. [rinn.] Figures; 


Syn. Atamk, Moto. 
a£iiii<-lioi<ii, J^Ax,i.<, ^ S4. n. A pnrtial eclipse 

of the snn or tlie moon. 
IttitiHlioKii, Ji? A.X i. < , "iC !i^, n. [Chin. Ornament; 

figures; embelli'^binent; splendour, 
B!iiii>linliwn, J^A.,^X < *7, ^#!S. «■ The Section 

of Ourrc^cp.inib-nL-e. 
Jiiinsin.. j.-/„.<.i,i), ^4"., 7t, Same as iJitmSci. 




Uniislin. J--^;£ 5, -^i$. n. [Ckiit.] Embroidery; 

vaiiegiitetl needlo-work. 
Syn. Nriwovo, Xvitoki. 
lEiiii^o, >^^$, jJCJ^l, 7t. &i).me as Bun-an. 
Uiiiisn siii'ii, i-A-c-rX, ^JS. <'■'■ [C!Un.]TQ ex- 

pUiin; to excuse; to jUead one's innocence. 

Biinsu, Ji;^f■5, ^IK. n. [J/af/i.J Fraction. 
Ui:nsri-t:ui-E, ^'^-i^5fe^S., ^ Si ^tt. /t. [Mjtft.] 

Fractional unit. fcom position. 

l^uiiiai, l=A.-fz\r, X fff, "■ The style, or tenour oi" 
Uiiiitniolio, ^A.tzV^'^^^, ^PSJ5. 't- An officer 

in command of a sub-company. 
Biitttaji iiurn, i--^?^^-^^, ^{g, v-C. To bear a 

partial responsibility; to talie a portion of a 

work, duty, or obligation. 
Buiit.'itMi, ^ h^izo, n^JJI, ■"■ Fame; renown; 

celebrity, good reputation. 
Buiitei. ML'ZV', %^, i<.. t^ame as ^i;*i(ai. 
Biiiitoit. ^ ^ t A, jSC !J4. n. Grammar; rules of 

Biiutoii. i•^■r^, -K\% "-■ [CIdit.] Tranquility in 

literary or civil matter -1. 
BuTiten hull, S:^fftiJ, [CViin.] civil and mili- 

T-'iry peace; tlie public peace. 
Buutso, a-^-:?5, jSClE, "i^- -A^" epistolary corres- 
pondence; letter; epistle. 
Bim-iiii. J;^-5^, %M-< "• \Ch.ln.'\ Social refine- 
ment; advancement of civilisition. 
Ifiiiiy.i, J-'^J^, X S. "" A library; an apartment 

in which books and charts are kept. 
Syn. ElXKO, BDXsniTSL'. 
Bunyn, X^ A--^", ^[i?, ?t. Being civilized or nar- 

baroH'j, Cilucated or illiterate, or refined or 

Biiiiy:i-Iitislii, J-'A-^^^' L, ^ ^ I'ff. "■ A popular 

musical air, urii,'uiated by Okamoto Bunya in 

the Genroku jieriod. 
Biioya.kii. .S-'^■=^^C, X$^, ". A written contract. 
.ifiujiyeii, .^'^£,^, 5: 3iE, Ji. O [C/ifn.] A collection 

of masterpieces of literary work; library. @ 

[lU.]The garden of letters. 
ItiinRnI, .S•'^^V>, ^f^, fi. Oiiij'-^ social standing 

(used chieily wlien speaking of a humble per- 
son); condition; circumstances. 
Syn. BL'Cl-N, .MlUL'>'. 
Bunzol, 1= ^^\/>, Sfcin, "■■ ''-£'?'("V7i.' Mosquitoes 

and gnats. 
Riipiii.-i, ^'•yc^•^, ^ pD, «■ Same as ii/(A-S;iya. 
Biippo. j^-j]^X; flfii, )i. Euddhl-m; the religion 

of Buddha. 

Buppo nl hie sunt, ^ii — ES^ ^-'^t ^° become 

a believer in Buddhism. 
Biipp5so, i: -y \S ^ "S ■Si , "■■ iOriiitfi.] Surystomus 


Burn-biirxi, >&>?,, a, and adv. [cofl.] Slow; 
Idly; hanging loosely; in a vibrating ur swing- 
ing manner. 

Chochln ga bwa-bura sagatte iru, ^ ■©;'/' zT 9 
7* 7 T 7^ # '^. the lanterns are swinging bub- 

Syn. Bdrasagatte. 
Burabura-yninal, .5-* & i* & -^ 3 \r. ^ ^, «■ A 
chronic disease. 

Syn. Dahadaka-tamai, Manseibt5. 
Biirat, Jj 5 V^, Kiftfa, «.. [C7;;j?._ Worthless; mis- 
chievous; good for nothing; dissolute; irregu- 
lar; scampish; villainous; roguish, 


ieiii-al-k:tn» ^'5\^il'^, SSfflH?, j ■". A fellow 
Uurai-inono, i-6\/^4©, ^H^^, ' good for no- 
thing; an abandoned fellow; worthless rascal; 
rogue; mean villain; scamp. 

Syn. Narazumono, AA'aru-mono. 

Kiiraliu, .5-' P. < , Sl5i5. 'i- '^Ohin.] Sections of a bar- 
barous or savage country (or tribe). 

IKiirnnkotto, -f^i/^-; V , n. \ETig.'\K blanket. 

Biii-:titko, J-•6^t., 'iy.&5. f'^- [coil.] A swing. 

Biirari, ^ & 15, a. and a(\:i\ '^jcoll.\ Q Hanging 
loosely; dangling; with a swinging motion; 
vibrating. ©Tdle; of loose habits; with nothing 
to do; loafing, 

EEiii-a!«lii, -f^:/. M^, -II- ^Emj.^AhTMSh. 
Syn. Hake, EEOARai. 

B!iii-.-l(«:ie£iii ^&-9<, V.I. foil.] To walk idly; co 
loiter, loaf, or lounge; to spend time in idleness. 
KTien 7ii tturatsuhu, S- [il = y ^ 'y^, to lounge 
in a public garden. 

iJur«M, ^ixxr', Mi^. ". Impoliteness; insult; rustic 
manners; want of good breeding; rude conduct 
Tiiki?^ tlie a. and adv. lorms. 

liiirei luiasJiirai, *r. '1! ■^ ^ iffi. impolite treat- 
ment, Buret 100 ill, 3)S ^73 -/ H" '7, to use insult- 
inglanguage; Bvrei nn hUo, %^^ A, person 
ol'no good breeding; impolite person. 
Syn. BiSAHo, Rkt:-jaki, SHiTSfKi:!. 

lEiirot^iiii, i!ix-7, jtt ?'■. n. and a, Energuric; reso- 
lute, vigorous; daslung; spirited, veliement; 
brilliant; bright; animated. 

Iliiri, S'^O.Wi, "■ ^TcJitJi.] Siriola qiiinqiieradiata 

Biiri, ir'/(, adi\ [^co;^] Diu-ing; for, since; aUei-. 
Ilisaslii buri de ome m kakari mnsu, ^A^y-f v -r 
ijl g — !^ V ^ ^-i 1 have nut seen you for a long 

Btiri-hiirl, Sf^Jf^, n. and ai\,- Q A kind ..f'toy. 
@ In a flaying or peeling manner. 

Biu-ndirl-gitolio, J> UJ i-U) ^-j t^i, fig *? [^ fet, n, 
A new-year toy for boys, said to drive out evii 
Spirits from a house. 




l(iirl1*n-'>sM. i-!0*.— L, ■'(. [coll.] Beinp; t:\ken 
•fiic-k a^;tii.. Tiikes tlie ii^utI verb-fornT^. 

OiTiionohyTiki (to lnirlkne>i!tlt€ kmnarirtiaxhila, 
^ ' frj % ^Z* 7' V ^fJ -^ S/ 5^ IS '1 ^ ■:-■ •5r. T fitd ^m-- 
rv tn p;iy that my brother Ims hepn taken sick 

RiiviMil. iU)7^,^^, „. Tin |ilnto. Lagaiti. 

niij-ikKi-Iitvnii-soJxoltiknl, i-w) v^ < i9^^V3^ 
il'A'l^.'lfil^ J|$yi^?:';t^, n. [.Vnc!i/ A mncliino 
for making tin cnn^. 

Kiiril£!£l-l£-%^nnxi)tiio->nUo. .t-' V) y ? f t)A.-^'^h-^ 
lrf,V-j1ZP^W^i^^ "■■ *^.»nncd j=;i]inon. Ralmnn in 
tincani. Ttinplate tbiiiic*. 

EiirikSil-.v.M, Jr ^'y^^,f3.'^]S. "■ The raakfjr of 

Bitro siirii, IfT^-^-^z. 1^ #. ''-f- To asperse; to 
Inngh at =cnirifully ; to ridlcuie, to make liirbt 
of. to slight, 

Ryn. AKADOrtt:, NaBtru. 

Burn, i'2, ^, r.l. or t. ruU.'] To nfTect; to make 
show of, In 1.16 like; to put an air of. 

Gfikvsha bnrv, ^ -^ f >h, to put on the air of 
a learned man; TnaJ.abtvu, |D "S 7'' fl-, to net or 
talk like a person from the country; Otona, ^Ay'ri', to be pr(''.-ocIonR; TaJ.n bvrii, Z^-t 
-fl^, to be Relf-important or boastful, Y^dnl 
huru, '^4-^ -f n-. to make a vain display of one's 
importance or dignity. 
Buni-hiii-ii, J-- 3 i- 2 , tIS ^TS- 'J- and adv. \r(,r\] 
Tremblinp:; shaking; in a shnrMering manner. 

Bxn'U-hvrxi fariierv, 7"ji-7'«.-7't -^ji-. to shako 
ehxidderingly; Sanwkvtte Iniru-hnrii surti, 'K-^-} 
t' BS -"r ^' B-. to tremble with coUl. 
Syn. ■Wan.\-wana. 

Bunii, *Zit,5n^, w. Class; system; genus; spe- 
cies; kind; order. 

Burui luo wnkaisv, ^1S J- ^'■y. to divide into 
classes; to classify. 

Syn. BCWAKE, Tagui. 
Bur^nkii, s^yj-^^K ,K^. n. [Chin.] Stratagem; 

military plan or design. 
Bor> o. ,Ph.^,UM, a- and aclv. I^onely; having 
no good menns to kill time; cheerli^ss;, unplefi- 

Syn. TAKo.snTKARAN'u, TANnsniyiN \ki. 
Busniio. .S-'^S-i-, $if f1= iJr. a. Rude; ruptic; \ian; 
ing good manners; imimlite; insulting 
Syn. Bi'KF.i, BiMinsi-KE, Stm >;r"in-i. 
Bii^^iiiliii. Ji>^\r< , J-^X. «■ aud n. \roU.] Not 
Pkilftil; of bad workmanship; awkword, 
Syn. Fi'TEniwA. 
Buantn, 3=^fe,1lft ?>■;*, "■ ]cnn.] Noi \iritingtoa 
person or not vi«iting him. 

livantawfi Ki rv, %^^''tk'^ :'.ft', not to write to 
a person; not to inquire fifter one's health; not 
to visit a person. 

Syn. ToDogniKi, Utoutoshjki. 

lEiiNPi, i'-ltV;^, %f^, n. and a. Idle; lazy; slovenly, 
li..ijlng, not to be industrious; negligent; care- 
less. roA. 
Syn. Braiii", aioxogusaki, Okotaru, Tai 
ISu8(-l, 3-' y-\/^ , ^ r/. '<■ [Hot.] A turnip. 
Syn. KabIRa. 

n. The few; few personB; not 

ha\ Mig a large army, 

T'i.--i ni busei, ^ 3 

miit'-ii fui the many. 

Syn. BCAlZKM. 

■ =■ M ^. the few can bn no 

Percentage of profit- in- 
Pnme as Kachiyiimi. 
A warrior; a member of f h« 

military c.l;tss, a sol- 

Syn. BUFU, Mo- 
NONOFQ, Ml'.^IlA, TaU- 
BllNllI, J^' L, Rt T-. "■• 
[Bot.] Aconite. 

KilsIlillj^n,i-;£^:£-^, ^ 

a ,C., a. and n. [c-.u.] 
Irreligious; not de- 
vout, infidelity. 
Riisiilnjlnslia, J^^.^X 

A.£.^,m \t 'C %, n. cm ±3 

An infidel; unljeliever. 
KiiRliJtsiikR, ^ Z -^ i^,^M. ^*- [coll.] Want or 
good breeding, impolite; not courteous. 

Bw^hit^ul-p-onmaRhlku, %%1f v ->• ^, [coll.'' 
in an audacious or overbearing manner. 
rtiiNlio, -i*;l-^5, fftS^, 7i. A commander; a gene 
ral; the chief ofhcer; an officer. 

Bii^lio. >;l-^5. 7;i!^, fT/?T.andn. [co??.] Slovenly; 
in a perfnncl ovy fashion ; dirty; not clean ; idle; 

BvRhn ni s-i/r?/ tn kitovai , %^^ ^7. n, y- if »-^ 
-f , rarelessne-= ].>ave« things dirty; Fu.-ihl bnsho 
ni .•!fr<rh i siir,.-. T- 3? T- 1^ = )R Xn y- n-, to consent 
witli reluctancp. 
KilRlto, >:£.->^5, M?$- '"■ riapping the hand<(. 

Syn. Oakl'SHU. 
IttiNlio. ji*j^5, gR'JS, 71. The commander of a 

subdivision of an army. 
aSiisliir, X-Xi. Sli-S. n. [C!i(n.] O A branch of » 
government oflice. @ Dividing a work for 
having it accomplished by several persons. 
lEitsSioxiiinn. ^^^J^^a^a. Stl?. ". A kind of top. 

Syn. Bai 
Uii.«I:oiii«iio i-^--;-5 4 (7), 7^*^^, n. [coll., An 

idle, careless, or negligent per'^on. 
Biisiia, i-:E(/i.5, SiJiK. n. Same as Bumin. 




Uiisliu, -ir:£.W), Sn^. ft. Subordinates; inferiors; 
persons under one's authority, 
Syn, KuMiKO, TEsnitA. 

ItiiHlmlii, ^^(fl>U.', 7;tf M, CL- [co/i.]DisapproTal; 
liiilure, disapprobation; to be in disl'avour; un- 

I^^ani 100 shite mo bushtibi aeshita, W ?■ ^ r ^ 
T- "S' S r i' «, I failed in all undertakings. 

Itusliiiksui, iI;&l%:t;>^, ^#Jtr. «, fBot. I Horned 

a. [Chin.] Un- 
paralleled; un- 
surpassed; un- 
equalled; incom- 
parable ; match- 

Teiika buso no 
Shi, ^ T US 5? ^ 

±, a gentleman ^'-^'i^ ^ fffJ 

wlio-se equal is founa noTvliere in the world. 
Syn. Narabinaki. 

BiisotHu, Jfi^-^y 31^1 ci. [C/iiTi,] Soldiers under 
tlio same commander. 

Buesakl-biiori. -fe'V ^ & tf 3tf "fl, i-lgiT^.^. «■ A 
Japtinese coat similar to the swallow-tailed coat 
in shape; a haori, having a part ol' the midJle 
line of its back lelt unsewn together. 

Biissan, J^-y-^- k, ^^, n. Visiting a temple or 
grave for paying respects to the deceased, or for 

Syn. HOTOKEMiiDE, Tkramairi. 

Biis^nn, ^t-y ? A., ^M, "n- Produce; products; 
productions; manufactures. 

Biissan-gwiLlsIiii, Jfi-y'^A.<rt)\fX^, ^ ^ "h" fflt, 
n. A merchantile corporation established for 
disposing of the products of a country, or pro- 

BuNsaiikn, X* v 5 ^4^ IS ^ ^. "• Producers; 
manufacturers. fSliaka, 

Biissetsii, .J; -y ^ -7, 1^ fg, n. The teachings of 
Bussetsu wo kikv, ^M'^M^- to listen to 
Shaka's teachings recited. 

ISiissetau, i-.yit'?, i^; Ji], II A Euddliist temple. 
Syn. Garan, Ticha. 

Bim8li:i. i'-yi^, ^W, ". A Buddhist. Rdols. 

Biie8lil» Jfi-i t, fl? M, "- One who makes Buddhist 

Biisslifu.stifi. Jry:S,A.Zf.'i>^.^-i:'^., '*■ The J^en 
sect of tlie Buddhists. 

BiisshitHii, i'y:£.-7, 4^^, ". The chemical or phy- 
sical nature of a thing; substance, mutter. 

Busslin, ^"jX^^'Bfk- "■ I^'''6 ofTered to a Bud- 
dliist idol or given to a Buddhist priest. 

Bueslio, .i^-yi-*5,0'i4, n. The Buddhist or di- 
vine nature. 

BuRsho, JSn-yXi., ffl ^, n. Holy books of the Bud- 

Syn, BC'SSKTSU, BL'TTEN, KyOkwan. 
BuiQSlio-e, ifyZ^^^,B^%, n- [Bwdri.] The Sth 

ot the 4th month (p,s.)\ Shaka's birthday. 
BiisBliokii. Jf -J i, i <,1^g, n. 6'/i/7i.] The ex- 
ternal appearance of a person. sum, v.t. 

To search for a person by his external appear- 
ance, or by his picture. 

Syu. Sagasu, Saguru. fcorea. 

Biisshoslio, S'-yZ-^5i.i~,W'^^, n. [BoLDlos- 

Biisso, J«75 5,^Bfi, a. Perturbed; disturbed, 
not peaceful; dangerous; infested with robbers, 
or thieves; excited. 

Ohlkagoro sekcn oa lianahada tmsso rfa, Jfi ti ft 

flfl ://" S ^ ^ 51 ^, the public is now excited to a 

high pitch; robbers and thieves have become 

very numerous of late. 

Btisso, Jf 'J ^, ^ lis, n. The founder of the 

Buddhist religion. 
BiiBsog^e, jf'j'^ 5 W^, J ttS. ". [Bf«.] China hibis- 
Fiiso, .i.5 5, ' cus, or Rose of China. 

Biisii, jtf", ^ ^-, n. [Bot.] Same as Biishl. 
BiESQ, jf -jl- 5, }> K, w. [itfa(/i.j See Tsubosu. 
Biisii, >-^,^, 7z. Poison. 

Syn. DOKU. 
Bii8iil. ^-jl'V'-, ^^, a. Not fashionable; not pleas 
ant; deficient knowledge of men and tilings. 

Bi'sm n<i hitn, Jft J? -^ A, an unfashionable 
person; a persou moral notions are rath- 
er too strict. 

Syn. Uirakenu, Sabakenu. 
B(i snrn, Jif^Z,%, v.t. Q To strdfee ; to pat. @ 
To tranquilize or pacify. 

Ken wo Z)U sum, ^f-M 7. ft-, to handle a sword 
fondly; Se wo bu suru, ^ ^ Kf :^ »-, to stroke 
the back. 
But!!, i':te.©, at. n. [2oSl.1Pie; swine 

Syn INOKO. TcorpulenLly. 

Biitabiitn. * fe Jffe, cu and adv. [coll.] Very fat, 
Biitiiguya. .S^fea-^, Et/h§, ". A pen for swine. 
Biitai, ^teV^, $?S, 'it. The stage ot a theatre. 

Butai wo fumu, ^S^®i*, t.o perform on 
the stage; to be experienced; Ilinoki bvtai, (9 
6f S> Uit-\ ^ stage of fir wood; Jlo. the stage, 
in all the greater Japanese theatres is made 
of this material; No butai, SE ?5 fi. a stage I'or 
operatic performances. 

Syu. Maidono. fparadise. 

Biitaiclio, >fev^-r5. ^^^. f^- Ornl(h.\-B\raQ{ 
Biituii, ^fe^, ffilS, adu. Precipitately, rashly; 

Syn. Hashinaku, Sozoro ni 
Bnta-uo-nbura, .i^-fzO^^^. ^ Di. n. Lard 




Biita-nn-inanjn, i' fe ® 'a ^ %- 5, i(. [Bot.] Sow- 
Biita-iMi-iiikii. ^•fz(D\l^< , ^t ftj, "■ Pork. 
Rutnrcrii, >-feH3, l^fl, v.t. [colL] The passive 

or potential lorni ol' Batsiu 
BiitiiN^'i'ii, ^72-^:5, ^ YS, ^"■^- icori-i The cr-ii]=;a- 

tive lorm of Buty.iL ftliiri;!:^, rrnsswise. 

Biitrlil^ni. J&= .'%fi'V-,YiiA.^^' " iC""-. To put 

B-uiciiinii^ nl kokki wo tatsu, ^X = ^ ^ ^ "i^i 

"y, to raise niitioniil O.ig'^ on crossed poles. 
Rtiti'liiinorii. i--y tfib Z, r.t. [coll.] The contnic- 

tion of Buclii-s/ilmeru. 
Biitclioziirii, ,V "j%^ ^ ■:>' c., p lt5" nTj, n. Sulky, 

morose, or angry countennnre , Irowning. 
Buto. i--fe-"', SESS. ''■ Dnnring, dance. 

BvtO'liwai, leil'J^, a hall; a danciDS club; 

Kas'^-huiTi'-kwoj , lEJ i4- 'J.T gS ^, » fancy ball. 
Ryn. :\[Ai, ODOiii. 
Buto, i'lf, ^X^-' "■ l-^'ifCT"-.] A ppecies of dipter- 

oaa in:^ert witli gceat =;tinging power. 
Bnt»;ii. 3''9, ^,' )' Buddha or ShaVa. 
Biiteu, J«-7, it. '^' [B'^'-J Artemisia '-ul'tarif:. 
Butsu, i--:?, JT, r.f. O ico^'-l To strike, knock, 

beat, or drub. @ To wliiii. © 'i o aim at. Q To 

play a ganif. A ron^upted form of Vtan. 
Syn. Ohociuicu, T\T\i;r, Utsu. 
But->4ii, .J»-9, 4^, '1. A thiuii. 

Syo. MONO, Sni.VA 
Biitsii-hnrlii, J? -y \S %, ffl) ^, n. Punishment 

inflicted by Buddha. 

Syn. TIoTUKE no thramp:. 
Butsii-lxitt^ii. ^'^.V-r?, 3f, V, 'I''''. An adverb 

u'=ed to represent t)ie p.:fuli;tr noise of water 

boiling; bubblini^, grumbling. 

Yii ga biitsu-butyu to niyuru, fol "^ |}^ '/ I- ^^ 

n-j the water boils, Biitsu-bu'su iii, r3E <r £ T?. 

to grumble. 
ButHiidn, .i"??;:., ^Ip^. n. BiuliJha. 

Syn. EUTSU, IIotokk. 
Biitsn<I:(ii, i''Ofzh., ftiifjf, u The Buddhist shrine 

in a pi vvate house. 
Biatsiadon. .J'•^tf^, (Ti'-fig, a Same as /;(rU.-rtA'«. 
UiitsittEo. J^-07::-j. \%'^, n. Kuddhinn. 
UiittiiiKlo, I"7?g5' f^Plii". "■■ Buddhi-;m temple. 
ButE<(;-n. i--7 J,, flp %, ii. A public service ol EuO 

dhist priest^ 
Itiitsiien, i- "9 ftf, IS i^, "■ Kxtoi-nal thintifs and 

one's self. fdliism. 

BiitBiisakii. .Si-9fif < , fifi ^, n. The study of Bud- 
But<«ir(?:ti, J^of^yj^, SP M, ">• a canopy over an 

idol, or a colhn 
Syn. TENGAi. 
Uutsusl, .J-'-^y, ■i^yS. n. rublic opinion or dis- 

cu'^sion; conLrovoisial argument; provocation; 


, the publiu waa great- 

Biitsvnl g'izen, ^ ' 
ly exasperated. 

ISiitiuMtJ^o, ii-c»&, i^'tf., n. Buddhist language. 
BiitsiieiE, i"p<-, % ^, It. Things used in Bud- 
dhist worship, 

BSiifimi;;!!, i'<5<', f^^, ?(. OITcriDgstoa Buddhist 
idol. ■ r'wwi. 

Riitsuji, i":?Z-, f^JT-, "■ /J.'f.l ro-.C'-r(U,j( vuhja- 

Syn. HAKAGdCI SA., Jf-^M, 1?^ If. "• A Buddhist tomple. 
ISiitsiiJ). J^-c^'t, g^^t, ". The Buddhist majis. 
E'.iitsiijo. i-C'X'-<j>5, 4^'IS. "- The state of alfiirs. 
IUU^iiliiis:i, >-p<^, adr. In a grumbling v., ly. 
Butsu'.v-a ill, -f y ^ -y-z: "7. to grumble, to 

Butsiihusa, -!^-7C^,^JS, vt. Tijoc; Beta ri(/(7aj-/s. 
lEiitKiiina, ^-ot.. \%%, w. An apartment in a 

private house, especially furnished for reliL^iuua 

services; a chapel. 
Biitsuiiioi, i-ci^V", 'l^ ^, Ti. The n:ime ofa thing. 
RiitHiiiiiel. ^.-oi^Xf, illf'^, »i- The name ofa 
9Siit8iiiii> r>, ,!-"9;V^$, 'deceased person, given 

him by a Buddhist priest. 
Butsumyn ^ijn I'nvirni, j^i; a ^ [ig n-, to recite 

the Bii(idhi-t name of a deceased (as in a pray- 

Syn. HuMY'J. l&T). 

Bnt<^iiinon, j^-o •!, ^, ^ p^, n. The gate of Buddha; 

Buddhism; priesthood. 
Butswnon vi kie siirv, flf n^fi; (j^ 7wu, to enter 

priesthood, to become a follower of Buddha. 
irii(Hi]-oii. S=-yfz/u, #,S. n. The grace ot Buddlia. 
Be(<(!t«iiri. ^OV), l^?g, n. The laws of nature; the 

physical causes ol a natural plienomenon 
Bi'tstiTi uio kiivamu, flS J5 V- 5H A. to ascertain 

the laws of nature, 
Bi!isiii-igra!iiB. i-'-9 iJ) i)* (, tSM^, ■"• Physics; 

natural pliilosophy or science. 
ISiitMiri-Kaiiiisha, .5^ -9 ^ f^ < Z^, 491! i^W. '"-■ 

A physicist, natural philosopher. 
Ciitsi4rilii. ,t"7 W) %, ^'i) ij, ii~ The powers or mi- 
racles ol Buddha. 
Biiiti^iiroit, .i-"7^^, 1^^, n. Same RS Butsugi. 
Biitsui'iii, .i-'-92&, i^|3, n. Kinds; species, sort. 

Syn. EuRfl, TAr.Ui. 
Biit-fci-ii, i'-75, ^]i^, >i Same as BwArfcafcii. 
Biit.<ii/.a. .J-'-oy, 6|;i!g, „. The seat of a Buddhist 
Syn. Daiza, RKNdKzv. LiJo^- 

Biit.«ii-x:ii->,<', .S' -9 5" \j^ -t|-. flit tit, «■ The time 

when Shaka was still on tlie earth. 
Bttilsiixcii. J-•■^^^, 015 {^. adi: Before, in front of, 

a Buddliist idol or the mortuary shrine of a 

deceased pei;'on, fima^e. 

Butsuxo, J«r?3-5, fflJ®, /i. A Buddhist idol or 




Shaka nn imtsitzn, ?S^^S&Q^, an imase of 

Shak.1. fstance. 

lEuttiil. J^-j1i\r^, 4^98, 'I. Object; matter; sub- 

lEiiltiKiNii, S-- -y ?2 J. -^, fTffi). ^'-t- [col^]Same as 


ICuttiLtakii, ^'■y'fzfe < , J7 0. v.t. Same as Buchi- 

tataku. fBuddhists. 

Itiittt"!). i' -j-t ^, l^l^iUi, n. The sacred books of 

fltiittsiihiu'ig, :^-yOb>Z,Ws% i'-'- 'coil/ To strike 

or Jnsh against; to coUIJo witli. fmediately. 

Cii(.t>*iil<c, ^! 7 -P tJ", atlT. Directly; frankly; iin- 

Buttsuke ni lu, -f-j ^y ^- :£ "7, to ppeiik to a 

person directly. {Xsuktrvi. 

RuttsuDicru, Ji-^-S'W'X, T'-f. Sams as Biichi- 

Bii-tiii, ^5^.5ti3^. w- Military fortune. 

Bu-un cfinkyTi, j^i^^ Aj the permanence of 
one's good forture in military matters. 
Ryn. Tkusa no sachi. 
Bii^valie. Jti in l&, ^^, n. O Classes; classiflcv 

tion; sorts. © Percent:ige. 
Biiivari, i-^^ifl, ^'M, '"• [coll.] Percentage. 

Syn. Eu-Ai. 
Bu-^vo, ^ io 5,§Stai, ■«■ [Chin.] False accu?atirni 
or charge; calumny; slander. 
Syn. Ttsuwari-shituru. 
Biiysi, > j^, jt 3?> '^^ '^'^6 plain of Bushti ov Musa- 
Syn. MrSAsniNO. U''''^- 

Biiynkn, Jk^ A? < , BS <S, «. Ijaliour exacted ftoni 
the lower people by a clan government. 
Buyaku wo aUrn, B3; u ^ 'fi& '^. t^ assign forced 
Syn. Yaku. Llabonr. 

Buyiiliii surii, J---^<-^3, f-fS«, r.f- To dance; t.. 
leap or move with measured step*=i. 
Syn. MAr-ODOiic. 
Buyel. J*i&U^,St^. "• The Im|>eri;il gutirds 

guards ol the Tmperi;il PiUace. 
Biirojin, .J--i?,1■^,#ffl.C., "■ [coll.] Tmprmlent. 
careless; heedless; negligent for; improvident 
for a future e^tgen^y. 

Syn. ABr.NAi, .MrYo,ti.v, YH.tin skxu. 

Buyo siii-ii, i:-^ 5 -^ 3,E^. ''■'■ Sftmea<i Bulkv 

sum. fmilitFiry rnlonr; warlike. 

Bnyiir > L?> 5, K 5j. "• ^nd a. Cournge; bravery; 

Buyu, j« 1-3), fi^, n. [.Entom.1 A species ofdipter- 

ous insect. S-nmo as Biito. 
Buxntsii. i'3'-3,;Es J(t, n. 'Chin.l Disordered, de- 
ranged, dishevelled; out of order. 
By.iKfio, v^'^'^-L, ]^^, n. [Z(,ol.] White tiger. 
Bynkko, C^*^"/> , l^JK, n. [Zool.] White fox. 
Byakubl, tX^ <Vf, ^ ^, 'i- [^ot] Vincet'-ix^cwni 
atratum. ^ rw<!od. 

Byakudni). i>> < ^t-A-TSiV. »*- fB''^"' P:ir;d«l- 
Byakudnii-nO'ki. y.*^ < ?£ ^ © &. £ .^at ItJ. n. 

[Bot.] A kind of Juniper. 
Byaku-o, U.'-^ < Jt, i^ H, "■ O A while giirmeni,. 

© A winding-sheet 

® The Emperor's undress. 

or sliroud. 
Byakiigo, V^'-^<1i^^,^ ^,71. A prominence on a 

Buddhist idol's forehead, said to be the organ 

which emits a light illuminiting the whole 

Kyakiijiitiiii, X}^'^<Z''/i'-^,'^1\\, "-■ [Bot.,Atrac- 

tylls avata. '^^W/.i 

BynktirnJ. Xh'-^< tV^, |^ 

ffi(, n. White leprosy. 
Syn. Shirahata- 


aSyakiivoii, Xy-^< *^^, ^ 
^, It. [Bot.] Vltis 

esyukurj, Uf-^ < "O , I^ ?fi). 
n. rjtfed.] White mu- 
cous stools. 
lEyakiiro, O-*-^ < :^d, |^ i 

7i. Pewter. Ci5 fl' 

Ryakiisan, O'*^^ ^^. ^ IKt. "• l-Wed.] A medlclQe 
put into sake, to be drunk on New-Year's day. 
Syn. TOSO. 
ICyakiishi, u.'-^< L> iS lE. «. [Bot.] Angelica. 
Ryakiislilii. V^<-$.A.,^^, «■ [Bof.lJuniper. 
Uyakiizen, W^i'it-k, '^v^,n. [Bot.] Vince 
toxicmn. fphant. 

Kyakiizo, u-'j^ < 3*5, gf^, n. [Zool.] White ele- 
Bs o, tA'^S,^, w. A sharp pointed nail with a 

broad head; a tack. 
Byo, -^5,#, "■ A second. 
atyo, '^J./S, n. Ancestral shrine or temple. 

S^n, Tamata. 
n^|0, tA'^?, ^1 «• Sickness, illness; m.ilady. 
Very often used in compounds, as By~kl, Eai- 
Syn. Wazurat, Yamai. Ibyo, etc 

3I> obakii, V^'-<?^li£< ,WM< Ch. and adv. Far reach- 
ing; vast; extending; boundless, spacious. 
U.>«>bo, !>'^ 5 tf 5,iSt ^. »■ and aav. Sanje as 

aE>obii, tA'^5i-, !if P,, ■'*■ A folding-screen, 
/sso no kim.- 
bynbu, — ff^ >• 
^ ^ P^, a pair 
- of folding- 
screens of 
gold paper. 

lA'-^ 5, S; V, 
a. nnd attr. 
Spacious; far- (M ^1 

reaching; extending far and wide; vast; distant 
and not well discernible; boundless, 
Bisobyo, t^'^5C^'■^5.f^£3ift, a- "^nd ariu. Same as 
UyTibyo and Byobo. 




Ryorlin, tK-^ $ I5 l^ 5, ^ +, "■ and. adv. Being 

sick or ill; -while one is sick or ilL 

Byodnn. '^ 5 ^ ^ IS M, *'■ -A- shrine or alter for 
keeping ancestral tablets in. 

B.yodo, CN'-^ 5 * 5 , ^ ^-S, "" 'lud adv. Equal; uni- 
form; just; even; imparti.iUy. 

Bymln, '^5feJ', j^ ^, n. The governnient; min- 
istry; Cabinet; the cabinet chamber or boar J. 

Bjo-el, '^JSlV/', "S iS- ?i- A descendant. 

Byofii, tA'-^5-l-, H^ !(S. "■ A sick woman. 

Byofii. tK-^S-t, ^ j^c. n. [r/(in.] A sick man. 

llyoKn.n, t^■-^5i)'^, *(l flS, '^- [C/tin.]Sure eyes; 
diseased eyes. 

Byoe.iiisekl. '^5ft■'^*&. ?SHS5. "■ '-'^'"■ 
Cat's eye, a variety of quartz or clialcedony. 

Bydgl, ^5'^, ^ Wt, "■■ ^C/i '"?).] Deliberations of a 

ByTiyi hajimcre kesm, ^^"^ 7 ^zk, the mini- 
sters of Stat© have at last concluded to ... . 

Byogo, U-'-^S &, ^ il^. n. and adv. After sick- 
ness; period of convnlesconce. 

By'iyn no hir~>, or By'x/n no tsukav, #| ife --' ^ 
§, debility or weakne'^s after sickness. 

Cyolu, u:j<?5Z>A, ^ Pit, "- A hospital; an infirm- 

Baldoku hy'm, WiW^^> ^ liospital iur sy- 
philitic patients; Fliten hyoln, |Sl, SS J^ P;S. a niad 
hospital; JikeL byoln. B iS *N Kb. -' cliarity hos- 

Bjojo, XK-^5i:^5, iKK. "- Conditions or symp- 
toms of a disease. 

ByOka, '^5i>, ^ S^. "- [Zobl.] A kind of small 
shrimp, prawn. fsick family 

B.I oka, Uv'-=^5*>, i^^, n. A pntient'& hoiiRe; a 
ByT-ko wo mimau, ^§^^^jS"7, to visit a 
patient's house. 

B:tokaE*ii, L'-'-^54><, ^ 3f , "- [CTfj?.]A pitient 
received at a doctor's house, or a hospital. 

Byoknu* t^*■*?•5*'^, ilfi^RB. '*• The period during 

Helk:tn, -^v4>^, ' which .1 sick 1 erson feels 

n^oUi, EA'-^53, ^^ n. Sickness; illness, mnla- 

dy; indisposition. fto hc-nlth. 

Bydht zenkwoi, il^^^W, complete restration 

Bydko, CA'J^St. ^ St. 'i- Same ns Uyr-sZ/f. 

B>oNon, tN'-^5tA, <^tfi, 7i. Origin or cause of a 

Byokii, o-*-^5 < ,iH^i. "■■ [Chin.] A diseased body. 

Byokii, D^'->^5 < , i^ S. ". Suffering or pain caused 
by a disease. 

Byokiit'>iii, ■^^K'O, flg)S, n. A cave-temple. 

Byokwan, t^■■^5<I^'^. *S Ji.. "■ Same as Cyrfr/. 

Byomn, 1>'J^5^. !(p9BB> ^' A sick-room. 

Bydman, I^'■^52^> ^ S. »• Same as iJyoftyy. 

Byonan, tP-^ 5 tc ^, ^fillK. "■ A calamitous dis- 
ease; calamity caused by sickness. 

Byoiiln, Ty^ 5 W ^. *^ A, «. A sick person; b 

Byouo, U.*-^$'^5, ;^ tS. "~ Same as Bynku. 

Byord, tV-^ 5 % 5, ^"^i '*- Weakness or weari- 
ness felt after a disease. 

Kyui'un, ■^5^k„ M^, "■ Same as i?!/rj-/^. 

Byoryakii, '^^^^i, M%, "■ The policy of a 
cabinet, government, or ministry; adrainistra 
tive views. 

Byos«a, ^^55, $S ^, ii. The chain attaclied to an 
Syn. Ik ARIZONA. L«"Chor 

I!yos:)u. '^5a.^, ^ BE, n. Same as Byoryaku. 

ByoseJSf^kJ, -^^-^V/^^^. ^S Bf a, "- P^'" J Samd 
as ByTi./niueki. LtienL 

Byoslin, [A'-^^5;£-^, S^ #, 7t. A sick person; pa 

Byoi:«lia, -•'^S.-'^, ^ iftt. "■ a :>7M'Jifi^ shrine. 

Syn. Yashiro. 
Bjosh.i auru. -^S^-^-i^Z, M V5, r f. To trace, 

to copy; to draw or write after a pattern. 
Syn. MoSJiA si'RU. 
U30SUI, u-'-^^J i, *^5E, n. Derttti from sickness, 

siirii, v.L To die of a di-je;Lse. 

Bjiii-liJn, C^*■^5:£A., S^ J^, a. find n. Easily it 

tacked liy di^o.ise^; a sickly or weak body. 
Byosho, V''^^i,-'^^, ^f^, n. Simptoms of a 

B.>o:!ilid. C^'.^■5X-^5, f^ft. "■ A sick-l.-d. 
BjoHko, V^-^ 5 ^5j VPtP, «■ [<'!dn.] Small; not 
- important or considerable; insignificant, hum 

ble; of no consequence; lowly. 
Syn. CiniSAKi, WAZUKA. 
Byoslio, ^5* i,, ■g',^, fc. FHmilyline; pedigree; 


Syn. lE^UJi, Yi'isno. 
Byoslio, -<5ii.. M^l!, «•■ A grave-yard; a cerae- 
Syn. BuSiio, IlAKABA. Hery. 

Byotol, ■Q^'^^XV-. j 
Bjotal, lA'-^5:feV>, S * 
Bij fitoclio, -^ 5 if 5 "t: 5. 3ii iiS ^, "■ [Oniitli.] A 

liorned owl. 
Kyotoyo, ^ 5 ^ 5 i 5, 3^ iJii fiP, -t- Ornith.l A 

horned owl. 
B3U-II, '^5 5, ^^, n. [CVn're.] O Ance.slial 

shrine. @ A Shinto shrine or temple. 
Syn. Tamaya, Yashiro. 
nyojanjijfl. Ty^t>^U^, '(^^t^l ». [Bot.]Hy- 

ftericivm. <:h > e ii^r n. 
Byozen, '^5^J?^, ^ (^, n. and adr. In front of a 

Shinto sln-ine, or an ancestral altar; the en- 
trance to such edifices. 
Byujien, c^•->^$^.^, ^ ^, adv. Snme nFi Bynhyo. 
Bjuden. tN' W 5 T* ^, ^ fffi, n. [Chin. \ A false 

rumour or report; misleading statement. 

^ fl2i tt- A sick body. 




BySs'. V^'i'i^'^'. ^^, "• Alio; falsehood; viola- 
tion ol' truth, untruth. 

Byuffo, u:il)5&. ® IR. «■ -An error; a mistake; 
blunder; mi-iconception; incongruity. 

Bynkol, 0^* I* 5 1+ V^, S si'. '^ A mistaken policy 
or plan. 

Bsusetsii, m^5*-7. @^. n. tCMn.] An opinion 
based upon misconception; mi-talien nnnour; 
false report. 


Cha. %^, ^. n. OIfiot-]Tea, ©A trifle; a con- 
temptible person or 

Cha no sTisJi o, :^ ^ ^ 
(E, a professional tea- 
maker; Cha WO irern, 
JE ^ ;i^ u, ;u, to make 
tea; Cha wo tateru, '^ 
^fl Tju, to make tea of 
pow dered tea-leav es ; 
Cha wo hiku, ^ ^ 
J^ ^, [litA to powder 
tea; ''fig-) to be tvith- 
out employment, said of ill-famed women; nUo 
wo cha n! sum, A ? 3^ ^ ^ »-- to slight a per- 
son ; Oheso de cha wo walcasv, jtf ffi t' 3? ^ i^P- ^J ^' 
[coU.][Ut.] to boil tea on the navel; [;!(/.] it i^ 
ridiculous, or impossible; to fish for a whale in 

a tub. 


Chil. %^%' [7j«l. coli.] Corruption ofteioci; same 
So itchd ikan. 'J V % v =f- 'r ^ ^ ^, it is not 

well to say so, 
CliabJil, %^id\r^, ^m, «• Same as 5cmbai. 
Cliiibnkai'i, %^i£i>^. 3?S. "• A tea-scoop. 
CUabnko, %^i/£li, ^m.n. a tea-chest or bo^-. 
ChJiban, %^)f£ A^. ^ffi. «■ O The contracted 

form of Chalan-hyofjen. ©Ridiculous parade. 

©A waiter in an eating house; a servant of a 

public institution. 
CliabanasltU '^■^]r£n L, ^ 

tea; a familiar tea-party. 
Cliaban-kyfiscii. %^tf ^ & ■^5^:^^, S#Hs. 

n. A farce; a theatrical perJormance, the sole 
obleet of which Is to excite laughter. 
Cbabnsblrn, *^^Hr L-*^, ^^. n- Tea-leaf stems, 

often found in coarse teas, standing erect in a 

tea-cup, which is considered among illiterate 

Talking over 


classes to be the sign of sometliing good to 

come; a tea-pillar. 
Chabashira ga tatta kara dare ka kuritdarou, ^ 

lS.1f ^■; HI} 5 E :» 3l£ ft- ^ 7 1?, somebody may 

visit us, for I see a stem standing erect in my 

Cliabatake, t -^ tf fe W", 3^ £ffi> "• A field where 

the tea- plant is grown; tea-plantation. 
4'li:iIif^ii(o. ■^■^'«^?25, J?^'^, "■ A portable 

chest in which one 

curries fill the nec- 

e-isaries for tea- 
making, when on 

an excursion. 

)t5, It. A tea-pot. 
Cli.-Ll>lii-sltikl, %J^ 

,1. A stand for a 

<'liablshak], %-^v^-X^'^. "^ \h, n. \_Bot.]Orixa 

japoni ca. 
Cliablshnkii, %.^iy£.'^ C, ^-tifi), «- A ladle 

used in teH-ni-iking, 
diabit»<ii, tf^V^'-y, ^'>H. w. A teacup canister. 
i:iiabn, l^-^tiC, 7i^, n, l.O;-/i/(ft.] A small kind of 

domestic fowl, a Ijan- 

tam fowl. 
dvtiiollib:!, -^^IXotJ, 

fiW,n- liiot.]Chamae- 

cyparis brevD aiiila. 
Clialiokelto. %^ltl/f\^ 

J!: 5, Jsm bH, 3f m S6 S. 

n. [Bot.] Cocks-comb. 
Clitiboki, %-^ti! 5&. gt 

1^, n. A feather-brush 

used while grinding tea. 
Cliabokiii-i, %^1S:< u), nW\ii. n. [-Bot.] A small 

kind of chestnut. 
Cihaboti, ■^J^S:^, S^ffi. n. A tea-tray. 
Ihabo-no-boaiikl, %^^0 « 13 :=• &, S ¥ S. "■ 

[Bot.] Solaiium lyratum, 
Cliabo-obako, -^^'^toi-itf t, ". [Bot.] Flantaoo 


iia, t^-a'fc-^lJ 

■^, s m ^. '^ 

[Bot.\ Ardisia 

Cbabozn, 1^^tf5 

^,^!^t-,n. A 

domestic in a i%^&iMt\£'C'i 

nobleman's household whose chief business is to 

make tea. 
Chabukuro, %-^ ^ < !^, ^^, n. O A bag in 





■which tea la BoTnetimes hniled. @ A bag for 

Btorins away tea-leaves. 
Chabiiiic, %^^il, ^^2, 71. A kind of junii used 

in river transportation. 
Clinbiii'iil. %'^^ Z 0-, ?jr fiS> '"■ A sieve uped in 

the manufacture of tea. fnut. 

Clmlmslil, %j^s: L, ?jt|^[^, i- A l^ind of gall- 
Cliiiclia, %jii^%^, V. [co?^] Contempt; ridicule, 

obstacle; oiiicclion; preventiun, confuBion , dis 


Choclia muc/iaku, ^ -V ^ -y i. ^ -V ;?. confu- 
sion; disorder; Cluicha wn h-eru, ^ -> f- -y -7- X 

u ji', to obji-'ct., to prevent, 
Cbadnl. %^7i\/^, ^ ^, n. A piece of Tuetal on 

wliich a tea-cup is set, when it 13 served; a 

Cliadal, •t,=^7:v>. <5?lt, n. A present of money 

given to proprietors of hotels, saloons, etc., 

under the name of" tea-price." 
Cba(lan:t. %--^7r-^, 5^ ©I, n. A shelf for placing 

tea-vessels and utpn^^ds on. 
Clindansii, "^ -"^ /c ^ ■^, ^ 3:^_ S, ". A cup-board 

Cliadaslii, %^75 L, ^'i^, "■ A tea-pot. 
4'liailo, t;-''p7;-5, ^lE. '^- The art of tea-makino:, 

said of powdered tea only. 
Cliadusii, %^7&0 <-, ^iS n, «■ Vessels nnd uten- 

siis for tea-making, tea-thmgs. 
Cliafm-im. %^i ^ ^, fifSTtb'. «- [BoKSunmn. 
CliJi9:i"i:>. "^-^Jj^S, 3? Sr, "■ A pot lor boiling 


Bumlmku clianama, XMHi'^' a fabulous tea- 
pot snid to confer great treasures upon its 

Cliaprsnin-iio-lii, %^f^'^<D'^, t± ij, n. [Bnt.] 

A"^n}uni Blvmel. Tgrounds. 

Clia«ara, i^^-ii^i;, ^-^, n. Tea-relu-e or 
Cliagara-doiiic, i^J^fiit^yi. ^\", ^. »<- A tea- 
grounds stoppei'. 
Cliagwaalii, 1^^-<*t> L, ^St'F, " Any edible 

served with tea, 

Syn, CnAUKE, Chanoko. 
Clialiihi, %J^l>?, '^^, -"• [n-l.] Arena fatua. 
Chaliikjgnsa. "^ ■'^ l> ^ <' e, «■ [i3"f.]Sanie as 

Chalioji. 't,-^?a5 L-, i^:(^. "■ A tea-firer, a iisen=U 

u^ed foi- beating te:i-leavea. 
CI»a-iro. %.^\/^ii., T^X, "■ A tea rinldy. 

Svzuiiocha-irr, ^^TkX. a l«.i caddy of tin. 
Clia-lri. %^-^V-y) S)f^. 'I'- An iron pan fm linn- 

tgji^_ rtea-colour. 

CliaGi-o. ^-^V--^' ^ £. n. and a. Tea-colonr; of 
Cliajawjii!, %-'^Z-^ir>A., Zf «r »''-*, ■'»■ Atea-ciip. 
Cliajluia, -^^Z-'i, ^ifi. 'I- Tea-coloured stripes, 

or ribbing, on stuffs. 

CSiaJin. %J^Z-A., ^ A, n. OA person skillful In 

the art of tea-making. @ An antiquarian; an 

eccentric person. 
Syn. KlJIN. 
l'li:ijii)at, %^tl^\r; n. [■OrnU/i.] Pale thrush. 
I'iialmgo, V^i'&.SrS?, n, A tea-basket. 
^Jhakasshokii. %-^i]>"j£.i. < ,7ti^^B, "■ Alight 

brown colour. 
4'ItaK:Ei^ii. t-^*--^, i& |?, v.t. t-fi To huigh at; 

to scorn; to hoax ; to play a trick, to rail at hu- 

mourouslj'; to impose on, banter, ur humbug. 
into wo diakasv, K=9-=i-\1i'^-, [cull.] to piay 

a trick upon another in spoi f. 
Syn. AZAKERF, Guru suRn, 
C'liaknsii, '^~^i>-^,3?i¥. '^^ i^anic as Ckunnra. 
Cltak»xiir:a. V^*'::5' f., -^ ^, n. l.yJor.] CVcmatis 

CliakI, ■t.-S'^.'^gg, »<.- Same as C'/tad^&K. 
4:iiakil>aliO, -^j^^lf t.S^gSlg, «. Aboxfor keep- 
ing tea-things in, 
€liakjki, V^&^>^^SS, «■ Tea-testing cup. 
Clijikiii, ■^-^&^,^rl], /i. A napkin usedintea- 

ChakfD-KutsiniiJ. *^ -^ ? A p* -7 ;^. 3? rtJ S, 7t. A 

corruption of .Shakhi-ziitsumi. A packet of 

gold-dust, used as a medium of exchan^^e in 

ancient times. 
4')iakU:i, "fe-^-y*., dS'lt, n. Tlie miun family. 
Clialioslii, ■t.j^'JiX.j?, iiS, n. A te.i-stminer. 
CBiitkuEiu, '^^< H". (g hj-, II- The principal wife in 

a family; the mistress nf a house. 
€liak(u-liakii, -^ .'? < '^■^<,^^, a'iv. Steadily 

XTogressively ; stop by step, by and by. 
Chakuc'iah n ho u-n susumu, £' ■?? ^ ^ i^A, to 

m;ike steady pfuLxres?. Ttal. 

diiikiifii, %'^< ^,7^^-h n. Arriving at the Capi- 
Cliakiifukii, %.Ji? < ,i- < , i£^ )J5, n. Putting on 

clothes, wearing a garment. siii-ii. v.t. Q 

To put on 11 gariiieiit, to dress; to clothe. Q To 

diakii^^.gii, T-j-r < t- A.,^ l^f-, n. Reaching the 

coast; an iving in port. 
4;iiuE.iie:iii. •t^-'<ii*A, ?f BR, n. Fixin- one's eyes 

ujion ; aiming. siirii. v.i. To ob.'^ervf atten- 
tively , tu:iim, to pay attention. 

Ryn, ClIAK' JTUKf, MK WO 'Isl-KERU. 
Cliakugu, %^< < ,|j;3. n. [Orniih.\ A kind of 

Clialitigrso, 't-^< S'i, i'l t!i], n. Arrival; ^\ earing 

(spoken of only the munibers of the Imperial 

CliaBiiii. %-^ < V^, ?r- ?c. n. Putting on gurnieuta 

or clothes; dressing. 
Chakiii. %^<\r, '^ ,=g, n. Paymg attention ilxing 

one's mind ou an object. 




Ch:ikiijfii. %J^ < ^ /u,^m 7b. ArriTlng at a 

camp, ;irri\'al 
ChakufU.'*!!, %-^<^-7,?f Iff, n. Calm; collected; 
slow but steady and honest; prudent; sober- 
minded; stjiid; serious 
Cliakiijo. •^■^C^i, !@^, It- The ijldesb daugh- 
Clialiuho-tinjhnc. ■^^< *»5M:2;i6, , ^- ¥ ftS, ''• 
€Ii:iI{lkr>-liajimc, %J^< 7ir>5KX'i6. ' Wenrinf; ar- 
mour for the lirst time 
€!iaki[i9;iii, %^< UA., ^]^, n. Tlio eklept son; 
the son who is to sTicceed tlie rather in tlie poR- 
session of family estates. 
^'SiaSiuryu, %j^ i V) 5, ,^\'ffti, n. Progeny ol the 
Ti'liiryfl, -C&'ff5. J eldest son; the line of 

descent through the eldest son. 
riialfiiRal. '^^(.•^V-, i^'^, n. XMfe; the lawful 
consort of a man. 

Syn. TIONSAI, Setsai. 
Cliahiiscii. '^-^<-^^, Z\^^, •<- Arrival of a ship 

or boat. siivn, v.i. To arrive at a harbour. 

KaijT) anzen ni chakvsen svru, H§ ±.^ ^ = \'i 
fiS 7^ B-, to arrive at a port in snl'ety. 
CiinliitHlil. %^< L. '^^. Ti. T!i6 eldest son , tin- 

Syn. CiioN^N, Cnusni, Rouvd, Tektstti. , 
iT'r.liiiKlitii. -t, -^ ^ ;£. ^, !iS SI, Tt. T.egitimate or 

liiwfnl parents; roiil parents. 
4')i::K-itsli<v, %->^<S,1 )'t^!^, n. Same as Chakv 
T<-lt:fiIio, -r^Si, ^ shosM. 
i_li»iiti^lu\liu, %j^ < ii, < , I? £, n. Colouring 

painting. siirii, v.t. To colour, to paint, 

€Ii:'-ki[sJ5oS.ii sum. -^J^ < S i < itZ, ?f Sffi, '''■' 

To dress he.uitifn'.ly; to wear fine garments. 
Cliakiislto!^!:). %^< S.!. L, ,!^^: ^, n. The eld- 
TrkJshosSti. T?£ i L. 'est child of a concu- 

bine.'.uKltii Riivii. -t-^ < :£ W)-?- 3, ^- ^, r.t. To 
begin; to commence; to set about. Also used 
as noun. 

Daijigyn ni chnlcvsliu sum, -KV^^z^lg^y- 
n-, to commence a gi'eat work. 
Cli.'iliiisfln, %^ < ^ ^. iSJSt, TI- A descendant- 

through the eldest son of a family. 
CIiRltu snrii, %^<'^Z, tr. ^'■t. Tc put on; to 
wear; to have on 

Bifuku wo chnku suru, ^ fiS ^ tf 7- P'. to put 
on a beautiful garment; GuvumVu wo cJiaku 
El-'' ", IE US ■? ?]■ ^- '^. t" P"t on the military uni- 
form , Rdfvh-u wo cfialcu suru, fg HE -?■ ^ ^ n-, to 
have dress clothes on 

Syn. Chakuyo sueu, Kibu, YosoO. 
Cliakii suru, "t^ C ^ 3, Sf, t-'-i- To arrive; to 
Kokyo ni chaTiu suru, i*j *K = 3^ ^ »-■ to arrive 

at the birthplace ; Minato ni chaku suru, fi — ^ 
y- fi-, to arrive at a port. 

Syn. Itaritsuku, TOChaktj suru, Tsuku. 

(.'Iialiiitai, l^->^<feV^, ^^, n. The ceremony of 
wearing the yuwata-obi. In tlie 5th month of 

CUakiitn. %-^<fz^, ^S!, n. Arrival; coming. 
Chakuto todoke wo suru, S' S] @ f- 7. p-, to re- 
port one's arrival to office. 
Syn. TocnARU. 

Chakiiyii, %^< 15, S-ffl. ". Putting on; wear- 
ing. stirii, v.t. To put on; to wear. 

Cliakwni, %A-<io\r; ^^. »'-■ A tea-party. 
Syn. CriANOE, CnANOyn. 

Clian)artara-itaar<(mi:.'-3ii, %^'%7^t^'t. ^%f L, 
a. {Entam-I riiylir^ierUta diversa. 

i. ri-H:i:tga, %J^f.ii*, n. Same as Chagama, (Tokyo 
di licet). 

CSaainainc, V^-U!*, n. Beans coated with sugar; 
a kind of conl'ectionery. 

S::iinniarii. %A?'^'6, '^%, n. A kind of «ilk: stufl 

ClBitioE t.!iiir<», ■^j^^i-< ?S, 71. A corrupted form 
of Cliahukuro. Ttea. 

rJgame^lii, %^'?'^h L. ^iiR, "■ R'ce ooiled in wenk 
Chame^in anlnlc cl'fn, ^ M gQ fit il f/«. ^ ''»- 
vorite dinnerof the Japanese Buddhist priesr.i. 

<'lia»ifM.-. %A,^?^=i, ^15, 71. A tea-shop; a rea- 

Ciiamp:ip<iiiiP. %^ k^'^Vi,'K X, n- [Bot.] A 
kind of rice 

riiamp.-eit-ii, %^A.\i'¥< ,n'^M, n. [Bot.] Boc- 

ri»an, 'ti-^^,77. {rul. colW] Papa; fatlier. 

Clis'ii. ■t■n-^,WlflQ. "• Pitch, tar, resin. 

CSDaK-'-lianihoaii, V7^ V^^^f 5 ^, "■ >"'■ ^^olL] 
A Chinese or Chinaman (cliiefly used in con- 

i-liaiicIiiiitmi'N %^ ^ i^-> ^ ?>. :«^. "• [Bot.] 
[hjiVrocharis asiatica. 

CUancliaT. %A?A.%^A., ti. Q coll.\ A Cliina- 
man, © 'colL\ A Chinnman's cue. g^ A wander- 
ing vender of ome. O Children's upper gar- 
ment with no sloeve=. {chinensis. 

Cliaii.-E9in, %^K%h., 1^1?3. n. [B-.t.] Cedrela 

fitjids:''". %'■^^%''5, "■ A musical bell, so called 
from the '^nund it produces, 

Cliaiiii-c, -^-^-W?., ?^^, V. A tea-party; a feast 
in wlii'-h powdered tea is ceremoniously served. 

Cha-iio-fii, %--^<D^,^^Pi, ". The price-cuneot 
of tens. 

Cfia-iiu-ki. %-^(7)^,'^i^. n. [Bot.' Tea plant. 

Cli:i-nii-ko. %-^(DZ.,^i^^, "■• O Same as a'^a- 
gwa-'i'it. &[coU. Anything wliich can be very 
easily aTomplished. 




Sonna koto wa ochanoko da, y> -h ."'-•^■fc'V:^^ 

if, it ia an ensy task. 
ChMiitiiiin, %-^(7:)%, ^f]l!. ''- The dining-room; 

sitting-room; tea-apiu-tjitent. FA "lea-cup. 

CliaiMtiiBJ-Mi-^viiii. "t-^©;^"^-^ J^^, ^#^5ft, "■ 
Cli:ii>oini-Cuiiio():irlil, -^^CO;^ ^ % 7's%.~>f-^t. 

j^. n. lit.] TBa-friends; acquaintances; [fio.] 

I'riend-4 wlio cannot be mucli depended upon. 
CImwojii, "Vf O W), ^ ji, '(. Tea-making. Tlu3 

word is used only when the powdered tea is 

Cliaiitu, •^J^^^f, fl -^p n. and a((y. 'coll. rerl<;ct- 

ly; certainly; without fail; surely; right; cdt- 

rod, in good order. 

Chui»l>o, % -^ y IS, -^ i:i, '(. . [coll.] A olnth worn 

around the loins by women, 
Syn. YUil0.Fi. 
Cbar:i, %^^,^M. n. ^'71^7.1 Tea-iiapket. 
^luLE'aii, 1;-^ ^ ^, ^%^, -a. \BOt.\f:ht,>rnuUnis 

Chari, i^^-y),^ipj, n. Q 

I'l:iying upon words; 

apCHking \\ itli the sole 

intention of exciting 

Ifinghter, joke; pun; 

bunion r, bulfoonery. 

@ A buffoon; a fool. 
Chnri mn irrr", f- -y 

V -^-^ i^'i-, to play upon 

word-* wliile t;ilking 

with anotlier ur mak- 
ing a speech. 

Syn. Odokkgl'Ciii, 
Cliari-lciiiashi, %'<^^ i£ Tt L, "- F;uce, pnn. 

hunii)ro\i<; narrative. fcomedy, 

Clinri'Sliilnil, %Ji? U) X i£V-, «■ Furce; farric;d 
Cliai-o, %^h, JiVft'S. "- A tea-l'ni-n:ice. 


CliariiiiMM-a, f^/L-^y, uj!^ H'J, , 

bngle, :* horn. 
Clianiaiorii-u, '^ J<? 2 !* 3 ^ 5 

CI»ar>o. t^^-K 5, 71 5?. 
7i. A sniiiU building 
specially erected I'or 
the use i-l tea-parties; 
a tea-cottnge. 

Syn. Kakot, Sl'KI- 

YA. , 

Ch»ir-oir»i, -f^-^-ltlr^, ^ 
it l^. ".. A b'l^ket for 
steaming ten le-ivt-^s. 

n. A tea-rodui, a 

A trumpet; n 

\Bi>( ]J\lilr!hi 

4Jlias<>nih:ina, -^-^^AIJ^, ^^, ».■ [Bot^Dlan- 

IJl'us .fiirerbus. 
<J}K)seiiiiii:i|B;(^. *li-^-yrA3W-, "^ ^^ «■ A 

way of wearing the hair See Mage. 
Clia^-s'ii. ■!VJ^-l^^, '^5, n. Atea-stirrer 

ol' b;iniboo, riadle. 

Cliutiliaitii. %.->^?X-^< . '^i'i. « A tea- 


place where a tea-party meets 

Cli.-islii, %--^t, ^Bi5, n. A manufacturer of tea. 

C'liasliilMi, %-''^- £.-'•-', jSI-i. ". A deposit from tea, 
seen inside of an old tea-pot. 

CBi:inliitsii, %A?X'^, ^M> "■ A tea-.-Qom, or 

Syn. Kakoi, Sukita. 

Cltai^olKi, %-^^liX, ^^??, a. A sort of verml 
celli ni'ide of hnckwheat flour wetted with tea. 

4^'tiit t:tKii, %-^'tz<,^^. "■ A stand for tea-cups. 

tliiitJ'l. %.<<?x \j-^.'f^^, n. [Chin.] A small build- 
ing sepnrite I'rom one's main residence, special 
ly erected for tea-pnrties. 

4'li;i(4'ii. ■t,->-r^. 5f0, n. Saxne RS Chemise. 

<:ii::tii, ^j^tzCi '^'iw, "- Tea ofTered to Buddhist 

l'.S::ir«i. ■^j^jf, ,niiv. [coll.] Not Spending much 

dt:»lt(r, %-'^-j)C, 1 time; quickly ; in a momenL 

^'[lalhti, V^-?, S^^, n. A small tray used one for 
L^ach person in a tea-party. 
I Syn. .MErjllcluuN. 

I «'lcatsnt>o, 1^-^—71,3:, ^^, n. A jar In which tea 
IS kepr. 

Miat-iinii, t. -^ -^ ^, ^M> n. f| Gathering of 
ten hvivp^^, tea-harvest. @ One who gathers 
the s;iiiie. 

C'li.ilMiitilt.ago %-^o7hii-^, ?/rJiuii-ii. "• A bam- 
boo liH^kot used in gathering tea-leaves from 
the tree. 

4Jh:i-ii. -^-V >?, ?jV^, n, A fine silk stuff from India. 

4:iia-u-Ji:iia, t,-^ 5 ^- E , 7j^ $ £|, n. Striped c/ia-M. 

Clia-iisii, 1^ j^ 5 -J-, ^j g, n. A mortar for pul- 
verizing tea. 

<:iia«a. %^'in,'^J-,, n. Same as ChabanasM, 

Chaioa-h-wai, '^^^, a meeting (or Iriendly 

4'l)a-'viaKii^!il. %^t)%^ L. :^ fS. " 

ii^U:i]!y 'ii copiier, in which tea is boiled. 

4'Iiai<t:iii. %.^':?^ ^, '^-^^ u. O A toa-cup. 
cup in wliich rice iq served. 

<'Jijii^:iii-,-<iif.3M-i. %'-^}'jAj<"f<i},7^^m, n. 
in-^ ni:ir(;rial=;. 

4;!ia«aii-Bi:iBo, t^j5>t5 ^:i>a,^-l;ft■g§, u. Abas 
ket used in washing cups and other dining uten- 

Cha^vau-iiiorl, %^ti^liiO, SffiSS, ,.. A bind 





of soup served in ii ves'-el similar to a tea cup 
In shape, but larger. 

Clinwnu-miislil. "f^ihL^sL, *i^5it's^, '*• A kind 
of food prepared by stejunintja mixture oregs^j 
fisli, iind veijjtables, in a topsoI similar to a tea- 
cup in shape, but larger. 

Clwiya, "^j^^, ?jtg, n. O A tea-stone. @ An 
eating-house; saloon. 

Cliayn-oniiit, ■^-^-^5:^^. ^ ^ *, "■■ Girls em- 
ployed in an eating-house. 

Clinyoii, %^^A., ^ ^, ,■,. A tea-garden; a tea- 

Clia>iw9l.Ikl,-riJ^S-:£5,3t5^e[, n. An apartment, 
specially bnilt and lurnished for tea-making. 

4;ii]iKOiiie, %^^'ib, Jt iji, n. Dyeing in tef., or 
brown colour. ftesi. 

Clisizuke, %^r:3'iff, ^j'.^, n. Tiating boiled rice in 

Tempura cha7Uke, 9? St U."^ r5. I'l'ied Ash with 

boiled rice and tea, a favourite raeal or the 

Japanese. fkind of rice-cup. 

ChaKiikowitii, %^^'\&ijK, 5?f!g^", n. A coarse 

Chasiitsii, %^-o'-o, T^:^, ,i. A cylinder ni tin- 
plate or other materials, for keeping tea. 

CUi, %, li, It. O Blood. ©Consanguinity. 

Chi lie Chi wo arnu, it f jlii ^ i5E 7, {coll. lit.} 
to wash blood with blood; ijTff., to hnvn a quar- 
rel among blood-relatives, Chi on f:airn{iv, ^if 
Eli7, the menses are out of order, Chi nn aine wo 
fvrasu, nil -^ PH ^ 1^ 7 5t, to rain blood , Chi no 
namida, jfe. ^ i^, tears of blood,; paini'ul tears; 
Chiwohakii, jfii^p±^, to vomit blood; Chi wo 
tomerv, j(ii ^ it K-, to stop hemorrhage. 
Syn. CIMSIUO, Kktsu. 

Chi, %, ?L, n. Milk, the breasts. 
Syn. CiTlciH, Ojiishibo. 

Chi, %, gi, n. [Chin.] \Mus.] One of the five natural 
sounds of the Iiuman voice. These five are the 
Kyu, Sho, Kalcu, Chi and U. 

CIil, %, fl. ®, n. A loop. 

Hata no chi, ^ .-^ JH, a loop of a flag. 
Syn. Cjiigata, Miui, Toshiwa. 

Clii. %, ^, n. [Jint. , Tmperata arunclinacea. 
Syn. Chigaya, Kata. 

Chi, %, ^, n. The ground; earth; place; locality; 
the earth; land. 

Chi nl otsu, i& = ^ y, to fall to ttie ground; 
to be lost; Kotw chl no hito. itfc ^ j^^ A, persons 
of this place; Mcikyo chl ni otsu, ^^^j^. 
[C/iira.J morality Is at a very low ebb; Tochl, "^ 
ftb, this place. 

Syn. CniKTU, JI, Kcga, Tokoro, Tsfohi. 

Chl, %, =f , Yt. A thousand. 

Chitabl montotabi, T^SIg, {lit.] & thousand 

and hundred times; [Jig.] repeatedly; again and 

Syn. Skh. Lagain. 

Clii, t,, ^", n. Wisdom; Intellect; knowledge; 
powers of the mind ; in.stinct; intelligence. 

Syn. CltlK, SAI. R.\T0K1I£0T0. 

Chl, %, JS, n. Peace; tranquillity; good govern- 

Chf ni He ran wo wasvrezu, ?S = ffi r SI ^ ,S^ 
tT, not to forgot war in peace. 
Kiivii, v.(. To jfovern; to cure. 

Syn. TAIllEl, OS.AMARU. 
Chl. ti, S, n. [Chin.] A 'itick. rod, or whip for- 
merly used ill Hn^'i^iiig ;i criminal. 
Syn. SniJiOTd. 
Chi, %, ^, 11. Foolishness; folly; want of intelli- 
Ryn. Alio, Gv, Oriika. Lgence. 

Chl, %, @, n. A numeral in counting tilings. 
Same as 7'sn. 

TfilnrJii, - -j-g, twenty (things); Moniochi, 
@ g, one Imndred. 
Clii, %. 0, n. ^oc)7.j A serpent. 

Syn. Mizucill. 
Chi, %, Be, n. [Chin.] Taste; air; manner. Used 
only in compounds. fful; taste. 

FJ'Chi, ,11, @r, timte, elegance; Gachi,^W, tast- 
Syii. Tsno, KOKOROGUSII, Omowuki. 
CEilao-uo-itiaUtii-i, %'h^a:>-%-9^, Ail5P^, n. A 
feast or I'estival formerly celebrated for keeping 
thu evd spirits away from the capital city. 
Syn. MicniAE no matsi'RI. 
Chliii, %hi>, JliL -G-. !j|f Jfll ftl, ■/*. Flesh or meat ol 
bloody colour, as seen in a part of the bonito 
or whale's carcass. 
Chlnia-zasa, '^^?S'5, ^, n. [Bol.] Bavibusa 
nana. fpeace. 

Chiaii, %(&^, ^$, ". [Law.l Peace; tlie public 

Chlan bngai, JS ^ fi5 ^. See under BogaL 
Chlaii-snihaiisho. "^ :% ^ S \/nIJAX i, ?&5=tg^J 

^/r, 7t. [Law.] A court of peace. 
Chlarc, t ^ K, lfil?i?, n. Abortion; premature; 

parturition; miscarriage. 
Chlhakuso, "^If <?^, iib^lg, n. [Bnt.] Kochia 

Chiitaii, % \i£ ^,iii^, n. A piece of ground laid 
out so as to suit one's purpose. 

Syn. JiDORT.~ riniperata. 

Chlbnua. %ij£tr, ^^, n. [Sot.] The flower of the 
Chlbauare, %'dts.iv. ?LS(I>^¥L. «■ Weaning. 

Knno too wa chibanare ga yokaita, itt^'''«?L$8 
if ^f] -J ii, this child was easily weaned. 
Chfhare-inouo. ■% tf H 4 ©, fl-SS, n. [Med.] A 
cancerous swelling of the breast. 
Syn. Ntugan. 
ChlhaNlilrii, -^ijiz, jfl. ^, v.L. To become red 
from determination of blood ; to become bloody. 
Man^iko ga chibashirv, ^if ^j^Jt-, the eyes 
are blood-shot. 




Clitbrn sitrii. %-<A.'i-Z. ^W< ^'-^ ^'^ whiii, to 

flog:; to striKo wifh a whip or i-od. 
Cliilit. %T>\ JttI, ". FPFitliers of a peacock. 
ChlBtlrltlM. % ivr.xK, 0, adv. \coU.\ Little hy 
liitle; in ''niiill quantities. 

Chlhicliibl Ivrati, ^r^^'j, [coEI.] to ent little 
by little, Zeni v:ii chihichlhi ifi'l.nv, J§ ■? f!'/ ij jg 
~7, coU.\ to spend money a little at a time but 

Syn. ST'KdpiiTzr'Tsr. fpen. 

CBilhiriirio. %v\'^'c. ^.^, ". A ivnrn out bruslv 
CliihiLi, t.tVg, T-'JI. a. Reaninng a thnn'^aml 
mfn to pull or push. 

Chihil.-i no i>rn>\ ^-. \ BJ 51 i^ Y7, a very lienvy 

rock; C'ltibiki no l<.i'n,i, =f'^\ ^jg, aveiy Ktunr. 

Syn. SK^NIMIUKI. Lrope. 

CliJbiKI-oi-i. i">r&3^W), =F-5I^, n. Doormat 

made of the fillers of fan-palm. 
Chltilni, %v^'Z', H. '■-'• Towe;i[ out; to !j<ji'nmw 
l6S3 by degrees; to wa'ite ;i\\.iy. 

J'Hrte no ^ e fja cliiblrv, ^ ^ %')f^ fi, the liair 
of the brush-pen waste ;iwny, 
Chfbo, %it5, 'Sft, n. [C'hiv.]A clever .h'-^i^n r.r 
plan; wise counsel; intelligent scheme, artin! 
e>:i"M.iient; shrewdness, 

ChibTi nl tmnn, ^ iV = S' i- ■ very shrewd ; pro- 
lific of desi^^'ns, I'qual to every crisis; C'ub'> 
salin-yakii, ^ '-^ '-4, ^, shrewd design ,Tnd polic.v. 
Syn. Chira'aku. 
Cliilto, %l^, n. \hi<: r,,/?.] O A pick jperKol (in 
Osaka). @ A mnle infant (in CIiikiLZi ni 
Syn. Kr^CllAKKtRI, Sl'.ri. 
ChllxiKnsn, %Biii-B, ^ ,W£, >i- A hirtre hat 

worn by women. 
CliiRHilioi-l. •t.t3:t'J), K^. -'.. [;i'iE.~ Piiir-brill. 
C;ltll>iiluii-n, %j&i( i^, ¥L£j^, n. Tbe enlar^ired pmt 
of the upper portion o( the shaft of a .ta>ni;e)L 
Syn. CliiBr-KTRO. 
CliiliiiUiiro, %^<y^, ?Li5, n. [Annt.\Th& mam- 
ma; udder. 
Cliiliuru, %1'Z, 5§, 1'.*. Same as (7/i.//w'r?/. 
CliihtirnI, %MZlh, ifil M. 'n. Shivering during a 
fit of milk lever; dizziness felt by lyintj-in moth- 
ers; vertigo. 
Chlbusn. "^.V;:-, ?L *■;, n. [Anat.] The hreast-pap, 
Syn. ''niFcrij. L^i teat; nipph^. 

Clilolii, %%,K, "• Father; pnpa. 

BlVi no chichi im-u mono, A -^ ^ ^ )i- iJ-, the 
father; one wlio is a father; Kh>ti va (ami no 
chlcli! narly 1^ ^\ K ^'iC^ v. the Emperor is 
the father of the people. 

Syn. Ototosan, Tete, trteoya, toto. 
ClilchI, •t'&.fL, ■«. OMilk. ©The breasts. ©A 

Chichi wo hanasu, ?L ^ SS ^-i to wean; Chichi 
w(in"inrim, ?L'?"^^'''. to give milk, to allow 
to milk, Mada rjucln h-yjiai, ^^tLQ^'f, yet 
sraeJling of milli, very young; helpless; like a 
h;iljy, green. 
4'Bci4*lti, "^^.fSAr. Ci- Very young; green; im- 
matui'e; j imthlul. 

Syn. Mrzrjirzr'sniKi. Wakaki. 
i:u\v\\\. '^t./^S. 'f- 'I'lJ ctfi^'- Stowy; dull; not 
advancing or improving rai)idly , tardy; in- 
active, slnggish, fslowly, 
Chfclii to !:hif<' yiilni, ^ ^ I- 5/ x ^f ■'-', to go 

.sono, Yi urvrKr. 
4'liit-h)ljii. %%i:,Ji\ii%, n. [/fof.i Fcuscrrcta. 
rhirhiliit-erliui. %% i'-^r^.r^.KITh "■ A silk 

stnlf Ironi ('bichihu in Musashi. 
ritii Bii!.u-jim;t, '^•^j.-t.^, gi^',^;^, n. A cnUon 

stuif \\ith 'Striped figures, from Ohichibu in Mn- 

flsiclU-UiiinesIiJ, %%r&V:>L.flB, n. [Physics.] 
Lactometer. rpnmila. 

i'.A-lnaoyi*, % % -c }:, ■:^i ^, n. IBnt.: Ficits 
ri.R-liieo. f,-!;2r,'^2?I, n. hon.] The father. 

S^\n. SltN'l-AIJiN, 'fK-IJiiO. 

OiK.-phaliuiH multiceps. 
i;iii<'Eii-siiH;(, %% i' ^,HtS, ■>i~ [BoL] MetaplexU 


CliirliJ.giD^a. -^ -^ <' 5 . Jih M, n. [But.] Euphorbia 

hui'ufusa. riatherVs side. 

CEiiclil-kula. ■^'^A'fe,^:;?, n. Relanves on the 

Chichikata no ituko, 'Ji^ ^ '^^t .x;, eimsin on 

tlie father's side; Chichikata no uji, ijC ^ ^ j^ 

iiC, uncle on the same. 

Syn. Naisekt, Tetekata. 
€lil<'l>ii.(». %%^, , t^ vit a. "■ t-BoI.] Ancnvnie 

IJIiiflilitho, -^%^t, "^crmun. 
C'tiii-lilko-icriisn., "t^t. <'3, i£ !^, n. [Bnt.] Dian- 

thus suijerbtis. 
€lil<-liiliii sui'ii. %%<irz,m':.^.v.(. To pur-ue 
on horseback; to pursue; to run after. 

Uma v'o ch'Chikii svru, H -y-^^^- J^. to ride 
after a (wild or runaway) hor-e. 
Syn. Hasiiirikakeru, Oikaki-.i-.t. 
r!, %%<D m- :^, ^^ ^„ n. [Bol.] 

J'"! you /win teniiicnu'i . 
CJti*-S(1-oya, *tii^Jff^,?LSl, d. A nurse. 

Syn. jMknoto, Ura. 
riii4-lilsjiK*'. t^t^W^., t-?L?S. ".. A milk-c:in. 
Cliicliisiii. -^-^-^y-, irt5'Lj^, n. A sucking-bottle. 
rhJ(-lii-iio, %% 5—, ^±. n. [hon.^ Honourable 

father; my father. 
Cliichb o-n.taKO. % -t i A 7c- W, Sr S. n. [Bot.) 
A kind of mushroom. 




ii^, ft. LnnJ rent. 

pTtorbla aOennchlnra. 
Chldilyoso. %%f(,ir--^^,'S£fM/hP.,'n: [Bot.}AJu- 

ga ocnecensis, var sinttata. 
ClilPliu, -Tii^?, ^ ^, n. [£:»(w)i.] A creeping insect. 
Cliivhii, %.l^t^, ^W, n. [Enimn.] A spu\ei\ 

Syn, KuMO. fiiiie^n sen. 

Chlc^luB<al,%1il5>5*•\/^, Jlferl^ i®, n. The Metiiter- 

Clilchu sum, %%5irZ, 01®, rJ. To hesitate; 

to be in suspense; to delay; to Rtiimme.r; to 

stop; to pmse. 

Mimzen ni chichu suru, T^ iJJ = ^J^ 7. n^, to 
pause outside of the gate. 

Syn. Chucho st'RU, Taohidomaru, Tame- 


JItlai, "^^irlr, 

Clililiirnko. "t, ^ r, W-, tffjij, a. icoll.] Covered, 

smeared, or stained with blood. 
Chidarake ni natte talcJcni, ]& v5 =. ■^ -y tW. 

"7, to fight smeared with blond. 
Syn. Chimaburb. 
i;iitdd, % 7G: 5. ^^, 71. The streets passed by n 
Syn. Onaeimiohi. iShogwi. 

Cliifloiiie, %>ay>, jfiLlh^, ". [Med.]A styptic; i\ 

medicine for stopping hemorrhage. 
eiEldntiio. %-^-^, f^,^, n. [£o(.]Puffball. 
CiciVoiiie-e:iisa, •%^)h <-5. HiSa ^, J3 ^f^l^^, ■«■ 

\Li-t.\ irydrotyle rntundlfulia, 
Clilddiiic-JsliU % 'i^thV- I, iLltS. rt. A ferrugi 

n(ni5 earth having styptic qualities. 
CltitltMi. %)&^, SfUS, a. [CMw.j Slow in dec-idiiiR, 

or understanding; sluggish; foolish; stuiiid 

dull: scarcely improving. Also used as noun. 


€hirt*iri, %^V} , ;t<#c^, n. [Orw/ift.] Siinderling. 

i;iii«1r.i-i-aalii, % ^ V) % i, H- Bi ^, ii- Toth-rin- 

whilo walking, as n drunkard; reeling, shiilviritr. 


Clil(l4iriso, %'£ry)-^ 5. VS^®, n. \Bot.\Epu!>r,li 

vm macranthum. 
Chitlorlflo, -^^e 15:5 5. ^^%^, n. [BoL] Mazvs 

Cliio, %^, ^ IS. (^- ^"d odr. A thousand fold. 

ChJo, =?-x — , -fc, n. Seven (a word used in the 
game of ken). 

Syn. XAX^Tsr, Smciii. 

CliloilaRtisa, Tj'--;^<'^, 

CliiORiisa, "i^-*^?, 

C'lifoM, f- at — V, n. [Enrf.] Chain attaclied {<• ;i 
Syn. KrSA Rl. L "'■'i tfrh. 

Clifon, %^A,,)^M,n. Coming later than expect- 
ed or i^romised; tardiness. suru. v-l. To 

come later than appointed or agreed upon; to 

^2, n. 'Bi>t.\ Fine. 

Oi ni chiai ftashiDxashita, "X-'-^l^^t/ ^ 
^H, it has boen delayed very much; Ohien suru 
to ihenai. 5Sii 7. ff- h -f ^ -^ 'f , no delay is per- 
mitted ; do not delay. 

ChiOiii-rlsoKn, % ^ ^ U) t < , JS£E^J,(|., ■«. In- 
terest in arrears. 

Chlfusu, =f--7-A, IS^A^. n. [j1/ed.] Typhus. 

ChT) chlfusu, ^"M^Wu abdominal typlius; 
Ilatchin chifusu. ^ia^W:t5f, eruptive typhus; 
exantliemiitic typhup, or fever. 

Clilgaerii, l^ft^ ^3, ''f O To make different; 
to vjiry. @ To put out of joint; to displace or 

<'liIgiio-y:i.i'lilo, ^ftt^J^-TO*, IS;^R n. Doors 
that can -be moved imr.illel to one another. 

<:i!iKJ[|, %j)'ij}-, jf, ii. O Difference; distinction; 
characteristic; disagreement. ©Change; error; 
mistake; blunder. 

Sui. ^Eaciiigat, Tagau koto. 

Clii^iii-dniia. %fflv-7n^, SfflB. «• Two opposite 
shelves of which one Is a little lower than the 

4'hi^aku, %.ft<^, Jt& ^, " Study of the earth; 
geography; geology. 

Syn. Chikigakd, Cuishitsugaku. 

4;itJgntana, %'ti-^U, AD, n. A bloody sword or 

Chigatanavjo f'liriitte kirttsukeru, &.J] f- 1^ 
X -9J V Wjfl-, to assault a rerson with a bloody 

4;iiigau, '^Jj'i, S, v.t. To fail; not to produce 
the lookpd-for efTect, to miss; to err or mistake. 
Atena chlgati, '^Iflf^, failed to obtain the 
de-^ired end; Michi ga cldgau, Sg^i'S"?, have 
not hit the right path; J/okntekt oc clilgau, g ^ 
if -S "7. to fail to attain the object aimed at. 
Syn. Maobigau, Soi suru, Tagau. 

CUixAtt, '^ijt.i, '^, v.i. To be different, or vari- 
ous, to differ; to be dissimilar. 

nakvsekiji7i to osJiokvjin to wameiro ga chi- 
gav, ^^ K I- 5f fi A r-'^0BgVii7, the white 
and the yellow race differ in the colour of their 

Syn. Kawaru, Kotonartj, Tagau. 

Cliigau, *^f]'-J-, ^. i'.^. To cross; to come across, 
not to meet; tn pass by. 

SJurecIiigav, <!*? u'^~7, to pass by; to rub 
af-ross;, ^ =* ^ 7, to pass by with- 
out meeting. 

C' %h'fX, ^. v.t. To put things crosswise; 
to inter^^ect. 

ffnne ion chigait, ^ ^ ^ "7, to dislocate a 
bone ; KynOoA sashtclUgaete shisu, 5£ ?f5 #J i^- 3 :* 
7= 5E :x, the brothers died by stabbing each 


Chlfiay:i, %ji^^, ^^, "• 

Cliipl. %^S. %iFS. n. 'iM'jtIi 
on tliG e ivtli. 

Tcnshin chlol, Ji^M' 
earthly gnds (and goddess 
Syn. Kr'MTSrKAMi. 
CIiiTi, %^'. =J--J^, n. 

Shfnt'' templp 
Cliisi, %-t:, ?L ^.. n. 
[BudfK] ],Mrning 
wond, nnd pniying 
Biiddlia to destroy 
evila, CKXJ. 

Syn. KvunO- 

A Icrer l.alau'-e, a 


SUCH, 1" t. ;ind i. 
donlit, to be Flow in dem 



Same an CJUgaeru. 
ii.''^] Imperata arun- 

Ood-s and goddesses 
I, the IieAvenly and 

f'rosfl-benms on the roof of f 

HeRitation. md-ifi^ion. — 
To liB«it;ire, to pause 

, TAVfTAL", 

Clilgtrc-clilfirfro. %^'k\.%'^iv. gi *r, ". In pieces; 
piece meal, to pieces, broken or torn to pieces 
Ryn. K'rRKOilui;. 
CliIfltirrTH. S-"^"H3, ^®f, t-''- To Iji- cut, broken, 
torn, or renl. 

S.\ n. KiiiEur. A' \ hui;ki:L'. 
Chieii'l. %'h"^'i , I?, "■ Friendly aR>ociation, union. 
agrecni(!nt; alUfince, ens^fffinent; pled;^e. 

Fhfiinn chiqiri lu-l vti''ii'hii. ^ tql ^ 53 5^ $i /. 
to lie mnrricd , tn lietroflie , to become mnn and 
wife; !J7>yli no chhilri, gg '^ ^ ^. friendship. 
Syn. Keiyaki', YAKisoKr. 
Chlgli-i-lOakurl. %^'^\^i}>'^ , "f-M ^. n. A lovet 

balance, a balancing beam. 
CliiKli'lffi. t^fruj^*, ?Lyj^, "■ Ree nr>chl(jb-i. 
Chl^lrigii-'-.-a. i^S'V) <"^, n. li<it.\C'hrvmulliemvm. 
Clitgli-ii, %-^Z,M&y '■■'■ Tn cut, break, or rend, 
to disunite, to tear, toplmkolt, tu p ck. 

KinoniP v}0 clii'ilrii, -^ ^ if. ^ J^gjf ;i,, to pluck 
otrtbe buds of a tree; Sode wo liU i c/iigirii, ?tb7" 
51 =* M ^ 'I-, to pull and tear a sleeve. 
Syn. .MoGiTORC, JVloGr, MrsniRF. 
Clilglrii. %^Z, ^. v.t. and (. To ally; to unite 
by contract, marringe, friend^bip, or any other 
tie;\ to pledge; r^i promise; to confe- 
derate. rsoKTT SITRr. 
Syn. KElOAKU SURU, Majiwaru, yaku- 
Clilgo. i^ i, ?|, ^, ^ a. »i- O A baby; an infant; 
a sucking child. @ A page ' f a bigli personage. 
Syn. Akambo, Mitazukai, Warambe. 

ChlgobamJ, %'^a7^, IL S % "' ■*■ wound on a 

mother's nipple inflicted by a sucking chibl. 
CliliErobnnn, "^Sfef^, n. [Bot.] Anemone cemua. 
C]iigG9n,o, "^Crti'Wl. i!tl0. ^- The countenance of 
nn infant; a babyish face. 

Chigooao no airashisn, ijj ^ ^^ rT ^ 1*", loveli- 
ness of an infant's countenance. 

Syn. OSANAGAO. rHobby. 

Clifffoliay.-Lliiisn, *^&a-^.St^, n. [Ornith.] 
Cliisoinazii, "t a 4 ?■, w. [Ornit/i.] Siberian fly- 

Cliiff(i-ol, %afev, S 4, ". Growing of a child- 
Clilgii, %i'-, ^ ^,, u,. Foolish; stupid; dull; slow 
in learning or nnder.standin;^, wanting intelli- 
Syn. OuDON, Nuroma, Oroka. L^-'^ence. 
I'liicu. %i' 5, M/!^, n. Meeting; meeting by ac- 
cident. siirii, r.i. To meet; to meet ac- 
cidentally, or unexpectedly. 

TT^V^' ni chlfjU sum, Hfl ^ — IS 7. n-, to hap- 
pen to meet a friend; to meet a friend by acci- 
Syn. Au, Dead. Ldent. 

Cliigii. %■<', ?^ -S., n. The organ?, or means of 
ndminifitration; [iif.] the government apiiar.i- 
Cliigti-lineii, "^ <- a <-, ■«. Di'-;;igreement; con- 
tradiction; not fitting together well. 
f'hiswal. % (t ^ '^, ?S ?!■, a. and n. Extra-terrl- 

tnrial, extra-territoriality. 
Cliie;wal-giokeii. -^-CsbVait^A. ^H^^. '*■ 
[Laio.] l':>tra-territorial jnri'jdiction. 

C/nin-"ii-iiriken wn tekkyo sii, }(j yj-^i Cl.^Wii^'^-, 
to ri.-=iiio\e tlie estra-territoriallty. 
4,-|rigwan. %<:-t)A. S j^. o. [CW/i.] Obstinate; 
foolish and obstinate, blindly fanatic; narrow- 
minded ; (intractable; refractory without rea- 
Syn. ni-cni, Oroka. [_son. 

^:iEiK>n, 1^^'.^ 5, itp fr, ". a daimyd or samu- 
7-a,'s- estate. 

ChiqyT, wo atroknnau, ^^^^^"7, to bes- 
tow a cftlriyTi upon any person. 
Syn. RYum'N, SilORYf*. 
rhi;sE:\osIio, %-^->i?3XX, *P ff ^/r, n. The territcry 

held by a <l<i,'iiiyo or saimirai, as his estate. 
diiliai sum, -^-tttV^-^Z, 5te0. vA. [C]iin.]To be 
loose or slack; to be ceased or suspended; to 
slacken; to become obsolete. [la. 

<-|tiii:iri, %a U) . 31 fS SE, ". {Bot.-\ PaHs tetraphyl- 
<;iilhat9ii. %1-t-^,^^, ra Shaving the head; be 
coming a priest, this corresponds to the tonsur- 
ing of Romnn Catholic priests. 

Chihatsu shitr nyudo to slid.tii, ^ ^ ?/ r X "^ 
I- ^ y., he had his head shaved and called liira- 
sell a iiylidn 

Syn. Kamioroshi, Tkittathd. 
Cbihaya, %lll^,MA, n, O A white hempen 




garraentworn by a Shinto nun. @ A narrow 
band or cord with which tlie sleuve^ :ire girded 

Sj n. OlZURU, HAFL'RIMK ko koromo. 
ClillinyHliiii'ii. 'ttt-^^S, , =T-3^if, a. A pillow 
"IJIilivnynrnrii, %i£--=!?^Z, 'word for Kami or 

gods, said to mean niightj' or influential. 
Cliflifti, ■^---'^, fe^, n. [Chlti.] Peace; tranqnilli- 
Chihei no miyo, ^^^iWit, peaceful reign or 
Syn. Odayaka, Taihei. Lf^ge. 

Cliiliel, •^'^V^.lllj^I^. n. The horizon. 
Chlliclkols:, 'V-VW-VnS-, ilfeilia fiS. «■ {Physics.} 

An azimutli compass. 

Clillielsen, ■^^\J^*^, Jlfe^-g^. n. A horizontal 

line. fpond. 

Chilu.-ii, %^ ^, i^ig, -11. [Chin.'] The side of a 

Chihen ni tsurlsu, MiS = t^^. to angle for 

fi!>li in a pond. 

Syn. Ikft;e, Ike no hotori. 
Cliiliiro, %J>h,^^, n. A tliouaand fathomg. 

Fukasa cltUilro, ^^^y=^^, ji thousand fath- 
oms deep; very deep; Chihironotani,=^l$.^'^, 
a very deep valley. fboo. 

Cliiliii-osiisn, %if- 7^ <' 5,=^^:^, iX. T-Bot.] Bam- 
Cliiatu, "^ a 5 , ilfe :;!;, n. Locality; province; rural 
district; the country. 


Clillio-gikwJti.-^KI 5 r< I^5\/^,ilb:;5I?|^, n. Lo- 
cal assemblies. 

Chili61il-kwa, -^a 5 l^ <*?.*!■;? ^i!. w- The 
Section of Local Charges 

Clilliokwsiii, "^tt 5 <*?/.. ilk :;&'^, 7*. {Law.} Lo- 
cal o,r provincial officials. 

Ch'lhokwan kivaigi, itb^lT^ISI, a meeting or 
prelects and governors?. 

Chiho-salbnnslio, %■tt5 5V^ldf^X J;,:te:;&lfi^J ^, 
n. A local court. 

Chllio-snibanslBO-rlio, "^615^ \Atf A;£ J:V%"5, 
M"^ ^^^> '^- The President of a local court. 

Cliilin-selcio, %-^ 5 ^V-^; Jfe:;^ M ®. '*• Local 
government systeni. 

Chiho-seiao wo shiJcu, Jft ;& M ffi ^ Si ■*'. to Pi"o- 
mulgate or practise a system of local govern- 

Chllioznlniii-kwa. %iX5^^is<i7, ^:;&B+^^, 
n. The Section of Local Taxes. 

Cliiliuzel. •^ffi5^'V^,ife::?^, n. Local tax. 

C/tUiTzH wo chishu suru, ilfe>?^^ fiS^ ^ fl-. 
to collect local taxes. • 

Clilh<woi-kwa, %'&^^\[-<r>,i^':^UWl., ». The 
Section of Local Taxes. 

Clil-1, %.a,,Jlfe1i, n. Position; situation; status; 
site; place; grade; point; degree. 
Syn. lOHl. 

CliilrlifiiffKfln, "^V^^V^C^.-S^. n. [Bot.'[Siaum 

Clil-ijnl, %.\r^7f; jfe ,g, n. Unluckv days Ln the year, 
upon which It is held good not to marry, not to 
practise acupuncture, etc. 

Chlinil-nlehl, %\/^:^VL%, jft.,p. t]. '"• Same aa 

Chiin, '^V^^,^^, n. [Chin/ O' An acquaint- 
ance; a friend. @ Acquaintance; knowing per- 
sonally; information. 

Syn. SlllRIAI, Shibibito, Shirube. 

Clilin, *^V^^,iSO^ '>^- Delay; postponement; 

procrastination; negligence. surii.t'.i. To 

become late; to delay; to postpone; to procras- 
tin.Ue; to neglect; to he alow. 

CIiii!in-K:;tniBii, "^V/^sij^fetE, /^ 7J, n. A dagger. 

ChilMaliti, %\r-'^<,/h, odv. On a small scale; in 
a curtailed manner; humbly; not luxuriously; 
not proudly. 

Cliiisnftlii,-i,-kf, %i^'^ Li/p. <^- Small; dwarfish; 
little; petty; humble; low; trifling; of little im- 
portance; of small value; childish. 


Cliiiso, %\r'-5 5,i&ti'^^ ^<- '-Bf'f] Moss or lichen. 

Cliili'O, '^v*5J-, adv. [coll.] Likely to be small, 
little, humble, or low; small or little in appear- 

CliiJI. *^t,5r[l5f, n. A governor. 

Clilji, % t, ffiSI??, n. Expressing an idea or a 
thought by means of words, choosing suitable 
words; arrangement of words in sentences; 
grammatical construction. 

Chljl, % %',^ *, a. and adv. [lit.] A thMiaana 
thousand; [Jig.'] different; very many; diversifi- 
ed; abundant; much; numerously; immensely ; 

Chiji ni kanashiki, =f- ^fr — ^ s/ ^, very sad; 
heart-rending; ChijL ni mono omou, =f ^ — 4^ .g 
-7, to he extremely anxious; Chiji ni somuru, 
=p *r =i '.U A »-, to dye in many colours; OMJi 
?KJ iro, ^tr-^fi, diver-iflod or different colours; 
many colours; Chiji no kogane, ^'r--*$J^, 
much gold; a great quantity of money; abuir 
dance of cash. 


Cliljlkamnru, '^■^*>^3, 1^, v.i. To shorten; to 
contract; to be reduced in size; to be lessened; 
to become narrower; to be abridged or drawn 
into less compass; to become less audacious. 
Syn. Chijikomaru, Chijimu. 

CtiUiinarii, %-^-S.Z, 

Clifjll^omarii, %^tU2, 
Cbljlkuinu, %-^i'ir. 

' ^, v.t. The active 
I forms of above. 




ClilJIkcru, %-^lfZ, 1^, v.{. To be curled; to 
ClilJIkiirii, %%'< Z, J become frizzled or undulat- 
ed; to shrink into ringileta. 
Kami no ke ga chijikery, g ^^ if f- ^ '^ Ji-, 

the hair of the head curls. 
Chljlku, %%'{, Jtfe^i, "■ The axis of the earth. 
Ctiljiinl. %%'?f., S! ;f|], /<. Corrugated cloths, 

usually of cotton. 
Klnu chijvmi, llf]^, a covrugnted cloth of 

Bilk; Momen cliijimi, >1;SS®. corrugated cloth 

of cotton. 
Cliajliiil-jishl, %%-^-S,L. ^m, rt. Crooked legs, 

parenl helical legs. 
€IifJlini-g;ii)il, %%'^f^7r. U ^, n. The hair 

formed into ringlets, 
OlWjhiif-liotaori. %%'7Atfz1s^ . fei; (S ^ ^, n. X 

coarse corrugated gauze. 
Cltljluil-katablra, %%-7:f.i--fzi\- 1^, ^'iFli'-. n. A 

very thin corrugated cloth lor summer use; a 

garment of do. ; a kind of hemp eloLli. 
Cliljinil-orl, t^'^Tfje'O, J:|^.^, ?i. OWeivvingso 

as to be corrugated. @ Corrugated cloths. 
Cliijitiiii, %%'ts; JS, I'-i. and i. To shorten, to con 

tract; to ni:;ke leas or humbler; to shrink; to 

Samukutemi ga chljlmu, )^ •?■ r fl-^ ^ A, to 

shrink from the cold. 

DliiJIii. %£.-A.. jft^, '<■ Same as (■/<((/(. 
iJlLfjiii, %Z-A., iV A, n. An acquaintance; person^ 

M'hom one kno'ws; lamilinr people. 

Syn. CriiKAzrKi, Ciiiki, Sttirube. 
Cliljln, %£:A., -^ K. n A foolish fellow; a sim 

pleton; a dunce; a nonsencical rogue; a person 

T\anting reason or understandiu'i. 
Cliijiii "jifme ivo tr>]:i(, -^i \ ^} ^ ^J .7, [Chin.] n 

BimpletoD may sonieriniesexplaiu the import 01 

a vision. 

Syn. BAKAM<i.\'t, Orokamoxo, L'kkemonu 
CliiJIn-ffodai, %:^'A.^7^V^, itfe^Eft, n. Theflve 

generations of the Sovereign gods of the enrth. 
Cliljlii> u, %t'/J.'i>5.'^ C iTj. n. Wisdom, benevo- 
lence, and courage. 
Chijlnyu Icmbl no Tynsho, ^C.^]^Sk '^ Wi^, 

an accomplished general who is wise, bcnevo 

lent, and courageous. 
Chljlre-sc •^'^rii.;'?-, 
CblJIro-ke, %%-ivi&, 
ClilJIrekkc, %%-U-M, 

CMjire-ge no onna, ^^ ^ ^, a woman who^u 

hair Is curled. 
CliJJIrovii, %%'iv:^, ^, v.i. To be curled, frizzled, 

or undulated, to curl; to he lormed into ring 

lets or undu-latious. for fir-tree. 

CtalJIrJ, %%-HI, ^^, 7t. IBoLjThe coue ol' a pine 

SS^. 71. Curly, lnzz:cd 
or woolly hair. 

Cliiji''"' '^'yZ, 1^. v,i. Same as Oliijikvru. 

(JliUilM), ■%Z"^,'^ n, n. Long days. 
Syn. EiJiTSLf, Nagakihi. 

CliiJ». %S:-^^, iSiw. "" A blind passion; irration- 
al amorousness; too lervcnt affection, I'oolL^h 
love; lovo; uncontrollable attachment. 
Syn. AiJO. 

Cliijo, 't.*:J;5, SM. "■ l-^ct'f- Lashing and flog- 
ging, rflciea. 

<;iiijokon. 1^ X'^ 5 W'^. Sb-bKI. "■ Tbe super- 

<;iiJjokfiislia, %X--^^Vi-L£.^,-&±\^'^; «. The 

Ciifjokit. 1; %- 1 < , Jh ^, n. Shame; disgrace; 
dislion^iur; oi'proUrium, infamy. 

C'/iij-ikn wo iihrru, ITi/^-^ ^ »-, to be dis- 
graced or dishouiiuri'd. 

Syn. llAJI, llAZl'KASillSJK 

CliJJiiti^ii, %:f:l'!)-7, it Wl, '"■ Surgical opera- 
tions; a remedial process or art. @ Adinini.stra- 
tive principles; the doctrine of the sr.ite. 
Syn. Naoshikata, Osasibk,\t_\. 
I'ltika, %i',15, ?i. O Tlie iieighboiirhooj , vicinity. 
@ Very frequei tl> u ^ed in cnm|iounils meanrjg 
near, akin, cognate, close by, or kindifd. 
riiika, %4-, Jibig, 7*. The pnce of land , land tn 
Chika ln!,i. i^^^^, the ofland values. 
(Jiikii-ilonnri, ■%±*)e.i'j^ ifl, tSifs^i, n. Tlie neigh- 

bourliooO or vicinity; a close by. 
4'ltIKa-g:itMic, %j}-f*<?^, )5.U' n. Hunger. 
4 ItiUaguru, •^A-t^, jfi tQ, adv. Of hite; lately; 
now-a-days; in these dii3-s, recently. 

Syn. KiKKAl. KONOAiUA, K'ONunuuo. 
'Mkikagoto, ■& *> & ^. S ,= , n. I'ledye; oath; 
solemn promise. rkadonark 

4;Mka-liotori, %ii>^>£.^, J^ifi, n. S.une as Chi- 
CItlKal. •^i-y, S, n. An oath ur j-ledgp. 

Ghlkal ni somukv, ^ —^f i^ . tu break an oath; 
Chikai wo tad-ru, ^ ?■ it ? ;^, to make an oath; 
to pledge; to 
Syn. SEiaON. 
d'lilkal, %i}-J>, ^ ^, n. [Chin.] Same as Ahd. 
4', %i}-\r-5-^. ^iftB, »'• Bt>l.]Asea.- 
Syn. Wakame. L'^'eed, 

Chilm-jiliix ni, %i}.^i]']jz, '^ f , ado. Within a 
few days; in the near future; snon ; at nO dis- 
tant day; in a short time. 

Syn. KiNjiTsn, Tukarazu. 
L'liiliakl-iulyorl, ^*>?;^iiO, jfitf!, /*. Near 
ichitions; kinsmen, blood relations 


4.'lilkakl3 0, %i}>^ X, jR^, n. Modern tnnea: 

these days. 
CliiKnkii, "^ii.^, 15, adv. Near; cloee by; In no 

distant place. 




Clilknkii, %ii-( , tC-ffi, n. Sensation, sense; con- 

BciouBDess; feeling; knowing; sensibility. 
Chikaku salcuran, B-ffi^El,. the sensen iire 

derftnged; ChikaJcu seistiiii, ^^^f^^, feeling 

and thought. 
CblUa-inasarJ. %*» 2 5 >!), 1£ ffi. n. Looking 

better from closer proximity. 
Cliikame, *t-i>fc,)£{tB, n. Q Sliort-sightedness; 

myopia, @ One who is near-sighted. 


Cblkame-no-inosnno. *^4>lfe®i6fi'**a, JfiftSai, «■ 
Spectacles for near-sighted or myopic persons. 


Chlkniulclil, t *> ;^ '&. jS S&. «- O A shorter or 
nearer road or way. @ More convenient way 
Syn. Hayamicui. Lor method. 

Clilknii, %i3>^,lLviJS, n. [C/tfn.] Same as Ahi\ 
Cliikaru, %iii ^ , i] , n. QForce; power; ability; 
capacity; strength; prowess. © Help; a*id; as- 
sistance; dependance; reliance. 

Chilcara nashi, ;(j-j-s/, is powerless or helpless; 
Chikara ni naru, yJ=i-^;^, to lend strength; 
to help or assist; CMIcara ni suru, i} =. 7.^-, to 
depend or rely upon; Chikaratotanomu, i) ^ 
f.'-2,, to depend upon a person or thing; Chikara 
woawasii, ij'^^y^, to cooperate; tohelpeach 
other; Chikara wo otosv, ij ^ 1i% 7., to be disnp- 
pointed; Chikara wo isukeru, i)'9-ii^n', to 
encourage or embolden; to help or aid; Gaku- 
mon no chikara, §&Hfl ^ j!j, learning; the pro- 
fundity of one's leiirning; Kami no chikara, !^ 
> iU the power of God; Kaze no chikara, ^ ^ 
)), the force or power of the wind. 

Syn. IKIOI, KiKlMK, KlRyOKl', NOutoku, 

Shirubiii, Taxomi. 
ClilUarii, %±-' c, , 't/f^X^ n. Q Formerly a govern- 
ment official whose duty it was to control tax- 

afTairs. @ Tax ; custom. 
Cliikara-dake, %i3' i^ Td W", ij Yr, n. A big cane 

of bamboo used by a coolie in carrying burden 

on his back. 

Clilkarn-ganc, '^i»?.?jt*a, t ^, «- 
Cliikara-ga^va^ %±> ^ t^ H, 'Mfl, 

Clilkarnge, "t *» & W-, A ^. n. 

Lone hairs on the brenst, 

arms, and legs, popularly cnn- 

piuered indicative of musculjir 

Clilkaragi. *Si' 6 IT. ;!) *. "- A 

W'snver's betira. 
Syn. CuiGiRi. 
4;iiikn.ruKiisa, % ±> ^ <'^t5§tfp 

CT. '*■ ISot] Vf.rvnive. indica. 


I'lilKni'iigiisn, i^ 4. 6<' 3,*U;H,^. »■ [Bot.\Era 

grostis fei-rufjlnea. 
Clilkava-kobii, 't*>&£.^', A gj, «. The promt 

nenco made by the biceps-flexor muscle. 
ClilUara-kiii-abe. -&*>&< 6 '<, fl A "■ Wres- 
tling; comparison ol strength. 
Chikara kurahe wo suru, ^ ;!; ■?■ 7. fl-, to com 
Syn. Sumo. Lpare strength; to wrestla 

Clijkara-mako, %i}> fe ^ W, A ft, »»• Falling by 
the misdirected exertion of one's own strength 
(said of a wrestler). 
Clilkara-iniBii, %i3> e, ^^', ij-^f «• Water in 
pailrf placed on opposite sides of a wrestling 
Syn. KESHOMizu. L^rena. 

CliiUara-iiioclii* % ii> & 4 *&, ^ J^, n. Q Lifting 
lieavy tilings. @ An athlete; a person having 
extraordinary strength. 
C;hllinraiia»<lil,-l.-kl, "^ ii> & tC L, * Sf. «• «°<* 
adv. Without strength or power; helpless; weak. 
Chikaranashl ni tachi &aru, ;^|ffi^=iL* 
fl., to leave or go away, sadly disappointed. 
Clilkai-a-okoslil, %*>&3fftL,Aft. "■ Favour; 
Syn. HiiKl. Lpatronage; custom. 

Cliikara-utoshl, % *> t 5s >£ U ^ ^. "• I>i3- 
nppointtnent; frustration of a hope; losing 
spirit, lamentation; sorrow. 

Sazo ochlkara otoshi desho, ^,-iei]%t^ 5'S/a 
Tj, ycolL] Ilearyou have been greatly disap- 
pointed ; or, that you are greatly cast down. 
Syn. Gakkari, Rakutan, ShitsubS. 
Clilkararyo, *t*'&K5, igig, n. The Taxation 

Bureau (in former times). 
ClilkaraHlilba. %-i>>t^X^,%W^,Wi^. ». \.BoU] 

I'ennhalnm japonicum. 
Chikarasklba, '^*> &;£[i, It t6. "■ [BoE.] iVOffeftu 
Cliikara-waTia, %i]>^ir>^, i) M. «■ A work or 

leac requiring strength; athletic feat. 
iUlUitrii-xuUu, %i}'C>d'<, 1) m, n. Strength; 
virtue of strength; dint of bodily or mentaj 
strength; intrinsic strength or power. 
Syn. Udezuku. 
l-htkaraxiiku, % 13> i;, ^' < , 1} it, v.i. To regain 
liealth or strength after sickness; to recover. 
Syn. Genkizuku. 
Clilkaslil.-l,-kl, %ii* L.Ja, a. Near; close by; 
neighbouring; short; akin; cognate; having 
blood relations; intimate. 

Hyakunen ni cliikasJii, gip-i^j/, nearly a 
liundred years; Keisuen chlkashi, iSt ^ftjfi ^, 
closely related in hlood; Me chikashl, g J^ J', 
near-sighted; ./tfir/U c/i./Am7f,(, Ig i^ ^•, shorter. 
(said of a road). 

ChfUasliilcii, %i' L < , adv. Tutimately, friendly; 




CIiil<:i.ii, %j3^^, S. v.t. T(i ni kb an oath; to afflnn 
or declare Boleinnly. 

Jiii wn susntre chlkau, A -?■ ft^ 7 S "7, to make 
an oatli by sucking up bliidd. 
Syn. Seiy \kv sl'kii. 
Clilhawnri, %>: K V) , ilk fJ! Y'!, "■ Assessment of 

./ind for piirpniL'S or t:ix tion. 
Cliikaw:i»i(M-n. %t-ittZ, ^ ^- I'l- The causa- 
tive form oV Ch^Ltiv. 
ClilKn.yora6erii. ■^*.J;(i^3, ■^ i^ ^, v.t. To let 
one come; to nUow one to take more 
Clilliii>'orM, %h-X^, l5?f. ^-'' To come or go 

near, to approncli, to '.Iraw near. 
CIHUnjOKorii, •t^A'i.-tfZ, ■^1£^, I'.t. The causa- 
tive I'orm of aliove. 
Cliikaziihcrii, ■t,4.t3*t+2, \^. v.t. To cause to 
become intimnte or IrtenUIy; to make to come 
neaier, to bring near. 
Chlknziihl, "t,i'-:?'^, [Si .^, fi- An aCQualntance; 
a Ci-iend not yot very intimate. 

Syn. CiHKi, HOvu, TuaiUDACni, Shiriai. 
CliikaxitKii, %.J7'0' < , UEiS,, v.i. To become inti- 
mate or I'amiiiar; to draw or come near. 
Syn. CiliiCAYORu. 
llilkaziihiirii, ■^io*< 3, lEU, v.t. The causa- 
tive form of Chik-izKU u. fn whip. 
Cliihoi, %',)\-^, S JflJ, n. Punishing by tlie use of 
Zattiinni chikci ivo l^uwav, 3f: A ^ S Jfil f- /IP 
~p, to punisii a criminal by lashing. 
€l)ilici. %i&\r, ^'^, II. "(7/iji.l Sin-ne as C/ffe. 
Cliikol, "^otVp, ^ bI. "■ -A. clever plan; wise coun- 
sel; artful scheme; skilful design. 
Syn. RYolio. RvocilU, Rvr-SAKU. 
Clilkel, %1/^V-, ilfejg, 71,. TJie shape or contour of 
a country; the topograpliical foat\ires of a 
coanti-y or region. 

ChUcei wo hakaru, ilk Jf^ -?■ i^J ?i-, to make a 

topographical survey of a district, ChiLei wu 

iriiru, )lb )f5 ^ T^S J^> to observe the features of a 

Syn. CniaET. Lcouutry. 

CliiUodotn. -^WU^^ih. JlfeJK^, *i. The Division 

of Topography (in a Bureau), 
Clifkolrati, '^l.^^y^tA, n. \B>(.]Llparis 
Clilitol ^.urr. %lff\f-f:&, i^ 
W, '''■'■ \f'''"n., Todraw a 
tiglit cord around n per- 
son's neck I'or the purpose 
ofd ostroying ht-^ life; 
to strangle. 

Syn. Kc'i MURORDgr, 
CliiktMiiiirl, %i^i^V), jfii'^, 
n Vapour ari'^ing from 
blood shed in flghtlng. 
Cfiikeinuri tattp. taoreru, C^W"!/^ 5 ^} 

Jfel^ i T ■fl' u ft., he fell in a vapour of blood. 
Clilkeji, % i& A.,^ M., ft. Knowledge; cognition; 



Chilton, •^W^, ife#, n. A title-deed. 

Syn. KOKEN. Kenju. 
Clilkonjo, %1tfA.&^i>,f^^^,n. Same as above. 
Ciiiki, %%,^^. n. Vapour arising from the 

Syn. Tst'CHi NO IKI. 
Clilkl, %^ ,)^^, n. v;/;f;i.j A friend; an acquaint- 
ance; a bosom friend. 

Chili mo motojnuru, ^^"^ i^ 2* n-, to try to 
get friends; C/iikI wo vru, ;&) 3 ^ f^f "-t to get a 
Cliikl. "^^.^Il^, n. [Chin.] The rays of the sun. 

[Hot. J Vitis inconstans, 

[Bat.] The name of a 

[Bot.] Euphtirb'^ 

A weaver's beam. 

cw m 

CliiK(u. %% A., JftIS, •/ 

Syn- TSUTA. 
ClilKi-i. -^ ? A, Jtk^, 
mushronni- fungi, 
CliiUlaso, ■^^^^5, a 

i^yn. NisrilKiSo. 
ClilKlrl. %^IJ), , 
Chlsiri. %'^'V),^^- "■ 
I'liiUirl. % ^ iJj.iiF^, n. A 
steelyard, a liivel b .lance; 
a weigliing beam. 
Syn, Obakari. 
Clilkiri-iiiiio, -^ g <QZ'^, 
)|?r *fif, S:, '«. A wooden 
clamp, a piece of wood 
used to hoid boards to- 
Cliiklrl-natsiniio, "t? «) ^■:?i6, |g|^^, 

A kind of Jujube. 
Clilkii-l-Iiaiiinuiri, %^ V)i^ A,^-^ ,m, n. A white 

funeral bonnet worn by women. 

Cliiki surii, % % -^ 3, Jfi'i'JS, v.i. To be ashamed 

to he alfocted with sh .me; to be abaslied or coU' 

luhed by the consciou.sness of some wrong ac^ 

Syn. llAzanu. Ltion. 

Ciifkkaii, -^-vi-A, Ys%, n. [Chin.] Same as Chi- 

Clilkkr-n, t-yH-A, JXPf, n. Same as Chikvjn. 
i:iilkkf-t>,u mini, •^■yW^-^^, fj ^K, v.i. To3tqm- 
ble ; to trip upon the legs. 
Syn. TauMAzricr. 
Clilkkiii. '^•y&^, Sl|^, n. A carving chiseL 
Cliikko, %-y-C^, ^\\^, li. Red lacquer carved. 
Cliikko, %-ji]>*>, *gif, 7i, The construction ot a 
harbour. siiru, v.t. To construct a har- 
ClilkkurJ, %y ( ip. aclv, [coll.} A little; a bit. 



ClilKUyo, %'j^ X, ES. n Of^onflncment in 
one's o-wn house, I'ormerly a mode of puniphinpc 
samurai; home-conflneineut. ©Confiniug; not 
goinpr out. 

Chikkyo mnshi tsul-eraru, 52 E 4^ ^J ^ ^. *•" 
be sentencetl to Viome-conflneTnent. 
siii'ii. v.i. To confine one's sell' to his resi- 
dence; not to go out of the gnte ofone'R own 
Syn. Heimon, OSHiKoaiK. Lhouae. 
ClilKo. %1L-^. JlfeSt. 71. [£ot., JIunjcet. 
Clillio. "^t, %i%, n. A dwarf; a very short i^er- 

pon; a person of extraordinarily low stuture. 
CblUo, %i)>^, adv. A raodilled form ofC/tifcafcw. 
CfiiJco osiistimi nasai, f-ut'ffll;^ = ^-9''f, 
[coll.] come nearer; Chik,'} wa nal, j^ 9 ••'* JR -f, 
it is not near. 
Cliiko, %'L, n- A priest in a Buddhist temple 
who receives the visitors. 
Syn. Shika. 
Cblko, ^t., 5;flSC, tT" Old acquaintances or friends; 

one who is familiar. 
Cliiko, %Z. 5, ^V], q,. and n. [Chin.] O Nice; 
delicate; fine. @ Delicate or nice workmanship. 
Clilko. %'!L^,^T6, «. and n. Wise and skillful; 

ChikolMi, tC-S--, Jfilffl, n. [Med.] Aneurism; a soft 
bloody tumour. frobin. 
ChlKojHku. %i3-'^Z'^< ,^W-^, n. [OrnitJi.] Tlie 
Clilkokn, '^Z. < , ]^ S'i, '<■• Coming late; not com- 
ing fit the exact time; not being punctual. 

si:rii, v.i. To come late; not to be punctual. 

6ki ni cJiikoJcu itau/iimashita, i\~T^^\ -f -H 

5/ ■? s-- ^, [coll.] I f'.m very much beliind vime; I 

tear that I am mucli too late. 

Cliikokii, %t. < ,W^&, n. Announcemeijt; notice, 

infonnation; notification; public decbi ration. 

sui'u, r.(. To annouiife; to iiifurm; to 

ClilKokii, %i. <, ^^, n. [CJitn.] Gitveming n 
country; a country well governed. 

Chikoku Iiel lenka, ifj^^JzT, governing 
the countryand tranquilizing the world. 
Cliikotsii, '^t-^.l^^, n. A stone. 
Chlkii, %< ,yy, n. [Bot.] Bamboo (cliieily used in 


Clilkiilui. '^<fcr, ItflQ. «■ A bamboo-horse; stilt5=. 

Ghikuba no tomo, Yi ^ -^ ^. "Id friends, 

Syn. T.*.KE(MA. LPlaymatep. 

Clilkiilinliii^yo. "^C [J < ^1, 1t^ ^., n. [IchUi. 

Syn. Huno. ITrigla kiimv. 

Ctalkiilil, t<U-'. ?L^. "■• [Anal.] Tlie nipple. 

Syn. Ohibusa. fchikv. 

CtiJkiibokii, % < IS: <,^^, n. Same as Boku- 
€liikubokit-jo, tC^ <"5r-^5,S!lil£-, n. Same 
as BolcxLcliikU'io. 



ClilKiilMisNiil, ■%< :Sf-y L, It^T. ■"" 'Enlom.] 

Cliikii-clilkii. %i%i, adv. [coll.] An adverb 

modifying a pain caused by the penetratiou ol 

a pricif or sting 

Cliikii-dUku itai, ^ ^ ^ ^ ?i5i -f . acutely or 
sharply priinful; Cliikii chlLu nomi ni sai^areta, 
■f-'i'-J- ^ J& = $ij W ^, to he badly bitten by flea.q; 
Cliiku-cfilku sasu, ?-^-J-^ ^] y-, to prick ur sting 
Chf-kiidarl. "^ C ;^. id , T ii, 't. Discharging blood; 
bloody flux. 

Syn. Gekktsc, skkiri 
Chikiidekl siirn, t < t? ? -?■ 3,^J^, t.(. To 
convulse; to agitato or shako violently; to airect 
by irregular spasms. 
Syn. HtKiTSURir. 
Cliikiirtrii-tsiilio, "^ < ^?^•7ll^ "^^S ^. n. [EUc] 

A Loyden jar. 
Chikuflo, "^ < ie, f; tCt- ". 'Chin.] Camboo rest. 
ClUkiitCuii, '^<>e^, ^^T", n. A low ollicial in 

the old Riukyii government, 
ChikuriiJtJi. %{ i^•^.n5t A, n. \Chin.\ nn.] A 
bamboo wife; \jly.] a bamboo basket with which 
a person sleeps, in summer nights, in order to 
secure coolnesri or to avoid fleas. 
Syn. Dakikago. 
Chiki[sn, *5.C*]Mt^. «• \Bol.] A bamboo shoot 

Syn. Takp:noko. 
Clijkirsraii, i^< ^]T^, ^^^ ^, n. SamB !L<i Ganchikit. 
CklknlKi. %<\iS,f^^, n [C/ttji._ A bamboo rake. 
i'liikiihitkii, %< }ii< ,Yi ^, 71,. [Chin.^ IllstoricaJ 
record, chronicle; history. 

Mehri wo chikuhaku ni taru, ^ S^ ^ ti" ^ ~^ 
/^, to leave one's name in historical records. 
Syn. K0KLJ8HI, Seisiii, ShtjO. 
ChiKitliakti. %<^<,f\'^, n.. [BoL] Nageia. 
Chlkiilmtsu. %i\S.o,t\^y n. :C/urt,j Not shav- 
ing the head; suffering the liair to grow becom- 
ing a layman. sum, v.t. To let the hair 

grow; to become a biyman. 

Cliikvhatsu s?nte zika ni kaeru, ^^t/ 7^ {§;= 
ig/t, to leave the hair growing and become a 
layman agiin. 

Syn. Kami wo hayasu. 
riilkciliosurn, '^<f^t3,^ffi, v.t. To overtake; 

to pursue and catch or apprehend. 
4;Si3kiilclDl, %<\^%,^—, aav. Thoroughly; 
entirely, particularly; in detail; minutely; part 
by part, closely; criticrtlly; scrupulously; with- 
out omisaon. 

Ghikuicht hakujo sttru, g — ^ J^ :^ a-, to 
rrnlesi thoroughly; Chikuichi kikitadasii, ^ 
— &1:?L^. to examine closely; to scrutinzie; 


ChtJcuichi yomlageru, ^^ — ^ J: »-, to read or an- 
nounce In detail. 


Chlknjf, %^ f, ^^, adv. Successively; by and 
by; by degrefts; m Qrder; step by step. 
Chlkuji hairetsu Surv, j^^ Jlji^fJ t; tl-, to ar- 
Syn. JONJUN Ni. Lrange in order. 

Chllfiijiti^ti, ^iZ-^, tJ-K. ". {Chin.^ Tlie fruit 
or seed ot the bamboo. 
Syn. Take no mi. 
Chllciijo, %<.-e5, %{^., adv. Article by article; 
in detail; minutely; point by point. 

ChikuJQ moshi-hirakl surv, ^{^ c^ fjfi ^ :^ »-, 
to plead minutely; Cliikvj') shlngl, j^f^g^g, 
minute investigation; deliberating article by 
article, as a parliamentary bill. 
Chlkujo, % < :£-^ 5, trtt, n. [Chin: A bamboo 
Syn. -Takezue. Lcane or stick. 

Chlkujo, '%.<:^-X, 1^55. n. The tender epidermifi 
or scurf skin of the -bamboo, also, bamboo 
Syn. Take maiuada. Loa-kum. 

Chihiiknkii. % < ij> < . '^•^. n. [Ckin.] An out- 
law; awnnderer; a vagabond; an exile. 
Syn. RoNiN, Taikyosha. 
Clilkiiknn, %<i>A., It ^, n. [Chin.] A bamboo 
pole, or rod. 

TeJdteki tarn chlkukan motte kawa ni tsnru. 
S V ^ J^ W 3f a 7= fsr zi $V| ^,, to angle for fl^h in 
a river witli a bamboo rod. 
Syn. Takezao- 
Chikiiknu 6iii'ii, '^<*>^^^, ^g, vt. [Chill.] 
To pursue; to run to catch; to go after. 
Syn. OiKAKURU, Ou. 
Clifkiilccii. 't<W^, -^f^, n. Same asChikiijo. 
Cliikukl, S < ?, Y!i&.YrJl, «. rc/ifn.] Sama a.- 

Clilkiiko, %<i}>^, %'^, n. Same aa C/i;A:»in. 
Clilkiikwitii, %( <ijA., W^. "• [Chln.]A bam 
Syn. Takekuda. Lhoo pipe. 

CliiKiikyos.yo, ■^<&J:5S'i, 11"^^. n. [Iclith.] 
The scud; horse mackerel, Trachurus trachurus 
Syn. Ajr. 
ClifkiiiiiJt. '5<"a, ItSE, n. [Bot.]Cimicifuga U 

Syn. iNrsiioMA. 
Chikiiii, %<L,^-M, "■ [Ohi'n.]Qs.mQR?. Akaglre. 
Chikiiiien. %i iXL, ^ ^., 7i. A cherished idL-a or 

thought; settled purpose. 
Clilkiincn, %iilA., '^^f-, o<lv. Year after year, 

yearly , every year, annuaHy. 
Cliikno'iii, % < ^ < , 1^^, li. A house; a build 
ing or edifice. 
Syn. Tateta. 
ditkiirau. -^ < b ^, S P, n. [Bot.] DeTKlrobltim 



Clilkiirnnso, "^ < b ^^5, t±^, ". [Bot.l Pollia 

japonica, fTabacheer. 

Chlkureki, %< H^, l^iS, m. [.Bot.JTabachir or 

CtiikurcD, % < K ^, ti"3^, "" [Chin.] A bamboo 

blind -fold. 


Clilkui-i, -^ < 1(1, til ji, n. [Chin.] Same as Alyome. 
Cliikiirju, %< yA,,Yi^, n. A bamboo grove. 
Chikurin no shlchi-kenjin, ft tl^ ^ -t S? A., 

[C?iin.] [lit.] seven wise men of the bamboo 
grove; [Jig.] the seven discontented statesmen 
who lived in the Shin {^) period of Chinese his- 
tory and secluded themselves from the world 
and the court in a bamboo grove. 

Cliikui-liioEio, %< IJ) ^-C^,Yi^M. n. {Ornith] 
Japanese blue flycatcher, Niltava cyanomelaena. 
Syn. RURi. 
Chikuro, %( ^$,ttili.«~ A b.isket mide of split 
Syn. TsuzuRA. (.bamboo. 

Cnikiiroku, %< 7^ < ,%M., n. [Chin.] [lit.] Run- 
ning after a deer; [flg.] striving to attain an 
object or end. 
Cliikiirtii, % ( Zi>,'§^, it. Beasts; animals; 
domestic animals, 

Syn. KEDAMONO, JURUi. fformity. 

Cliikiisii, '^<3,^fi@. "■ A great variety; multi- 
Cliiliusa ni onnno wo omou, =¥■ ffi = ?& ■?" S. 7, to 
form a thousand reflections. 

Syn. KUSAGUSA, Samazaua. 
r'liikiisnl, "t < ■S \/^, Itifi, n. [Bot.l Chamaele 

Syn. Oresdama.'5IIi, Sentoso. 
Cliikusnlro* %< ^V^^.^f-^g, n. A light green 

Syn. MOYEGllRO. Trope. 

Chlkiisakii, % < :^ < , Yf^, '"■ [Chin.] bamboo 
Cliikiisaslii.-l.-ki, %<-^ i.fl^.a.. Smelling of 
milk; young; babyish; infantile. 
Syn. MlJL'KUSA, Itokexashi. 
4'Biiku!miMlif.-i,-ki,-^< ■5t,±%,S^,a. Smelling 
of blood; having the disigreeable smell of raw 
animal flesh. 

Chihusakl kaze na fukii, sk^ ^ ^'^ ^^. » 
wind blows that smells nf blood, 
Syn. OnoAMAOUSASiii. 
(JMUiESU-xiin:!. *^ < ^ -p* 'ji, ^$.ffl|, it. A rope 

mide of the imperata. 
Ciilluiac-i, 1^<^V, tt??. 't- [Ghln.] A fox trap. 

C'lilhii^f'ki. "^ < -fr ^.tl'fS, "• [Chin.] .A. bamboo 
Syn. Takami'siiiro. (_mat. 

Chlkit!«eki sum, t. C -it & ^ 2 , jg /f, i-i. To drivp 
out or away; to remove to banish; to expel. 




Chlhiiaekl siiru. % < -tg-il-S, SfiJ, v.t. and (. 
To accumulate; to collect or bring together, to 
layby; to stove; to stock orfuruish ngainst the 

ClilltuBcii, T, <-^A,^'5?, ft. Pruning scissors. 

Syn. h'iBASAMI. 

Cliukusen. ■^< ^A, tl"^. «• A bamboo pole, one 
end of which is cut obUquely so a.s to mnke a 
point; a bamboo spear. 


Chlkiisotsii-iiliiJiu,^< *-7V^^:£•^.1t&lI A^, «. 

iJiot.] Panax repeiis, 
Cliikiisotsusai, ii < -Ti- -^ 5 V*, It&TSJfi, ". [BoL] 

Commelyna communis. 
Cbikiisotsiiso. % < >i<? :? 5, It 13:^, n. [Bot.] 
Syn. KAilATSCKA. L Aster. 

ClilkHslii, %< t, It^, ". {Chin.]QX branch ol" 
the bamboo. @ Light literature. 

Chikiishi no uta, 11" fiS -^ St:, songs or poems 
upon light topics. 

Syn. Takk-nokda, DoKF-nON, Kokkeiuta. 
Clilkiislii, %< I, tt'.fii. «■ A very thin kind of 
paper very much like thin membrane found in 
the liollow o'f the bauibon. 
Syn. Gampishi. 
ClillfKshi, "% < L, ^ Si. w. Same a.s Shukun en. 
<'liiki!Khi-cl>Irn, "^ < LA-IK?., ^"^f^, n. A kind 
Syn. Yatsdbo. Lof quiver. 

ClilKiisliiii. -n < ;£ A, ItSi. "• [Chin.'] A kind of 
bru-h made of split bamboo. 
Syn. S.\SARA. 
CiilhiiKlio, % < %^ Of %Vh, "• An inclosing 
Btrnctnre olearth; an earth wall. 
Syn. TSL'KlGAKr. 
Clilliiii^StA, %<£.-^?''^, ^4, n. O An animal; a 
brute; u. beast, ©Contemptible person*, such 
as beggars, liars, thieves, UPuiers, misei's, etc. 

ChlkusJio djo, ^-^'i^^, 'coU.\ [lit.] dying like 
an animtl or beast, [fl9.~_to die in obscurity; 
ChiJcushn doyn na yatsu, ^ ^ IriH^ -J- IS, 'coll.] a 
brutal person, abeMSt-like fellow; Knno chiku- 
shomel 3 ^^ 4-^, [uw?.] a form of curse. 
Chikusho-liai'.-iiiil, •% < :£-^ 5 tf t ;^, S4 ?, "■ 

Bearing more thnn three fatuses in tlie womb 
CliikHslio-do. •^^:£->^5?5 5, '(& 4 ig, "■■ ''Bmhl] 
A place of pnnisliment or torment for the wicked 
after death. 

C!iil,nsJiT'-dd ni daraku sum, g^ i ig =■- 2§ f? ^' 
;t-, to fall into the tormenting purKatoi-y; Glii- 
kusho-cW ni wmare knwai-u, ^4S = ^^•^■•^ 
IL, to be born again into the Chlkush'i d '. 
Cliikuslin eiii'ti, "^^^ Sf'S. SIK.i'-t. Tocollect 
or bring together; to gather; to fetch together 
for preservation; to amass; to accumulate. 
ClilkuBhiitsu !!.>]-- T-, '^<;£(»-7-^S, JSm »£ 

\Chin.'\ To remove; to displace; to expel; to 
drive away or out. 

Syn. OiDASU. rgrove. 

(^liikiiso. 't < 5 5, Its. «■ [Chin.'\A. bamboo 

Syn. Takamuka, Takayabu. 
Cliiktisu, "^ C -3 5, Ittt- "• iChln.] A bamboo 

spear. See Takeyari. 
Clilkuso. %< ^, Jk^, «■ [JHeih] Bloody flux. 

Syn. Skkiui. 
Cklkii!siil-Jlt$ii, -^i-^^&o, ItSSH. »i- {.C!itn.] 
The day on whicli the Chinc'^e drink fate in 
which bumboo leave-- have been steeped; the 
13th day of the 5th month io.s.), a good diiy for 
transplanting the bamboo; [(/t.l bamboo intoxi- 
cation day. 
Chikii sum, % < ir Z, ^M, i?-*- and t. To run 
fast on horaeback, to drive fast; to move ra- 
I pidly; to gallop; to run a horse. 
I Syn. HAsniBAsr, KAKEnA9HiRi7. rshoot 

Cliiktitiil, *& < riV^, It Br. n. [Bot.] A bamboo 

Syn. Takknoko. 
CliiKiitoi, 't<t\/*,ltffl, w. [Conch.] The name of 
a razor fish; Solen. 
Syn, Mate. 
CliiUutei sum, %< TTV^ ,l-3. |g:S, v.l. To build 

tin embankment. 
Ciiikiiton, •t<-C^,jSS, '*• Absconding; liiding 
one's self; concsealing one's self to avoid le^^al 

consequences. suru, v.t. To abscond; to 

run away; to liide one's self to avoid legal 

Ano hlto wa yiibe dokoka e cii ikufn shimashl 
ta. 7 ^ A'^^ f^ fpi &:fJ ^'Sl^ -y ^-y^. ^^^ ^^ 
Bconded ytyterday to some place or other. 
Syn. Kakboohi, Shcppon. 
I'liiKiito, %<'^3,Yf7], n. A bamboo sword, used 
Syn. SniNAi. Lin fencing. 

Eriocaulon sexangulare. fMaulel. 

Clilku-umo, %< 5fc,a^-. n. [Bot.] CyOonla 
VUiiiu-wa., %<t>,Yf^' "• ^6^ Kamaboko. 
Ch\lniyu.,%<^,MK,aau. Every night; nightly; 
night alter night. 

Syn. Maiban, Maita, JiAIYO. 
Cluliuyen. '^<3&^,1t^. t*. CWn.] O A bamboo 
grove. @ Members ol the Imperinl Family. 
Syn. Takezono. 
CIMkiiyo, ■% < X6, nSI. '»• QBimboo leaves 
f^Sake; alcoholic beverages. 
Syn. Sasa, Take no nx. 
VUiUuytt, % < i., 1t^. n. [Chin.] A bamboo 

Syn, Kago, Takekaoo, Yama-kago. 
Clilku.tSnin, -^^^SSA, ttllS; "■ \Btft.MHa 
rt^^'a odorata. 




CI1II1U3 onIiI, "^ < A: 5 L , tt 55 iSK. "• Same as 

Chikushi (It HE)- fZnntlioxyl'um. 

Clilkiiyoslio, '^<A.5*5. YtW-M> it- l^ot.] 

Cliikuyo suru, t < -^ 5 -^ Z. ^ ^, v.t. [Cliui.' 

To feed; to keep; tonoxiiish. 
Clillfiixui, t < 3*\r , ^ Bt. '^^ AccuTniiliited -wealth 
or riches; money saved, stored, laid by, or 

hoarded. sum, v.i. To l.iy by, pave, store, 

or accumulate money or wealth. 

Sekken shite c/iiLnzal sm-u, B^ j' t ^ Bt ^J^, 
to save money by managing one's coucems I'ra- 
gaily; Chikuzai shite man-lc/ii no yonSatern, 
SRti'TSS — xffl^^r;!-, to store money 
again'^t contingencies. 
Syn. CiiaCHiEU. 
Chikii7.:i]U:B, %<^\ri; ^-^T', f- One who 
saves; one who ho;ird^ money, a raiser; a nig- 
CliikiiKaii, % ( ^/^, ^ \h, n. iChl.n.] An artificial 
hill, often an impcirtant feature in Japani5-e 
Sy n. TSUKI YAM A. LSfi-i'd ens. 
Cliil. 117.0. %<Tf>, %i^, "• Constructing; build- 
ing, erecting, r^iirti, v.t. To construct; to 

build, to L-i-ect, to raise. 
Chikiizokii, %<^/<, ^^-, II.. [Chin.] Rice, mil- 
let, or other grain lakl up again-t contingen- 
Clilkiizo snrii. "^ < ^-5-^3, ^"sS, r.(. To ■-tore 
up, to accumulate; to keep things in a go-down. 
Cbikwul sum, %< ib\j-^-)-Z,'^^. v.L Jjhln. jTo 
ride, run, or drive about. 

Syn. HASEfilAWAliL', rCAKi;MA\VAi:r. 
Clilktvjtl sum, % < ioXf-}- Z, '^i&, v.i. [Chin.] 
To delay, to come or go by a roundabout way; 
to proceed circuitously. 

Cliik-ivnjI, %<ij£;, i&jS.^, n. [iJoE.J Water- 
h ore-hound. fLiici'i'u^ europCEiis. 

Cliikwiijllbjo. •^<i^-V'^5, MKatJ. "- L^ot.] 

Syn. iML'SfURONE, RlllKUNE. 
Clilkivau, "^ < 39 ^, tS^. 'i- "-"d a. Sbnvnesa; 
dcl.iy , procra^tiii;Uhiii , dullness; negligence; 
tardhiess; not advancing rapidly; slow; tardy; 
dull, inactive sluggisli, dil'itury; delaying. 

Syn. NO-ROill, yiMlUYAKA. 

Cliikjo, '^W.i, ilbiyj. "■ Ani-;tlumi^, a narrow 
slip 111 land separating two bridie^ ot water. • 

Cliikyo. ■t&-^5, ilbIS, '*■ [Cftin.] Bouud;iry; 

Clilk>u, t^W-S.itP^. ""■' Perceiving; understand- 
ing, comprehension; recognition; cognizance. 

ClitUyoditi. *i^ &-^- 5 AiV/^, ?L5£X:. "• Fer.suns 
brought up by the samw wet nurse. 

Clilk) u, -^SS, HbF^. y* The earth; the globe; 
the world. 

Chikyu wa oyosel nn it--u nari, iife^ -'^ ^7 M --'— 
9- V , the earth is one of the planets; Chikyii wo 
shliko-niTU, JlkBK ^ i^ ^7 7./1-, to circumnavigate 
the globe; to go round tlie world. 

Ckikyu-daiEWi, *t^:j;c-2, ilfe fi :li. ft. [coIi.;S.ame 
as Clilkyurji. 

Cliikj uKi, %^^%', ithStC^, "■ A terrestrial globe; 
a spheie repre'=:6nl ing the earth. 

Cliiiti}&kj, % '^ ^ , Wi, n. Gli.tinous rice or rtce- 
floui- wrapped in 

bamboo leaves, 

and boiled, a 

food which every 
family prepares 
on the Tango 
CUiiii:iki-iriis:i, % 

[Bnt.] Zizania 
aquntica. C17:' 

lliiutuhi-fusii, -t,?,?:*-?, i6, n. Akindofbnra- 
boo used for m 'king cinmoki. fblister. 

ClgiiM.-iitio, % 'a V), 't. An extravasated corn or 
4'lifin:iiiii:>4*. % ^ Tf- it, ]& ?^, CL Smeared or 
covered wall blood. 

Cliimamtrc mwagi, iL ^"^ L' El +'. blood ■^hed- 
diBg; murder; Chimamire zala, rfi §£ l- ?>"5(;, a 
blood-shedding affair, 

Syn. CniDARAKE, CniMiDOIiO. 
dil!ii:iiiiirom, i^U^'i-5, jSL'B. ^'■'- To be sm-^^r- 

ed or covered with blood. 
t'liii)i:>n. %'^. k, '■&*&. n. and u. {nou.} Slow- 
ness; idleness, laziness; slnggislmess negli- 
gence ; slow ; lazy ; idle ; d ila t ury ; negl igcnt ; 

sluggish, siit'ii, v.i. To delay; to put off; 

to linger; to be slow. 

Syn. NOROl, Tknt'KUi. 
4.'liiiiian:iko, *^ ^ tf C, ifil GB, D^. "■ Elood-shot 
eye'^ , bloody es'es. 

Ohimanaho lu natte a'-cmawaru, ah. Rg =•-■?- -» 
t'JS^IE'^' ^° 1^1^" about watchfully with 
blood-^hnt eye^. 
CBiiiiiata, %'^'fz,''^,'(^, <t- A street; a highway, a 
walk, a lane; nn alley, the town. 

Ka3sen, no chimaia, {j-TiBc -^ ^1, a battle field; 
Shura no clnmalu, V^^^ -^ S&. a- scene of blood- 
shedding, a scene of fighting so bloody as to .-«?■ 
mind one of the Shuraao ol the BuUd. hell. 
Syn. TOKORO, Tsrji. 
C'lilmntii-no-k:tiiil. 1i5t^»i^?^, 0,if , Jz. \mjtli.\ 
O A guardian god of the street. © A god named 
Cliimiiti^nrl, %'^'0^ , ^^,Tr, n. Offering one's 
own blood or that of his enemy to the gunjin, 
(or Invoking the god's help in battle. 




SJiiUsvjtnno chimatsnri , lU ^ > ]& i5? V . invok- 
ing the war-god, before a samurai leaves for a. 
battle field, by Phedding some of his own blood. 

Clilmayoi. "C. ?. i i>, jfe.^. n. Derangement of 
mental functions caused by determination of 
blood to the brain; an insane person. 

ChhiKiymi. %'Zi.X,l&.}^, v.i. To become Insane; 
to run m"i.l. 

Clilitibii, ■^ ^ If , Kfe. n. [coll.] U Lameness. @ A 
lame person; a cripple, 
Syn. AsniNAE, ErKKO. 

Cli iin1>ili i. '^^0.•& , S tt, S JS, n. [coll.] Q Spinning 
cotton by the ,1ob. @ Drawing Ajlnrlfclsha, by 
the .job. 

Cliliti1)o. '^^a^ /l^^. "• l*^""-- ^be male 

Clifmliolto. f, ^^^^:, ^ organ of generation in the 
vocabulary of children. 

CliiinlxitRii, -^/-ffi^.itia. n. Pinking; founder- 
ing; being submerged; failure; lolling to the 
bottom. ■ surti.r./. To sink; to be submerg- 
ed or lost; to founder, to be ruined. 

TekJcan Kishu oH nite chlmbotsu su, i^^j^E 
ifil ;^' =i T gfct^ >^, an ironclad has sunk olf the 
coast of Kishu- 

C]iiinl3ii. *^ 1 J-', « ^, "■ A labourer; one who 

serves merely for wages, a ,1obber. fers. 

Chimhu wo yat-oii, 1? ^ ^ ^ 7. to hire bibour- 

ChliKlni. %^i^ Sa,Rf, •"• Restoring peace and 
traiiquilUr.y. p;iciflcation; suppressing a rebel- 
lion; BubduiiiR amob. ■: — sum.i'.f. To tran- 
quillize; to quiet; to suppress; to pacily; to 
restore pence and order; to quell; to settle. 

CIclmlMin, l^?ri-^ ^PB, n. News; curious stories; 
rare facts. 

CJiimMin too IconoTmi, ^ 53 ■?■ ftf A, to he fond 
of news; CJdmDun wo saciwru, ^03^^"', to 
go after curious stones, to aot as a repor'er; 
Sore wa chikannro no cJiimbun (tesn ne, V y >"» 
jgtg^^pg ^' 7.^, [co'M 01 that is indeed news. 

CIHinlmtsii, 1^^.fr^,^4S. n. A dainty; riire or 
precious things, 

Chliiio. %^, jSl @, w. An inflamed eye; eyes suffer- 
ing from cimjunctivitis or other inflnmmatory 

CUimesusa, % ft <' ^, Hfe ^, n. \Bol.\ Patrinia 

Cliliii*^*. %ftV,ift^. "• The name of a place. 

Cliliiir:!, -jit^VA, S^. '"■ [CJiin.] Sacrificing one's 
life tn a cause; exposing one's self to personal 

CliiinPl-no-foslii, ty)\/NO>f L, *Pl!&-^. n. [Chin.] 
Fifty years of a go. 

CbJinpifiho. i^»\^:£3:,Si:^ffl, "■ Vital portions 
of the living system. 
Syn. KyuSHO- 

Clihnoii, ■tl6^, 1 JtbflB, 71. A piece of land; the 
Jliiioii, '5^i6^, J surface of the ground; ground; 

CItiiiii. '^;^, ^i^, n. ;CTin.] Evil spirits hauntltig 
mountains and forests; an elf; s fairy; a goblin; 
a nymph; an imaginary supernatural being. 

Cfiiml moryo, ®^^ffi, land and water 

Syn. KODAMA, Madama, Sudama. 
riilnil, % ^, ilfeBfe, n. The fertility or barrenness 
Syn. CnisniTSU, LofthesoiL 

riiliiiiiltiro. %^)S-:^, iUk^il.n. Sameas C//t7?ia- 
Cliiiiiidori, %7-f.'&V), ^ bwr. 

Chlinidnro chinnai ni natte taorete irii, -?- = jf 
c ^f-z^^f ^ =-7- y 7Si y ut ^a-, to lie prostrate 
covered with blood. 
ClBinijtHii. "t 7;^-7,ij!8^, n. and a, [Chin.] Fine- 
ness; closene'is; delicacy; intricacy; fine; 
delicate; elaborate; compact; close. 


MiTSt'. Trice. 

Cliltiininl. -ti ^S V^,^^, n. 'Chir}.] Stnle nr old 
Syn. I'rRCGoair;. T1tsi:gobik, Kojiai. 

Clilniiiiiiri. %/,^ to, iftfj, adv. and a. {ci'U.\ Con 
tracted, abridged, short; fnng; compact; com- 
pressed; epitomiz'jd. 

Chlmmari to shita kozasJiikl, S!i v V h s/ *r/S 
01©t. f small but well furnished apartment; a 
snug room. 


riilinmoii ^iirn. •^^ ft ^ ^ 3, jtiffj, v.l. [Chln.\ 
To be given to ; to be addif teU to ; to indulge in. 
Sak-' nl cliimvten svrv, jQ^ itigj 7. ;i,, to be 
addicted to drinking. 

Syn. Sake ni pukkrc, YoisnizuMU. 

Clilinmetsii siirii, "^ ^ ft ■:? ^ 3 , M ifS, v.t. To 
suddue; to destroy; to conquer; to defeat com- 

Chiniiitl, % A. ^,H!^, n. A dainty; a rare dish; 
delicate flavour or taste. 

i: hi III 111 In, -^ ^ /^ ^, ^m, ri- Sound sleep; pro- 
found slumber. sin-ii, i\i. To sleep well; 

to be profoundly fisleep; to take a s6und sleep. 
Syn. Umai srni', Yokcnkmuru. 

Cliiiiniioflii, % A. i %,^t^, "-. 'coll.] Carrying 
any thing to a distance by the Job. fthe job 

Cliiiniiioclil, *t^4'^,KSf. n. -Alaking mocW by 

ChiniiiioUii. % A. % <, vtlJ;, -«■• 'CJiin.] Silenro; 

taciturnity; reserve; secrecy. sum, v.i 

To be siifint or taciturn. 
Syn. MoKiNFX. 

ChliiBo, %1i "5, ^M. n. [Chin.] One who ia 
mentally blind; a foolish person; a dunce; a 
simpleton. raeloiiles. 

Cliimo. % '&,4tJ®. rt. [Bot,] Anema/rrJiena aspho- 




fiyn. Hanasugk. Hand. 

('Iiiiiittkii, % % <,S6@. "■ Tlio claRsification of 

Cliiiiioro, %^)^,\\im, 11- [liot.i Allium chinense. 

<:iiimt>!Ui, ■^^ff^, ^^, 7[. A feudal lord; a 


Syn. DaimtO, SliOKfj. 
Cliliiipoii, •t^'^^,K:S. ^- Ad antiquated book 
or vol ume ; an old KcroU, memorial, or any other 
Cliiin|t4Mi, ■^^'^;^, %;g, adv. [Cll^n.^ Ne;ir a 
pilUjw ; close by the he;nl of a person in bed. 
,-;yn. Makitjauk, Makuramoto. 
CItlinpi, t^A. i>', F3i ^'' "■ Dried uraoge peel, much 
used 111 I lie prei ar-ition oT condiments and quacii 
Cliliiiptii. % A-VA-.S'^ op. "• '''tiiMin^ or rare things; 

a cuno. 
Clvimvinivl, % .'^V! a, V) ,m<li^il "■ \-BU.\AcLiniilia 

Cliini|to, "^A12 5, ^^, n. A rare treasure; 

anything uncommon and valuable. 
Cliliiipii, %A.^!,tkiff, n. [Chin.] The lather; papa. 

Syn. CUICHI, TKTK'iVA, Kazo. 
Chlinpii. ■t^J,^ IDRHJ. n. and u. \Cliln.\ Old; 
antiquated; hackneyed; universally known; 
trite; common; outofdate; unacceptalile. 

Chimpu no setsv, M^ -^^^ fin old theory; a 
trite idea; a common place opinion. 

Cliimpii, % ^-fc, ?,t(-?. "- Sinking and floating; 
rising and lalling; fluctuation; undulation; 
ascending and descending. 

Clilmpiikii, •^^i■< , ISfiE, "■ Subjugation; tran- 
quillizing, pacification, putting down. 

siirii, v.t To tranquillize, to pacify, to sup- 
press; to subdue; to put down; to quiet; to 
Syn. SnizowERU. LQ^ell. 

Clilmyaiku. '^;^^< , ilfegR, ■«. A vein (in Geology 
and Mineralogy). 

Chin, % ^, ^, pron. We (only used by the Em- 
Syn. MARo. Lperor). 

Chin, % A, *?, n. [Chin.] A summer-hnnse; an 

arbour; a small pleasure-house in a garden or 

Syn. AZUMAYA. Lpark. 

Chin, "^ A, S. "■ O Recompense for per on"l 
service; wnges, bire, reward for the temporary 
use of anyTliing. © A bribe. 

J)a chin, fits, a fare paid for having tldngs 
carried on horseback; I'lina chin, lES. "■ sum 
of money fur hiring a boat; passage, freight; 
Kisha chin, j^IftS. railway fares, Jfocliikomi 
Chin, ttjiff. extra ireigbt fur liaving letters, 
bags, trunks, etc., carried to one's residence, 
Tana chin, j£ fi, rent; a sum nf money paid for 
the temporary use of a teiiainent; Tenia chin. ^ 

Rfl R, Tvages; cost of lahonr; Tnikal chin, ^ 
5t, a sum of money given to one who carries a 
message; Jin chin, i^ JJ, fare; ireigbt. 
Syn. CnixsEN. 
Chin, %A,>M, ". yjrnith.-] A poisonou.s bird like 



the secretary-bird. 

CJnii wn nrmiashi- 
t- korosu, l^f-Q^-7 
5/ t'K 7., to kill by 
poisoning with the 
chin venom. 
Chhi, %L.i^,n. Any- 
thing rare, curious, 
strani,^'", nf;w, or ri<^i 

valuable;a curio; ararify. Al = o u--pd as prefix, 
Kiscl nocJnn to sn, jR it -^ ^ h 7., is,j 
as a curio or rarity, 

Syn. AlEzrRASHiKi MONO, Takar \. 
Chin, %J^,f^,B';tf<'},n. [Zi'df.] A van.-ty of i et 
China, ^n,^^, n. China Ltl"K- 

Chin-», % L^h,'&C^^, ■'!■ ' Mr<t. \ ('Iirnnic dise ■.=?e. 

Syn, Ko.riREVAMAi, Sirr-Kr.v. 
Chin:ic, -^ fr^, f," @ 'ft, n. [Hot.] Slyrax ia}-<o)ur>nn 
ChEiine. %'^X,f'!:^, "■ IBot.} Lijonia jnjionlni. 
Chiiini, %-tx\r. f'&^^.n. '"/io/.l Same 

Chin»f-ito-I<l, %'^V'<Z)'^, Wis Chliiar. 
Chinnnil, % n T)-, '^^ ■/'- O Tie; connection; 
affinity; relation; consanguinify ; union; alli- 
ance. @ Reference; origin, re;ison, cause. 

Chinami wo rnvsuhv, ^, V- ■f'S y. to form a 
connection; to mnry, Chinami wn tatsv, ¥? '/ 
R3 "9, to disunite; to sever connections. 
Syn. Kn, Vukari. 
Chlnainl ni, %-^;^V:,0=, odv. By the way; by 
the bye, in connection with. 

Clunami ni iu, [3 = x: y, to say in connec- 
tion with , 

Syn. TsriDK NT. 
Chlnashl, -^Tj.- l, ^g^, n. 'Bnf.] CytJonla JUaulel 
Chin-:»tau, -^Alf,-^, ^;i^, 7i. Suppres.^on ; con 
quest; subjugation, quelling; tlestrnction; re- 
straint; subduing; putting down; repressiun; 

tranquillizing. .»iiirii, v.t. To suppress; to 

pacify, conquer, dele it, quell, destroy, or put 
Cltin-ntHu-hl. % ^■S,■o ?,MI3f g§, n. Anything 

that weighs upon anotlier; a weiglit. 
Chlnchakii. %L%-^<, }t ?f , <i ^-omposed; with 
presence of mtnd, cool, calm; re'^crved; firm; 
und.iiinted; self-contained. Also used as noun. 
CltiiEclLl. %A^,^^, 71. A piece Of hind to let. 

Syn. KASiiicni. {'cej-nua. 

4;iilnrhJko, % A.% IL, fj^B. "■ \Boi. Aneinom 
<;iilnchlii. %^%A, ^tM. "■ [CO?,;.] Same as fVi/Tn&o. 
Cliinrhlu tAtA, m [vuL and coil.] Jealousy; 




suspectful love; mutual love; enviable In- 
timacy; the state of being amorous. 

JIata chinchtn wo okosu, 3t ^ v -^ :^ ^ ^ 7., 
[cdll.] to be jealous again; Chlnchin kamo^amo 
fie tanoshinde lini, ^-yi- :y-}j-V: ^"G J'S^VT^^ft-. 
[coll.] to take pleasure in eating from tbe same 
kettle (saitl of a married or amorous couple). 

CItlurlilii, 't^t^.^'*. a. andaclu. Calm; serene; 
dot noisily; quietly; softly; not boisterously. 
Syn. Shimeyaka, Rhizuka. 

rhljioliliiknKurn, "t ^ i; ^ i»r3* 6. pfiPSa, "• 
[Jio(.] Cocculus tfiunhergli. 

Chlnrlilrobaiia, "t ^%:^ litclEffiS^, n. [not.'', 
Day-flOwer. f.loyous. 

CliiiivUv, %A.% X5 ,1^ 'S., a. Glnd, happy; blissful; 
Chlnclid noitarl,^^ ^ jg, most hiippy; Ohin- 
cho ni zonzv,'^-^ =.^:^, to feel very happy; 
to be excessively gbid. 

siini, v.t. To value liii,'hly; to be ex 

cessively glad; to prize. 

Syn. MKDKT-U, Kekko. 

Cliiiidal, -^Aifr-V-, SIIC. "■ Agarrisi-in. 

Cliimlaii, ■Ii/.75^, ^ S^. 'i- Curious or interesting 
narratives; an exciting story; wsne. 

Clitndan wo Uku, ]^ ^iS ? M^i to hear curious 

Cltlndolif siini, % A,-^ ^ it :&, ^M, v.L To be 
drowned, Bubmei'ged, given, or addicted. 

Shusholcu nl chindeklshite kasan wo yaburu, 
ffll fi = £t IS S' 7= g^ li 9- Efi »', to become an in- 
solvent (or to break one's foi tune) through de- 
Syn- FuKEKU, OBOUfnu. Lbauchery. 

C!iJiidoii, ^^-^^,gtBff- »• ^iChem.'] Precipita- 
tion. @ Leaving sediment or depo.sit. 
Syn. Odomukoto. 

Cllla»lell-buts1I,•^^-^^J*■^,fil:^5W. n. OlChem.] 
A precipitate. @ Sediment; deposit. 
Syn, Obomimono, Oki. 

Clilndokii, %L '^ < ,'i^^, n. Q The chi-i venom 
or poison. @ A poison. 

Cliln-ekl, '^^A.&, KS, n. Working for hire; la- 
bouring for wages. siirii, v.t. To work 

for hire, etc. 

Cltiii era sill, ■% ^ ft* L, 53 £J. w- Letting for hire, 
fare, or rent. 

Cltingen, %A.^K, 1^ ^. "■ O Statement; declar- 
ation; manifesto communication. © An old 
saying or story (very rarely used in this sense), 

siirii, v.t. To say; to communicate; to 

write; to state; to manifest, 

Clilngin, '^^a^^, H£5. f" Wages; cost of labour. 
Chingin too tatekacru, S£g^ jilts', to pay 
wages In advance; Chlngtn wo watasu, K^^-iSE 
3t, to pay wages 

Syn. Chih, OnraSBN, 

Chlni^lii siirii, •^^■&*^^^^. ^^. v.l. CMn.lTo 
consider, ponder, meditate, contemplate, or 
think; to be anxlou-s. 

Sdshi te$sd no moto ni chingin sum, 3± dt SS ^ 
-^ IS = i!t t^i^'i-. the soshi are anxiously ponder- 
ing within iron-windows (prisons). 
Clilnf^o, "S ^ a, ISJS, n. Protection; watchfng 
over; preservation from injury; insuring secu- 
rity; guarding. 

Ojio no chingo, iftS .-'|i|IS, guarding the Im- 
perial Palace. 

Buru, v.t. To protect; to preserve from 

injury; to watch over; to secure the safety of a 

Cliiiigivaii. %H:ink.,HU, >>• O Taking or find- 
ing pleasure 'n. @ A plaything; a toy. 

Clilnffwan-I)iitsii« 't^<'*9^i"^, i^JS^. «■ A 

toy; a bauble; a childish gewgaw; anything 

prized for mere pleasure. 
Cliinsyo mivii, %/^-^i.^Z, SH®, v.l. To guard 

against ; to resist; to withstand; to ward off; to 

Chiiilio. •t^(3, IHm. n. [ChiTulA shop or store 

to be had for hire. 
Syn, Kashimisb. 
Chln-]« "^A-V, ^1?^, ■". and a. Rarity; wonder; 

curiosity; strange; unfamiliar; rare; curious; 

marvelloias; to be wondered at. 
Cliinj!, 'S^t, ^1^, ■". A curious or rare thing; 

an accident; a remarkable fact; an anomaly ; a 

notable event; an occurrence worthy of atten 

tion or notice; rarity. 
Sorewa chlkagoro no chinji tiesune, y u >v 15 

^ ^^M ^y^ ^, [coll.^ that is a remarkable 

occurrence; Tondachinjl gadekimashtta, v z^if 

^3*^ m 3K v^z-jr, [coll.] a wonderful anomaly 

has come about. 
Clilnjo, ^;^:£•■^5, ^^, n. Expressing one's 

sentiments; stating one's views or opinion; 

declaring one's Intention; opening one's heart 

to another. surii» v.i. To express one's 

sentiment, etc. 
ClUnJoliyd, % k:£:^5^^, ^IS^. «■ Asenti- 

mental memorial;" a petition. 
Chinjohyo wo tatematsurv, ESfiS^^^"'. to 

present a memorial or petition, 

ChJujo sum, %JuX'-^ 3it-Z, PI J;, v.t. To say, 

'state, relate, tell, express, or communicate to a 

Syn. MoSHTAGERU. LB"perior. 

Clilnio Riirii. %A.Z'i.irZ,^U. v.t. [Chin. , 

as Chinjutsn. 
i:iilujii, %/^Z-'.f, ^'^, n. QThe guardian god of 

a place. ©GHardianship of a god; guarding; 

watcbtag over. 




Chlnfiir^. %^^*t1)X, B'^-}^, ■"■ CI A naval sta- 
tion. @ Formerly, a local government 
Cblnjuru-sliogun. •^^:£•^*J-* ^-*? <- ^, W^'Jff'^ 
H, a. An ancient title giveo to the head otiicer 
of a Chinjvfii, 
Clilnjiisal, •t^^•t%^V^, M^^. n. A to^livnl 
celebrated in hononr of the guardian god of a 
Syn. Ujigamimatscri. Lplnce. 

CliiDjiitsu, %^t''.'b'9• ^l^, "■ Statement; relat- 
ing; comraunication ; declaration; prooiania- 

tion; apsertion; affirmation. sum, v.t. To 

state, declare, etc, 
Cblnjutsiislio, %^Z-'.'i'7Zi., B^%, '-• A writ- 
ing in which one's views are stated; a memorial; 
a written Btatement, 
Cblnkji siirii. *t^4>^^, ^ T. v.t. To sink to 
the bottom; to decay; to fall; to deteriorate, to 
degenerate; to become worse. 
ChiukoiKal. "tAW-vyi/^. SI'S®!, "■ [Med.'\ An 

Cbluhl, '^^&. ^gg, n. A curio; articles rare 
and valuable. Hove curios. 

Chlriki wo alovjan sum, ^ ^ "?■ -f: ^ :Pi n- , to 
Cbluia, tz^^, T m. '<■• [Me(l.1 A tincture. 

Tctsu chir^l-i, ^TiE8> f»n iron tincture; Yojainu 
chlnki, j^lSBTif. tincture of iodine. 
CliiiiM, '^^?, ^ u, <3~ Valuable; rare; precious; 

highly prized, much esteemed. 
CliliiM. %k.^, ^- Sf, w. Same as (7/tfre-t. 
CltlnUiiiitrori, "^ ^ & ^ K "0, gt&HJ, ''- Chased 
gilt work. 

ChinhimboTi no makie, ^^Si -^ KB. chased 
gold lacquer-work. 
Cliinkln. '^^&^, 5J ^, -a. Wiiges; hire;asum 
of money paid co any one working by the job. 
Syn. Chi.vhex. 
CliinKlii, t^^^, il-'^, ■«. same as Cftind^re. 
Clilnl^iii. -^ ^? ^, it^, "- Carving flguj-os in 
hair lines in lacquerod articles, and gilting 
them. rtnre. 

CliiiiLiK.'ti, %^§3V, T f^.®!, n. iYiM.W tinc- 
Cliliit.o. % LX. -y, "i^T^. n. Delicious fl^h; any 

dainty to be taken with .':iil ''. 
C'liinlvo, -^A^t, 't. ' cnU. ] ?i:ime n^ Cfi!,-mbo. 
Clii!i!-o, 1■,^r.5. ni/f. «- L'.boufirigon the farm 

liir wngoB. 
Cliliit--'"*. •^^4•5, / i'tff. n- Aloes-wood; an in- 
Jjiiko. %-K.i3'^, W'ense. 

Syn. Jim. Ji.VKo. 
CA Irl.olilrl, -^ ^ ^ ? VI, I5fi>^. n. Cutlligto 
b irco by the Job. 

I'liin'.nkirl ion naisfin'.-u nl sum, tK ^i 9 z>- p^ 
^- y- n-. cutting toba'cco for hire as a private 
CUiuhukii, f.^t.<.SS^. "- Same as Ckinjo 

Chlnboii, %^^L^■fiStS, 't. [Cftfw.] An oia root 

ClLrnhnn, '^^^l^, ¥J|i:|, n. Pacifying tbe souls of 
the deceased, commemorating the dead; hold- 
ing a festival in honour of the deceased. 
diiiiliuiiNai, % ^ zi ^ ^ V, SS'ii'S?, ". a fete in 

lionour of tlid decea'^ed. 
4JlElnlivt'n, "^ ^ < i9, SI '^C. «■• Suppression of • 

conflagration; e>tinguisliing a fire. siirii, 

v.i. To die away, to '^r, out; to be extinguished 
or quenched (used only of fires). 

Mohaya chinhwa shhnnshua, ^^.^^'Kt^^iy 
^, the fire has already died away; the fiames 
have already been subdued. 
Ciuk<%v»i-Bokl. -t A < i^U^ * &, §i^lSB, n. A 
celebrated stone in the district of Tto, inChiku- 
zen, associated witli tlie memory of the Emprosfl 
Chliikwnsai, % f^ <. io'^\i^,^^'K^, n. A festival 

celebrated in honour of the god of fire. 
Cliiiik} :)kii, % L'^ ^ < , J^'S, J(- A welcome 
gue-t, a rare visitor. 

C/iinl-yaku wo kyo-o sutm, ^^ ^ 5P IS :^ B-, 
to entertain a rare guest. 
ClilnK^ii, ■l^^?5, P^A> ii- [^Ain.] Old; hackney- 
ed, longpractised ; ancient; decayed by time; 
obsolete; out of date. 
Cliliin? u, '^i^VC5, 03 \, n. [Chin.] Rushing or 

forcing in; plunging into. siirii, v.i. To 

plunge into; to rush in; to force in. 
Syn. Kakeromu. 
C'lilii-okii, %A^^ < , S §. "• A house to let; or a 
rented house. 

Syn. Kari-ie, Kashi-ir, 
Clil-no-iiiii-lil, %(D7f-%,il'^. It. O Veins and 
arteries, blood-vessels. @ Deturminatinn of 
blood to the head; dizziness (only used of 

Cln nn michi ga okotte memai ga suru, ifi. ^W 

tS ? K S :'>' ^- «- . to feel dizzy from tlie blood 

rusliing tu the brain; .TltM-hnRim u;i, rlii-no- 

michi no ryoyaku desu, T!f ^ ^ ■'^ A '& -^ SS^? 

7.. Jitsiib-^ sail is good for women's dizziness. 

<:iiiitoiiiiR(», T^ro^a:, JL^- n. a baby; a sucking 

cliild, an inlant. flmperata. 

Clii-no-iir. % ©*a.^(g, n. [Bot.] The root of the 

Chi-iio-ri. %<Dy, itk ?ij. "- The geographical 

iiilvTintage; a natural stronghold. See Chirl. 

Ten no toki wa chi-nn-ri ni shilnzv_ chi-no-n 
vm }iitn-7u<-!.irn ni s}iik<'zi', 7z -^ ^ ■'^ ji^ ^ fi] =^ 
to ij 7', JH) -- ?'j >N A -• Til = id] ?j 7:. Chin, the ^-a- 
son is less important than the £rPogi-aphic,il 
advml-a-e. tlio -ri^-raplncid advanta-e thaB 
the union of men. 
Syn. ^oGAi. 




Clil-nu-ivn, "SCOih, 'H'iH. «• ^-irne up Cliieno-wa. 
Chi-iiu-ivn, t©!h, n. A c/it-gi'ass rintj supposed 
to have the mysterious powei- ol' keeping away 
evil spirits. 
Cliliirete:!!, %A.tfCf, ^?], n. Arrangement; put- 
ting in order, setting out in proper order. 

BUi'u, v.t. To arr;ingc, put in order, etc. 
Syn. Naraiikkh. 
Chlnretsii-lilii, •t^n•9t>^, ^.?l)Sa, n. Articles 
arranged in orJer (chiefly snid of :in exhibition). 
Chiurrtsii-jo. "ti /'i, *i -9 £ -^ 5 , 0^51])^, n. Any 
place where articles are to be set out in order. 

Bviypin chinretsup), !^ iu ffli $ij 12, an indiis- 
trial show; an exliibition. 
Cliliiriinbel. ■^^I0 ^•^V^, ^0 Jfc, n. Stale rice in 
a granary. 

Cliiitrin sum, %^•J]^t^, rt-^. ''■*■ ''Chin.]To 
sink Into obscurity ; to lall into hell; to be ruin- 
ed or de-troyed ; to become in( nnous or ol)s- 
cure; to be compelled to hide oue'.s head. 
Syn. OOHi-iRU, SHizcjia. 
ChliiRa, -^A-?, gfcj^,, n. 'CMn.l Sediment; lees; 
dregs; the matter subsiding to thebuttomofa 
Syn. Ori, SiiTzriiiKAsr. Lli»luor. 

CliinsaCsii. t^A^-?, 'iRS, ™. S:ime ty^ Dokusats ii . 
Cliliisol, %A.^V-, ^Sf, «■ Ol-.''"n._ One of the 

moon« ol the planet Saturn. 
Cltliiitol, % ^*\^, P^sS, ■'*- Requesting; present- 
ing a petition; desiring; asking. sum, v.f. 

Syn. Negaf. LTo rerjuest, etc. 

Chiiiscl ijiim, *^^^\^t^, !S^, v.t. and (. To 

make anytlnng calm; to pacil'y; to quiet; to 

silence, to subside, to become tr-inQnlllized. 

Its iioun-rorm is also in use. 

Syn. Siiizt'M «LRn, SirizriiERU. 
Clitiis^'Kl, %■^1^:?, gBH, ■II'- A stone weight. 

Syn. OMosni, Osni. 
Cliitifaoki, ■^^■^r&, R^ii^. n. [C?itn.] The impres- 
sion left by anything gone away. 
Syn. FfKfKT ATO. 
Cliiiisc'lii siii'si, %A.^%fZ, PIfE v.t. To mips 
in a high degree; to lament. 

Cliinsoii, ■^^■l^:^, K iJS, n. Same as C/i/npfn. 

Ciiinsetsii, %k,^o, ^Mi ^' -^^ uncommon opi- 
nion; a doubtful rumour; news, strange news. 

ChlusliHkii siirii, % A.X-^ < ^ Z, R fg, n. To 
hire; to bold on lease. Often used in its noun- 

Clilnsliiikii-figdosan, '^^^■^<J-^55^, ^^ 
/f^SJjM, ■'*■ [Law.l Immovable property under 
lease. > 

ChliiNli.ikiikeii. -c.^£.■^<H■^, Sffifa,?i. [Law. 
The right af lease. 

Cli!iisli:i]<iilion-no-NetteJ, '^^;fc■^ < W^©*■yt 
\r, Rfma-^-aStlS, ". [Law.] Creation of the 
right ol' lease. 

CliiiiHliiikiiken-iio-slionioCsii, '^^£,-^< C^^CO 
^^V>o, ^^ilZ^/^M. "" [Xaw.] Termination 
of a lease. 

CliiiiHliukK-nlu, '&^;£J^<l£^, JH&A, n. [Law.] 
The lessee. 

Cliiiisli»kiiiitn-no-siinii, %^%-^< ^/^^®^tf, H 
fS A ;i J^ ^. ?(. 'Law.] Obligations of the lessee. 

Cliiiishakunin-iin-keiirl, %^£.-^< b^:^CDIr^ 
A 'O.ffifSA^iiafiJ, ■'*. [Law.: Rights of the 

ChlHUiilia eiirii, '^^,*^-^^, S^sHf. v.t. To plead; 
to vindicate, to speak in one's defence; to ex- 
plain; to apologize. Often used in its noun 
Syn. ATAUARtJ, Wabi wo iu. [foTm. 

Chljislil, tAlS.SIT-, n. [CHn.] A papenveight. 

CkinMlilgt'io, -^/.iSG^, Ktt3?, n. Q Jobbery; 
the practice of .lobbing; working by the job @ 
Wiishing or sewing clothes for money. 

Aii" yamovu wa cMnsh inntn wo shite kvraahi 
wo tateru. m -^^^ telJ ^^ S tt iff ^ -> ^ 4 iS ?■ it t" 
n-, the widow gets her living by job work. 

Cliiiislil sum, '^^X-^^.j!!tS.. '■■'■ To consider 
carelully; to reflect; to ponder; to think pro- 
foundly; to use philosophy. 

CkJjcsliJ siiru, '^^^.t^.'iSjK, v.r. [CMn-lTokUl 
by poisoning witli tlie cliln venom; to poison. 

An!<-un wo cMiv^hi sum, [^ g ^ 'iS fiS 7- "'. ' " 
poison an ucwise master or sovereign. 

Chiiife^liUsi), %A.%<',1^% n, [.Vert.J A fevet. 

Clilusho.-c,/,* 1,^1^, TU Rare books; a Caxtnn; 
a curious book; a "Vinegar Bible." 

Kisel nn chinsho, ^ it-^SS-^.a very rare book; 
a Caxton; Tvehi nochinslio, ^ g -^^S'. Ji^rare 
and useful book. fbeetle. 

Cluustso, '^^£■^5, ffii^, n. fjjntojn.] A kind of 

eJliluNhn, ■^^£5,l^gg, n. ;niln.] A delicacy; a 
dainty; any edible nice in taste or good to be 
taken with sake. 

Syn. BisnOKU, Chiszen. 

Cliinsliu. %A.^\fi>, t^M. "■ Cilil or f'tale sake; old 
lilcohollc beverage. 

Syn. rURUZAKE, Hinkzake. 

Cliinsliu, %/^:$,Vi>,-]l^m, ^- Toi^^oned safce. 

Cliinsliiikwa, "^ A ;£ 15- < ib , ^ JS TH. "- i^^^-i 
Syn. KUBOHAZK. iSpiraeo, 

Chln.«o. %A.^M 5fE. '"■• ""CT'fn-lVindication; pleatf 

jng one's innocence; explanition; apology. 

gui'ii. v.t. and I. To make excuse; to plead; to 
apologize, etc. rc/iinrlmbet. 

CkinMlmifci, * A ^ 5 3. V.p£^3|$- n. Same as 




C'hinsomai 100 mof.te Jiimmin wo niolwaav, 1? 

£~ He^U?' 36" R^ BS-'"'^-. to relieve the poor 

wirh the stnle rice in the gran.nricf. 

Cliinsiiiko. % ti' 3, JZ^Wr. «- Same as 

CliiiiNiii FiiKM, % ^^^J^-^ 2, ^S(!. ''■*■ To be 

drunk; to be intoxicted, to lose one's self lu 

the exressivp love of nnythinp;. 
riiliital. '^^^fe'J^, Si!3f. n. Same a.!i CJiindal. 
Cl)liit:ti, %Att\n,^^. n. liaitJ." I^ea^e. 
CliiiitiU-butNii, %./.rz V/^X?. IS^IS, "■■ [}' 

A thing uniier lease. 
Clihitnl-Kol.tnkii. % A,fzM^^\j^^ < , It If ^ *9. "• 

[/^aw.] A contr.ict ol' lease. flessor. 

Chlitt:ii-iiin, ■I;^'f^v>v^^, ^ ■g A, «■ [Laiv. The 
CliiiitU! (^iirii. %Ate\rtZ, fet(^. '■•*• To stay; to 

remain; to be (lull or stngnant; to be obstract- 

ed . not to move lorward; to be stationary. 

siiru. v.i. Tn stay, remain, ete. 

4'liiiiloi, ■^^TV^, W.^' "- SAme. iis Shinjo. 
4;itlulol, '^^■rv^, M-g, 71. Same flsCTiinsci. 

iSewran hajimete chintei su,'^ £L "^ J* t" |S S ^- . 

tlie rebellion has at last subsided. 
Cliiiilnkii surii, %A,'£<i-Z, StK, v-i- Same as 

Chimmen •mm. 
Cliiiilsu, i^A-:75, PliSii, 77. [3f«d.] P.tid preceding 

parturition, labour, or delivery; partK^ laborts. 
Pyn. San no ke. 
Cliiiil»4a, ■t^-:?5, §SJ3i. n. [J/'Jrf.] Alleviating or 

aPRuaging pain. 
Clilntsufkl, %A-?5^^, ga^ig;, n. ^J/cd.] A fluid 

anodyne. fthe Job. 

ChfnCsiiKl, %^-7?. K tSi. /J- Cleaning rice by 
Chliitsnz:Ll, %L'0 5'^\S', MJffi^. "■• [Med. An 

Clilniirii, %fyz, 1?, v.t. To smear with blood; to 

make sacred by smearing with blood taken from 

a sacrificed animal. 

Kane nl chinuru, ^=.%!i', to smenr a tower- 
bell with the blood of a sacrifice by way of con- 

pecrating it. 
ClilnuNlii, %)hi., ?L1^., n. A nurse; a wotnurse. 

Syn. Menoto, Ura. 
ClilD-yo. '^^l1l5, it^j< '"■• Cool courage; pre- 
sence of mind, being composed in the ("ace of 

danger. riuagnanimous, 

Chin-yh taidn, gfc i^ ^^ (S. f "urageou-s and 

Clilnzii, •^^?', jiTim, n. Residing, dwellin-; 

taking abode (said of gud^ only). 
riiiiiK»-in:it.(«iiri, ^A.^'a.'?^, gS I^ ^, n. A fes- 
tival commemoriaiMg a god for his aeUling fn a 

Shintn shrine. 
Cliliizol, %^^lJ^, IS [S, n. The western provinces; 


<:iifni;eirii, -^ A ^ V -i-. SliS Iff- W- OIn ancient 

time", 'he martial administrative office in Kyl- 

i-hu. @ Later, an appellation of the DazaifiL 
<;hlnzcili:i, '^^■^V^a. g| ffi i(g, "■ A sect of the 

Jodn denomination ol Buddhists, 
Chiiizeii. ■^^^-^, (g^, a. and adv. [CfttTi,] 

Laughing; smiling; an adverb expressing sor- 

prise or joy. 
4;iilnzen, %•^^^, ^BS'"* Nice or delicioua 

dishes; food-articles of nice taste. 
Syn. TJmakimono. 
Cliiiizo, %K^3, ^sBt, n. Something very much 

valued; a treasure; a curio; anything very rare 

and valuable. 

Kono emaTci-moJio wa bdJce no cht-mo d^su, ft 

^^^^^^^-^^ififp^. this picture roll is a 

treasure of Mr.^^. 
CliiiiEiikl, *t^:^•?,RJ&, n. a.R Cftintsjtki. 
Chlnziiru, %A.^Z,^,v.i. O To state; to plead; 

to assert; to excuse; to vindicate. @ [cnii.j T(» 

misrepresent; to speak falsehood; to try to 

cheat. fRTJ. 

<;iiippohe, %vl£ti^, u- 'coll.] Small, little; per- 
taining to a pigmy; dwarfish; insignificant; 

Ano hito wa chippnlce na koto no hoka dektnat, 
T^ A-'^ "}■ 'JT^ -^ +^ -^ WHi ?jE^'f. he is unable 
to accomplish any great deed ; Chippoke iiayOr 
tsu, f--vd; ^-J- tH, a dwarfish fellow; a lowly per- 
son; Sonna dtippnle na koto ni okamai nn.mru 
va. yv+f--v^^-f-5I=^fflK f--9-»-^, don't 
mind such a trifio; Taiso chippoke na inu desu, 
iT'f y l>f-■ylK■^:^::^ f:^, what a small dog I 
riiippiihii Biirii, %'jii < ^3,?gt^,r.r To hide 
or conceal oneself; to hibernate; to be hid in the 
state of torpor; to winter in a hole. 

Hlgwma va fuyujU ana no uchi hi chlppuku 
siirv, nl-'^^^!?;>4' =-2Bf^^n-t tlie brown 
bear winters in a hole. 

Syn. FpSniKAKURU, Komoru. 
€liii-»l>aru, i^&lJ2,^£L, vA. [coll.] To be scat- 
tered or thrown about; to be dishevelled; to be 
in confusion. 

Kami ga kaze f?e cJiiraljarv, ^if % 5'f-9 >s»-, 
the papers are scattered by the wind. 
<'Iilr:i-olilrn, % c^ % h,?i k, a. and adv. In a 
flickering, fluttering, or waving manner; blaz- 
ing fitfully. 

Viik! ga chira-chirafvtte kita, ^1f ^ tt ^9 
^ ^, t'le snow lias commenced to fall in thin 
flakes; nana ga chlra-chira to tabu, ^if f 9 f 
y 1- fl8 y. the flowers fall fluttering ia the air. 
Ryu. OnjRiBft. 




Cliirnltorn, 1^61*2^,^^ tj, aciu and a. icoll.^ In a 
scittered manner; here and there; dispersed; 

Hiio ga cMra hara Tcaeru. \ff "f- 7*785^-, 
scattered groups of people are going home; 
ffana ga chirahora sakldasfiita, :?£■;/■ ■?- 9 ikJ 154 
tH ?/ ^, a few flowers liave peeped out. 
Syn. ACHiKOoni ni. 
Cliii-niiieku, % f, )t < , "ci. To flicker; to move 
by fit.irls; to flap without flying; to flutter; to 
fluctuate; to quiver. 
Clili'.-iu, *t 6 ^, ^ £L. "• [Cliin.] Peace and war; 
whetlier peaceful or disturbed; trsinquiUity or 
disorder; peace or cuiiuiiotioii. 

Cfiiran \dhat, ^£t^S. [Chin.] the political 
history; whether peaceiul or disturbed, and 
whetlier rising or lalliiij;. 
CliiruD'i to, '5&'0 5f. ^ a. adi'. Cursorily; hasti- 
ly; at a glance; Rupeificiiilly; a little; in a hint- 
ing manner. 

Cliirari to hanasv, ^ 7 V I- ^ ^. to hint at; 
to tell only a part , ChirarL to kiku, f- 7 V H P3 
^, to hear by acciiient; to overliear; Chirarl to 
itdr., ■?- 7 V I- ^ ft-i to get a gUmpse of; to 
tjlance at. 
CliiritsM. -^ &:£, gfe, «. O The act of scattering, 
dWiei-sing, or dishevelling. @A hnnd-bUl; a 
loose sheet with a commercinl announcement. 
C'liti-nsi.i-gnKi, -^c.iftf&, £iC #, n. O Writing 
irregul.irly or scatteringly, as a Japanese poem 
or love-letter. @ Writing on alternate lines. 
C'lilraslii-eaiiii, % f, % t^ Ti-, Vi % "• The dishe- 
velled hair; untied hnirtns oC a woman), 
Syn. JiiDARKGAsn, Rampatsu. 
Cliii'ftsd, %c,-f, $c, v.i. To scatter; to disperse; 
to cause to sprend; to separate; to put to flght. 
FuTci chlrasv, R>; ^ {& 7 7., to scatter by blow- 
ing, Fare cln'rasa, IS ^ IS 7 ^-j to cause to pass 
fioin person to person (usually said of bad 
news), il cliirasu, B"iiiE 7 :^, to circulate, as a 
secret; Jlakl cJiirasii, ^^7 :^, to sow broad- 
cast; to scatter about. PMidasu. 
Syn. Barahara Ni SURU, Makiciiirasu, 
Clili'a to, t; & if , adv. [cont. of ChlraH to.] See 

Ctifrari t€. 
MiiratsuKii, *ti^-7<, ^, v.i. OTo twinkle; to 
glitter; to be brilliant or showy; to sparkle; to 
flicker; to flash intermittently; to quiver. @ To 
be dazzled. 

fCumn rja rJUratSUku, ^ ff ^ ■i^, the cloud 
shows flashes of light; Me ga chlratsuku, RR^ pg 
^, the eye is dazzled; the eye glistens; Ramim 
gachiratsuku, p^j^it' '^ ^, the flame (ofa lamp) 

Syn. CiiiKAOHiBA Bimu, H'RAMKwU. 

Chii'i, Tjif), ^■^, n. O'Hie geographical facts or 
leatures, @ (Jeography. 

Temmon chiri, 3^^^®, a'ltronoray and ge- 
ography; the physiography of the heavens and 
the earth. 
Cliirl, %^,^,n. ODust. ©Rubbish; dirt; waste 
matter, reluse. © [iiucit?.] The world; theattrac- 
tions, enjojmentR, and cares of tlie pre.sent life. 

C'liirihodn mo nai, ^^^ -J- -f , there is nota 
particle; to leave little or nothing; Chiri ni ma- 
jiru, i^^Sn-. to go along with the world; 
Chlrl no hoiin.. M -^ i'l-i o"t of the world; Itee 
Irom worldly car*.i; Chiri no mi, ^^ ^, a. man 
of the world; ^ \t\,y man., Chiri wo nogarerv, £S^ 
flft u n-, to seclude one's self from the world. 
Syn. AKUTA, GoMr, IIokori. 
Chli-1, fiJ.St. "■ Scattering; dispersion. 

Chiri no wakare, gj[ ^ ^\\, dispersing in various 
Clilri, '^Vl.ftbJpJ, 7t. [(7fttn.]0 Advantage of situa- 
tion or position. Same as Chinori. @ The pro- 
duce of the earth, ;igricultural or mineral. 

Ten^i ch iri jinkwa, ^ B? ^ ?] A ^, iGhin.\ good 
opportunity, advantageoxis position and, faith- 
ful union, the three requisites for victory in 
Chinese tactics; Chiri wo tankyU sum, :fe f"J ? IS 
^ :x ft., to look for an advantageous position. 
Cliirl-akutii. %^To ^fe. Ei?F. "• Dirt; rubbish; 
litter; waste or refuse materials. 

Kono tokoro chirl-akuta wo sutent hekarazu, j^ 
^ E 5f ^ Ji^ »- ^ 7 7:, it is forbidden to deposit 
rubbish in this place. 
Chlrjb.tkart mo, % V) tJ** flft, adv. Not a bit; 
by no means; never; not the least; not by a 
hair's breadth. 

Chiri bakari mo shochi wa dekinu, f- y y? fl 
V ^ ^ ^ -*^ tij 5fS 5f . not to be consented to by 
any means. 
Clili'lbiimorii, %^\£^Z,^, S^:, v.t. Toengrave; 
to carve; to inlay; to ornament by inlaying; to 

Kin-gin wo chiribameru, ^^^S0n-, to inlay 
with gold and silver. 


<;iiit-ib;Liiiii» %V) [jir, g-Ji^, v.t. To become dusty; 

to be covered with oust. fru. 

riih'lltainii. %y){£ir,f^, v.t. Same as Chiri-bame- 

Chlri-boKurl, "^ ifl IS C "fl . M iS. J^- Dust; particles 
of earth raised aud wafted by the wind. 

Kaze de chiri -bokui-i ga tatsv, ^fM^ff'il 
■5', the wind raises the dust; Uma ga chiri-bokoH 
wo tatete kakeru. Jlg^J'^K?- Sir »ffi^ »-. horses 
galloi> raising a cloud oldust 

ClilribosUi, % *J 13; U #iS. "• [Astron.] One oi 
the 28 con3v:ellations of ancient astronomers. 




C'lil^Irtiirl-giisn. %y) %^ <' S-.^i&JX. n. 'Bui.] 

Sarjlna LinnaeA. • 
Cl:lri-rliiri to, %^%'^'£., adv. In a contracting 

or curling manner, .-^o as to make wrinkles, or a 

curj-iigatet] surl'/.ce. 
Chiri-c/i'V to chijimu, ^ V -?■ V I^Jj^i., to be 

formed into ringlets, to be wrinkleJ. 
ChlrfgaKii, % i()i*< , Jife it ^, '<, Geo-rapl.y. 

C/in\Qaku no sho, ilk S2 ^ ■-' 'fi-. ^ book on 

geogra phy. rseogi'ap' .er. 

Clilrlg;tki:slia. *t TO ftM ;£ ^-', M 15: ^ ^t, 't- A 
C]ilri@r:iji:i, % ig i)*;^, giQic, ". A kiod of coarse 

paper made from piiper rubbisli. 
CBiirih.-iriii, % l) (2 i^ t>, ^ |i^, «. A tlust-brush 

made of leather, liair, or paper, a duster. 

Syn. IlATAKi, Saihai. frubbiHli. lUrt 

Cliirfhlji, %>Si V-%-,^^, n. Dust and mud, dust; 


Cliirlji. %'^%', giili, n. I'car colo. red ground 

tliickly spotted with fine particic! of gold, a 

word in lactjuer-H ork. Saint; as IS'as/iijL 

Chirijici, % ^ %■ ^, '^ ^, tntv. a.nd a. Scattered; 
di^per^ed , dis-ipated, ruined. 

OlLirij'vi borabara 7iinaUe nigeusela, -f- V ^ 
y ?^ 7 J^ 7 ~ -i- y 7 ^ y^ -k ^, took to flight 
in utter coDfusiuu. 

Cliii-lK:'Mt, i^iOA'J-, ^^rz. <-''• 'Julie .-irattered or 

lo fly in evei.\ dii-eetion. r>i:il '•■' ol the neck. 

Cliu-ikf. -t, 9 W, U &, ru {AuaLYYbQ back or 
Syn. Bun no Krr.o. rol Geo-iaphy. 

Cliifik^iihii, *^t'5§J:<, JteSti. "• 'I'he Bureau 
Clkiriiiieii, 't.^i6^, -,. ^, n. Tlie Japanese crape. 
1 l.u-iiiKin-gaiiii, %^)i:>A.t>;^)., ^ S-j] ?Jt, 't. A kind 

ol pajier made to l>'uk like cra| e. 
Cblrliiioii-gorii, % ^i It /^ 7t d, ^ , gi-Iftf^ 't. 

iMnsiic de laiiie, vwusseU iie Oe. latnr.. 
Chlrhtroii-lillia, r, lJ)J6^y■tf, n {BoL\ThnyopsU 

Chlriiuen-jNo, "^ «) i^ A Z- t, U' '^ iS, 1 a^, n. 

[iivLj I'entta aiQ^ ta. 
Clilriiucu-k:i.ztii-:t, "^ 10 i6 ^io* j-^, S BIl, ". [Bot.] 

Ciilrl-uo-30. -t; vj ©i, ^Ifc, ?.. The cunupted 
world, tlie dn-ty \\ oj id. 

Chti i mi iju wo riiiijan-.U'. yaina ni iru, |3g ^ -jji: ■?■ 
9(J; u-T di =^ A/i-, to hide one's sell iu tiie mount- 
ain-, Ic.Lviiig tlie world liehinj, 
Syn. Dakl-sei, Ukiyo. 
«;ii[|-i-utu»Jn, l^ U) *2 i" L. /;;fif, n. A lor 
cle.i!imglurniture L»y removing dust 

.syn. UlUKlllARAI. 

ChlrJreiiifo, %^)HA^l,t. aStillHi »■ An eartlien 

ware spoon sliaped aoiuowliat like a petal ol the 

Syn. RKAGW. Llutud-flower 

CliirlHbo. f!)*!, ilkM*. '*■ A book or treatise 

on geosjraphy, 
CSiirifara, %V)-fzV), interj. An exclamatory word 

expressing one's I'avourable refognition of ^ 

particular tune placed on a flute'U'.>r!, %V!)^iT, asm, ». Adust-pan. 

Syn. GojiiTORi. fk nd of ''''iine'lla. 

Cltii-it6sil);iki, "^ ifl -7 a ^, H^ 0] ^, n. [U 't..\ A 
Cliirit!«u siii-ii, -^ U) <? -^ 3, ffiii, r.t. To esta- 

blisli; to make, to rai-e to erect; to found. 
Chiri-iir.o, %^ ^i^f, B^^, a. Same as C/f(, /(.■^rf. 
Chiri-3a-t:irari, % ij -, li i, >-) , fntesi. See Clnri- 

inri. fplace for reiuso. 

Clih-jziika, -^ If] ■:>'*•, ®' J^. a, A dust heap; a 


Clili'u, %'^^,M.M, It: Mca.\ Excessive menstrual 

di--cli;irtje'^ , nienorrhatjia. 
Syn. XagaJI. 
<'Itii-n, %^, )i^'^, n. An o; en fire-place, pquare or 

rectangiUiT in form, built in a convenient part 

Syn. IKORI. (.0' the first floor. 

C'lilro-chii'o. % h% ^it, aOv. In a flickering or 

fluttering manner, with an intermittent motion. 
CliiruKu. ti;s<,vGi^. ?<•■ 0''tii._ See Nikuclu. 
Cliirori, *^ ?. y , ?!& S^, "- A pot of copper or brass 

for warming ur holding Sake. 
Cl.'.ru, % 5,lii(, v.i. O 'I'o i^catter, to di-per-e; to 

witJier and fall , to be dis-^^ipated . to spread. @ 

To fade, to lose Lieauty, lustre, or Ire-hues'^. 
Ilaiiaga i/nrn, It; ^z' |{i ;i-, tlie tlower.s wither 

and fall , to lo^e beauty (said of a womanj; //ito 

ga cliiru, Aif'^ii', i eople disperse; i'ujiii ga 

c/nru, £ ;/ *^ It', mk spreads. 
riii.-.^;il..i, %V)^< ,^^, II. Same a.s C/iibo. 
CliErjr.. -^1015,5:3 ig. /(. A dragon. 

Syn. Amahyu. 
Clii-jo, ■^ifli,,^^'^, n. Prudence; wisdom; pro- 

i'<'und lisoiiglit. fprudent person. 

Chn-yafiikaU hito, ^° ;£ ^ + A. u. wise and 
4,'hirso, -^H^Jikipi, n. Tholandrent. 
Chirjo. %ii3,}^J^, n. iMedical treatment or 

OJ er.ilion. 

t'liinjv gaLo'lniiezeakioai shita, ?i-^^/Bt;r 
i '\k =y^, the medical treatmeijt restored him to 

siiri), v.i. To treat medically; to use re- 
medial lu'jaii'^, to lieiit wall medicines. 

Cliiooli', ■^H5t>, ?&0i?, ,<.. Expenses of medic- 
al tre;itinent. 

l-Jiirj oUii, -^ i-j i < , ^ -yj, „. Intellectual power; 
intelligence, mental capacity, .--agncity. 
Syn. ClIIB, SAIKVUKU, Saturi. 

«.'liii-3'dslil, -^ y i 5 L.J[k;i£^, a. [Zool., An 

4;hlr}6 sum, tn5t5»fil7, v.t. To know com 




pletely ; to he well informed ; to be aware of. 
Chlryn stini, '^vi5-^Z,Sff, ■"■*• To delay; to 

stop; not to go on. 
Cliinn, '^^^.iMfltlf, ih [Bot.] SSuvae as Chisha. 
Cliisngo, %-s- a, ft- A dwarf ; an extraordinarily 

small person. 
Cblsnl, "^^V.Si^. n. Abstaining from unclean 
things immediately before a solemn occasion, 
Bald of a Shinto pi-ieat or believer. 
Syn. Ma-imi. 
Clilsan, '^?^, ]£$, n. Being late in coming or 

going; not being punctual. siii'u, v.i. To 

come or go late; not to arrive in time; not to be 
ChlsantodoUo, •^■3^>?■ieW■, 5g^B, /t. An In- 
formation to an office stating or exrufling one'a 
late arrival or attendance. fC'hisha-no-ki. 

ClilNa-no-hl, 1; ^ © &, ©^, n. [Bot,] Same as 
Clii8aslii,-1,-I<i, %-^t, o. Same as (7W£5as7iL 
CliUel, *5^V^, ^¥J, 7fr. O Position of a country; 
the general features and environment of a coun- 
try, province, etc. @ [Jfil.] Geograptiical ad- 
vantages and disadvantage^. 
Clilsel, %^V- ?&it, ". The period of time during 
whicli a sovereign reigns; reign. fyears. 

Clilsei 0"junen, i^^'S. + ^p. reigned for fifty 
CtilseUl, %^%, ^^, n. same afl 67iUai. 
Clilsokl. %^^ , i^'H^, n. A record of tlie survey of 
land and fieldR; a * doomsday book.' 
Syn. Chikbmbo, 
/iblsekl suru, "t-t^-jl-S, SJf, v.t. To punish or 

reprove with a whip. 
Cblscii, %^Aj, M&i, '"■' Tax on land; land tax, 

Syn. Nengf. 
Chlson, '^*^, ilfeS, ■«. [5o(.] Liverworts. 

Syn. Zenjgokb, 
Clilslin, %%^, ^#, TO- A wise, sagacious, ta- 
lented, or ingenious person; a sage; the wise. 

Chi sha nLmo senryo no isfjiiisu art, ^#=^■=6 
^ ^ ^ — ^ T V 1 the wise are not always infalli- 

t^, n. IBot.] Lettuce. 

Chlsha. %X-^, } 

Cblsa, %-^, } 

Cblsha. %£,J^, fe #. n. 
The governor or ruler, 
the opposite of Hichisha. 

Chleba-uo-bi. %%.^(0%, 
ffi ^. «■ [Bot.'] EJiretia 

CblBhl, t- L. Sft, ■«■ Re- 
signation; giving up 4 
one's official appoint- -^ 

ment; abdication. 

snruv v.i. To resign; to 
■end in resignation; to 
abdicate; to be released 



from an otllcial appointment at one's own re- 
Syn, JrBIK'KU SURU. Lq"63t. 

CblNbl, %l, Jtb-i=, 11. Land rent paid in kind. 
Cliltvlil, %i, Jf^^, ■II. [Chin. A baby; an inPant; 
Syn. OSANAOO. La suckling; a child. 

CblBbI, % t, ilb^:, n. Geograplilcal sketclieft of a 
Syn. CniRisno. Lplaca 

CblehlBo, %£,"&, ^JEM> '*■ Divining the time oi 
a man's death by cogitating upon the clrcum- 
Btances of his birthday. 
Cbtsblki, %i,^, SPgBS, n. O Knowletlge; discern- 
ment; learning; erudition; cognition. @ A 
learned priest. 

Chlshiki aru hlto, *p^ t ^ A, learned men; 
Chishikt looJdrmnv, i3iss^]^2,, to make learned; 
to teach; Chishiktwo molanui, ^^'^-jRi*. to 
peek, enlfirge, or improve one's knowledge; M'i- 
so chlshiki, f$\ if^\if^ erudite or learned priests. 
Chlshfii, '^;:£^,¥ici?■, n. Same as dftimei. 
Cblsblo, tiZlA.iiW, ''■ Blood. 

Chishio ni somaru, ^^ ^'^ v;u, to be stained 
Syn. Chisiiiru. [.with blood. 

CbJBblo, ■^5:£tt,=^A, n. Dyeing cloth repeatedly, 
BO as to deepen the colour. 

Chishio no iro, =T-X > fi. a very deep colour 
obtained by dyeing repeatedly. 
Cblahirii. %£,:$, flfi; n. The milk. 
CblslileoD.,^^^, n. Land tax. 
Cbleliltsn, %%-r?,i^^, n. Geological or agricul- 
tural qualities of a locality. 
Syn. Chimi, Doshitsu. 
Cblehltsii-cbosnjo, %;fe-5-r52;&i, ift^ SSSE^. 

n. The OlBce of Geological Investigations. 

Chlsbltsit-sabii, %:$,<?iii < , MW ^, "■ Geology; 

the science which treats of the constitution and 

structure of the earth's crust. 

Cblshitsii-e;al<iiaba, '^X'^ft*< ^■^. ^^?3^, i 

Cbisbitsu-galiusbl, %X<Jb^i L, *lfeW®±.' 

n. A geologist. 
Clilshitsii siiru, %X'p-i- Z.^ffi, v.t. [Chin.] To 
know in full; to be aware of completely; to be 
apprised of thoroughly. 
Chlsho, -^S.^?. ^'IS. rt. The quality of the sol] 
Chlsho, %'t^. S!s SI. «- -^^ action raised concern- 
ing land; aland-':uit. 
CblsbS, %Z-^5,^U, ■»■ An ingenious, or gifted 

general; a wise commander. 
Chisbo, %Z i, H^ Pfu "• A piece of ground; 
CUisbu, ■t* 1%, iM^, «. A. land-lord; a land- 
Jisbii, %• ;^ W>, ' owner. 

Chlshu suru. "t-ifew^Z. {S'g, "■*■ [CTi/n.] To pre- 
pare sake (or a dinner) for the reception of 

Chishu shit ■ fteisu wo tsugu, S fiS 5^ ^ BJ -^ * 
^, to give a farewell entertainment. 




Cblso, %^,MM, ". LancI tax. 

Ciiiso kaisei, iibflmiTE, the revision of land tax 

regulations; Cli Iso telgen, iifeSl^i:^, diminution 
of land tax 

Syil. CniZKI, NENGD. 

Clilso, % t 5, l! 3!, «. O A feast, entertainment, 
tea, or banquet. @ Running on horseback (rare- 
ly used). 

Oi nl gocliiso ni nari mashila, ^ = iMl^^ 
=1 -^ V "^ ^ ^. T liave taken hearty pleasure in 
your entertainment (said by way of thanka 
wben taking leave). fto give a dinner. 

8tirii. v.t. To entertain; to make a least; 

Syn. FuRUJiAi, Kto-o, Motenawi. 

OtilsS, -^5 5, iife^, n. The strata oftheearth's 

Clilso, *^5 5, ^ ',*. ?). Young grasses. fiaio. 

CiiisoVMi, %^^, "^^L. "■ fJ3rjt.] Codnnj?S'/5 lanc'o- 

l^liiso^ii, 'tt<, j^i^, /t. Velocity, raJ:e of mo- 
tion, whether slow or fast. 

ClitBohii, %.^ <, f^J^, n. 'Chin.] Knowing how 

tn 1)0 satisfied; contentment; satisfaction. 

Slim, v.t. To be satisfieJ or contented. 

Clilsso. %tf^, gjg, n. 'C7/(^/n.] Nitrogen. 

Cliissnlfii, % -y ^ < , '^%, n. Being stopped up; 

beins completely obstructed or impeded. 

sum, v.t. To stop up; to impede; to obstruct. 
Syn. Fus\GAKa 

Clilssuvii, %--y^)&, S. 1'.^ OTo winter; to Me 
underground in the stite of torpor. ® To be 
confined in one's house. 

Clil.«iiiliwn. %ir^ < in, ^yti^. n. The Section of 

Hydrological Engineering. 
Clilsiijl. %--}%-, jJi^, -rt. Linenge; family connec- 
tion or line; consanguinity; blood-rolation; ped- 
igree. PYakara. 
Kyn. Ketsl'Kn, Kktto, Mironi, Ukara, 
Chlsiiji, %-}-%', ikWir "- Blood-vessels; a vein or 
an artery. 

Cliitahi, % f2 y.', Tig, aav. A thousand times; 
very frequently. 

I-fitn motnotabi sureba onnre cliUahlsu, A "5 K 
>t L- -■^S =f (g :::t, to make a thousand efforts 
oneself Cor every hundred made by others. 
Syn. Amatatabi. 
<'IiltJLl, %U\r', iSi^, It. Delay. Same as Ejifat. 
CBiltiil, ^-ftV-.^^, 'i- The results of aduiiniPtra- 

tinn, how govcnifd? 
ChUal, %tiV-, iibl^, '<■■ A mortar for cleaning 
rice, in whicli tlie pestle is moved by treading 
upon it. 

Syn. FPMT uau, KARA-usu. 
Cbltctioku, %'j-^i.i, M^, "■ Promotion and 

dismissal (or degrading). Chiefly used of gov- 
ernment officials. 

HvJien cJiitcJioku, ^^5?i^. [Chin.] praising 
and blaming, promoting and degrading. 

siirii, v.t. To promote and degrade (or 


('hlto, %'tt^, '^7], 't. A kind of halberd ancient- 
ly used by soldiers of higher grades, but kiter 
by priests and women. 
Syn. Naginata. 

tf'Bilto, 'ttej, ^S. ■'*. [Sot.J Late rice. 
Syn. Okute. 

Cliito, %"f, ^, ((. n. and adu A small quantity, 

amount, or sum; alittle; afew; a short period 

of time; slightly; little; inconsiderable; trifling; 

Syn Ohitto, Isasaka, Sukoshi. La bit. 

Cliitofiusn, '^^<'5,M, «. \Bot.^Ac^n'lcn tihlricn. 

Cliitolfii, %'& < ,^^, n. [Chin.] Wisdom and 
virtue; learning and morality. 

Chltokv «J0 kanesonau, ^ S ^ >|f (^ "7, to be 
wise and virtuous. fwm.. 

Cliitoine. %)r^, ■& ^ ^, «■ [Bot.] Sedum alborose- 

riiitoine. %)^)ib,'B^,n. \Bot.] Mctrtrlcxis staun- 
toni. ring instruments. 

Chitoi'l-dogii, S^"/) /C'S <', llilKiS-S, n. Bleed- 


Cliitoae, %'€.^,=^Vl.< "• O A thousand years; the 
millennium; an immense number of years. @ 
The name of one of the clramatis i^ersoncR con- 
cerned in the saribaso performances. 

Tsurv wa cJiitose no yowai wo tamntsu, fiH >^ 
T- F&^(fe^ ffi^^*. the crane lives a thrusand yeai's; 
the crane is proverbifilly long-lived. 
ClillotKii Riirii, %)£-C?irZ,^.'^, v.t. To assault on 
licrseback; to attack violently; to Invnde sud- 
denly, fof book or volumes. 
Clii(><ii, % -7, ftS, n. [Chin.'' A cover for a series 
Itchitsu vo sfio, — t!^--'^, a series of books. 
Syn. FnMAici. 
ChltMii, %'?, gf. n. [9/ed.'] The vagina. 
UiHsiijn. %'7X'i.i9i f?. 'I- Order; proper arrange 

ChnF:vjo sakwan, f^J^^^. out of order; dis- 
ordered; C/iitsvjo ivo midasu knto nakare, ^]T 
^ SL ''• "1 :S^ "^f do not disturb the proper order; 
Chiisujo lun taOa^e, ?^ |5^ -?■ IF -t, restore order. 
CliUsiiKf, -^ <•;-!■, ?t ((ft. n. A wetnurse. 

Syn. Uba 
CliKstiki, S-:? ?,?Lf^tt, "■ Looped; provided or 

fastened with loops. 
Cliltsiiroliii. %-0^ <,^j^, n. The capitalized 
pension or allowance given to the daimyo 01 

Chitsuroku kosal sJiZsho, ^£Ti5iffiHE#, cap* 
talizod pension bonda. 




Cbltto, "^ ■»>:'.!* i>, a. and adv. [coU.\ A little; a 
bit; a few. 

Itatte cfittto desu oa.,^7' &'J? 9y^)f, although 
very Utile (used in an apologetic, or deprecia- 
tory sense); JHochitto kudasat, ^- -; ^ 1- "F * 'f. 
give me a Uttle mare; 3fo chitto saki Oesu, ^ f--; 
y- 5fe 7"':^, (it) is a little ahead. 

Syn. ISASAKA, SnKosiii, Wazuka 

CliJttd. 't-vfe5.!SI3, «. [£ufom.lAkindofearth- 
svider, trap-door spider. 

Syn. TSDCHIGUMO. {Chippuku sun:. 

Clilttokii siirsi, %-y'£. i ^^^.KE, v.i. Same as 

CliHva, *^ *?, iiSi ^, n- Foolish or nonsensical con- 
yersation between lovers; lovers' throwing ban- 
tering or sarcastic words at each other in a 
sportive manner; a sportive love quarrel. 

CMwa gejitiva, iSp fffi PS flip, a love-quarrel; a 
word-flglit between a married couple. 

Clkl^vnAiiinU %t^.S'^, 9& 9f, »• A love-letter; a 
le+ter of courtship. 

Cbl^vitgiiriil, %i7<:Zt>, @gB. w- Talcing excea- 
sive liberties (said ol personp in love); playing 
extraordinary love-tricks., %ioZ, v.l. [coll.] To banter out of fool- 
ish love; to flirt; to make a love quarrel. 

CliJye, %^, ^S, '". Wisdom; intelligence; in- 
genuity; genius; elevorneas; talent; under- 

Chlye no hayaki kodmno, ^1S. ^ W- ^^^> *■ 
precocious child; a clever boy or girl; Jlito no 
chive wo kariru, A .^ ^ ]K f" ftf V *■. to borrow 
others' wisdom; Issho no chiye wofuru, — ^ ^ 
S* ]K ^ }S 7, to try or do one's best; to do all In 
Syn. EiKo, SAioiir. Lone's power. 

Cblynbiikuro, %}k^ < :r>, ^igr,^. ,i. Ot^^MThe 
bagof wisdom; [^gr.ltlie brain @A valuable 
or secret memorandum. ©A very important 
book for reference. 

Cbiye-no-hiiko, ^.JBCar., ^E^ffi. n. A box 
used in a game of puzzle. 

Cblye-uo-bl, %.ik<DV-. ^T^'A. n. [Bvad., nU.^ 
Fire of wisdom; [Jl0.'] wisdom, the purifying 
effect of which is as strong as flro. 

Chlye-no-lta, t3£.eOVfe, ^E^. "■ A puzzle con 
sisting in making certain structures of a series 
of boards. 

Chlye-no-bi,'t-&®&,^ a; :*:,,*. A kind of build- 
ing blocks (for children's amusement). 
Chlyo-110-wa, %.£.®49, ^ E iR, M. A ring-puzzle. 
Cblye-Kukii, %i^-:f<, ^ IS Wt, v.t. To commence 
to understaRd or recognise things or persons; 
to become 'ffiser, or more Intelligent (said of 
CUijQm %>j ^fti n* A thousand gouerations ; a 

long life; the venerable age. 

CMyokalcttefitfuno chigirl wo miisubu, =f ft 
iH ■*-5'^!ffi^-^l5'?"^:/. to swear to bo man and 
wire for a thousand generations; Clyo yaclUyo, 
T^ft A=f1t, forever; never-ending. 
Cblyo, %X, ^S, n. A thousand night; a count- 
less number of nights. 
Clilyo, %i., =f-^, n. A thousand knot8"(of ireei 
or bamboos); grown very tall (said especially of 
€lilyo» "^^.S. MSS, Ti. A rnlamity or dlRnste. 
originating in the earth through natural agen- 

Tensai cMyii, ^ ift % ftt, rm.] the heav j-^y and 

terreatial catastrophe; [M-] a disaster caused 

by the power of nnture. 

Cblyoffami, t i ft< »•. =f ^^ m, »■ A kind of th« 

7iishlnouchi paper with coloured figures upon it 

Chi.togl, %i,-^, =m:*, ". The pine tree; [lit.]% 

thousand generation tree. 
Chlyoinaso, '5t5*. [cont. ol Chiyo RnA fmase,] 
" Long live the Rmperor" ; may you live for a 
thousand generations. 
Clilyu, ■&»>?, ^^. n. Wisdom and courage; 
learning and bravery. 

Chiyu kemU no i-yZsliS, ff ft ffi fS^* R SS. R eo^x 
general, wise and courageous; an able com 
mander, brave and accomplished. 
ChJyii. -^fft-ltls^, ". [£ot.] Burnet. 
Cb ly 5 , %.«. 5 ► E B. «■ [CTitn.] Establishing poctal 
stations; sending by mail; a post stage. 
euru, v.L To establish a postaUtatlon or offlre. 
Clilyu, %Vi).^m, 'I- Healing; recovery; re.^tora- 
Syn. HEiYa, Zenkwai. Ltion. 

Chlzal, -^rv^, S %, n. [Law.] O An offenre which 
Is punished with lashes. @A form of punish- 
ment which consists in bel-bouring the otlend- 
er with lashea. 
Cli)z:Us-i»hi, -5.5^*1 L,S%, n. [Bot.] Acorn. 
Cblmalbo, *^yv*ttJ-.?&flit. «■ irMw..Caaeo1 

criminal procedure. 
Clilzel, '^*-V,illS^. «• Landtax. 
CMzu, •^^. ^ffl. n. A map; a chart; an atlas. 
4.^bli!.isbl, %^ L.ilbSg?. "■ 0^® ^^° ''^^'"' ' 

map or chart. 
Cbo, X?, '^, "• The morning; the dawn. 

Kon-cho, .^^, this morning; Myo-ch^. ffl W. 

to-morrow morning; Safcw-cfto, Bt ^. yesterday 

Syn. ABA, AsniTA Linornin». 

tJbo, -r?,^, "• OThe Imperial Court. ©One'i 

own country. ©A dynasty; a reign, (f The 


Son-cho, $ffl, this Empire; ffoku-cfi5, 4i:W!. 
the northern court; Ifanchd, )^^, southern 
court: Shin-chZ, ff( flU, the Shin dynasty; C/iSfM 




tatte matsvrtgnto v:o fc/A?', ^ij = i; y jgc ^ 0|^, to 
take char[;6 c( tlie go\ernment. 
Syn. KOSHiT.^a, MiYO, Skifct. 
ChO, "^ J?. 5,g, 7J. O LengtlL ^ The elder. © 
The head; the chief; the best. 

CUT) to naku yd 10 iiaku, ^ h-J-iT^ ^-^^,buth 
the yountf and the old; whether youthful or 
aged' Cho wo Ion tan luo oginan, S ^ IS V S ^ 
Ed -y, to utilize the merits of others to make up 
one's defect; Hyalcufu no chn, S ^ > J^, the 
head of a hundred men; Sake wa hyakjiyaku no 
cff'', j@ >^ @ ^ -^ ^, sake is the be.'it of all medi- 
cines; Shishi wa hyak-uju no cho, f&5 ^ >^ S ^ -^ 
fi, the lion i.s the king of beiists. 

Syn. OsA, Kashira. fa tribunal. 

CbO, %^ 5, K. n. A government office; a court; 
Fu-cho, Brf gg, a city ofTiCB; Ken cho, W. ^, a 
prefectural office; a prefect's office. 
Clio, "t -^ 5 , nrr, It. O ^^ town; a street. An 
urban district, or ward. @ A long measure=60 
ken or ^ of a j-i. © A land measure=10 to» or 
3,000 (sw6o. 

Bo cho, Ktit]", a certain town or street; Nani- 
cho namban-chi, ffj tij fpj # ^, what number in 
what Btreet; one's address. 
Syn. Icril, Machi. 
CbS', "C-t, Ifi, n. A dose of medicine wrapped in 
k' piece of paper. 

Kcgxisurl san cho, gi^=|fi, three doses of 
powdered medicine; Toinpuku itcho, lERflB — fiA. 
a dose of medicine administered for a spaciiil 
Cb6, %^^, ?S, n. O [Astro n.] One of the 28 con- 
stellations. @ A numeral for harps, bows, lan- 
terns, etc. 
Clio, t-^5, iH, /i. O An account-book; a ledger; 
a diiy-book. @A record; a register; a note- 
book. © A lent, a curtain. 

Chd jiri ga awanu, i^Kif '^>^^, {coll.} the 
two accounts are found unequal; CJwxuoharv, 
tt ^ 56 "-, to draw a curtain. 

Syn. t'nOMEN, .Maxp, Tobari. 
CbS, "^ ^ 5, %, lb. A numeral for guns, spade-, 
chisels, knives, etc. 

iVfmii itcho, S — fig, one chisel; TepiyZ itcJid, ^ 
S^ — ^, one gun, n piece of cannon. 
Cho, t-^5, ^, "■ The intestines; the bowels. 

Dai-cho, t^^, \Ana(..] the large Intestine- 
Sho-clio, /h ^, [J-Jzat.] the small Intestines. 
Syn. HAiiAWATA, HTAKunmo. 
CtiS, -C-^, ^, n. [Eniom.] A butterfly. 

Cho yo hana- yo to sndoterv, gf, a :Jt' s I- W ? '^. 
to bring up a daughter with the best of care 
lava c»o tSfoT^ 

Clio, %^^, T, ". O A measure of leng1;h=60 fc«n 
or ^ of a H. @ A leaf of a book. ® A land 
mr.asure=3,000 L^ubo. 

Cho. 1^J^$, ^^, n. Aneven number 

CIlo bi han 6»., 1f^ 9 i?f H. tbe even and oild 
days; Cho han, ^-|S. (a) the odd and the eren 
number; (&) [coll.} gambling; srieculation; CVt3 
s*', -IS Si, an even number. 
Kyn. Gu. 

ChS, ii-*^5, Bg, m ;C/i.fw.] Hearing; listening to. 

Clio, *^.^5, rfi ''• [-3/(1?.) A carbuncle; a painful, 
highly inflamed, find olten fatal tumour 
Syn. ITakicmono. 

ChiJ, "T 5, SIS, ". O A kind o\ tribute in cloth and 
other things customarily paid to tlie govern- 
ment. © [tTmro.] Inflection of voice. ©[ifzjt.J 
A note. rtion. 

Cho, TS, ^, J?. O A billion. @ A sign or indica- 
Yuki wa hunrnnncho narl, ^--^ S^-^ ^t + V 
snow is the sign of an ahundiint harvest. 
Syn. KizASHf, SniRusni, Zkmpyu. 

CU6, t?.^. «. Mourning; ofrering-cnndKlGnce. 
Ket cho ai oraisu, ES^ffliijR^-, to exchange 
visits in happy or mournful cases. 

Cho, T5, »i. [coll.] The prostitute quarter. 

CJio e Myakafihi ni dekakeru, f f jc t:i-?7 'y^ 
Ih^-^f', ^cnll.] to visit the prostitute quarLer 
for the purpose of mere sight-seeing. 

Cho, %!., T?, "■ [-Bo:.] Tree of the gods, .diiato. 

Cho, %i., ^, u. (5iM P.;per mulberry. 

Cho-»l. r,^ JloV^.-t^-S-. n. [Com.] Balancing oi 
auditing accounts; book keeping. 

a?idai fca»i\ -HE-^taS, balancing accounts; 
Cho-at wo sum, f^^^f-y-it-, to audit account.-!; 
to keep account- books. 

ChSnJ, %i.^l^V;^-t, fi- Peculiar or particular 
favour; kind regard; treating with partiality, 

love; affection; fondling; petting. sur:i, 

v.t. To love; to treat with constant gentle 
attention; to fondle or indulge, to make a 
favourite or pet. 

Syn. Amu SURU, Ai euRU, Kawaigaru. 

Choaf. Tjl^V, ffllS, ". [Chin.] See A'-nn--tsumi. 

Choahii. % i. 1^ < ,W:^^> ". Reproving evil; 
punisliing wickedness; warning against wrong 

Kwanzen ch 'akxi, ® §S ||, right encouraget^, 
wrong chastised. 

Chonn, "^J^fJS, ^. ^5, n. {Chin.] A poetical wore 
for the Capit'il. fterlly 

Chnnshi, T j- ?> L, ^Jl, "■ The legs ofa but- 

Clioar^hl-xen. T -i- 3c. L ^^, ES E IK. "• A dining 
table whose lei^s are like those of a butterfly. 

ChOba, •^-^5kir,MTSS, ■«. O The field of work^ the 
BDhere of labour Cn-^ed almost '^ '■cluaivoly \rr 




rererence to labourers). @A stage (on a Jour- 
ney); the distance between resting-places. 
Cliob:i. %-^a^, ff^^, n. QTlie place in v. shop or 
store where all cash and book accounts are 
ujaile. @ The book-keeper's table at a mer- 
cantile establishmout; acounter. ftlo* 
Cliohii , -C C ^, M ^, «~ Training horses; breaking 
CUoltsi«»slH,%.^^]/£i}>3 L.^i^^i^^.n. Ascreen 
of lattice-work placed between the clioba and 
the other parts of the shop. 
iCIaobai. X 5 tf V, U^IS. *'• O Selling rice. @ 
Selling by auction. Takes verb-Iorms. 

Syn. SEEiURi SDRU. rbookH. 

CliobaKo, %'^ 51^2.. il£^, ■". A box '"or account- 

Cliobiislil, T5tf L.I^SEip, «. O A Horse Trainer 

in service of the Imperial court. @ Any one 

who breaks and trains a horse. 

Syn. Bajdtsushi. 

Cfaobasbu. t ^ Id:^!^, MM^, ■"' Ad Assistant 

Horse Trainer. 
Chobasliu-cho, ■r5U'£'.1)'tJ^5, ej-^^^jl, n. a 

chief assistant horse trainer. 
Cliobu fisurUf "C 5 B: -?■ Z.I^M. t'-^- To revile; to 

reproach; to A;b'ise. 
CUohn-tansu, %.T?^ld-}t^'^% "■ A 
bureau in the book-keeper's otiice; a chest of 
drawers in the c/i> ba. 

Chobatsu, %■ i. ^ ^ -y,^.^, ■«. Discipline. 

Hiii'ii, v.t. To punish one for misconduct 
ChobiLt^ii-llii, '^3;5k^■^&a^,lSigg^I. rt. The 

Commitee of Discipline in the Diet. 
Chobalsii suvw, -t^a-^-^S, MK ^-f- To select 

for sp'jcial promotion. 
Cbolictgu siii-M, %-^5 ^-oit 2, 0: Si], v.U To be 
separated from a relative or friend for a long 
CbobI* '^■=^5CN', T 0. 'i- An even day. 

Chobi hambi, T H ^ . even or odd days. 
Syn. GUJITSD, SoJiTpg. fcoraet. 

Clinbisfl, %■>=!? ^ CA**V, 5 g M, n. \Astron.] A 
Cbubltsii, %-^ 3 V^'o,^^, n. A chest in which 

aecount-boolis are kept. 
Cliobo, X^l^,^}\%,(^cli-'- Alorning and evening. 

Syn. ASAPA.N', CnOsKKi. 
Cbubo, X 5 lii^,^%, ti" A distant view; aland- 
scape; t;ikini; a view of things within the range 
of the eye. 

CHobo zekkei no c'li, ^li ^ iS g -^ ilfe the finest 
lard-cape; a place having picturesque scenery. 

i^iirii, r.t. To ti'ke a view; to look at a 

wide expanse of land or water, to survey with 
the eye. 

Syn. ^rrilAUASIII. .MlWATASr-, Nagameru. 
Cbobo, -^iia. ^, '1. &{colL] A point; a spot. 8 
\coll.\A speck. 

Choho wo utsu, f^f-Xfy, to make a dot 
Syn. H08HI, TEN. 
Cbobo, %-i.\% rt. Same aa ChobotcM. 
Cbobo, "^SKt, lilgii, ififij^, K. Same as Cftomen. 
Cbolio. % i. 13:, n. tcoU.] A band of musiciani 

singing in a theatre. 
Cbobo-cbobo, -^ i tX *t J; ffi. !?<fi V , «-. and adv. 
[coll.] Dotted; spotted; falling in drops; scatter- 
in gly. 

Chobo-chobo tn amadare ga ochiru, ^A t t-^1t 
^ n-, the rain drops fall from the eaves. 
Syn. foompoOHi, Taratara. 
Clioliogakl, '^iB:ft*^,i'CS. ?i- [ilot.] A kind ot 
persimmon fwlth dice. 

<;boiM>ii-bl, '^itgrVA'^'.f^lt. n. [coli.] Gambling 
CbobuKiire, % i.[^< K, w. [coil.] A vulgar song 
sung by a street musician who goes about beat- 
ing a wooden bell. 
CbolloB*w:l»,■^i5a'<4^^.SiS'r.n• A Recruit 

ing OlUcer, 
«;boBioi). T 5 IX ^. MHi, «• and lu lixcelling 
ordinhry people; superior; paramount; preemi- 
nent, distinguished. 
Cbrihon. V^5l3:^, 1 5g:ip, ■/*- OA ringleader; a 
Choltoii. 1i.■'^■5t3:^, ' demagogue; a chief or head. 
@ Tlie cause, .irigin, or occasion. 

Tozoku no chobon, ^M -^ 3G^. the leader of 
outlaws; the chief of brigands or banditti. 
Ryn. HOTToNiN, Kashira, kyokwai, 

4Jbobou-ntn, -n-"^ 5ffi/u KC^. 554^ A, n. Same as 

gj under Cli'bon. 
Cbobo eiiru, "^ 1 5 K "^ 3. fil J^. ^'■t- To enlist, 

raise, or recruit; to call out for service. Takes 

the noun-form. 
Cliihoviozii, Sig^ia ?;, to be enlisted; to 

present one's self as a recruit. 

€hob<> sum, *t i ti.5 i- 5, t? ^, v.i. [Chin.] To 

look at standing. 
Cbobii. -^ i -S-'.^Se. «- [Chin.] Kash; too bold; 
wild; headstrong. ftsubo. 

Cliobii. '^ ^ 5 ^, Sit ^^, n. A land men sure of 2,000 
Cbubiikii, t^^<, >$Mik,n. 0[Bvdd.] Tuvoklng 
Cbofuku, t:5.i-<,'the ail-poweri'ul Buddha to 
injure an enemy or quell an evil spirit. © Curs- 
ing or using incantations (in general). Takes 
the verb-forms. 

Syn. INORU, NoROU, SHuao. 
Cliiibiin, t 5 > ^. ^^. "• Cai-ved characters, 
figures, or letters. 

CUobiiD, -^:5^^. ^^. »■ a prose composition 
expressive of sorrow and lamentation; a funeral 
or mourning addreis. 




Chobim wo rMoku sum, ^S:^!^^'^'*'. ^° 
read a mourning essay. flong letter or essay. 
Chobim, '^J%'5>^, ^^, «■ A lengthy writing; a 
Chobu suru, T 5 J-'^Z, Bt 2?. V-*- To dance. 

Syn. Mad, Odoru. 
Chobiitmi. t-^5 i-7, g^, /t. Anything useless 
or superfluous ; rubbiah ; refuae ; an objest grown 
to an immense length, but of no use. 

MuyTi no cJiobutsu, % ^ ^ ^'^. anything un- 
necessary; a useless prodigy. 


ChObyaku, "t, ^5 tV-*^ < . T S, «■ The exact 100 
mo7i in contradistinction to the nominal 100 mon 
(or 96 mon in reality) of the tempdsen. 

Cbfibyo, %^^V^^^,^i^, n. A chronic disease. 
Syn. Nagatamai, Shukua. 

Cbdebakii siirii, %i, 5 %^<. ^S.JTJ®, "o.t. To 
strike, beat, whip, or lasli. 

Syn. BuTau, UOniTATAKU. 

CfaSebl, %'^^%,%^, v. The state of being tight 
or loose; hence, prosperity or decline; whether 
the laws are rigorously administered or not; the 
state ofthings. Tnlten the verb forms. 

CbSclii-clidchl, t ^%-C ^ %, n. Clapping the 
hands together (spoken only to babies), 

CbSrhlknu. T 5 % *- ^. Sfe^, n. A correc- 
tionary establishment; a house nf correction. 

Cbocblkii, %2.%<, BY^, n- Storing up; hoard- 
ing; saving against the future. Kiirii, v.t. 

To lay by; to 6toi-e up; to treasure up, etc 

Cbochlku-gtnko, %i.%< IT ^l'5, K-^SS fl. »■ 
A savings-bank. 

Chochm. -C5^^.it®,)®^l, Tt. A lantern. 

Bajd chochin, JK ± J| 5E. *>• lantern for use on 
horseback; Bon chTJchtn, ®^®, the 1. used In 
the Bon fe.stival; Bvra chuchln, :^ ? S ®. «• I- * 
part of whose handle is made of very elastic 
material; ffako chvcJiln, JSM^, al. somewhat 
like a box in shape; Hozuki chochin, jhrfc y' A= ^ 
;E, a small 1. of red paper; Odawara chochin, fy> 
ffliKl&ffi, a cylindrical 1. wliich can be folded 
when not in use ; Takahari choch In, ig 56 $1®, a 
big 1. hung on a long pole ; Yumihari cJwchln, 
^ 5S ^S its, f- 1- li^ whose making tlie mechanical 
principle of a bow is utilized; Chlchin iH tsuri- 
l/ane, ^® =. @, a 1. and a tower-bell; a figure 
often used to designate wide disparity between 
two thing.=i or persons; Choch In mochl gahm-i e 
hamat-u, |6 :S f^ ;>• iffl -- ^^ v n-, [Ht.] the bearer 
of the 1. falls into a pond; \Jlg.] the guide him- 
self loses the way, Chochin mochi. vjo sum, g '® 
J^ ^ 7. ji., [Ut] to carry a 1. for others; [Jlg.'i to 
be servile, or base. 

Cfafichlngunap -T 5 "^^ ^ <' 5. E SB '*• [Bot.] 
Bydrocotyle rotundt/oUa. 

Chorhlnkngo, ■r:5'^^*»a,Sl^S1. w- A lantern- 
case, rfeast 01 lantern. ; bon festival 
Chorblnmatsurl. -C5'^^a•:? W), i£ 'ig'g?, «. Th* 
Cborbiii-iio-o, ■^:5%■^cr>fL. m^i^. «■ The 
handle of a lantern. fl^inging lamp. 
Chocbln-toro. •r5■t^^5&5■iStS'^H. /i- A 
Chocho. %^^%j^^, iTT.fTJT. adv. An adverb 
Cbotu, i^i^, I representing the manner 
of striking or chopping, and the sound produced 
thereby. fbeat repeatedly. 
ChTcho hassht to tdsu, H" V '"»■)' j^ b JT '*', to 
Choeho. -CitJ-, JS -v, a. Garrulous; talkative; 
loquacious; emphalic; noi<!y. 

Imasara choc/td Sfziitomo, 4-]5 (^ V ■fe 7T f- =B, 
without further discussion. 
Syn. KrcniYAKAMASni. 
Cborbo, t-^t^,^., n. [£:?i(07».] A butterfly. 
Chorbobi. 'ti'^lCK.lI^. n. [Bot.j Al^ebia 

ChocboUii, -C ^ % 1 <. al^iS. "■ Reidju^tment; 

re-estimation; revision. sum, v.t. To 

revise; to re-arrange; to make riglit. 
CIiocbdRbl,-l,-lii, tXX^L, "- The less learn- 
ed form oT Choeho. 

ChTichushii mono no yuiyT-, iQ^ (?■>- -f ^^ ^t i 
•7, a garrulous way of speaking; ChdChoshikA 
iu, 7 ^r'7i/ir ^~7, to speak garrulously; toba 
talkative; to prate. Tnoisily; etc. 
Cborbo to, TiTT-t^, it^ *r, adv. Loquaciously; 
ChTichxi to ben zuru, (^ <r h S^ >C »-, to plead 
emphatically; to be talkative. 
CUoclal. "^-^J;^ V^, IH6K, n. Receiving or accept- 
ing from a superior or an elder. -siirn, v.i. 

To receive from a superior; to be bestowed 

upon; to be given. fceive grateCully. 

Arlgataku clwdai sum, !K: ^ H SE 7, /t, to re- 

Syn. Hatryu, Ttadaku, Morap. 

Chmlai, %-^57£U^, iffi iE, n. O A raised seat for a 

distinguished person. @ A curtained bedstead. 

Choilal, 't■^5;^-v^, iqm, n. A town ofliciai nest 

below the yamishi. 
Chodnl-inono, '^■'^5 7C'lr t ©, H E£ *8, «• A gift 

or present from a superior, 
Chndakii, %Jt-j7'(, SJSa, n. Clear or turpid; 
Syn. SuMi-NiGORi. Lr"re or impure. 

Cbodnii. *^■^5/'c■^, Us?, n. A long talk. 

Chodan woitoti, i^ ^ 9 f^l'. -7 , to dislike along 
talk. rtime, to have a long talk. 

eiirii, v.t. and /. To converse for a long 

Cbodansii, %-^ ^ ?&, ^^, n. A bureau or 

chest for keeping arconnt-books. 
Cliodntsii, T^rrhO,ims't,n. Supplying anything 
CbotatS'i. t: 5 r2^, ' warned, collet ling a sum of 
Imi cfLodatsu, ^^.^M, having the garment! 




rectulred newly made; to borrow the same; 

Kinsu-chodatsu, ^^^^, making up a sum of 

money. fto have tiDything ready for use. 

suru« v.t. To supply; to collect together; 

SytL Saikako suru, Totonoektj. 
Choclatsu-lcwnislia* t $ ?S'C? < 4:.V^&-^, al9 E # 

fit, Ti. A supply agency. 
Ghodntsii Mini, t^TH-^irZ, Sfl9,. v.t. nnd (. O 

To go or leap over. @ To distinguish one's self; 

to excel. ©To break (as a prison); to escape. 

Q To abandon. 
Cbodon, tSTfA, (SatH, «. A fields to which the 

tide has access. Tor hall, 

Chodo, %J^^'fih^ B&^» "■ A government edifice 
Cbodo, %j^5)z, ygg, a. and adv. \colU] Just; 

right; suitable; proper; exactly; precisely. 
ClidOo ima deyo to omote orimaslrUa, T ® •#* tU 

H 9 h a "7 7 E ^J -7 s/^, I was just thinking ol" 

going out; Sore de chodo desu, y i^t'TSt ^>i 

that makes the account square; Chodo yol tolct 

deshita, TSiff-^BSf'S^*, It was just at the 

right moment. 

Syn. Adakamo, HoroTOKU, masashiku, 


Cbodo, T:5fe5, ^1^, n. A narrow path; a lane. 

Syn. HosoMiOHi. fcanal. 

Chodo, t-^5?iS5, Bi§. -"^ [^nae.]The auditory 

Cbodo, %^37(-5, :g JE. «• A long road; a great 

Cbodo, -C ^^^j l^St, n. O Things required. © 

Utensils; articles. © Weapons of war, especially 

the bow and arrow. Q Supply, 
IfuTcu no chodo, 3)c flS > IS S, the pupply of 

clothes; the wardrobe ; Tabt no chodo, /jg .^MS., 

things one requires to have during a journey; 

Tometrl no cJiodo, SS X -^ E^ Si things which 

custom demands of a bride before she goes to 

the house of hor husband. 
Cb5do-kake, x 5^A'tt. 

bows and arrows. 
Cb5do-kyok(i, -r5 ^ ? i. 

<. S^gJS. n. The Bu- 
reau of Supplies. 
Cbool, t i 5;t\r,Sgm. ». 

[Chin.] Special favour 

and promotion; pros 

perity due to the kind- 
ness of a superior, 
CJioel wo komwu, ^^ 

f-^]^, to be specially 

Choel, -n i 5 ^ It, ^ ^, «■ 

[Chin.] A grave mound; 

a tomb. 

Syn. Haka, Tsuka. 
Cboebi, %X5^'&.^&. n. [|ig fg ©] 

A rack for 

[Law.] Convict Imprisonment with lard labour. 
ChdeJci wo yul watasaru, Wt iii^ "M "^ '&. ^ ^i 

to be sentenced to imprisonment with hard 

labour. ("establishment. 

Cliuckljo, %X5ii. % £--^ 5. ^ SI®. '^ A convict 
Cliooki-niiiw tJ;5A.&l(CX,i® SA, «. A convict; 

a criminal under sentence of imprisonment with 

hard labour. 
Ckocn, %.J^ 5 A. ^, ^ ife, n. [Med.] Inflammation 

of the Intestines; interitis. 
Cboon, '^•^5j^^,^!lf, a. Very far; afar olf; very 

widely separated. fseki, 

Chooii. t-^5A.A, Si^. «• tC7tm.] Same as C7/i& 
Cbdetsii, t 5 /t"!?, ^aS, *»- Audience wiih *tho 

Emperor. eurii, v.t. To have an audience 

with the Emperor. 
Cbootsii, 'Z5^'^,f^M> -«• [C7ifrt.l Leaping over; 

being superior or more. siiru, v.t. and i. 

To surpass or excel; to transcend; to cross; to 

leap over; to be more, to exceed. 
Chontsu-Kahii, t^ ^-oifl < ,^M% n. A sum 

over the first estimate; a surplus, ftrlbute. 

Chofu, t 5 X-, g|:ffi, n. Cloth offered a.s a tax or 
Ciidfii, "t 1 5 i, Sfi !§. 't- [Chin.] The wife of an 
Syn. Anitome. L^lder brother, 

Ckorii, %XX, ffKS,n. Hemp cloth. 
Chofu, -^15^, ffi;^, ■«. O A heavy burden. @^ 

grave responsibility. 
Cbofiiku, t5X.<,-mM, n. [Chin.] An official 

dress; a court robe 
Cbdrnku, •Si5-t<,jE^, 71. Needless repetition; 

repetition; reiteration; duplication. 
ChofuJcu wo itowazu, IE IS ^ IK >■» :??. though 

this is a mere repetition. 

sum, v.t. To repeat; to do over again. 

Chofukii. -t:ii<, ^ BS, n. fCMn.] Composure; 

tranquillity of mind. surii, v.i. To be 

calm, composed, or settled in mind. 
Cliofnku, t5i<, SHtt, n. Same as CAo6«fcw. 
Choniku-hokeii, %i.5i■<i3H&^, mSftfift, n. 

Double insurance. 
Cbofaslil, %i.i.5X, ^^^. n. [<7ft(7J.l A poeti- 
cal name for paper; [lit.] a paper-mulberry- 
learned-man. fto affix or attach. 
Chofti suru, tJ-i-^3, lfi<J-, v.t. To paste on; 
Kami wo Tcabe ni chofu suru, igK ? g = |fi # 3( 

n-, to paste paper on the wall. 
Clioga, -Z^a*, ^W. '"• Offering con gratu rations 

to the Emperor. siini, v.i. To appear at 

the Court to offer congraturations. 
Cbognku, ■^■^5fi'<.^^. w. O Study of the 

stethoscopic examination; stethoscopy. @ 

Learning by hearsay. 
Chosetsu, *5 ^ 5 W^ ■7, t3 >i. «. A poetical term 

for the 11th month (fl.s.). 




Cliosetsii, %^^yf'<?, ^ M, n. A name of the 9tli 

month (o.s.). 

CliogI, -C 5^,0] 51, n. The cabinet deliberations; 
the ministerial deeislon. 
Chogl ikketsu su, ^[^ — ^t^-. the ministers 
Syn. By5GL (.have ngreecl to. 

Chogiii, "^-^ 5 ?t■^.■TJS, ^Sj "■ -^ silver coin 
made in the KcichTi period in the form of a. rod or 
board. Vsuru. 

riiuffi eiirii, t^'^irZ, M&, ''-^ Same as CIinrTi 

Cliogo, '^■^52:, ^.r°, It- Misunderstanding; mis- 
conception. siini, v.i. To misunderstand; 

Syn. KiKiATVMARU. Lto mistake. 

Cliosobn, t:5ft*j-yf, M^^^' "• The place where 
medicines are prepared according to prescrip- 

OiogosJiiiii, -r 5 ft'iib^A, IS^,^ n. OPiiper 
u=ed for wrapping medicines. ©A recipe; a 

Cliogo siiru, t^i^'-l-il-^, ^1^, v.i. To signal, 

to inform each other; to nnmaince by some 

Syn. Arzu srnu, Shijiesiii-au. Lsigns. 

Cliflgo KMVii, -r5fi'*^'^3 lfi'^,v,t. To compound. 
rcilT., or prepare C-'^s medicines). Takea the 
noun- form. 

Cliogu, "^IfJC?, BeliS- "■ Special favour; kind- 
ness; grace; being treated with kindness by a 

IJij^ no chogu w-i homiiru, ^^^ -^ ggiS ^ £1 ^ 
lU, to be extraordiniii'iLy IrLvoured. 
siirii, T'J. To treat witli special kindness. 

i'l;:0@:iin, ■C5<'^, M 8¥, u.. and n. Preeminence; 

superiority; excellence; tranS'cendoncy. 

siirii, v.i. To excel; to surpasa; to rise above 
others; to be preeminent. 

di09iis.i. 'ti5<-^, <S. "^ [yjrtf. Pine. 

ClKigiisii, ■i=.J;<''2., ^, n. [BnL] Chrysanthemum. 

CIios-*vai,^^'^5 <'i'.<\A, fj^ ?!■, a. Not in tlie account 
book; not written In the nj^ister; out of the 
ordinary run. 

Cliog^viif-inono. -^-^5 i'JbV'l <D, 1SH^1, «■ a 
vagabond; a friendless rascal; an onfc.i^t, 

CliosyoUU ^i^lg^.H'n^ H, n. A relVigerator. 

Clioli.ii, t 5 IS V^, Wlf-f, n. Congratulating the 
Emperor on 1-Iis august presence at the begin- 
ning of the new year. 

CliohjiJ, -^ J:5a\p,iaff, ». A basin in which one 

washes a wine-cup before he p.isses it to an- 

Syn. Haisen. Lother. 

Cliohnn. %■^5feI^, T^^ 'i. Gambling; [I/f.>dJ 

and even numbers. sum, v i. To gamble; 

to. play for money. 

CboliniKigntH, t^H tEft^fe, g^tt: JK. "• A paper 
figure in the form of a butterfly ol'ten used to 
adorn the mouth of a wine-pot 

Cliolian-ziililn, %^5tt^t^•?^, SgS^sgflJ, '•. A 
deep hood (or veil) which covers the face. 

Cliolintsu, %^^\t-o,^^, n. Longhair. 

Ciiohiitgii, -^ ija-:?, gi@, It- Appropriating for 
military use; levying for tiie public service 

sum, u.t. To levy for the state's sake, tj 

appropriate for military use. 
Syn. IDASA SUEir, Mesu. 

Cltotiatsii-rol, % l.^n-^i^\r,T<kVL^, "■ [Law, 
The Law of Military Approprintion. 

€lioliei, %i.'^\f^,\%^< 71. Paper currency. 
Syn. SATSC, Sni-REi. 

Clioliel, -r 5 -^ V-. % !?■, ■'(., Summons tn the Ira. 

perial Piilace; the Imperial invitation. 

siirii, v.i. To be .'summoned to tlie Imperial 
Piilace. rOonscription. 

f'holici, "^ i 5 — V^,Si-i£, n. ©A conscript. O 
CIiT-UpI Kensa, StJ^^iO^. examination of con^ 
scripts; CTo/tei ywy, iSi /? 5® /?. temporary ex' 
emption from enlistment, tern porn ry exemption 
from nntnol service as a recruit, Clio'ici tvo iya- 
aaiit vkkemon/}, ffii/l ^ lyj// '^ ^^-|f-, [coll.] a 
fool who difililios to eerve as a conscript. 

.SIII■^,1■^ To recruit; to levy conscripts; 

to rai.-^e soldiers. 

t'liSiiol, t i-~-V^, gl:f|, //. A military spy; a re- 
connoitering soldier. 

Cliotn^i, % i^i,v, p';-^. n. Money stored up, 
hoarded ca=h. 

Syn. Takltwaegane. 

Cliolioi. T 5'~.V',S1^, n. Enervation; declinfc, 
exiiau.stioii; decay; showing signs of weakness 
sum, v.i. To decay; to decline, etc. 

Clioliol-i*ei, -^i 5-^v nv.SfcJ^-S-, Ti. Tlie con 
scription laws or regulations. 
Syn. ^fEsnnu'sii. 

ClioJioI suru, %i.^^\f-irz.nj^, v.t. [C7i1n.]To 
call upon one to take an office; to summon. 
Syn. .■MKSirilDAStT, 

Cholii-kl, %l^-^-^,^M, n. \Mcd.' Il.'irdne^s of 
the abdomen ; biliary culculun. 

CliuIioU!, i; i 5-- ^.Sii?, ". \rhin._ Snmmons 

from the Emperor or from a minister of ."^taiii 
41loll^ 't^-5l>, iqtf, '^. Town expenditures; mu 

nicipal rates. 
CholiB. •^150-,.t?ig, n. Siimeaa Chn^cO. 
SJlioSii, % 1 i>, tgg^, n. Tlie bark of the pnper 

Syn KozD yn kawa. 
Ciioltd, -C51S-S-. ,"FIB, a. Serviceable; convenient; 
useful; suitable; valuable. 

Chohn Unslumastr. m^^-:'^ ^, is of great 
use; Choho na mono. SI9?i-^^ra. a convenient 
things (sometimes in a bad sensel 




sui'ii, v.t. To value; to And a tiling to be 

of great use. frGctansle. 

ChoBidkol, ^-"^SttSW-lr, ^1]Wi, n. [ffeom.] A 

Cliolioii, t-^5iSA, ^ 'AU n. Same as C/).50on. 

Cbohou-iilii, 'e^5Kt^V^^. ?S7fCA, n. Snnie as 

Chd'ho siiru, 7:5135-^3, 15?^, v.t. {ChlvA To 
play the spy; to coinraunieate the enemy's move- 

Cholio suru» T X^ir 3, ^^, v.t. \CJiin.] To 
make good by pntchwork; to supply a defi- 
ciency, fproof; reTSon. 

Cliohyo, "^ i 5 i>-^ 5, S!'^ "• Ri{?n; evidence; 
Byn. AKASiri, SniRUsni. fcloth. 

Choi, "^iv, ^3!c, /(. A garment made of hemp 
Syn. ASAGiNa, Kataeiba. 

Cliol, -r5S, i^ ^, n. The T^rerial authority or 
dignity. fdreas. 

Cb5J, T5V>, ?^35c. «■ The official or court robe or 

Choi, -CSV', ^St. n- Mourning; consolation; 

Choibii sum, %^5V-<:-^Z, ^"^y v.t. lGhln.]To 
rear; to bring up; to train; to educate.. 

Clioln, x5\rA., fJ^EP, n. Attaching a signature 

or seal; signing. siiru, v.t. To affix a seal; 

to sign. 

Eemjjanjo ni choin sum, ^^^-^W^ri', 
to sign a confidential document; SKdmon ni 
choin suru, fE^ = g^ R] :^ /^, to affix a seal to a 

Choi sum, %i.^V'irz, ^^, v.t. To love In a 
specially high degree ; to favour exceedingly. 


ChoJto, % IV^if , —if, flf^w- For a short time; for 

a moment or an Instant; instantaneously, 
Choito oiOe na, — ^^ 3& Hi 9-, [coll.] just come 

Choitsii Slim, %^5\r'-r?ir:&, ^fg, v.t. [C7itn.] 

To make a respectful bow (in the manner of a 

CboUsii suru, -r5l/\r7f-S, i^i^, v.t. [Chtn.]To 

surpass; to go above others; to excel; to be 

Choltsii suru, -^ -^ 5 vn -7 -fz, iSlS. v.i. [Ohin.] 

To overflow (as the banks of a river); to deluge; 

to inundate. 
Choju, %.>^-j£:'^, ^^-, 71. The rich; the wealthy. 
Chojagihi, ^g^^g, a member ofthe House 

of Peers elected from among the highest payers 

of direct taxes. 

Syn. KANKjiricni, sroNOMOCHi. fpurse. 

Chojaliu, %^5&'^< , ^, n. [Bot.'i Shepherd's 
Choja-no-liiinm, "^ -^ 5 ^' ^ O *> ^, f± ^, n. 

[Dot.] Asm'uni BlumeL fpa Kaempferi. 

Choja-uo-kJ, ■&-S'5;t'-^®g, *K. «■ [Bot.] Catal- 

CFio|a-no-hwnshl, %->^5&^<D<ijU ^^4", «■ 

[Hot.] Ardisiajoponica. 
ChoJI, tit, tiUS^, "• [Chin.] The Princu In> 
perial; the holr-apparent to the Tlirone: the 
crown prince. ftlie Prince Imperial. 

Chojl wo tatswv, Qi^J-ALfi', to declare as 
Syn. CnoKUN, Taisitt. 
ChJijI, "t ^ 5 K, 1^ it, n. Forbidding for a time; 
suspension; stopping. Takes the verb i'onns. 

Narimonn chojl, P^fl^j^'it, forbidding all sorts 
of musical amusemeptp, as after the demise of a 
member of the Imperial Family. 
Syn. KiNZURU, Tomebu. 
ChojI. t-^5 t,T -7, fi- IBot.] Clove-treo. 
Chujl-ahura, %-^ 5 C 5. 
.i* 5, T^?fll, n- The 
Chofl-nsn^ao, ^ -^ ? & 

:&5ftm, Tw^ir, n. 

[Bot.] Calonyction spe- 
Clioji-a'tvasern, "C 5 2 

%\£^Z,m'B;v.t. To 
consult with; to agree 
upon a plan; to confer. 

MtotocJ>djl-awaserii, CT ^3 

A I- ^ -p- Ir «', to agree with nnotlier. 


Choji-bukui-o, %^^:*:i'< /^.T ? J5, « a clove- 

bag. ffor burning cloves, 

€hoJl-1mro, *& -^5 ;£• *^,T ^I^ISS. «• A censer 
Chojl-sashira, %^^Z-^^%. &, T ^^bS-ISTE. ". 

A burnt wick of an ando, in the form of a clove. 
Chojl-gashira nt kikkyo wo uranav, 5E ^ =-|r 

ESI ^ [57, to tell one's fortune by choji gasJiira. 
Choji-gusa, -^ j^ 5 5r <' 3,T^^, n. [Bot.] Am- 

sonia elliptica. fcolour. 

ChoJI-lro, "^-^ 5 S:\A^, T^fi, "• The clove- 
Choji-kohu, %J^ 5 ;£■ J. ^, S fK, n. \Bot.] Trlch- 

osanthes cucumen-oides. 
ChoJiKu, %^^'^<, ^f^, n. [Math.] Major axis. 
Ch5jl-n:isubf, ^^5&^-^Uf,T#ffi ?J, n. [Bot.] 

Ipomaea muricata. 
Chojl-no-hl, ■^-'^5:&© &, 1?, «. [Bot] liottlera 

ja^onica. f elliptica. 

Clioji-so, % i ;£• ^ ^,ii<'^'$.,n. [Bot.] Amsonla 
Chof 1 sui'u, % i 5 "S- -^ 2 , :^. ?:&, v.t. To censure, 

reprove, or torture with a view to correct. 
ChoJItsu, %-^ y Z'-^,^ B, n. Long days, long 

days ofthe summer. 
ChuJJtsu, -r 5&-^, ^ . «■ The morning sun ; the 
Syn. ASAHl Lrisingsua. 

Chojlyu, ■^-^5&W),T^^. "• A clove-bath. 
Chdjl-zakura, %^^S:^< &. ?£^, n. [Bot.] 

Daphne Genkwa. 




Cbojo, ^-^5-^5,® jij, ct. and n'/i'. O Over again; 

repeatedly. @ Very gooLl. 

Sore wa chojd na loto deshitn, V w •*■• Si § -)- 
^ 'f ^ ^, [coll.] thdt was excellent. 
Chojo, '6-^5;£'-^5. J^-t. n. One's superior. 
CboJo. "t-^^Z'-S*?,!!? J:, «• The top; tlie summit; 
the head. 

Clnijo nl tassu. in± - IS ^•. *■" reach the top; 
Varna no chajo, \i\^T^±, the eummit of a 
mountain or hill. 


Chojo, %-^t>'^'i,S:ic, n. The eldest daughter. 
ChojoUii, -tia^-l C, ffl^, ?t. [Chin.] Whether 

approved, or not; whether favoured or blamed; 

[lit.] favour-disgrace. 
ChSjo sum, t^Z'^^irZ,^^. v-^- [Chin.] To 

go or leap over; to ride over. 


Ch5jii. %-^^X'Vi>,^^, T- Long life; a great age; 

longevity. fplenty. 

Chojuviampulu, #!^)SSjS, enjoying age and 

Syni CnuMEi, Nagaiki. 

CHoJn. '^■>^-5i-W=5. iM%n. [Sudti.] Audience; 

ClioHhu, 1V^5:£11)5, 'hearers. 

Syn. KiKUiTlTO. 
Cltojn, X5S:^, A^, n. A rowllng piece. 
Cfieoju. X^X-^,^^, n. Birda and beiiRtfl. 

CliajTi nt mo otoru kolioro, ^ gJ! — "^ ^' n- -6. » 
mind Inferior to that of a beast or bird. 
t'bujiilni Hiirgi. %-^5*r W) < f" S. i^ Jft. I'.L To be 
accustomed to hear; to hear repeatedly. 

Cliojtitsii, %XM'ii-o,^-'^y "- O Authorsiilp. @ 

Writing books. sum, v.f. To write a book. 

Syn. CnosAKU. 

Cliolutsiikn. %ii'l^-9*>, i^tz5^. '*• 

ChoJiitf^iisl):i, %X~:^\!i'-0%^, ' thor. 

Chokia. -t 5*', ¥J]3^, n- IChln.] Tlie Imperiil 

Chohn. %-^5*>, ST 'i^, '<" S,bb Machlya. 

Cliokii, t;-^'?*>,TS:(^. '^ [Chin. Snmo. as Omonl. 

CltoZiU, t 5 *■. ^.M.' "- '^ fomnle dise;ise, tiie 
clmrrictei istle symptom of wliicli is tlie indura- 
tion of tlie fibdomen. 

Syn. Kamebara, Katabara. [via. 

ClidKa, %^^i}>,^V^, n. A lone song, Src Naqa 

CiioUii, T?*', ^35. "■ S'imoii'i Asagasiimi . 

Ch5^nl, *^ 1, 5 A'U^, ^^'i, 'i Rc.'p''oor, piirilsii- 
mcnt, consiirc, roprimand. Tdipcipliiiary law. 

ChoBiaa-ltri. t^3:5*'VK-!-, ^TKifei ■"• [Laiv. Tlio 

rJiokal-iM-t. r.i5*-V*tU^.^^ill4't}'. n. [Law. The 
Regnlitions lor Di-^clpllnary Punishment. 

ClioUal fiiii-u, t;,^>^i3^V^fZ,m\l\l.v.t. [Chi, >.\To 
overHow; to flow out; to inundate. 

cuokal suru, -r:5i»V^ -^ S.SiaES- «•«■ IChin.] To 

restore to friendship; to bring to acqnleacenca; 

to reconcile; to harmonize, 

Cliokal Buni, 'ti5*>Vv-^a,a43t, v.t. [Chin.] To 

reprove; to blame; to censure; to blame one's 

self. Tangle. 

Chokalcii, -^ J^ 5 *> < , rg S, n. [MalK] Vertical 

CliokaKii. X5i><,^'^, n. [(77t*n.] An angler. 

Syn. TsuRiBiTo, Uotsubt. 
Chokakii. T5i><,@^, '6. A rein. 

Syn. Tazdna. 
Clioka siiru, X5t>itZ,^jT, v.t. LC/Uti.] To sus- 
pend ; to let down; to lower. 
Cliokel, "t i W V^, ?g!^, 71. [Chin.] A very short 
Syn. IKUBT. Lnecli. 

Chokot, '^J^5W-V^, :g||-, n. [Chi7u]A. wise scheme; 
aforseeingplan; a prudent and profound policy. 
Cliokci, -^^5 ^V^, gK, n. [Chin.] O The eldest 

brother. @ A priest's superior. 

Cliokcmbo, % 1 SW ^K 5. n. [Omtth.] Japan 

Syn. Magusodaka. (.kestrel. 

Chokon, '^->%•?H■^, Si 13. "• Grave censure; 

severe blame or reproof. Haws. 

Cboken, t5W■^, IKTS. n. The constitution; the 

Choken wo Unran sn, l^ ^ ■?■ ^ St ^. to act In 

opposition to the constitution. 

Ckokeii. "C$H•^, i0]|3, ''. The Imperial censure. 

eernrii, v.t. [pass, form.] To be censured, 

reproved, or blamed by the Emperor. 
Cbukoii, t 5 fr^^, 53^(31. n. [Chin.] Sovereignty; 
the Imperial authority; the power of the Gov- 
Cbokoii. %^5\fK, ^M, ST a, n. Surveying to 
ascertain the distance between two places, or 
the extent of a piece of land. [gu. 

€bokcn, ^1 5 W-A.. ffH ^, "■ [Chin.] Sameas(7A3- 
Cbokeii, %^^]rrk,^^], n. Q The name of silk 
used for making suikan, shitatare, and karl- 
giniu @ A long sleeved upper garment worn 
by kuge (is the contraction of choken no szUkan). 
r;bdken. X 5 i-t ^. ?a a, n. Audience with the 

Eniperur. Takes verb-forms. 
4'bokcsbl, %->^3if L, "lis "iS". w. Canceling, eras- 
ing, squaring, or crossing an account; leaving 
no balance. 
CbokotNii, 't J; 5 H- -7, S a?, ct. Clear; free from 

what darkens or ob.ccures; pure. 
4.'bokl, t5?f,^IHi, n. [Vhln.] Same as Jso/if. 
4'bdki. % i. 5?,ifgi(5, "■. [Chin.] Q A favourite 

mistress. @ A highly beloved daughter. 

Cboklbiiiip, % i ? >*1, JIf if M, n. A kind of 

light and swift boat. Tings; hoarded money. 

^bokln, %i^^, H?:&-, n. Money stored up; sav- 

ChokLn wo aznkeru, HT & ^ I^ rt-, to deposit 

one's saving; Chokln wo harai modosu, fj'ft ^Sl 

^^, to return a deposit.' 




Chokln-aiiikarljo. %i.^K%^*>V)S!i. B?^^ 
ffi, n. A aavinga bank, or place for depositing 

7*. One who deposits his sfwings at a bnnk. 
Choklu-Kiiiko, •t::^^ar^*>5, l?l(tSH1=f, n. A 
savin gs-b auk. 

Cliokln-kayol-clid. %l^^*>iU•■^^5. l?^Jlfi 
lis, a. A book in which all the accounts con- 
cerning one's deposit are entered. 

Choklu sum, X^% LitZ, ^M- ^'■'- {C/Un.]To 
pay a visit to the Imperial Palace; to ro to 
Court; to pay homage or tribute (as one coun- 
try to another). 

Chokl sum, T 5 & -?■ 2, PSSJ^, v.t. [Chin.] To 
abuse; to reproach; to revile; to treat with 
opprobrious and contemptuous language. 

Cliokka, %i.yij>, ST. '>^ The place directly 

under. suru, vA. To fall perpendiculary. 

Sekido choTcka, ^MiST. directly under the 

Chokkal, %i.'ji}->y^, "• fcoll.] Words tending to 
frustrate a purpose ; an ill-natured humour; a 
jest; a malicious pun. 

Chokkai wo aasu, f- 3 7 ft ■< ^ Hi 7., to make 
a malicious pun. ffingle. 

€liokkakii, •%tv^><, Itffi. »*■ [fffiOTTi.] Right 
Choklcaku jud JLku, MftSSffiSA. rectangular 
axis; Chokkaku saiinen, M^SSM. normal sec- 

Chofckakn-eankakiikcl, %Xvi><'5/^i}>< ^"^^ 
iSSHfiJfS, n. [ffeom.] Right-angled triangle. 

Cliokkakn-siil, %ii-yi/><il-Jt>, IS ft ${6, » [Geom.] 
Right pyramid. fRight prism. 

Cliokkakii-to, % i,y i}> < "£ 3 . MfliS. n. [Geom.] 

Ctiokkan. r, i.-ji)^ ^, ^M, "■ [oTis.] Being de- 
graded by the Emperor. 

ClioEckau, '^i,•y*>^, H:^, ". [CTifji.] Advising or 

reproving one's master in his presence. 

sum, v.t. To advise or reprove one's master, 

Ckokkel. %2.<y\ff\r, 0^, n. The direct line. 

Chokkcl, "ti-^W-V^, ISSg, n. [Geom. The diame- 
Syn. Sashiwatasiti. L^er. 

ClioKkl, %l.-y^, n. \En(i.]A wnist-cont, a vest. 

Chokkura, % i-y < ^, adv. For a moment; Torn 
short time; just; in a hasty manner; merely. 
Syn. CnoiTO, Ohotto. 

Cliokkura-Tnochi, % i: 'j < 6 4"^, vt. [coll.] A 
thief; a pick-pocket; a piU'orer. 

Sakki c/wkkura-mochl nl aimasluta, %^ ^ n 
7^9=ef-=^i3(t^^^, I had my pocket 
picked a short time ago. 

Chokkurl-kncsi!. '%i.f<^ii>'~'^,vi [coll.] 
Same as Maze-kaesu. 

Bito vjo chokkurt-kaesu, A^f-3-^^V»'^ 

y^, to confound a person. 
<:iiokkwnn, %i.'y<t>A., ^f^, n. O A Straight 

tulje. @ Same as Clwkkwatsiu 
ClBokkfvatNii, %i.-?<*3r7, IK^. «• Dlrectsuper- 

vision or control. sum, To control 

d irectly. 
Chokkyo, "^i-^^i, ^^, n. The Imperial sanc- 
tion or permission. 
Clioko, t: 5 1 5 , ©I "S". w- Tribute to the Emperor. 

sitm, v.i. To pay tribute to the Emperor; 

to pny homage. 
Cliuko, %X^i7i^, SijSt. n. [Jiftrt.l A symptom. 


Ckfiko, "C 5 t, if^felr. "- Withering; decaying; 

fading; dying (said ofplants only). suru, 

vJ. To whither, etc 

Pyn. Karkku, SniBOiiu. 
Clioko. •r5t'5; ^M- "■ Same as CTofccn (Hj H). 
Clioko, T 5 £. 5 , ^t (e^, w. A sign ; an omen. 

Syn. KizASnr, Shirfshi. 
Choko, %i.54>5, ffg #, n. Speclnl favour shown 

to a woman by noble persons. 
Clioko, "t-^?**?, g^, w- Ustron.] Venus; the 
Syn. Toi NO MY(^.ii3. Listening star. 

Clioko, i;-^54'5. T#. "■ [BoL] Clove. 
Clioko, %12., >iS P, H, n. A small cup for 
Choku, %i< , 1 drinkingsa/ce; awineglass. 

Syn. Sakazuki. 
Clioko. "C5t5, fltr5, a- [CTfn.] Skillful In obse- 
quious arts; artful to please others. 
Ckoko, -C52:5. flSI. «■ One who carves; ai 
engraver; a sculptor. 
Syn. HORiMONOsni. 
Clioko, X5Z3, MM, "• The time when the tide 
>Syn. SmODOKi. Lflows 

Clioko. -r 5 t 5 . Bi Sr, 7*- Carved or embossed 
■lacquer of verraillion colour. 
Syn. TSUlSHtr. 
Ckdkd, t5t5. S^ffil, n. A fishing hook. 


Clioko-clioko. %il:.%X'L, adv. [cn?i.]0 Often; 
frequently. © With haste; in a hurry; quickly. 
© Like a dwarf. 

Chokoclioko aytimu, -^ a =( f-a =« -^^A, to walli 
in haste; to walk with a humble gait. 
Syn. SiiiRAsniBA, Tabitabi. 
Clioko-gaki. -^^ 5 *> 5 ?]*'&, Ti=*&. ■»• t^"*-] 

DiospyriiR LoUi!?. 
Cl.okokn. -t:5t<- ^§ii. ■"• Sculpture; engrav 

ing; carving; embossing. suru. v.t. and I 

To engrsive, carve, etc. 

Syn. liORTKIZAMU, Erikizamtj. 
Ckokokii-slil. T:5t< L, mtim. "■ An engrav- 
er; a sculptor. 




Chohon. '^J^5t^, :g tS, n. [C/ifn.j Regretting 

lor a long time. 8uru* v.t. To regret for 

ft long time. 

Cliohoahii. ■^■^5£.5XW), Siiii «• [Cftfn.] An 
elder sister ola sovereign, 

Cbdliot.-ai, X 5 tfe\j^, ffi ;!& ?^, n. [Chin.'] Suspend- 
ers for Iiolding up trousers*. 

Cbokozal, %XZ,T\f, "- [coil.] Pedantry; being 
wise In small things; pmattering of learning. 

Aitsu wa choTcozat na koto wo iu, M W -"• ^ ^ 

3 -tj-" 'f ■?- ^ ?■ =: "7, he uses big words lor his 

age, Chokozai na yatsu, ^aa-y^'f-J-iR, a. 

pedantic lellow; a precocious rascal. 

Syn. KOSHAKU, Namaiki. 

I^hokii, "^i, < , 7t, A small deep porcelain cup for 

serving dressed veicetables in. 
ihoku. *^J; < , ^, '/(.. Same as SakazuJct. 
(Uokii, %!.< ,M., «. and a. Uprightness; justice; 
honesty; integrity; rectitude; right; just; hon- 
est; impartial; direct; immediate. Olten used 
in composition. fman. 

Choku na. hilo, ii;+ A, an honest or impartial 

Choku, % X i , 'I- ico(i.] OSimple; unceremoni- 
ous; plain, unadorned; unaflected. ©Light- 
hearted. © Cheap, inexpensive. 

Syn. KaN-I, KldARU, TEGARU. 
Cliokii. t-^5 C, :KIIs, "■ [Chin.] Going on 

horseback, pursuing an enemy a great distance, 

either mounted or on luut. 
Choku shite tojo nl semeiru, ^^ y 'r ^t&=:.^ 

\ jL-, rode up a great way to the city and in- 
vaded it. 

siirii, v.i. To ride a long distance. 

Gboku, %i.( , ^, n. and a. O Imperial order or 

command. @ Imijerial (often used in com- 
Syn. MiKUTo>ORi. Lposition). 

Cbokiibaun, "ti. ( Id^s^.l&'ih n. [Bot.l Bindweed. 
Chokucbo, -^ t< t -^5, jiiSK, n. [.U6d.j The 
Cbokuju, "^K"^-^?, 'rectum. 
Cbokiido, '^i.<;t5, iSiS. ft- Same as C/iofcM7-o. 
Cbokiieu-njiil. •tl<^^t^., USIBISS. "• [Math. 

Riglit cone. 
Cbokueu-to, % i < £^fe5, EEliS. "• [Math.\ 

Right cylinder. 
CtioXiwTnt %i.< X-^, fe^, re. The seal or stamp 

on an Imperial letter. 
Cbokiieakii, %X<fi^<, i&l Jfi, »i. A tablet with 

an Kmperor's inscription on It, sometimes seen 

In a great S/uiifo slirine, or renowned Buddhist 

temple; briefly, an Imperial tablet. 
Choknoakunomoii, ^j IS ^ P!. a. gale with an 

Imperial tablet. 
Cbokusou, 'C,J:Ci*^. EK. "■ Unreserved atate- 

ment; speaking bare facts to a superior straight 
forward ly. 

Chokvgen wa mhrvi nl said, iS b -'>'?= M 7, 
truth is disagreeable to the ear. 

sui'u, r.l. To state unreservedly; to speak 

of a thing just as it i'^. 
Cbokiigo, %!< a, ^}sM, n. O Emperor's words, 
the Imperial spcocli. @ An edict on 
educntion, promulgated on the .30th day of the 
10th month ofthei!,1d yearofMeiji. 
Cliokiigo, % i < a, E s§, fi. Same as Ckokugen. 
Cbokiigwau. %i.< <'i9^, fj sa, ,t. An Lmperor's 

prayer to IJnddha I'or blessing. 
Cbokiigivniiji, "f. i C <* ib ^ f, sKl SI #, n. Bud- 
dhist temple built by an Emjieror's order. 
Cbokiililtsii, %i. ( U- -^i iiifi S- ". An Emperor's 
hand-writing; the Imperial chirography. 
Syn. SillMPlTSU. 
Cbokiibo, % 1. < it ^, jK/g, n. The Imperial 
praise, approval, commendation, or applause; 
an Em|ieror's eulogy, encomium, or panegyric. 
CJiioUiii, tii. < V», i^^g,, u. The Emperor's volition, 

choice, or pleasure. 
Cbokiii, % X < V^,^"^, It. A long robe worn Dy 
kannushl ; formerly, a court-dress worn by 
kuije and other nobles, anciently, garmeots 
worn by common people. 
Syn. Naoe, Naoshi. 
4;]iukiilii, ■^J:<u^^, ^^, n. Same aa Chokkyo. 
Clioliii-Jitsu, t i. < :£•■:?, IS H , li- The day upon 
which it IS one's turn to be on duty. 
Syn. Bambi. 
ChoKiijo. %l.<. %'-^ 5, iKllS. "■ [More commonly 
read Ghokutei.'] The Imperial decision or regula- 
Cbokiiju, -^1 <^'-^5.^K. "■ Same as Cftotzwfto. 
Cbokujo, %X. < trJ^?, M Si., ". Same as Chokngo. 
Cliukiijii, %X < Z'^, ^} iS, n. The Imperial grant; 

an Emperor's giving or conferring on, 

siini, r.t. To confer, grant, or bestow (only 
of the Emperor). 
Cboku-klfikitt^bJ, %i. < % V) i %,-^^u, i. Q 
[ffeo7«-.] Right section. ^^ The blunt mouth (aa 
of a tea-pot, pitcher, etc). 
Cliokuuiel, %X < ih\r,^f^, fi: The Imperial 

order, or command. 
CliokiiiiH^ii, '^i.<i6^, iUJg, n. Same -.xs Chokkyo. 
Cbokittnon, %X. ( t A, M flfl, «• The Emperor's 

enquiry or question. 
(ihokuii. t^iCA, figS". "■ CTtfTi.] The Prince Ira 
perlal; the heir-apparent to a crown; tlie crown 
pr nee. 
Cliokuii, -^ i 5 < ^, ^ ^, n. [Chin.] A prince 
directly descended from tlie eldest sou, and 




who is consequently the legitimate heir to the 
Cbokuuin, %i.< tt^,^tE, n. and a. QTrnperlal 
appointment; the second of the four official 
ranks. @ Appointed by the Emperor. 

ciiokiiuin-Kijii, % i. < ^c^*'a ^,iKlffiIiS. «• 

Same as Chokusen-Qlitu 
Cbuliuuln-Iiauji, 'ti < W ^ tt ^ C JfeD ffi f>J 91. ■"■ 

A juUse of chokunin rank. 
Chokiiiiin-KonJN ^J: < VC^^J•^ C, ifi!/ ffiS&m. «• 

A public procurator of clinjcuni n vnnk. 
Cbulttiiilu-kwnn, % i. < \IZ A. < t> A.,Bii'^' "■ 

Oflicials of chokunin rank. 
©hoKiirel, '^i<'^. n. [/iaw;.] An Imperial 

Cbokurl. r.i, <^. Kte. "■ [Sol,]\ Fp*.'Cle3 of 
Fresh-water algse. 

Syn. AONORI, Kawaaonori. 
Cbo1<iirit9ii, %i.< «K'. iUti, a. PerpenOlcular; 
Choburyu, -tiC iJ)?, > standing upright; ver- 

Chokuritsu heivien, E it ?P iSI, fMath.] vertic- 
al plane; ChoJcuritsu-sen,m.jlM. [>/atft.] vertic- 
al line. 

siiru, v.i. and t. To stand vertical. 

Cbokuro, *& J: < ^, EBS. ^- A straight path or 

C3iokiiritflii-bd. *. i< y)-p-h>^.m.i.i%,n. [Min.] 

A perpendicular shaft. 
Cbobiiro. •ti< :5,1a ^. »■ [06S.1O Theroom in 
the Imperial Palace occupied by officials on 
night-watch. © An anteroom in the Imperial 
Court for the ministers of state. 
Cbobii-rohiimeutal, til< :s< & AfeVr, lS:^?[iB 

ga, rt. [Math.] Kectangular parallelepiped. 
CbokuBal, 5 1 < 5V/^, iEl ^, «■ The Imperial deci- 
sion; the Emperor's. judgment. 

ChoJcusai ivo aioogu, ^ $!{ ? ftJ ^, to ask for the 
Imperial decision; to submit to the Emperor for 
his decision. 
Cbokusal, %i. < 5\r,i!l^. ri. The Emperor's 

attendance at a religious ceremony. 
Cbolnisen, %i: < *^, iKi ill. "■ Imperial nomina- 
Cbohueen, t i < *^.*S^. »• Same as ChoJcu- 

Chokusen, %iL< t J^,m.B, n. [Math.] Straight 

Cbokuscn-sfln, r, X < * A IT ft ^,m'MWi^, "• 
[Law.] A memberof the House of Peers nominat- 
ed by the Emperor. 
Cbokusen-helmenbei, % i. < -ft-Aj — V-ft^W" 
^, HE^^MJlS, n. [Math.] Plane rectilineal 
11 sure. 

CboUiiHoii-kot, '^i.<■ft■^W•U^, la^JK, «■ [^ath.? 

Rectiline;.! figure. 
CIiokiDBoppo, %i^-l!:.;»[J^, iiaieti. «. O 
Cbokiisptii4ti-ho, %.X < ^■^tt.i, * [ilfath,] Direct 
demonstration. @ [Gram.] Tlie indicative mood, 
Cbokiisctaii, ■ti,< ■^■5>, Iflifi, a. Direct; immedi- 
ate; with nothing intervening. 

Chokttsetsu no kwanket IS Jg > &l] C^, direct 
CbokiisotBu-kokiiKol, %i.< ^':P'L<^-\/^, lEfSB 

gi, 9(. A direct national tax. 
<;hokiis4!!tsu-i'lko, %.i. <^<? ^i)>'?,M.t^^^, "■ 

[Law,] Specific performance. 
CbokiisPtsii-soken, "^K ■t■c?t^J•^. ESfSfil "• 

[Law.^ The right of direct action. 
Cbokitsba* '^ i < * ^, E ^. "■ [Chin.] An 

upright or just man. 
I'lioKiii-liI, %i, < L, ®J ^, n. Same as Chokumd. 
CbukgiNbf, "^ J: < L, s/j S", «• -A-n Imperial am- 

li.TSRudor or messenger. 
CbokiiHbl siii'u, %i. <^-^S,Eiiifl. v-'- To look 

Cbokiisltiii, % i < ;g. A, EE. «• [(^/ifTi.J O An 
honest Rubject or retainer. @ A direct vassal 
of the Sbogun or a Daimy'd. © An Imperial 
Cliokiisho, "^ i; < :£ 1, ^^, n. The Imperial 
letter; any written statement direct form the 
Cbokiisho, %i.< ^5,M^> "• Same as Choku- 

CbokiiHO siiru, %l. < ^ 5 f" 2, E^. «■'■ To re- 
present one's own impressions directly to the 
Emperor. More proper form Is Jlkiso, 
Cbokiital siirii, "t 1 < fe\/^-^^, > EM. ".(. Tore 
.llkititl suru, X'^teV^-^Z, * ply to a superior 

without the intervention of a third party. 
Cboknto, %l<l2.5,W}i^f '>"' The Imperial reply. 
Cbokuwa, % i, < t>, W.U, fi~ Speakuig directly 
to a person. 

Syn. JiKiWA. 
Choktiya, % i. < ^. U^> «■ [Chin.] The night 
iH which an official has to be on night-watch, 

or to perform night-duty. sum, v.i. To 

be on night watch ; to be in one's turn of night- 
Chokiiyaku, % i. < ^ < , El^. «■ Translating 

word by word ; literal translation. eiirn* 

v.t. To translate literally. 
Chokiiyu, *t h < W). E 19. «■ The Imperiallnst- 

ruction or direction. 
Cboku-yunyfi, %l.<ViiVz5, EftIA, n. Import- 
ing directly from a foreign country. 
Cboku-yushuteu, %X< ViiX^^-^, E fel Hi, n. Ex 
I porting directly to a foreign country. 





[Matli.] Harmonic. 

Chokuznkiyomenn. % i. < r&llfttr. n. [Bot. 

riioliiizei. i;i<^\r, H^, 

n. A direct tax. 

n. A grave offense pun 
ishable, either capitally or 
by imprisonnient with or 
without hard labour; a 
heinous crime; a severe 

Syn. JUKWA. 
Chok^vn eurii^'t ? < *9 ^ 

Z, i^ii, v.t. nnd (. To [-^i < y? itotC] 
exceed; to be more than; to pass over. 

Yosanoaku nt clioJca sm-u, J® EC ^ ^ M ii^i ^ ff-, 
to exceed tlie estimated amount. 

Syn. KoERU fsuperbus. 

Cliok'wn, "t i 5 < j7, S2 5g, n. \Boi.Dianthus 
Cliok^^.-). %i,<io, W:'iff '^^ Paper currency. 

Hyn. Satsu. Shiiiei. 

Cbok^va, 'C5<ib, I^JfP, «■ Being in peace and 

friendship; harmonizing; adjusting so as to fit 

or suit welL fand the people in harmony. 

Kivammtn cJiokwa, I'Sc'^^ll, thegovernnienl 

Cliolt^va. "CJ < ^, 

Chokwa hlret, tf^^it^l. harraonical propor- 
tion, C/iokwa kyusu, ^fPHfK. harmonical pro- 
gression; Chokwa nt walatsu, ^"^ — ^^-y, to 
divide harmonically; Clidkwa-ten, aig^OS^, bar 
monical points. 

CbSkwaii, '5J^5<d9^, Jll;, r<- The chief ofli- 
cial; the otKcial presiding over a government 

Chok'no, %i,5<io^, 'S^% n. Favour or grace 
shown by a superior. fspheroid. 

Cbokyn, "t-^ 5 ^ 5, :gJ^, n. [Math.] Prolate 

Cliokafl, '^■^5&5,SA, ti- Permanent; eternal; 
long; everbir^ting; perpetual; long-enduring. 
Also used as noun. 

Chokyn aiirii, "^ 1 5 & 5 -fZ, SiJft. v.t. [Chin.] 
To call for; to demand ; to make requisition of. 
Olten used as noun. 

Ctidma, t^^, n. [Entonu] Same &s Cho. 

Choma, •tl?.,^[a, •^. [.Bot.] China grais. 
Syn. Karamusiii. 

CliSnia, ■^■^5^, ti. lOiizith,} Eastern field lare or 
Syn. Zl'GCMl. L^usky ouzel. 

Cb5niau, %J^^% ^■ BS ffil. n. [J/ed.j A collection 
of serous fluid in the abdomen; dropsy of the 
peritoneum; ascites. 

Cbomborl. %i.A,^yi,u.. and adr. [coll.] Alittle; 
In the least quantity; as Inconsiderable as a 

Cbome, -^ 1ft. il^m^.n. [Bot.] Styraz japo- 

Cbomel, '51»V^, ^1^, o- [Chin.] Considerable; 

significant; plain; distinct; explicit; evident; 

Syn. Arawa, Meiuaku. Lclear. 

Chomcl, T5ftv.^^, n. The Emperor's order; 

an order of the government. 
CliumeJ, %J^5V>\f*.^^, n. Long life; longevity. 

siirii, v.i. To be langlived. 

Syn. Nagaiki, OuOju. forder, 

Clioine!, %15^\r,M^. "■ A superior's gracioua 
Clioiiiel, "^l^feip,® ^.o. [C/iin.] Clear; limpid; 
pure, transparent. 

Syn. Sdmiwataru. 
ClionicJswan. %^5^V-iifA.,^^ti,n. A quacli 
medicine said to have aphrodisiac virtues. 
Syn. iKOcrsuRi. 
Clioiiieii, %^^i6A.,^M, n. An account book; & 
ledger, a register; a day-book; a note-book. 
Syn. Ciiij, OnoBO. 
Cliojni, X ti Tf-, Z^\^> X. Cooking; dressing or 
seasoning food-articles; preparation of food. 

SHS'ii, V.t. To dress or season food so as to 

make it pal,itable. 
i;iioiiiisusa, % X7)-<r -^.^t ft. [Bot.\ Chrysan 

the mum. 
Cbrijiiju, -Z 5;^^, ?feK, '"■ [Ohtn.] The people. 

Same as Bammln, but less frequently used. 
CboiiiokiQ,-t5 6 < ,£i B, a. (Ht.l Bird's-eye; [^jr.) 
cash of Rmall value, 

Syn. OwASui, Zicsi rthe head. 

Chomon, %^ ^ % ^,10P^, n. iC/ifn.] The top oi 
Chomonno Ushiii,-^f^ ^ —^^ [Chin.] [lit.] & 
needle thrust into the head; iJlg.] severe cen- 
sure; piercing reproach. 
Ciioiiioii Slim, -r5^6^-^^,^RB. -v.t. [CAfn.] To 
pay a visit to express one's grief; to send a 
letter of condolence. 
Cbonioii eurii, '^•^5 4 ^■^^, ^PB. **-«. Tollsten 
to; to hear one speak. 
Syn. KiKU. 
€lionio surii, *^ -^ 5 "6 -?■ S, ^ fi, v.t. To grow 

luxuriantly; to make a rank growth. 
Chomu, t Jtp, i^ ^, w. [Chin.] Same as Asaglri 
Chona, "C5tC,$ff. "• An adz. 

Syn. TEONO. 
Clional, ti^J'^V, HTft. ™- Atownorward. 

Chonai anzen, IT ft 3f ^. the peace and safety 
ofa ward; ChZnai no kaoyakv, tirj ^ -^ IS S. t^^ 
magnates or notables of a town. 
Olioiian, V^5tc^, ^^, n. The eldest son. 

Syn. CnAKUSHi, CHoani, SOrtS, tekishi. 
Clionon, X^txK, $E^, ■«. [CJiin.]ThQ beginning 

of th* new year; the new year. 
Ch5iietau, t^n-?, MRl. »• [Med.] A parlodlcal 




Increase or fever In the course of a dlseaBe; a fit 
of an intermittent fever. 

Cbouln. %i.^\izA,, Hi A, n. A merchant; a trader. 

Oionin hyakzishZ, Hj A S 4i. merchants and 

Syn. AKTUDO, Shimin. Lpeasants. 

Chonln, ■tlV^^, ffiffi. n. O An Important office; 
grave responsibility. @ Ee-appointment; re- 
newed designation to a service or office. 

Burn, v.i. To be invested with an important 
office; to bear grave responsibility; to be re- 

ChSiio, 1 5©, w. [colUI Same an Chona. 

Clioon, ■^:5'to^. Bl-gu w- The Imperial grace, or 

Choon ni TcanlcyU ««rM, Hg] ,S, = St illt 5t n', to be 
moved to tears by the kindness of the Emperor. 

Chovporl. •^I-.IS'!). , ^^^ [coIUAlittle;abit. 

Cboni bovi, *^i: ^1S V . ' 

CbSrakii, "T 5 ^ < . -^ ??. "• O Same as Clidko. © 

Ruin ; being broken in fortune. suru, v.i. 

O To decay; to wither and fall. ® To be ruined. 

Chornn, -SitA, SFtfifl. '*• IChin-^A. lattice-work 
for keeping off dogs. 

Cliorauilniiia* T5 t^^S^, ffiSSK^. '*- A hang- 
ing-ball mf\de of silk embroidery. 

Cb5i'el, t 5 K5, ;^Sg, n and v.i. [CMn.]Same 
as Ch^rak/iu 

Cborcl. tSH-ir, 10] -^i «■ An ordinance or edict 
promulgated in the morning (used only In the 
phrase like below). 

Chord bokai, ©1 -^ IE ©E, to change in the even- 
ing an edict Issued in the moroing; extreme 
inconstancy of ministerial policy. 

Cborel, %i,H.\i-^, Sf^, n. { Bot.] Podhyma cocos. 

Cborcmba, T 5 KAlf. I^Si«l. «■ The place 
where soldiers are drilled; a ptirade ground. 

Cboi-on. -C5i^^, l^i^. "■ Military drill or exer- 
cises; [coii.] parade; review; military display. 

snru. v.t. To drill soldiers; to move about 

in military array; ''coll.] to parade. 


ChftrcH, ^■^5*^^, ik^n. [Cliin.] A scythe. 
Cboron, -C 5 H ^, J|^ fifc, /t. A tribute; a tax; an 

imposition. sum, v.t. To impose a tax; 

to make to pay a tribute. 
Cboren suru, *t3:5H^-^^, fit igfc, u.J. To levy or 
Syn, TORiTATSHBD. LcoUtict (as a tax). 

Chorl, TSiO.H^a. ■«■ O Arrangment; putting in 
order. @ Cooking. 

Ghori wo totonau, 5I| ^ f- SS "7, to make a per- 
fect arrangement; to adjust well; to cook in ex- 
pectation of. forder; to cook. 

auru, v.t. To arrange; to adjust; to put In 

Syn. RtOri subc, TorowoBRtr, 

Double Interest; high 

Cborl. -^l 5 lO.lEfiJ, n. 

CbdrU %.i^ 5 VI , g S&, n. IC/dn. ] The liead-manager 

of secular affairs of certain Bud. temples. 
Cliorl. %-^?5i!),Sse. ?fiM, n. [Chin.] Q A pariah. 

See Teta. ©A horse doctor. 

Syn. Yeta, Yetori. fpound interest 

€bovi-bo. %i.5yi ax,ffifi]ii, «. [Math.] Com. 
Chorin, 1 5 1) ^, JB 'ffe, n. and a. Same as Chogun. 
Choi'ln siirii, T 5 «) ^ ■?■ 2, ESBI. «•*• To take 

a distant view; to look at a thing from a 

eminence ; to command ; to lord it. 

Syn. MrOROSu. 

Chorttsii sum, %l.Vi-pfZ,i^:iL,v.t. To be on 

Chovyn Bum, "^iVi^-^z, (tiptoe; to stand 

Syn. TSUMADATSU. Lstill. 

Choro, %J^5 &5,g^. "• OA priest who ranks 

next to the JusItoJcu in a temple of the Zen 

denomination. @ An elder. 
Chrro nlwa tenl:ara narenai, g^ =i>>^vft 9 

•j-i-'-J'-f , [coll.] can by no means become a Chord. 
Cboi'o. %J^5)S.^Sf&, ■«■ Alongdiatance to go; a 

long road or lane. 
CliSro Buru, -t555-?S.II§Sl^. v.t. To laugh at; 

to sneer or jeer at; to ridicule ; to expose to con- 
tempt or derision; to mock; to make ridiculous. 

Often used in the noun form. 

Syn. AZAKERU, GUEO SURU, Naburit. 
Chorosi, t-^S^^.f^B^.-y-SS^, n- [^ot.l Chi- 
nese artichoke. 
ChorokJchI, ti^^*^, i $ 
Cborokii, -e-iS^C, * S 

g, n. [BoL] Same as above, 
Cborolcisii, %i. J5 A>-^, v.l. 

{colLj To deceive; to play 

at fast and loose; to play 

Cboro-UyoUwal, "^^5 5 

The Presbyterian churcti. 
Cboroso.t? ;53 S.^ffi^. Offi 115 ^) 

^ ffi iK Sr, n. [Bat.] Flower of an hour. Bladder 

Tcetmicu rcreatures. 

Cborul, T 5 3 Z>. S^. "■ Birds; the leathered 

Chorui sae ko wo omou, E?S-9''^^^S'7, 

even birds have paternal affection. 
Cboryo, ■^15'!1^5, fiE, n. Weight. 
Cboryoka, ti5^t<, ^t, n. Gravity. 
Choryoso. ^.^S'O^SS?, ^?X^. "- lBot.]Se- 

necio japonicits. 
Cboryo suru, 'C 5 lO-^J-^Z, B^, v.t. [Chin.]To 

gambol; to leap or skip about in frolic; to 

frisk ; to dance in sport. 
Chdryn, -C^V) 3, mB, -n. QThe tiial flow. 9 

Fashion; an overpowering Impulse. 




Cboryii, ti i. 5 V) [^ 5 , Hg [^, ti. and v.l. [Chin.] 
Same an C/tTii, ftioti. 

Choen, -r^:?, t^OS. 71. Examination; Investiga- 

Chdsai, t 5 3 \p, i^l ^, 77. A decision given by 
the Emperor or by tiie government, 

Ctiosal, T 5 3 V-, IegE, «■ Bidding I'arewell to 
the al'd year. 

Syn. Otsunen. 

Chosal, %i.^'^\f, ^^, n. See Karo. 

Cliosal, "CS^V-, ^ ^. n. ReUgiou<t services in 

commemoration of one's deatii. surii, v.t. 

To perform religious P6rvice3 in commemora- 
tion of the death of a person. 

Choi^ni, ^:5■^V^, ISjK, n. [Cliln. OCnoking ve- 
getables. ©Preparation ol' tlie edibles to be 
talien with rice. 

didyal, %'^5'^V; |g,SSi "■ The court decision. 

CliosaJbo, TJ-s-V^lcf 5, f^flSjt?), ■". [coll A fonl; 
a simpleton; a stnpid follow. 

Ifito wo chosalHo nl suru, A ■? MM V} = ^' }^, 

coll.] to make a fool of a person, to laugh nt a 

Syn. Nauurimono. Lperson. 

Chosal sum, %^^-&\/^irZ, f7ffi*-, r.t. See TTcM- 

Cbosniiii, %i.'^ < , -Jffft^. n. A literary work. 

siii'ii, v.t- To write a book 

Clioshnkiielia, "^isC^-^, ^ft^, j". An au 

ChosnKiika, 1^i3<*., ijf f^ iS, ' thor, an 


CliosaKwn, X3'$<i^, m^^, n. The Section of 

Cliosainlfoslil, tS^ASTL, ^^gtE, n. [Chin.] 
[lit.] Morning three, evening four; [fig.] not 
remarliably different; fix of one and half a 
dozen of the other; Tweedledum and Tweedle- 
dee; heoce, apt to deceive or mislead. 

GhosamboshL no Hfntanii, ¥f] S ® E9 ^^f^-, live- 

Chosnn. % i.^ ;^^, jK =. ". [Chin.\ Tlio holiday 
on tiie 3rd day of the 3rd month (o.s.). 

CtaAsau, ^:$■5^, ?^-^, v.i. To pay one's respect 
to the Emperor fment. 

Cliosol, TTS^V^, ?fl iKj, ''t. The Imperial govern- 

Oliosei, 'i^-'it'^-yrV^, :§ 4, ■/'. andr.t. Same as Clin 
m i. 

Clidsftl. ■r>i5^i^, Sli;§. a. [C/Un.]Olear; mlm, 
Ferene. riinipld. 

Cliosol, i^J:5-ltV^, Sfi?, "■ [C/U7i.]Calra; pure. 

CItoeol, i^ i 5 ir\/^, SEi??. a. |CT£n] Calm and 

Cliosei, %l,5^\f, ^h%, n. Growth. See SelcJw. 
sum, v.i. To grow. 

Cliosel, %^5t\r,M.^, «• iChtn.]See florimono. 

Cbds?)! siiru, X^t\i^irZ, g^S. "•*• To arrange; 
tu adjust; to put in order. 

ChOsel Burn, X3^\f^Z, of^^, v.t. Tomake;to 

mannfactnre; to draw np; to prepare (as a 

Cliosel ftiiru, r,-^5'^'^-^Z, gj^fi, v.l. To depart 

never to return; to die. 
Syn. SRIKYO, Slimo. 
Cliosci N"VH, t^i5^\/x-^3,ffiii^, D.(. Sg6 fCnriru. 
ChoseBif, %■ i -y: &, iJff, w. Storing or hoarding 

up. Slim, v.t. To store or Iioard. 

Clsosolil, t3^^,^-y, n. Morning and evening. 

Ghosekl wa reiki ni nari 7nas?d ta. ^^ -••'"/uS 

— "^ V "^ > if, [coll.] it lias commenced to Lie cool 

in the morning and evening. 
Clioscjii-inatsu, -C5^^U-P, i©iS. "■ f^^'Oi- \Pinus 

CUosem-matsii-no-nil, t 5 ^^a-7l^ Tf-, f)SK ■?, 

/i fSuf.] Tlie ^e(.-d of Fi/uw torai 015(5. 
€liosoni-)iiodain:i, t 5 ^ A 4 ?fe li, fS ^ ^. " 

[iJtJf. Tamarind riacryma, 

CllOsoIIl-IHllK^•r5-y:^t^^, E ^C. "■ [SoClCo/a 
Cliosei»-iiiitltu<Iorl, -c$*^tpC ^"O, 'i~ [Or^ih,] 

Wtiite liended starling. [oatsu, 
CUoHoii. t 5 -^ ^, leJff, "■ K'/ifn.] Same as Cho 
Clioscii, -r 5-y:^, i/ESS. ?*■ rnviting to fight, call- 
ing to any kind of contest. siii'ii, v.t. To 

cliallenge, to Rummon to answer for a wrong by 

person.ll combat. 
CliO!>.eH, X5tA. tS S, n. Clnn.] A fulding fan. 

Syn. TATAMiOai. 
Chosen, 'C:.i^^, IfiB. "■ The balance ol money 

paid beyond the price of goods purchased, the 

Syn TSL'Ri, TSL-RISHN. Lcliange. 

Chosen-asagno. t? ^ ^ % 3 ft*t^. ^ PS ^?E. "- 

[Bot.] Datura alba. 
Cl)ON4>n-azaiitl, ^:5^^3^?'A, 

Vil^Wi, "■ iBot.} Artichoke 

Cynara scnlymus. 
Choseii-hf^Biko, T ^ ^ ^ '^y 

ii>5,mmm^. "• Artificial? 

Choseii-doKiisn, T 5^ ^ )^i'^- 

"5, ll!i 'J ^. «■ (^'■'C.^ Equistum 

Chosen-garatsii, t5-^^^i]^ 

6-7. ?nf?^Ft^, 7i. The 

name of a species of 

Choson-Kiboshj. X 5^^^ 

Ki: L. HE 53=, ^. [Bot._ mstea 

Chosongiliii, -t:5^^?^<, 

n. [Bot.'s Bolt onia indi CO. 
CbOHon-gomlHhl, T 5 -y: ^ 

&;^ U :it5(*^, n. [-Boe.] 





Cboscii-suruinl, t: 5 ■* A- <' X ;'^, ffl p£, n. [Sot.] 

Clioson-liOEiilcl, '^5-fr^tttt^•^, eiS. "■ [Bot.] 

Physalis angulata. 
Chd8oii<lbnra. T:5-*Alrtf&, ^ fi? ^, '*■ [Sot.] 
A kind of rose. frLlla arguta, 

Chosen-JIsn. t 5 * k"^ t. * K. "• l^ot ] Pe- 
Cli09on-ua, "C5*^■&, ^US, n. [£ot.] Beet. 
Ch«Boii-negl, 'r5■«■^U^, S %, n. [Bot.] Allium. 
Chospii-shlltn, ^:5*^;£.tf. ^flffiS. "" Tiie nanie 

ol a fine kind of lawn grass. 

Cliosen-sniiitro, ■r$*^-jl•».K, ggM^:. n. [Bot.] 

Viola pinnata. riBot.] DotvraaWa. 

eiidsen-tabalfo. t: 5 * ^ fe tt t. 4 pS ?| 1H. "• 

CliOBen-tabaho, "C? -B: ^fe^i t, ffi^, "- [-Bot.l 

Polyoonum orientate. 
GlidBen-tsiitfiiiJI, 1 5 *^•^^ C, ¥ iS J5, n. [Bot.] 

Rhododendron slnense. 
Clioson-yah], T 5*A.J^&,^ffiP|iS. ^- Tlie name 
of Korean faience manufactured during the past 
two centuries. 
CbSsnn-Tanaerl. -C5*^^tj:»r. ^BS^, n. [Bot.] 
Caper spurge. fPonicgranate. 

rboseii-Eakuro, t:^^A.^< !>i, 'X'BWi, «- I-Coi.] 
Chosbn, •&l::fe'^, 5gf#, n. An autlior; a writer. 

Syn. CnojUTSUKA. 
£hdsba, %-^^£.^,^^, n. A Ruperior; anflder. 

Syn. Meub no hito. 
CbSsha, -TiS.-^, S<#. "■ A spy; a secret emissary 
Syn.' Kanja, Shinobi, Lor agent. 

ChSsbl, %A?^ L, ^^. w. The eldest cliild. 

Syn. Chakushi, OnriNAN, Suryo. 
ChSsbl» t 5 L, i^-?, «• O A metal vessel from 
which sake 
poisred into 
cups. @ Any 
Buch vessel. 

Choshi safcozwM, [S6 -^J 

^■^36. c^^o&hi and salcazuki\ drinking utensils. 
Cbosbi, -C5 L, B^^. «• O Tune; tone or pitch of 
voice; melody. @ Temper; humouv; disposi- 
tion. ©Manner; condition. Q Opportunity. 

Choshi ga kvrii, a@ -T ^ S 7, to have one's 
head turned; out ol order or tuiio, Choshi wo 
awasu, bS -^ f- ■^ ^, to atljust tlie strings so as 
to produce a melodious tone; to assist one in 
playing a trick; Choshi wo hasusu, g^-? =^^[7-, to 
be out of tune; to lose an opportunity; Choshi 
zuTcu, fl^-^'fl ^, to take to a thing too much in 
earnest; to be excessivGly self-important; to 
give one's self airs. 
CtaOabI, TJ L, fiK^. w- [Chin.] A. Aish; a plate; a 
saacer; a shallow vessel for serving up food at 
Syn. Sara. Lthe table. 


Chaahl, %J^ 5 L. g JS> "• The middle finger. 

Syn. Nakayubi. 
CbOfibi, % i: 5 I, ^±, "- [Chin.) A samurai 

under a dalmyo, called upon by the Imperial or 

the Sh5gunate government, to perform certain 

Choshl-biio, T 5 ;fe J* A., M ^ S. "• ■*■ ^^^ 

consisting of twelve tubes used in tuning other 

ChoehJ-cblJlinJ, 1 5;&*^'^;^,gE-?Mt, «. A kind 

of cotton fabric sent to various parts of the Em- 
pire from Choshi in Shimflsa. 
Cboshl-baKure, T^ S.^-o' it,^^9U adv. &uAiU 

O Out of tune. ©Unusual; perverted; craay', 

GhosJii-Tiazure de iita ni awanai, fi^ ■? ^l-t'5' fflt 

— 'n'-'^-f-'f ■ (Ills) voice is out of tune and does not 

go with the music; Choshi hazitre no Jcoe, fiS^^ 

^ ©, harsh or discordant voice. 
Cboshin, "C 5 £ ^, in E, n. The Chinese reading 

of Ason. 
CbSsbIn, '^J:5X^, IfSE, n. [CJUtu] a favourite 

subject, or retainer. 


Cboahin, %J^5i, ^. S#, a. Tall; high In stature. 

Clioshln. t 5 ;£ ^ Fijg. n. Preparing; manufac- 
turing; serving a customer. sum, v.t. To 

prepare and offer for sale; to serve a customer. 

ChS-sblnbcl, "^^5 :fe ^ »■ V^.KSIB. "■ [Anat.] 
The auditory nerve. 

Cbusblppaxure, t $£-yff:3' H, S@^ W, "- [coll.] 
Same as Ch^shthazwre. 

Cbosbfn sllrn,•r5X^-^^,e;g, v.t. To rise over 
the heads ol others in governmental or other 

Clioslil, t 5 L.^^- "■ A monody; a letter of 
condolence; a verbal expression of one's grief 
at the death of a person. 

Cbushl euni, T^ X -}rZ,m^. v.t. [Chin.] To re- 
connoitre; to survey in secret; to spy. 

Choshi siirii, t 5 t-?2,^5B. v.i. To lament 
one's death; to wail or cry for the deceased; to 

Cliosbitsii, -CSX-?, ifflfii- "' Wetness caused b7 
the flowing in of tides; being marshy. Some- 
times used as adjective. fbooka. 

ChoKbo* ■hi.:^l.,tt^.n. Theworksofanauthot; 

Cboslio, %.i.^^,'^^.n. Paper-money; "green- 
backs " ; bank-notes. 

Cbosho, t^^5,M%, »■ Same as Choro (MW)- 

Chosho. "^ i 5 ;£. 1 5, Silg. "■ [Chin.] Proof; 
demonstration; evidence, testimony; attesta- 
tion. siirii.v.t. To prove; to demonatrat*; 

to attest, to give evidence. 

Syn. Akashi, Seikusbi, Sh5eo. 




Clioebo, 1^15-y:^,!fBi?,n. A favourite mistress, 

Syn. AisnO. L"!" concubine. 

Chosho, -c 5 :£ -^ 5,?^f4 n. The morning meal; 

fiyn. ASAGAREi, AsAJiESHi. Lbreaklast 

ChSebu, -r 5 ^ -^ 5, fl^ E, ■«. [CJiin.] Same as 

Chosho, % i, ^ ^-^ 5,iS'iT. '*■ High praise; an 

enviable rewmJ, or commendation; valuable 

prize. siirit, u.f. To praise highly; to give 

a valuable prize. 
Choslio, %^ ^ % }:, S^/r, ■«. Tlie forte; a strong 

point; a strength; Samson's hair; anytliing in 

which one excels. 
Onore no clwsho wo toku nakare, S ^ S ^ "?■ 

^ ^ ^ t^. don't refer to (or boast of) your 

strength; Sono koto wa ano hito no chosJio dan, 

y -^m-^^^A^&P/jT^^'. that is his forte. 
Clioslio, %.^ 5 2. -^ 5 , fr ffi. '"■ [ji/''f7.] A cnntn=eO 

wound ; a wound caused by a 61o\v. 

Syn, UCHIKI2C. rbool; -binder. 

ClioelioKo. %^ 5 :£ 1 t 5. SS^X. «. [Clun/ A 


ChONliokii, *ti.5Xl.< , SKi, «■ [con-iQH. of Jlt- 

shoktt.]S66 Jushoku. fMesu. 

Clioslio sum, %i. 5 ■^3 itZ,^^, v.t. Same as 
Cboslio siirii, Ti-^^^S, P£fi5, v.f. Towliisper; 

to speak under the breath; to spealt with a low, 

Syn. Sasataku. Lsibilant voic?. 

Choslio Hiiru, %^3^5itZ,S:^,v.i. [Chin.]To 

whistle; to be singing in an idle mannur, 
Clioslia, %-^ ^ X\/i> 5, Ififfi, n. The audience; 

bearers; persons attending a lecture-meeting. 
Syn. ChDmon-nin. 
Clioshu, t5X5, '^^, n. [Entom.] Ephemera. 

Syn. Kageec). rmonth. 

Choehn, -r 5 X 5.S6^, «• The first autumnal 

Syn. Hatsuaki. 
Cbfishn, 't-^5XW'5,:g?4, n. Long sleeves. 
CIioBliu-sha, %^5%^3%-^, Sl*#, n. Cour- 
tiers; the civil officials immediately under the 

Emperor in feudal times (a cant term). 
Cho&hU'Sha name hetwo Rhiran va, ^1^% ^ 

)^:^^^7s^-V, what do courtiers understand 

about military affairs? 
Cliosliu, •^l:£«>5, B?*, «■• [Chin.] Snrae as Cho- 

chiku. fa tumour, 

CbORlui, %'^5i%^,WW.,n. Aswelling; aboil; 
Cbosbul, '^■^5Xi9)5\A, g?ft3^. n. [C/iin.] The 

Chinese reading of Fur i socle. 
Choshu-lfwn, i;l5,tt1'5 < *?, ffi^XS. «• [Law.] 

The Section of Revenue. 
Cboflhiiii, V^5:£W>^, S ^, n. Having flowers in 

all the four seasons, eternal spring. 
Cbfisbuu, %^5 :£,i^ A-.Ii^, w. [Bot.] India or 

China Rose, Perpetual Rose. 

Cbnshiin-na, % -^ 5 £ B) ^ IS, 1^3!. "• [Bot.] 

CbORhu BHru, % I. 3 £.Vb 3 -i" Z, 2l'&. v.t. To 

collect ; to levy, 
CbOKhu 8111-11, %i.5£,3-^Z, Sl^. vt. To raise 

or muster; to recruit. 
Hel luo choshh suru, j| ^ Si16 T'.?!-, to raise oJ 

levy soldiers; to reci'uit. 
Cbosliiitsii sum, "T 5:feB>-^t 2. K tU. v.i. [Chin.] 

To leap, Jump, or run out. 

Syn. OD(niiD\SU", TObidasu. 
Cliciso, t J;5t, 3i#, "- a fiec>md accession to 

the throne. fJuso. 

Clidso. i;i 5 5 5, S |l], n- [cotrvpt. of. Jieso.] See 
Chuso, T^t, Igg. n. [Zoei.] A weasel. 

Srn. 'I'ul'Pi. 
CliCiso. TJt, ^ ;yi. ". [Cftfn.] Same as Jfanaito. 
Choso, ■r5-<i5,#^|g, ■/(, Anagedangler. 

Clioso, %J^5^,Wl^. "■ [Bot.] Corambola. 
Cb06ol<u» *5^$?:<, Jf ,i., 71- [Chin.] A sigh; ex- 
Syn. Nagaiki, Tameiki, Lcessive grief. 

CboBokii-ryn, '^■^5t< '0 5 » :S SS JSlE, "• A school 

of liursmanship, named alter its originator. 
I'liosoi), %■^3^^, 6IJ+J. w. Town.s and villages. 
CI)oson-cbo, •^^5t^'5■*^5, etj^g, n. A con- 
traction of two phrases, chocho (Chleiof town) 

and sonc/iO (Headman), 
Chosoiihi, t■^?^^u•, BT^frtff, «. Town or vil 

lage rates. 
Cbosou-IcM'ul. %^$%^<lb\/^, SfJ^^, ?i, [iaw.J 

The cho (town) and son (village) assembles. 
Cbosu, -^-^5-^5, T M. n. O '^'he number of c/to 

(1 chd=^ of a rl). @ The number oi pages or 

Cboaiil sum, X^irV-ir:!,. -MW-, ^'-i- To be ema- 
ciated; to lose flesh; to become weak and lean. 
Syn. Yaseotoroeeu. 
Cbo Slim, %X^-^Z,!&i,v.t. [CTin.]OTolevy;to 

impose . to charge. @ To refer to for evidence; 

to see; to corroborate, 
K<--re 100 kosho ni chdsu beshl, 3i ^ ^ # = a ^ 

'^ ^', it can be seen in ancient books. 
4-'li6 wiirij, t 3tZ, r^, V.I. OTo visit the Im- 
perial Talace. @ To lace upward. © To empty. 
KaryU kai ni chdsu, j^ e5^ JS =i ?;i 5^, rivers 

empty into tlie sea. 
l^lio aurii, -r5-jl"S, ^.v.t. To mourn; to lament 

one's death; to wail. 
Mo wo cft5 suru, K ?■ .^ 7. fl,, to wail for the 
Syn. TOMURAU. Ldeceased. 

Cbotalsobu, %^5fz^^< , ^X:^, n- [C7Wn.]A 

deep or long sigh. suru. v.(. To draw a 

long Bigh. 




ChStal siiru. *r5fe\r>-^X, Sftifi. «■*• To leap, 
jump, or spring tiBlde; to wlthilniw one's pelf 

In haste. ftan. 

Cliotnh, %i.ii1i.A^, ffiJS. n. [CAin.] Same sxs JTi- 
Clidt»ii, i^-^ 5 fe ^, :5'^, a. and n. Long and 

short; length; lineal measure 
Ghotan wo hakaru, ^^=f-'M '^. to determine 

tlie length of Bnything. 
Cliotaii sum, *t-^5fe^-^^, g ft):, v.t. Same as 

Tansoku suru, 
Cbot.'itsii eiirii, X^1t<?fZ. aMS. "•*• Siime as 

Cliotci, X 5"C\r. ^ iS, ". "J'he Imperial court; 

the Imperial government, 
Clivtot. t 5tV, il-l R', »(. "C/)fjj.] Arbitration; 

settling of a dispute; intervention. - — biismi, 

v.t. To intervene; to arbitrate. 
i;iiotol, "i^i^tV, E tT. n. A second revisiou. 
Clioteki, T 5 t ^, $nx^. n. An enemy of the 

Emperor; a traitor or rebel ; one who sells liia 

C/i'dteki seibatsv, ^SftGE^^i. sending an army 

to Bubjugate a rebel. fNiN. 
Sjn. Hanzokc, IvOKt'JI^^^■R!^A, :i!rnoN- 
Cliotelii, -r$-rg, iS§IJ, "• \Clkiii.] C.nuj,nn-, scoop- 
ing, etc. siii'ii, v.t. To gouge; to scoop; 

to dig out; to force out; to excavate. 
Choton, "C 5^ ^, "^ Mt "■ Same as Choko. 
ClidtOr "^J^^lf.S'^, n. A long Journey. 

Choto no tsukare, ^^ -^ ^ l-', weariness cr 

exhaustion after a long journey. 
Choto, t5i?, fj^, n. \Chin.'\ An angler. 
Choto, "t-^Si^.T.fT. a(t". Same as Cho cho to. 
Chotsiigal, tX'^h^V'.^^, n. A hinge. 
Chotto* ti-ylti— >f. «d«. [coll.] S&me 0,3 Clfoito. 
Chotto goran nasal, — ^ i^i R ■?- -fl- -f , just loolc 

at; Chotto moshiage soro, ~ ^' ^ 1. %. I ■write a 

short letter to you. 
Cho-uelit, "^-^ 5 5 "5, Bt7fX, n. Shooting at an 

object placed at a certain distance. 
CbOya, 'S'^5-^.^^. ■'*• A long night; long 

nights of the winter. 

CItTiya no en, ^^^ |F, feasting till a late hour 

In the night. 
Choya, "C 5 -^i IH^tW- [Chin.] The government 

and the people; the public; the people at large; 

the nation. 
Choyaku, t-^5-^< , WliS. "■ See Machlyaku. 
Choyahuba, %J^^^<.i£, irjSJS. n. [Z aw. j Of- 
fice of a chief of town. 
Choyakii-nln, '^■^5-^< ^(r^, HISA, n. Same 

as Machivaku-nin. 
CbSyaku suru, "C^-^C i"?, SStSt. v.i. To prepare 


ChoyO, %J^^i.5,^ii}}, n. [(7Wn.] The young and 
the old. 

CIioyT\Joarl, ^^^FF, [Ohin.]the nged must 
be revered by Ihe young; the elder shall preside 
Syn. RSja kf,- RO-XTAKiT. 

Choyo, "^ 1 5 ^ 5, IE[^-, 71. The 9th dny of the 
9tli month (.o.s.); a festival day; of the chrysan- 

Clidy~> kikktva no en, ffifS iffi^l^ ^ !&, a feast 
given to one's relatives nnd Iriends at the cliry- 
R.nnthemum fei-tiva". 

CI1030, t 5-^5, SIfSg, n. [Chin.] Same as Asahl. 

CUay o, %J^ 5j^ 5,fifi, " [Chin.; Same as Ch 

Clioyo, *ti5A.5, ffi:^, ii- [GJiin.] finme us Jiiyti. 

Viioyii suru, TJ-i 5^3, SS ffl, v.t. To attach; 

to ■ fljx ; to paste on, fa stamp to a paper. 

Inshi wo chdyn svrv, Ep $K ^ )l/j ffl ^ ^i to atlix 

e^hoKni. tl.3'\r, |]?3+, ft. as Chlkvzai. 

t'horjil, "C 53'\/^. W U, «■ Freparatinn of medi- 
cines. suru. V !. To prepare medicines. 

Choxjimr, t: 5 3" fe, j^ffi, n. [With.^ A species 
ol sturgeon 

-C 53- ^ 

k, ;^' 

BE. n- 
Same as ChZrakti. 

iJa na pa chTizan suru, Vc^f'^^.^.ji-, the flower 
withers and dies. 
Clioza guru, ■^■^5$'t("S, ^ IS. v.i. To remain or 
stay long; to be sitting in anotlier's room or 
house for a long time. 
Syn. Nagai suru. 
Choznl, %i.5^\r, ffiBi, w. A heavy tax. 
Chnzollil-Kwn, %l.^^-\^v-< f), %^X^M, n. The 
Secticm nf Expenses for the Collection of Taxes 
Clioz<>ii, %-^^-^Ji, W.^, <^- "id adv. Sad; sorrow- 
ful; grievous from the depth of the heart 

Chozen to shite nageku, K ^ b y t' W: ^. ^'^ 
lament from the depth of the heart , to cry sadly 
Chosen, T^^k, ®^, adv. Standing aloof; ou 
of the sphere or pale; eminently; considerably 

Chozen to shite nuklnzurii, g^ I- sx y It lil 
•pi It-, to soar above all others; to surpass every- 
Syn. Tachikoetb. l'i<^' ' ^ 

ChojECtsu suru, T:5^-7-^3,@¥g, v.t. To acr 
pass all others ; to transcend. 
Syn. Masaru, Taohikoeru. 
Chovo, Tjy?, fliffi, n. A carved statue. 
CbOKOkii auiMi, % X^' < ■fZ,'^^, v.t. To store 
rice or millet; to keep corn ^s against the gen 
eral fftUi;r« of crops). 




ChoEd-ahl, 1 5 3" 5 L. IK ® gif, n. One who carves 
aBtatue; an idol-maker. 

ChovS mini, "% i."^ ^ -^ Z, S7IS. v-t< Same as 
Chochiku suru. 

£hdBu, T 5 ^', ^7ii, n. O Water used to wash 
the face and hands. @ Going to a privy; urina- 
tion. In this latter sense, inostly used by ladies. 
Ugai-chozu, «K ffi, garglinR; Chdzu ni ynlc.u, 
yTp^y^tr^. [coll.] to go to a water-closet; 
Chozu wo Uukav, ^ jt< ^ fli "7, to wash the face, 
mouth, and hands in the morning; Chozu wo 
iwrw, ? ip -y* ^ :^ »-, 'coll.] to urinate ; to make 
water. f water- closet. 

Cb&siihn. T 5 r>* if , ^ ;^ ig, /*. [coli.] A privy; a 

ChSmu-bachI, -r5-=>'tt'^, ^y(<i*, "• The water- 
basin placed nonr a privy. 

Cli6mu-dnrnl.T:5p*;t'ti>, j ¥-J*<92. §!. «■ A smnli 

ChOEii-tarni, -r ^^'fetO-. tub for wa.shing the 
face and hand.i in. 

ChSsume. ^^ ■* 5 ■p" fc, BHK- "■ Sausage; an ani 
mal'a gut prepared and stuffed with minced 

ChSHu-mlKii, -c ^':f7i--z>\ )?t^-^. «• Water for 
washing the hands and face. 

Chasiirii, %J^^^ Z, g, 1'.^ OTo grow. ©To 
be excellent or versed, to I'e nn adept or expert. 
Asobi nt ch^zuru, M" ^:^ i^< to l e an adept 
in idle sports; Gigei ni clidzum, ^© — g>C/i., 
to be versed m the arts; Kiisa gn ame gntoni 
thozuru, ^ W M 4ff = :S :^ »!', the griics grows 
taller every time it rains. 

Syn. NOBTRD, Okiku naru. SrorBURD. 

Clin, ^W>5, ^, n. OThe middle or centre. @ 
Enclosure, ©post, posit. In; within; during, 

Chu Ika, + mTi the middle and lower classes; 
Dochu, S ^j, while on a journey; travelling; 
JTchu, Jffir|j, in the castle; the inmates of a 
castle; J'-chu-ge, ± 4> T, the first, second, and 
third; upper, middle, and lower; Kblcuchu, g3 
rf), throughout the country. 

Syn. Ma-nnaka, Naka, Uciir. 

cnn, %\ii>5, Sf4'. ffi. n. The atmosphere or air; 
unbounded space. 

Uchu, ^ffi, the universe; Chuni burasagaru, 
ffi =, y 9 * :V ff-, [coll.] to be suspended in the 
air; Chit wo tobu, fif ^fffi 7'. to fly io the air; Clmi- 
norl suru, W ^:^ f>', to perform in the air, said 
of a juggler. fness. 

Clin, % W) 5.i®.. rt Loyalty; patriotism; faithful- 

Chli wo tsukushite kunt ni hdzu, j®. ^ a >/ t" a 

a (G 7^, to be loyal and patriotic; Ximi ni chu 

oya ni ko, g a ffi^S =^, loyalty to the Emperor 

(sovereign or lord), obedience to parents. 

8^11. Maiiktaka. 

Chn, '^t4>$,S£> "- A comment; a note ; a remark 
in explanation. 

Chu wo liaku, K ?■ # ^, to annotate; to writfl 
commentary notes; Chu wn tsukeru, ^^■Pft*-*', 
to annotate; to illustrate. 

Syn. TOKIAKASHI, Wakigaki. 
Chu, '^5,2, ■)'■ [Chin.] Day. 

Chu ya, IE ^, day and night. 
Clin-nl, %l'i>5 ^DU^.ffi.®, ". Loyalty and love; 

faith and affection. 
Chn-bnl, t;W>5tfV^, f^ iSi, n. Arbitration; 
mediation; going between two parties. 
Syn. Nakadachi. 
Cliubittsii, "ti Wi 5 tt'^, 1^^. n- Punishing with 
death; dispatcliing an aimy against a hostile 

countt y, or a band of rebels. suru, v.t. To 

punish with death (a rebels, offender, or insur- 

Syn. TsrMi SURU. Lgent). 

CliDl>:itsu siirii, %W) 5 Iff "5 ^ Z, Jl^ilt, v.t. To 

attack an enemy; to punish rebels with military 

force. PA rice weevil. 

Cliubel-chii, '^t*5'«\r%lfl)5.S^S, n. [Entom.] 

Cliubcii, "^11)5 '4^, 4> Sf, n. [obs.] An official at 

the Impeiial court in former times. 
Cliuliu, "t I* 5 >, + SB, n. Tlie middle or central 
portion. fphlegia. 

ClinbQ, *t t^ 5 J* 5, rfj %, t*. [Med.] PaLsy; hemi- 
Clinbyu, %3V^'t>, il?J S&, n. [Chin.] O Revolu- 
tion; being ^\rH|ii>ed round or entangled. Q 
Deliberation; concentration of ideas. Assumes 
Syn, Matoitscku. Lverb-forms. 

C'liucliu, %^%^^, fSi K Grief; sorrow; lamenta- 
tion; sadness; offliction; grievance. 

guru, v.i. To grieve, sorrow, mourn, etc. 

Cliuchokii. %t5i5'ti^,iffi.i£. «■ IC/iCn.] Loyalty 

and integrity; fnithl'ulness and honesty. 
Cbncho eiiru, %.5 % 1^ 3. UV&, v.t. To hesi- 
tate; to waver; to be puzzled what cour.'^e to 
take; to be irrepolute. rsuBU. 

Syn. GuzuGuza suru, Tamerau, YUto, 
Cliricbu, -^ll) 5 "tlA 5,!tp«(), a. and adv. [CJiin.] 
Grieved ; Fad ; sorrowfully, fpenter beetle. 

Clinchn, % {."i ^ % i/b 3 , ISt A. n. f-En/om.] The car- 
Cbudnii, %15;5?&/-, rt>H(i »• O (Cleaving; dividing 
at the middle. ©Stopping, ceasing, or inter- 
rupting. Assumes verb-forms. 
Chudan, %t/i,^ 71- ^, ^ S, ". The middle stage; 
Syn. Nakadan. Lthe middle or midst 

Cbndon, *^ 5 "C ^, R ffl, n. [C7fttn.J Fields under 
cultivation; a garden, a farm. 
Syn. Tahata. 
Chiido, '^rt.5:«E5, ttijS. "■ Midway, in the course 
of a journey, or in the porlormance of any 




CTtfidS ni shite hatsu, rp Iffi =2 s/ 5" K :«, to give 
up when half completed. 
Cbndokn. %Ub5«<, ^ #. n. Foisoning. 

Ghudoku nite shisu, t^^^ r Ti^y^, to die 
sum, v.i. To be poisoned. 


Chnddrl, *tl*5>*tti!), 4> M. i- S'-rae as C/iwffuraf. 

Cbufii, ^tftji, Mi'^, n. irWn.] Father's young- 
er brother; an uncle younger than one's father. 

Chnfii, % W" 5 i, E 0, n. [Chin.] A cooking 
woman ; a housekeeper. 

Clinfa, %Vi>5^5, ^ R, n. [Med,] Same as Chubu. 

CliDriin. *^l5^5-t^, , »■ Being highly ppirited 
in defence of a sovereign's cauRe. 

Clingn, %i'i)3f, ^3^, n. Bame ns MiisJtlba. 

CliuKiiklcS, %Vi} 5 i!*'9'h>5, ^B^^, n. A middle 
school ; a higher school. See Koto CkugakJ.o and 

CliUKukii, % a 5 ft* < , ft" ¥, n. The abbrebiated 
form of above. 

Cliagiitn, %W)5ft*fe,'ti' JK, n. Middle sizp. 

Chugata no moyd, ft" JK ^ ffi RS, a pattern of 
ordinary siz3. ff'-il words. 

Clingdi* %(.*5t:^A., iS-B". "• Loyal advisee; faith- 

Clingoii, %t/)) 9 t[^^, li'-TC. /I- The last day of 

tlie &ott festival; tlie 15th of the 7th month (0.5.). 

CliDSCii. %Vti ^^ K, ^ M., n. The central plain; 
the whole country; nation at largp. 

Cliuffcii, t'A5^^^, {i|"iffl, "■ Asamui-ai'sattend- 
Syn. Orisuke. L:int. 

GIiukI, %Vi>^'^. ,S, S, n. Loyalty; allegiance; 
patriotism; fidelity; faithfulness. 

C/iUfj I no samurai, sS.iS-^±, a loyal or faith- 
ful warrior or gentleman ; C/iugi wotsukusu, ^ 
fft^ffl:^, to be loyal. 

/hDffoliii, %i'i>5'&<, tfJ gg, n. O The eight prov- 
inces in the San-in-d5 nnd Ranyodo. &[Chin.] 
The Chinese empire , the middle kingdom. 

Cbugoslil. 16W>5au ^^. f*- [coH.j Half-Bitting; 
bowing humbly. 

Cfivgnsht de aisatsii sum, tt" M ^-'K gS 7. a-, to 
make a humble bow. 

Clin-Boshd. "^(ftSSife-^S. •+■ /hlS. «■ A dalmyTPs 
page. Tfiueen. 

Chagn, *tW>5C5, ff" ^. "• The Empress; a 

Cbngiin, t B> 5 <- /,, Tfj ^, n. [^/Un.] The head- 
qnaters of an army or a fleet. 

Cliusiir;il. %i.0>^^^73, 4" tt. o. fcoii.] Ordinary; 
commonplace; averago; mediocre; middling. 

Cbngwiil. %Vi>^<rt3\r, '^ 9[, "• and a. Internal 
and oxternal; this and other countries; our 
country and foreign states. 

Cbahnhuro, %Vi>^tl< &.^,3r^U(, n. A vegeta- 
ble Tax yielded by the Ligvstrum tbota. 

Syn. IbotarS. 
Cbnhau, •t5tt^, SfiS. n. Same an Clmjtkl. 
Cbaban, '6W^5tt^. 't" Mi, "• and o. O Mid- way; 
half way ; the middle. @ Unsuitable ; being too 
large or too small to be useful. 
Chnhl, tl^SW'.iBf M. «• A maid-servant; a cook- 
ing woman; a housekeeper. 

Syn. MizusHiMB. rcyaneus. 

Cbnbl, %^ V, 7*. \OmUh.'\ HenHarricr, Circus 
Cbalio, "^IftSW;?, rt" ^., n. A middleman; a go- 
between; a mediator. 

Syn. Chdnin, Nak5i)0. fshi. 

Chubo* "^ 5 tt.fttt, n. [Chin.] Same as ffirvme- 
CbShoii, tW)5*2/., ^ :^, n. Books of middle size; 

bonks of love-stories. 
Choi, %\.'ii^h,t^^U 71. [Mtl.'i Lieutenant 
Cbnl, % ^\f^, l^^„ n. Observation; attention; 

notice; care; heed. sum, v.t. To take 

care; to pay attention; to observe; to notice. 


Cba'n. *tt*5v*A, r|3 1^, n. A period of mourning 

lasting 7 weeks or 49 days. 
Chulu, 1; W) ? V- A, 3 E, n. ICltln.] Posterity; a 

Chajnku, %Vi>^:t^< ,m^, n, Brtsp. 
CbuJiikiiMliigi, ti 15) $ X- -S" < X il', n. [Ornith.'] 

Whimblcr, Numenivs pliaeopvs varleg'Uus. 
Cbujlkl, "tS^r^. filJ, n. The noon-meal; 

dinner. fmiddle class. 

Cliujiu, tl*5 K^,^t'A, n. A person of the 
Cbujlii. %Wl5^^, tt" ^, w- Same as Chugun. 
Cliujlii, tlft^KA.Ff A, n. [Chin.'] A cook. 
ChujlUii, ■%i'i>f, tt3, iE-lf. a- Sincere; honest; 

upright; faithful. [boku. 

Chujiisv nam alitmohe, ,^ "ff -J- B' flf, See Chu- 

Cliujitsit, t5;£"7.2 a, ■"■ The daytime. 

Cbiijo. •tl2)5;£'-^5,rt' S9 "• A lieutenant-general 

Chujo, '^t^5;£'-^5, ^ Iff, ». The heart; sentiment; 


Chvfo wo toro suru, 4^ ffif ? |i±B 7. B', to dis- 
close what is in one's heart. 
Cliujo, *tl*5.£-^5,3E'(S. «• [Chin.] One's inmost 

feelings or true heart. 
Cbujo, %\.'i> 5 X' 1, ,^ iS. -". [Chin.] Loyalty and 

benevolence; faithluluess and kindnes.i. 
Fushl no michi iva chiijo nomf, 3t-^;&3& 

Sa?n3^. \Chln.] the teachmgs of Confucius 

centre in faithfulness and benevol;;nce. 
Chujiin, %l^^£:l'i>A-,^^, n. The pecond decade 

of the month. 
Ciinba, %i'i ^ *>, fp 5, n. [C7tln.', The middle of 

summer; the 5th month (o.s.), 
Chalcnl, ^ (ft 5 *>\r,S£IR, n. A commentary; a 

note In explanation; annotation. siiriL^ 

v.t. To explain with notes; to annotate; to 




illustrJitei to comment od; to give explanatory 



Same as Ghiijun. 
n. [Chin.] Faithful 


Syn. IlOTA, KasE. 

ChuKnii, *tl*54>^, r^K?, 

Ctanknn, -^W) 5 *. ^, ^ 

advice; strong representation of reasons in 
opposition to one's master; remonstrance; ex- 
postulation. ~7-siirii, v.t. To advise faithful- 
ly or loyally; to remonstrate; to expostulate. 

Chnkan, %'A$*•^,^flf, n. [CAin.] FaitlUulness; 
loyalty; fidelity; [tit.] faithful liver. 

ChuhnD, t5*'/U Sflfl, n. [0/i(n.] The day-Limc. 
Sjni. HiRUJIA. 

Cbnkaii, ■^t*5*>^, 4" M. n. [C7Mrt.] The middle; 
Ryn. AiDA, Naka. Ltlie centre. 

Cboknuko* 1il*$±>^il5, ft> ^ H, " [J/a(/t.]Tn- 
termediate term. 

Clinkau iil, t (* 5 4> ^ VC, i^^. adv. Bot-ween; 

Ckukan ni tatsu, 4] Rfl^ir-y, to stand between; 
to interpose; to intervene; to arbitrate. 

Cliakel, t lfl> 5 W-V^. ft' S^, iJr^S. "• A folding 
fan with the two outer stays recurved, used 
by court nobles in former times. 

Clinkol, '^|,*5WV, ^ ^. n. [Chi n. I ThQ S'.-cnrni 
of three brothers. 

Chukoii, "^ Ift 5 «■ ^. 4" S. "• iChin.] The main 
division of an army; the head quarters, 

Cbnk!, %Vi>^^, ^^, n. [JM?.] Palsy. 
Syn. Chupu, Yoiyoi. 

Clinkln, %I/S)^'^A., J^,^, n. [Cftfn.] Loyal ser- 
vice; faithful discharge of duty; zealous appli- 
cation. siirii, v.L To serve loyally or faitli- 


Cliuko, %l5)5t. f^ f^, ". Tlie middle ages. 
Ryn. Nakamukasiii, 

CliDliO. '%t/t>5'C^, iV ^, "■ |n//)i.JRein'^tating in 
a rurmer rank or capacity ; resturntion, revival; 

Cliuko )in grnkim. tt" |a v' 7£gf], the chier jictors 
on tlie singe of ihe Restuniriurj. 

CliaKT), '^t*5iL5, i4i 3g, n. Chlv.jA bed-cham- 
ber; a bed room. 

Syn. NEMA, Nl?Y.\. 

Cfcako, '^t'))5i'5, ,$. ?, **■ ICTtin-l Loyalty to tlio 
Emperor and obedienre to parents. 

CUuKofutatsu naga'-amntta karmii, ,ffi. ^^ ■^ 
If 7 ^'f} 7 tT, no! perfect either in Inyalty to 
the Emperor or oliedience to parents. 

Cliuko, *t I* 5 i' 5, ^^. ". [a'iln.J A shirt of 

mail. pTA. 


rkoko, '^l*5;:,aK.^^*S, *- [Hot.] Carpeslum 


Chnknkii, %t5) 5 t < , ffi, S, "- tCAfTi.] Advice; 

warning; remonstrance. sum, v.t. To 

advise; to warn, to give counsel, to remon- 
Syn. IKEN, ISAME, KOKOROzOE. [.strate. 

Clinkon, %lt>5^A.. iS.^. "■ [C/Uti.] Same as 
Chugi; lUL] loyal soul; faithl'ul spirit. 

CliDkoslil, %t/i>3 t L, ^ ti &, ••■• Mediaeval his- 

Chak^vn, %tO)5 < *5, 4" 1^, n. Tftfn.] The Chinese 
empire; the middle kingdom. 

Ckuk-wal, '^L^5<i9V^, ^%,n. A presbytery. 

Clinkiva-sctsii, %\/ii^<r>^-o, FtjfB&TT, n. The 
1st day of the 2nd month (o.s); the festival ob- 
served on tliat day. 

Clinkwa surii» %\.'i> ^ i ih -^ 3. ^^, v.t. fl To 
neutralize. @To pacify; to appease; to tranquil- 

ClinU.iosel, %i.'ii^t/fX^V-, ^ffilE, n. An order 
among the Buddhist and SJilnto priests. 

Clifiinctsii sum, 1^ I* 5 » -7 -^ 5, Jl^ M, ut. To 
exti]'patG, to destroy utterly; to exterminate. 

Gyakvzoku lOO chumetsu suru, I^M^ISJS?. 
ff., to destroy the insui-gents, 

CliuinUsii, % 5 A-7, VSi^, "-. [Chin.] Collected 

together; dense; numerous; crowded (said ol 

houses 01 people}. Ttogether, 

Jinkaclilimlfsv, A^^^®, houses stand close 

Syn. KoaiAi. 

Clniinokii siii-ii, %1'i) ^ li < -^ 3, ^3 g, v.L. To 
observe, to attend or watch; to look at careful- 
ly; to regard attentively, 

ChuKion, 1^11) 5 4 A.Ff n " [Chin.] The Inner 
gate or door. 

471IUIIU1II. %.[^ ^ "6 ^,sE^, n. A commission to 

supply goniU; an order suvu, v t. Tu 

order; to give an order. 

Iriii wo cliUmon suru, jfc ^ -7 It "^ 7, n-. to or 
drr ganneiits, or a suit of clothep. 
S\ n. Atsurae. 

4'liriii]i^oit, %'.-l)5'^&/i,, f^ ift s, n. A (nnclionary 
of stiite under the old mon:irchicnl rcQi-me, 
whose principal duty was to give advire lo tlie 
I m] eror on important nirairs, 

CliuiiOM. % i^ 5U ^, r^ if., n. 'Chin.} Q A youth; 
a person ijctween 20 and 30 years of age ; young 
ppr.-;i.Q3 collectively. ©Tlie mitldle staa-o ol 

C'liunotsii, ■^l5'5*a-7, 4" S^, ■"•• [3/e(?.] Sunstroke. 
insol It ion. 

Miriiii* III. %tJi} 5 vr •^,>l' D, n. The middle day. 
ppeciallv said oTtho //f{7in period. 

ffigan no chunlchi, ^ /^i ^ 4' H , the ^th day 
of Uigan; the vernril and the autumnal eouino\ ; 
the spring (tlie 21st of Marcli). tlie au 
tumual lestival (the 23rd of September), 




Chnnlo, *t Wi 5 Vz ^, ft A, «. A mediator; an 
arbitrator; a go-between; a ralddle-man. 

Syn, AlSATSDNIN, Atsukainin, Baishaku- 

Chaiiori, 't5©V).tErai, «■ See under Chu C®). 
CliQiiyu siii'u. '^»>5l/r5 -il-3,jiA. i-'-t- To pour 

Into; to conduct (a liquid). 
Chno, -^119)5405, 4^ ft, tt. and a. QI'lio centre; 

the middle. @ Central; middle. 
Syn. Makaka, Mannaka 
Cbno-biinko, *tW)5 49 5-S*A2.» tt" ft* Wi "■ The 

Central Library. 
Cliao-clscl-Ifwalgi, %\U) 5i9 5 JS.V ■It'^ < *^V^'&'- 
^^' ft iSi ^ # SS, 71- The Central Board of llefiltli. 
Clino-guiiiba-lkiiseljo, t^W>545 5 <' ^^i*^ < *^ 

^''ftilll'SlS^. n- The Central Training 

Establishment for Military Horses. 
Cliuo-kit«lidcliil, %\.'i>5Sr)^ '^%^i> /C-V.'l'ft^^ 

ff, n. The Central Meteorological Otsorvatory. 
Chno-ltwaikol-]cantol{iil>ii, %]fi>^in^ < SoV^W- 

V^*>^l?: O, fl^ft^SI'^'&Sil, w. The Central 

Board of Inspection of Accounts. 
Cliod-selfu, %l* 549 5 *\;^ A, ft^ftiStfl^^, n. The 

central government 
Chno-slilliclbii, *tWj5 Jj? L W V^i-Mi= ft TO 13 Sii. 

n. The Central Board of Contracts. 
Chud-sliukcii. '^W)5495;£5W■^, t4Jft}Ii]i2, 

w. The concentration of power in the central 

Chnrou. ■tW)5H^, ^?I, n. \OIUn.\ Seu Shlme. 
Cbnrcn, tW)$H^ ffi^, «. [C/ifn.] See TTashira 

Tcakushi. YChubaisu sum 

Cbnrlku siirii. %W)5 9 < -?"S, !^ ?$, ut. Same as 
Ctanrltsd, "tt^S V) "7, i 4" 3:. «■ and a. Neutrality; 
Ciinryn, %\fi> ^ i/) A, i neutral; not engaged on 

either side; unbiassed; inditferent. 

Churitsu ftihen, tt" At^{S, neutral and impar- 
tial ; Kyokugwai chv/rltsu, Jg ^1- 4" 3[, complete 

Cbnrltsiikokii, •^l*?W)'!?t<,4'i:^, n. a 

neutral power or country. 
Chnrfi, %\/i> 5 & 5, 4" ^. "■ [obs,] A minister in 

the Itofcugiatya government. 
Cbnro, %\^^ 6-2-, 4^ bS. "■ [o&S.] A lady in wait- 
ing; a maid of honour. 
Cbnro. %i'i>^^, 4^ g. "■ O l^us.] One of the 12 

notes, @ Another name for the 4th month. 
Chnryakii, %^^^< ,^fS-> "" [C'/ifn.] Same as 

ChQryakii, %f/i) 5 '5 -^ <, 4" S. "• Ellipsis used 

like the typographical signs *•»,.. ., or 

CburyS, %.W)5 «) 5, 4" gK, "• [Cliin.] The middle 

of a river, or stream. fColonel, 

Cbnsa, *& 1% 3 s. 4^ &> n. [ML] Lieutenant 

Chusaffl, -^ Bj 5 3 1^, n. [Ornitft.] Plumed Egret. 

Cbosal, -^ ifl) 5 -svn, fij]^ n. Arbitration; recon- 
ciling; settlement of a difference. surui 

v.t. To arbitrate; to settle a dispute; to recon 

Cbasal-kelyakii, %Ui>5'5V-ti^V-^< , W^^i^, n. 
[Law.} Contract of arbitration. 

Cbnsal-liandan, *^W55\/^a^fe^. W^^\W, "■ 
[Law.] Adjudicatii»n by arbitration. 

Chnaal-iiiu, tW^55V»VC^l {'1'^ A, '"■ An arbi- 
trator; an umpire. 

Chasal-tetsiisiikl, -^l^S^V^-C-?:?'?, ftlIi-T-19. 
n. [Law.] The process of arbitration, 

Chnsakii* "^ 5 2 < , K ^. »■ [Chin.] Same as 

Chiis:i!ii. '^la)55^, gS ^, "■ [C/iin.] Calculation; 
estimation; leckoning; counting; numbering. 
— eiiriif v.i. To calculate, estimate, number, 
or count; to reckon. 

Cliusatsu, V,^?^^, EIH), n. [Chin.] Residing 
in a foreign country, exclusively used of an 

iimbassadoi'. sum, v.t. To reside in for 

eign country. 

riiusatmi sum, *^l*5 ^-^t 3. MJ ^. "•* To put 
to death (as an enemy). 

Cbusol, '^l,*5'^\r. 4^ JE, a. 'Chin.] Fair; impar- 
tial; eciuitable; unprojudiced. 

Cliusel, "^ W" 5 ^V^, 4^ 11*:, «■ [Chin.] The middle 
Syn. Nakamukashi. {Bl^&s. 

CImsel-sliusnu-kai-i, -^ B) 5 ■^t^i^^53 ^*>'i) . 4" 
'l3:BSEiJliifi> "- t-SfttJ.] Potassium oxalate, Oxalas 
Tcallcus nevter. 

CliuaeltokJ, 'tl*5*Vt&, 4"I3;W, a. Neutral. 
Cliusekl, ^.t*?*^,^^. w- L(?/iiw.] O Pillara 
and the stones upon which they rest. @ The 

Chuseki no shin, ft H --' S. the ablest and 
most trustworthy subject, or retainer; Kokka 
no chuseki, S g? -^ -SS. [m-] the pillars of the 
state; [^.1 the ablest statesman. 
Syn. Dodai, IsnizUE. 

Cbnsekl, t^-fr^, S3 Ir. 'i- Whin.] Yesterday. 
Syn. Kino, Sakujitstt. 

Cbusekl, -tS-tS, S^. ■'*■■ [Chin.] Lastevening^ 


Chnscn. ■^Wl5*^, 4^^, n. [Math.] Median line 

or median. 
Cbnson, *^ 5 ■«■^,ttE, n. [Chin.] The drawing 

of lots. suru, v.t. To draw lots. 

Syn. KujiEiKi. KuJiDOEi. rChugl. 

ChSsctsu, '^W> 5 ■ft'"^. ffi> SIJ. n. [Chin.] Same an 
Cliusha. %{/i>^ L-^, iil^, n. [Chin.] Injection. 

Hlka chusha, fiStT^fld"! rJ/6(I.Tsubcutaneoua 
or hypodermic injection. 




Slim, V.J. To inject. 


ChQslia-lid, t(,*5 L-^Ui, fIj St S. «• [Physics.] 
Method of parallelogram. 

ChnsliaUl, %\/i>5X^^, S M SI, "■ A syringe. 

Chnalinku. ^l^5:£.^< , ^ ^, n- [Cftin.] Same as 

ChoBhl, "^IftS L. ffi.?E. "• [(7/iin.l Dying for one's 

sovereign; a loyal death; martyrdom. sii- 

pii, v.i. To die as a loyal subiect; to die the 
death of a martyr ; to die honorably. 

Choslil, '5B)5 L. iiniS, n. rc/d'rt.] Same as Chii- 
»»)#:?(. for. 

Chusnl, 1^5 L, ^ ^.n. [Chin.] An heir; asucccsp- 
Gatke no chushi, 1^.^ -^ ^ ^, the heir to the 
estate of the Gen family. 

Clinalil, %19)5 t, F^fg. n. [Chln.^See NoJcaytihl. 

Clmshl, %\.^^ t, t¥ lb, W- Iiiteri'uptiun; suspen 
sion; cutting short, stopping. 

Cfiiishi kaisan, i\>itM\^, interrupting a Fpea It- 
er, and ordering tlie audience tu be disperseil. 

sum, v.t. To stop a work in the midst ol 

its execution; to suspend; to interrupt, as a 

Enzetsu, wo chushi sum. i5l Bt T" '^ it ^' i^ , to 
interrupt a speaker; to order a spe;iker to re- 
sume his seat. 

Chusliln. %l'3)5 £. A,, f\> -iT-. n. Q [.Vath.] Centre. 
©The centre; the middle; the lieart; the focus. 
(Thiishin ni oite no kafcu, A^ .(!.•— l^ f ^ ^, 
[Oenm.] angle at the centre. 

Cbnsliln, 'tW>5S,^. S ii, n. Information; warn- 
ing; alarming; communication, report; ap- 

prwal, sum, v.t. To inform; to warn; to 

communicate, etc. 

Syn. Shiraseeu, Todokeru. 

CbfisJiln, -^WiS^^ ffi,E, n. [C7(m.;A faithful 
or loyal subject (or servant). 

Ghushin nikun ni tsukaezu, ,^ gn S'^tt'^P*!. 
a faithful servant does not serve two masters. 

Clinsliln, -^ 5 ;& ^. ^m. '"■ [Chin.] SnmQ as 
JJXrune. rOentr:il axis. 

ChnBliln-JiUu, '^(a>5^A'^<, ^ .t^%, n. [Math.) 

Chfishln-ryoltu, -^ Ift 5 :£ ^ ii) i < , t^i .C ;(;, ». 
[Physics.] Central force. 

4^ushltsu, %\.t>^%'7, it i^, n. [C/i/j?.] A morbid 
affection caused by an exces-* of moisture. 

Clinslilu-im(ld. 1^1*5 X^5^•-*?, F|^.ir.iE#, n. 
[Physics.] Central motion, 

Chnslio, %l*5i'^5, } fl'ira. «■ [MIL] Lieutenant 

Cliujo, %\fii^X-^^^ J General. More commonly 
the latter fonu is used. 

Chnalio, tWi5;£-^5, ft'ig, «■ [Med.] Palsy. 

Chnslio, %\&^i,y., r^ ^, n. [Chin.] A secretary. 

ChuBtao, t W) 5 ;£ 3:, * *, /*• [Chin.] A morbid 

affection of the nervous or digestive system, 
caused by intense sun-heat. 


Clinslio, %Vi)^^5, ft W. "• [Chin.] Same as Fa- 

han. Than. 

Cliusho, '^5X^5, SM. w- [CTtn.]Samea8 C/tu- 
Clmsho, tl*5*$, It t?, ii. [Chin.] Same as 

Chuten. rChumolcu, 

Cliaeliokti, %i'i)^'^X < , 3^ ©, «. and v.t. Same as 
Cliushn, -51*5 t. 5, W^, f- [Chin.] The middle 

of autumn; the 8th month {o.s.). 
Ciiiisliu, tW>$X.t%. 4"®, '^- Drinking safc<! while 

eating rice. 
Cliaelniii, *tW>5;£W)^, ftfilS. ■»■ The middle of 

spring; the 2nd montli (o.s.). 
Clia.slni siiru, %'/ii^%.\fi>iryii, t^c^. I'.f. To adhere 

or cling to; to conserve; to preserve. 
CliUNliiitsu sui-n, -^SiWi-^-^S, fttlj, v.t. To 

draw or pull out , to select. 

Syn. NiKiiDAsn. fhasis. 

CliuKo, *^l^5 ?:■ ftlt. ". [Chin.] Foundation; 

Syn. DODAt, iSHizi'E, MoTOi. Tshakiu 

Chuso, t; l^ 5 ?:, |£f)!:, n. [Chin.] Same as C/iu- 

CIiu suru, %\fi> 5 -^ 3. Jl^, v.t. To punish with 

death; to subjugate by military force. 
Cliulal, %\:y>^'tt^, It PS. '"■ [Mil.] A company. 
ClifitJilcIio, "tl^^feW^?, fta?:S, «■ [Mil.] kn 

otticer in command of a company. 
Cliatuku Mini, t^fe^-^S. i^S. "v.t. To select; 

to choose; to promote over the heads of others. 
Clintau, •t'.^)5te^, it -Ifi. "■ LC'Mti,] A shirt worn 

next to the skin. 
Cliutitn, % 5 te ^, ^ Jg, «■ [Chin.] Same as 

Cliutol. *tt*5'rvv, ,5,^, a. and r?. [Chin.] Fidelity 

and ehastity; faithful and chaste. 
Cliutol, '^ti^5'C\r, rt ^. w- [C'/ifj;.] See iVafcaTjiioa. 
Ctiuton. %\.t)5 t ^. ft ?c, «. [C/i(n.] The middle 

sky; the heaven over one's head. 
Syn. KUOHU, Nakazora. 
ClintS. ■%\n>^^^, Ft3 ^, n. and a. QThemiddle 

or second class. ©Second; middle; mediocre; 

indifferent. fment. 

ChulTi sl.itsu, ft 5 ^. "• second class apart- 

Cliuto, *^W)5)f5, ftti^, n. [(7/iin.l The middle or 

winter; the 11th month (i.s.). 
Cliuto, 1^1*5^, rt^, adv. Same as C/md5. 
Clintd. %^)£^, EiS, ''. [CWn.JAtbief. 

Syn. NnsuBiTO, NUSUMT. 
Chnto, %5'£, tt^K ■'i- A drawer (as of a bureau 
Syn. HiKiDASHT. Lor desk). 

Chuto sum. -^^^5-^3, tH flf, «.(. To be dis- 
pirited; to be descour^iged or desponding, 
Cbn-tsulliu, -^l^J-^ZittS. ftilKt. 'I- A crime 

punishable by transportation. 




Cbn-ii, 'tlft55, Hi'^, 71. [Budd.}ThB dark space 
between this world and the world underground 
or Hades. 

Chftru nl mayou, t^^=^iM7, to be wandering 
(said of a noul). 

Clinya, -tlftS^, ^ S. «• [Cft*n.] Midnight. 


Chayn, %,3^, ft S, ft- Day and night. 

Chuya nezu ni hataraJcu, ffi ^ )g ?C = fiS ^, to 
work day and night without sleeping; Chuya- 
hethun, fi^^fl*, the equal day and night; the 
autumnal or vernel equinox. 

Chnyo, tW>5it5, 4> ^, n. [CAfn.] Premature or 

early death. siiru, v.i. To die, when a 

Syn. Wakajini. Lchild. 

Chnyo, t[i9)5J:5, fJi gf . "• lC7ii?i.]0 The mean; 
juBt proportion; Impartiality; not Inclining to 
either side; moderation. ©One of the 4 books 
of Confucius in which the doctrines of the mean 
are propounded. 

Chuyo wo mamoni, t^^f-^ n't to be mode- 
rate; not to run to extremes ; Chuyo too toru, t^ 
ff ^ Sit *•, [Chin.} to act moderately; to be im- 
partial ; not to act violently. 

Gbnyo, %\Ji>^it^, r|j 3g, n. and a. 0[CMn.]The 
mii^dle age.s. @ Middle. 

CUuyii. t W> 5 W)5, .ffl. ^. "• [Chin.] Loyalty and 
bravery ; fidelity and courage. 

Chuyumuhi, ffi. ^Tj^iii, unparalleled in loyal- 
ty and courage. 

Chnsn, %Wi53", pfi ®, n. Withdrawing one's self 
from a meeting before it breaks up ; a French 

Clinzal, 'tW)53r\/*, [^^, n. Residing ; stationing. 
siirii, v,i. To reside ; to station. 

CliuKSLiilfOkii* %t5>53'A2.<, t^\iiB,n. [Geoff.] 
Another name for the Loochoo islands. 

Cliuzen, % ^ ^' Ji, i^^.a. and adu Sorry; sad; 
sorrowful ; melancholily ; sadly. 

ChDECtsii, %Wi5«.-9, 1^10, ». [CTt(n.J Interrup- 
tion ; cutting short ; giving up before fully ac- 
complished. sum, v.i. To interrupt, break 

off, cut short, or givo up. 

Chiizo-Iiojo, ■t53*5C5;£,-^5, ^«al«3. "• A 
found ory. 

GhuKO siirii, -5 5 S* 5 -jl' 3. SS.ii. v.t. QTo past. 
@ To strike; to mint. 

Taiho wo chiizo svru, :^V& ^ ^ 'i^ ^ f^ > to cast 
a canuon. 



Da, ;%. O [coll. cant, of De aru.] Ib; are; art, @ 
The soft sound of Co. 

Atsui hi aa, ^ '1 D ^, it is hot, to-day; Da qo- 
ne, if If ^, although it is so; however; Hana 
itai nomo kurushii mono da, ffi^ffi-f ^^^ ^ 
4 ^ -^ if, tooth-ache Is very painful; lya da ka 
ra yoshi da, -f -V ^ J5 7 3 5/^, I will stop, fol 
I dislike to go on ; Svnda Jcoto nara yame da, :x 
v^ 1 ■?- 9 Y > ^, let us stop, If U la already 

THi, ;^, git, u. Low; mean; coarse; inferior; me- 
diocre; commonplace; cheap. 

Dagwashi, fit ?g ■?, coarse kinds of confection- 
eries; Dojare, Be 55 ^, low jokes; puns or hu 
mours not at all witty; Damono, Et ^, thing? 
coarse or inferior. 


■>n. 75, J&i, n. A liorse-load; a numeral for horse- 
load3=about 300 pounds. 

Makljucla, 8? + ^, ten horse-loads of fire- 
wood; Ni Ichi da, Hl~S» one horse-load of 
luggage. rtlmld; ieariul. 

I^i>> fik, ffi. a. Weak; indolent; lazy; etTemlnate; 

I>aba, f&a, ©tffi. "• [Chin.] A pack-horse. 
Syn. Nr-UMA. 

Daba» it a, fg J?, n. [Zool.} A kind of snake, 
tlyilrophix sp. 

DaM, fC'V, f2 S. «• The immerseJ part of a 

Dxibi, f&V^', IE ffi, n. Ciematlon; dlaposal of the 
dead by burning Instead 

Vabi-ippen no kemu7-i to nasv, 5? ffi — W^--' S h 
■J* ^. \fl9-] to dispose of a dend i)ody ity Ijiirn 
log; [Ht.] to reduce to a wreatli of smoke. 
— sm-u, v.t. To practice cremation; to bum 
the dead . 

Syn. KwASu. LUie dead. 

nablslio, feCN'X X, ^^Pfj, n. The place where 
tlie dead are burned. 

Syn. AdaSiiino. fbrvnnetis. 

natioliiizc, ^t-STtttf-. i^r^-^, n. {fditfi.] ftnbSut 

Dnbuliii, 7C'13:<, t'TffIr "■ lC//(n.] Striking; blow; 

bruising; flogging. siii'ii. v.t. To strike ; 

to deal a blow. 

Syn. UCHrsir, Uciiitataku. 

l>acbiii, 7&%K, Stff, T<- Transportation lare(said 
of a liovse or coolie). 

Dacblii siirii, ?^% K-^ Z, Xtt^, V.i. [Chin.\ Ti 
voyage ; to travel by sea. 




Dnclio. ?&'!i-^5. fS^. n. [Med.] Hernia. 

DacliOp ;c:T5, ie^, n. [Ornith.] Tlie ostrich. 

Dada, 7C- ?&. n. [coll.'] Crossness; peevishness; 
fretfulness; petulance; absurd request. 

Dada wo koneru, it if f -zt =f- )i' , to make an 
ftbsnrd request ; to fret and cry after an im- 
possibility (said of cross boya). 

Dadn, TC: 7tk, ?fe <f , l*. and adv. [Chin.] Q Rank; 
luxuriant; in full bloom. @ In layers (said of 

Dadakorii, 7& 7^ id- 3, v.t. ''coll.] To be cross or 
petulant; to fret; to be peevish or ill-tempered. 

Dad.aklfo. TC: 7Q: -^ t, S§ S. "■ [coll.\ A Iretful or 

cross child. 
Dadarii, %1^Z, v.l. [coll.] Snnie ns Uctrfafccru. 
Daen, ;^5.^, ^ E), a. [Physics.] Elliptic. 
Daoii-uiido, ;t'i&^ 5 ^i^ 5, ^iniii^. ■«. [Phy- 
sics.] Elliptic motion, 
Dafu, 7&^, IX ^, ic. A timid or efftiminnte person ; 
an indolent nmn; a coward. 

Syn. InujiNASin, OKUiivn mono. 
Daglinpo, 7& ^ ^ [?, KIRSli, "- •V/iin.] An ex- 
change shop. 

Syn, RvoGAKVA 
DaffOkii, 7C' & <.EgR ■>'■ [Ji'ihl.: Fidlins into 
hell; going to the rep;ion of evil spirits or 

Hades. siirii, v.i. To fall into hell, etc. 

Dasii, 7c- <'. % 1^., a- and n. [Chin.\ Timid and 
foolish; weali in intellect. 
Syn. Oroka. 
Dal, 7&\j^, S. ^^- O Basis, pedestal f^taiul , log; 
stock. @ A terrace. © A tower. 

Fiimidal, E@S, a footstuol; Sliol^iidai, i^-^, 
a candle-stick; candelabrum. 
Dal, /irV, ;^, n. and a. Q iMatjnituJe; imiien-^.ity ; 
greatness; majesty. ©Large; great; itunieuso ; 
majestic; big. 

Dal no tsitkl :K '^ )\, 9. month of 31 days; ;l 
long month; Dal shv hashira goyomi, A/i> Ufg", 
a rough almanac (showing the long and short 
months) to be hung again^it a pillai-. 
Syn. Fdtoki, 6i naru, OKri. 
Dal, ^V. ■f^, "* Generation; age; dynasty; reign; 

Dal gaiua;,, i^^ V. transition irom one ge- 
neration to another; t;iving one's property to 
one's son; Ko no dal, ^ > -f^;, children's genera- 
tion; MnnOal, % -fi, always; f.ncver; jier- 
manent; [?ff.j ten thousand generations; N'ailai, 
^ {tt [coll.[ famed; ofrepute; Oyanodai, Jll -^ 
-ft, father's generation or time; Sendai, ^i^, 
an ancestor; SItindat, tf iK, fortune; estate; 
Syn. Yo, Lproperty. 

Dal, 7&\r, ft, ■'*• Price; value; renumeration ; 



what one takes for something he gives; substi- 

Daikln, f(; ^, price; Dat wo harav, ft ^ fft 7, 
to pay the price. 

Syn. Atai, Shiro, 
DaJ, ;t-V>, ®, n. Subject; title; theme, heading; 
topic; question; proem; preface. 

Dal nl (tasu, ® = (±! ^. to give as a subject or 
theme ; to propose ; Hyudai, fg S. a- *^'tle (as oi 
a book); Nandal, SffSl. «■ liard question; a di- 
lemma ; a difficult affair ; SM dal, ^ ®, the sub- 
ject of a poem, 

siirii, v.t. To write a preface or an intro 

duction ; to write a short remark 
Syn. Kakitsukeru, Tsuki'RU. 
f^'^-n, %, ti. A residence of a nolileman. 

?&V^. ^. Q- Number. 
Dai icM, tr^—, No. 1,; flr-^t ; Dai nt, ^n. No 
2 ; second. 
Dal, TlV^, pf, IK. n. lOrnilh.]A female fMlcon. 
Dal, 7C'V^, ISIKE. n- [flwW.] Same as iJffftf. 
Daiba, 7c-\ri^. S J^. "- '"^ battery; a fort; a for 
Dalbawo lizukii, ^Yc,^ "^-a^, to constmct or 
Syn. lluDAi. Lbuild a baltery 

DailUaii, 7(^\r^L, ■^32, "• A dining table. 

Syn. Hand \ I. Zen. 
Daiban-doKoro, ?G'^/^li^^£.:s. 2f 5i ^r- »■ OA 
room for keeping dining tables and fuod u'cnsils, 
a kitchen. @ The wife of a minister of state or 
of a general {respect full n). © A harem ; an 
apartment apart for a concubine. 
Daibaiislio, fO:V-i^ ^^5■ ^^M, «■ [Iiof.,Rei 
Syn. TnGAltASlll. LP^Pper"- 

I^allioii, ^i-Vr'^/-, :^fili. yi- Intestiual discharge.s; 
(ei-es; luiman excrement. rbowels. 

Dalbeii wo siiri', ^^^ 7.n-, to evacuate the 
Syn. DatyO, Kuso, Unko. 
Dallioii. 7ti\f^-^K, AS?, 'i- Name of an official in 

feudal times ; a secretary. 
B>:ill»oii-ka.slii. TtiT'^AC? L, ft Slf^fili, n. Same 

as Dairikoshi. 
DalbCD-slia. 7tkV^^k%^, ft If ^, n. An nttor- 
ney ; one who serves or pays for another; an 
Syn. Dairinin. Lagent. 

Daibcu siirr, T&V^'^A^Z. ftp, v.t. To serve, 
pay, or act for another; to represent; to do 
anytiiing in behalf of another; to act as an 
Dnlbciiteii. 7GV^'^^^:^, ft!9?0. "• An agency, 
Dalbii, ;^- V^ i', -K^, adv. For the most part; 
pretty ; very much ; to a great extent. 

Kesa wa daiitu samid, ■^5^>>;^^S'f, it la 
pretty cold, this morning ; Datbu benky'5 suru 




fco, ^^®,5S ^ Ji-^, a very studious (or diligent) 
Syn. Okata, Yohodo. L^^oy. 

DallMiii, ;'fe\.'^J«^, ;'C^, aai\ Same as above. 

Dnlbntsii, ?t'V^^"7, Af/i5, n. A large stalue of 

DnIeUo, r&\A"^^$, :klSi, n. [3Iea,T\ie large in 

DalcliO, ;^^v%'^j^5, ^^,n. A ledger. 

Daldal, T{::\rf&\i^, i^ <r, adv. From generation to 
generation; forages. 
Syn. Yoyo. 

n.-tldai. 7C'V^7C'\r-, i;^^.Illl?®, n. [Bot.] Sevelle, 
Bitter orang'e, Bigarade. 

Dafdaikagiirn. 7!k\r7C'\/^ ii^ <r t^, ±-km^, i. A 
dancing performance pluyed on an open stage 
In front of a Shinto shrine. 

Dnldai-iitlUnxtikc, 7c- V^ ;^- VT^-^t^'W, ^'^ifS. «■ 
Orange perserved in honey. rpalace. 

Dnidairl, 7e'^7(i\f^^, A F*i S. ^- The Imperial 

l>:ilclMtzu, 7i:-V^7G\/^^, i^^_, n.. Ornnge venegar. 

Daldoii, 7GV-e^, ::h:l'^. n. A palace or castle. 
Syn. Odono. 

Daido, ;^V^^-5, ;^-g, n. 0[Ghin.]A main-rond 
or highway. ©Great etiiical or moral princi- 

Daido, ;t-V^'1^5, ;ft;|p|. n. and a. C/;n?.]Great 
similarities; much like; ptactic:illy the fianio ; 
almost Identical. 

Dittid shO'i, A [dI /M?., similar in essentinlF 
and different in details ; nearly alil;e or iOenti 
cal ; little different, 

Dnldol<o> ?i5V^^-t. ii. Same n.R Daiilokoi'o. 

IMiaoko-oiiiia, /£■\i^^^.2r^t3:, mW, '<■■ same as 

Daldoko-otoko, ;^V^t5r>^21. ffj T, n. A cook. 

Duidokoro, /fe\r^'2L^, K^. n. A kitchen. 
Syn. Kattk, Kukiya. 

Dairiikd, /&Vi<, A Is. ■"• "-"'i ^- Great happi- 
ness; lucky ; lortunate. 

Daifakuchdja, ;^^;^ ff, a- very fni tunale and 
wealthy person. fljook. 

Dairiikiiclio, ftj^V^X < %-^^, :Km^, •<■ a day 

Daifitkuinoclii, 7c^!^X^< 4%, ;^^©f, n. A cake 
of mocftt stuffed with an (gQ). 

Dalga, i^\pj]*, '^'{•'li '«■ A great river. 

Dalffakko, 7£Vf]i<A>5. i\^^, ''<- A c-ollt-ge ; a 

Dalg:nku, i^\A ft? <, i^f^., n. O A university. © 
The name of a Chinese classical treatise on poli- 
tics and ethics. 

DalKnkii-lii, ;2V'S*< A -A , ^ ^ £^, n, Tlie Univer- 
sity Hall. , 

Daisrakii-no-kaiiH, ;^ V^ ft-f < CO*'?s :'^^un. '«• 
An official title under the Tokugawa Govern- 
ment, correBponding to the present minister- 

ship of Kducation. It was hereditary in th© 
family of Hayashi. 

Daieakualia, 7c\i^ji^< t^, A^W, ■«- A learned 
scholar ; a person distinguished for erudition. 

Daagakii-sliukuhiitsiicu, ;^ V" ft* < %X < S'lP S 
A.. :K^.^!\l3^, n. The University Botanical 

Dalgaku-xiiiiiliokwan, ;^Un?j*<^';£J: C shA, ;^gi 
El ^ ffi, n. The University Library. 

nalgasa, /£ V^ ft* 5, ^ ^, n. A big umbrella for- 
merly carried before a magnate. 

naigcii, 7C:V^\fT'^,i^^, n. Pleading for another; 

the business of a lawyer. siivti, v.L To 

appear in court for another ; to advocate. 

nalKoii-iiin, fe\^W-^l/c^, flra" A. n. Abarriater; 
an advocate; an attorney; a lawyer. 

I>al9;oiisii], 75W^^-^£l, AxS*. n. O The name 
of an Indian god. © Tlie generalissimo ;' the 
supreme commander of the Army and Navy. 

Oaigi, fev^r, S^fi. fifffi, n. The stem or branch 
in which a gralt i^ inserted; a stock. 

"alsl, 7&\r'^, i^^, n. The function of a popular 
representative. siirii, v.t. To act as a popu- 
lar representative, delegate, or deputy; to re- 
present; to partake in the making and adminis- 
tering of Laws. 

I>algl->^cital, 7:-\^^^^V^■feV^, {"(.^nW, n. The 
representative system of government ; a parlia- 
mentary government. 

Dafgl-slii, /cv-i^L, ■t^W±,n. A member oi 

I>aigi-iiSii, 7c-^/^afK^, ) parliament; a popularre- 
presentative. Tniilk. 

Oafgo, Tc^T''^, ®SK, n. A beverage prepared from 

nalgokiidon, 7:.V^&<-^f^, i^.'m^, «. A council- 
hall in tho Imperial Palace. 

Ilalgnji, ■fi-\r-(r^ t, i\'^ni, n. A grand keeper ol 
a Slirine. 

Uaigwau. :^-\^<'*5^, ^^i^, n. [Bot.] Aleurltei 

Dalstvaii. ft\/^^i9^, :^M, n. An earnest prayer 
or request ; a petition, supplication, or wish ; a 
great desire. 

Dalgwan 0Ju, :kMBtfL things or events 
turning out as prayed or wislied for; Dalgwan 
too kal'erii, i\^=9-^ ^ i^, to offer up prayer to 
a god; Da'Kjw-'in wo, i^'^=^ '7. n-, to peti- 
tion ; to pray. 

R>:if£>':(!iii. 7^\r'^-^< , -k'^, jl. Rebellion ; revolt ; 
treason ; insurrL-ctiovi. 

Daigyakv miulo, :kW^'^< taking up armd 
against one's Foverei.iin. 

H>iif|[ari]i, ;c-V^Kf;, ^Efet. "■■ [Bot.] Arlsaema 

naihaelil-giiiMt:na, ?& V^ (S *^ <- 2 E, XAM. n. 
A dray drawn by oxen or coolies. 




DnIlianjI, ;t'\^Sl^t, i^ftjip, n. Senior judge, n 

title long since disused. 
»alhauii>n» 7&\/^ lit A, K-^, :^|K^, ft- [Bvdd.] A 
sacred boofc«r Buddhists consisting of 600 vo- 

Dalhannya too yomu, ^ IBS ^ ?• 31 A, to chant 
the 600 holy volumes through; in practice, to 
read them only here and there by a Inrge num- 
ber of priests. r.Budd.] See above. 
DallKiDus'a-kyo, ?t'V^HAVCJ^&-^5, :K^^W, "• 
Dalliltsii, Ti-V^V-O, ;/;^, n. The name of an of- 
ficer under the feudal government; aVice-min- 
^alliUsii, ^t-VrO--?, ^^, n. Writing for another; 
amanuensis. suru, x\t. To write for an- 
Salliyo, ifeVMi'j^?. ;*!;#, Jt. A person of extra- 
ordinary bulk and stature ; a giant. 

Dalhyo htman no hito, ;^^SG jffl ^ A, a big, 
plump person. 

illiyd sum, 7gV"^5-^2, ft^, v,i. To repre 
sent ; to personate. 

SJidkwal wo dalhyo swu, 'Si.^ "?■ iK^^ '^, to 
represent society. 
Dallclil, '^V'V^'^, 35—, n. See under Z)af (g|;). 
Dallclii-lidiiKMi-lioiiNlio, 7c-V>\p'J;a5ftA(^ ^:;£, 
i., ^ — ':^ iS :itc ^-. n. The Central OtYice oi tlie 
First District (lor tlie purpose of tlie Imperial 
Dallclii-slilNhln-snllmnHlio, 7&v^ \/^% £;£^^V' 
tt^:£i:, m-t^^nnp/u n. A court of first 
Dall-no-ltciisat, 7e V £ © '^ ^^V», i^iiLWm, "■ 
Piiyment with .subrogation. fgated, 

Dallsliii, fevZ> L^. iKiiit. n. A person subro 
DaIJa, iit- \A X' ■^-', :KiB. n. [ZooL] A big snake or 
Syn. Ouooiii, Uwabamt. Lserpent. 

DnlJ'. /C-VAt, SOS?, n. A sliort prel'ace. 

Syn. JOIU'N, IlASniGAF<I. 
DaIJi, tv^\:,i\J^, 7(. A mji Iter of importance ; a 
perilous or dangerous alTair; a thing of con- 

Daiji nasht, ;;*; (^ Jff s/. aafe; no danger; DaijL 
ni omow, ;^iH -,S. 7, to estimate higlily; to 
value; not to underrate; Daijl nt sum. ;^^ = 
:^ «., to value; to love; to respect; not to 
neglect; Daljirtomaenoshnjl, ;'iC(II > fiJ -^/J^ 51, 
trifling matters preceding a great atrair. 
Syn. TAlSKTau. 
Daijlclallit, 7:.v:£:7&V^ [>. :KU:K^.. a. The most 
merciful (used esp, as a reverential epitliet for 
tlie goddess, Kwannon). 
Daijln, ;t-\^X•^, AE5. "■ A mlnl'^ter of state. 
Oa]|iii, ;t-V^-•^■ AS, ®$, n. A very rich per- 
son; a milliouitire. 

DalJlnsD, ;!svv;^^ <- 5, ;A;ji|ig', n. A tempM 

dedicated to the Sun-goddess. 

DalJInke, it-V ;fc ^ H", :KS.^, »• A family Irom 

which ministers of state and other high officiala 

were chosen. frlfie or gun. 

Daljlrl, fO:\r-Z'^, SK, «• The breech or butt of a 

DalJIzaltcii, ;t- U^ i- 3" V^ T A, ^ || ffi% n. The 

Indian name for the god of generation ; Siva. 
I>«U«. ^ V- Z' i. A!?, n. The beglnnlna of a 

thentrlcal performance. 
Daljo, 7G \r ;£' i 5, ^ *, «- [Budd.] A system of 
Buddliism more profound than Shnjd; maha 
iiitMoiiii. 7: v^-^-^ 5 i*. :^*3fe, a. [coH.] O All 
right; not to be feared; requiring no anxiety, 
©Safe; secure. © Strong ; healthy; robust. 
fl Suitable; answering one's purpose; In time. 
Syn, SiriKKARi, Tashika. 
Dnljorliln, ;c- \^ "S 5 't ^, ^^^, n. A lantern 

raised on a pole inserted in a pedestal. 
Dnljodnljiii, i^^ l^ X- ^ 5 ^t V> :£■ A, Ai&:^E. "• 

Same as Dajodaijin. 
naljoe. fii\rZ-^^)k, A^^. n. See Dalj^sat. 
Ikaljofii, 7:v^■^■^'5-i-, Ai^, It. Same as JftMurotf. 
Diiljokwnii, T&V^Z-^5<ihA., i\&.%',n. Same as 

B>jilj«s:ii, ;;v;£'^5 ^\p, ^'^-'^, n. The corona 
tion ceremony; a ceremony of o(Tering rice to 
the spirits of the Imperial ancestors by a in 
Kmperor nt His ascension to the throne. 
DiiljDiiu. ;t- V i- .i ©, It !A: =f. Ti. A shovel prov:^ 
ed with a stand, used to carry kindled charcoaj 
naiha, 7£V*'. K'0. n. Same as Daikln. 
I»:tlk»siii-a, TaV^i^ fr &, -k^^. n. A kind of 
danring performed in the streets, by boys wear- 
ing wooden lion-heads; Iience, its coUoqun/ 
name, shlshimai. 
Syn. RriisniMAl. 
Dnlk.-i«iii-a-tNiil»akl, T&V^A^C- ^-^fci;?, n. \Boi.^ 

Common c:imellia, CameUtajaponica var. 
I>»lkal, 7Ir^/^4.\/^, :^i!g, n. Tlie ocean; the .sea. 

Dalhai loa c/i iri wo erainazii, A ffi -'^ S ^ B? "^ 
tT, ^^0 1 trltles :ire not things to be concerned 
about; _Ut.^ the ocean does not care for dust. 
I>aikaii, 7c-\/^*•^, 7; JOJ, „. Tlie period of great 
cold, one of the 21 terms of the year, beginning 
in the last decade of .January and ending in the 
firr't decade of February. r^yo. 

OnlKaii, T&\f-i3-A., ;^if. n. [Cft^i.]Seme as Dai- 
nntUixtsu. 7g\a4.^, :^llS. n [Vht7i.] A loud crj 
uttered in detestation. 
DaLkatsu issei, :7; Bg — SJ, one loud cry. 
I»afkoi>ilil, 7c-\j^l<f}j^L.i^^m. n. An otRcial titU 




loDg since disused correBpondIng to the present 

post of Chief of MetropoUtaln Police. 
Dnililchl-nlclil, ftVvl&'^VC'^, ^^ H, "■ ■*■ very 

blissful day ; a very good day. 
Dal kik wall sill, m^^ < ioK t. AffiSR ±> n. First 

Dnikln. ;t'\/^l&A, ft«fe, n. Price; value. 

Syn. Atai, NedaN. 
Oalko, /feVtS. 75 ^f pron. I (used by the writers 

of light literature in dialogues between a noble- 

inaQ and his serrant, or between a father and 

his child). 

Spn. Oresaua 
DaiKO, T&V^t, Atfi, n. [Bot.^ 0,3 Daikon. 
Dalkogl, ;^\r*>5?r. ;^S8. "• An order among 

the Buddhist and Sltinto priests. 
Dalkoku, 7&\/^Z. < , AIR, JS jS!. "■ O See DaiJcoku- 

ten. S A concubine or mistress of a Buddhist 

Dalkokubashlra, 7Z\^-C< \£Lti, i^M^, n O 

The large pillar in the centre of a building. @ 

[coll.] The head of a family. 
nalkokiiiiiiislH, ;t'V'?.<trL. €SS> ""■• [Entom.} 

A beetle belonnins to tlie laniily Soarabldse. 

DaJliOiiii-sCiiiibol, ?EVt. < ■IfA.-^V/^, i\^'^\!.^, n. 

1 bon-bon ill which a Bmall toy la inclosed. 


DaUfOkuteu, 7GVC<■C^, :k^'^, «■ [crt;'. Dai- 

loku.] The god of riclies or wealth, 
Saikoii. ;t-V^t^, iMB, Atfi. Jim, n. {Bat.-] 
Diiiliona* ftvt.'S:, ' Givrden radish. 
Dulkouhurl, ;^-V^^.^ia u) , iSll*Ei w- A turnip- 
Dalkonso, ;feV/^t-A3 5. ^Ss^. "■ [Bot.] Ayens 

or herb bennet. 
Dalkontsiikl, ;AlUv^.^r73, Affi giE, ?«. A turnip 

el leer. 
Dalko-oroshl, ;feV^C.3ff^ L. n. A utensil for grat 

ing radishes ; a grater. 
Dalkii, T&yfK, Al. «■ Acarpenter; an architect. 
Funa-(laiJcu, K A X, a shipwright ; a ship- 
builder; a Bhip-carpenter. 
Dalkun-n fe V> < ^ Z>, ^'^BSti. »• Order of the 

Grand Cordon. 
Dalkwal, r&V' < ty\j^, ;*;#, w. O A general 

assembly, or meeting. @ A synod or council. 

auru, v.t. To hold a general meeting or 

Dalkwan, ?& V^ < 4? ^. ft '■^. n. Governors of 

nraall domains under the direct control of the 

House ot Tokugawa, 
DalkyS* ifeV*?^?'?, ^9, "• A great feast given 

by the Emperor on a special occasion. 
Datkyo, i^U^ S 1: 5. :^fi3. ■'*■ Great evil; a bad 

DalkyoJI, ;^\r&-^5 C, ;^Si0P. "• -A- maker of 
hanging pictures and screens. 

DaJk>uBcl« Z&V^Wi^V^, AfitJE, 71. An ecclesiastic 
ol high rank ; a chief preacher. 

Dalkyu, fev^&5. A^.w- A largo bow; an 
ordinary bow as distinguished from yokyu and 

Datkyu wo hiku, ;^^ ^ 3i ^, to shoot with a 
bow. fpronoun. 

Dalinelslil, ;fe V^ » \r> L. ft 2 ^. "• [Gravu\ A 
Jin-dalmeishi, Aft:2^, a personal pronoun; 
Kwankei-aaimeishi, 0| D^ ft ;g ^, a relative pro- 

Dalinojtsd, ?tv/^|& :£• ^ 5, ^®#., n. [Bo(.] Sax- 
ifraga cm-tztsaefolia. 

Ualiiioku, fe V^ 4 < , ^ g, Tt. O Tlie title of a 
book. @ The title oi the prayer of the NLchiren 

denomination, Namu myo ho ren ge ky '>. © 

The name of a play. 

Dalmoku wo tonau, gfi g f- Pi "7, to say or re- 
peat the namu myo, etc. 
Syn. Gedai, HyOdat. 

Ilainiokiiko, 7C-V*4 < C5, iS S iiJ. "• A fi-aternily 
of the followers of Nichi-i'cn-Shonin. 

Dulnion, 7^\r- % ^, ^^, n. A long robe with a 
number of large crests formerly worn by nobles. 

DnJinonJlso* '^V' ^^Z''5 5, '"• [Bot.] Saaifraga 

Dalmotsii. TtkV- 4 -7, ft IS, 
n. Price; value; an 
article received in ex- 

Syn. DairyO. 

Dalmu-lulii. ;^v-ff «E)lfZ 
^,ftS^Sfi."■ [Law.] 
The grant of a procura- 

Dalniii-nln, T&Xfir^i^K,, 

ft JS A, n. A procurator. i7fi\/^ 6 ^&■5 53 

Dalinyakii, :fc-V/^;^J^ <, ftBR, w. Diagnosing or 
visiting a patient instead of the doctor in 

charge. suru, v.t. To diagnose instead of 

the doctor in charge. 

Dalmyo, '^V^?t^5> X^, "• The head of a clan; 
a feudal chief having an estate worth more than 
10,000 koku of rice. 

Dalinyo-nlcbt, }% V »■ -^ 5 VC -^^ ;^ ffl H . «• A 
A ?ucky or fortunate day. 

Dalinyo-batta, fev^»^5tf9fe SS. "• lEntom.] 
A grasshopper , Vachyiylus cinerasceus. 


Walinyo-chlkH, :fl;V^^5*t<, BSMtf. «. [Bot,} 

A kind of bamboo. 
Dalmyo-Jlnia, ;t'V/^ *^ 5 & 5, ;^ « 83. "■ Any 

woven stuff with irregular stripes. 




Daln.igon, 7cV^t;&^, ;^^B"i 'J- The name of an 

official at the Emperor's court in former times ; 

may be translated aa Flsit Adviser of State. 
Dalnngon-.'iziilti, 7C- V^ "^ a A. % ■=>' & . SSflTS:, n. 

[Bot.] Phascolus radiatiis. 
DaliiiilKI, ;t-V^tF\r^, A ^ EB. «• OhieT Secretary, 

(a title no longer used). 
Daliiangliiipo. ;^■\J^^^^^t^. n. [/cWft.l Blenny, 

Dlctyosoma teimntncki.L 
Dnliinii, 7£ V- tJ ^, A $4, n- Gi-eat adversity, 

ditRculty, calamity, or disaster; groat danger or 

Syn. Onatami. L^Hliction. 

Ralnan-iiniiliobl, i^- v 'tt^ t'^^V'', "■ [Tclith.] 

Opliisvrui spt 
DalnashI, /'gv-'^ L, i"Jt'- and a. O Spoiled; Roiled; 

stained; torn; dirty. @ Of no u-e or effect. 
Dainashi ni shita, ^ -i-^V — ^/m, lias entirely 

spoiled, destroyed, soiled, or failed. 
Syn. MuoriAKroiiA. 
Raljieinliutsii, 7^\f^i^k,J!^0, "K^,^, ^t- Same as 

Daliilclil, 7&\r\lZ%, A tl , «■ {Bua(i.\ One of tlie 

Nyorai, the sun. 

»atnlcIil-nyoral, TtV^W"^ VCl &V^. :A: B ftp SK, '(- 

[BmUl.] Same as above. 
I>alnlii, ?'GV■^|t^, ^ K.T^- A substitute; a deputy; 

a repn-Fentative ; a proxy ; an agent. 
Dainlii, 7(1' V^ K ^, ft fl. "• Discliarglng official 

functions in the capacity of another. 
Daiiii-ymEoUo, t^V-^X^ ^ 21 5, m^J^S^, «■ 

[C/'em.] Subiodide of mercury. 
Oalokii, Tt'V^Srf . 31 §. ■'*■ A mansion; a residence 

of a nobleman. 

Syn. IE, Yasiiiki. \'^atum. 

Dalon, ;t'V^■Jff^, /^fet, w. [BoC] Polynonuni cuspl- 
Daloii, ^\fie/u, :Atf, n. A loud voice 

Syn. TArsEr. 
DaioD.jd, 7C'V^'3ff^X'-^5, A^gJ, n. Same as above, 

only a little more emphaUc. 

natonifyosiiii, 7& v^ fe ^ w- ^ :fe W), :K!SM^, ■"■ 

The founder of Budilhism. fThe Kmporor. 

Dalrl, 7!i\ry), ft ^, n. O The Imperial Palace. @ 

Syn. KiNRi, KlNTEi, EOkyo. 
nairl, 7!;:\fV), ■f\; ^, n. A substitute, deputy, prosy, 

or agent; acting in behalf of another; taking 

charge of an official duty in.stead of anothe:' 

functionary. sum, v i. To act In belialf of 

another; to be an agent. 
Dalrl-liOiyaKij, 7t- V^ V] H" V^ ^ < . i^nm^, n. 

[Law.] A contract by mnndate. 
Dalrihl, 7gV I/) &. :^^iJ. "■ Great muscular 

strength ; immense bodily prowess. 
DairlU musH no yushi, A*M5S^^±, a 

warrior unsurpassed in strength and courage. 

^^, n A Chargi 
eS-1^', » Charge d' 

c& n ^] 

Uairliioslil, ^.V^i!)t5 L. ft® 

d' j4 ffairs. 
Rinjl aaU-ikoshi, gjEfJ-ftS 

Affairs ad interim. 
Dairisekl. -fikV^yi^^, :KM'^, n. Marble. 
Dairisli.t. ■^\r^V)Z'^, ifiM^, "• A substitute; 
l>:iii'iiiiii, 7C:\/^yniLA., ) an agent or deputy; a re 

presentative ; one who acts for another. 
l*ali-iton, ;^■V''i^^:^, i'iMJB, "■ A mercantila 

agency ; the office of a commercial agent. 
Walrjo. :^V>K5, 1tf-f. n. Same aa -^(1'. 
Dais:tsi, 7l V^ 3 ^, ^ U ^, '*• [OrnKA.] Great 

white egret. 

Syn. OSAGI. 
l>}iisaKl, ^tV^^iT, 

n. [Brit.] Babe- 

naria sieboldia 

l»:ilsaeiso, ?tv ^ 

^'^5, n. [Bot] 

Same as above. 
Btaisal-nlclif, 7c-V' 

n. A national holidy; a great festival day. 
nalsalhtt. 7tIV-'3\/>t, ^^^, n. [Bot.] Buplevrinn 

Dalsalcii, ;t-V*-5 < , gj 31. "■ Composition upon a 

given subject or theme. 
I>ais:ikii, 7c-U^'5<, ft f^, n. Composing in behalf 

of another. aiirii, v.t. To compose for 

I>aisan, ;^ v^ ■? A, ft :^, ti. Visiting a temple by 

proxy. sitrii, v.t. To visit a temple as a 

substitute for another. 
Ualsen-scKal. 7i \/^ -^ ^ * *> \/v, :^ =f ift ^, ?(. 

[St(d4.] The world. 
D>alslil, 7&V^ U :^±, ■". The equivalent for 

"man" in the phraseology of the mortuary 

tablet of a person of high degree. 
D»ai9lil. ^ v\ L, :^fc5. n. The equivalent for " wo- 
man" in the phraseology of the mortuary 

tablet of a person of high degree. 
Utalslil, 7£V t, :^M, "• The highest honorary 

title of a Buddhist ptiest. fchestnut. 

Oaislil-giirl, ;c-V^ [,<'«), iz^'-^^, n. T-Bol.] Horse- 
B»uisIiiho, 7C'V* L 4' 5, XM^, n. A fraternity 

assembled to commemorate the death of Kobo- 

»aisliiu-iii, 7t-\^;£^^)^, J A¥f^, n. The Court 
Talsliln-in, ft\/^*.^S>^l ''of Cassation, 
l»nlslilnln-clid, ?2V^;£^&^'^■^5, ; A S f^ ^. n. 
Taislilnlu-clio, T^V^^^^l^'^^5, ' The President 

of the Court of Cassation. 




DalnhO, i^ V^ ;£ -^ 5, ft 1'r, n. Indemtiifioation ; 
compensation for loss or injury Bustalnod ; pay- 
ing a ransom. sum, i'.(. To indemnify ; to 

compensate ; to redeem ; to ransom. 

Dalfilio, T&V^t^, ^/h, t(. and n. Q Largo and 
small ; great and little ; grave and trifling. © 
The long and short swords worn at the waist. 
6) Size, magnitude 

Daisho chotan, ^/h^S, size and length ; di- 
mensions; Daislio wo hakaru, :K/h'^ ^ fl-, to 
determine the size; Daislih wo sasu, :X/hf'i^ 
3t, to wear the long and short s^\■ord. 

Dalslio, ^itypj^J:, ft ^, n. AVriting for another, es- 
pecially in judicial courts or other government 
offices. siirii, v.t. To write for another. 

Dalslio-nln, ;^v X. i VZ ^. ft 'S A, w. One who 
writes any document for another; a scribe; a 
notary; formerly, an inferior advocate or law- 

«9alBlifi, (^ V ;fe. W> 5 , ^ flo "• -*- grent number of 
people; an immense crowd. 
Syu. Oku vo hito, Czki. 

Dalso, ?5 V^ t 5, ft iS". "■ A Buddhist priest per- 
forming some religious functions for auotlier. 

Daleojo, 7&\/^^^ Z'^5,i\ifiE. n. The highest 
Buddhist priest; an arclibishop. 

Vaisoreta, 7g V* -t H fe, a. [coll.'^ Inordinate ; 
extraordinary; improper; insolent; contrary to 
settled rules; immoderate; bad; wicked; not 
knowing one's self. 

Salsoreta koto wo sur-u, it ^ y u^r^^^n-, 
[colL] to act improperly; Daisoreta yatsii, if -i 
y i^ ^ W. one who does not know himself; an 
impudent fellow. 

Dalsu, ftv^-^, ^^, n. O A furnace on a stand 
used in the mjiking of powdered tea. © {coll.] A 
large wooden brazier. 

Dalsn, '^V-ir^, ftM. "■• [-totr/i.] Algebra. 

Dalsn-lioteisliikj, mx-^'J^^XM^L^, ftEi:^^ 
j5, 71. [3/aift.] Algebraical equation. 

Daiflu-kanen, ;t- V -^ 5 *> ^ ^ 5, ft SK 33 St. »- 
[Math.^ Algebraical function. 

Dalsa-kie^o, ;^-\r-^5 &S^5, ftlKsBSK, "■■ [Math.-] 
Algebraical symbol. 

Dalsa-hlka^akii. !t-V^-^5 ^*'fi«<, ft'Etaf^^, 
n. [3fath.'\ Algebraical geometry. 

Dalsu-kyokiiscD. n^M^ir ^^X< "tk, ft M ft ^, 
n. [MaXh.^ Algebraical curve. 

Dalsn-shikI, SL\r^5X&, ft'SSit. ». [J/ftfft.] Al- 
gebraical expression. 

Daltai, TzV'iz.V; "K^, n. General principles, ge- 
neral features; elements; essential points. 

Rinri no daitai wo sh'ru, i^M -^ :k fiS^^Jt-, to 
understand the elementary principles of ethics. 

Daltaf, 75\rft\/^, i^m, n. [Mil.] A b.^ttaUon. 

Daftat-biitsti, 7!l\ftz\/^lf7, ft#fl^, ". [Lau}.]A. 
thing which is lungible. 

Daltal-elio, ?t-V^fe\/^'^^$. M^0:, n. [Mil.} An 
officer in command of a battalion, 

I>altal-ritkuk-\van, ;t'\/^■teV^i< <i9^, i'^W^l'^, 
n. [Mil.] Aide de Camp attached to a battalion. 

Daltal-kafiiKiikwnu, T&VfeV'i'-K <47A, ^Hl 
T B!l IT, n. \illl.} Assistant Aide de Cam^ attach- 
ed to a battalion. 

naltalkii, 7£VfeV*<. ^[^IS, vt. [MU.] A district 
under the jurisdiction of a battalion. 

naltaii, 7£V'■te^, ABS. "• and a, Q Audacity; 
impudence; boldness; great personal courage. 
@ Audacious ; bold; courageous; heedless at 
personal danger. 

Daitan fiiteki; ^^yf.S&, very bold; extraor- 
dinarily audacious or impudent. 

I>nlto>n-l, /feVC^V, i^^^, n. Cliief court phy- 
siciau in thedn.\ b ufthe Shogunate. 

Daftflt ?&\rlf5i i\^. "■ The Imperial Throne. 
DaWd wotsvoii, A^?".Sf^. to succeed to the 
Syn. M I K irB A I. LTIirone. 

DaltoK»i!)o. ^-v ^ 5&ft, ^^-, " [Co(.] A kind 
ot rice. 

Daltokii. TCiXj^'^ < , ^i\^, n. ff/t. Q Great virtue. 

Dnltoko, ;t'V^^ t. ' @^.^.] A learned and virtu- 
ous priest. rent of a republia 

nnltorjo, 7£V^ 5i5-^5, :k!^i^.n. The presid- 

I>itiii, /(IV>5, £■ ^, n. A tower. fanlse. 

Dahiikyo, ft\A5V^'&-^$. A0?f, n. [Bot.]^t!iT- 

Dalwakokii, Tl-V^iolLi, :^ifnS, ". [C7(in.] An- 
other name for Japan; [!((.] very harmonions 

K>niwo, 7ii\f-ii5, ;^if, n. [i^of.] Rhubarb. 

Dalwo-eklsii, 7&\r!h^ it^ ^, AlrTSaWf, n. 
''Med.lThe tincture of medicinal rhubarb. 

naiwo-salropim, 7&\rih)5^\j^^-yJ!, :k "^f ■^ f>] ?,\], 
n. [Med.] Rhubarb syrup. Yledei-^na. 

Dalyngawa-norl, 7&\r-^h'^^<7>^ , -n. [Bot.], Phyl- 

Daiyainondn, ;i?-f -y^evF, u. {Enrj.] A diamond. 
Syn. KONGoSEKl. 

Dalyen, ;t-V-^A, :^IS!, rr. 0[iJ?'rtrt.]R6liciou> con- 
tributions. @ The .sun. © [Physics.] Great 
Syn. HuGA, TaiyO. (_circlo, 

I>al:f(>kti, 7^\^y.<. f'K^, It. Inordinate covetous- 
neFS; greed; avarice. 

DaiyoTcu iva mvyoku ni chlkashi, ^ ^ >> M S 
— jfi 5^. avarice Is like disintere.stednesa; greed 
is blind. 

Daiza, ;t'V'5'. 5-ffii i- The base or pedestai of an 
idol; do. of a tomb-stooG. 

Unixal, ^-V^S'V', ^ ?p, /*. A great critne; a grave 
Syn, JuzAi. Loflence; treason, 

Dalaal-nln, ;'5\^3^lc^, :Kf^A, n. A felon; a 




great oflfender; one Tvho has committed a grave 
crime; a traitor. fplover. 

DalKOnshlffI, 71- \^ ^- Aj X %'. I*. [Orntth.] Grey 

DalEonsliokii, ^j V^ 15 ^ ;£ i. < , :^ IK J(3l. ''*• Of- 
ficial of the Culinnry Section in the Imperial 

DalBo, fcV^S*5, ;*;*. n. Ran e as /?a/j3. 

DnlBJi. ^V'-p", ^H. "• \Bot.] Soja bean. 

DalKiigiiinl. 7z\r-z>'C^, n. [Ifot.l Elceagnus. 

DaJaUii, ft* Z''^ < , fS^, n. and a. EfTeminacy; 
wenkness; imbecility; iocloience; imbecile, in- 
dolent; idle. felTeminate person. 
Dajaku naru hlto. ft §3 ■^ n- A, an indolent or 
Syn. iKUJiNAaei, Jujakd. 

Dnjo, -^X'^^, tS.^, ■"■ Afiledge; aaleigh. 
Syo. SOR!. 

Dnj5daljln, 7i:-S.'■^$?£V-X■^. i!:B.-XU< ^- Prime 
Minister of State; this title was abolished in 
December 1886. The Cabinet \va8 reconstructed 
with Count ltd as its chief witli the new title of 
Naikaku-sm-l-aaiilri (ft Kl M S :^ S) or Minister 
President of State. 

Dajokwan, ?&X.-^5 < 4^^, isi^"^. "• Council of 
State abolished In 1885. 

Dnjokwo, rc':£'-^5<a95, :*:±^. »- The title of 
a retired Emperor. fas above. 

Dajotoiiiio, ;^-:£'-^5T^i?5. -k±.Jz^, n. Same 

Dnhan. ftit'k, SS. «• A letter (respectfully). 
Dakan haldofcn, ^1^^^. [E2}lst.] I have had 
the pleasure of perusing your letter. 
Syn. Tamazusa. 

DaKasorH,;t-*'*3. ) '"■t- [coll.] The causative 

Daknsii. 7c-fe>-^, ' forms of DaJcu. 

Dako, IflsW", ■&, ^- A high or isolated mountain; 
peak; mount. 

DnliCr ^^, ^, n. As much or fia many as; as far 
as; this much; thus lar; nothing else. 

Kore dnke dcktreba yni, 3 u ^ ^ fU'^ u >~ 3 
-t, it will do if thUi much he accomplished; Sore 
dake vo koto da, V uit 'y y^ H, no more than 
that; tlmt is all. Tjavonicus. 

nakolnikl. T^Vf :^ ^, ^'{\M< «■ \B'>t.'] Senecio 

DakrgJira8M,fc0-ft''t^, 71. [O^'nlth.] Nutcracker. 

Dakcinoml, it-W" ft ;^. n. \ Bot] Ahles honiolet)is. 

Dnken, ?c-'/^^. JT^. ti. Same ns Yawara. 

Dakctsii, if&H-r?, [gift., n. [Chin.] Spitting blood. 

DakoKorl, ?tW^vi, '/u [Hot.] Plviplnella ca'yrAna. 

DakI, 7&?, it"®, «■ Same as Onlyaraf. 
DakJaii, 7C' ? TS -i-, IS -8-, i'-^- O To onihraco each 
other. @ To pl'y parts favourable to further- 
ing a common interest. 

DnklKaalilivn, 7&% ft';£!h, telfJ. "• A crest, 

two oak-leaves depicted opposite to each other. 
pfiklkago, ;E'&4>a, J&n. "■ See Ghikv/vjln. 

Daklkakaei'ii, TO: % ii> i}> X. Z . ffi J6. v.t. To em 
brace; to hold in the arms. 

Daklkoinii, /e^ttr. ttg, ffiii, ^'-t- [coll.]To gain 
over to one's cause or interest; to purchase the 
asBistance of; to subsidize. 
Syn. Kakaeirrru. 

Daklmort, 7G.?r % u), {$, iQ'f. it. A dry nurse. 
Syn. Dakicua, KARACniOlII. 

Da hliiiy uga, 7^. ? i6 -^ 5 i*, Jg s ^, /*. A crest- 
figure consisting of two mj/opa- flowers depicted 
opposite to each other. 

Daklokosn, f^^^l,-^, ffii®, v.t. To lift a person 
lying down in one's nrms. 


Dakl8lilinorii, TZ'^Xi^Z, JS^, v.t. To embrace 
closely; to hug tightly. 
Syn. Katakuidaku. 

Dakltoniorii, 7lk^ "£ ^b Z, fS S?. v.t. To stop a 
person by embracing him closely. 

Dakltsiikii. T&'&'7 < , JS?f, v.i. To run and em- 
brace; to cling to with one's arms; to hug up 
to; to embrace afTectionately. 


Dakliiba, 7&^ ^}S, 'ffi iSl. ". Same as Dakimori. 
Dakkan, ;E«.*>^, ffitg-, n. Breaking jail, escap 
Syn. RoYARURT. Ling from prison. 

Dakkau, 7&t/i}>Jo, ffij^, n. [Chin.] Lost pages; 

pages taken out from a book or.documeii' »n 

purpose, an abbreviation. 


Dakkeii sum, 7c-^W^■^^, 3$\^, v.i. [Law.]To 
deprive a person of his rights. 

Dakkon sum, 7£7W'^■^2,ffit gfl, u*. To takeaway 
the long sword, aa wasformerly done by a samu- 
rai before entering another's house in peace. 

Dakko, Ta-ifZ.^, ffiJHt, rt. [JKed.] Prolapsiis ani. 

nakkokii siirii, T&"jZ.<-^Z, St S, v.i. To aUa- 
cond ftom one's country or province. 

Dakko sum, ^fyt^^f'S, BK fi§. v.i. To finish a 
literary composition ; to complete a draft; to 
finish up a sketch. 

Dakkwal, -^ -y < *9 Vn, mW,, n. [Cftin.] TurpiditJ 
and uncleanliness; corruptness. 

Dakk^vnn, fa y < *^^, SSEIT, "■ [iaw.] Depriva- 
tion of otlicial rank. 

Dakkyakii siirn, ?t- ■:/ & -^ < ^ Z, ffltip, v.i. To 
cast off; to break through ; to wash away. 

Dakkyu, rc:-y?5> UftQ, n. [Anat. nnA Med.] Dia- 
Syn. IIONRCiiiGAi. Llocation of a bone. 

DaKo, ?t- t. tS ^, '1- A spittoon; a spit-box; a 
small bamboo cylinder, usually with a wooden 
cover; for receiving tobacco ashes. 
Syn. Haifuki. 

Dakii, 7&< , B@, n. Cantering; trotting. 

Daku wo kakeru, ^"^ I3 -^ j>^, to canter; Daku 
wo noru, Ml ^ fl »-. to trot. 




Daku, ?t: < IS. I"-*- To embrace; to hug; to hold 
Syn. Idaku, Kakakru. |,iii one's arms. 
Dakiiboku, fe < K < . fl [13. a. Convex and con- 
cave; rising and falling; undulating; uneven. 
DakuboJcu no michl, fii U -^ Si an undulating 
Syn. Ototsu, Takabiku. Uoad. 

Dahudakii, ?ir < ^ < , ^ 'i,n. and aav. Yes, yes ; 
all right; assent; agreement. 

li daJciulaku, \^ M^ "t, all right ; yes, yea ; 

consenting implicitly ; no refutation whatever. 

Dakiiou, Ta < fe ^, i53^, n. The impure or soft 

sound of some of the Japanese syllable;!, as ba, 

^e,ji, go, zu, etc fioferior safce. 

Dakuro, ^ < 6 5, iSH!. «■ \Chin,'\ Unrefined or 

DakuseJ, ?£ < ■^v^, ^ tfr, n. [CMti.] A corrupt age; 

a world full of evils; this world; here below. 
Da-kiisel, ?&<-^Vr, fiBS, n. The coarse or hoarse 
voice of a clown or rustic, 

Syn. Damigoe, Doeagoe, Nigorigos. 
DakusliJ, 7!i i L, fflf?, n. iGhin.\ The dregs 
settling at the bottom of liquors; lees; sedi- 
Syn, Ori. [.ment; deposit. 

Dakiisliii, 7ik< %i'i>, iS^, n. [Cft(n.]SaTne asi?aA;«ro. 
Daku sum, ?'G<'^2, ^, v.i. To assent, consent, 
agree, or promise; to nod; to respond to a call. 
Syn. Ubknau, Ukegau, Ukehiku. 
^aktvan, 7z< t)k., i ft ^. »• Convertible, ex- 
i>akk-«van, Ttk'y <. iy/u, ' changeable. 
Syn. HiKiKAK. 

iiAkwaii-sJukoii. ^.<*)^lr^w^, i a ^ ^ 

Wakkwun-sinkeii, ;»fe9<*^^^^^^^, ( #, n. 

Paper money convertible into silver. 
Dakya, ?& ?i 5, fTSi, n. A game of ball played 

on horseback, formerly much in vogue among 

daimyo and samurai. 
Dakyo-sajj, 7& % $ -^ C, JT^X^. n. A net 

fixed to a pole, used to catch the ball in the 

above game. ffragrans. 

Dania, r&t, :^^, iSS, STH. «■ [Bot.] Smanthm 
Daiuakasii, 7^^-i)>ir, j£, v.t. [coll.] To decieve, 

cheat, or mislead; to impose upon. 
Damakurnkasii, fd^i ^i>>ir, £• ^•^- [vul. coll.] 

Same as above. fJ^cimaru. 

Damaraseru, ^"^ 5 -it «, v.t. The caus. form of 
Damari, ;^2 <!), K, n. Silence; forbearance of 

speech or noise; habitual taciturnity. 
Damarlklru, ;t'2'd@2,Ml':. v.i. To be entirely 

silent; to silence ; to say nothing to the last 
Damai-ii, ;t2 s, JK, v.i. To be silent or taciturn; 

to shut one's mouth; to be still; to say nothing. 
Syn. MODASU, Mokunen SURU. 
Damaaareru, 7& ^ ? H 2, ^, v.i. The pags. or 

potent, form of Damasu, fDamakasu. 

Vaiuaslii-komu, 7^"^ L'Li^, Wc &, v.t. Same as 

Damaslil-uchl, Tn^ L 5 ^, ffiU", «. Attacking 
or killing in the dark; an assault by surprise. 
Syn. Yamiuohl 
Dauinsu, T&'Or,^, v.t. Same as Damdkasii. 
Daniasii, ;^.a-^, K, v.t. [rare.] To silence. 

Koaomo no naH wo ilamasu, /h g > itt ?■ St^i 
to make a child stop crying. 
Damliashlgo, ;^.'l tf L a, S Pg^, n. [coH.| 
Stairs; a flight of steps. 

Syn. KizAHASni. fsword. 

Dambira, p^Au:^, gl^, Eia;^, «-. [coll.] A broad- 

Dambira wo hikinukt te Into wo otiosu, S ^ 

9'3l=^K^A^Si^i to threaten a person by 

drawing a broadsword. 

Danibukuro, ft ^ J* < J5, S®. «- O A. large 

cotton bag. @ Pants; trousers. 
Dame, T&'A, a. [coll.] Useless; vain; ineffective; 
unable ; not paying. 

Sore wa dame no koto da, y u >\ ^ > > 

#, that Is vain; it is useless to do so ; it does 

Syn. MUDA. Lnot pay. 

Daino. ?t- i6. K- '*■ [coll.] Q Anything useless; 

transactions that do not yield any prnflt. @ 

Pieces of no use in the game of go. 

Dame wo umeru, H ^ S «-. to put the un- 
necessary pieces in their places before seeing 
which party has won (Jin a game of go). 
Daniensororao, ftl6^&^ 4, fTHR3'c, n. Clotbes 
worn at home on ordinary days. 

Syn. FUDANGi. fours. 

Dainlc, TG^ik, ffSS. w. A picture of various cul- 

]>aiiiigup, ftV^&S., Itiig?, n. Same as Doraffoe. 

I>3iiiiitaru, /si^teS, Ht, o.- O Solt; impure. @ 

Coarse; hoarse; rustic; or clownish (said of 

voice only). 

Syn. Namareru, Nigokerq. 
Dainni:i, ft^^,J|S;|g, n. A pack-horse. 
Daiiiiiiai'i, ^ 7&^ y, «. O Pantomime; repre- 
sentation in dumb show. ©Silence; keeping 
still or silent. 

DanimaH no Tnaku, if 5/ "^ V ^ ®. theatrical 

representation in mute action. 

Daiiiiiiatsunia, ;^ ^E -7^, EK^^. "■ [Bvdd.] 

The last breath; the hour of death. fWA. 

Syn. IMAWA, Matsugo, RiNsnu, Shinigi- 

Dniniiietsii, j^^^6'?, SiEJi, n. Destruction, ruin; 

extinction; extermination sum, v.;'. To 

become extinct ; to be destroyed or rooted out; 

Syn. Horoburu. Ltogotoruin, 

Dainmouo, ^ A. ^ <D, S4&. '"■• A theatrical play 

consisting of two or more scenes or acts. 
Daiiio, ft 4. adv. Merely; only; even. 

Syn. Demo, Sae. rpedunculatum. 

Danio. ft a, 5^ ^ S, n. [Sot.] Cinnamomum 
Syn. Yabdnikkbi. 




Dampnn, fzA^^A., ^^], "■ Conference; delibera- 
tion of two or more persons with a view to de- 
cide; consultation. .siirii, v.t. To confer; 

to consult with; to deliberate ; to negotiate. 
Syn. Dango, Kakeai, SoDAN, 

Dampatsii, ;^^ff■7, ^^, n. Q Cutting the hair. 
@ The hair cut in the fashion of a European. 

Danipci. ;t'^'-^V', a^^#5. ". A subiecb of conversa- 
tion or gossip; a topic of familiar discourse; 
Syn. HANAsniDANE. Ltal^^ 

DampeD^ ?fe^-^^, ffif w • "■ [Chin.] An imperfect 
volume; a broken sot of books. 

Dampen, ?& ^ -^ /., ^ ir, «■• A piece, scrap, or 
fragment of anything. 
Syn, KiRKPPAsni. 

Dainpo. T&k\i^-5, ^'Ij, n. Those under the spiri- 
tual care of a certain Buddlaist temple ; the 
financial supporters of a Budd. temple. 

Syn. Danke, Danna. fvoices). 

Dnmii, 7c- tr, Bti. i^-'- To be coarse or hoarse (as 

Dnniii, ifttf, flg, v,t. To dye in various colours ; to 
variegate. folcles. 

Dainiig], ;feti- ^, n. [Bnt.] EuscapJiis staphyle- 

Dau. ?t'^■ S. '^ OA Step. @A platform. © 
Grade; rank. Q An act in a drama. @ A chap- 
ter or section of a book. (B Matter; afTau-; 
topic; subject. Often used as a prefix. 

DancJilgal, Si^t, different in ability, skill, 
or capacity ; Dan ga noboru, ^if ^ n-, to take a 
higher grade, or become proficient, in the game 
ot'go and s?i~gL; Dan wo kizuku, S'?"^'^. to 
make a platform (of earth or stones'); IchiOxDt 
taJcakri, — Iftig^, one step higher, farther; 
Konodan, itfc .>■ S, this matter; Mlginodan, :fe 
>S, what precedes; what is said above; Shodan 
gural nara saso. ^^i±^ 9 ^ y If. I will try, 
if he is only a master of the lowest grade (langu- 
age of games of skill aa go or chess), 


Dan, ;^^, |5, n. [CTiin. ]0 A man; tlie nmio sex. 
@ A son. © A baron. 

Syn. Otok", >[i-suko, Segabe. 

Dan, 7& A., 12, '(. A platform ; a table ; a niche. 
Mostly used in composition, as Butsudan, 
Gomadan, Safdan, etc. fcolour. 

Dau, ^ ^, ^, 71. Any woven stuff variegated in 

Dan-an, «:• ^ T5 ^. ffii 3?, »• [C^Wn.] Decision ; 
opinion; view; conclusion. Hiifarla. 

SanchiUu, ^^ ^ "^ -f , ?<c ffi 'Tt, rt. [Bot.] Arundo 

Daiicho. ^ ^ t -^ 5. ES BBi 'i- [G?iin.i Excessive 
grief or sorrow; Iamenr;ition. fthouglit. 
Daiicfw noomof, Hf SS -^ .0. ti, a heart-rending 
suru, vA. To be pad, melancholy, or griev- 
ous; to lament over. 

DancbO, ;^^V*•5. ffi'SS. "- Acurtain. 

IBot.] Comn 

Syn. Tarenuno. prake. 

Daueho-lcake, 7a. ^%^ 5 *>(*. SS ^5 ffl. ^- Ourtaio 

Dauclia, 7&^'^W>5, 1^ ^, n. Same as Da,inp6. 

Dandan, Tt-Lft-K-, S *r. cw^v- O Gradually; by de- 
grees ; step by step. @ In rows or ranks. 

Dandan noboru, |ft ^ ± ;^, to rise gradually; 
to improve step by step ; Dandan osewa ni azU' 
karu, S -fr ffl^ Ut b5 =■ ffi "-. to be favoured in vari- 
ous ways; to be treated with great kindness; 
Dandan yo no nako ga susumu, S * tfc > f^ tf )B 
A, society gradually improves ; civilization 
advances by degrees. 

Syn. Oioi, Shidai ni, YOyO. 

Dandan, /^^/s^, M t, «• Round; sphericaL 

Dandan, T^kT&A., K *r, adv. In pieces; piecemeal. 

Dandara, 7!k /uTn ^, n. and a. \colL] Q Cross 
stripes; lines or stripes of different colours. @ 
Irregular; checkered; varigated. 

Dandara ni someru, if ly if =^ =^ '^ j* n-, to djt 
with crosa stripes; Dandara no makit, if ^/ if 9 
^ jft, a checkered curtain. 

DandoUu, Tn Aj^ <, •■ 

Indian shot. 
DandoUuso, ;^^^ < 2 
5. ®!^4!;. n. [Bot.] 
Same as above. 

Dandori. r&A.^ V),S^. 
n. A design, plotting; 

Daugai, ;t- ^ ft* \/^. BIf S. 
n. iChln,] Same as 

Daugai suru, ^^fi^V-?■^, iE^. "^-t. ICftfrt.] To 
impeach; to charge with a crime or' misdemean- 
our, e-pecially in administration. 
Dnngau, TtiL^tA,, Ei fii. '*■ [Chin.] A precipice; a 
steep descent or bank. 
Dangan zeppeki, ES Ml iffilS. ^ rock nearly per- 
Syn. Gake, KiRiKisui. (.pendicuiar, 

Dangcn auru, ;% ^ Wi^-^ S. SS s"! i^-'^» ^^^ *■ To 
st.nte positively or conclusively; to assert de- 
Syn. IiKiKu. Lcidedly. 

Daugi, fe ^ ^, 0^^, 11. O Preaching; religious 
discourse; sermon. @ A dry speech. 

Dangi wo kiku, f§55 ^ M {?. to listen to a 
sermon ; Ileta no nagadangi, T ^ .> S ^ t3. * 
dry long speech by ix mediocre lecturer; a 
novice's lengthy sermon. 

Syn. HuDAN, KoSIIAKU, SekkyD, Seppo. 
Danglkii, 7&k'^<, n. lBot.\ Caryopterls incana., 
Danglrl, 75^?^V), n. [Bot.] Euscaphis sta4)?iyleoides, 
Dango, ;^^a, EB^, n. A dumpling. 

Bona yorl dango, ^ a y B) ^, [coil. Prov.] 

Ci^ A. 




dumplings are better than flowers ; reality rath- 
than show. Tconference. 

Dango, it. ^ ft* 5, Wi^> »" i'^oll.l Consultation ; 
Biza tomo dango, m h * SS ■«*, [Prov.'j to conler 
even with the knees ; an expression stating the 
importance of consultation. 

SyU. HANASniAI, Katarai. 

Dangobana, ;fti^&Wr^, litfatg. ^- [^°^-^ 

DansToltadakl, ;'t^^^V'12:t-&. ' Burnet. 

DangtiisSii, fe ^ a V^ L, 5P S cS. »■ I-S/'W-] A no- 
dule ; a rounded mineral mass ol" irregular 

Daugroltu, fe^ a <, Bf^. 't- Investigation of a 

criminal case ; hearing an offender. fshot. 

Daugwau, ;t-^<-lb^, iv %, "■ A bullet, ball, or 

Dangwan koJciishi no chi, f£ ih^^^M, [Chin.] 

a small piece of land ; a little country. 

Dnnl, ^tJVC, post-posit. Even; as much as; only; 

in the least; as I'ar as. 

Oto ni dani sezitha, ^- ^ it ^ ^ ■:^ >^, if it pro- 
duces no sound ; Yume ni dani mizu, ^ ^if =^ 
B, :?;, not even dreamed of 
Syn. Demo, Sae, Sdra. 
l>anl, ;^t/c, 4^®, n. [Entom.] Amite. 
Dani, ifel/r, at?^, n. A load carried by a pack- 
Syn. TSUKE-HIMOTSU. Lborse. 

Daii.tE, fe^ e, ^ a. It. [OhLn.] OA boy; a man. 
@ A hero ; a brave person. 

Syn. Masukao, Nanshi, Otoko. 
Daiiji, fc ^ t. Wl^, n. and adv. While convers- 
ing; in the course of a dialogue; conversation; 
Daiijikl. /t-^X•^, Sf^, "• Fasliug; not eating 
for a certain period of time. 
Xtanjiki wo sum, Elf # ^ 7t )P, to fast. 
Daujlri, ?t;^X*'5. SSe. OjS, "■ SameasJosM. 
Daujiru, ;&^:£.•^, i^, v.t. To make one consent 
DanEurii, 7fe^¥^,'by dint of elotiuence ; to 
speak with a view to pursuade; to reason with; 
to speak to. fltanjiru. 

Danji-tsuhorii, 7&A.^OI&Z, t^U, ^-t- Same as 
Daiijo, ?&A.Z-i., ^ ^. "- Eo*^^ ^exes. 
Daitjo. ;&^i.•■^5. SiJE, '«. roBS.]A Judge. 
Daiijotal. 7G^X•^5 teV-, 55 JE 3. w- The Board ol 
Police in the early period of the ancient Im- 
perial regimi: its place was subsequently taken 
by an office Kebllshtcho (J&^^SISE)- The 
Danjotai was revived in 1869 but was abolished 
Syn. Metsukk. Lin 1871. 

DniiUa, /fe^A>, ) 

Daiil#c, ;^AW, ' 

Daukal, feAft>'jv. SFg. "■ Step; gradation. 

Syn. Dandan, Kizahashi. 
jyanhetsii, ?t■^W■^, Hi ^. '*• Decision; a settled 
vTew- s II I'M, vt. Todecid**' 

( 19 1^. M T. "■ Same as Dampo. 

Danketsii sum, T&A.t^'y}- Z , ^ ^. v.(. and t. T« 
combine ; to be formed into an association ; t» 
Syn. Ketspgo sdru. Lunito. 

Daniel, ;'fe^^, [g^, n- Warmth of the weather. 

Syn. Atatakasa. 
Daniel, ?&A?, 5EJSI, n- A spring; any mechanism 
for utilizing elasticity. 
Syn. Bane, Hajiki. 
Danld, T&A,^, StR. n. A sling. 


DnnklUI, ;t^??. 35^1S. "- Same as above. 

DanUln, fe^'&^, Sf ^. «• r*''^«-l Intimacy; warm 

sympathy; true Iriendship. Twarm friendship. 

DankiJi no'majtv}ari,^ ^^^^ a bosom friend; 

I>niilcln, ;t' ^ !& ^, 5iB^. n. Playing on a harp. 

siiru, v.i. To play on a harp. rieoides. 

;>anKina, ft ^ & tt, n. [S»t.] EuscapJtts staphy- 
ISaiiko, ft^t, IE ^. acTu. Decidedly; certainly; 
positively; decisively. 

Danko to shite ugohazu, Eff^sj/y®]:*:^, to 

stand still; not to be influenced or moved by 

any means. 

Danlio, 7zA.i>^, ^-g-, ". Same as Dango. 

Dauleo, feA*>5, ER??. '«■ Ceasing to be friends; 

breaking with; "to be wroth with one we love." 

DauUolial. ft^4>5fcJru^. fflS^tg. n- [-3"^-] Olkimon- 

anthns fragrans. fsilola. 

Dankobal, ^A,i}> 5 ti V^, «. [Botr Undera obtu^ 

Uaiikokii. ft^^.<, ®S, n. A warm country or 

»nukd siirii, ;^A.t5,Ef1t, v.t. Tocarryoutin 

spite ot obstacles or objections. 
Pniihotsii. Tfkk'C.o, Sf ^. n- O lAnat.l A tooth 

@ [J/erf.] Fracture of a bone. 
Daiiiia, n^■^, <SW. S^, '^. O Bum.] Same aa 
Danka. © A master. 

Syn. Aedji, Dan ochi, Shujin, Teishu. 
nannartora, ft ^ ii "S 6, HSIIf, w. Same as 

Dauueit siiru, ft^«L^■^ 2. K ;a:, «•'• To cease 
to think of; to give up a desire. 

Syn. Omoikiru, Zetsunen stjbu. 
Dano, ft©, conj. And; or (used to convey a ravl- 
tiple idea), 

lyadano odano, '1'iriC^:AVif^. nolens volens; 
Eodomo wa ddano kodono to urusaku iu, /h ^ -*% 
•y— if^^— it^ V^^:S7, children trouble 
us by their constant request for this or that; 
Yamadano kawa dano taJcusan koete, dj ^ > Jl| 
if ^'M\hM^^, Soiog over many mountains 
and rivers. 
Dan-oclil, ftA5r"^. jiaiS, '«• f-B^idd.] Same as 
Dan-otaii, ftA?:-^, J Danka. 
Dauraku, ftA & < . J5?S. «■ O A section; a par 
agraph; a chapter. @ A step taken in the execu- 
tion of some work. 




Danrnn, ^^6^. SSI. «• [Chin.] Making a 

group; sitting ai'ound a table; taking seats in 

a circle. 
Danran kyu too wasu, E| !S 15 ^ SS ^ - to sit in 

a circle and to speak of times gone by. 
Dnnrlu, :^^V)^, 1SW- '*■ A Buddhist church. 
Danro, 7&^'S, iSSfi. f^- A stove; a furnace; a 

Danroii, ^-^^^, t^^, n. A discourse, lecture, 

or sppech; an arsument. siirii, v.t. To 

make a discourse; to speak; to argue. 

Syn. Danwa auBU. Tcity. 

DnnryoKii. fi^ A.'") X < . ^iJ< ■"■■ [PhysiCS.I'Eln.sti- 

DanryAUw»> /^AV)^? < t?. 5iW.lZ. "■ C^o«-] 

Srn. OTOKOHEsm. \_Patrinla villosa. 

Dansol, ?t-^•ft■V. 55 '^f «- [P^'-l/s/cs.] Elasticity. 

Ass?ilku daTiset, E|g ^'U, elasticity of cora- 

prcBsion; Dansel no jilcu, ??'U.^|4, axis of 

Dansei, ;^^■^V> ^1^, n. Q The male sex; man. 

@ [Qram.] The masculine gender. 
DansoUI. ;&^■^5, g fS. " A seat just left by 

a person; a warm seat. 
Dauscii, ?E^■tt'^^ [S^i 'i- A round fan which 

fcannot be olded. 

Syn. UCHiWA. ras an arrow. 

Dansha siirii, ?&^L■^-^3. !S 9t. v.t. To shoot, 
Danslil, ?&^L. ^ -f. 'I- O A man. a male; a 

son . a boy. @ Same as Masurao. 

Syn. Danji. Nanshi, Otoko-no-ko. 
Danslil, ?& Aj t. S ift. ?i Thick white paper 

made of paper mulberry, and having very fine 

wrinkles on one face. 
Danahl sum, 7c-AL-^3, 5S}g, vA. To flllip; to 

strike with the nail of a finger, forced suddenly 

from the thumb. 
Danshiti^ii, ?t-^L■7, S S- n. A greenhouse; a 

hot-house; a conservatory. 
Danshd, :^^L■^?. ^'/^. "■ Same as Kagema. 
Dantel sum. 7r-k.~t\s^irZ, BfS. "^-t- To decide; 

to conclude; toGx. 

Dnnletsii, 7c■^■r■P. ®5S. ^- Wrought iron. 
Dantotsii-Jo. 7:^T•C'•^v^5• Wi^S.^. n. Afound- 

ary; smithy ; a blark-smith's work-shop. 
Dantddal, ?& ^ 5f 5 ?5 V^. E ^^. «■ A scaffold 

raised for the execution of a criminal. 


Dnnto Burn, 7c^>f5f■S. Bi ®. ^'-f* To sever 
the head from the body by way of punishment. 

Dnutan,i(i/:?Xf, K ?. ^M, "■■ A carpet usually 
made of cotton. 

Dan^va, :fe^J), K ;fP, a. Warm and agreeable 
(used only when speaking of the weather). 
l>attwa no kd, ® ifij -> fij, the warm season. 

Dniivra, 7&A,ty, gf |g, n. Conversation; dialogue; 
flpeakiue; verbal communication. 

DanyakH, ;t-^■^<, ®SS. '"- The powder, ball, 
shell, shot, etc., discharged from flre-arms and 
ordnance of all kinds; ammunition. 

DaiLVen, fe ^ s£ ^, ^ EJl. «- Round; globular; 

1>an.yntsii, ?EA£.-7, ^®, 7*. Same as Dampo. 

I>ai3za, 7l:-^?'. ^^, Tt A round seat ui" paper or 
leather stulled witli cotton or other Bolt 

I»aiiK(<n, 7fe^^^, Ef^<fi. «cfv. Positively, deci- 
sively; assuredly, certainly; finally. 

Daiizcttsii siirii, 7H A."^-:? -^ Z . Bi t@- v.i. and e. To 
become extinct; to cease to exist; to cut off; 
to destroy; to anuiliilate. 

Kainel daitzeimsuru, g? 2 Bf S^S^wi-, thefamily 
name is dend (or extinct)- 


l>:tuziirii, 75^t3, E?, v.t. To speak; to argue; 
to discuss. 

Dara, ;^ ^ , p^SB, n. a kind of top. 

Dara, ^i'^, 511, /(. ^Avi.] A dollar. 

Dara, /c & , W:^, n. [Sot.] Araiia sinensis. 

Dara-(tara. 7i e,?: ^, a., and adv. [coll.] (J Slow- 
ly; in a sluggish manner; slovenly. ©Flow- 
ing slowly; drop by drop. 

CM ga dara-dara nagareru, Aif it =) iC^ ffiju 
»,, blood flows out in drops. 

Daraflara-»ri, ?& c, /;;■ /^ :f2 U) , ^ :^, u. A gentle 
desceut; a slightly sloping mountain path. 


Darako. ?fe & W, i>.i. \coll^ iTeniolia.] Covered 
or smeared with. 

Dora darake, %iCJ->-, muddy; smeared with 
mud; Hal darake, JjHif?-^, covered with ashes; 
Siimt darake, ^i^ y -^ blackened with ink (as 
the lace of a school-boy) 
Syn. Maiiure. 
Darakorii, T&^l/fZ, ?lt1fi, fffi:£. v.t- [coii.] To 
be idle, negligent, or slovenly; to be made 
inactive or dull. 

AtSHkutte Jcarada ga darakeru, ^ ^y T'fifii* 

it y -^ iU, heat makes one's body inactive; Da- 

raketa nari wo shite Iru, ^' 7 ^ ^ -j- 'J -7- j/^ 

S-;t, (he) is dressed in a slovenly manner. 

Syn. Tayukunaru. 

Daraku, ;^. c^ < , |g^, n. Q Falling into the 

region of -evil spirits. @ Apostasy. suru, 

v.i. To fall away; to become an apostate. 

Jigoku ni daraku suru, tfe ©{ = S ^ ::=^ '>'. to 
fall into hell; to go to Hades. 
Syn. Genzoku. Ochiburd". 
Darakuma, ^ '3 ff ~k, «. [Eng.] A drachm. 




Darnldi-inouo, i^ & < 6 ©, !Si5#. '*■ An 

Dnrakiiso, ;^ 6 < ^ 5. MlSfS?'. "■ An immoral 
or unjust Buddhist priest; an apostate monk. 
Davamn, ^ ^ j*, n. [Eng.] A dram. 
Oaranl, ^^=:, |?t;i|^;g, )n.[Sansk.'\ 

Dnraul-kyo. iff=L^^xr, ^Bf^M. ^ A collec- 
tion of words considered to have some magic 
nai'aiitsiik<», ii^&VZf-W-. PEIS/SB/). n. [Mea.] A. 
kind or bitter medicine said to have been ori- 
ginally used by Buddhist priests while chant- 
ing dai'ani to prevent Hleep. 
Darappyoslilna, ^- &-;/tA-i5 f^, a- {vul. coll.] 

Same as below. 
Darasltfii.-ii, f^^ L"5:\^, ">. [coll.'} Slovenly; dis- 
orderly; unlidy; careless; inelegant; negligent 
of nearness, 

Darashlnai minari wo shite iru, ^ 5 ^ -^ -f 
# JK ?■ £^ r S '''. lie is negligent of dress. 
Darari to, ?& & ^ 1£, adv. [coll.'] Hung loosely; 
in a dangling manner. 

Darari to tai-eru, :*f ? y h jgff', to be liung 

loosely; OJil ga darari to sagaru, ^ifif^^) h 

"fyi-, the belt is hung loosely in thejuanner of 

Daro, i^jt, ^, pron. [coll.] Who; npne. |_a tail. 

Dare ga suru, ^if th^, who does? Dare mo 

deklnai. aS^Ui ^-d-H , no one is able to....; who 

can do it? Dare mo inat, S|^ S- -^ -f , no one is 

present; no one is thei'e; Dare mo kojial; 5|-* 

3J -J- ^, no one conies; Da7'e nitemo, (demo) yo- 

roshll. H =T* Cv-'^JS S^ -i. aTiybody will do. 

Darci'ii. ?jifi3. ffi, v.i. [coll.'] (| To become 

putrid; to putrify; to rot. @ To fall in price; 

to become cheaper. 

GyuiUhu ga dareta, ^\^ P^if ifl^it, the beef 

IB bad ; Soba ga dareta, -fg ^1f^ u 5f, prices have 

Syn- KusARiT, Sagaru. Lfallen. 

Dai-o, fe^i. [cont. of De ard.} Will or shall be 

ordo; is, are, etc., I think. 

By'oTci ga naoru dar'o, M^jf%'^ if yV, the 
disease will probably be cured ; Kanega wiofcarw 
da.r'b, itifWiiJ n^ iC^V, you make much money 
or profit of it, I think; Sore wa v^o dar'o, VU^s 
% if y ~7, that is a lie. I think; Yo ga osamaru 
daro, \tii'j^-T n- if 7 ■7, the world will be in 
Dariif, ^ 3 ij^, a. Languid; slow; weak; sickly; 
indisposeil ; flabby; inactive; lifeless; heavy; 
Danikii, 7e3 < , «.. Same as DaruL. 

Karada ga taisv dariiku naUa, Sf^lf^J^if 
f^ ^ -^ ••} S(, the body has become exceedingly 

Dariima, ifn'^,'-^M> "■ The celebrated prince 

and priest of South India who first taught the 

Zen doctrines in China; Dha/rma. 
Ditvuina-dai, 7!s:iS.'^f(i\r; n. 

[Ichtli.'] Priacanthus nipho- 

Daruina-slliU, ;t-2^ir< . ^a9 

^, n. [Bot.] Aster spathvU- 

I>aruiiia-kasa«rn,/j::S^:ib>? &, 

/*. [Iclttli,} Synanceia erosa. 
OaruiiiakI, itjl- v =^, Ji S S. 

n, A festival in honour of 

Dharma, celebrated on the 

anniversary of his death, the 

5th day of the 10th month (o 5 ). 
Uariiiii»sd, ;t-3as5,Sfel^&JI. w- 

Dai'iiuiu, "T&Ztr, ^, v.L [coll.] To slacken; to be- 
come loose. 
e>arii8lii,-l,-kj, ^2 L, S. <^- Same as Darui. 
Jshi ga aarushi, ^jf^jLi/, the legs are 

heavy; Madarui koto da, Bfl ^fl- ^ ^ it, that ii 

too slow. 

Daaarerii, 7&5ifx5, HJ, v.t. The passive form of 
Dason,7C'^^, lS5^. 'i- [J^ert.]The salivary glands. 
Dnserii, ^--^3, v. I. The potential form of Z>asw. 
Goju yen daseru, E + El [U ^ ff-, I can con- 
tribute 50 yen. 
Dashi, ;^- L, llii n. A sauce for improving the 
Syn. NiDASHi. Lrelish of soups. 

Dnskif Ts L. ilj !$, n. An ornamented car drawn 
on a festival-day, usually fitted with a stage 
on which theatrical or other performances are 
Daslil, 7& t, f6. ». [coU.'j Excuse; pretext. 

Sito wo dashi 7ii tsukau, A -/ 16 —^y* 
pretending that it is for another's sake. 
Syn. Kakotsuke, Iimak. 
Daslii, ) ?& L. tti.'w-t- 0'ropiito"t. @ To payout; 
Dasu, ' to defray. © To send, as a letter or mea" 
senger. Q To show, to exhibit. ® To take out; 
to bring out © To drive out, to divorce. 

Chinjiwo kiki dasJii ta, ^U^ ^ HUs/it, heard 
of an strange incident; wormed out a secret; 
Kane wo dashi te kau, ^ ^liS 5/ r ^' 7, to give 
money in exchange for; Kl wo mom.1 da^u, ^^ 
ttii^^, to commence to be anxious; Kuchi- 
dashi wo suru, U^9- ^ n-; to talk; Kyaku ni 
cha wo dasu, '^ -- % ^ lH :x. to make tea for 
a, g:ueat; wo dasu, ffi^iij:^, to open a shop; 
Sora ga kumori dashlta, ^ *i* ift V IK &• f(, the 
sky has become cloudy; Tedashi wo suru, ^ ^ 
*3ijB-, to commence;to begin; to put handB 




on; Yukl gafuridasMta, Wif'^'^i^s/ ^, sdow 
has begun to fall; it has commenced to snow. 
Syn. Idasu. 
»a8liial,^L<&«', tii'Q-.w. Contribution; inveatlng 
in shares; collecLiDg money together tor tlie 
purpose of business or reiresliment. 

Dashial shlnslio, ^■^^±, the property of 
a company; Dashlai Shite shosha wo hi- 
raku, HI -g- s'7'Eiiii^Ba<5'. to invest money 
in shares lor opening a stora. f^bove. 

Dashiaii. iflsL^i. lii^, v.t. The verb-Iorm of 

Dasblgluu, ;t L^Jiti. a f5. f^- I'Ong shirts. 
Syn. Kedashi. 

DaBhi-lre. ^tXt^jn, m fffi, n. Credits and debits; 
expenditures and receipts; paying and receiv- 

Kingin no dashUire pa oi. ^ SS > Hi ft i^ ^ ■( , 
much money is paid and received. 

Dashiiirii. ;t'LC3, Jtttii-, n. a soup. 
Syn. NlSHlRu. 

Dasliliiiiko nl. ?5LltiH-K. ^Wi,^*^, adv. AU 
of a sudden; by surprise; at unawares; un- 

Dashlniiku, ?t-Lto<, ffi g. u.I. To elude; to 
get an advantage over others ; to overreacli ; to 
cheat; to circumvent; to outwit; to go ahead 
of others to one's advantage. 

Bitowo dashinuku, A'^Bi^i^, to outwit a 

Dashu, 7:- LW). Hf-, n. [Cftiw.] Spitting in the 
palm; in an easy manner. 

Dashu shite tenkivaivo toru, '^'^ i/f-% T5-^ 
ft-, to take a country easily. 

Dassol, 7c-",'^V^, SfcUi. ii- Same as Tonsel. 

Daasrhl, TC-y-frg. gj; ^, „. Omission of one's 
name not entered from the census register. 

feiirii, v.t. To cross out one's name in the 


Dasslii, Tf^-j L, MB.. ■"■■ [Chln.-\ Taltiug off 
worn-out Rtraw shoi^s from one's feet; often 
used as a, figure for auytiiiug one does not 
miss in any degree. Tsonal danger. 

Dasi^lilii, f^'jtk, 0t#, n. Escaping from per- 

I»as:3hu siirti, 7>k"j L\^i'Z, ^ ffi. v.t. Same as 

UassbutHu. f^f LW)-^. ^ [il, 7i. IMed.'] Prolapsus, 
suru. v.i. 'lo escape. Plus. 

l>n9so, fHv'^, ^i!. "• [Jlfecl.] Gangrene; sphace. 

Dasso, Ttkv ? 5, ^ ~M. n. Flight; escaping, 

desertion. suru, v.l. To escape; to desert 

to abscond ; to run away. 


BaBsd-iiln, ifcr? 5l^^. K^A. n. One who has 

Dassu, 1 7tz-j-ft ^. v.t. To omit; to neglect; 
Dassuru, ) to leave out; to escape; to retire; 
to abandon; to take off. 

Moji WO dassuru, ^ ^ f- fSt^ ^i to omit 
characters or letters; Yo wo dassu, Vt^f^zf., 
to abandon the world ; to become obscure ; Zoku 
wo dassu, f^^SJ:^, to become a priest; to en- 
ter a monastery. 

DntaJ, T&ft'^, 51^. n. Abortion. suru, v.U 

Syn. KO-OROSHi, L'fo abort. 

Date, -fi^-r, ^'M, ^^, /<.. Foppery; dandyiim; 
vanity; show; love of dress; ostentation; 
show; finery. 

Date moyn, f^HiS'^iS. fine fantastic figures, 
as on oiie'sdress; Date otoko, 0'^ 5j, a fop; a 
man excessively Jond of fliiez'y; Date wo suru, 
^JS ■?■ ^ '^I to be vainly fond of dress; to b» 
wealily o.stentatious. 
Syn. Hade, IiAz.i^Ri. 
Uitte, Tax, :2;. a sulhx which added to other 
words makes them nouns, andsignilies state 
or manner. 

Kamai date wo Shite wa ikenai, 3>v^i;i^j/? 
>^-f*-^'f. it does lint please me that yim treat 
me too kindly; Otokodate, |g i, behavior; lik« 
a man; Telshudate, ^±^1. behaving like a 
UaCekoki, ;&-C2i&. It fiS ^, ii. [coll.} A fop; « 

dandy, one weakly fond and vain of dres , 
Datekiigi. f^ X < ^, ^^$J, n. A na* used 
merely tor sliow; an ornamental nail. 
Syn. Kazarikugi. 
Uatcra, ;t"C 6. An affix signifying to do what 
is inappropriate to one's nature, age, or pro- 
fession, only used in poeticlanguage. 
Onna datera, ^ if ^ y, as a woman. 
Datosha, ?;-rL-^, ggitfet. ^ 2i ^. n. Same as 
Datekoki, only a little politer. fgallant 

nateaiu. Ti^XL, n. Q Aiop. @ a cliivalroui 
Walsu, n^-^, n. [Icht/u] Belone gracilis. 
Uatsiihuu. ;fe•:p>^, gft^, ,*. Omitted sentences 
or paragraphs. sin-ii, v.t. To omit sen- 
tences or paragraphs, 
Datsuoba. ^.^feli, ^3^^, n. [Budd.] An old 
woman who watches on this side of the Styx 
and strips the departed befoie their entrance 
into Hades, 
Datsul, -fy-ov^, fStti, n. Taking off sacerdaUl 

robes on dismissal from tlie priesthood. 
Datsul sum, 7c-^jj-^3, ^jf, v.t. To neglect; 

to forget to insert; to leave out. 
Datsujl, m-^t, m^. n. An omitted word or 

character. suru, v.t. To omit a letter or 

Syn. NOKEji, RAKcrji. 
Datsujiu, Tti:^%-k, Sftgg. n. GoinB out of th« 




ordinary run of the world ; retiring into moun- 
tains or a forest. 
Datsuraku suru, ;^-7& < -^S, ^S. v.l, Tobe 

omitted, neglected, or left out. 


Dntsurl suru. l^-rJifl-^S, JStiS, «■«■ To get out 
of; to separate; to disconnect one's self ftom. 

DatBuro. :te'^/55, ffitiffi, n. An omission; any- 
thing omit ted or neglected. euru, v.l. 

To omit, to neglect; to leave out. 

Dntsuro. /G-Ci^, ftGS. n. A secret passage by 
which one can escape. 


Datsuryaku. :fe-:?«J-^<, StS. '"■ An omission 
in a writing; an ellipsis. 

Datsuryaku suru, 7g-?'£)-^< -S"?. W^' f-t- To 
plunder; to talce by open force; to spoil; to 

Syn. BnNDORU, Kasomuktj, Ubaitoru. 

Datsumen, ft•5&^, IBt^, ailv. PreSnuneatly; 
prominently; pai- rxcellence, 

DatsuEOku suru, 7ti-^^<it:&, fjfff. v.i. To 
become a priest; to abandon the world. 

Dnttal-kwankotsu, ;^-yte\/* <*7^t."7. SRi3*^ 
^, n. Expressing the same thought in dif- 
erent words; as practised by another writer it 
is a sort of plagiarism. fplant. 

Dattanna, fe■yfe^■?C, SS, n. {Bnt.] Rape seed 

Datto suru, T^ylt^irZ. ffltS. '"■^- To leave a 

Daun, :^5^, ^^, ». IC/iin.'] Your letter. 

Daun Jiaidokit tsukamatsuri sorQ, ^S^OI 
ti:^. I have perused your letter. 
Syn. GogHOMEN, Otegami. 

De, S. ITenioJia.'] A particle like an Eng. pre- 
posLtioD showing the rrtlation of circumstance, 
time, situation, value, instrument, measure, 
reastm, ete- 

AsM de keru, gy'Slrt'. to strike with the 
foot; to kick; Dodesuka, v'97'^'*J' bow are 
you or how is it? Fitde ae kaku, ^y' ^^^,to 
write with a pen; Pune de yuku, ^^^ir, to go 
by water; Futari de yuku, nA5'lt<5'. to go 
accompanied by another; Sitoi'i de asobu, —A 
^M.'f' t" trolic alone; to play by one's self; 
IcJtido de sumu, —iM.v'^h,. to be all right 
without repetition; Koi-e wa nan de aru, it-*^i^ 
5* r ;»-. what is this? Nambo de uru ka, ftj ^ t* 
^n^ij, how much do you sell itXatlSayodegozOr 
rimasu, ^l^y^m^V^T^. it is as you say; it is 
80; Te de tataku, ^'fB.^, to knock with the 
hand. Tnegation. 

Do, Tf. [Tenioha, cont. of Zu and («.] A suffix of 

Kaira de yaminan, Ht "? S'lt ^ i^. to go on 

without returning ; Kawan de svmu, W -"» ^^ 5* 

fS U, to do without buying; Me mo Jure de 
iru, g * fK u 7-* fi ;^, does not even turn (his) 
eyes upon; Mono wo moiwa de kaej-u, ^9-^-x:-^ 
^0!;t. to return not saying anything, Utayo- 
mat de sa {Uta yomanat koto ga arumono ka, ^ 
ISv-fx*-9-C®^-?--f-ltf7'fl.^^»), theideaofnot 
composing a poemi (we will of course compos- 
ing a poem); Yoman de wakaran, t^-7 -y 5»f» 

^ y. do not, know because (Ij have not 

read; Yukade art, ^Jj=f7V did not go. 

Do, T?, n. Q[cont. of Ide, to come out.] Coming 
or rushing out, as of people to look at some 
objects of sight, or of water over the banks of 
a river. @ The capacity of lasting, the slowness 
or quickness of exhaustion. 

Sito node gaol, A ^ iHii' ^ -f , people come 
out in great numbers; Kono cha wa de ga aru. 
ft ^^N Eij if Til', this tea is nut soon exhausted; 
MLzu no de ga sii.kunai, -^^ ^ ^1f%^ -f , water 
does not run out in great quantities, as a well; 
Sato wa de ga nai, 61- fiS >•« tU ** JS -f . sugar is 
quickly used up. 

DInal, ■T!;^^, m ^, n. Coming together with; 
meeting; holding a meetins. 
TuSlit no deal, W .'£--' lU #i meeting of pro- 
Syn. Shukkwai. LJecters. 

Dealgas'^ifra. -fflSU-ii' L5. tiJ •&■ ^, »■ Coming 
together of two or more persons unknown to 
one another, as at a corner, in the dark, or 
on going out fiom a room. 

DeaigasJiira ni atama wo utsu, UJ ■^ 5H — ® ^ 
fj y, to strike one's head against another's 
just at the moment of meeting. 

Uoaklnal, ■C^^'^V-, tb iS W. "- Selling out of 
one's home; hawking; itinerant traJe. 

Uoau. -fffti, Hi -g-, v.i. To meet; to mtet with; 
to agree ; to coincide. 

Hanashl ga deau, M -t"* til •« ^ » the stories 
agree ; the relations coincide; Iro ga deau, g If 
Hl-8'7. colours agree well with one another; 
Kaijo nlte jiampii nl deau, ifi_h— tM^^Hj-S" 
y, to meet with a violent gale at sea; Mlchi 
de chlki ni deau, i^^'J^g,— tiJ#'^- to meet 
acquaintances on the road. 

I>oba, -fftf.jaS. n. A projecting tooth. 

Syn. SOPPA. rin dressing fiah or fowl. 

Dcba, SiS, |Ii ;g:, n. A kitchen-knife; a knife used 

Dehahoclio.-^lilf 5*^-^5,m )g;/ST. «■ QSame 
as above. @ A weapon often used in bloody 
attem pts. 

Debahoclio sawagi, ffi 33 /g T 18 ®f. a sangui- 
nary affair. Tor diachai ge 

Dcbaua.-etfiS:,tb JS. iH ^.«- The first appearance 

Banchamo debana, &5S^-=eyiJS. even coarse 

tea tastes well at the first infusion; Atara 




debana no liana wo chirashtta, ^ fl| (H ^ -^^f- 
Hi/*. [flV-] a beauty of high promise died an 
untimely deatii. 

Syn. NiBANA, Onirasa 

DebnrI, -Ctf "D, ttj S. "■ Atteadins to one's duty 

away from his otfice othome; a police-Btation ; 

an outlying station. rstation. 

Debnrljo, -fUWI Ci. tfj ffi ^, n. An outlying 

Debarii, TfffS, tti 5R, r.f. To so to a fixed place 

CD business or dutj'. 

Shlten ye debaru, $ IE '^ UJ ® fl-, to go to a 

branch store on business. 

Syn. Shutcho surd. 

Delioso, Tf'<^, IKSSI. »*• A projecting navel; 

umbilical hernia. Tforehead. 

Debltal, -ffui-teth, a 8g, ^fli, n. A projectins 

Syn. Odeko. fpacea. 

Debogayn, "ffra;^*-^, n. [BoC] Cephalotamus dru- 

Deebiyal, -f^MO. tU ]£< "• Missiug a visitor 

by being away from home. 
Dedntia, -fffeil. tli J£, /(.. A branch shop, or store; 

an agency. 
DedeiniiBhl, -CTftr L. (ia4=, n [Snlom.] Snail. 
Desako, "CJitt^, [H ^, n. The time when one is 
Syn. Deshina. L^^boutto leave home. 

Dcgnra, -5**6, n. Q Grounds; dregs; refuse. 
@ The cocoon left by the moth. 
Chanodegara, :^>y^ji'y, tea-grounds. 
Dege. ~£^, v». A little porcelain spoon with a 

short handle. 

Deffirnl, tyev, n. One who dislikes to go 

out; one exceedingly desirous of remaining at 

home. rcutting. 

Degli-e. -eS*h. Si fil. " Scraps of cloth left after 

Deglrl* "CS'ifl, tU ^3J, '*■ Absence of all from the 

bouse ; the state of universal absence. 
Deglwa, S^a.i^W^, n. The point of go*ng out 

Syn. Deshina, Degakb. 
DegoshU "ffi'S L. liitt'?, i. A projecting lattice- 
work, built outside of a window. 
Deguclij, -£<:%, \^U, n. Same as i>cfctic/ii. 
DelKL, TJtt, lilts, n. The opportuoity for going 

Kyakurai ga attt deha ivo iishinatta, Sr^jj/* 
^7 {IJ fiS f^'J^, lost my cbance of going out 
owing to tlie arrival of visitors. 
Debuli-I, •ffHVr'i'- m t£ A. ""•■ Going out and in. 

Syn. Shdtsuntu. 
Dehaua, Tftl'^i tU %. n. Same as Degiwa. 
Debaral. -Ca^V^.tU^, 't- Same as I>eoiri. 
DeharniiT •fftt^.i., fctl Ml. v.i. To go all out; to 

leave none at home, or in an office. 
I>eltodal.-ffa5:?fe\r.|iiSt gj, adv. [coU.] Speaking 
witliout study, reflection, or preparation; 
slving utterance to momentary sentimenta; 

expressing one's thoughts offhand, or at 

Syn. Detabamr. Lrandora* 

Del, "21/^, K, ". 0[Chin.] Mud. ® A paste of 

doughy consistence made of gold or silver dust, 

glue, and water, used as paint. 

Delbotsii, -CVr-^-:?. iSS. "• IZooU] The snappinj 

Deldoi. "ev^tfl^t n. [coll.] One who walks the 
streets for mending jreta, sJioes, and boots («o 
called from his crying del del as he goes along); 
a pariah. 
Delgii, SV'i'i^i^i n. [£oC.] Coral tree. Tfilate. 
DelhanseKi, ■^v^^^■tt&, JSffiS. "• l^liri.] Clay 
DeflilD, ■^V^&^, iE ^. '1- Same as Kondei. 
Deiko, T!\r C, ^46. "• [iioi-3 Same as Deigu. 
Oelkwal, "CV^ < *7V>. M tS- "■ Same as Jjetotu. 
Delnel. -ev>*a\A, iS ». "• i^°d <^- \Chln-\ Q l^eep 
mud. © Very muddy (said of roads). 
Syn. Ndkarumi. 
Delri. -^V-^, dl A. "■ O Going out and coming 
In. @ Credits and debits ; expenditures and 
receipts. © A law-suit; an action. Q A dispute 
or fiuarrel- 

Delri no mono, ffl A -^ #. o°s ^^° ^'^^ '^^^ 
enlrke, to a suporior'R residence for getting 
cu,stom or employment. 
»elrl-cho, ■CV^y)'^-S'5, lU AtS- »■ ■*- ^ool^ "» 
the which debits and credits are recorded; a 
Dolrlalil. -eVviJ) L, [Ji A CT. n. \coll.\ a lawyer; 
one who manages a lawsuit for another. 

Syn. KujiSHi. Tofcoi'ier. 

Dcli-okii. -ev^;s < , iffi S, n. Verdigris; diacetate 
Delsho, Tf\P L^5. iS E, «■ i plasterer. 

Syn. SaiKWAN. 
Deisul. -C\r-^&. iffi '^<. "■ OMuddy water. ©The 
lite of a prostitute. Tdi unk, 
Dcisui. -^V^-it■&. ifiSS, '*■ The state of bein:t dead 
sum, v.i. To be dead drunk; to be exces- 
sively intoxicated. 
Deltnu. -euv■te^, iE^, n. Brown coal. 
Delto, iS±, -CV^ir.'n. Mud; clayey earth. 
Dejlro, -^C^.tiiSI. "• ■*■ small castle built at 
Bome distance from the mam one; an out- 
Syn. DEMARU. Lcastlo. 
Deknkerii. tii'l^Z, Hi IS. v.i. To i;o out. 
DcknHCBl. t^ii>^-^,iiiU' "■ Seeking or gettioB 
employment away from home. 

Dekasegi nl yuku, mflS = 1f ^. to go away 
from home to get employed. 
DefcashI, -C4>L> ^. «■ Triumphant; exulting In 
success; victorious ; suceessful. 

Dekashi gao, 7*3(1 5^ M, triumphant counte- 
nance ; Kondo no koto wa ^Oekashi, ^ K -^ S -^ 
AyA s^i this time (you were) very successful. 




Dekasii, ~Sii>-^, [li 3K, v.t. The causative form of 

Dftknta, •i!*>fe, ^"JS, n. A spy; a secret agent. 

Dekawarl, -ff*»m!), ffi #, n. Q Leaving one's 
house, especially of a servant. @ The debut of 
a new actor; playing another drama. 

Gejo no deTcawari, f^ ^ \^^^}, leaving of 
old maid-servants, and coming in of new ones, 
ShiJjat no dekawaH, S ffi ■> IB @ 'i • change of 

Dek], Tf&.fH^. ■»• O "Workmanship; finish. ® 
Result; effect. © Success; accomplishment. 

Sektftiaekl, |fJJK7^m;K, success or failure; 
good or bad workmanship; Beki ga warui, ffi^ 
iflS>'f, is badly made; not successfnl, 
Syn. Shuttai. 

Doklagarl, -C^3^7j*'!J, Iti ^ i. JSRsft. «■ Finish; 
accomplishment; workmanship; work; produc- 

Deklagarii, -e&^^fttX, HiSSi:. v.i. To be ac- 
complished, finished, or completely made. 

le ga dektagaru, g^ fr|H * ± »-, the house is 
completely made or finished. 

Denial, Tf'&abU', tB JE-^. »• O Ready made; on 
hand. @ United by mutual consent, not 
through a middleman, as a couple. 

Syn. Dekiawase, Ariai. rclothes. 

Doklnl-gl, if^SiU'r. 52 tZ, n. Ready made 

Deklal-inoslii, T?&;?.Vft L. ® M, «- Boiled rice 
not specially prepared, as for a goest. 


Dekjalsnru, tf^i^V^tZ. iSS, v.l. To love in 

an excessive degree. 
Deklakl. tf & ^ ^ , tli * f^ fA tt. n. The autumn 

hai-vest; crops. Ttohave on hand. 

Deklaii. -ei5^-t. Ui 5IE-S-. u-i- To be ready made ; 

Syn. ARiAU. 
DeKlbac-^l^lfC?, ffi SjS IK.". Production; result; 

effect; work; success. 
Dekibae ga nai, Hi ^5 IBf ** M -f . no success; 

DeUbae ga yoi, ffl * iWE itf ^ -f . successful; has 

brought about a good result. Vhugen, 

Deklboslil, Tf&KL, [H * S, «• Same as Deki- 
Deklbotsii sunt. -S^IX^-^Z, i§IK£. vA. To be 

drowned, or to founder. 
Deklbuercn. -e'&.5--l>^, UJ ^^d, iS^, «• O 

One who has suddenly got rich. @ Riches or 

wealth gained by chance. 


Dekldakn, -e&fe*>, ifeffiiS, ■«. The quantity of 
crops reaped or gathered. 


Deklffokoro, -e&£ ^ ;&. [U flEJ&. «■ A sentiment 
of the moment; a sudden thought; caprice. 
Syn. Fdtoshita kokoeo. 

Doliigoto, -ff^aif, tUsS^I. "■ An event; an 
accident; what proceeds from an unknown 

Tonda dekigoto de shlta, ^v^[Bs^53I7'5/^, 
what an accident! 

Dekljliiflh6,'?& t^Li5.n. Patne unDekihugm. 

Deklniono, T^^ft^.SBfP, "■ An nlcer;asore, 
attended with a discharge of pus. 

Deklmono ga dekUa, M'^** Hi ^ *f- »n "leer 
lias formed. 

Syn. FQKIDEMONO, Haremono, Shumotsu. 

Doklrii, -^^^.tii^P, v.i. Same as /Jefcwru. 

le ga dekiru, ^1f iH^J^. the house is made 
(or to be made); Kane ga dekiru, iitjfll'j-^n'. 
money is made; one becomes richer; Ko ga 
dekiru, ^if ^l^n-^ begets Cor gives birth) to a 

DekirL-^^v?, [fi ^, ^^,n. The state of all beinR 
are gone out; tliat no one is left whom one can 

Deklshl. -f 1^ tt!@?E. "• Dying by being over- 
whelmed In water. sum, v.i. To be 

drowned ; to be suffocated in water. 

Dekl-sokonau. Tf^ 5 ttci, lH ^^.v.i. To fall 
to produce the desired result; to bo spoiled in 
making; to be of bad workmanship. 
Syn. SnisONzTTRU. 

Dokl-wnkusiirii, ■??*)< ^5, iSS!.'"-*- [Ghtn.] 
To be too much addicted to; to be enchanted; 
to be under the spell of. 

Dokkp.l.-kii. -ev^'Vr. :^. «■ [coil.] Large ; great; 
big; tremendous; extraordinary 
Syn. Okii. 

»oko, ^-t, j*l!li, "• O A puppet, a doll, ©One 

Deku.Tj < , > who has a projecting forehead. 

Dekubokii, -?< t$<, tl9 l!b. a*lu- [cofl.] Concav* 
and convex; uneven; having ups and downs; 
Dekubokunochi, Efl £i > :^, uneven land. 

Dekucki, ■)-S<%,^ U* ^- A passage way out ol 

Dcguchl. )a place; an exit. 

Dnkii-giitsu, -e < <'-7, He l^F. n. A puppet-player. 

Deku-no-bo, t!<®K5. 'i- Same &b Deko. 

nokuru. -^^X, tij^, v.i. O To produce the 
desired effect; to succeed; to result; to accon* 
plish; to produce; to finish, @ To be able. @ 
To do; to make. QTo be admitted. 

DckH-tSHkal, tK -7>b>U>, "• {coll.'} Same as Veku- 

Dekiiwasii, t?< *5-^, iI5g. "•*• To meet unex- 

Deinae, S"^-^, Hi ft'I. "• Sending food to order 
from a restaurant to one's house. 
Syn. SHiDASHi. 

Demaru, -tfaS.Ui^. "■ Same as iJ^iro. 




Denil»on, ^!^-^^, IB S. "• ^ shaft of lightning; 
a thunderbolt ; a stream of lightning ; a bolt. 

Deiiibo. t!M25i "■ A bully; a noisy; blustering 
overbeai-ing fellow; a dead-head ; taking things 
without paying for them. 
Say. A OTA. 

Domboliadit, ■e^llS5t475l «- [colL] The disposi- 
tion of a bully. 

Dembu, -£^i^, [Ejy:. ""■• Q Katsitobttshi sliced 
into fine pieces and boiled till dry In sfioyu 
sweetened with sugar. @ The flesh of some 
fish, boiled, dried, ground, and boiled again 
till dry, and seasoned with sugar and common 
Bait. fson; a clown. 

Dembu, ^?^i, H^, n. A peasant; a rustic [jer- 
Dembu yajln, [13^^ A, rustics and clowns; 
uneducated persons. 

Deiiibiin, ■^^*^,fiBBg, ■«. Learning by hearsay; 
common talk; a rumour or report. Takes verb- 
forms, fgraphic intelligence. 

Dembuu, -e^^^, fg-S:. «■ a telegram; a tele- 

Dembiit^ii, -e^J*•7, iSS^, n. A precipitate, sedi- 
ment, or deposit. 

Deme, "Cfe, {h HS. n. Projecting eyes. 

Deml'^et t^-fr. Ha fBr "■ -A- branch shop or store. 

Demicii. t^rs', tb ?K. n. A freshet; «, flood; an 

X>ei3iizu ga shtta, ii\:^}f^fc, there was a 
freshet; water rushed over tlie banlv.s. ^nata. 

Deinnia, -e^S, H gi|i, n. [But.] Corchoropsis ere- 

Demo, -£ ?i, conj. and tenioha. And; either; 
whether; or; both; even. 

Asonae mo yoi, j§r'^3-f, he (or you) may 
be idle, or amuse himself (yourself); Hon demo 
mlyd, ^■^T -3. 3 7, let us read (booits); lya 
demo sliifcata ganai, •< ■V5■■*s^A^'//'•^'f . there 
is no help, even if you dislike; Kane demo 
m,okeyd, ^ y-*-^SS-^3i7, let us make money; Ki 
detnochigattanoka. ^^^^^^jf-yfojj , may it 
be that he had his head turned? Ocha demo 
agare, iai5?x^Ti''L-'. please take tea; So demo 
nal, y l>7'*-J-'f , it is not that either; not so too. 

Demo, "Eft, M-. [Chin.] Mediocre; not genuine; 
commonplace; nominal; not real; ordinary; 
barely adequate; interior. 

Demo galcusha, t'^^^, a pedant; a scholar 
of mearge erudition; X>emo isha, r'^Sif, a 
quack doctor; a physician of mediocre capacity. 

Dompasurii, "^ ^a'-^ S , (® S, v i. To be pro- 
pagated; to become publicly known; to go 
abroad, as a rumour or secret. 

Dempatn, ■C^^:fe,EBS. "■ Cultivated fields; 
land under cultivation. 


Deinpo, fA-X S 8/l> S Sli »■ Same as abuva 

Domp5, TfAUri, ^^, n. A telegram; a tele- 
graphic message or intelligence. 
Syn. Denshin. 

Dempo, -r^/u&Jr, ftKii, n. Q Introduction and 
propagation of religious doctrines. @ Religi- 
ous rites or doctrines traaamitted from age to 

Dompo, "CAli'i, fSft, n. A method of preparing 
some quack medicine transmitted secretly from 
a person to another; a secret prescription 
or receipt. 

Deinpu, •e^J?, ffl ^, n. Same as De7nbu. 

Doinpiiii, -e^J^^,i^^, 7i. Starcli. 

Deinpu sum, -e^J:^5, fS /(? , v.t. To make 
known to the public; to propagate. fbelow. 

DeintiBfai, •Ct^i3>x>, [HiS, n. The noun-form of 
Demukai ni yuku, tJii iS — ff ^S'. t*> So out to 
meet, to receive, etc. 

Deimikaii, ■C£pi>i, Hi i£. ^t. To go out to meet, 
to receive, or to welcome some persons coming 

Dcu, -eA, ffl, 7t. O Anything transmitted from 
age to age, or from father to son in writing; 
tradition; chronicle. @ Biography; lite, 

Deu, "E^^, n. [Chin.] Lightning; electricity. 
Syn. INABIKAEI, Denki. 

Deu, -CA.RS, n. [Chin.] Q A palace. ©The after- 
most part; the rear-guard. 
Den ni noboru. ^-^jp, to visit a palace. 

Deu, X'^, B3, n. [CMre.] A rice-field. 
Syn. Ta. 

Deuchi, -G/^%,^'f^, n. An electric battery. 

Syn. DensO. Tpalace. 

Deuchu, ■eA"tlft5.0Ftj. n. A palace; [HC] in a 

Denchn, ^!^'^5, H E. «• [Chln.'\ Same as Den 

Denchu wo koyasu, ffl E ?■ 3E "t^i, to fertilize 
(or manure) rice-flelds. 

Deuao, "^^^-5,SSdt: w.[C/an.] A palace. a castle. 
Syn. Kyuden. 

Deiitlo, t?A;'l25, ®iS. «. Propagation of religi- 
ous truths; mission work. 

Dencio, -£A^:.5,fi?^, n. [Physics.] Conduction. 

Deudobiitsu, -SAJT&Si'-^, ^4 ^, n. [Physics.] 
Conductor. Tcific conductivity. 

Deudodo, -CA^G^^?, fS^ &, n. [Phijscis.] Spe- 

Deiido-Bwalsha, •^^?&5 <'shV L-^. My^t^, 
■n. A missionary society. 

Dondoshl. ■^^ft'5 L. IW jg El, n. A missionary; 
one sent to propagate religion. 

Deiiokl, •eA(f?i&,{S®, n. [Chin.] Sending by 
the mail; an established system of letter- 
carrying; post. 

Denga, "CAM S5 T> i- [coll.] Same as Denka, 

Dengaliu, "CAfi'^ , ffl Jg«, «. O An ancient musi- 




caL and dancing performance originated among 
peasants @ [coll.] Tdfu baked and covered 
with sweetened miso. 

Dengaku wo mau, HSSjf- 7. to play den- 
gakw, DengaJcu wo yaJcu, ffl SB ?■ ig ^, to bake 
or prepare dengaJcu. 
Dengaliu-dofii, '^?^ 

n. See above 
Dcngalkii-lioslil, t! 

|rp, n. A profession- 
al player of den- 

l>eiiB(i, -e ^ &. <W 

Ueugou. ^?^a^, iU 
K. J "• Word con- 
■g, ' veyed through 
a person; verbal 

Dengon wo uku, 
mm^^^, to be 

entrusted with a m ^ ^ W 

verbal message; to be requested to say to 
Syn. KOTOZUTE. Lanother. 

Dtensun. -eACA, KSE. n. [C/iin.] The rear-guard 
of an array. 

Densui-lgneshl. t* A <- 15 t«-^ U. M^. "■ ■*■ 
Bumersault, turning head- over -heels. 


Denjl. ■e^tr, fflJi, n. A cnltivated field; land 
under cultivation. rgiMdrifoUa. 

Donjlso* -C^%-^5.EH^W.SS.1■ [Bot.] Marsiiea 
Syn. Tano^himo- Tpalace. 

DoDjo, -e^C^5.6SJ:. 'I- [o^«-] The Imperial 
Dciijo-bito, -e^e^5C^•i^.^-ilA. 'i- [o&s-l Per- 
SODS wlio, by rank or office, are admitted into 
the Imperial palace. 
Denjii, -CAtB). aifS. "■ Transmitting to ano- 
ther the secrets of an art or a profession; in- 
struction; teaching. Tmstructed. 
Denjuwo ukuru, 13E59^S'>-» to be taught or 

sum. v.t. To teach, etc. 

Denkn, -C^*», Hi?, «■ A farm-house; a rural 
Syn. INAKAYA. Lcottage. 

Donkn, -^^*>, ^T, «- A title of honour and 
respect used in speaking of princes and prin- 
cesses of Imperial blood; H. I. H. (his or her 
Imperial Highness). 

KdtaisJhi denka, ^:;fc?6ST. H. I. H. the 
Prince Imperial. 
Deuka, -£ A.*>. ffl St, ». A rural song. 
Deakel, tAW-v, Q £&. »• [OrnWi.'] Gallinule. 

Syn. KOBAN. 
Deakeu, ■e^iri•^, EB §9. "■ [OrnftA.] The eucltoo. 

DeukI, -e^$, fiSifB. n. A chronicle; a biograghy; 

a historical narrative. 
DenkI, ■^^&,?EM, n. [Physics.] Electricity. 

In-denkl, fiS ^ S. negative electricity ; Netsu 
denkl,^^^, thermo-electricity; Ryvdodenki, 
SEKjS^, galvanic electricity; Todenki, Rglfi®, 
positive electricity. 
Deulfl, "e^&.^SS. "■ An electrical machine. 
I>ollkl-lmnka^-c^gi.'^:^l>V^, ^M.S'M.n. [Phy- 
sics.] Electrolysis. 
Donkl-ds&ino, ^:-^&fea. ^^iS. ?*■ [Physics.] 

Accumulator; secondary battery. 

»onlil-kwo-gi»Siu,■C'^&<ib5ft^<.^E^^. »- 

[Physics.] Klectro-optics. Tscope. 

Ueiiliiiiil, -e^&;5-, ^^|g. ■«. [P/iys(cs.]Electro- 

Dcakiii, -e^^^, H^, ». [not.] Ranumulus 

sceleratus. TElectric force. 

DeiikiryoUu, ■C^@ lO J; < , ^ S& A. 'i- [P'tysics.] 

I>i^iii£lryi>kii-s"ku, -ffA^ V) i < h- < .?Baa*^. " 

[P/tj/sics.] Electro dynamics. fmaUue. 

Douhisoki, ■C^^^&, ^ES. "■ L-^^"0 Tour- 

B>cHl4l-td, ■(!^&if 5i^S':®. 'i- An electric light. 

Denkito wo hiku, ^E')2^3I^. to lurnish 

with electric lights. 

Df^ukl-iinclo-gaB^ii. t;^^ 5 A»5J]'< , ^ i^ iffi IB) 

®. rt. [P/tysics.] p:iectro-kinematJcs. 
Doukwa, -e^<*5,^iA:, w. SameasX'arefcMJD. 
nonkwaEiii, t'A4'<. ffl ^J. ?i- [Orni(/i.] A crane. 
Doiikwo, -e^<475,^it. ". Aflash oflightrng; 
Syn. iKAZuaiA. Llighting. 

Ociiiiyo, -^^W'5.f*?i:l «• Teacliing ot religious 

ti-uths or doctpines; mission; propagandism. 

»enl*y»s*"»'-eA.t^5 L. ffi^Ei?."- Amissionary; 

an evangelist. fPaliidlna. 

Deitru. •^^&.rat?. "■ [Entom.] River-snali, 

l>4Ml^al,-^^t,v^, fiil Jj5, «■ Transmitted or handed 

down from ; inherited; imported; introduced. 

Seiizo denral no tsw^igi, itMfffi?R -^ :^1. a 
sword lianded down to successive heirs from 
an ancestor. 
Deiiraii, ■^^&^,?FS< ^- Your seeing, observa- 
tion, scrutiny, examination, or perusal, (only 
used in letters). 

Go aenran kudasaretakusoro, W^W^T &. 
^ please see, examine, etc 
Doiii-d, ■T?^&5,^!i. "- A porch or vestibule 
at the entrance of a palace or temple. 

Denryo, .-CAKi, [Dia.w. [C/ifii.] Huntrng. 

siirii; v.t. To hunt. Tfietd 

Ya ni denryo su, ^ = [H !El ^. to hunt in a 

»CIlsall,^:'^S^, Effi. "■ The produce of a rlce- 

fleld;rice; grains; cereals; corn. 
Dbnscf. -e^^^^, 0SS. "• Same as Dengon, only 
used in lelters. 
, vonsen. T^^^, ^SS- '*■ A telegraph wire. 




Doiisen* T? ^^ ^, IS QJ. n. Infection; spreading 

or prevailing, as a disease. suru»ul. To 

spread ; to be infectious. 

DonscnBiyo, Tf A-t ^t^•■^ 5 ■ 18 ^^. n. [3fed.] An 
inTectious disease; a,n epidemic 

Densetsu, T? A-ft-7, fff^. n Tradition ; report or 
rumour transmitted from age to age, or from 
one to anotiier 

DenHha, tA.l^tS-^, w. O A rural cottage. 
©The country; a rural district. 

Dnnslia, '^A-L^,9S-^' "■ A palace. 

Itonslia* -C^L■*!'1 fi5Si 't- Repeated copying. 
Den&lia no ayamari, fffS ^g?, errors made 
in copying. 

Doiishnltnu. -c?^L■^*'^. H -0 i6, "• {Chin.) 
People from the country; a rustic; a clown. 

DonstilH. t^Al/v, ffiji, n. O The telegraph. 
@ A telegram. 

Denshiii wo kakefu, 1^ jf 9-gl'^A-, to send a 
telegram; Denshlii luo iitsii., CtMl^JT'-^* Same 
a* above. 

Di^nslifiiki, SA.LA.^.'^i-BW.n. The telegraph. 

Deushiii-Kialio-iU, -?A LA& L^5&, ^ti g.fe 
^, n. lF7i.ysics.] Tt'lemeteofograph. 

Donsliiii-ai-tva. -f^ LA < ih. ^ it 31, :*. Tlie 
Sefftion of'l'elegraphs. 

Deiisliiii-looKn. -CA c.Agi<, 1^ Jg, n. A 
telegraph oftice. fDensen (^ i^). 

I>pu«ililn-Neii, rALA^A, W\^^< '"• Same as 

UeiKlto, -CAL'^5, RS .t, w Same as Deiijo. 

neiiiBiio ^iirii, -eALi5:^S, fi?^, w i. To hear 
from another. 

I}ciiKi!o-tori.<!i)iiinari, -^^A L^5 if! >!) LS. "J), 1^3^ 
K gS- "• The superintendent of the keepers of 
the Ptiace. 

nensltB, -CA L l^) 5, fS ^. ?>. Learning the 
various branches of l;nowledge; tuition; in- 
struction. — siii'ii, ii.f. and (. To be taught; 
instructed, or trained. ffee. 

l>cn.sliur}d, T!ALt^5H5. fS^r4. "- Tuition 

I>clll^o, TA5 5, ^tS- "• S^me i>i^ Doirhi. 

Ueiiso, tiA.^, mU, n. [C/nn.] Same ap. ClUso. 

IteiiMo. "SA?. IB®, n. [2oyi.] Amole. 
Syn. ugi;r.*mochi. 

Denso. t A =S 5. f|?^, »• An uNicial in t!ie 
Imperial Palace whose office it was to hear any 
statement of a dal'inyo and report to the Em- 

Deusdiiwnii, -ffA ^ 5 < 45A, fiS^SB. «• A man- 
Bionin the enclosi'-'u of the Sliogunate castle 
furnished ?,a lodgings for a Aenso, and lus 
.luite. rD^ntatsu suru. 

Denso suru, T? A 5 5 "if" 3. flSJS. u.'-- Same as 

Ueneu, -CA,^. MftfQ. 7>. The keeper ol a temple. 

Dcntaltu, •e^'fe<, ffltg, n. Cultivated fields «* 
dwaJling houses. 

Dentntsiisoi, T?Afe-7*v^. 8! iiS, «. [PAysfcs.J 

Doiitntsii siini, "CAfe'^'^S, JiSi^. t' (■ To send 
goods or messages by transmitting them from 
one person to another till tliey reacli their des- 

Syn. TsuDATsu suru. fabove. 

DoiitCl sum, t ArCV-itZ, fflE iS, v t. Same as 

Deiito, -^Al^?, B3wl- «■ [Chill.] The places near 
or about a rice-field. 
Syn. Ta no HdTORi. 

Doiito, -SA,'£3^iUt"£ n. [Bmia.'] Bning fully in- 
structed in the doctrines ol Buddha :[(((.] trans- 
mitted light. 

Doiitr». -ffAirS.^JS. «• Same as 2)fijit'7o 

Dent6-li6sIit,TrAi^5tt-J-L. fS^Si'iBiS. "■ [Budd} 
A Buddhist saint. 

Dento-lovnJshn, "C A^5 < i^V L^^, S® i& St, n. 
An electric light company. 

Dentsiikii, -J A"? < - SS 1^ ^. « [Bo(.] Kriocaulon 

Deii-K, ■^A5.K?. «■■ [C;if7i.j O A BuddhiMt or 
Shinto temple. © A mansion. 

Dcnwn. i^A,^, ^ S, n. Speaking by means of \ 

Demva de kyiiyo wo tsutaeru, ^ ^ 7' it ffl -73 
'^?^, to telephone an urgent busineK5 

Dcn^va.-M, T?A*??, ^TK t8. n. Atelephone. 

Doiiwa-Jo, -^A*? ti. ^^fiff, ■"■■ Atelephone 
call office. 

Don wa-Kok wan-jo. ■ffA*^*' 5 <ibAti.®S5$ 
Jg ^/(, Tt A telejihone exchange office. 

Dcn>'a. ■^A-'\^.IHW. 'rt- [C'/ifM.] A field, either cul- 
tivated or uncultivated. 

ncir>oi>, T^AS.'., ffl S. "■ [C/iin.] Fields and 
gardenp. Plantation; a cultivated estate. 

Dcn>u, -2Al*5,fSSJ: ■«. [C'.'ii?!.] Same as Den- 

Derarrrn, -ff^K^.tH, v.i. '.Co be able or fi-ee to 
go or come out. 

Dero, Tj^.i?;^, n. [Bat.] Populus snaveoleiu. 

D(^r<». t;:^, yj, u./. liie imperative lorm of Deru. 

Dorofo, -C^ t.^5,-:ga75. 'i- [Bot.] Tiie prickly 

Dei'oyaiiaKt. Tf^-^-?C^, t [Bot.] Cotton wood, 
Popuivs suaveoltns. 

Dorii, -CJ, lij, r.f. O To go out; ^o iP.^ue for(h; 
to proceed from. @ To be published; to be- 
came known. © To appear; to become conspi- 
cuous; to rise. 

C'htye ga aeru. S'^ifltiJi-. to become in- 
telltgent, as a cliild; to tliink of alternatives; 
Sa ga deru, tiif%n', the leeth appear, said of a 




child; Sana ga den*, Aititf tU *-. to have a 
runniDg at the nose; Bito ga deru, Kif^H', 
people coma forth; Boko ni deru, ifltS-^ [H »-, 
to goto serve; Ii'ogaderu, fi *• ttj n-. colonra 
come out; to be dyed well; Kao nl deru, 0=;tH 
»-, to appear on the face; Mega deru, ^ffl^jn-, 
buda make their appearance, 3£izu ga deru; 
<#t J/* m fl-t water overflows, as the banks of a 
river; Seken ni deru. Htfig = HJ »-. to go forth 
into the world ; to become widely known ; Shim- 
tun nl deru, Jff B8 — Hli'. to appear in the news- 
papers; Umamigad&ru,^^if^n,, to become 
Bweet; U^ni ga deru, ^if % n., pus oozes out, 
Useinono ga deru, ^o^if \^ fu, lost thinRs 
reappear; Yanl ga deru, fli *" tU n-, rosin (or 
Berection) exudes ; Yo ni deru, -ffi: — tti »., to be- 
coTiie famous in the world; to so out of a 
prison ; Ima deru tokoro desu, ^ UJ »- ^ r' :^, 
is about to go out. 

Desai£n.rl. -g34»'!l. Hi ^> '*• Persons or things 
being out in greatest numbers. 

Bito no desakari, A> tU^i the time when 
the greatest Dumber of people comes forth. 

OesnkI, -CSg, HJ 56, «. The place where one has 
gone to 

DeBhabnru, T! L-^tf 3. u i. [coi/..] To obtrude ; 
to enter when not invited; to be Insolent; to 
begin to talk without hearing out others. 
Syn, Desugiri , S^shidbru. 

Deslif, ■£ L. 56 ?, "■ A pupil; an apprentice; 
a disciple; a scholar; a novice. 

Syn. MONJIN. MOKSKI, Montei. 

Deslil-liSbal, -C t a 5 tf V*. ^ n. n- Same as 

Deslil-lr], t; lV/^ V, A n> »- Entrance to an esta- 
blishment as a pupil, a novice, or an appren- 
tice, fpupil of a teacher, 
Deshilrt vjo suru, AH ^^S-t to become a 
Syn. Ntfgakf, Nyumon. 

D^nbi-loodai* "CLS^SfeV^. U^^<n. Fellow- 
pupils; apprentices in the same establishment; 
Syn. AiDESHi. Lschool -mates. 

Dosliinia, t*L-%> '"" Same as below. 

Desliina. -£ L^, «. The point of going out or 
making appearance ; the time when any person 
or thing is about to come out. 

Deshlo, t* LU, tU i^. "• The flood-tide. 

Dead. "CSS, a. \cont>. of Deru, to come out, 
and so, likely.] About to come out; likely to 
appear or to be produced. 

Bashita ga a^^so da, igT** ffi 1^ !> ^, some 
fractions are likely to come out; Bebl no deso 
na yaDu. «S > 7-' * B' ■?■ K. a thicket where 
Bnakes are likely to appear; Kinomegadeso 
da, i^^^lf^^^if, the trees are going to bud. 

Desorou, "ff 5 ^-t. JIJ JSJi v.i. To come out a/1; to 

leave none behind; to hare none unopened. 
Hlto ga desorou, A ** |ij KJ 7, ail pprsons hare 

come out; Inaho ga desoroUa, SfSiT lii JH 7 *, 

the ears of rice have all sprung i'orth. 
Desii, Tj-j". [less polite form of De gozarimasu; 

synonymous with Be arw.] 
X OASU, 7—t:^, it is that way; AmegafurisH 

desu, fS V lis V 1*- IC 5' 51, it threatens to rain; 

Dekisodesu, t±l ^■^'X't':^, it will be possible; it 

promises to be successful; Do d£su ne, Kf^ 

^^, how is it? how do you dot Ko desu, =1 Jr 

^ 7i, it is this way; So desu, ^Vv^^i. it is so; 

Sorewa iriyo desu, y u-'-^Affl^^. that is useful. 
l>nsiiffl-inono, "^-^^ftO, tH iii If . n. One who is 

too audacious; an intruder ; an insolent fellow. 
Syn. Deshabari-mono. 
Dosiigirii, Sir^Zy^i^, v,i. To intrude; to bo 

too audacious; to interfere too much ; to be in- 

Detaclil, ■Cfe'^.tHi:, ■«. Setting out; departure; 

starting on a Journey; leaving a place. 
Syn. HossoKU, Shuttatso. 
Dotag:iru, Tjftij'^. v.t. To desire, or to be apt 

to go or come out. 
Detarainc, -fife 6», tt SI. «• icolL] Same as De- 

Detatsii. Tfte"?, v.i. To begin to be out; to start 

off; to depart; to set out- Tshop boy. 

Detdii. -J -v "^i TfS. /his. n. An apprentice; a 

Detchi-boko, TffiSgi^. apprenticeship; Del- 

chi-kozd, TtS/h fif. Icoll.'} an apprentice boy. 
Detclil, -C -^ "^.al^ —. IE— . n. Presenting the 

marked one of the two dice used in a game of 

Dctclilri.-ff-jf!),". icon,} A projecting buttock. 

Syn. Degetsu. 
Detcliiru. -S'j%Z,iS., v.t. [coli.] To knead (as 

flour with hands). finto dough. 

Kona wo detchlrUt ^ f- S /t, to work flour 
Syn. KONERU, Netasu. 
De3'6,T!-^5, n. QA passage by which to go 

out; how to go out, @ The manner of speak- 
ing; conduct; terms of stipulation. 
Sakt no deyo sjiidai de kochira nimo deyo ga 

aru, 5E^7'Vl>=Jca;7-'itb::5=*7'-VB'ir7'fl', what 

they say will determine our reply. 
Oeyojo, -e-^ 5 C-^ 5 , ffl M ^. "- Going out for 

recuiting health; visiting adistant place for tha 

benefit of ^lealth. suru, v.t. To go ou( 

for recruiting health. 
Deyu, -C Wj, iS SI, "• A hot-siiring. 

Syn. inETD, Onsen. Tcimq 

DCBUiiie, -C5**. tU ^> "• Going out for the fir^ 

SJiolm gvmi no dezome, >iSEfiffl> til J?, firo 




mQn'B going about the streets in ordered ranks 
on the 4th day ol'the new year. 

Do, )&, ffi, «. O A degree or the 360th part ol" the 
circumference or a circle. @ A division or 
Interval marked on a mathematical or other 
Instrument ©Extent; meisure; degree. Q 
Repetition. © A period of time, ffl Quantity 
eaten or drunk at a time 

Do-do no koto, S v > Si things repeated 
many a time; Do wo hakaru, SE ^^ M ft-, to 
measure; to adapt to ruqiiirements; Do wo 
sugosu, \S.^ i^'T., to take more than sufficient; 
to go to excess; to be intemperate; Do wo kasa- 
7iuru, ft ?■ 3i :sr fl', to repeat; Do wo moru, jgf- 
55 fl-. to graduate, Do wo ushinau, ig^^"7, 
to be out of rule or measure; to be irregular; 
InsJwku no do vjo sessuru, ffl; ^ ^ l.t? ^ t-B :^ JJ- , 
to observe temperance in eating and drinking; 
Maitlo, ® (g, every time; very frequently; San- 
do ni ichl-(lo, H K = — K, once in tliree times; 
Syn. Tabi, liODO, Kagiri. Loccasionally. 

Do, '£■, ®, n. A bamboo basket used for catching 
fish, especially eels. 

Do wofuseru, ^J-^^tn-, to place a fish bas- 
ket in a river. fslave. 

Do, i?, tSi )'. A servant; a menial; a domestic; a 
Do to naru, iR h ■?- »-, to be enslaved; to be- 
come a servant. 

Syn. Shimobr, Yakko. 

Do, ^, teniolia. Though; if. 

Toeilo kotarzu, fQ |i' ^ -^ >C, though askeO, 
docs not answer, 

DS, ■^S.M 'I. O Tlie trunk of the body; tlie 
main part of a system. @ That part of an 
armour which is over tlie trunk. 

Do no ma. IM --' RB. middle part of a ship be- 
tween the fore and mizzen masts; To.iko no do, 
^M '^ Mt the hollowed cylinder of a drum. 

D6, \e5.^. n. [Mln.] Copper. 
Syn. Akagane, 

D6, >«5. M. ?*■ A cylinder for holding dice, used 
in the game oisugoroku. 

Do, 1&5,^, ". Same as i)o (S). 

Do, x-5, adv. How; what; why; please. 

Do da, VVif, [coil.] how are you P how or 
why is it? Do dai-d, WHyy, how will It be? 
D~> dsmo a, n' Pt^* -f ■. , it does not matter how 
it is; Do dvnio nai, |VE'5'^?--f , it has no affect; 
It Is nolning, or of no consequeoce; Do 
de shikata ga nai, ^ "^ 7* i/-^ »if -i- ^ , there is 
no help ; Do iu wake da, ytV-i VWit . for what 
reasonT why ? iJo i« ftito fca, \< ^ i y Kij > yi\\7iX 
kind of man is lie ? Do iu -mono da ka, }? p-s:y^ 
^itlj, what is it, or what Is it for ? i)o iutemo 
yoi, fXf-iy 7% 9-^,1 don't mind what he says 

of It ; Do nlka, ]iXf~i7, in some way; some- 
how; Do mo mazul, Y^^^y'-i , not woU done; 
not nice or sweet (dnmo merely emphasizes); 
Du-mo shdchl wa itasaren, p IP^^^-'^S* 
L-^, cannot assent to anyhow; Do nari 
to-mw iVashimasho, Fiy-j-y h^Ss/vs^-yflf, 
we shall see to it in some way ; Do naruka 
wakaran, \t B'-?'7i'J!7^'7j^, what follows 
Oiow it will eventuate) I cannot tell; i)3 
nimo naru, F 5?= ■^e •?-»•, can be turned aay 
way ;i?o nam monoka, K^f-j-ji,^-^*, wliat will 
follow? what will be the consequence? D~^ sliiyd 
Tie, KC'S'SB'?-. what shall (we) do? Do shite 
iruka, 1" i'i/T'f ;^:^, how is he (or are you) 
going along v Do shtta koto ka 7ie, y^'py ^^jj^, 
what 13 the matter? D't shltara yokaro, Kfrix^ 
9 3.ij 7 I?, what shall we do ? what shall be our 
present policy? Do suru nodaro, y^Xfy^ii-^i^^ 
Xf, what is (he) about? how is he to proceedl 
Do totno naru, [i" B- h^-J-ji-, Same as -£>j nimo 
naru; DTi tohio suru ga yoi, k V \-^z^n-if3. 1, 
do it anyway you chuosQ; Do yarakTi yara yuki- 
Timsfio, )« ly-V^^ i>-V7a.^V5/a B*, it will be 
effected in some way or other. 

D6, >e5, ^, n. and a. [C/tin.] Samenes.-?, identity; 
similarity; close resemblaQce; similar; analo- 
gous; Same. 

Do-banchi, IqlSJiJi, the same uuinber; Do- 
cho, [rJWJ, the same wai-d or street; Do-iial, [pj 
!l£, fellows; mates; companions; Dojitsu, [Hig , 
the game day; Do-fcatu, Iq^fg, (a) the .same 
rank; similar qualifications, (6) [Grajn.] the 
same case; Dokoku, [qf g, the same country or 
province; l>d-myo, |q]^, the same name; one's 
namesake; Do-nen, \p}^-, the same year; Do- 
nln, fqj A, the same person; Do set, ISJ^i, one 
who has the same family name; Do-seki, |^ K, 
sitting in tlie same room ; Do-to, fg) ^, the same 
rank or class; equal; Do yd, iqj^, the same 
manner; similar; analogous. 

Syn. Onaji, Onajiki, Onnaji. 

Do, 7c-$.i£, ■"■ O A road, path, or passage. @ 
Doctrine; philosophy; tenet; religion, truth. 
@ A group of provinces. 

Doro, iggg, a road; a highway; Butsu do, 9 
jg, the Buddhist religion; Buddhism; Hokkai- 
do, 4tifiia, the Hokkaido; Judo, iSiS. the 
philosophy or instructions of Confucms. 
Syn. MiCHi, OsHiB. 

Do, ?&5, ^, n. O A temple or shrine. @ A hall. 

© A church ; a chapel. fa chapel. 

Hond^, $lg, tlie main building of a temple; 

Do, "iS, ^, n. {CMn.'\ tl An ancient bow used for 

throwing stones; a kind ot catalput. @ Strenu- 

6yn, isniYUMi, Otumi. ;,ou8 exertion 




Do, )&, ±., n, Hnd a. Q Earth ; ground. @ Native ; 
aborigine; local. Q ITistic 

D5* >£5, Si **■ [O/iln.] A ihild or youth. Mostly 
us^d in composition. 

Sytt. KODOMO, WARAMBE. fhorse. 

Doba» >fttf , Si ffi, 71. [C%in.] A slow or worthless 
Kirin mo oyureba aoba nl otoru |g 6K ^ ^ -71^ 
^ S IS — ■& J^l [lit,.] even a unicorn, when oUl» 
becomes inferior to a pad (olten used figura- 
tively), fassemble. 

Doba., i«li, n. A place or house where saniblers 

Dobaclil, '&^[£%,^^, n. A copper bowl. 

Dobncbi. ^^;*t,±iE6, n. [Entom.'] BumHe-bee. 

Dfibnu. ?&5tfA, ^#. n. Same as Domori. 

DSbnu, le-^tf ^, 1 fp] #, n. Accompanying. 

Ddliiiii. ^'■5tt^, 'aui'H. v.i. To accompnny. 
Go rto/ia?! itas/ifmas/40, ffll Ici) f^iS:5/"7?/3Sf, I 
shall accompany you; Go dnhanwonegalmasu, 
ifll [^ fi^^ ES t-7>t, please take me with y'vO. 

Dfibau, ^5y:^,53^^, ■"■ [CWn.] A copper oasin. 
Syn. Kanadaeai. 

^5ban. >?5k);^,S'3)[5. n. A copper-plate. 

Dobaii-sbl. ^5l^^L. ai^lSBiS, «• A copper plate 
sculptor or engraver. 

DOban-yo, >&5ff^fe, S3ffiffi, n. Copper-plate 
engravings, or pictures. 

Dobau-xiirl. »5H:^^'!J. SSJiRffl, n. Printing 
from copper-plates. 

Dobiishl, ^-ffL.i^.w- A bridge built of earth. 

DobasO. ^[f5 5.±lfl®!. ^- [.Bot.1 A moss. 

l>obato. >&a^,S6. "■ [Ornttli.] Dove. 

DobnttJiuliC, ^tjy-7fr?-. )±^. n. Fastening the 

Dobarltsiiko, ^e-tfifl-^i*, Monr limbs of an offen- 
der or a criminal to the ground with nails, and 
afterwards killing him by shooting an arrow. 

Dobel, ^^'^V', J:^. n. A tvall built of earth. 

Dobl» ^tN', SfeSit, n. [Bot.] Rvfus rosl/olius. 

DobI, »u?, SiS. «■ [5oi.] The white rose. 

Dobln, ^t^•^, ±^ «• An earthen tea-pot. 

Dobin no tsif/ru, ±)Si^(i*, the arched handle 
of a tea-pot. fa tea-pot. 

Dobl«-ahilil,>ct^•^[,$.±liS!;;< "■ Astandfor 

DobO, "£5125. St!?. «• A fool in the employ of 
a noble ; a buffoon ; an inferior page. 

D6b0, >«5H!5, 1 I^DB. ■'*• Brothers; brethren; 

D&bo, ^5115, ' companions; compatriots; 


Dobo fcyodaf, I^SSK*. brethren; brothers; 
TenTca no dobo ni utto, ^T^^SS^'eS^. to 
appeal to all the brethren of the woHd, 

Syn. Harakara. rtmpertalis. 

D5bokiU«9ia:<. n^.m, »». IBoL] Pauloxvnia 

Dobolciu ^ia:<. fiXffi> "■ ■*• servant, menial, 
domestic, or slave. 


DObokti. i«--5l9;< , {3 fK, n. A servant boy. 
Dobokii, \« S; <. J: ^, 1. An engineering wort 

Doboku wo oko-^u, ±:^ -y- i^:X, to cominenct 

an engineering work ; to begin to build. 
Syn. FusiiiN. Sakuji. 
• obokii-kwa. >cl3; < < *?, ± :^T H, n The Sectioo 

of Engineering. 
Bobnkii-kyokit, ^IK < 1^ i(, ±:^ ^, ii. The 

Bureau of Engineering. 
»obokii-kant»ki;-slii>, ^^3:<*»^^< Lt. it* 

^^S". "■ Tti6 Office in Charge of Engineering 

»oboau-slil, ^tS< L. ±TJ^C'S. "■ *■ civil engi- 
Dobii, >c. ^, )3, 71. A ditch, drain, Rower or trench. 
Bobu wo sarau, ® 9- ^ v, to clean out a 

DobiKlubii, ^'it^j*, adv. [coll.] An adv. u.sed 

when speaking of a belly full of liquiJ, as after 

drinking a great quantity of water. 
Dobiigal. ^Jt/)S\/>, fij-, n. [Condi.] Fresh water 

Same as Hanten and 


nObiiku, ^5J«<.IE3 

DobuVii, ;t'?-S*<, 
^f)g. 71. A dress 
worn by philoso- 
phers and other 
learned men; an 
overcoat for- 
merly worn by 

Dobiikur> 0, ^» 

n. [Bot.] China- 

Uobiiro»>ejt;5. ±» GS BS3 

fifi, n. An earthenware bath-tub. 

Dobiiroku, «Jt;s<. @^. n [coll.] Same as 

Doburiil, ^$>^l^,BgfII, n. Shivering; shakinff 
quaking; trembling. 

Samusa ga tsuyokute dZburvi ga sum, !$ tf j| 
^5^ Wi^if^}^^ to shiver with intense cold. 

Dobusaral, ^>? &V> ^i@#i n- One who cleans 
out a ditch. 

Dobusaralr ^>^ G U*, % [[g ^. ii" A machine 
used in cleaning out a ditch or river. 

Dobutsu, "■&y'^,%^,n. Anything slow, worth- 
less, stupid, or useless. 

Dobutsii, «5J*-3,S(l1ft, ». Ananimah 

Dobutsii, ¥>-7,±^, n. A clay Buddha; « 
Buddhist Idol made of clay. 
Byn, TaucHiBOTOKK. 




Dol>iit»4ii-you, ^5>-7£.^, if) 43) gQ, n. A zolilo- 

gical tiiirden; menagorie. 

D5t)iitsu-sakii, ^9^-7tl'<. ^^^.n. Zoology; 

natural history. fn. A zoologist. 

Dobutsu-gakualia, »5J*r?t)t< t.-^, ^^^^, 

Dobutsii-lionoffuml, '£'-5Ji^-o^iXi'^.^UB^. 

n. A specimen of the bony framework of an 


DobyakiisltS, iecv-^<2t-^5, i'SJ^, «. [coll.] A 

neeOy faraier; an indigent peasant. 
DObyo. i£-5tA'J^5, fnl ||?3, n. The same disease, 
sickness, or weakoess. 

DTibijo ai awaremu, I^i^JgfiS, to pity one 
who has the same disease. 
Dob.vosbl, i5tK-^5 L. If^^^T. ^- Cymbal a used in 

religious rites. 
Dochaliii, ^S -^C , ±iff, «. Living on one's 

own estate or land. sum, v.t. To live on 

one's own land; to settle. 
Doclii&liu-uo-bpi, )£'h'^<0-~'\f^, ±^- ^ ^. n- 
A soldier who lives on his own estate, subject 
to being called out to duty by his lord. 
Dflrbakii sum, 1«$1;^<-^S, ffi^, v.t. To con- 
flict with; lobe contradictory. 
D5cbf . ^5t, S¥tl, n. Children under ten years 
of age; infants. 

Syn. KODOMO, OSANAGO, Wabambe. 
Docbl, )£:%, ipron. Where; what directiou or 
I>otcbi,tf-y"5, ' [jlace; which way. 

Eho ivadotchl, TS-Z^ ■'••y-ji', which way is the 
SyiL IzDKF, IzuRB. ie/to? 

Dochi, '^%, ^, /*. Icoll.'] Same as Do-shi. 

Onna dochi, ix ft, Same as Onna doshi ; Otol^o 
dochi, ^ ^, Same &s Otoko doshi; Ofrio dochi, 
S "7 ^' lovers, Itiends; Omowanu dochi, ,§.-"• 
3<^, in different parties; Wahaki dochi, g- 4ft, 
the young only. 

Syn. DoSHi, Nakama, tsuee. 

Docblkngaiiii. ^ *^4> ftt ;^, ^Jcglf, n. {Bot.'] Hy- 

arocJuzris asiattca. Tway; who; which. 

Docblrii, )&% &, ^-^,pron. What direction; which 

Dochira ga viakeru ka, ^ "ji if % -y n^ ■)] , who 

will lose? which will be defeated? Dochira ga 

yol ka, ^-^ ■ifti^'iii, which is better? Dochira 

demo yot, fl"^ r-^'iF-fi any one will Ao\ Dochira 

nl okuka, f\:^~ Z.-^i}. ■where do (yon) put it? 

Dochira ni svru ka, ^:^ ^ z^n-ij. which will 

(you) take? Dochira nimo inal. ^ -^ ^ ^ fl ^ 

-J , he is no where to be found; Dochira e yuku 

ka, ^■^•^\f^:fj, where do(you)go? Tta. 

Syn. DOKO, Dore, Izuee, Izcku, Izuka- 

D5clil Slim, ^ ^%-?-Z, U9^, v.t. To penetrate 

imentaily); to understand in full; to perceive 

well. fordatned Budd. priest 

Ooclio, tf-T-t, ffiJS?. ". -A. diploma given t« an 

ndcha, )&i%(/i3^, S+. ?t O Travelling; Journey. 
@ The land or water by which one travels. 
Naga ddchu, g ^ 43, a long Journey. 

. siiru, v.t. To travel. 

DocbDki, ^.5't(fl)5S, ig Ft' iE, n. A guide-book; 

a book for travellers in which are recorded the 

routes, celebrated places, hotels, inns, etc. ; a 


a>6chn-uil*l.i, 7i:-5'tt*5l^7&. iS* S i&, n. The 

daily notes taken by a traveller. 
Dorliu-slii.7£5"^B>5L,ia4» ^.n. O A traveller 
@ Porters or coolies on the higliway. g) A 
Docbasiisoroku, T-_^% 5ir^ ^< ,^t^ Sg ;*?. n. 
A game played witli a die in wliich one wins by 
reacluug the capital first, going by a certain 
route. fwork, or irainework 

Uocliil, '£'7<'\r , :t ^ , '*■ A foundation, ground 
Dodai siitta, ±^T, under the groundwork; 
Dodal wo sueru, ± ^J^ f-^ '^ ;t, to lay a foun- 
dation. Caquatlcus. 
Dodalwo. ^;t'\ri5 5, ±:A: ti?, ". [Hot.] Rumex 
Uddau, )&^7&A.,MfS, n. The same thing, (Jitto. 
Gongododan, s ^ 13 Ef. [coll.][lU.]thQ sameaa 
words, [;I(/.J vex'y bad or iusolent, Mtgi dodan, 
fefKlBf. the same as above or before; Zen 
dodan, 3? ^ ES. the same as before. 
Dodo, ^51^5, adr. and a. Roaring (especially 
said of the rushing sound of wiml or water). 

JUisu ga dodo lo nagaru, ■A<.jj'\f'iff:pt'Sk»', 
water rushes on roaring. 
D5do, 555:^-5, f^ iS. 't- Same as Xiy/ta/i. 
Dodo, TH^TC:^.^^, a. Splendid, grand; eml 
nent; majestic, iUusti'ious; imposing; solemn; 
important; well regulated. 

y>ddonojiii, ^'^.^W' a. grand military dis- 
play ; a regular battle-array ; Dodo taru shinshi, 
^^ ft li-P^ i, an illustrious gentleman. 
Dodo, ^^.. ^ iz, adv. and a. Often, frequently; 
repeatedly; irequent; not uncommon. 

Dodo hanasu, & fi iS :^, to speak often ; to 
refer to frequently; Dodo mairimashita, g^ 
£:VV5/^, went many times; Dodonokoto, ^ 
V -^gi. frequent occurrences. 

Syn. KOTOGOTO, Tabitabi, Tsudotsudo. 
Dodoitsii, '^^V>'7, 3ft '^ ^. "■ A species of po 
pular song,; clownish 

Dodun. •)&)&/u,U^, c- Stupid; foolish; worth 

Dodon na yatsu, S$E -^ iR, a stupid fellow. 

Dookl , ^i5C7&, M,^. n. A post-station, fners 

DofD. ';ei5. ± W,, n. The local customs or man 

Dofft ga yof, ± Pt i;* (if I: , the customs an« 

manners (of tlie place) are good ; DofH ni narasu^ 

± JK = lfl!| ::^ , to mrake familiar with the local 

customs and manner; to acclimatize. 




nofii* >ei, ^SJffi. "• {Cldn.] The treasury. 
Dofiiii* l«i^, HW. «• See Funao. fa baby. 

nOsnl. «5i)?V/^, aiS.w- [C/U7?.]An infant; a child; 
DA^nkii, ;t-5jj*<,2S». «■ Ethics; moral phflo- 

Bophy. rethica. 

Dogaku sensei, 3£*ft#=. a professor of 

Dogakii. )&^tit<,^^, n. Q A Bchool-Tnate. @ 

Learning in the same school, or under the same 

Dogaku no tomo, ^ ¥ > :£, school-mates. 
DoffHiiia-Eiiml, ^ft'a?'^', ±fflg^, n. A kind of 

charcoal which is very light and easily kindled. 
Syn- Rakuda-zumi. 
Dognine. >eft?i/>, |£, n. [Zool.'] A snapping turtle. 
Dogainft-basii. ^^bfUb^/Si; n.[Boe.lThefrogbit, 

Hyarocharis asiatica, 
Do^aiiiiie-Kurii, )&^ii'ib:>'Z,^f^, n. [Bot.] Meta- 

plexls Stauntoni. 
DAgiuie. ^^aitltM^, n. A metal band put 

around a package or other things* 
Do^rane-biiiiibuii, >£•$j!)t|^J:^J(^, 71. [Entom.'] 

A beetle, Euchlm^a cuprea. 
Pogarai^lil, l«i)t& L.3?K, «. [£o(.] GastroHla. 
Dognza, ISVJ-?'. JiTffi. «■ Sitting down on the 

ground and bowing. 
Dogl. 5«-5^, HIS, ". An under-garment; aghlct. 
Wogi, ^5^,KJKt ■". A motion; a suggestion. 
Z>0)7i wo okosUf ®] HI?- @ ^. to make a mo- 
tion (parliamentary); Klnkyn aogt, K li: fi) K. 

an urgency motion. 
nogl. ^^, ± g, ». The staple products of a place 

or locality. fdistrust. 

DogI, -^-S^T. iK!^. ". Doubt; suspicion; anxiety; 
Dogi . ;t 5 !^, ^ ^. «. Ethical or moral principles. 
Dogl-giiUii, f&^'^ti<,^&l^, n. Sameasi^o- 

qixku (^ ^). rside. 

Doglrl, ^^i^ii), fi||^j[J, ■". Cutting the body at the 

■ Syn. TSUTSt'GIRI. 
Dogo. ^ii*5.Jii^. "• A rich farmer; a local 

grandee; a landed proprietor. Rage. 

D5go, ^5j)*5, Ir] i@B. w- The same county or vil- 
Dogo, fe5ii<5,^SS. "• Asurname, asofascho- 

lar or stationer. fber raioga. 

Dogouso. i?£^■3 5.$tlSj^. ■«• [^o(.] The zengi 
Dogosiiitgii, ^aLr?.± + EE, n. TBoM .^cAyran- 

t/^^s hidenZata. 
DugD, )e^5> ii 'IS< J Aclayimageor 

Dogujin,. >e<-5CA.±lPSA, ) " idol. 
Dogti, f^5<r^^^l »*• Tools; instrumeots; uten- 
sils; furniture. Tor furniture. 
I>6gu-date» ;&5<':fe'C, S AaH;, n. Stage scenery, 
Dogu-mocbl, ;^5<' <& %,^M-^, '"'■ OSameas 

Yarimochi. @ One who carries a. paper en- 
sign (niatoi) at a fire. 
n6s*^'atkl, )&3<rL,^AU. n. O One who de- 

corates a stage ; one charged with the getting 

up scenes on a stage, g The manufacturer ol 

tools, furniture, etc. 
Dogusiirl, ^5<rirV),>xm^ ■"■• Gunpowder. 

Syn. KWATAKU, Tamakusuri. 
Doguaiirl-Ire, >55 et«\/^H. !/C^ffi. rt. A gun- 
powder flask. rfurniture, toolfl, etc. 
Dogiiya. ?&5<--^,iS#g, n. One who deals in 
Dogwaf, >&<-toVv, ^ff{, n. Putting aside as 

useless, worthless, or too valuable; out of 

DogyS, ia5«r-^5,|g^. n. Those who go to- 

gether, as a group of pilgrims. 
Doha. ^5tt, IqJiK, n. The same school, sect. 

party, or denomination. 
Doliachi, ^9^^^, '^J^, u, 

A Buddhist sacred vessel. 
Dotinl. ^ 5 Kv^, f^ afi. n. 

Persons of the same rank, 

class, or caste; equals. 
Dohan, .ias a^,^S. n 
Doban. ) See Doban. 
Dohan, » 5 tt A, ^ ^, re. 

Same as Dohan. 
Dobftii, ie5^^, [^^, n. No -^ - -. 

change, used only of sick CS?| &(i) 

Dohcn, ^e5■-^^, [^i^, n. Same as above. 

Yahari dohen de komarlmasu, % 5S im iS t* B 

y-^:^, it aggrieves me much that he shows no 
Dohi. ^l^, IR^, n. Servants. [.change. 

Dobltsii. ^y--?, S(s5K, 'I. [-Bo(.] Horsetail. 
nSbo, iajarS. RIflg. "• same as i)o&o. 
Dobo euru, ^tt5-^3.±B3. u '■ O To crumble 

down; to fall to pieces. @To be dispersed. 

A copper monument. 
Bags filled with earth 

An arena where 

Dobyo. »5-*5. ^JM. n. 

Dobyo, ^-^a, ±fe n. 

or sand. 
nobyoba, ic^5tf. ±^ 

wrestlers contest; usually contracted into do- 

»(»b.veii-i* *— 5\pi!).±'S A, w- The appearing ol 
a number of we.stlerR, on the arena, wearing 
the badges of their rank. fagreeing with. 

Dol, ^5v^, ^'^., n. Concurrence; consent; assent; 
Dol wo hyosu, ^M.^ ^^f to concur; to 
consent; to second. 
suriif v.t. To agree with, etc. 

D6i, 1«-5Z), i^te. n. OlMath.'] The same digit. 
@ Tlie same rank; equal standing. 

Dol, i«5a,[^W-. n. Same as /do. 

Dol, ^S,±S, n. Same as i?o(e. 

Dolkaiiii, te5ife*><.[Rlttft. '*• l-Sfath.] Corres- 
ponding angles. 

D5in, 1«5U*^. ^fP. " A copper seaL 



I>Sln. ^5\;^^, ^5|, 7(. A ahatnpooer who hua the 

sense of sight. fby rubbing. 

Doin mnmt riidjt, 3 SlHeJS? }§i curing diseases 

Syn. Amma. foi clay. 

I>nlnKotsu, '!?■V^^W'r7, ± 15 g, n. [Min.] Ochre, 

Ddltsii, ^SV-?, IPJ— , n. Sameness; the same; 

coincidence: perfect equality. 

Boitsu na koto, [^ — -J- ^, the aame tiling, af- 
fair, or matter; Doitsunl omo, [^ — = ,§. -7, to 
consider the same ; to loot u pen as equal. 
Doltsu. iav^■5, ^yx, ti. [coll.'} Which fellow or 
rascal; who. 


Doitsiiiio, ^Slr-^a-t, IH) — ii, "■ ^Math.'} Rule 

of identity. 
I>ohi, >e$vpi, ^5:. "Wliat; for what reason, 

object, or purpose. 
Dolu koto (laka shiranai, '\^-S;^ifijipy-f--1, 

what Is the matter I do not know; Bdiiimono da, 

^■x:^>if, why; what is it? Doivtemo wakara- 

nai. {fi-x:9 =£iV ^ y ■^'1, (he) cannot under- 
stand however I explain. 
DoMf '^%'.^^, a- [coll.'} Stupid; nonsensical; 

dull; sluggish; foolish; silly; slow; wanting 

common sense; not intelligent. 
VojL nn koto wo shipa, K^-^rf b^S^^, how 

sillily have I actedl what nonaensel Dojl na 

yatsu, ilSiM-J-W- ^ foolish fellow. 
■>»''ii. 1^5 t, [i^B?. '*■ and adv. Tlie aame time; at 

the same time; ,1u8t then. 
■>oji, ^5 t:, 1e ^, n. A child ; a boy; a youth. 

Syn. KoDOMO, Warabe. 
Do.i't ^5 Er, ^®. n. The same thuag; just that 

alfair or matter. 
Dfi.ii. 7g 5 t.^^j*:, adi'. and n. Q In passing 

through. @P(ith; track; way; road. 
Dojigon, \e5 tVt-^, [rI^x:. "• [Mat/i.] ITomoge- 

nooua dimension. 
I>oil|gf>«lii. ia-5 £:-ft*5 L, ST^jJ-f. ■"■■ The stripes 

in the form of double latti?fe\voik wrought in 
I>»l,M">e, >a5 Kfe, S3 W, *i- A bolt. Lcl^th. 

l>r>ii;i.o-Ei»naiinnio. ^5 tit^'-ttft©. BBSfi^^S, 

a. A buckle. 
Dojlii, "£; i: Aj, ± \. n. A native; an aborigine, 
Dojiii. 7£ 5 £;^, ^ A, n. QA guide; one who 

leads. @ A c'hier or leader. rkindness. 

Dojln. ^5 Er ^, 115 Ci "- Impartial favour or 

IsslU fJoj(?i, — iSg |f!I C rendering no partial 

favour; behaving as kindly to one as to 

Dojii'ii, ^5 ex, ®J. v.t. To be al'ra;il, or frvght- 

oiiad; to shrink from; to feel the influence of; 

to be moved or excited, 
DoJIsliifiil, ^^t; t,@> [^^JC. «■ [JtfaC/i.] Homo- 
genous expression. 

DOK . 

Dojo, ^* 5, 1^. 7*. {Ichth.} M'lsgurnus anguilli' 

Dojo, >??*5.S6B. n. O A place for fencing 

exerclsep. @ A reading-room connected with 

a Buddhist temple or monastery. 
Dojo, >? C-^5, .1: @!, n. The soil; arable land. 
DojnnlM. 7£5 C■^5l/^^, iStJ: A, ^i- [o&ff.] Persona 

of high rank admitted to the Imperial presence; 

the kuge. 
Dojoznn. >a CJ^5y ^,±*^^^, ". [Bot.] Orixi 

Doju, CSCWf.Sffl.n- An Infant; a young child, 


Dolta. ?t5i>, ^"F. w- A form of address to ft 

DoKn, ^5*>, adv. How; please; through youi 
favour or kindness; someTiow. 

Doka itashitai monoda, ]fp-f] ^^z -»'(*>#, 
may it be done somehow ; D'oka koka dekt s'dda, 
l*iy:'/=ti>:»[ij ^y -it, I think I can perform it 
in some way; Ddka nari s'dda, V" 1> » -f- V * 
tfit, there is some prospect of success; Doka 
nasare masMtaka, k l? :^ -?-"^ ^'^ S'^ *. does 
something weigh upon youf does something 
trouble you? Doka negai masu, KB':^St:v^, 
please do so; I request your aid; Doka osa- 
viari soda, VXriJI^'^V ^U"^, it seems likely to 
be arranged in some way ; Doka sukUte yarltai, 
Vt'ijik'79^'*}^-1. I should like to help, il 
Syn. DQzo, Nanitozo. L possible. 

DoKa, »5*>, 1110, n. Tlie same value or price; 
an equivalent. 

DoKnclolm, ^A'^Si^ KiT !K)T. Ck'y- [coII.]Many 
in succession ; suddenly; one after another. 

Dokadoka to kuru, ffJjTffilT f- ?K n-. to come 
suddenly; to enter In rapid succession. 

DSiinl sum, >c5*>\a-^Z, ?|g DB. v.i. To open; to 
make passable; to unclose. 

Dokan. ^5A>^, [^ EX. w. The same Hentlment; 
concurrence; consent; assent. 

Dnh-an wo idaku, ^!S,^^^, to have the 
same sentiment; to sympathize or agree with. 

ngiiB. ^-5W, iSfb, -«- [collA O Abuffuon, jester, 
or fool. @ Buffoonery. 

DoKogulu. 7{i-^Vftnz.-^i^l{i, "■ An actor who 
plays the parts of a buffoon. 

DolifA, ¥5WW^,^j@, n. A musical instrument. 

ndl<o-inoito, ?i55W-'&®.imt:^, «• OSameas 
Doke. @ One who is fond of cracking jokes. 

Doli<^}i. ^5W■^,Iq)a. II- The same views or 

D5lien, ^-5W•^, I^) tffl, n. Equal rights; equality. 
Danjo doken, ^ ^ I^ ti, the equality of mwi 
and womeli. 

Dolceru, fa^i^Z, v.i. To jest; to crack a joke; 




to contort the features with a view to excite 
the laughter of the bystanders. 
Syn. FuzAKiiRU, HicOeebtj. 
Ookeru,15W3,)S. ^. ».t. [coH.] To remove; to 
dismiss, expel, or take away. 

Jama mono wo aokeru, 3P,!g%^ [ffi J*', tore- 
move obstacles or hindrances (both men and 
Syn. NOKERU. (.ttiines)- 

Dokeyc, T&^ld-ik. JtJ^ft. "■ A comic picture. 
nokcslilbal. Tt-SW-tliV^, JSBIiKSJ. "■ [coU.]X 
comedy ; a vulgar dramatic representation of the 
characters and incidents of life, merely for 
exciting laughter. 
DOliotsii* 'S5W'"?. HI^, '»• Being buried fcn the 
same grave. 

Katro doketsu, fS^WK, i;/lff.] the relation or 

affections of man and wife; [lit.] to become 

aged together, and to he buried in the same 

hole or ^rave after deatli. fgrotto. 

Dohntsu. tS^trJ-^.P/C. "• A cave, cavern, or 

DoJji, '^-5^, ©j1^, n. The palpitation of the heart. 

Dokl ga Hageshli, %%1f^\i/^, the heart 

palpitates violently. fvessel. 

J>oKf. ^&,±&|, n. An earthenware; an earthen 

DoEii. >a^,!SI^. ■"■ Anger; resentment. 

Dokl wofuMumu, ^M^^ ^> to l^e angry. 
DOiii, >«5&, [^S, «" A similar turn of mind; 
resembling one another in disposition. 

Dohi ai motomu, m^l^M^, persons simi- 
larly constituted are likely to associate. 
DoKfdolii. 'S^-^^^ t, <wJ"- Throbbing violent- 
ly; pitapat; palpitating. 

Mune ga doJcidoki suru, Miff^t ^H'* the 
heart throbs violently. 


»6iiln, >e5&^, [^Sfi. "■ Servmg under the same 
diief, or in the same office. 


DoJ^in sum, ^5'&^■^^,ra^. "■*■ To sleep m 
the same bed ; to cohabit. 

PoUUarito, ^■y*>'!)^, CKi"- [cott.]OMuch atone 
time. @ Heavily ; suddenly and violently. 

DuJckari to mokaru, v-y^i V hS * »-. to gain 
m uch at one time ; Dokkari to suwaru, F v A V 
1-4^ ;u, to Bit down heavily. 
|)uiil<««lii* ^-yWL.')?!®. »i- An antidote. 
ftouuo, '&'yi3'5,m^, «■*■ To go along alone; to 

travel alone. 
|>ol<B<4>c-(loWkoe, >e-yC.^^"/t^. "■ IcoU-] A 
lottery wlieel used by street vendors of candy 
and sweetmeats. 
DoliKoi. ^"vZ.-^, intei-j. Ah! OhI 

Dokkoi abunai. l»-v3 -f g'f-. Ah! dantterousl 

Ichneumon sp. 

Dokkyo, »03:,ilSS, "- Living alone; tli-e life 
of a hermit. 'Siiru, vA. To live alone. 

Dokhyo, 1*< &-^5, SI 13, '*■ Reading or reciting 
Buddhist sacred books. 

Syn. Kankin. rincequalts. 

Doklovatsii, ^< C!i9"7,iEffi, -ft- [Bat.] Angelica 


Doko, i£5*>5, ^tj;!^, /t. A oopper mine. 

Doko, ^^'L,^'^, n. A copper boiler attuohed 

to a cooking furnace. 
Doko, ^c, ■filig, adv. Where; In some place; 

Doko aemo yoi, •fEJ fi r' ^ a 'f , I do not mind 
where; it does not matter where; Doko ga 
warui, MS*'S 'f . where is the defect or fault? 
Dokoka deka viita yocla, -fpr^?jytia*:*i^, me- 
thinks I saw somewhere; Doho kara kita, ^St 
yj ^3fc4(, whence (did you or has it) come? Doko 
mademo, ■fS' S "^ t' ^. wherever you go ; to the 
last ; Doko no dedaka wakaranai, fpf ^ -^ tli ^* 
Xf:ljy-^-i, (I) do not know where Is he (or it) 
from; Doko no hito, fqa^A. where is (he) 
from? Doko nlka aru, ^ S.^lJTft', (it) is some- 
where; Dofconf mo nai, inlS si^-J-'f , not found 
anywhere ; Doko tomo nashi ni ayum^jt, ■fpj ^ [• « 
-j-^=:^A, to loiter or walk about, not caring 
Syn. DooniBA, Tzdko. [_ where. 
Doko, ^5*>5,PJff. "• Going or visiting to- 
gether; accompanying or taking' together. 

Hiiru, v.i. To go together. 
Doko. «5?l5,lffi?l. »■ P^f'H Tlie pupU; the 
apple of the eye. 

Syn. HiTOMi. rby peasants. 

Doko, ^t.5,i5S. w. An agrarian riot; a revolt 

Doko^ ^5*'5,[^K. "" [CTiin.] Of the same age. 

Dok5, ^t5.±X, n. The construction of an 

earthwork. fearthwork. 

Dokowookosu, ±Xf-^:^. to commence an 

Doho-dana. ;£5*>57fetf.3S ^ tSB, w. A shelffor 

tea-things in an apartment specially built for 


Dokojlii, ^2:5 I:^. ±4^*9. "• Tlie god of the 

soil or ground. 
Dokokii 8iirii.¥5t<tS.ffi9?. «■*■ To lament 

a death excessively ; to mourn bitterly. 
Dok u , ^ < , jS. w-'^- iGoll.'] To go away ; to leave . to 
move one's self. Tor unmarned- 

Dokii, >e < . iS. «■ [Chin.} Being alone, liriendleaa 
Dokii, ^ < , #, n- O A poison or venom. @ In- 
jury; harm; detriment; disadvantage. 

Dokuna mono, #-?-=E .-', a poisonous thing; 
Doku nl ataru, m~'^n-< ^^^^ poisoned ; Doku 
mmonaran, ^=^^9v, not even poisonous, 
IndifTerent; Doku ni imru, ^ st -j- ji,, to 
prove poisonous ; I>oku wo kesu, ^ f- ^ 5t, to 




neutralize a poiaon ; Doku wo kuraeba sara ma- 
demo, g^ ^ -^y^jE 7 5*^, [iit.] if you take a 
poison, take tlie vessel containing it along with 
the venom; yig.]once in the iine of a vice or 
folly, never shrink from pushing to the very 
last point; Doku wo nomasu, ^f-fiJtv^, to cause 
to be poisoned; to poison. Tvity. 

Uokunlcu, ^<3&<,0S, n. Evil; vice; depra- 

Uokii-atarl, ^< <^%9. ^f^, n. Being poisoned. 

DoKiiba, >?<U, SK, n. A poison fang. 

DokuboliiiKyd, «< l$< W5. !S* fiS. "- Same as 

Dokuchn, ^ < tW>5, ^M. n. A poisonous insect. 

Dokudaml. >^<^'A-, JH^. 
H. [_Bot.'] Hoiittuynla 

Dokuilnn. « < T&A., m BH. 
n. Decidint; by one's 
lelf; selfish decision. 
^— sum, v.t. To de- 
cide selQshly. 

Dokudate, )&<?i^X, 9 
■f, n. Abstaining from 
food calculated or pre- 
aumed to be in,iurioua 
to one's health. 

Dokudoku, ^<*<.iS <r. ^i^- Gurgling; flow 
ing out with a purling bubbling sound; not in 

Chi f/a dokudoku to shttataru, jfii ^ jS ^r t- iS ^ 
»-, blood runs out gurgling. 

Dokudokushl,-l,-kl, ^<^{ L. I 
Poisonous looking; venomous, 
hurtful. 63 Scornful; sarcastic. 
Syu. KUDOSHI, Sbitsukoshi, 

Doku-ofto-kl. >^ < C? <9 @, U -^ ^ 
Aleurltes cordata. 

Dokurii, *< i, ffi ^, n. Same as Dokushim-mono. 

Dokufit* >?<-&., S!(9, ■'<■■ A bad woman; a woman 
prone to vice or depravity. 
Syn. AKUFU, Kanpu. 

Dokugal siiru, 5«<J)JV"^5 
Dokusatsu suru. 

Dokiigaku. «<i)3<.i|g$. ? 

the help of a master; Belf-education. 

Dokugau, i*<i)«A, ffiRS, «. Blind of one eye. 
Syn. Mekkachi. 

Ookugen, >S< V>^. lEWt n. Speaking or mut- 
tering to one's self, as in a dream or reverie. 
Syn. HiTORiGOTO. falone. 

Dokusln. l*< ^^^, ffilt^, T». Humming; singing 

Dokiigyo, >e<Sri, 9^., "■ A poisonous fish. 

DokHl, i?<\r, SS?18. n- [BoL] Same as Doku- 

Doku-lml, «<|p;^, 9E!i »■ Same as i}oftuda£«. 

Itm, a. O 
@ Injurious; 


, V.t. Same an 

Learning without 

Doku-tmo, i5<\pt,l^?, ■«. [Sot.] Zantedeschia 

aethlop-Lca. fous snake. 

DoKiija, >e< c-^, SiFf, n. A poisonous o? venom- 
Dokiijo, ^< ei,iS!l!jti w. [^nCom.] Spider. 

Syo. KuMO. 
nokiiJii,^< Clfti.^lffi. n. Reading; recition. 

Principally used of Buddhist bibles. fdote, 

nokukeshi, ^< H-L. ^S. -i^SS. "■ An anti- 
Dokiikl, )£-<^, ^Mi n- QFoisonous breath. 

© Sarcasm; scorn; irony. © Vice; depravity. 
Dokiikyd, 1? < @-^ 5, S?S. «• Reading sacred 

DoKuini, •&<7f;W^' '»■ Testing by eating or 

drinking whether anything is poisonous. 
Dokuiiiaknri. >5 ^ T£ < IQ,®, n. [Boe.] Houttuy- 

nia cordata. 
Ooliunngnani-gnsn, ^ f i^il' L ^-S. © il S. "• 

[Sot.] Bwddieia j'aponfca. 
Doku 111, ^< K,!^, Ofli;. Specially; particularly; 

for a particular object or purpose. 

Doku-uo-ki, 'S<<D%,:^'^fi}l^. "- [Bot-'} Gori- 

aria japonlca. 
Dokiirjikii, )^< ^ < ,^^, n. O Having a good 
time alone by one's self. @ A top. 

Syn. KOMA. TQomi. 

Dokurtki-I, ^< "fl &V^, ffi ;;(; 3!^. «. Same as Fwn- 
Dokurltsii, >t< V)-7, 
Dokiii-}u. ^< U]^, 

DokurUsu ni nam, JB 3l =■ -?- ;t, to become 

independent ; to cast off troublesome inter- 

Syn. HiTORTDACHi. Lference. 

nokiirifsii-Kokii, <«^<wi'7£.<,JSi;8, n. An 

independent state, power, or country. 
Dukiiritsu-no-gdl, ia < U)-9®ii*iV^, MiL^^H.. 

n. {Law."] Free contract, 
Dokuro, >a< ;^, ^(5^, n. A skulU 


Dokurjo, ^< S}-^5,}SSg, n. A log bridge. 

Uokuryokii, *< iJi. < , JS *j '»■ Despotism; de- 
ciding independently of others. 
Syn. ITTE. 

Dokuryn-no-kl, *Cy5©@,^^fi^, " \.Bot.\ 
Aleurites cordata. for ability; desposition. 

Dnkiisal, lS<3V,iBti!> «. One's unaided power 

Dokiisai-kunshu-koku, ^< ?\/^< ^ LlftC.< . 99 
iSSiH. '*• A country governed by a despot; 
a despotic monarchy. 

D«kiiB;il-seljl.«<5V^-^VC,ffl^EaS, ». Adefl- 
potic governmeni. 

Dukiisatsii, >c<'5r7,#5e. rt. Killing by th» 

use of a poison. suru, v.t. to kill by 

poisoning; to poison. 

Dokusen suru. >« < *^-p-^ . Iffi (5. v.t. To ap- 
propriate everything to one's self. 

a tL, n. Independence- 





Reading; study. 

Dokuslinkii, ^< L-<^<.3SS^. n Drinking sake 
alone, or without a waiter. fjo-ponica. 

Dokiislilba, •s< Ltf. 4S:>fc, n. [Bn.] Andromeda 

Doknsliiiii-iiiono, >e < L^ i<Ot IE # ^< ^- ^ 
bachelor; a peraon who leads a single life; a 

DoKiisliln. )S< L^. ffi^g*, ru QA bachelor; a 

widower. @ Celibacy; single or unmarried 

Syn. HiTORiMi. Llifo. 

I>okuRlio,^'< LI. 

Tokiislio, ;f < LI. 

Dokushowosuru, s9^^?*ii-, to read; to study. 

Ookii9liii, ^< LVi>, Si@. n. Poisoned sake. 

Dokiisiiiiilrn, >&<-^^g, :g ;;{;, /t. [Boe.] Zycorls 
radiata. rphyaician. 

Dokiitorii. K ^ h P-. "• [^ng.] A doctor; a 

I»6kiitaii,>e5<'5.!(3K. «■ Same as I>(5A;ef2M (it^"^). 

Dokiiya, ^<-^, S$t, n. A poisoned arrow. 

Dokiiyitkii, ^<'^< , 1^^, n. A poison; u poi- 
sonous chemical or drug. 

Dohii>oke, )& < iW", S^, Jt. Same as DnTcuJceatii. 

DokiLYO-sliosun, ^. < i5L15<'^. ffifflllSW,"- 
[Bo(.] rj-ioseEwm siniAutum. 
Syn. TsURANQKigc) 

nokiiza siivn. >ft<3-^3, US *fe, v.*. To sit alone. 

Dftkwa, ^5<*p, ^fl, «. A copper coin. 

Dor -w.iii^ -,C5C49^, SelSIE, ». A copper boiler 
o^ kettle. 

Doli^vaiiso, 7£5 C*5^^5 

cow-herb, Saponaria 

Ddk^vo. l!5 5<*5 5.15']iffi. "• 
A copper mine. 

[Jfin.] A copper ore. 

Vokyo, )&3^ i.. njS, ». 
Living iu the same 
house, or under the 

same roof. siiru, v.t. 


Dokyo, ^'5?J^5, 1^ Mt **■ The same place; being 
born in the same town or village. 

DoTcyo no Shi, IrI ^ -^ ±, gentlemen of one's 

Dokyo, le&J:?, KM, IBRS. "• [coll.'] O Spirit; 
turn of mind; temper; disposition. ©Courage; 
boldness; vehemence; vigour; enterprise. 

Dokyo ga warui, HE W l/S.-f . cowardly ; timid ; 
craven ; Dokyo gayol, &^if Hf- ^, bold ; coura^ 
geous; composed; of vigour and enterprise; Do- 
kyo no nai rUto, fiEM > ^ -< A. a timid person; 
a coward ; a craven ; J>okyo wo sadamt;ru, j£ (X^^ 
^ jt n't to compose one's self; to gather one's 
self; to gather one*i courage; Dokyo wo sueU 

To live in the same 

kakaru, g W ? ig t' ^ »-, to set about boldly; 
Dokyo wo tamesu, fi ifl ^ gS >^i to see wtiether 
one is truly courageous or not. 


Dokyo-shlnEoku, «5Si L^^C. f^ gUIS. "■ 

[Law.] Kinsmen or kinswomen living in the 

same house. , 

Dokyn, ^ 5 @ .2., [^ fiit, n. The same class, grade, 

or year (said of school-boys and other Btudents. 
Dokyii sei, or dokyu no seito, ^ S£5 ^ (^ 1*5 IS -^ 

4 ^), the students in tlie same class ; classmates. 
Dtiiiia. ^^,± R!], n. O Unfloored parts of a house; 

[lit.'} ground apartment. @ Tlie pit in a theatre. 
DoiiiakI, *5E&.PiS. «■ A belt-like sack tied 

around the waist next to the skin, for carrying 

money or important documents. 
Domaiiju. ^5^^W)5, ±1633, '«• An earth 

mound raised over a grave. 
Doinaru. )£^'iZ, M%, "• The name of ancient 

armour, a specimen of which is preserved in the 

Kasuga shrine in Nambu. 
Doinburi, »^i-v),?f, n. A deep bowl. 
Doinbiirl. ^^.S<'!), adv. Precipitately; headlong. 

Originally used of the sound produced by any- 
thing falling or plunging into water. 
Domburl mizu e ochita, Vf i/ -f^) ^-^^^ Ht 

fell headlong into the water. 
Doinbiitsii. i5^.5^-7, ^f^^, n. A simpleton; a 

fool; a dunce; a blocl:liead. ftinct, 

Doiiiel, ^-StoV, 1^ Hfl, «• Transparent; clear; dls 

Syn. Akiraka, sgKiTrmu. 
Doni4^i. ^5i6\ri^K, «. Alliance; confederacy; 

union by treaty or league. 
Domet no monOf [rI S^#i allies; confederates; 

confidential friends. 

sum, tJ.t. To ally; to confederate. 

Domcl-kohii, ^JfcV^t < . |p] M S- rt. Allied or 

confederate countries, powers, or states. 
DoniJdoiiil, ^■;^^;^,§^, adv. Cloudy; hazy; 

foggy; indistinct; turpid ; overcast. ffarmer. 
Duinin, >5;^^, ± S. "• A peasant; acottager;a 
Doininetsii s»irH, l^Afer^^t-Z, SSS. "o-t. To take 

hy force (as a country or an estate). 
Doiiio, i*'^,^. tenioha. A plural suffix. 

Kodomo, fh^, the young; the children; the 

juvenile members; Kotodonio, gj ^, things; 

affairs; matters; Monodomo, # ^, domestics; 


Syn. DAcni, Ra. 
Dotno, ^ 4, iS, tenioha. Although; though; 

even ; however; but. 
Kikedomo kikoezu, ^ ->- K ^ M -^ ^•. listens, 

but does not hear (as a person whose mind is in 

the state of abstraction); Kmne domo tsvkizu, ^ 

jt K ■* S +^' though drawn, not exhausted (of 




ft well, or any liquid); JUire domo miezu, %U 
ft^ ^ "-3?. looking at, but not seeing; Ute 
domo Tcuclakezu, jg r 1« ^ fis -^ 7:, not broken 
thougli Btfuck or beaten. 
DSino, ^5 ft, adv. and conj. An Intensive liavins 
no special sisniflcance; an expletive used for 
imparting: emphasis. 

Domoikenai, ff'ir^^-^^ -i , Impoasible after 
all^ Domokimyoda, Vtf'B^&'if, how strange! 
truly mysterious; Domo miemi, K S' ^ E "^ 
3f, not found out, do what I may ; Domorachi- 
akanu, K i> ^ i^ R3 ?j ^t , cannot settle, do what 
they can interminable; Domo samui, K P "C S 
-f , how cold it isl Dcuno yoi, ]t p ^ a -f, re- 
markably well ; admirably done. 
Domo, ^ V) , Ffi, n. Same as Domorl. 
DOiiio, i£.5 4 5,"® ^, 7t, Children; young per- 
sons; schoolboya. 
Douioi^iiito, ^ i& < 4> 5,±:^§, n. [£o(.] Ele- 
campane, Inula Helenium. 
Doinorl, '£'<(iVf,^, t*. One who stammers or 
stutters; a stammerer. 
Syn. Mamanaki. 
I>6moi-i, Ai 5 ft "5. ^'f. ■»■ The keeper of a 

temple or shrine. 
Domoni, ^ft 2,p£, i'.(. To stammer; to stutter; 
to utter with hesitation. 

Ano hUo no hanashi wa domoru, ^ A -^ bS -•'' 
pg'L-, h« stammers or stutters while speaking. 
I>oinpcl sum, '!« ^'^^^ "^ 2- # IJt. '^-i- \CIUn.'] 

Same aa Eeidon swu. 
DfimsuKii, 1«5;V%>< , IfilJ^Ct "■ An artery. 
I>5inyaUu-linsaiiil, ^-5;^^< Ss;^, Eb ^ 5tf, n. 

Arterial forceps. 
I>5iiiyd. >S:5i65, i^ g", ?i. ©The same family 
name. @A near relation having the same 
family name. 
Syn. DosEi. 
Domyd, ^57>^5, [^ :S, «. The same name. 

Domyo Ijin, f^^^ A. a ditieteat person of the 

same name; a name-sake. 

PomjoJI. ?&5;^-^5 t:. ^ NJJ"^- "• Rice steamed 

and afterward di'ied; It is eaten parched and 

sweetened with sugar. 

Don. l^^, ^' u. Dull; slow; stupid; foolish; 

simple; sluggish. Chiefly used in compounds. 

Don, >«.^, SI. '"■■ [''""•] Snme as Bono. rke;,tle. 

Donabn- ie tr ^. :J: flSi »*• An earthen pot or 

DOniin. '&^UA., i£?J. '"■ Boys; men 5—15 years 

of age 
Donnrii.-ri, "j^^S , ife RS- ^■^- To vociferate; to 
speak-loudly or angrily; to roar; to bellow; to 
ery or shout out. 

Donaru tomo kamawanu, ttx^gji- h^^-*"*J5t, Ido 
not mind how be roars. 

Donatn. ^'ttte, ^'^. pron. Who; all; any one. 
Donata demo irasshat. ^-jj ^ "^ -i^-yiz-^-i, 
all may come; any one is welcome; "Donata 
nimo wakarlmasu, ^■;^ =^^i^'^} -77^, any one 
can understand; Donata no toko e oidenasal 
masuka, ^S^^ h 3--iiBi|ii:MJ--f t7.?j, whom are 
you going to visitf 
Doiicliaii, ^^'^■>5>^, n. o ^iil'J'^r iiit^slc; wild 
frolic; noisy merry-making; the clatter of drama 
and samisen. gutter coufusion; great noise 
or tumult. 

Donclio-slilbai. )&A,%^^ L]£V^, i^m^B, ■"'■ A 

cheap theatre. 
Oondon. »^^^, 5^ J^, ^ ^. a'^'O- OKapidly;!n 
fast succession. @ Making a u'reat noise; cla- 
morously. © Confusedly; indiscriminately; 
without order. Q Frequently. 

Hito ga dondoii atsumaru, A^IS^tK'''. people 

assemble in great numbers; JJ'zu g:i dondon na- 

gareru, /J^ i* ^ ■^ ijfi L-- ji- . water flows rapidly; 

Taiko wo dondon ttchldasu. ^ES^'^^JTW ^. 

to beat a drum noisily; to beat rubadubl rub- 


Uoiiilorl, 'i«■^>«^lJ]. SSSi '^' A percussion cup. 

DoiH^oro, ^^^■;^,^^■ n. {Bof.] Clematis apii- 

foUa. rsnapping turtle. 

Dongnmo. ^ ^ JjJ », 1^ a&. »^ [coU. Zoel.] The 

UongiDiit^-nu-te. ^-^ili60-r, "■ [Bol.'\ Cardi- 

andra alternifolia. 
»(>iigiu-i. ^^<''!),|giJSI, ^Iff. n. [Bot.] Acorn. 
Douswan, i«•^< ii7^, M^. «■ Stupid and stub 

Do-niujin, ^c.^/^^e^ n. [Bat.] Pa7iax repens. 
Doiijlhl, i«■^E;^, glifi. "■ A dull colour. 

Syn. NimiRO. fend; the rear. 

Donllri, *^t'i). n. [coll.] Tlie last; the very 
DoiiUnl<ii, ^-^A>C,^fl, n. [Geom.'] An obtuse 

DoiiKaUii-saiikahiikpl, ~.5^^A*< 5^*>< WV*, $4 

ft H ft JK. «. IMaih.] Obtuse angled triangle. 
Donna, >e^tJ:. [coll. cont. of Do no y'^na.'] What; 
what kind, material, or appearance. 

Donna mono demo irimasen, l" v -^ ffi^ 5* ^ X 
V vi:V, I want nothing whatever; Donna ni 
tsuraL ha shirenai, F:x^ =;^^ * JSJ I'-J-f . ono 
cannot imagine how distressing it is; Donna 
ni yni koto daka, 1" V -h ^ |^ -f QJ ^ ^j . what a 
nice thing; how happy! 
Doiio, 5«-0, RS. w- O A title of dignity or respect; 
esquire; his Excellency or Honour. @ A palace. 
In this sense used only in composition. 
Dono, 1«^5,.±#, n. An earth-bag. 
Douo, i? c7), fpj, pro7i. [caiLI What; which; how. 
Dono hito, iQ A> what or which person; Doiv> 




Jcuni, •(pf H, what or which country; Dono 
kurai, 1">K. how muchT Sono atal wa dono- 
kural aesuka, ^ M -"^ 91 'iiL j^ ^ fi , how much 
does it cost? what do you charge or aak for it? 


Donoinlolil, )&(0^%,'^^, adv. What way; be 
it what it may. 

Dononficld hanashite mimaslid, Ifil ifi K ^ t" S 

V £/ a i>, 1 shall tell him and see, however I 

manage it; DonomicM kata ga tsukisTi aa^ ■filig 

ii Stif ^ "9- tJ it, it is'likely tobe settled in-aome 

Syn. IzDEK NiSBTO. L'way. 

Doiisnl, ^-^^V',$^6^. "- Stupidity; foolishness; 

l>unsliokii, *^Li.<l Ssgfi, w. Same as DonjiJct. 

l>oiisliol<u Riiru, ^A t i. < -f Z,^-^, v.e. To 
swallow up; to ensroas C/lff.> 

Doiisii, iw::^,^'^, n. A kind of sUk damask, 
used chiefly for making ladies' belts. 

l>oiit:ili.ii, Vi^ft^, n. [co7T«p. otOerm.Sotm- 
tap.3 A Sunday ; a holiday, fweather. 

Donteii, ^e^t^, &^, n. Cloudy or foggy 

DoDto. ^^te5.SEII."• A dull knife or sword. 
Syn. Namakura., Nibukikatana. 

D5u-yo. ^5Ki.,S*-, n. a girl. 

Donan adnyo, £ ^ 5 ^, boys and girls. 
Syn. MesOwakawA. 

Donyokii, ^^i<,#®':, »t. Avarice; covetoua- 
ness; an inordinate desire of gain. 

Donyoku na oyaji, -^^-f-^, aShylock; an 
old miser. 

DoiiEel suru, ieA-^-\/v-^3,#S2, «.t O To swal- 
low up. @ To take or annex (as a country). 

DoiiEusaoalil, « ^*tl^-> L. *St. "• [Bot.] 
Greater duckweed. 

DoDKiiiiiarl, )e^^2 «), gt ^, n. [coW.] The end 
or extremity, 

Syn. Hate, Owari. 

D6ou, «5ftA,[qJw, ■'*. O The same sound ; one 
voice. @ Concurrence. 

Iku ddon, S P IrI ^. ilit.'] different-mouths- 
same-voice; [Jig.] to cry out the same thing at 
once ; to concur. 

Doppo. >e-yIS, as i^i «• O Going or walking alone. 
@ Independence. © Preeminence; superiority. 
Tenka doppo no shi, 3cTffi^>dt. the first 
or best gentleman under the heavens; one ex- 
celled by none in the world. 

Dora, )fi6, SPiSPw. A kind of gong used in Bud- 
dhist worship qr funeral. 

Dora, ^6, a. and n. [coll cont. of Dorakti.] 

Abandoned; vicious; profligate; refractory; 

addicted to gallantry; profligacy; debauchery, 

etc. fson. 

Dora musuko, v 9?A. * profligate or unruly 

dissipation; vice. ® Curiosity; eccentricity. 

Doraku musuko, as;!5;^.a, a profligate son, 
Poraku wo sum, ^ ^"^t^h-, to be addicted to 
debauchery; to be dissolute or proQigate, 
Syn. HOBATau, MoNOZDKr. 

DaralcM-bSjui, ?t5t<(dr5?, iSiKi&±. "■ O 
A vulgar form ofDorakii- mono. @ A ptiest whb 
is more diligent in other things than his duty. 

Doraliuuia. K7^v, n. [Eng.'] A drachm. 

a^oviiUu-itivutt, /a ^ e, < ft©, S^^, n, Q A disso- 
lute or profligate person. @ bae who is fond of 
going out of the course taken by an ordinary 
person ; one who devotes a part of his time to 
things out of his profession or employment for 
the sake of diversion or pleasure. 

Doraniu, K^A, n. [JJrtff.] A dram. 

Doran , « 5 & ^, S66 5P. fli SL. «■ O A. leather wallet. 
@ Cartridge box. Now rarely used. 

DoraucKo, )£ Stltt ^- A bad cat. 

Doraiijl, ^^S^C,± H g, n. [Bo(.] Ground-nut 

Dorc, ^ ^jti, n. Arespouse used exclusively in 
answering to the call or knock of a visllfcr. 

Dore« istLiPron. Which; an? one. 

Dare demo ii, KU'7'-=e-f », whichever or any 
one will do; J>OJ-ega yoi, KU-^a-f, which is 
good; which do (you) prefer? Dore kara ha^ 
jimeyo, isu-^^^.y al>, which shall we com- 
mence witlt; where shall we start? Dore demo 
kamawan, ]v i^$^=^-ii tI? v, I do not care which. 

Dore, *H. An expletive equivalent to wellt why, 

Dore haiken, f i^ S S.. well let me look at it; 
Dore kaerimasho, k t-'B V "^ 2/ a &, well, I 
shall return; now I shall go home. 
Syn. IzA, Yaworb. 

Dorel, )&lttV^,^Wi' "■ A slave. 

Dorol, ^5Kv.EICTi «- The same instance; the 

D5ri. :^5?),^S, ". Eeason; cause; principle; 
motive; ground; account;riBht; justice; truth; 
doctrine; dogma; law. 

Dorl ga warui, jS 3 ib* IS '^ -f . no reason; not 
justiflabie; unreasonable; Dorini hazurete tru, 
iSS— P\-^^ '1 f^> is unreasonable; out of the 
sphere of truth or reason ; Dori ni kanau. SE ^ 
— .g-^, is reasonable; agrees with the dict.^te!t 
of reason; Ddrt ni somuku, iES — H^- to act 
contrary to reason or truth ; Dori wo Shiran, K 
g^ S3J 5 y, does not know reason; does not 
understand the principles of propriety. 
Syn. SUJiMiCHi, YOE, Wakb. 

Uorl, )&^y,^}&t n. Same as Z>ofci/o (^ (SB). 

D6ro, »5*i,1SiS> "• A kind of silk-gauze. 

D«>ro, *:&, iffi. «• Mud ;w6t clay. 




Doro ■tnabwre ni naru, K ^ ^ = ■?■ ^. to be 
smearecl or covered witli mud ; Oya no kao ni 
doro wo nuru, J5>0 = iSf"^»'. tcoU.] to do a 
tiling which disgraces one's father. 
Doro. ?(r5J5tiSK. n. A road, pathway, street, 
way, lane, or highway 
Syn. MioHL 
Dorobd, ^5U5,EE A. "• A robber, thief, bri- 
gand, or freebooter. 

Dorobowo tsukamcLCte nawa wo nau, ^A9- 
ffi^xlH^^7. [lit.] to make a cord after 
catching a thief; [flff.] to be behind time. 

Syn. Nugi'BiTO- rdviegaster sp. 

Doroboyaminn, ^;sti5■^^S, n. [EntoDi.] Cor- 
Dorobu, ^-^ Jr, S ^, n. IBnt.'] Poplar, Aspen. 
Dorol>iinokl, ^6^-©&, n. [So(,] Cotton wood, 
Populits suavfolens, 


Dorodoro, ^ ^ ■■£■ ?5, 88 V, S V. ''t. \coll.'] The 
rumbling sound of thundei- or cannon. Often 
used as adjective or adverb. 

Dorusniiio, ':&'^h^)b,%^, /i- \_Zo'6l.'] The snap- 
ping turtle. 

DoruliakKw.itsiiko, »;SH< < »9-7*>5, ^ ^ S:. 
71. [BoE.] Lophanthus riigosus. 

Dorokonn, )&^Z.tX, i^^, n. Mixing or working 
clay, mortar, or cement. fof Dosojin. 

DoroUiiJiii. '^5:s< t^,iSI^|l(l, n. Acormption 

DoroiiiiKii, '^?^?f--:i',%'^, n. Muddy water. 

Doro-kwa, ?t- ? ^ < *7, iJT [fg ^, "■ The Section of 

Dorouokl, ^^^CO^, n. [Bot.] Same as Deroyanagl. 

Dorota, ^^fe, iH ffl, rt. A paddy field which is 
clayey or marshy. 

Dor5to. ^'^Slf 5.±SJ^. "■ [-Sol',.] Betel-pepper. 

Doroyoko, ^^^ it^". ^K^. «■ A splash board. 

Dorii, Kji,,^. n. [Am.^ A dolbir. 

Doriibitko, ^Slf t. 51/ m, n. Q A safe; a money- 
box. @ [coi/..]One who supports another. 

l>driil, ^5JSSi. IpJ 33, 71. O ''''6 f'^'ne kind, class, 
genus, or order. @ Coinpanioos ; accomjilices; 

Doryo. ^w)-^5.)^^, w. Of^apiicify; measure; 
quantity. @ One's cnpticity or matinaniinity. 
Jnryoku doi-yo, Ut IS.^, gravitation meas- 

Doi'jo. ^'i!Ji.?,.hng. n. [Zo'dl.'] a mole. Lure. 
Syn. MrG('RA:MOCHi. 

D6ryo, ^5H?iPJE?. "• A coUensne; one who 
serves in the same ollice. 

VoryolAii-^iLitii. ^5'!)l<?i*< . Kj ^J S. " [Pi'ys- 

ics.} ICinetics. Ttics. 

Rinltai doryohu gaku, ^ f+: K.'* ^. hydro-kine- 

Dorynltii Kiirii, >a VI i < -^2, ^ ^, v.i. To try 
one's befit; to use every efi'ort in one's power; 
to strive; to try hard; to exert. 

DSrya, 1«5 9 5, fql 8fE. «• The school or style Caa 
in philosophy, fencing, archery, chirograohy, 
painting, etc.), 

Ddsa,, >»t>U-,^>f(, n. A mixture of alum and 
glue, used for glazing paper, silk, and other 
Dosa wo htku, ^ ,(< ?■ 51 ^f to gla7.e paper. 

Dfisn. ^55, ®] f^, n. Demeanour;behavior; con- 
Syn. Tachiipdrumai. Lduct 

Dosnclosa, ^^»^, ©l^ E) [i. a<lu. [coii.] Same 
as Doyadoya. 

D5>iakii, ^^-5 < , I^ft, n. O A work by the same 
author (or maker). @ Doin^ a literary work 

Doaaliiiaa, 15.^ < 2, JgJJ, n. a. and adv. [coll.'] 
Confusion; disorder; tumult; being disoi'dered 
so as to produce loss or error; thrown into 
disorder; confusedly. 

Dosakitsa maglre ni mono wo nusumareta, J^ 
j^J^u-ni^-^-JS^L^^. I hfid many thiugs stolen 
in the confusion. 

Syn, Mazekoze, Torikomi. fsonal effect 

Dosan, *5^^. SfiS. ""-■ [Z^aw.] Movables; per- 

Dosan, ^^^, ± S, n. The industrial or agricul- 
tural products of a country, district, village, 
etc flLaw.] Pledge. 

nd.«iaiisliikkcn, ^ 55 ^ L-y I* ^. #^ Hltl. '*■ 

DosansliUsii, ^^^AL-^, 3ft) S 1". «• [£ aw.] Pawn 
or the pledging of movables. 

Dosnnsliltsii-koiyakii, ^ J^Af^W-U^-^C.Sl 
^ ^ in JiJ, n. [Lmv ] A contract of pawn. 

Ddsarabasara, \" Xf ^ -^ >^ "9- y , S^ig:, n. See 

l>o»t:tri to, 'S'5 yi)^, adv. Precipitately; suddenly. 

Dosatsii, '^5'3r7, il^ ■;^, n. Appreciation; ch'ar 
discernment; ideutiflcalion; lull recognition. 
i^iirii, v.t. To recognize perfectly; to ap- 
preciate , to penetrate ; to discern. 

Dosn, ^5-^, adv. By all moans; at all; alter all. 
Dose katarenu, Ff-lz^^i^^, I can not win 
by any means ; the day will be theirs after hIL 
U5i>>oi. ■^5lt\r, M'^, n. 'J'he same family name; 
a near relation ; a blood -relation. 

DTisei wo merorazu. |t|]i[Jt^5?7 jC, no intermar- 
riage between blood relations. fturn. 
»osol. »^iA, ± ^, n. [Astron.] The planet Sar 
Uosei, ^5*V. ©JS?, n. O [P/iysfcs.J Motion 
and rest. ©Demeanour; conduct. ©The state 
of health. Q Condition; state; circumstances; 
whether peaceable or not. 

Yo no dosel wo ukagn, tfc .^ Ei P ^ g 7, to see 
how the world goes on; to look out (or any 
unusual movement in society. 




Doscl. Iff^V. iiSfi?' «• An angry voice or tone; 
Toice uttered in resentment. 

DSsel* 15 5 -^V*.^??. n TenJigris; rust or 
Syn. RokushO. L^iacetate of copper. 

DSsol, »5*\/^,[qJ^, n. [coW.]0 Attendants, fol- 
lowers ; retinue ; a train of persons ; a suite. @ 
A company; companionB; accomplices; friends; 


Dosckl, ^5*?. Ii3 fSi, n. O Sitting in the same 
roon-. @ Being in the same offlcial rank. 

D5scn« »5'a'^. WM, ■"'• A copper wire. 

Doson, ^5^^. S^^) n. A copper coin; fiub- 
Bidiary money or coins. fscrapa. 

Dosotsii, !£■ S-^-^.^/S. "■ Copper PlingR or 

Dosim, ?& 5 L-^. ^#1 «■ A pil!;rim; an evan- 
gelist; a religionist; a believer or devotee. 

Doslin. 15 5 L^M%, n. The same cnrriage. 

coach, car, wagon, or jinrlfcisha. ■ siiru, 

v.t. To ride in the same carriage, etc. 

Dosha, 1*L^, J;Pj>, «■ O Earth and sand. @ 
[B«dd.] A certain powder wlilch has been con- 
secrated by a Buddhist priest, and is supposed 
to have the power of softening the rigid joints 
of a dead body when sprinliled over them. 
Syn. TSUCHisuNA. 

DosliaknJI, 15 L-^**"^, i Si" JD}^, n. Religious 
rites performed over a certain powder. See 

DsslinKn-iitKyosel, ;S:-5 L^*>5V^'&-^5*V/^. tffi 
ffl" fin iS f? *S. '"■■ C-W^ert.] SolvZio ammonacl spirt- 
titosa anlsata. 

DosliaUii siirii, 15 5 L-^ C ■?■ 5,[qlg^, v.t. To 
drink sake together with otiiers Tmonia, 

noslmsel, T&^ L^ -& V/^. 1® 5t'*g. " [Med.] Am- 

D6»4lil, 155 L. ®J ^' "• [Gram.] A verb. 

ISosIil, 15 5 L.Jffii ctf^^- Continually; without 
ceasing or intermission; steadily; constantly. 

X^e ddshi, Sil, to be continually in bed or 
sleeping; Nomi dosht, ©; M. to be drinking 
all thetiuio; Fo rtos/i/. ^K JS. through the whole 
night; Fomf dos/ii, tSM' to read steadily. 

Doslil. 155 L. I^i> '*■ ^^^ '^^^ Associates; com- 
panions; Iriends; the members of a party, 
society, or family; in company; together; 
among ourselves, themselves, or yourselves. 

Om.0 rtosW, ^-7 |W]±, lovers; On-na doshi de 
hanami suru, ^^± y'^M.::^}i'> to go to look 
at flowers admitting no man into the company 
(by women only); TomodacM doshi de sake wo 

nnmu, ti^^±^M^^^^ **> ^"""^ ^" com- 
pany with friends; TonaH doshi no kotoyuenl, 
BIrI ± -^llSC— ■ since we are neighbours. 

Syn DoCHi. Nakama. 
nl, 15 5L,tt^. "* The pupil of the eye. 

Do-slil, ;flj5t,. 9S±, n.O A moralist; a writer oa 
ethics; one who comments upon the duties 
of life ; one who holds it his chief object of life 
to correct vice and inculcat.e moral duties. @ 
A conjurer, sorcerer, or magi. 

Dosiil, T&^ L. iff Ei?. "■• The priest who leads in the 
performance ot religious rites. 

Doalil, »5 t, [^ ^, n. OThe same mind, monve, 
idea, opinion, purpose, or principle. @ One 
who has the same mind, motive, etc. ; an asso- 
ciate looking for the attainment of a common 

Doslil-lliiisiL, 15LV'< ■3, IrI± S^, ". Fighting 
among ourselves or themselves; a civil or in- 
ternal war. 

Doslilii, 155 LA. 1^ «Ci. "■ OThe lowest officialg 
under the roVwgawcc government. ©The same 
mind; common interest or motive; unanimity; 
agreement in opinion or determination ; concur- 
rence ; accord ; thinking alike. 

Doshln icyoryoku, [^ iC ^ >f; , to be harmonious 
and assist each other ; Jchiml doshln, — SJf [^ iC-i 
those who have a common object to pursue. 

Dosliln, 15 [,A..± ^1 ■'*■ The tutelary or guardian 
god of a locality. 

DoshinKnkii, 15 5 t A4>< . fql -6 ft. n. I3fatli.] 
Concentric angle. Tcentric circles. 

Doshlnyeu, 155 1-A5.A. [^ -C S3, n. [MaUi.] Con. 

Ddsliltsii, "^^ f^, Iql g, w. and a. The same ma- 
terial or quality; made of the same material; 
similiar in qualities and properties; identical; 
analogous; siniilar, 

Dosliitsii, ^ [,-7, ± ^, It. The quality of a soil. 

Doshltsii-lkel, 1^5 Lr?V^W-V^, igUSJJl^, n. AUo- 
tropism; allotropic ibrms. 

Dosliitsii sum, 155 L-^"^5.iPI3^- v.t To see, 
know, or understand perfectly; to penetrate; to 
discern clearly, 

Dosliltsii mii'u, ^L-P-^S, '(Sffc- vt. To blame, 
scold, censure, or reprimand in an^er, resen1> 
ment, or indignation. 

Doshl-iichI, 155 l^%. )PI±iT. «. [coll.] Saim 

Doslil-uclil, »S.5'^. '^s Dns/u-ikusa. 

Dosho. 155 L-^5.^i£. "• A copper mark, badges 
insignia, seal, stamp, or medal. 

Doslid. 15 L-^5. J: ffi. "• A resident merchant ol 
tradesman, as opposed to kdsho. 

DO'^lio, ^5 Ll. [rIM. n. That place; the same 
place or locality. rimperial Palaca 

Doslio. ;^5L.-*%"5. S±, "■ The interior of the 

DoshC, 155L-^5. [^1^. '*- Same as Z)cisef. 

Doslio, 155^5. M^' "■ [C/tin.] A wind instru- 

Doslio, »L-^5, ±E. "- O A plasterer. fi^A 




DoHlio, :^-5 ti., ^ #. w. Bookfl consulted by a 
-conjurer [n the practice oihis occult arts, 

Doslioliu, ^-5L3i<t |p! ?S. ^- T'lw same pro- 
fesRion, avocfition, or employment 

Dt>.4liol<u, )& ti.<, Sfi. ^- [Chin.] An angry 
Bipn. colour, face, or appearance. 

Dos/iofcu wo aratvasu, M^^ M^, to sliow 
anger, resentment, or ire on one's lace ; Mam- 
men ni dosftoku wofukumu, gggff-Sfe? ^ i*> 
(his) lace was flushed with intense anger. 

UQslioBiuJiii, >a5:t i. { :£•^, ^ g A, n. A copper- 
coloured man: an American Indian. 

Do^ho'jeu, >e.5:^5-c^, |B)^,3S. "■ [Math.] Gon- 
t'ocal. fprlesthood. 

Dd^liQ, ;^$ LWj5, E??t. "■ Buddhist priests; the 

Doslm, ;&5U*5, Kffi. «■ Filgrims. 

D»^inigf>o. >55LWiiri. esat. «. [/c/it/t.j bo- 

Ryn. Katsowo. Lnito. 

Dft>«liu. »? LW>5. f^^, "• The same religion; 

tlie same denomination or sect. 
Ddsliiil^u, ie?Lt5><. [^ SS, ■"■ Lodging at the 

same inn or liotel tsiiru, v.t. To lodge 

Syn. AiYADO. Lfetc. 

D5s6. >a53 5, fS ®. Jt- The alumni of an 

educational institution; a school-mate; a fel- 
Do»JO, 1^55, ±ip., n. Inhumation; interment; 

burying the dead in the eartli. 
Doso ni suru, ± ^- zx. ii-, to bury in the 

ground; to inter 
DdsO. «5 '5 5. Ir] ^. ri. and a. O Same as DdshJi. 

@ Descended from the same ancestor; of the 

same family. 
D5so, ^5 5, MM' ^- Same as above @. 
DosoJIn, :^5 5 CA. iSffl|llii «■ The god of roads. 


nosoKu, 'S'^ < , ± M. "■ Having clogs or san- 
(Jals on; muddy feet. 

Dosoku nite agaru, IJ: £ — t* ± n-. to enter 
a house without taking clogs or sandals off. 
;4oss»rl, )&y-^y), u.. Icoll.] Abundant; much; 
plenty; thick; maoj.-; copious; voluminous; 

Dossarl kome ga tsunde aru, V^v^^) ^if^v* 
7**, there is a great heap of rice bags; Kokoni 
ishi ga dossarl aru, jtfc = S ** F -i- * V T ;i-. the 
stones are thick liere 

Oosshlrl, ^vLV), a. [co^.j Same as above. 
Dosshlrlto. "^-j L^)^. >adv. The ad ver vial form 
Dossarl to, ^S-^^^iS, of above. 

Dossu, '^■y-^r, n. [coif.] Leprosy 

Syn. KAIBT5 
Oosn, 1:5-^5, Bf K, n- O How many times. @ 
Degrees (as of heat, longitude, an angle, etc.). 

Uosii.-tiitii, ^■^■2?i4>V, H3#. a. fcoil.] Dark red;- 
dirty scarlet, too reil. 

Dofliiso:t'Or "^irViSi, 33 @. n. Same as Damiaope, 

DosiiKiiroi, ^ -^ <- ^ V», ffg^, a. [coli.] DarB 
brown; too black. 

Do suru. )&i-Z.B.. v.t. [Bt^tid.] To save; tode- 
Jiver; to redeem from sin. 
Syn. Saido SURU, Suku. 

DotuJ. ^ 5 fe V», ® (t. n The state of being 
virgin or undeflled. ftion. 

Dofal, ^5teV», ® i*. -"■■ \Pliyslcs.] A body in mo* 

Dote, "i^-r, ± ^, Jl, n. A bank, dyke, or em- 

Demlzu nlia dote wo kuzusu, tii ^^ — ? ti ^ H3 

^, the flood opened the dyke or bank; Bote wo 

kizuku, ti f- ® ^. t'O make or build an embank- 

Syn 'fsuTSDMi. Ln^ent 

D'otel, ;t'5tv«, 5^@. "■ The distance from one 
place to anotlier. 

Syn. MlCHiNORl. 

Dotei, ^5"CV. ^^il. ?!■ [Chin.] Same aa ChoshU 

Dotelrnu, 'S^t\f^^,M^^, «- fSoM Vero- 
nica incana. 

Dotera, le-T 4,^75. '*• fcoll.] A wadded outer 
garment worn in one's private rooms, or while 

D5td, ^-51?5i [r]^. «• and a. Equality; the same 
rank; equal; of the same rank, class, or grade. 
Syn. HiTOSHiKi. 

Doto, ^^5,^3. 1- Raging billows; the boil- 
ing sea. 

Kyoran tioto, JS^M'S'I^, U^i^] frantic waves 
and raging billows ; Iflg.'] the madly boiling sea. 
Syn. HAi'ANAMI, Onami. 

D5to, i55if,i^^, n. Same as i>oro. 

Dots, >?^5te5.I^S, n. Thesame party. 

Ddto, 'S51?, adv. Precipitately; headlong. 

Doto ochtru, 1" *? ^ 3^J^1 to '"all precipitately, 

Doto I* i , ^fe 5 & ■ ± '^ 55, ". \Bot.'] Ara'.ia cordata. 

Dotolfii, T&5)£<, ^ W>^ '<■• Morality; moral 
character; righteousness; strict observance of 
one's duties. 

Dotoku kengo no so, ig ^ ^ @ > f^', a priest of 
strict moral character (or principles). 

Dotokii-sitKii, ■'c5i?<fi'<.iSa^, n. Themo 
ral science or philosophy; ethics. 

Dotto. ■^■y^, »S. Eft. «f*"- Bursting intoasudden 
cry; suddenly; at once. 

Dotto Iiomeru, Jj^ I- 9( /^. to applaud . to praise 
by acclamation ; Dotto sakebu, y^ i- u^ t", to cry 
out at once; Dotto warau, ^ f ^~7, to burst 
into sudden laughter 

l>flu, ?£5 5.S^, n. IChin.] A temple. 

D5wa, 7&^t),M.^u n. A sermon; preaching; a 
moral or x'eUgious discourse or lecture. 




DTiwa wo hlku, ifiSS^Rg^, to listen to a 

SyD. Shingaku banashi. Lsermon. 

DOwastiro, ^c5ib-^*^, B S.. 1S.g. n. [coll.] For- 

getfulneaa; being upable to recollect. 
DoyadoyA, )^.x!?t-^, adv. Suddenly ; confusedly ; 
at the flame time. Useii of many persons 
entei'ing; aaHeinblins, or coming together at 
the siime time. 

Doyadoya to tT^Hcomu, i? -v n -y hXJlii»i to enter 
suddenly ; to come tosether in utter confusion. 
DoyaKI, i?^^, ± jffg, n. Earthenware; pottery. 
Ddyalui. ^3-^C, fi3^, n. Gunpowder. 

Syn. DoGUsoRi. 
USyaku, )^^^< ,^^, n. Same as Doryo. 
Koyasii, l«j?"-5l-, v.i. \cQll.'\ Same as Butsu. 
I>«y6, »5*.5. @pS. "■ [<?fti».] A children's song. 
I>6y6, )e5A.5, Kj ffi, n. O Moving; being tossed 
about. @ Sliaking; trembling. ©Excitement, 

riotous movement; agitation. aiirii, v.l. 

To move ; tremble, or shake ; to be toaaecl about ; 
to be excited or perturbed. 
Syn. SOdS, SOjo. 

Uoyo, ^5<^5, (^ fiSli '*• a^nd ^ Sameness; simi- 
larity; iileutity; analogy; similar; identical; 
Syn. ONAjiKiSAMA, Onaj] KittOTO. L^lili^e- 

Doyo, ^51,5, Si^, J(. Behaviour; conduct; de- 
meanour; manners. 

l>«>yo, )ej;5, ±ffl, '(. O A permd of 18 days in 
each of the four seasons. @ Popularly, the 
period ot the greatest heat in summer. 

D056, ^J75, ±(Si "• One of the shichlyo of 
Chinese astronomers; the planet Saturn. 

Doyo-baltI,^i5t(f S,± ffl ^. n. See SusiHiaral . 

Doyobi, ^tStV, ±i^B , n. Saturday. 

Doyo-boshI, iel5S!L. ifflSi, HS-^. "• Same 
as Mushiboshi. fof Bamboo. 

DoySdalifi.^eiJ^-W. HSH". n. [Bot.] A kind 

Doyokii, ^5i. < , S@§;t, ". Avnrice; selfishness; 
greediness; inordinate desire. 

Sorya ammarl doyojcu na, y v ■^9' Wjgn;^ 
■3-, that is too selfish of you. 


Doyoniekii, '^i.itii ,\S.&, v.i. [coll.] To sound 

loudly; to reverberate; to rumble. 
Syn. HiBiftu, Naeiwataru. 
Doyoinii. l«J:tP, y^, v.i. Same as above 
Doyd-uanil, ^IStcAi ± ffl ?g. «- High waves 

which are seen on calm days during tiiesuirrmer 

Doyo-no-lrl, ^i5®V^ii),± ffl X, k. The day 

upon which the doyd season conimences. 
Doyo»ntiur5, » t 53* ?. 5. ± ffl H SI, n. The 

third day in the doyo period of summer, one of 

the four unlucky days or' the year. 
05yn Buru. )&3\r3i^K>,MM- "■'■ <• ^o have a 

good time, or to make merry together with 
others @ To go or visit in company with ano- 

Doaiaoiiion,>e^C?% ^, n. [coll.jX drowned person, 
so named after one Kurofune (or Na/rusegawa) 
Dozaemon, a wrestler of Tokyo, who was so 
exceedingly corpulent as to remind one of the 
swollen corpse of a drowhed man. 

Syn. DKKiaHiNiN. Tor punishment. 

I>ozal, ^-53:^/^, I^ fP, 71. The same crime, olfense, 

Dosan, ^S^A, ^|ll, n. A copper mine. 

I>o/,oi, ^5te\/^,l^^. ".. A retinue or stute; fol- 
lowers; persons who go togetlier; companions; 

DoBeii> ^^ ^, zt IS lifl. n. [Bot] Aralta cordata. 

Ddzen, >$5^A, IQgi}, a. and adv. Same; alike; 
as above or before; ditto. 
Syn. DOdan. 

Doxeo, >e5^^^I^J3?ft. adr. and a. Similar; Iden- 
tical; analogous; In the same or similar man- 

noKO, )S3r5, iS, 71. A go-down; a warehouse; 
a store-hquse; afire-proof building. 

I>UKO, ^' 5 3* 5 . S^ i3^. «• A copper statue; an idol 
made of copper, fyou please. 

Doso* ■£-5 5*1 ^^i'- IcotL] Please; I pray you; if 
Dozokitehttdasai. V&y5R5^^^*'-f. please 
come; I entreat you to come; Dozo ohanashi 
nasal, Vff t^^^-^^-l , please speak or tell ; 
(I) retineat (you) to deliver a lecture or speech; 
Dozo ome ni tcakarital, F 9 y ifl) @ =^U V ^ 'f . 
(I) wish to see (him); please take (me) into (his) 
presence; Dozo onegai desu ga, K ^VJ^SSt' 

piif, let me beg you to ; Dozo 

tanomital, Kl^/ J]3= i^-f . let me ask ; 

pray be so good. 

Syu. r5KA, Nanitozo. 

I>6io8*u,:^5=5'< . Sfff. "■ PriHSts and laymen; 
clergy and laity. 

D6aoku,^5 5'< , [^ tS. "■ OThe same caste, class, 
rank, or order. @ The same family or pedigree. 

Dozokii. )&^<, i ^, «• The customs and man- 
ners of the natives or aborigines; do. of a 

Doziilit. ^ii-'&.P??. "■ The foundation og 
which to raise a structure; the groundivoi-k. 


OoKiirii, ^J?*? ,!R). v.i. To be moved, agitated. 
Influenced, astonished, or outwitted; not to be 
calm or composed, to give up the presenco 
of mind. 

Sarani aozmru koto nashl, |E='.^3C«-~I+i', is 
not at all influenced by; is calm and composed. 
Syn Mdnasawagi SUB-h 




Dosiiru, ^5^2, I^, v.i. To agree to or with; to 
afisent to ; to consent to ; to approve. 

SoTio kvmaAate ni dTzuru, it ik — I^ tI A-, to 
consent to the design; to approve the proposal. 



E, ft, Iffi, n. A handle. 

Ono noe, ^ ^ #g, the handle of an axe. 

■^^ *.! il, '?■ O -^ river. © An arm of the sea; a 
hay. 63 A sound or fiord. 
JTori-e, i^jHC, a canal; 7ri-e, Xvl, a,bay. 

E, X, Iff, n. [Bot.] Celtis sinensis. 

E. A:, :j^, n. [Bot.] Perilla ocimoldes. ^ 
Syn. Egoma. 

E, A., ffi, m. O A fold; doubl- 
ing of any flexible i^ub- 
Btance. @ Times repeated. 
© Taking mucli care. Q 
Intricacy; complexity; 

Fvta-e, zi M, double; 
Jkv-e nimo, H Hi =^, 
manifold ; how many 
folds; [Jlg.l please; Nana- 
eya-e, -tSAIE, sevenfold and eiglit-fold; convo- 
luted, riy. 

E, ^, adv. Icoii.] Possibly; ably; well; Kuccessful- 
E tori inaerasen, :t IS ^ 7 Ir z/, I can possibly 
take (it for you); I am able to bring. 
E, ft, 52. w- An elder brother. 
E, f(_. An expletive used in expressing a question, 
doubt, or suspicion. 
ST, lea e, y 9 :tt 3:, is it bo r 
E, ft, ^, v.t. Same as Eru. 
E, 3&, ig-, n. A religious meeting ; an assembly. 
E, ^, ^, n. A picture, drawing, figure. 

E wo Icaku, St ^ ffi ^, to draw a picture. 
Syn. Ezu, GwA. rflshes;bait. 

E, ;&, 15. ^- Food for animals, birds, insects, or 
Enrarael, A.S.& ^'T, «■ [Sof.J Sweet Basil. 
Eawase. ff\^ii^, B^.MM, n. A kind of game 
in which two opposite parties try their skill in 
drawing pictures. 
Eba, g,(f , fS, n. Same £(£9). 
Ebarl, A.UV),!^^, n. Anything infeetious.epi- 
demic, or de.structive; pestilence; plague; pest; 
a prevailing disease. 

Syn. Eyami, Toki no ke. 
Ebarl, Aky«), n. [coll.] Same as Ibari. 
Bbam, A.fcf3, v.i. [coll.] Same as Ihariu 

KbI, A.l>', fft> "■ [-^ooi.] A stirlrap; prawn , lobsier 
Ebl» itVf, 9^, n. A padlock. 
Ebl, itxy, W, n. [Bot.] Vitis thunbergii. 
Eblashl, ;tU'*5yrL, SSflfl, n. A club-foot; a short 

and deformed foot; bandy legs. 
Syn Magariashi. 
Eblgaraclio, A.tPij*&ti, 71. [Entom.] Protoparce 

ortentatis. rphoenicolastm. 

Kblgava-fcUigo, A.tN'fi'^lr'^a, n. [Bot.] Rubus 

£bi-goshl, ^vfTzl, ^pf, n. The back bent with 

Syn. Magarigoshi. Laga 

EblJro, ;^U.*V^;5, iS^£, n. The colour of an *«- 

el>(; grape-colour (reddish brown). 
Ebfjako, ^tA.*tJ?»t, i^SS, n. [^bol] Shrimp. 
Ebijo, ftV-'-tr^^, 'M^^, ^.IfS. -^^ A kind of pad- 
lock like a shrimp in shape. 
Eblhaziira, X.Th'i>-::>' &, ©S, vt. [Bot.] a wild 

grape, Vitis Tfiunbergit. 


Ebjiiio, ftXK<i, f^m. '^ [Bot.] 

rotamogeton crispns. 
Eblmushj, ftV-'i?L, 'Ai^ 

[Entom.] A larva of the 

Ebiiic, ftV'-ii, IS: 

Ebine, Xxm, n 

TantJi/: ^iscoT»r. 
Eblra, ."ti^'t, W^, 

silk- culture. 
Ebira, ;t U-* &, flS, 7*. A 

Ebira-fiiJI. ft tv & J- "^r, re 

[Bot.] Vicia venosa. 
Eblrn-baKi, XXyt^yx^'.-^^^ 

Ebii-it-siblda, S:U>'&L:^-, »• 

[Bot.] Polypodium Kra- 

Ebirii, ^ tK 3, T.t. [coll.] 
Same as Thiru. 

EbLsii, XV--^, M. n. A bar- 
barian or savage; uncivi- 
lized people; outlaws. 

Eblsii, A,0.'-^, T^iti^, n. The giid of wealth; the 
guardian god of trade and industry. 

Eblsii-saiiii. Xv^'fiftTh, ^.^, n. A leaf of a book 
which the binder has failed to fold in. 

Eblsu-gohoro, j^iy-'-^^Ei^S, n. The heart, idea, 
mind, or thought, of a savage or barbarian; 
cruelty. fTora. 

Eblsu-giiea, ;t u>' ^ <- 5, ^03, n. [Bo£.] Cassia 

Eblsiiko, A.o.'-^4>5, Igie, K. A fete in honour of 
the god of wealth celebrated on the 20th of th« 
10th month (o.s.). 

bamboo-mat used In 


Eblsuliiiiil, itVf-^ < VC, 1 ff, n. A barbax-ou3 coun- 

EblHiiKiinl, XV'ir<:V:, 'try or state. 

Eblsu-inatsurl, X V ir '^ -o VJ , ?5^, n. A fete 
observed by merchants on the 20th day of the 
10th mo. (O.S.). frina. 

Kblsiime. itV^itVi, n. [Bot.] Laminaria saccha- 

Kbisiinieku, XVfir)sb<, v.i. To be like a savage 
or barbarian. 

Kbisii-iitu,, A-tr-?"5:te, ISffl, '"• A country -song. 

Eblsu-zon, ^r^•-^^^, ^ )}g, n. [coll.] Sitting on 

the wrong side of a dining table. 
Ebl^varcru, XVJninZ, i ^'-^ [coll.] To burst open; 
Kinl^viireru, ^Tt-joivz, ' to crack; to open in 

chinks. Chiefly used of ripe fruits. 
Eblzoine, ^U.'^'*, ^^^, n. Dyeing in light 
Bbo, A-IX, SG, n. Same as Ibo. Lpurple. 

EboJlrlinaKi, A.19; 1 1) fiS, «. See under Jfaffc. 
Eboslii, XiTt, ^'I'B'?) 'I- A kind of cap formerly 

worn by nobles, and at present used by Tcamiu- 

thi, no actors, and majizal. 
Kazao7-i-ebosht, Ptjrf^fB^. ac e. used on 

ordinary days 

iFig. 1.); Komu- 

suU-ehoshi, /]■. S 

Jl -fiR ^, an e. 

■worn by an in- 
ferior samurai 

{Fig. 2.); Man- 

zai-e1)oshi, g Ift 

J^ fH ^, an e. 

worn by a ician- 

zai (JYfl'. 3.); 

Slomi-eboshi, gfe 

^ fH ^. same as 

Yanag isahi 

{Fig. 4.); Natto- 

eboshi, S^ a ,fe ffl 

^, the popular 

name for samu- 
rai eboshi; Ort- 

eboshi, ifrJ^VS^f 

a name applied 

to any e. which 

has its top fold- 
ed ing.5.y, Sa- 


iFlg. 8.] 

[Fig. 7.] 

f^^itS^. sanie *s -fi:(wnzfst(6i-€Bosfti, (jftj?, 6.); 
Tate-eboshi, g,^fH^, an e. used on ceremonial 
occasions (^£/. 7.) ; Tanagisabi, ifflia. an e, used by 
persons having no official rank (/"t?. 8.); Eboshi 
shitatare, J^if^^W.^, putting on an e. and a 
sMtatare; a court-dress. 

Ebosbl-bnna, A-lXLIdf^, 

Ebosbl-giku, A.l9:Ly<, 

Bboshl-cblrlnieu* A.i^L*6.'il»^, J^W^B 

\ r-ft ^, «. [^o(.] Aconite. 


A kind of crape extensively manufactured at 

Syn. GiPU-cniRiMEN, LGifu, Mino. 

Ii:boBbl-siisa, ^K t,<' 3, ^MU, "■ [Bot.]Lotus 

cm'nicidatus. ^cap^ls sp. 

KboslilmiiHlii, ^ tgr L tr L, «. [Jwtoni.l Byffto- 

Syn. Hatomushi. 
2;boBbJovl, ^KL^rW), ^ifS^Sf. ^(•I'SE, «■ One 

who makes eboshi. ffather. 

Ebosbi-oya, ;3l K L tc ■^, .fefH^^, «. A god- 
Ebukuro. ^S'<^, fi? Jg, fi*. n. The crop of fowls, 

the stomach. fimplement. 

IDbiirl, it^V), tg, ft. The name of an agricultural 
IQbiirlko, ^i-'Ot, (iS^iSil:, n. [£(jt.]FoiW- 

JObiirltake* A.J^'^JiW", 'porw5 oi?(c(wa!is. 
Echlso-ebJjiini, J.tia'^-S-;^, jgyjig, n. A kind of 

hempen cloth woven in the province of Echigo. 
KchfffO-Jlsbl, £*tatr t, iffi ^ ])5S ^, n. O A kind of 

dancing performed before a shrine in Kambara- 

gori, Kchigo. @ Same as Kakubejishi if^^^ 

Syn. Kakubejishi. fvionejapatiica. 

IDcblzeu-slkii, iiB't^^^<, ifetttfl-. n. [Bot.] Am- 

£da, ;it?E:, tS, n. ©The branch, shoot, bough, or 
limb of a plant. @ Any subdivision of a body or 
system; a ramification. ©Any individual of a 
family descending in a collateral line. 

£da, XTi^, ^, n. An articulated extremity of an 
animal system; a limb. fherb branches. 

Kdabui'l, A-ife^fl, n. The way in which a tree or 

Kdagakl, X'^ti*'^, S^. ^^- Same as -KwsMpafct. 

Edasa-tva, Jti^ft^a, Kill. ^'iM., «• Abrancli rivei 
or stream; a tributary. 

Edaha, fii7& iX, K^. n. Q Branches and leaves. 
@ Digression. @A subdivision of a religious 
sect or political party. 

Hanashi ga edaha ni nam, ^ fl" S IS — "J" ff-i 
the story or narrative digresses. 

Edamame, it 7G ^ W>, :Ka. «• Ot^it-] Branch 
bean. &[,coll.] Beans boiled in pods on the 

ddamlcbi, ?Lt(k^%; *^^, n. QA branch road. 
©Digression; deviation. fshears. 

JOdaorl, A.?G5:'0,^KS5. «■ A pair of pruning 

Gdaotorl, A-^:fciC ijj, n. One branch being in- 
ferior to another or the main stem: frequently 
used when speaking of a branch of a family. 

Edaru, X7&Z, #5ffl, "• A barrel or cask with two 
Syn. Tsunodaru. [.horn-like spouts 

lildasakl, XTa'5^, ^Si ". The tip of a branch. 

Edaslilina, XT&fi, n. A peninsula. flative* 

Kda-shlnrul, AL;^L^5^., ^MM, n. Remote re- 

Eldawakare, itT^inii^H, K ^. «■ Same as £da (:!J), 
but chiefly used of those of a family. 

Kdazasbl, XT&^t, S^. w- Same as fftJaftwrt. 

Edo. i&», iS±, n. [Bwdd.] [lit.] The filthy earth; 
this sinful world. 




Edobaral, A.^tfe.V, 'n.PW>> n. An order to 
leave Edo, a mode of punishing political agita- 
tors under the Toltugawa gov'nt. 

Edobiislil. A.^^ L, KP^'i, ■»■ Same as Man- 
dayii &zis/i(. 

Edoe, C? ^ ^, tiP^f '"'■ Beautifully coloured 
paintings or pictures for w-hich Edo (now 
TokOy) used to be famous. 


Edokko, jit^-yC. KpT-, ■".. [coll.] One born in 

Edo (Tdkyo) who considers boldness and forti- 
tude his greatest rirtues. 
EOoKko Iiada, il pT■->^ ■*«', [coll.] the temper, 

character, or disposition of one born in Edo, 
Edolioro, ^>^t.^> ?^^, n- An ancient bureau of 

drawing an^ painting. fpiirple colour. 

Edomurasalfi. C?^?5&'3.?f, ilp^, n. A deep 
Edonn, C^^ti:, "■ [Bot.] Sinapis cernua. 
Edori, J5.^i/), ^ g, «. A butcher (formerly held 

to be the lowest class of people). 
Syn. Eta. 
Edoru, ^)&Z, !3S, v.t. To paint; to apply colours. 
Ee, ft. A., interj. An exclam. of doubt, wonder, or 

Efii, A.J-, «■• A box or basket immersed in a pond 

connected with the sea, for keeping fish alive. 
Syn. Tkesu. 
Efii* j^i, !^R5^, n. A central office for the military 

men of guard at the gates to the Imperial 

Efurte, g.i-^, ^^, n. A drawing pencil. 
Efukdko, ;ti*'i4>5, ^ ¥ #. "■ The operculum 
Syn. NiSHiNOPiJTA. Lof a shell-flsh. 

Eruri, A..i-i!), «. A faun implement for leveling 

and smoothing soil. 
Ega, ^J)i, g|@J, n. A prickly pericarp or bur. 

Kurt no ega, M^, a chestnut bmr; Ega-gurl 

atama, 3: ff ^ V "Z ^ v, [coll.] the hair cropped 

short; roundhead. 
EgaeEij, Xii*%, "■ Pedantry; ostentation. 

Egaliara, A-fi^HS, n. A painful disorder In the 

bowels; children's colic or belly-ache. 
Egal*"* S.t'<. ffi. Jff. v.t. To draw, picture, or 
Hana wo egaTcu, ?(:?■?§*', to draw a flower. 
E:gao, ^ifl\A, ^gg. n. Merry or smiling face or 
EQOo wo Snru, 5??i^ ^ ^i to smile; to look 
Syn. Waraigao. Lgay and joyous. 

Egata8lil,-l.-hl, fLU^tt:^, m '^, a- DitHcult, hard, 
or impossible to get, have, obtain, or gain. 

Mata to egataki jtsetsu, ffl )- ilj: (Eft ^ h? i-d, an op- 
portunity neven to be had again; Yoiniegat<Li 
shinamono, '0.^~^^-^ ^a% an article or 
thing which is hard to get. 

A kind of silk used for 

Egiiui, i&arfo, mi 

Ego» ^a, 'li)J^, n. A dock or broad deep trench 
on the sea-side for building and repairing ships 
in. frax japoniecL 

Ego, ^ a, 0f®fM, It. [Bot.] Japanese storx, Sty- 

■goego, i^ a £. £, adv. Waddlingly; toddling 
along (as a fat person). 

Eg«J, ;g,av^, SX, o.. Acrid in taste, rancid. 

KoTio imo wa egot, jtt^ -"^SJit:, this tare Is 
acrid in taste. 

Egoiita, A.aa, S, n. [Bot.] Perilla oci moides. 

■I|pi>ni»ta, ^.Siate, n. [co^M Same as ^fos/iC. 

Ego-nc-k(, ^i®?, ^ifk^,n. [Bot.'] Same as Eg<x 

Egii, i& <-, ^^, n. [Bot.] Clematis capiifolia. 

Egifi^no, j§^<r\r1>, '^^, n. [Boi.] Akind of taro. 

Egiiri-w»ruslil,-l,-kl, X i' ^ it> Z L, "■■ O Tor- 
tuous; roundabout; winding; zigzag. @ Cross; 
perverse; obstinate in the wrong; stubborn, 

Eguru, ;%. <* 3, ?•!, "<' t. To scoop; to lade; to ex- 
cavate; to gouge; to force out; to dig. 

Ana ivo caiirv, S, ^ ^ '^. to excavate a hole; 

Me wo eguru, @ 5- fl| >'■', to gouge or force out an 

Syn. KiJiRU. Leye. 

Egusa, jg.^S, n. Acridity , acrimony. 

Egiislii, g.<-L, ^, ft- Same as -E(7oi. 

Egiisiii'l, ■^<:t^. ^^'^. n. Enamel. 

Egiiwa, A.<'i3, ¥iWii n. A kind of hoe. 

Eliira, A-U-t, w- Same as J/aywdaTna. 

EI16, ^a5, ■^:;?, ]&:#, n. TU* lucky or blissful 
direction. The points of the compass and y^ara 
are named by a round of 12 names ne, itsJii, tora, 
M, tatsu, mi, uma, hitsuji, saru, tori, inu, and i. 
and that direction called by the same name as 
the year, is the cho, towards which it is supposed 
to be blissful to face in worshipping. In 1892 
(^atsu), the eho is E. S. E. which is tatsu; in 1893, 
Syn. Yoi. Imi; etc. 

Eliou, ^l2^, M:^, n. A picture book; orabook 
that has pictures in it. 

El, A.\r, SS, n. [C/iiw-JThe strings of a cap or hat, 

El, X V/^, ik, n. [Chin.] Permanence; eternity. 
Only used in composition. 

El, XV", ^ iLifi, n. [CJdn.] Reading; recitation; 
singing. Used only of poems or songs. 

Gin-ei ni fukerv, t^ ^=-Mf^, to be addicted 
to reading and reciting (poems). 

guru, v.i. To read; to recite; to sing. 

Shi wo ei zuru, i;^ ^ Off? ipC ;t- , to sing a song; 
to recite a poem loudly. fperity. 

El, :tV/^,5&, n. [C/tin.] O Honour; glory. @ Pros- 

Issldn no ei, — ^ ^ ^, personal honour, glory, 

or prosperity; Ml ni ama7~ti ei wo kvmvru, ^^ 

dJ fl, 5g ^ ^ ;l , to receive an honour greater than 

one is worthy of. 

Syn UosiARE, Sakae. 




El, ft.\/*, a. intai. Eh I 

Bl, /tlT.J^, n- Shadow; shade. Mostly used in 
Syn. KAGB. Lcomposition. 

El* >t. V^, % n. and a. O ^^^b corolla of a flower. 
S Excellent; clever; intelligent. © English. 
Byn. Hanabusa, Suguretartt. 

Kl. A.V^, ^, It. [C/iin.] A tombstone. 

El, A.\r., ^ ti. and n. O Sharp; pointed; acute. 
@ The stronger soldiers in a regiment. 

El, A.\r, tZ, a. Majestic; sagacious; divine; noble; 
wise. Used only of the Emperor or the Im- 
perial family. 

El, 3k V',^, n. Intoxication; drunkenness. 

Ei ni noi'ite, S^ — SI V ^, carried away by 
drunkenness; Ei ni magirete, K = ^ ^ y, con- 
founded by intoxication. 
Syn. YOI. 

filben, A. V» '^E Aj, ?? !9|, "■ Eloquence. 

Bltiln, ^ V" 0>' ^, SI 84, a- [Chin.'\ Clever; sagaci- 
ous; sharp; intelligent; gifted; of parts. 

Elbo, i§i\riS5,VS^, «• [BoC] Dogwood; pigwood; 
skeweswood; prickwood. 

Elbu, it\r *, ^ffH, a. Wise and courageous. Said 
of military men of high rank. 

Eihu no ktmi, ^SC-^S"! a- wise and courage- 
ous Emperor, fcompoaition, 

Klbun, ^ V -& ^^ 35^1 ■'^' -A-° English sentence or 

Elbiin, i*L \/^ .fc ^, 3!? H, n. The hearing of an Em- 

Eibun ni tassuru, JJ a@ =s i^ ::^ »', to inform or 
report to the Emperor. fwiBdom. 

Elchi, ^.V*'^, 32^. "■ The Imperial or divine 
Sojnei eicht, M^fSiW, wise and intelligent 
(said only of an Emperor). 

Elcliiku siiru, fLV^%< irz,'^^ v.t. To build ; 
to erect; to construpt, 

JBlcho, k.\J^%X ^, ^M, w- [Chin.] A gracious 
favour bestowed on an inferior. 
Syn. Atsukimegumi, 

Eiebo, it\r%i.5,'^M>n. Same aa Eibun (3? M). 

EUlan, A. V^ ;fe A, ?? Bf. «• -A- wise and decisive 
judgment; resolution. 

Klmi no eidqn ni makasu, g- >'3£H = fiE 3t, 
to leave to your wise decision. 

Elden, A. V^ "C A, K Sft, "• [Chin.] Same aa MieiOo. 

Eldd, ;t\/^^5,{B^, «• [Chin.] Same as Ihaido, 
and Mieido. 

Eiel, ^V^ A-V^, S '5r, interj. An interjection uttered 
by coolies when drawing a heavily laden wagon. 

Elei, A.V^ALir, ik^f a. andadu. Everlasting; con- 
stant; forever; alwaya; perpetually. 

Elel, A.\aA.V,^'V> a. and adv. Strenuously; with 
earnest efforts; zealously; strivingly; strug- 
gling ; ardent. 

Syn. SKKUSEttO. 

Elfusn, IkV'^i;^^, v.i. To become drunk and 

lie down. 
Elfntsu, A.\i^A-5, 3E1^, n. England and France. 
KI^Rkko, X\r'tifvi>3, ^^^, n. An English 
school; an educational institution for giving 
instruction in English. 
IDlaraku, A.\^fit<,^||, n. The study of English; 
the English language. 
EigaJcu sJiQ^ei, ^^#4, an English student. 
Klsakusha, XVKil*< L-^, 3i*#, n. An Enghsh 

scholar; one versed in the English literature. 
Blgen, X\/^V^A., ft, »*. [ZoiiL'^ A newt, Triton 
Syn. iMORi. 
Elgoe, *.\rSJ6,aSg, n. The noisette* (^ *). 
Fiffwa, A.V^<'to, . Sl^, n. Prosperity; opulence; 
I'lkwa, A.\/^ < 45, S glory; riches. 

Eigwa ni kurasu, §|^ = S^. to do well; to 
be well off; to live in opulence. 
Syn. Ogori. 
Klkiu'il, i&tKSJ., KHi ■"■<• To be crazed with 
drink; to get mad by intoxications; to be raving 
drunk. fdeed. 

Eigyo, A,\/^t>A, ^SE, "■ A great or an illustrious 
Klgyo, A.V^V>i, ^S?, It. Occupation; avocation; 
business ; employment ; calling. 
Syn. Nariwai, Sugiwai. 
I<:igy5-ii]ii, A.VrB*^VeA, ^SA, n. One who i9 

engaged in an occupation for getting profit. 
Eigyo-sel, A.V^Wii^-1^, ^S^^ «. A tax on oc- 
cupations; fees, 
lOHicI, i^\r'--\r, ^#, n. The guards. 
Eihel &urn, it\j^-^\t^-^Z. SP, v.t. [Cftfn.] To 
screen; to shelter from; to conceal ; to darken; 
to cloud. rtomb; a grara. 

Elikl, A.y^i^^,^^, w. [Chin.] A sepulchre; a 

Syn. Haka, Tsuka. 
Eilku, fL\{'\r<,MU, n. [Bot.] Wild grape, or 
black grape, Vitus Thunbergil. 
Syn. Ebikazura, KurobudO. 
Fiitsii siiru, A.V^Vvj'-^j, jSa, v.i. [Chin.] To 
overflow ; to go or run over the brim. 

Syn. MiCHiAPURERU. ra suckling. 

Elj«, A-U^C, §5S. "■ [Chin.] An infant; a baby; 

Syn. Akago, Midorigo. 
Eljin, A.V*&^, ISA, «. An Englishman, 
EJJlru, X.\nCZ, , W, v.t. To sing; to hum; to 
Elzuru A.V>53, J compose. 

Vta wo eijiru, 1^9-%^}t', to sing or com- 

Syn. Utatj, Gin zuru. Lpose a song. 

Eljiru, it\r^Z, ) BA> "o.i. To reflect, as in watar 

Elzuru, A.V-5S, ) or a mirror, to throw theraya 

upon; to shine on. 
Eijltsu, Jt\r:&':7, ^c J . n. A long day. 

Nao eijitsu wo goshi soro, iSmB 9^s/^, tha 
rest ia deferred to a longer day (epiatolary). 




Syn. ElYo, Nagakihi. fdisgrace 

Eljokii, X.V-£iX< ,^^. n. lOhin.] Honour and 

Kiyo eijoku, Sj^S^^, censure and praise, 

honour and disgrace. 

Eljo sum, SlV-B?5-?-3, .6^^, v.i. [Chin.] To 

Einyo sum, ^^/^fi.?-^^^, 1 coil round; to wind 

Syn. MATsnwARu, Meguru. Labout. 

Eijil, jfc\r'Vl1'5, 77t ft, "■ Living at a place for a 

long time; long residence. siiru, v.t. To 

live long at one place. 

Syn. NagahluSDMAU. fMilitary Store. 

EijH-buko, jBvx:£-l*i-j:, j^KSEffi. "• The guard 
EJJu-byoJii, ^lr;&'.5)!>*i 5 & ^, VHJ&I^B, n. The 
Guards Hospital. fGuards Prison. 

Elju-Kan«okii, i5.\r^-t^i.A.a<,iSf^^-3S. n- Tlie 
Elka» fc\r*>, %'^, n. A song; a lyric poem. 


]<:ikaku, A.V'*»<, ^^, n. [Mitft,.] An acute angle. 

Elkaku-sankuKu-kcl. ^V^*»< 5^4>< W^V^, $3 fi 

= ^ fl$, n. [Math.] Oxygon; acute angled 


Eikan, :itV'*>^, iKSt. "• [C/im.] An Emperor's 

admiration or approval. 
Eikcn, ;tV^W■^,^ffi, n. [Chin.] Prosperity and 
celebrity fa hero. 

Eikctsii, A-V^W-CJ, ^K, n. [Chin.] A great man, 
Tenkano etketsu, 35T ^^^l^S. a world-famous 
Elketsu, ;'LV^ W*-7, Sc 6^1 "■ [C/iin.] Parting never 
to meet again; death. 

Syn. Nagakiwakare. fsepulclire. 

Elketsu. A.VW-7, ^7C. n. [Chin.] A grave; a 

Syn. Hakaana, TSUKA. 
Eiki, A.V^5,$f?^ n. An animated spirit; ardour; 
courage; spirit. 

Eiki'botsubotsu, ^^^V, a spirit impulsive- 
ly animated; Teki no ciki ivokujiku, fift^fS^^ 
^ ^, to break the spirit of or to discourage the 
Elko, AV^C ^ftS". "• [Chin.] Flourishing and 
decaying; prosperity and failure; rise and fall. 

Eiko seisut, SIfeSES. success an;l failure; 
rise and decline; ups and downs. 
Eikivo, XV^do^, ^% ">>■• Honour; prosperity 
fame; celebrity; splendour; chivalrous pride. 
Syn. EiYO, Sakae. 
Klkyo, ;tV^5 1, S !^, «- [Chin.] Waxing and wan- 
ing; rise and fall; ebb and flow; success and 

TstAki no eikyo, ^ > S Sfi, the waxing and wan- 
ing of the moon as seen by a spectator on earth. 
Elkyo, ^V*'&^5,K¥, «■ [Chin.] Influence; ef- 
fect; [((f.] snadow and sound; an echo. 

EiJcyo wo oyobosu, ^^f-'B:^^, to influence; 
to feel the 6fl:ect of; Eikyo yori sumiyaka, K ff 
■ V jSA. quicker than an echo. 

Elkyoku, A\rti<,^[lfl, n. tC^Wn.] Vulgar songs 
or tunes. 

Elkyn, ;itV^&5,:^A, n. a. and adv. O Eternity; 
perpetuiLy; permanence. ©Everlasting; per- 
petual; forever; eternal; permanent. 
Syn. ElEl, Nagaku. 

Elkyfl suru, X.V^^ ^ir^, ^B, v.t. To coil or 
entwine around; to stick to; to be a parasite. 
Syn. Matsuwaeu, Matoitsuku. 

Ejmiii, A.V^au^, $EjS, a. [Chin.] Clever; wise; 
gifted; of parts; talented; sagacious. 

Eliiiitn, :t\/^a^,a?K, «■ IChin.] The waxing of 
the moon and the rise of the tide; success; 

prosperity; the height of glory. aiirii, v.i. 

To be perfectly successful; to wax; to be proa- 
Syn. MiTSDRU Lperoua. 

Eliiiot^ A-V^l6\p, ^'Z, n. Fame; an illustrioua 
name ; glory. 

Eimei wo kaigwai ni kagayakasu, 35 ^ ^ ^ J"). = 
ffi» 7., to become famous abroad; to hecomo 
known to the whole world. 
Syn. Homare, Yokina- 

Elnen« X.\f^ilA.,-7Jz^, n. Eternal or long ages 

Eli'u. ^u^ e , g^ 4a, n. [Conch.\ Turbo cornuius. 
Syn. Sazai. 

Elrakuaeii. A.V- & C -frA ^S?^, it. A coin im- 
ported from China, bearing the stamp of the 
Tung-lo (.Eiraku) era, and worth about one rin. 

Eirakii-y:vkl, X\/- ^ < ^'§, ^^i^, n. A kind of 
porcelain made by Zengoro Hozen, a former 
potter of Kyoto. fseeing. 

Elran, ;tV^6^, S^K. n. An Emperor's personal 

Eiran ni kyosu, '^^^^'^.y., to submit to the 

Syn. Gyoran, LEmperor's examination. 

EirJ, A.V^'O, ^?ij, a. Sharp; pointed; true as steel; 

shrewd; penetrating; critical; to the point; 

Syn. SuRUDOKi. Lastute. 

Elrl, *,\/^Vf, SK^iJ, "■ [Chin.] Profit; making money; 
acquiring wealth 

Syn. Eanemoke. Hllustrated. 

Eli'l, 5.\At!J,^X. n. anda. Containing pictures; 

Eirin-sliiijl, X\x-^ kt.i'i)^, '^m^^. n. The 
Superintendent of Forests. 

Eirin-siitijlho, Siv^y A-:£ I* t ri, ^^^ ±m Sli, n. 
The Assistant Superintendent of Forests. 

Elri-shlmbuii. ^\^ '^ L A. l^k,^X1^%. n. An 
illustrated news-paper. 

Eiro, jtV6 5.^^, "■ Imprisonment for life. 

EIryo. iLV'^'i.,ti.\i., «. The Emperor's minO, 
anxiety, consideration, opinion, or thought, 

Eiryo wo wazurawasu, 3? /jt ^ 'i^ >■. 7., to make 
the Emperor anxious. 

Elsal. A-V-^V^.-lfi:^. n. Whin.] Cleverness, intel- 
ligence; smartness. Mostly used of young 

Eisal, ^V5V/%, 3J:t, 71. [Chin.] Same as above. 




Blsal, it\/^5V^,leiS, n. The decision of the Em- 

Sisai wo aogu, tlM^i^i^, to request or call 
upon the Emperor to decide. 
Syn. Chokushi. 
Elsnn, A.Vv^A, jillj:, »i. The Emperor's opinion, 

thought, or estimation. 
KIsan, A-Vr-^A, 'S^gl, n, [Chin.1 Carrying on husi- 
ness for getting food; livelihood; taking care of 
Syn. Nariwai, Shobai. Lan estate. 

Klsiiii, X.\r'^A.,&Vc, »*. [C/iCn.] Sleet. 

Syn. MizOBE. 

Glsel, X.V-^V'.^M, "■ [Chin.] Wise and glorious. 

Eisei bumbii naiii tenno JieiTca, 35 ^ ^ St ■?" 't- ^ 

^ ISTj His Majesty the Emperor who is wise 

and glorious in matters civil as well as military. 

Elsei, /tV^-^V^, ^clH:, n. and adv. Eternity; all 

generations ; eternally, forever. 

Eisei kuchizu, ^^^Tf^Vj, not to decay, go to 
ruin, or be obliterated forever. 

Elsel, i^V^^V-, ?!0S. ■'*■ [jistron.] A satellite. 

Syn. Baisei. 
Klsel. ^\/^'frV^•, Wf 4i "• Observing the conditions 
most favourable to health. 

Eisei no micM, !^^-^iI, hygienic rulea ; the 
sanitary conditions. 
Eisei-saku, ^Xf^^Vif < , VS ^ 9, n. Hygiene. 
Eisei- ky Oku, £ v^ -1* V^ @ i < , ^ ^ B, n. The 

Bureau of Health. 
Elsei-k-tvn, j^V-^V^ < *5, DS ^ 15, «• The Section 

of Health. 
Kisei-kwalsi, ^ V/^ -ti: V < »>V> IT, JS ^ §■ ^. «• -A- 
meeting held for discusing on sanitary matters. 
Eisei- sliikeujo, }kV'^^llf)'A.£:i.,m^USk&i, n. 

The Sanitary Laboratory. 
Elsoii, X\i^^A-,^^, n. The contracted form of 
Eirakiisen. rsen=l ven. 

Elsen ilchwammon, tK^M'^^, 1,000 nwwi=100 
Eiseu, X\r^A.,Wt^, «■ [C/iin.] A screening fan. 
Elslia, ^\^X^, BT$, n. Copying the contour 
lines only. 

Syn. Kagedtsu&iti. 
Elenaku-ken, X\r^ L-^ <^K, ^f&H, "■ {Law.^ 

An empliyteusis 
Eislsl, X.\r- L. 41 W. «- Same as Eiryo. 
EJshi, ^VL, ^St, w- Composing poetry of his- 
torical sub.>6ota. fcorctata. 
Eishito, ft\f L«?.^^*0, n. [Bot.^ Aleurttes 
Glslio, A.VS, i. ^ #. «■ -A-n English work or book. 
Elsbd, A.V^a^5,^Re. »• [Cftin.] Ascreenorpar- 
Syn. Oi, Sasawaei ttltion 
Elstein, *.V^AW>A, ^^, a. andrt.. {Chin.] O Dia- 
tinction; fanie; eminence. ® Excellent; dis- 
tinguished; clever. 
ElsS, ^V^S 5.^11. "■ Amanuscript of poems. 

[Ohtn.] A. photographlo 
[CJvin.] Waxing and 

EisS, A.Vv5 5,JKm, n. 

ISIsoku, iO^iti, a^, n. 

waning, as of the moon. 

Syn. MiOHiKAKE. Tmuru. 

Elso siiru, J*.V^5 5■s^^,S■®. v.t. Same as .ffS- 
Eltai. X\j^1tV; ^ -R, n. Same as Bandai (ffif^). 
Eltnlshakii-kolyaku* ft.\pte\^X.^< H'V^C.^W 

f&^S*J, ■«. [Xaw.] A contract for emphyteusis. 
Eltahn, A.\Aft<,^^, '*■ Same as ffafca; [H(.] the 

eternal residence. 
Syn. FUMBO. 
Eltaoreru, ^V^iz^h.Z,^&}, v.t. To fall down 

from intoxication. 
ISiteu, itV-t A,,^i% n. Promotion in rank. 

Go-eiten de o vicdeio gozaimasu, I congratulate 

you on your promotion. 
Eiteu siiru, ^l/v-r ^-^^, !g ^, v.i. [Chin.] To die 

leaving none alter, as a body of men. 


Eltotsii, ^V^T-^, ^-S^i n. and a. O a wise man; 
a profound scholar or philosopher; a sage. 8 
Wise and learned. 

Syn. KASniKOSHI, Satoki. 
Kits, A.V^t 5 , K 'jIS. "• A magic lantern. 

Syn. Gents. 
IJIl'tva. A.V*49,I5^, ti- English- Japanese. 
£lwa-Jli, *.V-*3X.'a,3??n^*. w- An English. 
Japanese dictionary or lexicon. fabove. 

Elwa-Jiteii, A.V^t)£:t ^,Kipl¥l4. n. Same as 
£iwa-taiyaku-Jisko, ^v^*3te\^-^ <£:Li.,M^^ 

ES ^ #, 71. Same as above. 
Klya, ff^^, S. intei-j. An exclam. uttered by 
a number of persons engaged in drawning or 
lifting sometliing heavy. 
Giyatto, i-7\r^J^"j'£, adv. [coH.] In a difficult man- 
ner; by all means; with dilficulty; hardly; 
barely. fwith difficulty. 

Eiyatto motte ktta, ai-f -V-^ ^J^r3Ki?> brought 
Syn. KarQjite. 
Eiyew, ^lJ^£,^, ^jg, a. and n. Eternal; eterni- 
ty; everlasting; to the distant future. 

Eiyen no saku tvo tatsu, ^ Ja -^ *fe ^ it y, to 
plan with a long-sighted view. 
EJyo, *.V^5, )5^(f. "■ Luxury; pomp; splen- 
Ey6, A.A.5, dour; magnificence; glory. 

Eiyo eigwa wo kitvamu, ^WSi^SE ?■ @ A, to 

be extremely luxurious; to go the whole length 

Syn. EiKWA, OGOBi. Lofluxury. 

Eiyo, A.'j^J^5, ^[^. ^- Some time during the 

Syn. HaBUNAQA. Lspring 

Eiyo, X\/^X,fiA^^, w. [Chin.] Surplus; anything 

left; the remainder. 

Eiyo, A.VrJ:i!K#. "■ Qloryj honour; fame; re 
nown; celebrity. 




El.vd-hJIiliiUc, XV-Xi>^^t^,^^?\^,n. Accep- 
tance for the sake of honour. 
Klyo-sliilinrnl, fC^XZHX^V^.^W^M, n. Pay- 
ment lor honour. fry post. 
Elyo-sliok», ;tV'iXi<,5tWlS£. «■ An honora- 
Elyn, ;tVP'-'i5, 3?ii, n. A great or illuatrious man. 
J^iyTi (joketKu, i?^^^, great men; heroes; 
Syn. Masctrao. L'worthy personages. 
Elyn, XV-'Ji), ^Sfl. «■ [Ohin.] Winning anil heing 
won; victory and defeat. 

Eiyu wo Jcessuru, ^^"f ^7. n-, to fight a de- 
cisive battle; to have the final match. 

Svn. Kachimakr. fxication. 

Elxanio, •fey-3'i6, SS ll'. «■ Recovering from into- 

^ixlil^-gt>U<^, ^V^^^^:W-, 2j?lJj^, fi. [Hot.] Tl-iC- 

lio'im.iii, rndirnjis. 
ElKiiKl^o, ^v^3'^t 5 , fflJt Ul SS, ft. [Bot.] RhoiU)- 

(leyt'lnm iiiiUcinn, var. oMusa- 
ElKnii-sniniro. "t \f* ^ /wi- ^ it, ^ m ^, "■ t-Bot.] 
Viola tunnaia. fauratvmu 

Ela'.\u-yitri, A.\^3'^t*'!), ^^5-^. "- [Bot,] Liliv/ni 
£lzoii, ,-t\A-H? ^, 'Sf ,^, n. Building and repairing. 
JUizen ni torikakat-u, '^Ji — ^ffi-B', to com- 
mence to builji or to repair. 
Syn. SiiDPUKU, TsuKfnoT. 
Elzcu-ffaUari, ^\f^'/utH^'^,^M %, .n. An of- 
ElaeK-yaUii, X.M^'S- k^^ < , '■^ Wix, \ filial ar- 
ch itect. fof Architecture. 
Fizeii-kwji, ^\A-^^?^< ih. '^M^, "• The Board 
Elsoku, *.\^y<,^c®, n. Continuing or lasting 

for a long. time. siirii, urf. To last long; 

to stand permanently. 
ElKuru, *.v>^3,H/ff, v.t. Same as .Ef jirw, 
Elziirii. SLV?'3,0!f. f-i- Same as .E/Jtrti. 
Ejl, i&C^ir, «. [ofts.] An Imperial guard. 
EJIIiarii, ^tf*>2, t».*. [co!M To shrink from I'ear 
or cold, to be terror-stricken; to be astonished 
and at one's -wit's end. 
IHcaki, g.i»f,ffiX, «• ^ Mainter or drawer of 

pictures; an artist. 
Elil, X'%,^, "■■ O The Clime-e rlfi,==ir on pro- 
babilities or changes; Y-ld-ntj. © Divination. 

Eki no o7}Wte, ^^\^, what apr«ars in the 

book on divination; Eki womiru, ^ ^ ^ JL-, to 

Syn. URANAi. Ldivine. 

EKi, X.^, M, •"■ A post-station; a post-town; a 

Syn. SnuKU. Lcoach stage. 

EUl, s.^, ^. n. A contagious disease; a pestilence. 

Ehl, ;t?, j5, 7t. OA sei-vlce; an employment. @ 

A battle, campaign, or war. suru. v.t. To 

employ; to purchase one's services. 

Syn. TKUSA. ruse. 

Eltl, :t^-S. '"■ Profit; advantage; gain; benefit^ 

Eki vjo urv, S ^ ^p J^. to get a profit; Nan 7to 

elci mo nal, M^^^-f-f, of no use or ad- 

Syn. Kai Moke, Toku Lvantage. 


A.?,?^, n. A fluid; a liquid or juice. 
Syn. Shiru, TauTU. 
EkJba, ;t&tf, lSi?|, n. [Chin.] A post-horse. 

Syn. Shuku-cma, Temma. 
Eklljyo, Sl&O-"-^?, '&.f^, "- A pestilence or 
plague ; an epidemic disease. 
Syn. Yakubyo. 
Ekiinoso, A.&?.^5, .^^^, '^- t-^"*-] ^^■ 
Yakiimosd, ^i 4^5, \ nurus sihUicus. 

Ekiclio, iL^%^^, ^:g, n. OThe head official of 
arailway station. @ The chieftown-olhcer. 
Eklfii, ^§i, P3^, M. A coolie employed at a 

railway statioji. 
Ekls", X-% <',S^'E;,Jil*86, w. \_Ornith.-\ Pelican, 
PeUcQ/nus sp. 

Syn. (TAn-ANCHO. 
EkJJiJi, ;it.& C^, SpT!*. 1^ The god of plagues; an 
evil s iri'. 

Syn. EKIBYOGAMI, Yakubyogami. 
EklKa, %.'%ii^M%> "- Same as Hataooya. 
Ekika, ^^■b>,0T, n, [/7nn.] The arinpit. 

Ekika ase slUmhin, J^Tifl^*. the armpit 
perspiring copiously. 

Syn. Waki no shita. 
Ekjki. ;t^?, S|5^ n. Same as Wakiga. 
Ekiki. fiL% %rM%.> '^ Same as Ekijin. 
EkjkM'a, k."^ <t),^ ib. n. [Pliysics.] Lir4uefaction. 
Eklkw:tn, :t& < *3 A, [^ Pi?, n. Same as llatagoya. 
EkiuasM,-1,-kl, X.%U-£., MS, «■ Useless; ofno 
benefit or advantage. 

Ekhiaki koto wo suruna, ® -^ ^- 1^ ^ :^ B- -J-, 
do not engage in useless business. 
Syn. MuYAKU, J\lUEKl. 
Eklre, X^iT-, '>'-■ Being sultry or moist and op- 

preSfeingly warm (said of the weather). 
Eklrol. X.^fn-\r,W-B^, "■ A bell which acourtier 
keeps ringing while running 
ou official errands. 
Ekifi'i, ."ti&H'u^, ^ffii, ?i. Same 

as Ekibyit. 
Ekii-o, X^^.m^, n. \Gliln.]A 

Syn. Umay'AJi. 
Ekiro-no-siiKii. A.?6®-jh¥, 

S§ SS. ■"■ Same as Ekirei- 

Ekisifkii, A.§'3<,^^, ''- [Chill.] Death, giving 

Syn. BOKKO, SlUKYO. L^p the ghost. 

EkiHlia, X^%^,^^, n. 

Eki»4kn, ^?X-^, SII. ^■ 
EklNlia. X^£.^,m'^, n. 

EkJslifi, ^g:fe5, JSff-, «■ 
Eklslin, ^@;&^ mUfti. 

A diviner; a fortuua- 
L teller. 
Same as Niournma. 
[Chin.] Same a.£> Hata- 

[Chin.] Same as Wakiga. 




[Chin.] Same as Me- 


f<:ki6utsii» X.'^^-^, iS^, ii. Same as Kozukai. 

Ekitaj, ^&feV,}ft9S, w. [P/i.?/Sfcs.] Liquid. 

KkltRi. ^^Xy^,'m^, n. [Cfdn.] The number of 
miles between the different post-stations on a 

KkJtel, A.&TV^, S? ^, n. [Chin.] An inn or a rest- 
ing-place on the roadside. 

Kkltel, A.&'t\A, tgi^, 74. Carrying letters; post. 
Syn. Umatsuqi. 

Kkltel-kyoku, A. S t Vv & j: < , ^i^ jg, n. The 
Central Post-office. 

I';kl-ii, A-^S.^Mt *!■■ Same as iSTiifftirfioma. 

Si^kl-giu, ;*.^5^, ^^, n. [CTtin.l A cloud threaten- 
ing to let fall showers of rain. 

9yn. Shigukegumo. rci^fl;)- 

Ekiyo, A.&;Si^, ?e3g, "■ [Chin.] Sameas DaiAai 

S'iklj-ft, ;t&U^5,®^, n. [67ii«.] A usel'ul friend. 

B<;kkeu, ^-^^ W ^, IS ^, n. {Chin.\ Audience; in- 
terview. Used of the Emperor and nobles. 

Ekken wo tamau, fg ^ ^ Bg "7, to be received 
m audience by the Emperor. 
siini, v.t. To have an interview with per- 
sons of high rank; to pay respects to. 
Syn. Omemie, Mamiyuru. 

Kkkeii-jo, ^.■yH'Ati.fSl.^/f, n. The audience 
hall ; an apartment set apart for reception. 

f!:kbi, ^■y^.lSg, n. Joy; gladness; joyfulness. 

Ekkltsii, £.'y?r?, aSi^, 't. [ifoC] Cowberry. 

l^ko. ;tt. llft'te. 't' Partiality; an undue bias of 
mind; favouring one party more than anotlier. 

Skonosata, -fe 14 --*?>' j!^, a partial treatment; 
a biased copduet. 


Yko, S.*>5, ID |nj, n. [B't((?tf.] Saying mass for the 

dead. fiurii, v.t. To pray for blessings upon 

the dead. 

lOkoIiiikU ^Z.V-\r-%yi^^&% «■ Favouring one 
more than another; partiality. 

fOkoJi, ^t.C.'ffetfe il. '^^ [coll.] Cross; morose; pee- 
vish; perverse; bigoted; too earnest; obstinate. 
EJcojl ni nam, -^fi g =1 f- ;t-, to become too 
earnest, cross, or obstinate. 

Syn. KATAIJI. fwith a handle. 

K^koi'o, £*>5^,#5SSS, «■ -A- censer provided 

Kkoryo, S*>5*t5. 13 f^^4, ■«• Money paid to 
Buddhist priests for saying prayers for the dead. 
Syn. OGAMig^TiRO. 

Ehubo, ^ < 19!, !E- "■ -A- dimple in the cheek. 

Kina. 5.5, St ^, "n- The pictures (eepecially of 
horses) hnng up in a shrine as votive offerings. 

Kinado, i&a;&5.S^,^:S. n- A building in> shrine 
where pictures (especially of horses) are hung up 
as votive offerings. 

E^mnklmoiio. sk.'%'^%<D,^^>^, n. Pictures in 

Email, A'^^,%, v.t. Same as -fimw. LroHa- 

Emnu, J5.a-i, 51. 'O-i- To smile. 

Kinlia, S^(^, j^i^, 11. Riding to a far distance; » 

long drive. flong drlT«. 

EmJia wo moynsu, jg Ji ? ffi£ :^, to prepare lor a 

ICinlia, :*. ^l^, SS i^, n. [finiom.] A dragon-fly. 
Syn. Akitsl'mcshi, Tombo. 

JBmbai, ^^ldfu^, ^yt_ n. Soot. 
Syn, Yuen. 

IL'inbuku. fiL^\f£<,^W, »*• [Bot.] Oatfl. 
Syn. Chacikigusa, Kabasumdgi. 

Kmbau, ;l^a^, ^ ©)tg, n. [Print.] a stereotyp* 

Knipau. A.^ff^, i plate. 

Embannitoru, ^W. — M^'^, to stereotype. 

liliiiban, A.^[^^, ^ ^, n. Same as Tabakobon. 

¥imhi, A.^iy■^ ,16 g, n. [Bot.'] Fleur-de-lis, Flower- 
de-luce, fsp- 

KniBil-biwa, :t^t^•£^'*^,S^, n. [JBot.] Tfiujopsis 

KmMfiikii, SL^t^*.i.<,5ti=Sff8, n. A dress coat; 
a awallow-tailed coat, or a swallow-tail. 

li^nibi-liiba, ^^C^■U•fcr. )^M t^t©. ■"■ [Bot.] A spe- 
cies of juniper. CcJiinense. 

I^mbiko. ^^^'A>5, JKf M^, n. [BoC] Svpatorivm 

Euiblsen* ^^I^'•ft"^, ?H? M^, 'i- A forked arrow- 


Syn. Karimata. 
JBinbl-seiiiio, A.^t^'-^^0 

5, 71. [Bot.]£yc/mis Wil- 

Vlmbo, S: ^^K 5, S S. "■ 

[C/iin..] The extent of a 

tract of land. 

Syn. Hi ROSA. 
]!)nibo. i&^ld:5,iffl^', «. A 

distant view; a far off 

scenery; looking afar at. 
Km bo, ?. ^a5, fSi'^, '". 

Looking to with regret; 

feeling resentment. 
r^mlbii. ;!L^>, r^i?, -n. 

form of Embuda. 
Bj^inbu, A.^i^ f^K. »!■ 

li^mbu, ;t^is, SffC. «■ [CMw.] Ceasing to have 

war, shutting the door of Janus' s temple. 
lj:mliii<la, ;t^i«?t', !Si?^. «- {Budd.^ Land south 

of the Sumisen; this world; the earth. 
£]mbujd, ;tAit'"?r-^5,?^SCi^, n. A military hall; 

a hall or ground where fencing and other war- 
like exercises are practised. 
Syn. Shiaiba. 
X:in1>un, ^^.fc^,ffi^, n. A redundant style of 

£ml, S,^, ^, « A smile; laughter. 

Emi wofukumu, 5^ ^ -^ i., to be smiling; Emi 

no naka nlmo yctiba vjo fuKumu, 5^ .>» r|) =a ^ 3J 


\Budd.~\ The abbrebiated 

[Chin.] Practice in mUitarj 




[Prov.] "there is dagger in men's 
A chestnut bur which 
Lhas burst open. 
[Bot.] Solomon's seal. 

9- ^ 

Syn. Warai. 

Syn. Waregdri. 


I<:inisii, A.;^-^, , Sg 5g, n. A barbarian; a savage; 

I^blsii. XVit, (an outlaw. 

Kmiwarorii, i.?f■t>i^^,iQV<, v.i. To burst open; 

to crack; to be cleft; to open. 
ICmmii. A.A'S, Talis. "■ The king of Hades who 

judges and punishes the departed souls. 
Kniinu-dutwo, XA.'^T^^\r-t>^.fi\"^ :k^, ^n. See 
Kmniii'ivd, S:yv2 4?5, T^^ 3H, j above 

[Entom.^ Grylius sp. 
Emmji-iio-clio, A. A ^ 

The rourt ol Km ma 


KiDiiiH-iniiNiii, .t.^■a«? 

X, n. [Entom.] A ("^A"K. 

beetle, iV'ecrop/iorii.t j^ V 

arientalls. (.^ 33 ^ 

I'miiir-i, A.Ai6V^. J^^, «■ Longevity; long life. 

SoKtisaL emmel, ,i. i(J ig ^, happy and prolong- 
ed life. 
Kiiimci-eliu, ^AfcU^XW), 5£l^i^, ^l. A medicinal 
liquor the liabitual taking of which is said to 
[u-i'long one's life. 
ICRimeiso, ^As^V'a-S, i:^ ^^'. n. [Bot.] Plectran- 
l/ius glancocalyx. Ta general. 

J'^niim.'u. £.A.?.A,®P1, n The headquarters of 
Eminrm ni kudaru, $8P5=^[^/^, to surrender 
one's self before the lieadquarters of the enemy. 
Ii:]iimustibl, A.AtP^tK, iStS> »i- A love-knot. 

EmntuS'ubi wo Suru, ^iS^^-^. to make a 
love-knot with an oath. 
ICiiioUvazu, iL'i\nlil^,yP.'^fs, "•- Impossible to 
describe; unspeakable; inexpressible. 

JItsu lit emoiwozaru arlsama deshita, If = ^ 
^ "g >> -y-' ;i- ^ tSI ^ S^ ^. tlie state of affairs was 
such that it is impossible to describe. 
Kiiiou, ^'{iA.,^B., 1- Ciothes; dress, garments. 
EowH wo tstikvru, 3KS[^ 'J*^^, to adjust 
one's dre^^. 
Einou-liJike. At-tt, K£!t5i?i ■"■ A frame to 
liang clothes on; a clothes liorse, a rack. 
Syn. iKo. 
Kiuoiio, A.4©,IS'!^- n. Prize; game. 

Ikusa no tmono, ET --' 35 ^, prizes taken in 
war; Kari no emono, J5>^1S, game taken in 
Eni'iJMO, XtO, n. iroii.] A weapon. 

Eino/iucnumoivj ottotte, x^E^x^^^:!'? I^'jt-, 

[coll.] with every weapon each could is*' hold 
of (as a mob), 
Emor), A. 4 (!J,MiH). " TJie rain drops running 

along the handle of an umbi'ella. 
EiiinrI, ^^V),W-^> «■ & -^ butcher; a leather- 
dresser. @ A pariali. 

Syn KawaiiagIj Yf.ta. fSee Tmori. 

Einorl, ;t ?. VJ , I? ti?, n [coll. corrupt, of ImorL} 
I<}iii|>el, ^A-^jA, jgi£, n. A reinforcement. 

Syn. Kasei, Sukkzki. 
Kmpcii, ^^K-^K,^'i^, n. Relations, connecti' 103 

£ni1>ltsu. XLv^Oiffi^^, 'n. A lead-pencH 
Kinpltsii-srwa, A-AU-'-^'^io, f&S®. ■"■■ I'lctnrical 

sketches taken with a lead-penciL 
Kiiipo, ^Aj]S^,'^'^, n. A distant place; a far 

Tnmo emp7> yoi-i kitaru, gH i?" :;5 =• V ^ "-. * 
friend lias come from a distant plurc. 
Ksnpo, ^A[^, ^^, '^. [Chin ] Afield, alarm. 

Syn. tIatake. 
Knipri, i-.AJs*?, iJ5H„ ■'(■■ Ahotwind. 

Syn. ATSriKiKAZE, Neppu. fof lead). 

I'lnipiin. ft.^2;^, ^^, n. White lead (carbonate 
JBiititim suru, £.A^*A^3,?o^'tS, v.i. To rankle m 
hatred. fblonm; to blow 

EMiia, ^-ir,%,^,v.i. O To smile; to laugh. (^ To 
Balkwasudeiu cnu, IStES = iS^A, the plum- 
trees are already in bloora. Tcrack 
Kmii. ■, {;$, v.i. To open; to be burst open; to 
E^niiisBiiro, L 'S , 2E IS, «■ A straw matting 
with varioufl figures printed on; a variegated 
Kii, fLL,W.< w. [Ornit/i.] A swallow [jirxt. 

En. ^A, .IS, n. [Ornith.] A kite. , 

Syn. TOBI, Toawi. 
En. X^j,^. w. anda. Q A mistake; an error, a 
blunder. © Surplus; redundancy. 

En. ^A, ^, n. O [Chin.] A flame. © [Me.<JL\ In- 
flammation ; an inflammatory disease. 
Syn. HONOO, KiKSao. 
En, XK,^!, "■ Lead. 
Syn. Namari. 
En, *.A, eS. «■ Charm; fascination; beauty. Al- 
ways used in composition. 
Eu, fLk,,^, n. [Gheni.] A salt; the result of an 
alkali and an acid combining. fquet. 

En, XA,, g, 3S, 7t. Feast; an entertainment; a ban. 
nana no I'll, 7B -^ S, a feast prepared for see 
Syn. Sakamori. (_ing flowers. 

En. XA>,^, ti. O Connection, relation; cognate 
~ness, athnity; underlying cause. @ Blood-rela 
tion; consanguinity; pi-oceeding from tha aame 
stock. 63 The relation of man and wife; marri- 
age. Q [Bndd.] Fate. 




Fushl no en, i)CrF>ift, the relation of lather 
and son or daughter; Fiifu no en, ^i^v'^, 
the relation of raan and wife; Ai-enlii:n, ffij® 
Iff jgi, u, union of singularly well-matched di;^- 
positions; En doi, SS i^ ^, being unmarried 
till quite old; En no lisuki hlto, SR -^ iS =*■ A, a- 
person who is not married while young; Mu-en 
no hlto, %^ ^ K, one who hiia no relation; 
one whose fate promises no salvation; Eti wo 
kiru, ^J-^ii', to sever a connectiont* to di- 
vorce ; En wo viusKlu, ^f- -^7% to marry ; Go- 
en gcb araba mala o me ni. kakarimasho, gji ,^ jf 
T'^j^iSapg— J^V '^£^3?', late may give us 
the pleasure of seeing again. 
Kn, A.^, tS, n. Veranda; balcony. 

En 710 sakl, ^ ^i^, the outermost part ol the 
veranda; Kn noshita, g% > Ti under tlie veran- 
da; the {ground under the first floor. 
En, £.^, la, n. A garden; a park. 

Syn. NlwA, SONO. 
Enn, X.U, flfg, -n. Tlie placenta. 

Ena wo osamu, Hfe ■^ Slj A, to bury the xi]n<-entfl. 
Enngii. A.'Plii*, 5^ti£. n. [Ornith.] Japan long- 
tailed tit; Acr^Oula triviryaia. 
En-al, S.^3f,V', ttSIK, a [CMti.] Gloomy; obscnre; 

dusky; somewhat dark. 
Kn-i&l, A.^Io\^■, SIS, n. Same as Jra.5umf. 
EnaoS^e. SL'ttSrW', flSffi, n. A ve'^sel in which tlie 
placenta is put bel'oi'e being buried in the earth. 
Kiin-rurtn, jt.'^ fi fo, ftfi, u- Charming, pleasmt; 
cheerl'iil ; fascinating. 

Syn. KOKOROYOKI, Taf-saru 
Enarazu. ft.ti:&^, :^;'sif}, a. and adv. Impossi- 
ble to pay or to describe; uncommon; extra- 
ordinary; inexpressibly. 
Syn. Emoiwaeezu. 
Eoehl, ^A.%, SIM. «• A garden and a^ond; land- 
scape; scenery. fLead poisoning. 
Enclintfokii, X K%\fi> 5 "& < ,^^\>W, n. [Med.] 
End.-Ll, A.^;t•\^, ISr^, n The subject or topic 
upon which one is to speak or deliver a lecture. 
Endal, *.^7£V^,tSS. "• A bench for sitting on 
while enjoying the cool air of the evening. 


Endal, ^^^'\/^, ia ;'\, a. Not easy or temporary, 
far-reaching; grand; great. robject. 

Endai no kokornzashl, Js ^ .^ ,^, a grand 
Endan , A. A^t- A^ Sft S^if , «. Consultation as to mar- 
riage; courtship. 

Endan wo mosliikoniu, ^SiM^ 4j Ji i*, to ask a 

girl's parents or relations whether she may not 

be given in marriage ; to court; to woo in love. 

EndeJ, A.A"CV^, $^ i^, n. A white vai-nish. 

Endeu, £.;.■^^, BJIH, n. A cultivated; field; a 

Syn, Ta, Tambo. Lfarm. 

Endo, ^.^^t5,elH. ■«• [-BoI.lPea 

, n. Lead cosmetic. 

Endokti, A.^'!«f,^g:, n. Same &a Enchi/doku. 

Endo-iiiaine. ^ ^)e■ 5 "3, )b, SHa., »■ Same jls 

KnUiisUU-U-UI, A.^>e5 t,U^, a. Late in being 
married. frus Davidit. 

Kndo^ju. ^^^«5^5.a=5y^:^, n. \Bot.] Zathy- 

Euildso, SiA.'&^iS'f .mum, n. [Jftd.] A kind of 

En-on. Al^^^, M ^, adv. and a. Glitteriog; bril- 
liant; bright; gorgeous. 

Syn. KiRAKiRA. rgloomy; dusky. 

Eii-eii, A.^*.^,P£ -!?, a. and adv. Darkish; 

Eu-en. A.^A.^, as ^, .... Bl.izing; flaming. 
En-on, A.^A.^, iJJ'Jg. n. [Cftin.] Flames. 

En-cn ten ni minagiru, ^ ig ?c — iS «-, the 
flames brightened tlie skies. 
Eii-cn, i&^£.A, S5 '^r, "■ Fine; beautiful; charm- 
ing; fascinating. fJapanese galL 
Enfitliokiu Al^-tt^ <.artr*. n. [Hot.] Th» 


Eiifiikii, A.A-i.C, jtSSBS, n. ICfiin.} Same as 
Kmpiikii. ^^j,•<, ' A'emaW. 
£?iifiin, ;lt^-^^ 
Eiiipiin, A.^.ir^, 
tr.ngnti. A.^■&5^, rtf^, .„. The coast-line; the 

Engan wo sokuryT) surv, YJ^-^M^^ n-, to 
survey the coast-line. 
Sj-n, ffysHizoi. 
Engawji, A-^i|fSa, #(&], II. Veranda. Se,eEn(^y 

Syn. Ensaki. 
EnKOi, SA-V^^V^,®^, n. Horticulture. 
I':iige1ka, ^^^^\r•*^ SS^, n. Horticulturist. 
Knsekl, :^^^?,?»S9, n. A theatrical perform- 
Syn. Shibai. L^nce; a play. 

Engck], £.^i^^^, fiSRS. «- Resentment; enmity; 

Enseklba, A^^>&^f, mmiU. n. A theatre; 

EnsekiJA, A:^^>& C^s-?, 1 an opera-house. 
Eugcndd. £.^i'Ji^^'5,:£^lfi, n. [tVt/n.] Gam- 
Engi. K.^S', ". [coll.] A paper or clay model til 

the male organ of generation. 
Engl, ^^»t•, iSgiS, H. O Tradition or history as lo 
how a Buddhist or Shinto temple was erected. 
©[coii.] An omen; a previous sign; luck; por- 
tent; a good indication. 

Emji gayoi, ^jS#'(ff ■^, indicating something 
good; lucky; Engigawarui, USt&if S^ -i, omin- 
ous; unlucky; Eiigt wo iwau, -^fe^SH"?, ta 
w,elcorae a good sign; Engi de mo nai oyoshtyo, 
^ :te ?■' ^ •?" 'f "fe 3 i' 3> [coll.] stop for it pro- 
mises no luck. 

Syn. KizASHi, Shirusiii, ZeuftO. 
.Engi. A.^S', ?KS, n. Sae Chiishakn. 




ICngl, A.^S^■03^, "■ An omen. 

Kngo, ;tA&. l^SSi ". [Chin.] Q [t/t.] The twitter- 
ing ol a RWifllow. @ [Jiff.] Talking rapidly and 
indistinctly; chattering; talking too much. 

Kngokii, •&^a < , iS S. «■ '^ distant countvy; far- 
off provinces. rantblrjiia. 

Eneoaal&ii, (f? ^ a ■? < , Jg iSJ? ??, "■ [Bot.] Loj-ydalis 

Enffninl. ^A<-A, S5i(=a, «• Marriage. 

Enoumi wo sum, ^1^^ 7- n-, to marry; to 
contract a marriage. 


En«ri!nii'Slio&lio, ^A<-;^»-i. i 5:£ Ji, ^$11 SE *, 7*. 
Contract of marriage. 

F;ngunui, ;!t^<-*i', 1-SM. t'-t- and i. To inrtrry, to 
make a marriage contract. 

X'.rx%\\u, ^.^<'^, ^g?, n. R.arae as i:m3W. 

Kugwa siirii, ^^<-t9-il"3, E IS'u ^'.'^ '''o lie pros- 
trate; to stretcli one's .sell upon tlie ground <m 
Syn. Frsu. Nf.korobu. L^loor. 

I-:n-l, 5.^'J^,ffi^, ". [Bo(.] Tlie name of a mess 
growing on the wall. 

r:u-i, ;tA\r,SS?K, n. Same as I'ndarer/ake. 

Kn-I, A.A&, ^iE2, Ti. The excessive heat ol the 
snn. r(H' H )■ 

VOnlriii. ^.\il%,%B, '<- A fete day. SQe E?miclii 

i;n-io, ^^V^^, ?S5I.«- Delay; procrafitination; 

fr:!!!!!!!. ^^V^^, ( putting off; heing tartly or slow, 

tarrying. sum, v.t. and i. To deliiy, to 

put err, to be late in coming; to procrastinate; 
to be alow or tardy. 

lOiiJshJ, XVI I, ^, n. 
Same as En. 

:{(:, n. [Bot.] Scotch 
I?:ultau suni, A.^V"^■^ 

2,irT/it, v.i. Same as 

Knja, ^^C■^, St#, 7i. 

Enjukn, A.A t^ < , SiS tt, 
n. [Ornith.] The wag-tail. 

Faijakn, ;t^tr-^< , )1ff i:g. «■ Rmrill birds in general. 

Eiijaku nanzn k^k''> no Inkur-nashi wn sliirmi 

va. f? ffi f^ y Rg JSi ^ ;3r; T^ til 7 V i- , [CJiin.] can 

sparrows and swallows know what geese and 

swans mean 7 

KdJI, C7^t,fif?. "■ [Chin.] A redundant, super- 
fluous, or pleonastic word, an expletive. 

c& ^ n-) 

I'lnjl, :1^C, 

Hg, n. JJ Rouge. 

I Same as 

l':ni!4lil, A.^ L. i Slioenji. © A paint made by mix- 
ing a purple and a red paints together. 
Syn. BKNi. 
Knjlrii, ■^^[:^;, 1 f[g, tj.t. and /. To feel spite, en- 
EtiBiirii, i6.^?)5, ' mity, or dissatisfaction; to be 
offended at; to complain. 

Kiiji, 5SAtr,igiig, 74. Far and near. 
Kiijl, j&At.^ffl, adt'. Just like, as if; as it were. 
Fnjlii, ^^t^,Ig\, ;*. [CTi'j;.] A eunuch. 
I^iijitsii, SlA t-^, ^ , 11. [Chin.] A hot day. 
Eiijo, :rt^*■■^5, >ft±, ". Burning; fire; conflagra- 
tion. Used only of the Imperial residence. 

ICyi'jTj evjTi. g" Jifi i{f J:, burning of the Imperial 
Palace. ffire; to be consumed. 

sum, V.I. To burn; to be destroyed by 

Knjo. S. A L* -t . 12 IS. «■ Assistance (especially in 

war); rendering help. sum, v.t. To assist 

(as in fighting); to help. 

J'-njii, ;t^tr^^, t^. n. [Bot.] Sophora japonica. 
I-;njri, S:^ f;i.%5, fig ,-|-, n. Same .is ■Vi'jan. 
Knj:i, ^^^£''.%, jSf#, n. Long life, longevity. 
Enjutnke, :*.^L•tO'fel-t, ^4^:. »■ [Bot.] A kind of 

I':nhn. ;t^*', '^31, 7'.. O (.^''-1 Smoke and haze. 
@[j}a J T':<;ture^ and paintings. 

Enka no koshltsii, '1^ Kg -^ )s i|^, [Chin.] an ox- 
ce•^s|ve love of paintings. 
FnSta, S.^*>, ^i^, n. Same as Enja. nine. 

I^iili:il, jtAA'V^, /'tl- ft*. «■ Along the coast or coast- 
fiyu Usitzoi. fas ol an in.stitution. 

Fnlialiii, fLA,±-< ,,r;W; ""■ Tiie historical changes 
l!:iiki{l<ii, X A.i> < , Ui^i< "•■ Remote from each 
other, distant. 
iCnlahunn Chi, i^rl^-'Jilj, ii. distant place. 
r'MUiikiishi. :tA*>< t/'^'Hl''^. n. The history, 

as of an institution. 
ICiil^:iu, A.^*>^, i^> :?.. n. Being hot and dry, as 
the M'onther. Vkuaasti. 

Eiikii feiiru, A.^■ft>■^^, i^T. I'-'- Same as Niyml- 
l-'islioi, i&AW-v^, jfi-^, «■ A distant scenery. 
I<:iil£oii. :l^fr^^, 1*1^, n. Same as iVotifta. 
lOokt'H, fe^W'^,ig,^, J(, A distant view; any- 
thing seen from a distance. 
EiiDii, Xk,'^,mM. "■ Postponing till another 

day; putting off. siirii, v.t. To postpone 

to another day; to put off". 
Syn. HiNOiiE. 
Kiikl, ;t^&,^^, n. Warmth; being hot and 
moist. Said of the weather. 
Syn. HoTOBORi. 
Knl£i, XL'^,^1^, 71. fC/i^m.] Abase; an alkali. 
Knkin, ^^^^,IB^, n. Same as G/A-p/iWji. 
I<;nkin, A.^?^,l£^5. 'i- Far and near. 
Fiihl-iio-kdbcn. :t^&«i>5'<^, ^SSH :t ia;5!S, 7*. 

[L0.111.] Arguments for a delay. 
IDnkii-l, ;t^^'!J,^<^J, n. Severing a relation; a 

dissolution of some tie or bond; divorcement. 
Kiihlsel-nlioRnn-siiiKiii, A. A ot ^v% ^ 5 ^ ^-fb 
S'^. |gd£#m®£/«^. n. [Ch&m.] Basic nitrate 
of silver. 
Knbo. ^^t.Hftffl:, n. Same as CAtnamt. 



Enlfo. j^^?:'5.ffiHS, ". [^bo'M A long armed mon- 
Knko. £. ^ C 5 . ¥£ li. «■ [iftjeM A dragon. L^ey. 
X:i.i^o-!ioliu8lil, lfjA,C'5C^:£.. «■ [2'67.]A8pe- 

clos of crab, Myrafugax, 

Knkoi!, i^^^.^, JStS, «■• Antipathy; enmity; re- 

Syn. Urami, Nikusuimi. Tgold. 

Kuk«so» i&^£.5^5.K(tS4S;, ". [£oM Marsh mari- 

Eukotsu, iLhXjo, l^U,, adu. Same as Tac/ii- 

Kukwa, ;!t^<l^^.^^, w. [Mti.] Native carbo- 
nate of lead. 
Unk-wa. ;^^ < 47, IS ^. ^- \GHn.\ Same as Hanabi. 
li:nkwn-;iiniiioiiia, A.^< 45:&^4 K35. ggf^j^BI/E 
56, n. [Chem.] Chloride ol' ammonium; sal 
ammoniac; salmiak. 
Knkwnl* A,^< ib\r-. ^"S". ""■■ A social or friendly 
meeting at a saloon or restaurant; a feast or 

Bonen p.nlcwat, S.^^^. a Mendly entertain- 
ment at tlie cloae of the year; Sidnnen enkwai, 
Sff^-^§-, do. at the beginning of the year; £«- 
kwai no seki, W ^ -^ fi^> the place wliere a friend- 
ly meeting is held. CEnjtn. 
Enktvaii, A.^<*)^, l^'i:, n. [CJiin.] Same aa 
RnkwfLii-clilkii, ^^<*^^'t<, :g'S=t5". «• Bam- 
boo used in making tobacco pipes. 
£nkwd, ^^<495.^Sfi, "• [Mn-l A lead ore. 
KnSiyo, ;t^H•5,S6®, a. iChin.] Same as Yasa- 
shihi. rof thesun. 
Knnetsii, A.^*a'7. ift j^, n. The excessive heat 

Syn. Atsusa, Bhoki. 
Kn nl, fL^'V^,^, adu. Same as ^adeyafca 7i<. 
Kuniclil. A.^V^'^, *S 0,#Sfl. "- A fete day; a 
festival; a holiday. 

Ennichi slidnin, 3^ fS A, the street-trades- 
men whose business it is to sell things on the 
fete days of various gods or goddesses; Bnnichl 
mode, ^( a ti, going to worship a god on his 
eniiiu, ^^^/^^,S'J[. 'i- Be&En-in. Ltete day. 
EnDO, A.^tc5,^S. '»• A tobacco poucp. 
Kn-o, S.^%5. M%, n. iOrnUh.'l A mandarin duck. 
Bno-sikH, j&^i55lr<,Sa.1e■ft^ «■ [-BoM Aconite. 
Knogo, !6.©a,j^, n. L-^eJ.] A painful swelling ol 
lymphatic glands at the groin or arm-pit. 

Syn. INUGO. rbelow. 

Bnoso, £.©&,$& ^, n. [coli. form of Enogu.'\ See 
finogu, j&®<-,J^II., 71. Paints used in drawing; 

Eoogu-lta, g.coCvrte, l&^^, w. A palette. 
fiuogit-zara, £C5 C' ? ?> , ■!& ^^ M, "• Dialios in 

which paints are mixed. 
OnokJ, A.©&,^ht^, w. [ifot.] CeWis sirwnsis. fna. 
Enoki-giisa. *.®S<-5, rt. [Bo(.] .^cait/p/iaffemf- 
Enokovo, A.Ot.6, J fdS. ^. "■ -*■ yo^ng dog; 
luiikMvo, Vr-ttiCl^, ( a puppy or whelp. fkin. 

ICuokoro. A.ffl£.^, ^S, n. [£ot.] An ament; cat- 


ft.©L^<*S. fflB5t. n. fBoE.] 


Foxtail grass. 
Eno-no-fiisuma. ^K'h^O 

i-^a.miSSE, »• Abed 

for a married couple. 
Uiiori, A.©1|), 5g|ij, «. Same 

n. [iJot.J Honeysuckle, 

Eno-iiwo, ^® 5 5r. ^gfil^. 

7t. [Jc/).t7f..] Trygon sp. 
Knra, ;^^t, f^ Ke, n. Same 

as Emma. 
lOiirai, A:^&V^, jgSK, n. and 

distant place. 
Enrai no hyaku, jgJE ^5P. a visitor who has 

come from a far-off pla ce. 
Kiiroj, ^^*^,V^. 9£i?i, «-• Beautiful; handsome, 

bright; charming. 

Syn. Uruwasimki. 
Knvol, ^AHV^,S(S&. ^''- Prolonging one's life, 
i'lni-ciso. A.^HV^5 5, ,!3B&4!i. «■ [^ot-l Birth- 
SCnreso, ^A*f55, (root. 
ICnri, A.^l5,gRSS, «- [^-iidrf.] SeparfltJpg one's sett 

from worldly concerns, being disgusted with 


n. A plantation ; a forest ; a 
A long rond; along journey. 
Syn. ToMicni. Ohotki. 
]<:nrlxu, :*.^ V)r3*, 1^ ^ h. "■ L-Cof.] Doliehos Labial. 

Syn. Ajimame. 
Enro, A.^^$,!lSffi, ". Same as Kemw-iciashL 
lOni'ojii, fLA,i^^X-'.')>5,^MH; n. Sam« as Nlgari 
lOuriif, ^^^\A, ^S, n. Same as Snja. 
I'lnrul. £.^5Z),ig3gi, 7(. Remote relations. 
Kuryo, A.^^^) i, is®, '*. O Thinking of and pro- 
viding for future contingencies. @ Reserve; 

restraint; backwardness. ©Confining one's seU 

in his house either as a punishment or for 

Knryn, S.^'!)5.*SW, "- \Chin.] Staying; re- 
maining in one place; sojourning. siiru* 

v.i. To stay, remain, etc. 
Ensau, A.^5^,ligE, n. 

muriatic acid. 
EDsangoke, AL^■5^^W■, ^.il, 

mants radlcans. 
IRiisatsu suru, ^Ju'^-O-^Z, JSi 

strangle; to choke to death. 
Knsei, £^^V>,g*. n. 

Syn. Uekomi. 

{Chem.] Hydrochloric or 

[Bot.l TricJio- 

v.e. [Chin.^ To 
Auxiliary troops; reen- 
An expedition; invading 

a, foreign country. suru, v.i. To go on 

expedition; to make war against a distant 



EnaefBun, ■g.^■^^V■C'^, i? 5E^, n. A -n-arlike ex- 

Enseki, A.,^,*&, |p BE, n. Tlie place where a friend- 
ly meeting is held ; a banquet hall. 

Elnahn, A.^t■'^,M?^, "■ An exercise in the use 
of the bow and arrows; archery practice. 

Enelil, A.^L,5i^Ba, "• Same as OsMj-o*. 

Enehl, ;^t^L,^BI Et. w. A professional scory-teller. 

Enshl. ^^L,0^. 1- A shot or bullet. 

Enshi. ;^:^L■ flft^, "- [Cfiin.] A per.=nnal ap- 
pearance which is exceedingly cli arming or 

Syn. Yasaspgata, Mitabiyaka. 

EnstiJ, A.^L, Sfi^, n. Abrlght purple colour. 

Euslilchn, A.^S.'tl9)5, ^^ Ri S, "■ [-Entt^m. 
Cochineal insecit, 
Coccus cacti. 

Enslilku, ^ ^ £. < , 1^ 
g, 71. Sapie as Shin- 

Enslilkwa. ig. ^ L < 

A kind of sweet-flag, 
Jris ICEvigata 

Syn. KAKiTsn- 


Ensliinryokii. !^^L 

[P/?-j/sics.] Centrifugal force. 
Euelit&ni. A. ^ i ^ V^, ?^ fla ^, 

EuHhl euru, ^^ L-^3. iS?E. 
Enshu. A.^:£,i, iff S. «■ Same as JJnnetsti. 
Ensho, ;t^Li, S£#. '«- A love-letter, a biWet- 


Syn. Cht-wabumt, Trohoii, Kesobuhi, 
Enstio, A.^:£■^5,^if, ". Same as 5/iwju. 
EuHhg}, A.^:£■^5-1eKt, ". An upright screen. 
Enslio, ^A.t^,'is^. "■ Gunpowder. 
Ensho, :t^Li..ii^. n. A distant place. 
Enshd-gura» A.^*5 ^ 6, itiSBHK, n. A powder 

Eoshfi, s.^£5.^W^, ■«- Exercise; practice. 

eiirii, v.t. To exercise or practise. 
Ensim, -B A L ? , fi5 2. ■"-■ A deep rooted antipathy ; 

an antagoni'it; an enemy; an adversary, 
Enshn-kcinpaKii, ifiA*5H'Aa'<, K'ffl^ft, n. 

[Hot.] Selaffinelia cayXeacens. 
Enshfiry6,i6^l.5'J)5,IiS'lt^!S^E, «■ O A style of te* 
' making originated by a nobleman, Kobori Toto- 

mi no Kami (ig jl t?). @ Also a peculiar style in 

the art of keeping flowers in vase. 
Enshn mini, A.^;£V)>5-^^, ttirg!. ^'-t. To act after; 

to foiv^v; to-succeed 
msim sum. A.^Xt*5■i'^.f® 3- ^'-^ '*'" attack; 

to make an assault. 

Y(. [iiot.] .BoscUa 

\'shi suru. 

v.t. Same as Dcki- 


Syn. 0S(^, SBMERU. 

Eneo. ^^^, igg^, ■". O A mixture 01 vinegar and 

common salt or one of sake and soy. @ .ilfiso. 
Enso, ^A^, IIJ^, 7[. [CTiem.] Chlorine. 
Eneo, ^^^, ^'g, n. [2be7.] A mole. 
Enso. ^^^5,JKsg, ■«. A swallow's nest. 
Eneo, S:^^5,:@iS> "• Same as Kemuridashl. 
Eueo. :it^:^■5, '®:^, n. Tobacco. 

Syn. Ta HA K o. Tfrofton. 
Ensoboii, it^^5(^;^,!aJ^fi. «• same as Taha- 
Ensokii^ A.^t < , jffliE. «■ Taking walk to a dis- 
tant place for pleasure or healtli; an athletic ex- 
pedition suru, 1'.'. To take walk to a dis- 
tant place. 
Eusoku .suru, A.A^ < •^?, SK £. ''■*- '''i^ be satis- 
fied, contented, or gratilleU. 
Eu8oku suru, ^^^<-5•^, 1!S,0., v.i. To rest, to 
Syn. Yasumd. Lstop. 
EiisoUii suru, A.^%<-^^, Sag. v.i. \Clan.\ To 
dam up; to stop; to prevent or hinder the pro- 
Syn. SEKiFrSAGU. Lgre'iR of 
Ensuslia. ^^^5 L-^. K i^^. « Same as Datt- 

Ental, ;it^*»V^,^3?f^^, ". Being long in going, 

stoping on the way. suru, v.i. To stop on 

the way; to be long in coming or going. 
Kntnkii, ?t^^<,@S$. n- A little bell. 
Entan. A:^te^, ©f^, n. Red lead. 
Entan, XLitk,^^, n. Same ns A'oH^a 
Entan, A.^■te^,S8S8. "■ Same as JVfflan. 
Eu(el, A.^t:v, Igi;^, n. Adlke; an embnnknienl 
Eutel, :it^-rv-, e5:5Sf, n. [Zd'eL] A Gecko. 

Syn. YAiiOKl. 
Entei, j«^'rv, ST. n. [Chin.] A gardener. 
EiiteJ sum, A.^tV^-^^, H ff', v.i. Same as En- 

tai sunu 
Eiitekl, :tAt:&,f^efi, n Same as Ont^fci. 
Entcn, ^A.XA,, l^iX, n. 'Hot weather. 
Eutoii suru, 56^-t^-^^, gj^, v.i. To fall down 
Ento, S.Afe5,©iRI, n. Sugar of lead. Land rolL 
Ento, A-^i?5,Jf ft, 1- Banishing a criminal to a 
far off island; exile. 

Syn. Shimanagashi. 
Ent6, ^^iC5.i^M, 1 

Entotsu, A.^^•:?, !^ !^, f "■ Same as KemurlHashi. 
Eutsn. :^^•:'5,i@iS, ) 

Enu, X.tx, "^ ^, u.i. or t. Tlie negative form of 
Shiri enu, ^ 7^ ^, can or may not be known. 
En-u, A.^5,@?S- '"'■ Same as XiHsayn*. 
En-u, A.^5,tlS^, ". Same as JVofci. 
En^vo. £.^to5,l|glE, n. Same as .Enzat. 
En-wokyn, A.A*)5Sl*?, Iffli'gr, "■ Hades; th» 
residence of Smsnadaiwo; the abode of tht 




Knya, *.^■^, f£*&, a. Same as UtsukiisfiL Eb- 

pecially used of women. 
Rnyfi, *.^•^5, tSiJ^, n. [^bol.] A castrated ram. 
Enyo. A.^ i. ffr 5*. "• [Clitn.] Sarae as Xmarf. 
Enyii, ^^V5,iiIl|, ■"■ Reason; cause; origin; 

afllnity; connection. TVlikari. 

Syn. Enko, Wake, Wakegara, Yuisho, 
Enyu, £.^['i)5.?E0. "^ A park; a garden. 
Knyu-Kwal, » ^^,*5 < *^V^, Kli??®". n. FeastioR 

in a garden, a pleasure party; a ptcnic. 
lOnyu, ;tA\i^5, B±{ilJ. "• [Entom.] Scuitgera. 

Syn. Geji. rcrime. 

Enxn, ft.AS:',:^*^, ". Being involved in anolhev'fl 
lOHT^ui, £,^3rv^, *^P, «- A crime of which one is 

innocent; a false charge. 
Enzai wo sosogu, ?K SP- ^ S y, to clear away 

false infamy. fly wovin. 

EnKiuimsIil, A.^rtf L, fleftfi, ■«. [Entom.'\ A Gal- 
EDRnn. ^^S'^, ^ Ui. «. A lead mine. 

Syn. Namakiyama 
Enzan, ^A^^^. JtUJ. ?i- DinantmountainR. 
Ensnii sia-u, £^r^^^. Ja SS. I'.t- To exile to a 

distant place. 
Knscn. £.^^ft^,'<^t ^. ^i^- Just an. aa it were. 

Syn. Sanagaha. 
Enzetsii. A.^^-5', ?«§g, «. A speech; .v lecture; 

arvoration. siiru, v.t. To deliver a lecture 

or speech; to speak. fture meeting. 

EnaetsiB-fcwni, ^A,V--o < t)'^,itSiU^, "• A lec- 
rnEctsM-slin, A.^^-•7 t,^, ?5fieW. !«• A lecturer; 
EiiK(^ten-8lilp A.^«--7U?»IB±. J a speaker; an 

EnKOtcn, js ;^?-< , @j^. w- Distant relatives. 
EiiKiikei'ii, :l^rJ•^?•^,3i•f■j■, T-f. 83 To give one 

in marriage. © [coli.] To find demand lor one's 

merchandise; to sell; to dispose of. 

EDKUkl. A.^t^•&,ai•]. "• OMarriage. @ \colLl 
Disposing of; selling; getting a buyer. 
Syn. JCatazuki, Yomeiri. 
EnTuli.u,X^^'<Mii.'^•i^ O To marry. ®[coll.] 
To be sold or disposed of. 

Syn. Katazuku, Totsugu, yosiktru. 
EDBurii, /t^r>*S,^lS, v.t. To practise; to exercise. 
Bu wo enzxiru, SU^iK'Tt^. to practise in 
military arts; Shibai wo enzuru, S S ^ JW 7* 't-. 
to play theatrical parts; to perform; to act. 
Syn. NOBCRU, Okonaij, KugyO suru. 
EnEiirii. •&^^^,?lg, v.i. See Enjb-u. 
Eppuku suvM, A.-:)J--< t^.lftllG. '^'■'- To be .sub- 
servient or obedient ivith pleasure. 
Bra, *.6,(t?, n. [JcAtftJ The gills of a fish. 
Erabarovn, A. &HfH3, ^JSE. t'-*- The passive or 

potential form ot Erabtt. 
Erabl, A.&CV, 1$, V. (^hoice; option, volition; as- 
Bortmant; selection; election. 

Ernbii. A.^*, IS.JSf, v.t. O To choose, to select; 
to assort. @ To elect; to vote. 

DatgisJii wo erabv, ft^i^-JSy. *o elect » 
member of parliament. 
Syn. ERAMU, ER0. 
Bi-Oliii-iiiinsl, A. e J^ 5 tc^.SBS. "■ [^<'0l.} A 

kind of 8ea-fieri>pnt, Plntin'tisfasciatus, 
Eraliiaos]ii,-i,-1<i, X^X>'&L, a. [coll.] Exceed- 
ing; extreme; trcnltendous; wonderful; im- 
mense, fwonderfully. 
Eraliii, A. 6 < , adv. [coll.] A'ery; exceedingly; 
Are i[ia frnku Jcomatta monoda, fS -"» x 9 ^ H 
•yft^if, he is an exceedingly troublesome fel- 
low; Erakii 7,1,-iku natta, 317^ ^'C^^ -^y ^i has 
become very large or great. r6fi?'eru. 
ErnniiLi-ei-i9, ;t & U K 2 , ^ Sf , v.t. Same as Era- 
Ernml, ;ft.6;f>, ^t^, n. Sameas£ra6/. 
EraHiidaeu, A.^^7C'-^. i^lli. v.t. To select; to 
assort; to pick or point out; to appoint; to elect. 
Syn. YoRinASU. 
Eramitovii, ^c,7f-'£:&, MM, v.t. To take any- 
thin;; one is pleased with. 
Syn. yoRiDORU. 
Erainii. A.^$P, ^, v.t. Same as Erabtc 

Zen wo erande aku wo sutsu, gf^^JSi^' 7*15 ^ 
|g -^y, to prefer the good to the bad. 
Eraji,A:^A, E^i. "■ [Bot.] Pineapple. 
Eran, A.&^, n. [Bnt.] Screw-pine. 
Erarerii, X^iiZ.Vr-, t-I- The passive or poten- 
tial form of Erii. 
Er:i9hi,-i,-l<l, A.^ L, ^. a- [coll.] Orpat; able; 
wise; clever, remarkable; eminent; extraordi- 
nary; illustrious; famous; noted. 

Erai hataraki luo shita, gt 'f f® ?■ J' -51, haa 
done a great deed; Erai hito ni natta, ^ 'f A =• 
■^•y it, has become a great or illustrious man. 
Syn. SritARASHi, 
Erchi. 3:t-^,ilSgi, n. [Physics.] Electricity. 

Tn-ereki, f^.i^M> negative electricity; Nctsu 
ereki, ^MM. thernio electricity; Kyudo-ereH, 
m.WMW.. dynamiciil electricity; Sci-ereU, SJ J8 
^, statical electrif ity l'T)-ereki, ^MM. posi- 
tive electricity. rtrophorus. 
E^eKi-^o>s, ^*^]&^^^. @ BgSt. "• IF/'l'sics.] Elec- 
Erel*J-fc«Bkal, :Sl n & -t* ^ *• V-, E ^ 5- JH. «■ 

[P/il/sics.] Electrolysis. 
Ercl*l-IJiHUliai-hn«K:i, ^i^^i'^*>V^.i:■7, M M^ 

j^ifa, 7i. \Physics.] Electrolyte. 
ErcKi-Oanic, ;t K >& /: i6, J^ ^iBJ, n. [FhysiLS.] 

Accumlator; secondary battery. 
ErcM-€!oryol4ii, ^H&^Jtfl i<. Mil ^ *• '"" 

[Physics.^ Electro-motive force. 
Ei-oia-KaE"i, S: H ? iJ* < . M^ ¥. "• [■P'^y^'^'cs.] 
Electricity. ftrometer. 

Erpki-keJ, SlK^W-V/^. M^ 01. "• [-P'll/Sics.] Hlec- 




Shogenerekl-kei, fiPg^MI!" quadrant elec- 
trometer, rtrlcal machine. 
EreM-klknl, ;tttB &*>V>, ®^ KM. n. An elec- 
Krel.I-lovn^aku, X H ^ < t> t^ < .Mmi^^. «• 

[Physics.] Electro chemistry. 
KrekJ-Siivogalni, ;t H & < !b5ftS< , ®M -fc ®, n. 

[Pkysics.] Klectro-optics. 
KrcKI-s-yohii, ^H^ «) i < , ® ^ ;5, 7t. \Fhysics.] 

Electric force 
lOrekl-oohiikcl. Sl K & U) 1 < l^\/^,mm t %\: «■ 

[Physics.] Electro -dynamometer. 
KroKitr-rii, aiu-^rrt-, n. [ZJu(c/l] Electricity. 
t''"l. :tV),fS-, f^. 91. The part of a garment round 

Nie necii; a collaj. 
Syn. Unaji. 
Krlnshl, ^I0%L. ^S. «. The loose bair ou the 

back of the neck. rpointed out, 

KrJMto. fiLyiv')^,m K, •<■■ Persons selected or 

Frirtasu, ^i()?t-f-.}f lU. v.t. Same as EramiAasu 
I-:riclovi. ^lO^V),)^^, n. Taking or picking out 

one or more at one's pleasure. 
Eriaori hyakumon, ^M'S ^, [coll] take any 

one of these for 100 mon (l sen). 
K'-lgo, A.'Oft-, ?a^, 11. Sa-me Eriashi. 
I':rlirt.-i8n, ;tviW!:-^,^m, f.«. Same as Eraml 

Erjkahe, ^W)*>fr^,i^S, ,t A piece of cloth used 

as the collar of a Japanese garment. 
KHKuKarj, ifetOAi^-V),^ 3ffi, n. A neck-tie, 
rrlKjrfti. SiO &6LS JSiift, n. Likes and dislikes. 
Eriidral wo surzi wa yokunal, \^t^9- 7. p, >\ (f 

^-^•^■, it is bad to have like.s and dislikes. 
Ki-lkiibi, ;t«)<CA',>&^, rt. The nape of the neck. 
Krikiiri, ^ y < B) , a. \Yaiding or tortuous (said of 

Frlkii/.ii.^iO <^-,\^^,n. A refuse, or .something 

left after picking out the best. 
Ki-linitki, X^ -^ ^,m^,mi1i, n. A comforter 

worn around the neck, a tippet, muHler, 


Kriiiioto, ;SlW)i&^,^7C. "■ The lower extremities 
of a collar fas of .Japane.'^e garments). 

I^h-lnukl, i&vito&.^g, n. Anything picked out 
or selected from among a great many indivi- 
duals; a select or snperflne article. 

Krtiinki). ^ip &< , jf ^. v.t. To pick out or select; 
to elect. 

Syn. ERABrNUKU, Yorindku. 

KrlOMUU-o\, ^V)fzlhV^,¥>^m. n. A cosmetic 
for powdering the neck of women. 

KrisiiSti. ^v)-^^,^%, n. The part of a Japanese 
garment where the collar overlaps in the 

Erlwnknrii, A-ig J5W-3, }jgw, v.t. To pick out and 
separate; to assort, 


Eriwakii, X'^ij<,%^, v.t. Same as above. 
Erosokii, ^ ii 5 ^ < , ^ Sg tS, ■". A painted candle, 

such as used in Buddhist temples. 
Ei'ii, S_5,}$, v.t. To pick out, choose, or select. 

Kvii, £S,,5J, v.t. To carve ; to engi-avo. 


Kru, ;ta, S, v.t. Same as Uru. 

Km, x;l., n. [Eiig.] Ell. 

Kaa, Jk'5'>U, "• Bait (as for catching flsh). 
Syn. p;ba. 

Ksitrnuii, ^^^iti, a. [lU.] Can not get rid of; 
indispensable; unavoidable. 

Esasci'ii, XS'tZ, ^^, v.t [cans, of Eru.] To 
cause to get; to let have or receive; to bestow; 
to give. 

Ksnslil. S^t,>£l^, ^■. One who catches small 
birds with a bamboo pole armed with bird- 

£aasliJKao, j^-^ L3'5:, U^^, n. A pole armed 
with bird-lime for catching birds. 
Syn. MooHizAO. 

Ese, X^, u. O Low, mean; infamous; vile. @ 
False; untrue; hypothetical, 

Ese gakiisha, x ■t^:^, one who puts on the 
aiJT of a learned man; a pedant; Ese (joto, a: -fe e" , 
falsehood; Ese moiio, x -t ^, a mean or vile 
fellow; Ese hoshi, x t ji gip, a hypocritical 
priest, a mean or vile chuvchmafl; Ese saivjai, x 
■t =!^, fortune obtained by some unjust means; 
Esewa7'ai, jc ^%, an affected laugh. 


Ksliajorl, ^ L. ^ f ^ ? "0 , ^ # S «^, 's. [Budd.] 
Those who meet must part again. 

Eshakii, ?. L^<.#^, n. Salutation; a courte- 
ous excuse. 

Eshahn xuo sum, %^'9' y- n^, to salute, to 
make a formal apology; Enryoeshaku, M a #■ HI, 
reserve and apology; formality. 
Syn. AlSATSL', JiGl. 

Ealil, S L, a? gi5, "■ An artist, a painter, 
Syn Ekaki. 

ENliiki. ^ t&, ^ J^, 7i. A religious assembly; 
meeting of Buddhist priests. 

Esortigoto, 3& ;fc (i a >f.^S3I. n. [colt.] [lit.] A 
falsa portraiture; a falsehood. frow-hawk. 

Essni, A."/5V^,©n!?, Vfe'fg. n. [Or»»£/i.l Chinese spar- 

Esslia. X-y t-^, SS #, n. [Chin.] A servant who in- 
troduces a visitor to his master. 

tisso, ^v^, @ IS, ". A petition or complaint made 
directly to the governor or the SliOgnnate (no* 




according to established rules). auru, v.t. 

To make a petition directly to tbe ShOgunate. 
Efisii, fL-jir, iR, v.t. To see, meet, or have an 

Esaurii, X.'vi'Z, \ audience with a superior 

Syn. Mamiycrp. 
Kbii, :6.-^,^fi. n. Same as Bsa. 
KMEffuta, ^iriiVt,^W^< "■ A likeness of a per- 
son drawn or painted ; a portrait. 
KsKkye, A.-^WS. BRMK, n. The doctrines of 

Jesus Christ; Christianity. 
Ktn, i&fe.tS^, n. tcon(. of Eton (g?IR).] A class ol 
people who has continued to occupy the lowest 
social position until the late Revolution; their 
chief occupations having been those of leather 
dressers, cobblers, or buriera of d-ead animals. 
Syn. Kawabo. 
KiJi. itfe, ^, v,t. [prn. tense of Eru.\ Have got, 
bought, or purchased. 

Kono /ton wo eta, M;^^ ^ *t, (I) have got 
or purchased tliis book.- 
Kie, A-t, v.t. [jjy, of Eru.] Having got, obtained, 

or purchased. 
Kte, XX, ^ ^, n. [coll.] That in which one is most 
versed; a speciality; dexterity. 

mto niwa etefuete gaaru, \~ *^'^^Z^^f^ 
if 7 fl^, every person may have some things in 
which he is an expert and others in which he is 
the reverse; man cannot be wise at all things; 
Etc ni ho wo age, ig. ^ = (fill ^ S- *■*. \f^olL Prov.\ 
setting sails to one's dexterity. 
Syn. TOKUI. 
Kte, A.T, adv. Pretty often ; likely ; possibly. 

Sore iva ete aru kotoOa, y u-'^:^9Tii-^if. 
that may be olten the case; such a thing is 
possible to happen; Etewasureru moTio desu, re 
y iS i-" JKl^ 7* 7., it is a thing liable to be for- 

Syn. Yatamosureba. 
Etekatte, X'Ci>'jt, n. One's own convenience; 

Etekatte na koto wo iu, x. 7ti -j r-J- 9J^ s 7, to 
talk of things most convenient to one's self, to 
Speak in a selfish manner. 
Eteru, Xrt. 3 , ^ ^, ■».(. To be skilled or versed in ; 
to be expert or experienced in. 


Eto, Xt., ^3?. w- The ten calendar terms derived 
from the names of five elements (wood, fire, 
earth, raetal. water) and used in naming years, 
days, etc., namely, kinoe, tree (^), klnoto, herb 
(Z/), ^inoe, fire (j^), hinoto, charcoal fire (T),| 
tsvcJiinoe, earth Oft), tsuchinoto, earthen ware 
(B), kanoe, coin (gj), kanota, hard ware (^), 
mizunae, sea water (4), and mizunoto, stream 

Klo. ^'s,II^Jl, u. [Buaa.] [lit-] The filthy earth; 

this sinful world. 
Kto, £.^5,]|E;1R> n. Favouring with anything; 
making a present of; gii^ng; bestowing. Only 
used in an expression like below. 

Go-eto ni azukaru, Wl&^ — ^J^t presented 
from youa- honour; to be kindly given by you. 
Etodokoro, S^^t^, WIK. "■ [Sot.] A kind of 

yam, Dioscoo-ea. 
Etoki, jl^^.l^sg, n. Explaining by means ol 

figures; illustration; explanation. 
Etokii, S.^if,^ffl-, n. Understanding; compre- 
hension, perception. siii'u, v.t. To under- 
stand or comprehend. 

Syn. Gatten, NoMiKOMn. 
Etsii , it -7, 1g, «. Joy ; gladness ; exultation. 

ecstacy, rapture. 
lOtsubo, £.-9l3!, 5J ^■, n. Laughter; smile; amuse- 
ment. Only used in an expression like below. 

Etsuho nl iru, ^^ — Xii-, to laugh; to bo 


EtHiilbii, J-.-^tS, ^■!^, «■ A pot used for feeding 

caged birds from. fto peruse 

FtsiKlokgi eiiB'ii. X-^l&iitZ.M^, v.t. To read; 

Eteurnlfii. X-^^i ,^^. n. Merriment; gayety; 

felicity; bliss; hilarity. 
Etsui-aii, ;l■:?6^, Bfl^. n. Careful reading or in 

spection; perusal. smcii, v.t. To read over, 

to peruse. 
Etto, JR-yfe?, iS^ifE, ■«■ [5oC.] Cape Jessamioe- 
Euiiia, £.53, ^iS. ■'*■ Sameas^nui. 
Euivo, £.5 5:, ^'^, n. [Ichth.] GoiUa nasvs. 
Eyaml, X^^i-,'^, n. Plague; pestilence. 
Eyiiml'giisn, A.-^;^<*5, fiEF,@, n. [Bot.] Gentian. 
Eynitii-gKsa., /t.-*^f^<'5, S ?^:, n. [Bot.] AtralyUs 
ovata. fEkibyo-gami. 

Eyiisni-iio-kainif X^?f-(0j3>?f',^&i^, n. Same as 
Eyo, XX^, ^^, n. Luxuiy, lasciviousness; sen- 
suality; magnificence, splendour. 

Eyo eigwa wo kiwaviu, ^^^^Wlf- ^ i*, to 
indulge freely in sensualities; to be at the hight 
of pomp and luxury. 
Syn. EiGWA, Ogobi. 
Eyo, ^-^^.Sfi^, n. The form of anything repre- 
sented in figures; pattern. 
Eaaru, X^Z,X-'^, a. [neg. adj. termination of 
a verb.] Unable to do. 

Famu wo ezam yomuki, it ^ i?f i^ /^ ffl IS], an 

unavoidable business; S/Urizoki ezaruba-ai, jg 

=t^^f;i'^'R-i a case where one cannot withdraw 


E«fi# !&S'5,.^©. '". A portrait; likeness; image. 

EEogihii. X^'^'<.^^, n. [^ot.] China-aster. 

Esomatsu. X^'^.-^, «• IBot.] PLcea o^anensis. 




Kzonfgl, A.5'*air, n. f-Bot-J Cliivea. 
Kxonlslillcl, ^^'17 L^.SSIS^. ■">• A splendid 

silk clotti broiiglit to Etorofu and othe^ places in 

r.zo and there exrlinnged with furs and skins, 
Kzornfclio, x^- G \r"t:5, ?*. [Ornith.] Hazel grouse. 
£zfieli1, g.S'J L, SS-^M. "■ Illustrated books (esp. 


Syn. Eh ON. 
KKOshlrocIiOf A.^* L% 

T A, 7i. [^Jn-towi-l 

Aporfa aralcegi- 
RxoEiinnlre- ^5'^#^H, 

egiS$., 71. [Bot.]Vio 

F,«ii, J5.:5*.S&^, n. O A 

plan; drawing; pic- 
ture. @ Map;; 


EBoyamadorl, iii^'^%)^V} 


r«ii, -t^.T^fS^. v-t- [neg. of" ^rw.] Can not get or 

Yamuxooezu, %'^\h< cannot avoid; unavoid- 
ably; pressed forwarUly by necessity. 

E'Tzitkn. 3S^'<,p±[i^, vi. O To feel nausea, to be 
KiRk at the fitomach. 
elTort to vomit. 

Syn. MUKAzrKU. 

KmiUii. ^^<, e?#, v.i. 

. A drawer of charts. 
71. \Ornith.'i Same as 

@ To gag, or make an 

To become accustome^I 

to feeding (as a caged bird). 
fCziislil.-i.-Ui, fLO' Lt^, w- Irritating or painful 
(said of the eye only). 



V^» i> K!. "■ Tlie contracted form oi Fashl. 

r»*< ^. ^. '^^ A piece of ground overgrown with 

shrubs or herbs. Used only in composition; in 

compounds it often i=<"'unds u or ou. 
Asa-jli, i^JF ^. a plot overgrown with shrubs; 

a copsewood; Shi-bn, or Shibafu, S 4> a lawn; 

an open space between woods. 
■"^^ kJ-.K, «■ A spot, dot, speck, or mark; a place 

of a different colour from the ground. 
Fa-iri no ha, MA-^Sli a spotted leaf; Fu 

ga arv, ^^ya-, is spotted, mottled, dappled, 
or dotted; Shlra-fu no ha, lirK -^33, feathers 
variegated with white spots; Tora riofu, ffi .^ Hi 
the spots on a tiger's fur. 
Syn. Brcni, Mabara. 
Fii, i, 3^, S, fflj, 7v. A well-known food made of 

wheat ground whole. 
Fii, 3>, fi^F, n. O An urban perfecture. @ A go- 
vernment office; a station. © A storehouse. 

Cliinju-fu, SI "i^ fl5^, a naval station ; Kono-yefu, 
Ififlffff. the Imperial guards' office; Tokyo-Ju, 
W.'^.K^, Tokyo Fu, an administrative district 
including Tokyo and the neighbouring gu7i. 
Syn. TSUKASA, Yakusho. 
S'^t ^, Va< n. O A inmily record, chronicle, book, 
or register. @ [-Mit!'.] A character to mark a 
pounds; a note or tune; a music-book. 

Gakv-fn, ^ |^, a musical note; Fu vjo miu 
iitau, ^ 9- ^y" l^y, to sing from a music book; 
Fu Mif) shirabitru, pi ■?■ jf? 7' fl', to tune. 
Ft*, -t-. HS. n. O Levying or collecting taxes or 
impositions. @ A style of composition; a 
rhymed prose. 

Sekiheki no fu, #^K, a famous writing of 
Sotoba, one of the literary celebrities of China. 
F11. -t,it, 'rt. [CTess.] A p.twn; afoot soldier. 

Fu wo utsn, if- V" JT y. to place a pawn; J^t wo 
tsiikii, ip ? ^y if, to move a pawn. 
Svn HyO. 
?!■- .!-.($, /(. [Vhin.] An instructor, assistant, or 
adviser, enpCC'^lly to a prince Imperial. 
Fii. -1 , W, "■ The viscera. 

Goz^i Tuiii^n, atsa^SS, the abdominal vi^'.'ra 
or ui'^'.'ji-; J-'toaike moiio, M^^', Icoif.J a sim 
pleton, dunce, or stock. 

Sj n, Harawata, ZuFD. 
Fu. J-, d^, ii. UJ A woman. @ A wife. 

^'-/w, l^ft^. a beautiful woman; B-'shi nofu, 
^&,-^^, the wife of a certain gentleman. 
Syn. Onna, Sai. 
F«, i,^, n. O A token; a sign, or seal in two 
pieces. @ A charm; a paper Iiaving some 
character.^ writen upon it supposed to have 
.some supernatural power. 

Fu wo aivasn, ^=?--^7^, to see whether the 
two halves of a sign or seal agree with each 
other; to agree; to prove; to verify. 
Syn. ruDA, Shirusiii. 
f'^ii, i, 7;, adv. Not. Much used as a prefix (= in, 
un, or dis in English). 

Fithenri, 'J> ^ ^, inconvenient; Fu-rynkm, 
7^7 (i, ill-.judged; bad; of evil intention; Fu- 
tsug~), T^ffi-g-, not propitious-; unjust; Fu tsuri- 
<xi, 7"' 4^ B-. not well proportioned. 




■■«• i. ^, 'i. [(7?iin.] O A fal-her. @ An old man. 
Syn. Chichi, Chiohioya, Tetego, Teteota. 
■■u.i.^.n. O A husband. © A man. © A work- 
man; a labourer. 

Syn. OTTO, TEisHtr, Otoko, Ninsoku. 
■^. -fc. ffii '"■ lChi7i.}Q A cloth. ©Arranging, 
stretching, promulgating (in tlila sense used 
only in composition). 

Syn. NUNO, Orimono. 
Fu, i, J^, n. A port; a pier, mole, whari, or jetty. 

Syn. Hatoba. 
■^. A5. Wit n. O Wind. @ An air or appearance. 
@ Customs and manners. Q The physical or 
moral characteritics ot a person. @ A song; 
a tendency or disposition; an inclination.